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The Treasury Thieves Locked
in Default of Bail.
Washington-, Aug-. 9. So time has
been fixed yet lor the preliminary ex
amination of persons arrested for the
larceny of the $-17,000 package from
the Treasury Department. Ottman has
employed Richard T. Merrick as coun
sel, and an effort will be made to have
the bail reduced, but the authorities de
mand heavy bonds. Oltman recently
made a heavy deposit in the bank in Al
exandria. The officers have gone to se
cure the money. The employes in the
cash-room of the Treasury Department
have been watched in all their move
ments since the robbery. The president
of the Gmnania Saving Bank, of Alex
andria, where Oilman has a special de
posit, had an interview to-day with
General Spinner and Treasurer New,
and has consented that the officers shall
examine the contents of the packages
left by Ottman. Ottman appeared to
day before Jude Snell and waived a
preliminary examination. The Judge,
after hearing the statement of the Dis
trict Attorney, required bail in 810,000,
in default of which Ottman was commit
ted. The sealed package bearing Ott
man'snamc, which was deposited in
the Alexandria bank, having been open
ed, was found to contain twenty-nine
o0t bills. The package was taken to
"Washington. The detectives expect to
recover $"J',000 more to-day.
About $2o,i(io of the money stolen
from the treasury has been recovered.
This afternoon the Marshal seized the
property of Ottman, and closed his res
taurant. The whole amount taken will
probably be restored safely to the Treas
ury. Improvement of the Missouri Riv
er. The recent high water in the Mis
souri river has done an immense
amount of damage in culling away
the banks, and by changing the cur
rent of the river. In several places
between St. Louis and Jefferson City
several large farms have been nearly
varied away by the powerful ctir
renf. Many of the owners of these
farms are members of the grange, and
feel as though some united action
.should be taken on their part, and on
the part of all those interested, to
protect the banks of the river. ft is
probable that a systematic effort will
be made to effect this result, and the
general government will no doubt re
ceive an invitation to participate in
carrying forward the work.
Xo feasible plan has yet been sug
gested that we are aware of. and to
carry out any plan that will meet fhe
approvel of t hose who have had ex
perience in changing the channel of
the "big muddy," it must have the
hearty co-operation of the land own
ers along the banks of the rive. There
is no question but what the national
congress should not only enact a law
for the removal o1 snags, but should
in connection with our State govern
ment improve this river. Perhaps a
plan could be adopted, such as ex
empting from taxation certain lands
for a term of years through which
the river pases, provided, ilio own
ers will plant willows and other
trees of a similar eharacter.in accord
ance "with some carefully matured
plan, and then protect and care for
them for a given term of years. f
fome plan of this kind can be success
fully carried out, the channel of the
river can be very much straightened,
the current deepened, and the space
through which it Hows between the
banks be very much narrowed, and
:nuch of fhe rich alluvial soil can be
retained that is now being carried to
wards the gulf. This is a mailer of
great importance to the counties in
this Slate, bordering on the Missouri
river, and Ave have already received
intimations that steps are being ta
3ccn to effect something in the direc
tion we have pointed out. Column's
Itural World.
Silent Men.
Washington never made a speech. In
the zenith of his fame he once attempt
ed it, failed, and gave it up confused
and abashed. In framing the Constitu
tion of the United States, the labor was
wholly perlormed by the Committee of
the whole, of which George Washing
ton was the chairman ; but he made two
speeches during the Convention of a
very few words each. The Convention,
however, acknowledged the master
spirit, and historians allirm that, had it
not been for his personal popularity and
thirty words of his first speech, pro
nouncing it the best that could be uni
ted upon, the Constitution would have
been rejected by the people. Thomas
Jefferson never made a speech, lie
couldn't do it. Xapoleon, whose exec
utive ability is almost without parallel,
said that his greatest difficult' wa3 in
finding men ol deeds rather than of
A Preacher's Pun.
One ol the best double puns we have
ever heard was perpetrated by a clergy
man. He had just united in marriage a
couple whose Christian names were
respectively Benjamin and Annie."IIow
did they appear during the ceremony?"
inquired a friend. "They appeared
both Annie-mated and Benefitted," was
the reply of the llevercnd.
