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Fourth of July Celebration !
The proceedings ot the meeting held
in this place, on Saturday evening, last,
to make arrangements for the celebra
tion of the 4th of July, will be found in
-another place. "We hope all our citi
zens, irrespective of party, will take
sufficient interest in the matter to make
it a grand success. The people of An
drew county, we are informed, in days
that are past, have honored themselves
and their country in honoring this day,
and we hope the slumbering fires of pa
triotism will be revived, anil burn again
with the ardor of the days of old. No
other day in the year is so appropriate
for all parties to meet harmoniously on
a platform common to all, and we hope
the occasion will be improved as be
comes good citizens. It has a good ef
fect on society, everybody feels better
for its due observance, and gives great
er faith in the perpetuity of our institu
tions. A second preliminary meeting is to
be held at the Court House on Saturday
night next, for the purpose of complet
ing arrangements, to which all are invi
ted, and which we hope will be gen
erally attended.
Singeu S. M. office in Glazier's store.
Ckoquet sets at Cooper & Greenlee's.
Tin: Good Templars of this city pro
pose to re-organize their lodge, and if
they do, will get in working order in
about a week.
Russell is selling goods cheap, and
has lot's of them. Call and see for your
selves and get some bargains.
The hour for holding Sunday-school
at the Presbyterian church has been
changed from 2 p. m. to 9 A. m.
Fou first-class job work of all kinds
eall at the Hepcijucan office.
Notice. J. T. Floyd, late from the
University at Lexington, Ky., will
preach at the Christian Church, in Sa
vannah, the Second Sunday m June,
1875, at lOh o'clock a. m.
E. A. Causon relates that one day
last week while near some bushes on his
place, he found a snake, which he kill
ed, and in a few moments the grasshop
pers lit down on it and devoured it al
most instantly. Several other farmers
tell the same thing.
We can't say we are just exactly sat
isfied with the way Stiles & Hardy do
their advertising. They don't advertise
much in the papers, and yet they are
selling a heap of goods, and candor
forces us to admit they have a tine store.
Nodaway county has a poor farm, of
1G0 acres, some four and a half miles
west of Maryville. It has nine inmates,
who are kindly cared for by the over
seer, while the farm is in a good slate
of improvement. This speaks well for
Crops destroyed! Money h:u-d to get!
aud John J. Miller has reduced the
prices of his mammoth stock of Cloth
ing to suit this state of affairs. Call
and be convinced.
Louis Weil and met with a little mis
fortune last Friday. While working
around the soda water engine in the
cellar at Shedrick's, a wreneh with
which he was fixing some ot the ma
chinery, slipped and struck him over
the right eye, cutting quite an ugly
Grasshoppers arc thick, aud the peo
pie naturally feel very uneasy about
them, but they are not numerous
enough to stop the excitement about the
new stock of Dry Goods and Groceries,.
at Russell's, who has marked them down
to suit the depleted purses of the peo
A man named James Stobaugh was
arrested in the northwest part of Noda
way county, week before last, on the
charge of grand larceny, stealing a
span of mules, in Lafayette county a
year or so ago. He was taken back to
Lafayette county the following morning
He admitted his guilt.
Ciesar covered his bald head with a
laurel crown. Ayer's Hair Vigor covrs
gray heads with the slill more Avelcome
locks of youth.
Great destitution exists in Cass eoun
ij on. account of the grasshoppers.. A
zommittee has been sent by the, coenty
curi & b. Lory s for, sw.cL,
The Golden Rule in De Kami.
A week or two since we published an
article from the Maysville Register to
the effect that the farmers of DcKalb
had united together for the purpose of
resisting the incursions of foreign herd
ers into that county. Since then they
have retracted from their position, the
necessitous condition of the cattle own
ers of the counties desolated by grass
hoppers being so apparent that the mat
ter assumed the shape of charity and
human feeling, anil they now offer no
further resistance. This is but doing as
they should, and is creditable to them ;
but we doubt the propriety and justice
of their action in the first place.
