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c 0 TIN T $
F. Id'. TAYIOil, f
Etliiov anti Publisher. S
yo... y N. Q
i''vriirmcnt in fhh col-'-nn, . ?'. crns ;)cr iwt
-r otf i.' 'j, ihdudhi'j the iich'i'mI !i hi!. 1 tnf
trhn xtr"rtitc in thix colli sit c.rf rrlin'.ilc end
'sr.'tt'j.-ard in t':fir rctiwtivf cti.'li'ttix.
T . W. (Ai.DWi:U
, V.'tarv 1'iiMio.
:it:oriiey-at-l:ivr :iml
l'::vs siicchil :iil.-ntiiiii
i --ill.'t injr, co:Je:incii!;
nil investr-'atine;
CI T. HItVA.N. attorney at law, will u.i:ico
7". hi all ',. courts of" Xorllnvest J!i-iiri.
ei.:l al''iituM arivvii tolnsine.ss in tin- eour.ty
jiroliule court.". Oltlco over 1'ai iiuis'
V V counsellor at law. l'ariicni-ir attention
s ;o collections. uffiiN' on the south .-cte
: ti s.e.i.;re, in nr Tst:k IIiiiIliHur-
rMf.V :. MAJORS, iittoraey-at-law. Will
r3 tr.r :(: a'.l l:-hiv cnr.i'Mol to him
' i :i!iy :i!il carefully. Can be !tinl at his
, .1-. . uj -.tai-v. two doors e:isi oltlie 1'ost !
, -.n.;nil;llt. Mo. -I
f A. WIII'IT VKEtt, attorney at !:hv :;iil
V.' (Ji nvnil Clumt Asicnt. Savannah, Mo. sol-
i-i-tlm-a..:i!.-t the Government for laml
.-., r.ttiis, !n-k t:y simi lui.y. widows' a !!
n :'l j-'nins:initari Ji-'Mi culli-etions atte:i!e(l
nu ri-it ran- ami jirominess. Alr-o, for
tout Iiim' a.iri ai for the Atihi.-on, Top-ka.
V-vi.UiVe I.'ai'ro.il " mip:: t;y . AT. inouirics
; ! ..inj-ity ::nWercl. Mi- will tti-Uct j.ariic" to all
I own-. .- n tin- ro v. ('-''lonhini. 1:J
MSfBj,-Hofrj.ix-mmcrjvtsjuaniTTWfyisn.rB staff utt jhi v iwuua
pi!A!lAM)'!',"niKIi. Music, iirrairircd
i tiiopli-i". A'.--', original jiiecea furiiiJicii
.' i .-v:. . Terni" te-l.i-iorv. .VJ
TT '' MIKPI'K'K, K:ii,!l- l.akcry, eonfec
3 . li.iuery anil resiuu'iint, west suleot tin'
t-, .u. l'ariii- liirni-ti ! on short notice. -J
FV;. ti. II. lAV;M'ii:T liaviti!; locate.! in
t.ii'.t .-'li.fii-i orMiauiiati anil vicinity. llift !
. .i i-i--ileiice ia Main suvet, one iilock east ol
the -;ll:lV. I
A Tl'.'.'x F. V riv- -siiiiolies our i"ti.fiis
A i JL v itiitri ii.!s im i moriiiti .V -m 1 1 -
O.i). 1 . "-.ivafiitili LniL'i'. d.
14. .lvanl.:llt, ?!.. nu ; !s ewrv
.vgrrr!;A kvi;ni(;, :;t o.iii
' !'i !l nv Hall, ,ii-irthi'ust corner
I i'nltlic .s)iii:iv. All liiuulier.-j oftlie orilcr
i L'.il t.i!iliiiir, ;-sitin lliecity, aro conhally
1 sinet ith Ms.
.1. C. IIOXXOLI), X. G.
T. V.irvAV, Soc'v. -Jf)'?
?"ASOXl-. ivani.alt Loii,z . Xo. 71 ,
'lTlA. !'. .'c A. AI., j:t ,-1-s ;u--t amllhir.
) .-itn-i!:iy 'i! :!!! inoiilli.al 7 o'-l.ek .111
I .111.