"There is a burden of care in get
ting riches: fear in keeping them;
temptation in using them; guilt in
abusing them; sorrow in losing them;
and a burden of account at last to be
given up concerning them.
Poor Grimwood. His Body is
Chicago, August 17. A special
to the Chicago Evening Journal.from
White TIall, Michigan says: "The
body of jST. S. Griimvood was found
yesterday on the beach of Lake Mich
igan, near Stony Creek by A. Bcck
with. It had oil all the "clothes ex
cept boots, and had letters and notes
of his trip, which prove beyond doubt
his identity."
At the .Rochester races on Satur
day last "Goldsmith Maid" was com
pelled to surrender her "well earned
right to be callcd'Queen of the Trot
ting Turn to "Lulu," -who made the
best four consecutive heats on record.
The first heat was won by the Maid
in 2:lf)A; fhe second, third and fourth
heats by Lulu in 2:165, 2:loA and 2:17.
Delinquent Lands.
By the provisions of section 5, of the
"Revenue law passed by the Legislature
last winter, the County Court is empow
ered to commence suit against an' per
sons who have let the taxes become de
linquent on their lands, and can obtain
a judgment and sell the lands under ex
ecution, the same as if the judgment
was obtained for any other kind of a
debt. For the information of all con
cerned we give below the section of the
new law referred to:
Section f. The County Court shall
have power, and are authorized to com
mence suit at any time, in any court of
coinpetentjurisdiction, for taxes, penal
ties, interest and costs due on forfeited
property against the person owning the
This gives the County Courts authori
ty that they never before possessed, and
it is to be hoped that the' will take
prompt steps to make the owner of those
lands that arc delinquent for taxes, come
down with the stamps. Justice to those
who do pay their taxes demands this
much at their hands.
Adjustment of Damages.
Col. W. S. Arthur visited all of the
sufferers by the recent accident on the
St. Louis, Kansas City and Xorthern
Railroad, yesterday and settled with all
who were slightly injured.
The company are disposed to do the
fair thing bv the injured passengcrs,aud
as far as we can learn none of them are
disposed to be unreasonable in their de
mands for damages. Col. Arthur has
done all in his power to provide them
with the best medical attention and
careful nurses. St. Jo Gazette.
Two Dutchmen, who built and us
ed in common a small bridge over a
stream which ran through their
tiirms, had a dispute concerning some
repairs which it required, ami one of
them positively refused to bear any
portion of the expense necessary to
f he purchase of a few planks. Final
ly the aggrieved parly went to a
neighboring lawyer, and placing ten
dollars in his hand, said, "Fll give
you all dish moneys if you'll make
Hans do justice " mit the pridjre."
"How much will it cost to repair it?"
asked the honest lawyer. "Xol more
ah live foliar." replied the Dutch
man. "Very well," said the lawyer,
pocketing one of the notes and giving
him the other; "take this and go get
the bridge repaired; it is the best
course you can take." "Yaas," said
the Dutchman, slowly "yaas, datish
more better ash to quarrel mit
ilans." But as he went along home
he shook his head frequently, as if un
able, after all, to see quite clearly
how he had gained anything bv going
to law."
A man drew a note promising fo
pay one hundred dollars, lie used a
printed form, and did not close up
the blank devoted to dollars, and af
ter passing as negotiable paper,soinc
bodv inserted "and fifty" after the
one hundred and before the printed
dollars. The note thus altered got
into the hands of an innocent parly,
who presented it to fhe drawer, and
the Supreme Court decided that the
maker of the note was liable for its
face because through negligence he
did not draw a line between the writ
ten word "hundred" and the printed
word "dollars." Any testimony that
the drawer might offer to establish
the fact, that he gave the note for one
hundred dollars must go for nothing,
as there was nothing on the face of
the note showing that it had been al
tered. Evidence of alteration on ihe
face of the note would have changed
the case. Let f his be a lesson lo all
drawers of promissory notes. No
one can be too careful in such mat
ters. Gen. George Hall with an engine,
pump and oilier machinery passed up
on the 9 o'clock freight, on Monday
last, for the Mound City coal mines.