Thursday last. :Jd inst., the day ap
pointed by Governor Hardin for fasting
and prayer to Almighty God that He
would remove the grasshopper
scourge, and restore to the people pros
perity, was not very generally observed
by our business men, though a goodly
portion of our citizens attended on Hi
vine "Worship, and joined in. or sympa
thized with, the solemn exercises. A
jrreat many are disposed to treat very
lightly this matter of calling on God for
assistance in times of alHiction and
trouble, and say that it does no good.
"We believe the truth is otherwise, how
ever inscrutable, to human eyes, may
be the ways of Providence.
Fkom: announcements made in the
St. Joe dailies, it seems that sports of
that city are shortly to have a grand
shooting match. Our readers are doubt
less aware what constitutes these shoot
ing matches. The sport who can kill
the greatest number of birds on the
wing, let loose from a trap one at a
time, is the winner the pettv, contemp
tible hero of the hour. We look upon
this and all kindred bird killing not
onfy as uncalled for by any interest or
good of society, but as a species of
wantonness, cruelty and barbarism de
serving the delectation and contempt of
all right thinking me.; ! It is a crime in
and of itself, without the shadow of
palliation. Birds were created for
nobler and better purposes. Those
loafing sports who indulge in this bru
tal pastime should be made to feel the
full force of the penalties of the law;
and ff there be no law against such pro
ceedings there ought to be, for the cred
it of human nature.
Flsiiin;. Fishing is an interesting
spoi l of childhood, and often pleasantly
and profitably engaged in b- those of
maturer years. In times like the pres
ent, when the count it is devastated by
the grasshoppers, many may spend a
profitable afternoon on the banks of our
largo rivers, which, at this season,
abound in fish, but are deterred from
doing so because an impression prevails
thai it is a violation of the law. Fish
in this market meet with read' sale, at
good prices, and we would like to see
the business encouraged. For the in
formation of such we copy the follow
ing section of the new fish law :
"Sec. 2. No person shall be allowed
to place, erect or maintain, or cause to
be maintained, across an' of the waters
of this State, or in front of the mouth
of any stream emptying into any other
stream, an' seine, not, trammel net.bag
weir, lish-dam, trap or other similar de
vice or obstruction, which shall prevent
the free passage of fish up or down, in
any such water or stream ; nor shall any
person or persons be permitted to use
any such means or devices, for the pur
pose of catching fish in waters solely
upon the premises of other persons,
without the written consent ot such
owner or owners; nor shall any person,
during the months of July ami August
of any year, by means of such device,
catch or take any fish, in any of the wa
ters of this State. Any person who shall
violate the provisions of this section
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction be fined in any sum
noft exceeding five hundred dollars, and
shall stand committed until the line and
costs of process and trial be paid.
TERHUNE At 12 o'clock, on Thurs
day night, May 27th, 1875, at his fath
er's residence-, near Savannah, Mr. Da
vid II. Terhune, sou of John Terhune,
in the 23d year of his age.
The deceased was a member of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and
his life was a perfect exemplification of
his faith. In the death of young Ter
hune, Andrew county lost a promising
citizen, ami society an upright honora
ble member.
SavannaH Grange No. 330.
All the members of said Grange are
requested to be present at the regular
meeting thereof, on Saturday, the Mth
day of June, 1375, as business of impor
tance is to be transacted. By order of
said. Grange.
Savannah, Mo., June 5, 1875.
Pursuant to a call published a large
and enthusiastic meeting assembled to
make arrangements for celebrating tin:
9'Jth Anniversary of the Declaration of
Independence. Prof. John S. Dugan
with his excellent cornet band, sum
moned the patriotic together with "Co
lumbia the Gem of the Ocean."
Capt. C. A. Whittakcr called the
meeting to order and nominated .Judge
John McLain, chairman ; carried unani
mously. On motion of Mr. S. Frodsham, J. II.
Stewart was chosen secretary ot the
On motion of W. F. Ford, Esq., it
was determined that we have the cele
bration on Saturday, July 3d, with a
basket pie-nic aud that everybody be
On motion of Capt. Mercer, the chair
appointed the following committees :
Committee on Ahiianoements W.