1 -sr
Ml lir"thi'!'-in jrooil stanUni? are lVater-
uv:;-!i ;o visit us.
!:. yi. DANFOIM), W. M.
v...I.iv. . v.
s -Ti:.N i"lf. XKi.tN liOlKiiC, X.:.Vi,A
rV V A. 31., mt'tMs iir-l ;;turiay ii
(?-''.m'!i at lo a. i. All lrotJi-,:s ii
i n
-iMlrtlanoin .ire iVatt rnaiiv invio-i to
. i i- .. ..' ill V 1.. I AX IOX, W. AI.
J". I M-K!:o-. -ee'v.
Dvnlrr if ni. ! 1,: luifaclurcr of
And Metallic COFFINS,
AV Shir 1 he Square, '-(ivaiaiah,
(In liic thn e-.-ioi V l.n k.)
V onliaiK'.. 1 ::!-.!; pc'ii"t:i!'tl on lrmil a
'(Uaiili: v ii !iici.. 1 i!aiil !' lumber to
',. 'K any artirl,- t lurniliuv : ;id. (,iivein
,'!. I can not In- uiiilei.-olil liy anyilealei
.. f t!i .Mi i-i ij-l'i.
, y'i 11 c.i:i i'hvav-- .-onie one 1-e (omul day
! 1 n;tit at iny W rr;i!i-nci', ready to eel! cot
1 ''''! (S011. to all wno call.
J. I. hooper. Tlioiuns Oivcnlcp.
Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines,
Puinis, Oils,
Glass, Djjo-Sluffs,
School Books,
Miscellancou s'Boolcs
Blank Books,
'mix PAPE8,
Dividing Pa pei',
Picture Frames,
Mirrors 3 Mouldings,
Window Shades,
Pocket Knives,
Shoulder Braces,
Trusses, Lamps,
Toilet Articles, Notions. $c.
In Jlrick Drug Stove, (laicly occupied by
f!. II, Dnbbhisjsouih side of the public
-ipi.tiv. ,S;i van mill. Mo.
Auril lu" 1S75 (iiu.
Notice of Guardian's Sale
of Ileal Estate-
vtotick is iIkukisy (;ivi:x that r.v
Li virtue and au:leo-it of an order of the l'ro
1,:.tel ourf oi the (. oue.ty of Andrew, in the Stal
ol ilisouri, ir.ndf at tlle S-)'teinlier afljourned
term 1S7.", tlieirof to-wit: Xovi inher IA1I1, l.s7.",
I, .lo-lma ISoiifl, (iunnlian of Uie oer-011 and es
tate of r-ariilt'lriicx. a er.-on of un-.iunil mind,
will on
UAL'Y, 1$C),
lictwecr. the hour.-, o 1 eifirht o'clock in the fore
noon and six o'clock m the afteruo-ni of that
day, at. 1 lie (Joint ll'U:e. in the t ity of Savannah
in .-aii'. i.oimty. and during the .-esiion of the
I'rol).- fi ;oitrt of .-aid ( ouoiy of Andrew, sell at
public, auction, all the rilit", lirle and interest,
of the t-:i!il Sarah Tniex. in anl totlie h'eal Ivs
lale hereinatter de-eril d. !h..l to say. the u
divideil oin-sc'cnth part id 'h lollox"inc di.-.-cribed
lteal Estate -''.u.iU' in the Omitv of An
drew and Mate of Mis. oari to-wi;:
Tlie KaM liall of the X.o thw. st quarter, and
tile Southwest ijifa-;er of the Noi-thwest nuarlt r
of Sfction twenty-i, :n Town.--iiip !ifty-nii-,e
aiid i;.-:s-li'iriv i, and par! of lot lour, (i,)
of fractional ction t w..nty-.ven, in TiVn.-hiji
titty-nine, of 1,'anze thirt i ; iiomidel a.- fol
lows: liciiinninj; at the Noitiie.ist corner of said
lot number lour, (,) and luimii.u" thence
forty rinN; tueiiee ii'-avly out!iwest alonr a
diie.'i itv-i-ve rod" to the Nodaway !oiis;h,
ilie-ice duwn the Slouch se eSity-nii.e "rod" to the
Sn"!hea"t corner of ."aid lot: tlience "oith one
liundreil rod" to the j-.l.ice ot hc;inu!)!r; all of
wblelt is to be sold subject to til dower of .Mary
Tniex therein: and term-, to he lii:iie."t bidi'.er
lor one-lnlf oftlieseiliti liricc. Msh 1.1 haiid.