The Gen. informs us that he will de
termine by Saturday night what the
earth in that vicinity contains to the
depth of 90 feet. He has great, confi
dence of a favorable result in this un
dertaking. The people of Mound
Citv are extremely fortunate in get
ting Gen. Hall at "the head of this
work. lie is a man of determined
energy and will push matters to a
conclusion in a short time. He has a
pump capable of throwing 120 gal
lons per minute,, and says if this is
not enough he will bring up a 400
gallon pump. Holt County Times,
The roses of home smell sweet a
thousand miles, and a hundred years.
Mortgage Sale-
Catharine Truex, his wife, June sharp and
Samuel Sharp, her husband, by their mortgage
deed, dated the third day of October, A.' I).,
1S74, and recorded in hook 30, at pages .17!-S0,iii
the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Andrew
county, Missouri, conveyed to Janus Condi,
the following described real estate, lying and
beingin Andrew county, Missouri, to-wit: The
undivided four-sevenths of the following des.
cribed lots, tracts, or parcels of land, situate in
the county of Andrew and State of Missouri;
that is to "say, the east half of the northwest
quarter, and the southwest quarter of the north
west quarterof section twenty-six, in township
H"fly-nine, of range thirty-six, and a part of lot
four, of fractional section twenty-seven, in
township fifty-nine, of range thirty-six, begin
ning at the northeast corner of said lot, and run
ning west forty rods, thence nearly southwest
along a ditch, sixty-lire rods, to the Nodaway
Slough, thence down the Slough to the southeast
corner of said lot, .serenty-iiiiie rods, thence
north one hundred rods to the place of begin
ning, the above described lots, tracts or par
cels of land, containing one hundred and lifly
and twenty-seven fortieths acres, more or less,
the undivided four-sevenths of which is hereby
conveyed, which said conveyance was made fo
secure the payment ofa certain promissory note,
in said mortgage ded described,
And, wlierea-, default has been made iw the
jiavnient of said note, together with the interest
thereon, anil the same remains due and unpaid,
T Now, therefore, in pursuant of the provisions
of said mortgage deed, and by virtue of the
power therein contained, and given, and at the
request of Caroline Hinkle, the lcg.il holder ot
said note, and her husband, Lewis (J. Jlinklc, I
the undersigned, Sheriff of Andrew county,
Missouri, will on
Tuesday, IhclAlh day of September, lS7o,
at the south door of the Court House, in Savan
nah, Andrew county, Missouii, between tin
horn's of nine o'clock" in the forenoon ami live
o'clock in the afternoon of that day. sell the
above described real estate at public vendue, to
the higher bidder, for cash in hand, for the pur
poses in a id mortgage deed set forth.
L.'J). CAIITKR, Sheriff
Andrew Connlr, Mo.
Augu-mth, 187.1 no43 30d.
Order of Publication.
Cointv ok Anukkw, j s'
Estate ot Lewis Allen, deceased.
L Public Administrator for Andrew county,
in charge of the Estate of Lewis Allen, deceased,
and presents to the Court his petition prawng
for an order for the sale of certain Ileal Estate,
of which said Lewis Allen died sieed, describ
ed as follows, to-wit :
Fifty-lburacro of laud, commencing at a cer
tain ruck litty-four rods west from the south
east corner oV sect ion thirty-lire, (!.'), in Town
ship sixty-one, (ol), of I.'aiige thirty-four, (31),
running thence north one hundred and sixty
rods to a rock, thence west lifty-foiir roils,
thence south one hundred and sixty rods, thence
east lift -four rods to the p!;;ce of begining, be
ing in s'cetiou thirty-live, Towuh:p sixir-oi.e,
of Uange thirty-four, in Andrew cjiinij," state
of Missouri, to par the debts of said estate, which
said petition was aeconijianicd by the accounts,
lists and inventories as required by law, show
ing that said estate is indi bled and that said
debts arc unpaid, and that there are not sulH
cient assets on hand to pay the same.
On examination thereof it is ordered by the
Court, that all persons interested in the estate of
said decca-cd be notified, that application as
atoresaul, ha been ma le, and that unless the
contrary be shown on or before the first day of
the next term of this Court, to be held on the 20th
day September next, an order will be made for
the sab- of the Real Estate in said petition de
scribed, or so much thereof as shall be suili.-ient
for the payment of.-aid debts and the expenses
of such sale.