Wren, W. F. Ford, W. II Purviance.
Committee on Speakers I. R. Wil
liams, W. W. Caldwell.A.S.Chittenden.
Committee on Finance E. Russell,
A. Schuster, E. Alderman.
Committee on Music S. Frodsham,
Sloan M. Young, Robt. Samuel.
Committee on Ground:? Dr. Fergu
son, 1. N. Webster, S. P. Wright.
Committee on Flags Capt. Win.
Caldwell, Capt. J. 1. Majors, L. C.
On motion of II. C. Shedrick, Mr. D.
P. Abbott was appointed Marshal of the
day. Avith authority to select as many
assistants as he may deem necessary.
On motion of Capt. Mercer, the
thanks of this meeting was extended to
Dugan's Cornet Rand for their appro
priate music on this occasion.
Moved that the Secretary be instruct
ed to have the proceedings' of this meet
ing published in the Savannah papers
and St. Joseph dailies.
On motion the meeting adjourned to
meet again June 12, 1875, at the Court
J. II. Stewart, Secretary.
Jimtown Items.
From St. Joseph Herald.
News Centre, June 4, 75.
The most flourising Sunday School
this vicinity has had for years meets
every Sunday afternoon at three o'clock,
at the new Fairview Church. Mr. T.B.
Gordon is superintendent. The IJorean
Series of Lessons is used.
A new Sunday School has been or
ganized at ".Jimtown," with Mr. New
ton Bird as superintendent. It meets
every Sunday at D a. m.
Bud Lewis is spending a few weeks
at the Holt county Mineral Springs.
In accordance with the Governor's
proclamation religious services were
held at Jimtown Thursday. Elder Bar
rett, of the M. E. Church, South,
The Fourth of July fever has not yet
broken out.
St. .Joseph is to have a rival. A new
city is being started at Bird's Mill, on
the Oue-Hundred-and-Two. Lots of
land has been laid off in lots, and the
proprietors offer to give lots lo parties
who will build on them. Here's a
chance tor the unemployed capital of
your monied men. J here is nothing to
hinder young men coming here and
growing up with the town. If the pres
ent owners of the town would only
agree to pay the taxes for ten years or
so, the lots will sell of immediately.
Among the names proposed for the
town, are Birdbury, Castleville, Avenue
City, (avca new city,) Bargerborough.
Needniorc and others. Cattle postof
lice has been moved here, two black
smith shops are in constant operation,
another hotel has been erected, and
Messrs. Harris & Evans have opened a
well stocked store. By the way, strong
indications of coal oil have been discovered in
several places close by.
Tlic One-IIundrcd-and-Two bridge at llinl's
mill has been repaired like unto a new bruise.
Dr. Hurler has his ollice at the new city. The
Do'.tor is- having a line practice.
To-dav, the Cumberland Presbyterians hold
sen k-eat the Fairview church.
Compromise and P.nlah Granges. P. ofII.,nrc
going to unite under Itulah's banner. The in
terests otf both granges have been identical, or
nearly so, since their organization. Application
to the Superior Lodge lias been made by the
proper committees from both lodges for permis
sion to unite.
I'.ulah Grange is nourishing. It meets on the
second and fourth Saturday.- in the month. Many
of the young iolks are members and all take an
intcres't in the lodge. Once a month a paper is
read, through which the bva ins, wit, poetry Ac,
of the neighborhood overflows-. Mr. Dave" Wil
son is the present editor-in-chief, while Allen
Uieltavdson does up "ye local." It has a large
corps of contributors,, most of whom sail under
fascinatimr non tic plumes. "lied Hover,"
' 'Hobble Darling, " ' ' Dot Truman, " ' ' Hluch
er," "Queen of Hearts," "l'.lue Ilird," and
"Ginger Snaps," are a lew of ths-niast taking.
Wanted to Purchase.
20 acres of land suitable for growing
small fruit, near Savannah, Mo. Any
one having such property for sale please
apply to Wm. Challacombe, Real Es
tate Agent, Savannah, Mo
June -1th,. 1875r wJ-..