and o'.it-bal!" in twelve mouth, and the dei'ern d
paynii-ut to be -eeured by mort-'ac, ana the
note tin refor to bear ten per ivtu . interest ier
annum trom dale of sauu until paid: for the
p:ino-is in siiid order mm! ioi.ed.
lo-lll A 1:)X1, rtiarJian.
1'ec. 10, '7." no." id".
Stray Notice.
Taken ii) by James .Meek, living in
Empire Tov:i.-!up, in Andrew County,
Missouri, on JJthday nl Xo ember, A.
D. 1ST."), One -leer, three yours old, red.
v.'ith v.'hite s)ots, star in the forehead,
marked with slit in the riiritL ear. no
oilier marks or brands. Appraised at
twenty dollars, by James Woodrum
and David Mnnhim. A true eo)y from
111V Strav Book.
J. XV. riEilCE. J. r.
For iaiiiiire Township.
Dee. 10, l.-i7.") -noi vvi?.
Stray Notice.
STATE of ai iss ):, ?
Coi xtv or Axi:i:w,
Taken ti) by William Fatton, living,
in 'unpire Town.-hij, in Andrew Coun
ty, on the r-Utluhry of Xovcmljer, IbTo,-as-
a jsiruv. one reddish brindle t,eow,
about eight or 9 year? old, white on the
belly and a little whito on the top ot
hips, .marked with a crop ll of the l ight
ar and wal!ow fork and under bit in
the left, no other marks or brands per
ceivable, appraised at "0vent i M and fif
ty cents, by Villiant Floyd and Y iiey
Logan, and sworn lo before mo for that
purno-e, this 201 h dav oi Nov. 1S70.
ViCEXT VlLSo:, J. F.
Dec. 10, 1K7.) nos w-i.
About Steel Pens.
l'i w eroii " donbtle. an- aware "f the fact
that iiie original iiu eiilor of steel i'eiis is still
living, sir .lo-iah Mason, now the grout pen
manufactiiri r of i"irmiugiium, JC-.ivl.uH, enjos
that distinctioii. lie is mw very old, lu-ii,g
about eighty. It is in to - great t.ictury that sev
era of tne ino-t ii.iiuil.ir ot the wiilelv famed
! Speueeriyn Uouble KhtstiSli el 1 'cits ure made,
the models hciog supplied by tiie proprit tor of
the ji"i, AIe"Si-;s. Ivion, T'lakeman, Taylor
Co., the Kdueational I'ublishers of Xew York.
TheSjn nci-vian 1'i-r.s have attained their great
popularity lro:rt u variety of reasons, all of
j which will b.- .inpari-ut to any one who may try
them. ( M one number alone more than six mil
lions were "old last year. We u--e them in our
j ofii::e, and are so v.;eli pleaml with them that
we have no hesitation in saying that they are,
i:i our opinion, superior to any oilier article of
the kind with w hich v.e areac'iuainted. Their
chief cii:iracteristics seems to be ilexibiliiy .elas
ticity, durability and evenness of point, and a
nearer ajiproximalion to the. real quill action
than has bet n heretofore attained in a sb-el jien.
The SjH-iN-crhni areeoinprised in fifteen num
bers, all liiiVering in flexibility and fineness of
point, and Ibrtheeonu-nr'nee of those who wish
to try them, Messr-!. Iison, j:lakeman, 'I'aytor
Sl'n., l:;sand 110 (;rand street, New fork, will
3eud by mail a "ample card, -crurely eliclo-ed,
coiitainingoiii each ot :he diilei'ent numbers, on
receijit of Twenty-live cent.