And it is further ordered that this notice be
published in some newspaper published in said
c.-ninty of Andrew for four weeks prior to the
next term of this Court.
I, J. It. Caldwell, Judge of Probate, In and
for said county, hcivby certify that the forego
ing is u true copy of the order therein set forth
as fully as the saYne remains ol record in my of
fice. . s . Witness mr hand and official seal this
L.S 31st day ol Ji'ilr, 1S7.".
Judge of Probate.
August 0, L-75 no li-wl.
Sheriffs Sale-
TT tain .Mortgage iieotoateii i-eiiniary nrsi a.
D. one thousand eight hit. idled and liny line,
and recorded in books, p. ger.lfi, in the olliceol
the Recorder of Deeds ol Andrew county, .Mis
souri, conveyed io said county of Andrew, the
following described real esta'ie, situate, lying
and being in the couiiiy aforesaid, to-wit:
The northwest quarier of the southeast quaiter
of Section No. twenty-one. (21), in Town-nip
No. ilfiy-cight, .'is), of Range No. thirty-lour,
(31) ; wirch said coineyanec w;-s made to" seem
the payment ol a certain be, id executed by said
Robert Cam to ihe -aid county of Andrew lor
the use of the inhab'iaiits I hereof v rcltool pur
poses, for the sum of s;-c hundr.d and sixlydol
lars, daled Fclirua-y iL.it KIP, s.nd payable on
the li'St day of Feb '"nary Uiei-ealler Willi Ml per
cent, interest ilieon Iretn datci-ijEl paid, and
comai'-ing the further -lipuiations thai it the in
terest !: not paid when it becomes due, i; h.iU
bear interest at the same .vie as piiucipal, as in
said Mortgage Deed de-cr bed,
And whereas, it. is provided in s;..id Mori gage
Deed, that it default sii.iil be made in Hie p: y
meni of the principal or interest due and p.' a
ble according to the tenor and effect ofsa'd bonii
above recited, die Sherift of r.iit! county of An
drew int. y without any siiii on said montage
proceed lo sell the above described land or any
parl then of to satisfy the princip.d and intere-.r
ol sr.ul bond, ami make an aosoiiile conveyance
thereof in fee lo the purchaser; And whereas,
the said bind logetiiei vidi I lie inlcieoL tine
thereon remains due anil unpaid,
Therefore, I, Leroy D. Carter, Sheriff of Jiie
county of Andrew and St:ue i.f Missouri, by ir
tue ol'il'e premises aforesaid, and of an onierof
the Conniy Court of sa:d cou.ny made at the Ju
ly aojonrned term thereof, ,o-wil: August bi.ii,
fs75, and to me direcled rnd delivered, h-tve
leried upon and seized all the right, litle and in
terest of the said Koberi Cain in and to the above
described real estate, and will on
Saturday, the 11th day of September,
1S75, nt the ( ourt House door, in the c;tr of S:
rannah, enuntyof Andrew, and State ot Mi.-MHi-ri,
between the hour-sot nine o'clock in the lore
noon ui'd lire o'clock in 1'..- alternoou ofih.it
day, sell said property at public rendu? to the
highest bidder for cash in hand to satisfy said
debt and costs.
Sheriff of Andrew' County, Mo,
August 20th, '75 noil.
Tax-Payers Attention.
I will meet the tax-payers of An
drew county, Missouri, at the following
times and places, for the purpose of re
ceiving the taes due on the Tax Books
for the year 187.), to-wit:
Moberly's Mill, Monroe Township, September
:;, li. and 1.1.
Uochesler, llochesierl p., Sept. 10, 17. and 18.
Flas Springs, Empire Tp., Sept. -0,-iI, and '12.
"Winiesrille, PladeTp., Sept. :!, 21, and 20.
Uosendale. P.enton 'I p., .ept. 27 and 23.
liolckow, licnton To., Sept. 20.
Clar Center, C'ar Tp.,Sept.:i(),and Oct. 1 and 2.
Fillmore, Jackson Tp., Oct. 7, S, and 9.
Amazonia, Lincoln Tp., Oct. 11. 12, audi".
Heeler School House, Jeller.sou Tp., October 11,
1.1, and Wt.
ColTmans School House, Washington Tp., Oct.
