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. F, 2ri". TAYLOR,
Editor and Publisher. S
V"'" V. N"'
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T. iii :'' Noi-thwv.-i Mi-;-uiiri.
p.M'ial nil .rmn t" .ii-.nn-s- its it unity
..ml ik!;.-:;c et?u.-r-. 0:licc over FanufiV
TT7-M. s. .iii.!':.ii:i:, attoijxet ami
V coiiriM-'iiiT jv. I'avlicnlai- aii.-sti-in '
-.v..ii r.,..1H....-ti.i.is. 'AW ti..- mIl- .
"i!!1" ',M-1' l'l " 1'8"k i ed s:?0,Oi ior three months keeping of
ei ti-u.s.M ai . c:rtru-t-l in him j 1 1 " i,-n. , 1 i
i.iu u- .-:.i fun-.. t.:i in. uvuvi- at hi- i Aoeaimt of Ii. P. nliainsnn for med
i;'!i;;;::;i;:,i'',,""l'i0lUi,' X' ial attendance on Caronnc Bain,.
'TTi 1 T 1T.:7:m,r"i"T,!.;'. 1 amountm- to ? 0 ; Court made de- J
iix u i-. i i.-. i a-, ni, s:ijiii.i:i!i. Mi s.:- i duetion ot ?12,o0. a:id warrant issued !
7;in-j.ii.-. I. . j r. ar.'l lmat . -.viilnw.-.' uml , lor tj'llanco.
!;:!!;! : :. V;f ;;!:;nn!ii," Aiirfi t'lorks and Messen-ers, al- i
v:.:i:ii3-.....Si: ,. : ;.vnt I'.rtii.- Aa-lii.-.n, T(,jn-k:i !
v: s:i!lt:i !" i::iilri:nl .,niii:iiiy . All ii.iia:-it j
roni;iilv :i;-v.. I. Kc will tu-kot j..uiiis li. all ,
iii lai- : i.t. . .ill on liim
-rKA- rAN ! K.( IlK-t. Mu-ie :.rr:.nL'(l
;.r n -jiK-.-i. i. ' Ji-- -.:t.-l.;fto--y.
j;akj-:iiy, &c.
IT f '. si!'-;n:.!i K, K.nrlf l.ak.Ty, cuiiicc
i!l ti'n .i' ; M.iurant, wi-.-t -i.lt' ol tin-f.iu:irt.-.
r.i.-;- turm-ihiil Oil shorl imtiri'. -'7
tTi: (i. li. . U ! N'l'OIM' hnvusir h.catcil i:
if ."-ax-n '1'. !V" - hi.- profc imnil fi-viiv- j
toiiMM..!,..---- -i --vaniKU. ma M.-.imy !
st li: n -i-i.-.M-f 'in Mam .-Civt l, ov.v nlork t-a.-l t j
l'l:-1 j-.; iri". ;
1 i-. P.-ON -llpjilir- lli' .-itirll-
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u. K. S:ivanir.ih Lodrc. :
itr-1. 14. s ;v:i:iii:iii, !..., i:ut i rwrv
';. ;v:i,.w,' il.ill. .noi-Jli.ayl corn.r
Olil;' ''iiolif s in. sr.'. All mrmli'i oi'Jlic irlcr
in s "I i:ii:.;.u.. vi.-itiiij? ihc city, arc conlialh
inviw i J" '. i tvitli
.j. (.;. iruNNoi.D, x. ;.
(t !'. l;:: . Sof'v. -J'.':?
if '.-;.'!'. sav:tini:li I.mii-, No 71,
j ti. K. A. M., imM-ilr-t amlthij.l
A J? 111 V II' 1.41 It I'l'Nlill.iU i i io i p.iti , i
V All l.r..fli..T- i:i tr.u,.l ramUiiir art- lrau-r- !
.lliii.'.iv in :it 11 liionili.at i iMiM'i; .!n .
:tal';V --! l i :-it
n. ."r. nAxroirj). w.3i.
!. V.'. , t ('-, .
r.,-...;-T KN Kl:ANKKIN".orK;H. Xo. :, A.