Sometime last .summer a number of
cattle belonging to some of cur farm
er? in this vicinity and in the .Missou
ri Dottom were driven from the
range in the eastern portion of the
county and all efforts to find them
proved unavailitig llccently, how
ever, the parties got. a clue to the
cattle. Lt was ascertained that, some
cttttle aiFwerinr. the right descrip
tion were recently taken up, and pos
ted, in Montgomery- county. Iowa.
Duncan McDonald and Ilarman
Cooper visited that section week before-last
and succeeded in identify
ing atul recoving their lost caMtle.and
recognized in others the property of
JameaOr: Templeton, and others.
"Whether the cattle wore stolen or
wcrcsiWfily run off the range, is still
a mystery, but it- is more than likely
that whoever bad a band in it intend
ed that the owners should never, sec
them again. Kockport Journal.
For the Ki'publican.
Tlie Savannali Tragedy.
Alas, savannali in sackcloth mantled be.
And 1 t th j skirts b" draptd with cypress tree;
Let myrtle :.nd the liower fronroraiip- bower,
Dnp al thy feet in Ibis thy trying Irour;
Awake! oh lyre and let a diire be.-'iig.
And ib ejie.it note from throat of hell be rung.
Two heroes nut last wei 1- in dendly .strife,
With passions roused aiitlicu to take a life;
From e:ie to other tauutine; words were given
As fast as hail by jierc;st storm driven,
Like blackened clouds which hang on mountain
So leep revenge did heave each swelling breast,
As .Etna's lurid Ilium- shoots ro the sky.
So Hashed th- lire from each vindictive eye.
'Tis .said when Orei !: Meets Greek then comes
the tug of war;
Whc2vK.- i.'teets law the Greek is under par.
Grand tableau! '. lit to beeiiuraved on atone,
Ili-boId two kniuiit-, betuci n them lien a bone,
iloth -ei m afraid to move their eyes, or atooji.
To sieZe the bolle laeh Wanted I'orhis sotiji;
At last the younger spoke with luughiy mien:
'"foil migiii a- Wi 11 the Ilengal tiger tarn ,
Orlrie the v. ild hoar from his native home,
A" f to kci n me from 1 Ii i- marrow hone,
I'll hae it in thepi.t by morning sun
Or through my einsthe blood will cease to run.
The elder was about to gV'. hi" mind,
V.'hen all at once die marshal step!ed behind
And loudly cried, away, i ach to your home,
l'.i have your.sele.s and 1 will take the bone.
Your wayward acts do b -t become the sinner,
To save -h-jiute I'll Uso it for iy dinner-,
Tims closed tile scene, on souj. did neither dine,
Ins:ea! tin n of. I .ur dollaii worth of line.
Probate Docket, December Term
Monday, i)i:ci:.miji:i: L'Otii, 1S7o.
A !v Martin, CI and C Jacob J Dean,
a minor.
E dishing, Administrator MarvCush
ing. Jj F Franklin, AdmrN il-Simpson.
Impcy & O'Fsnie, Evecitors Michael
Henry Lebo, G and C J I1' Agee, a
Denj F Dowman, G- and C heirs of D
F Fowman.
Sam'l V Combest, Administrator Ed
ward Xugent.
Tur.s,DA v, i)i-:cKMni-:ij.21srr, 1S77).
.James IL Holme, (I and 0, heirs oi II
A J Harlan, (I and C, heirs of John
John Zimmerman, G and C, heirs of J
w oiurner.
T M liarnct, G and C, heirs ol Jas II
M. Scudder, G and C, heirs of W II D
Kufus MeMaekins, Executor John E
Daniel A Few, Administrator Denja
min F. Few.
M E Conovcr, Admr, RConovor.
.! Carmk-hael, Admr, A V.'right.
".VKDxr.sDAY, Dr.cminr.n 22nd, 1iS7o.
A G Fowell, Admr. M Fowell.
J XV Tansell, Admr. II TanstdL
Joel 2soa.se, Admr, Sam'l Neasa.
I' J Iloherts Admr, A F Koberts-.
Jiphriam Myers, Admr, J D Clarke. '
J W Delton, G and C, heirs William
Vibcent Wilson,. G and C, heirs of A
D yaunders.