IS, l!i, and 20.
and thereafter at my ollice in Savannah.
Collector of Andrew County, Mo.
Savannah, August llh, 1S75.
Having purchased J. F, Colburn;s Hardware Store and re
moved it to the N. E. corner of the Square, and purchased
in St. Louis, a full stock of first class goods, consisting in
all kinds, rocket and Table Cutlery, House furnishing goods.
Harvest tools, and in short everything usually kept in a first
class Hardware Store, wo are now offering them as cheap as
the cheapest, for CASH.
Pianos and Organs
Are offering to persons desiring
r mo
The instruments
Standard Quality, and Fully Warranted.
..mi-t1.?,?1?' rt.,,aI :lt aH in-e!ly of '"'V' "'"1 ORGANS known to dealers as
(I LAI Instruments, lli.y arealniost entirely worthless, and the price paid
lor them is m..m y thrown away. 1
The Terms we Offer to Purchasers Bring
o"ct:o. PRioEe
Within the reach of all classes of purchwers, and enables them to procure a strictl'.
lirst-elas.s instrument. 1'ianos ami Organs ean he bought of us and paid for in Easy
lNs,rAi.i.Mi:sTs, payable at interral.s to suit the purcha-cr.
Liberal Discounts Made for Cash.
Wesruarantcc instruments to be as represented in circulars, so that purchasers
arc at no risk in ordering an Orjjan orl'iano of us, or our agents.
Sond for Circulars and Write for Terms.
T. J. Waslifourn, Agent, 42 Francis Street.
Filial Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby fdrcn to all creditors and
others interested in the estates of Johnson
Hauler, lit ceased, Klam C. A'cale, deet a-ed, and
James- Anderson, deceased, that I, Allan Holt,
Administrator of said estates iuieud to make Fi
nal Settlement thereofat the net t-rm of the
I'robate Court, of Andrew county, in the Slate
of Missouri, u be held at .iarannah, on 20th day
ol .September. lST.V
ALLAN HOLT, Administrator.
("nnr.xi.i:i:: Kivs, Atty'.s.
Augnt -o:h, hSVi nott wl.
Notice of Final Settlement.
"JVTOTICE is hereby giren to all creditors and
L'N others interested in the estate of (ico. W.
(.'lazier deceased, that the undersigned, Admin
isiiatrlx ofsaid estate, will make llnal settle
ment thereof at Hie next term I'robate Court, of
Andrew conniy, to be held ai Savannah, on the
third Mondar hi September next.
Savannah, 3fo., Aug. 13, '7" nolJ wt.
E. W, JOY,
Northeast corner Public Square, Savannah
Mo. 1 am now prepared to till orders for Cfm
r.Trr.Y Worn., lioma good selee: op of de-'-.ns
ami material. Work well and piornpily execu
ted. and on the most reasonable '. i:ys.
March .Mh, 175. 1y. .
jos. Mir.i.i.ENiiunuKn.
Hackberry Mills,
For.novly known as the "Smith's
I'liil," itu.itecl about 5 miles north of
Anmzonia, ami six miles west of &ivan
vh. ir:ivhi been fitted up 1)- the un
dersigned, they will do all kinds of
Custom Grinding and Sawing,
; on short notice. They will keep con
stantly on nana, lor sale,
1-..s, M.A fll S P.J
ail) til ttVtti uiuu BiiwawywB wwn
inn uc'3 rwjii in i ;d irupn
k 1
They solicit the patronage of all their
old customers.
CKesular days of grinding, Friday
and Saturday.
451. A choico. farm of 19(5 acres: 120
in cultivation; a good house .x-i0 feet,
well water, 150 apple- trees and a variety
of other fruit; 1 1-2 miles from Iloches
tcr. 170. A very desirable, small farm of
10 acres, 3 miles northeast of Savan
nah. Good, new frame house of 3 rooms
and cellar, log stable and corn-cribs ; 70
bearing apple ttces, 30 bearing peach
trees, and other fruit trees, and 1 acres
of fall wheat growing; price, 61,000.
61,000 cash, balance on reasonable lime.