Probata Court Docket June Term
MONDAY, JL'NE 2 1st, 1875.
Edward I Io wells, Adair. Solomon
Kellogg, dee'd.
E F Fleming, G & C, heirs of Cond
Eiseming dee'd.
Lucinda Slireve G & C, heirs of Nel
son Daniels, dee'd.
G Siegesemann G & C John Miller,
John E Colburn Adair Wm Shreve
Allen Holt Public Admr J II Osborn
John VauBuskirk G & C John II Rob
erts (minor).
Geo W .Selcemau G & C heirs of C B
Smith dee'd.
F M Mintcr G & C John W Minter.
Perry Messick Admr Jus Alexander
Morgan llurat G & C Geo (J Ellis ami
O 10 Ilolloway G & G heirs of D S
Lewis dee'd.
F N Kennedy G&C heirs of Vv'iuWood
ard dee'd.
S E Owen G & C Casius Garsuch.
Wm M Weaver G & C Chas MoEl-
Mrs M E G'onover Admr Robert Con
over dee'd.
W L Dysart Admr Isaac S Evans
Jackson Hawkins G&C heirs of A J
Mcllvain dee'd.
W S Greenlee Curator L B Eisemin
ger. WEDNESDAY, .J EXE 23d.
Nicholas Ford Admr David Walter
Peter Mead G & C heirs of Mead
John Laney G & C heirs of J T Mont
gomery. W B Allen G & C heirs of A J Petty
john dee'd.
W B Allen G & C heirs of D M E ty
ing dee'd. -
Mary Warner Admx Samuel Warner
W B Wells G&C heirs of W F Ter
rell dee'd.
Evandor Agee G&C heirs of J II
French dee'd.
TIIl. KSDAY, .1CXE 24th.
Susannah Lewis G & C heirs of Jas S
Lewis dee'd.
Daniel Recce G & C heirs of James
Recce dee'd.
J T W Johnson G&C heirs of James
Garner dee'd.
Evander Agee G&C heirs of John R
Lewis dee'd,
J W Bradley G & C heirs of The
Bradshaw dee'd.
O P McGrew G & C J L McGrew
George Kelly Admr Thompson Kel
ley dee'd.
Gardiner & Tabler Admrs Isaac S
Tabler dee'd.
Joshua Bond Admr Obc .Roberts
Fredrick Breit Admr Edward Turpin
FIJI DA Y, .IL'XE 2oth.
Lafayette Courtney Admr A II Court
ney dee'd.
John W Wood G & C heirs of Jno
Patterson dee'd.
J S F Wood G&C heirs of Benj LI
Wood dee'd.
Vincent Wilson G & C heirs of Eph
ram Felker dee'd.
John M Ilobson G & C heirs of Tfcos
Gentry dee'd.
W B Allen G & C heirs of Solomon
Kellogg dee'd.
Charles McGonagle Admr George W
Manning dee'd.
W C Reece Admr Jos M Recce dee'd.
psnertfnllv invitesall her friends :md rns-
i6 t outers to c:i'J unit examine tier new Miring
styles and Fa-ltion Plates. .-he will still be
found at her old Maud, first room over Alder
man's Dry Goods .-tore. ap:l(l-no-Js:5m
-c- - .. . . -- .
I raving purchase! :i full line of
Millinery and Straw Goods
art now prepared to suit all who may need any
thing i:i this line. Hals lllrachrff and Pros
ed Dresses ;ut and made, to order, Patterns
of nil kind kept constantly on hand, (ionds
l'urnihed and work done the lowest prices,
23Conie anrl sie us at the Jenkins lluilding,
South-cast of the Public. Square. .ipl('-;Jni
IN IOWA and MlSSOl'KI, for a term of years,
lull,, printed particulars, address Ueo. W.
Fuane&Dakkow, Uankers, Corning, Iowa,,
W. W. Caldwell.
i ran
Andrew Co. ,
Savannah Produce Market.