'm Towusend, G and C, heirs of li
T Wii.-on.
tii; i:5i.iay, dkcemijki: 23kd, l.'57.:.
XV D Alien, ii and 0, heirs ot 11 M
lane T Vancicave. G and C, heirs li
G Vuneleave.
Stephen Dav?s. 0 und C, heirs of Dan
iel Vesttil. -
Elizabeth D.5vis, G and C, heirs of R
J Davis.
J L Jackson, G and C, heirs of J M
.' L Dennett, G and C, heirs of Thos
A.Lykins, G and C, heirs of Norman
S lUixtoi:.
J L BeiMielt, Admr, A Bowman.
M J Miller, Admr, A D Miller,
vuiu.vv, di:ci:.mi;i:i: 21tii, 187o.
Josotih iMoschbcrger, (J and C, Jacob
Schneider, insane.
Alfred Cox, G and C, heirs of G W
11 B-Watson. Admr, E McAgee.
rp i. ... 4.'.t.K t.
v iir iias uno u tue nicest
lines of Overcoats on hand
vet of. anv other house, at the
South Side Clothing Empor- j
iiini. noStf-
Empire Items,
From an Empire correspondent,
iast week, we glean a few items :
. A team belonging to Mr. "Williain
Colville, and driven by his son, ran
away, throwing the lad against a corn
crib .and injuring him pretty badly,
lie is improving.
The public, school opened on Mon
day last, and is taught by Miss Clark
of Flagir .Springs. Kather late for
opening school; coming down to the
democrat!:; st andnrd.
F. M. Doyles has traded farm? with
a man three miles below Eorhester.
.b'rera Our Sttite Exchanges.
Wednesday night, about 12 o'clock,
says the Brunswick Xews, a party of
armed men. with faces blackened, ap
proached (he county jail at Eeyios
ville, and demanded that Sinallwood
Starks be delivered over to them.
St arks is the negro who i.s under in
dictment for the murder of Jvincaid
last summer, ami who, at the present
term oft he Circuit Court, secured a
change of venue to Linn county. Sher
iff Owens answered the mob that he
would not give the prisoner up, .and
that be would shoot, the lir.-t man
that attempted to get into the jail.
The Sheri'V's determined attitude
awed the crowd, ami after a long
parley Ei;'y .dispersed without carry
ing out their object which was evi
dentlv to take Starks and lynch him.
This is a case which does not call for
the interference of moblow. Wheth
er or not there wu provocation for
the crime with which stark charg
ed, bis beitur a negro .should r.ot ile
bar him of the ri"ht of a trial. lie
.should be allowed a fair trial and re
ceive such punishment and in such
manner as t ho lav directs. Sheriff
Owens deserves credit for his heroic
stand in defence of law and order.aml
all good citizen-" .and justice-loving
men will stand bv him.
Tho L-afayettc County Debt.
The financial a Hairs of Lafayette
count j" have reached the crisis in
Tvhich something must be clone, and
the ta-pyerV .MMivention was to
have met in Lexington Monday, to
determine what it n oidd be. The
intelligi acer says thtre an. three
choices before the peopIe.fir"t, to levy
taxes and pay the- whole debt, sc-ond
to offer aeompromi-e :.t a stated iiir
ure to the bond-holders; third tc at
iemnt reimdiution and take thecHt'.n-
ees. The lifst, H says, i lie people'
cannot uliord to do: Hie Hard they,
ought uot lo do: therefore, they!
must fall back on the .second. It pro
poses ti compromise at G.'icent on the
dollar for the old li per cent, bonds,
and 7o cents for the old it) per cent,
bonds all the new bonds to bear 0
per cent. interest.
Bees This Year.
The boos in this part of the country
did well this year. If it were not for
their known reliability we would
feel inclined. Jo say that the reports
of some of our "regular bee men""
sound some "lisby."' Our citizens. I.
L. Soav. Joe Huffman, Hawlev Prin-
dle and'W. W. Moo;''-- of Avalon, ail
bc-c men. report h.rgo yields. Dr.