4---V J!'.'c . M . , mi-el- lii'-t satiirl.i in
VVR.- , ii iin-.it'). :.i , i .. AM lir !!iir- in
W V j-.i(,il iai;iiiii,- .in trat'-niallv int iti-.i tf
i.i!i L. T ANTON, W. .L.
t". '1 . -V. I'aIW'JIN vi ; 'v.
rt'fi'.? ii awl .nanufacUtrir of
And Metallic COFFINS,
JS'or'h SnIcIIu. Squaw, Savannah,
(In tin- tiin:. ti-rv Iwick.)
J ) li.m l. I ui- k '!. iti.-t.inlly i.n li.iu.l :i
l:.rjr 'iiuii'tiry : tii"l't-t it:iliiy nt' lunilti r tt
iiiukt any .irliclt-i!" fun. inirt- li irfl. (Jivriiif
:i ..';. 1 oaii :nt lie iiixlt-r.-oht by any 1mK i
vt I:!:.' 'i!:--i--ijii.
iZ3 i !i -tv ':i.i alv:o s Mnif one lit fniiiul lay
! I iii-.r:it at ii.' !' v"-Mi-iicf, rvadj to at 11 tf
- rein .u-u't io :.U wh.i call.
,i. (WVASSfiWKi!
j. 1. ;:oo)cr. Tlionius Gruculoc.
Coupes0 & CxB.'eeBIee9
Dealers iii
Drugs, . licclicin cs,
Paiids. Oils,
Glass, Dye-Stuffs,
School Boolcs,
, Jfisccllcm cc-us Boolcs
Blank Boohs,
Building Paper y
Picture Frames,
Mirrors, Mouldings,
1 1 in (low SI i ades,
Pocket Knives,
Shoulder Braces,
Trusses, Lamps,
Toilet .Iriiclcs, Notions, c.
In Lriek Imig Store, (lately occupied by
O. 11, iVbiu,)south side of the public
sxiuave, Siivtmualn Mo.
Aiu-il HI 1 To Urn...
Minutes read and confirmed.
Resolutions on death of Judge Win.
Shanks, f Published last wec'-O
! Count" v Attorney instructed to notify
the Railroad Comnanv to make a cross-
: . ,, where the roail eiosses
i!i !;:nlro::(l i?i Dis'riet Xo. 25. Town-!
Hill) ho, Lan
;u ...).
Dr. J. G. Ii. Ferguson presents ac
: count of ;,7."), for medicine for pauper
and prisoner. Allowed.
, , . . , ,
Order?;! tnal Fred Zurcher 1,0 allow-
i,nvi.,i y..ij pi,;,,) i,er day for services at
IVIiltun Wliite, (col'd) allowed $7,50
per month till next meeting ;f the court.
,J. li. Aiajoi-s and V. Vr. P. Slade
allowed each 61 lor computing votes at
t. . L'advit allowed si ior use ol
room during election.
L. D. Carter, slientY, account for ofli
cial servici-s, i07,:0. Allowed.
Acc.iunt of E. C. Wright, .?:i-.u0, bal
ance due him for labor performed at
Poor Farm. Allowed.
Account of C. Mack, 1.7,70, work
done for Poor Sarin. Allowed.
Andrew Horner to receive .?-r),c0 per
month for two month in oavment of
rent of house lor Airs. ?deGue.
Account of K. T. Diekey, $, repair
ing vault of public privy. Allowed.
Ordered that JIartin Vrachtel receive
?12,-VJ fur support ol pauper, and furth-
or ordered tnat previous order grant i
bun assistayce be resemdec.
E. Jirayt:n. account of .?-i0.in, niak-
I ing certilied conv of Forfeited List. S:c.
Allowed. Alsf account ior oliici il ser
vices, &e., o.'jU. Allowed.
-Account ol Charles Layton of S'5-,00,
til 1
woric on poor unn. Allowed
Account State Lunatic Asylum Xo. 1,
jG.o, clothing :v:ul board lor L. A.
Scott- Allowed.
Account of Danford fc Chittenden,
11, 1M, hardware for poor farm. Al
lowed. Account of Wm. Zook & Co.. .'5, for
goods furnished pauper. Allowed.
Account of W. li. AleEtwain for sew
ing and clothing for pauper, -$15,01). Al
lowed. Charles Daily account .?9,75,for sheep
for poor farm. Allowed.