175. 01 1 acres, 33 acres under culti
vation, good frame house, 5 rooms an
cellar, stable, grancry, smoke house, ic
house, well and spring, 150 apple trees
100 peach trees, a variety of small fruit
2 milesjfrom depot.half mile from schoo
house. Price 62,000. Terms easy.
Real Estate Agent, Savannah, Mo.
to purchase an Organ or Piano, the
we sell are all of
Lafayette Route.
Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railway,
Cincinnati, Lafayette & Chicago R.R.
Indianapolis, Cinn, & Lafayette R.R.
Is the Shortest, ISest, Quickest and Finest
Kipupped Koute between all points wet of the
Mississippi Hirer and Peoima, Lafayette, In
dianapolis, Cincinnati, Loiisvii.le and all
CiticH of the East, Souih-Eastand North.
Thefollowingisthetime of the CINCIN
Leave Savannah 5:00 p. m., Rnrlinglon 5:00 a.
m., Keokuk 4:0la. m.; Peoria 10:20 a. m. .Shel
don :t:.'5t) p. m. ; Lafayette .1:00 p. m. ; Indianap
olis 7:2.1 p. m. ; Cincinnati 11 :'M p. m.; l.ouia
rille ll::;op. m.
Close connections for Baltimore, Washington,
New York and Southern points.
Leave Savannah .1:0.1 p. in.: leave Jmrlington
via C. 15. .tti. Tram No. (, 10:1.1 a. m. Leave.
Peoria C..I0 p. m.; Lafayette 1 :i0a. m.: Indian
apolis A :00a. m.; arrive Cincinnati S:!.1 a. m.;
Louiarille S::M) a. m.; Dayton 2:.1 p. m.: (.
lumbus U:4.1:i. in. ; Pittsburg 7:00 p. m. Imme
diate connections through to Philadelphia, New
York anil lloslon.
Train No. 4 Leave Savannah 500 p. m. : 15nr
lingtou 5:30 p. m.: Keokuk 5:03 p. m. ; Peoria
11:00 p. m.;i;ilnian2:50a. m.; Chicago 7:35 a.
in.: state Line. t 10a. m.: Columbus 5:5.1 p.m.;
Piitsburir 2:03 a.m.: Logan-port, 0:3.1 :i. in.;
ToIeilonViOp. m.: Cleveland 10:10 p. ill.
(.lose connection at Chicago. Pittsburg and
t leveland for all Eastern and Northern Cities.
y this route passengers avoid delays,
and omnibuses transfer through large
cities, which renders it very desirable,
particularly for ladies.
Ask for tickets reading from Burling
ton or Keokuk, via T. P. & W. lt'y.
Baggage Checked Through.
A. L. HOPKINS, llcceiver, Tcoria.
II. C. TOWNSEXD, Gen'l Tm't Agt., Peoria.
For information, address,
Cen. West'n Agent, P.Hrliugton, Iowa.
July 23, 1S7.1 (!m.
Just Published, in a Scaled Envelope. Price G cts.
A Lecture on the Nature. Treatment, and
Radical cure of Seminal Weakness, or Sperma
torrhoea induced bv Self-Abuse, Involuntary
Kmissious, Impotcncv, Nervous Debility, and
Impediments to Marriage generally; Consump
tion, Epilepsr. and Fits; .Mental and Physical
Ineapaeitr,. jtc P.y ROI5ERT J. CLLVKU
WELL, M. 1)., author of the "Green Hook,"
The world-renowned author, in this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves from his own exper
ience that the awful consequences of Self-Abuse
mar be cfleetnallr reiuored without medicine,
anil without dangerous surgical operations, bou
gies, instruments, rings, or eonlials: pointing
out a mode of cure at once certain and clVectual,
bv which every sufferer, no matter what his con
dition mar be, mar cure himself cheaply, pri
ratelr and radically.
trJThis Lecture ii'ill prove a boon lo thousands
and tltoltltntt:.
Sent, under seal, in. i plain envelope, to any
address, on receipt of sixceiits, or two postage
Address the Publishers.
127 P.owcry, New York; Post Ollice J5ox, -15SG.
IV IOWA and .MIssOPUI. for a term of years
lull printed particulars., ailtuess liEO. V.
Fuvnk&Dakuow, Ihmkers, Corning, Iowa,
W. W. CaldwellJ
Andrew Co., Mo

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