Corrected by W. A. Price. J
Fall Wheat SI. 12 Hutter,frvli 20
Spring" 7.Egg- s
Com 70 hurl 12
Kvi 75 Side Haotu 12
Oats .VI M:.in 12
Earlcy 70 to !0 -lnuibl.'r 7 to ;
Leaf tob:ice 1 In 7'WoI.... .") to.K
Ileum, iiiidre3ed:i to tiFlax sued Sl.-1
ir.i. . . t ...
IlHie.-.-iieen i n i i imiiiii lilies
Jiuies.ury iiini... i 'i-i)iaiies i.moc.
A large ami fresh lot of Clov-r, Timothy ami
all kinds of Gras Seed-, fur sale by W. A.Price
W. A Price will pay you for wool in
cash more than any other buyer in Sa
vannah. W. A Price has bought all the wool
that has come to Savannah this spring
except two or three little lots, why.
becanse he payd the highest price in
Bring all your Wool to W. A. Price's,
and get the largest cash price.
W. A. Price will give you the bigge-t
cash price for all your Bacon and Lard.
Wheat., Oats and Rye, wanted by W.
A. Price, for which the highest cash
price will be paid.
All kinds of grass Seeds, garden Feeds,
corn-field Beans, Connecticut Pumpkin
'Seeds, for sale at W. A.Price's.
Flour is cheaper at W. A. Price's than
tiny where else in Savannah.
W. A. Price has a splendid full spring
wagon for sale Cheap.
Fine Peach-Blow Potatoes, for sale at
Flour, Meal. Dry Fruits, Bacon, Lard,
Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Dry Beef, Green
Apples, Ground Alum Salt in Bags, bbl
Salt, Dairy Salt, Oats, Corn, TTye, Wheat,
till kiuds of Wooden Ware, Hopes,
Brooms, and lots of other articles, for
sale at W. A. I'll ICE'S.
Honey, Apple aud Peach IJutter. for
sale at' W. A. I'll ICE'S.
Stock ILisiKri
There will be a COLT SHOW at
IIoskxdalk. Andrew county, on the.
tcrourt Fitlurdny in- Junr, (li'th,) to be
gin at 11 o'clock. We want every
man having a eolt from YouX(;LoRi
to bring it out. We will show the
finest lot of colts everbrought togeth
er in Andrew county, takinginto con
sideration the quality of the mares.
The man that shows the finest colt
can have the season free of charge;
second best the same. Men having
colts from other horses that want to
show them can bring them out. Those?
that have good brood mares and wish
to know where to find first class stock
will give this special attention.
T. 12. FUJtST.
Walter S. Gilman,
Opera House Elock, St. Joseph, Mo.,
General Agent for Northwest Missouri
"Wober," "Bloomfield & Otis "and
Tarties desiring to proeuro strictly
ruT class instruments, either for cash
or upon easy terms of payment, can get
them by calling, or writing to me. Tri
ces i.owi;u, and terms easiek, than
ever before offered by any dealer.
Every instrument warranted as repre
sented,, or no sale. The warrantees are
all signed by the UIaxi'kactcjjeks and
by the St. Louis Mekcaxtile Co., for
riVE YEAJis, which makes a purchase
from me doubly secure and safe.
Mr. D. J. Thomas, of Whitesville, U
authorized to take orders in Andrew
county, for instruments represented by
me. no2!)tf
I II AVE secured the great Italian Polish ot"
Jtdin JleDennott, and am now meoared to
make the oldest i.ravc stone look like new. I
propose to give satisfaction or no pay. Charges
verv moderate. Test can be seen on William.
Muirav'.s grave stone. JOHN" T. NELsON.
Savannah, jIo.MaytSUh, '7.V-.1m
Scaler in and manufacturer of
And Metallic- COFFINS,.
ITorth Side the Sqttare, Savannah,
(In the three-story ot-lck-)
J on hand. I also keep constantly on hand a
large quantitv ot the best quality ot lumber to.
make any article of furniture desired. Give mc
a call. I can not be undersold by anydealei
West of the Mississippi. , , , ,
23-There can always some one be found day.
and night at my old residence, ready to-sell cot
tins ready made to all Who call. -.--,,
.Il l .

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