Ordered that the Clerk be instructed
to issue certificates of Ilailroad interest :
to parties holding Railroad Bonds re
ceivable for Uailroad taxes for 1675.
Account of .J:mcs Stout. G,U0, for S
bushel apples for poor farm.
Alram liake: feol"d) to receive i'Kl
for support of pauper for two months.
i Aeeotmt of L. (i. IIink:e of Sj at
tending election in Lincoln Township as
constable, April 0, P7.". Allowed.
Philip Cook appointed special Bridge
Commi--ioner on Bridge on Coleman's
Branch. Platte Township.
Ordered that the necessary weights
and measures be provided for the use of
the county.
Account of Waterman & Shaw $2,
30, lumber for poor farm. Allowed.
Wm. Simp.-on. road overseer district
Xo. 7, makes settlement.
Pteport presented of sale of Swamp
Account of J. il Caldwell, .-$75,00. for
three mouths salary, allowed : Also ac
count 87,25, sundries, allowed.
Account of II. Cline 65, goods fur
nished pauper, allowed.
Account Cooper & Greenlee, $9,90,
sundries, allowed.
Account of E. aL Mitchell, $7-. goods
furnished poor farm, allowed.
Account of M. Seudder, :15,00, goods
furnished paupers, allowed.
Account of Wm. Adkins, $1, services
as constable election Washington Town-
ship, allowed.
Ordered that Franklin Sunderiaiu, a
blind pauper, receive $15,00 towards his
Ordered that au appropriation. bc
made of $'121 ),0 to-bin Id a bridge across
Long Brrmch east ot Long Branch
Church. Ordered that .lames Ftehison be ap
pointed' special bridge commissioner.
Joseph Lanniiig presents petition for
vacation o! road: A. ,I.l)eshazo appeals
from Township' l'voanf. Appellant files
notice of appeal. Joseph Lanning, by
his attorney, files motion to dismiss the
case. ?Jotion overruled. Joseph Lan
ning, by his attorney, makes applica
tion for jury : application refused. Court
alter hearing all the evidence confirm
action of Township IJ'vd.
Bond and Mortgage ol John Grossly
approved. Clerk ordered to draw order
on Treasurer for$i;t)O,0O.
The following Bonds and Mortgages
for Swamp Lands sold, were approved:
Lewis C. Dixon ior $2U,S7; It. 11. Tal
bot ior : William Reed for.i2CG,GG ;
James B. Finney for ;270.i0.
Lisle & Moses present account for
652,00, goods furnished paupers; allow
ed. Petition ol Baily & Blagg for dram
shop license, Bolckow, presented; the
sam" granted for six months, they pay
ing 610i State and county revenue.
Petition for vacation of road by John
Sherman et al. 11. .M. Scott, et al. re
monstrates. Court sustains the report
of Commissioner and John Sherman has
six months to make his fence.
A. J. Ucshazo presents account of
."1.U0 for work on road; allowed1.
Tllll;i PAY XOVBll'.EU 18.
Colleetor makes his settlement; D. C.
Stotts Co receive a credit of 6200 on his
bond on common school for 613,20 and
bond of (J. 11. and Elizabeth Davenport
substituted tor said amount.
Ordered that 21)1 l.'M'iO acres no and
e pt nw and lot 2, 22, 59, III, assessed to
I-aac Lillybridge at 62o00,oo. be reduc
ed to .i-lii'.OO.
Ordered that 127 acres sc pt nw 17,
GO, ,'JG. assessed to James M. Kenyon at
6-550O. tic reduced to 82500.
Account of L. 1). Carter, sheriff, of
SS.GO for boarding prisoners; allowed.
Charles W. I Iile to be admitted to
poor farm.
L. D. Carter, shei ill", presents report
Inning receivcl 609,18 on sale of
Swamp Lands.
Bond of IL P. Brigg for swamp land;
The sheriff was instructed to employ
some person to saw wood for the county
Court received 75 cords of wood de
livered by II. Sheppard, ami warrant is
sued for 8187.50.
Account of Wm. Tyrrel ol 81, for two
days work on bridges; allowed.
Robert Shaw brings in account for
61G.0", lor eight days work on bridges;
Jonathan Snowden. John L. Stanton,
and J I. B. Watson, received 812 each
for four days official service; George
Lambright received .f'18 lor six days of
ficial services.
Ordered that Sarah Buzard be allow
ed 6" per month for ; months to pay
her rent.
L. D. Carter, account for 651,75, ofli
eial services; allowed.
Court adjourned to meet on the third
Monday in December next.
There wore two applicants for Super
intendent of C'nmty Poor Farm the next
year. The position was awarded to
Border. Wliite. The details of the
agreement will be determined upon at
the next session of the court.
There are 8.000 miles more mail
service than last year at $ 10.000 less
cost. St. Joe GaV.ette. 20th.
An acknowledgement of the suc
cess and fidelity of the Grant Ad
ministration," unwittingly uttered
bv one of its traclucers.
An order has been issued by Gov
ernor I'aidin authorizing the Warden
of the Penitentiary to transfer Mich
ael Bender, undergoing a sentence of
two yea r ior grand larceny, to the
Lunatic Asylum at St. Jos.cph, there
to remain until cured, when he is to
be returned here to serve the balance
of hi? sentence unless otherwise or
dered at that time by the Governor.
It was thought by many that the un
fortunate man was insane when con
victed, which has proven to be the
fact since his incarceration. State
Journal.. Iftth.
Tho Sad Pate of vfi'am C. Fain
ter Killed by the Cars
Va). Repuhlican: It is witb feel
ings of sorrow and sympathy that I
endeavor to chronicle the particulars
attending the untimely ami sudden
death of William Painter,by the cars.
Many of your readers were well ac
quainted with deceased, although he
never rcsbJed in our midst. He was
the brother of John T. Fainter, who
served with; such general satisfaction
in the capacity of jailor and Deputy
Shsriir under the late Col. Conover,
and our fellow-citizen J. A. Sanders,
Eeo,. lie was also the brother of
Thomas, who has for several years
been in the employ of our fellow
townsman, M. S. Morris, in the man
ufacture of plows and general black
smith work. lie was also a member
of the Savannah Lodge Xo. 11, I. O.
O. F., and was buried by that frater
nity, the Eclipse Lodge of St. Joseph
The deceased was born Sept. 14,
1815, in Washington county, Ohio.
He came to Missouri in 18G8, and was
engaged as carpenter, on what was
known at that time as the "Missouri
Yalley Railroad," and had been con
stantly in its employ up to the time
of his death, at which time he was
serving in the capacity of superiuten
deal of a section of bridge hands.
lie was a sober and industrious
man, scrupulously hones', and faith
ful, ever guarding the best interests
of his employers, gentlemanly in his
intercourse with, the world, always at
his post of duty, he was loved and
respected by all who knew him, and
especially by theoflicers and employ
ees of the road.
Poor Painter! struck down in the
vigor of manhood at a time when life
was full of joy and happiness: at a
time when associations were pleasant
and friends sincere without a mo
ments warning, at a time and place,
where even his fond wife and loving
child were not permitted to lisp the
name of husband and father, ami
close his eyelids in death: A home
made desolate, a fair haired child an
orphan, an all'ectionate wife a widow;
her blooming hopes withered in the
blossom, her once quiet and peaceful
home shrouded in sorrow. And yet
no one is to be blamed; it was an ac
cident, at least, such would seem to
b.3 the verdict from developments,
made thus far.
'c are indebted to the St. Joseph
Gazette of the 18th in-t., for the fol
lowing fiiets, connected with his
death on Wednesday the 17th inst:
"Mr. Painter had been at work
with his men upon one of the com
pany's structures near- Amazonia
Having completed tho duties of the
dav. Paintej and three other men.got
aboard their hand-ear and started
for St. Joseph. They hud reached a
point about two ami one-half miles
above the Francis street depot, when
they became aware of the fact t hat r.
tram was Hearing them, from the
same direction they had come. Think
ing it was a freight, and consequently
making a slow rate of speed, they
hoped to be able to keep well out of
its way, and with this purpose in
view applied themselves vigorously
to the brakes and put. the hand-car to
its utmost speed. Their efforts how
ever were fruitless and they perceiv
ed shortly that the train was fast run
ning them-down. Then they decided
to stop the car and take it off the
track. Having come to a stamt still
the men attempted to lift the car
from the rails. Capt. Stanbrough, of
St. Joseph, was one of t he party, and
he and Mr. Painter had hold of the
car at opposite corners. They suc
ceeded in raising the car and getting
it half off the track, when Urn ap
proaching train dashed madly down
upon them, striking the hand-car
v.'itli terrible force and knocking the
men to right and left: none of them
however received any injuries except
Mr. Painter, and he was killed in
stantly. It was supposed that his
feet must ha-vc become caught be
tween the wheels of the hand-car and
the rail when the locomotive struck
him. When they picked him up, a
mangled bleeding corpse was all that
was left to remind them of honest
William Painter. There was an ugly
gash just above and behind the felt
ear, and both legs had been cut oil'be
low the knees.5-"
His remains were taken to his home
Hi St. Joseph. His widowetL wife-
sent for, who was on a short visit to
friends near Savannah. Hut tllerc
were others to do kind services and
aU that should have been done was
done. The officers of the road were
especially attentive. Such is the sad
history of P.illy Fainter. His remains
were interred in Mount Mora Ceme
tery, in St. Joseph, on the 19th i:i?iv
attended by a large concourse of pec--ple.
His associates wept over his sad
fate, mingling their grief ani'i sympa
thy with the lew relatives who were,
present at his burial: and when the
sad tidings shall be borne to brothers
and sifters, and his early associates, -they
too, will grieve over the untime
ly and almost irreconcilable loss of
brother and Iricud. May "lie who
tempers the wind to the shorn Iamb"
be their Comforter in this the tiki-k-hoiu
of their aliliction. S.
ItGtter'Proni Rosendalo.
XbvENcvni, 20th, 1875.
En. TtEPUiiMCAN: Thinking per
haps you Avould like to hear from our
town once more, and as our corres
pondent W. is defunct, 1 will drop
you a few lines to let you know that
we are yet alive, and on the improve.
Our town recently has almost gone
over to Savannahites-an.l strangers.
Dr. O.E. Holloway (late of Savan
nah) has bought oil 1 1 r. Brown, and
is doing a good business in his profes
sion. Dr. Drown has gone to the Pa
cific coast for his health.
Tho-lJoham Bros., late of the State
of Oregon, have set up a hrst class
drv goods store and arc doing a good
business. They arc social gentle
men, and are quite an addition to our
The J:anders P.ros.,arc selling druirs
and are doing well.
A. & B. Cobb are also selling dry
goods and doing well; everyone likes
Uncle Benny Cobb.
Messrs. Poston & Crosby are doing
a good business with t heir large flour
milb Mr. Crosby is a nice social gen
tleman; please send us a feu moro
such men from Savannah, if you have
Drs. Mullcnix and Thompson have
formed a co-partnership in the prac
tice of medicine, and occupy their
new office, opposite the Valley House.
Mr. llam'Iton Cookiavorcd n with
an address-on temperance last Thurs
day evening, after which he proceed
ed to organize a Good Templars
Lodge. Some of our best citizens be
came member- He is-to deliver an
o'heriecture on Sunday night in the
church. Mr. Cook, we understand,
is State lecturer, and is a reformed
man. He is a gentleman of good ad
dress, a line speaker, and alive to the
cause of temperance. May success
crown his labors!
Mew it is Settled.
MonttjeaTi, Xov. 22. Ycsterday
the Cures of the lioinan Catholic
churchesof this city announced the
reception of a pastoral letter relative
to the interment of the remains of
Jos. Guibord in consecrated ground.
The pastoral savs:. "We have truly
declared, in virtue of tho Divine
power that we exercise in the name
of Pa-tor of pastors, that the place
where this rebellious son of the
church has been deposited is separa
ted from the rest of the consecrated
ground, to be no longer more than a
profane place, or an ordinary piece of
The truth about the Mississippi
clectio.? wi'.l soon be revealed. Sev
eral of t lie defeated republican can
didates for Congress intend to con
tent the election, and claim to be able
to show such an account of fraud and
rascality a that1 even a Democratic
Congress will be forced to oust the
newly-elected Mississippians.
Govekn'or Hardin has offered a
reward of $800 for the arrest and deliver'.-of
Frank lirown, scute-need to
be hung, who with a lot- of other
prisoner?, recently made his- escape
from the St: Joseph jail. Sheriff
Gates, of Buchanan, also oficrs v re
ward of $500 making SS00.iu.alU.

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