Greene got about a thou.-aml pounds
ironi nine old ami p: new eolomes ot ;
Ita.lian-s.and thought he did well. But !
E. M. MeMa-tov of Shelby eounfy.got j
-l.:ttiO pounds ft om eighteen old audi
eighteen new colonies. To keep in I
i , i ..... i.. .. I.
tile, nest oi iock in. x.ireene uas
since bouirht !:veiueen from McMa
ter. Mr. Frindle and E. D. Waple
have also procured a (pie-n each from
these wonderful beoc. The bee men
use macitim-ry to extract, the honey
from the comb-and then return the
combs to the bees unbroken to be re- ;
tilled again. They ay that if theyj
were to keep but a single eoksiy they
woi'bl .still keep a honey emptying i
machine to use on it. Honey taken I
out. that way is absolutely clean and
perfectly pure. Chillicoiho Tribune, j
Practical Christianity. !
It will bo remembered that, about i
three months ago John Xoellscli, ai
farmer rcMdimr three miles south oft
Oregon, had his leg broken. As the j
broken limb is mending very slowly
and as he has uot been abie to tend to .
the work on' his farm the neighbors
and frier.ds kindly volunteered to do J
it for him. On the isth instant the
neighbors, friends and acquaintances
met. witii their teams for a grand corn i
gatherii-ir. the corntield being situa
ted upwards of three miles from Mr.
Noellsch's residence. Twenty-five
wagons repaired to the field .and in a
short time 11 loads were gathered and
hauled lo the crib. Helping the un
fortunate in the hour of need is what
we call practical christianit v. Senti
nel. 2d.
From Canada.
St. Thomas, Oxt., Dec. 4, '75.
Editor Kepuhmoax: Some two
months are past since 1 wrot e.du ring
which time your valuable paper has
come and been received with joy. We
have had an open fall with good
weather for threshing, plowing.husk
ing, &e. But on Mxmday last it froze
up solid, and now Ave arc enjoying
winter, although to-day it is quite
soft.' Times are improving, pork,
beef, fruit and vegetables, arc in
market plenty and cheap. Duttcr is
pretty high, 2f cents pci'ponnd,while
cheese is 12 to 15 cents. The excur
sions and picnics of summer, have
given away for tea-meetings, festi
vals and donation purtes. Also sing
ino; schools are now organizing. We
have- three under way, and two more
in prospect. The Province ot" Onta
rio, Dominion of Canada, is improv
ing Jinelv in population, wealth amL
publie Avorks; also in religion and ed
cation. Toronto has o'.:c of the best
Normal Schools, for theedueation.
and. training of teachers, there is in
x'vmerica; and hundreds arc being
turned oil' every year. Canada is
also very friendly to her neighbor,
the United States. Official reports
state that o5.0io persons went, over
on the other side and served -in the U.
S. army during the lato war. Most
of tiie religious papers and the best
of the political, are very friendly. So
farewell, more soo?.
W.m. E. CHUTE.
Mr. Morton, on Wednesday last, in
the Senate, submitted a joint rcolu--tion
to amend the Constitution of the
Unitcd'Statcs so as to elect the Pres--ulent
and. Vice President bv a direct
vote of the people and to abolish the
electoral college. Ordered printed
and referred to the committee on
Privileges anil'Eieetio'.is.
Nov York State.
Proideni Anderson, of Uochesfcr.
-aid at the late Baptist; Convention:
-Xew York is the lina:r.?-"il centre ot"
the eounlrv. and in the near future
will be the" financial centre of tho
world. It furni-bes. toa vjry large
extent, the moan- by which our ben
evolent operations are carried on. It
contains the military client of our ar
mv. and must be carofullv guarded
a'iain.st all assaults. The great ques
tions of tho ago are being settled in
New York. For example: the ques
tion of Woman ver-us the Common
Schools: the oup:tion of Socialism:
the que.-lion of Pauperism. In the
State of Michiuan were obO.OOD people
born in New York, ami 2u0.d0() oth
ers in the State of Ilimo'JOur State
was thus being depleted of our very
best citizens, while their place was
tilled bv those who had got into the
count rv throuuh Castle" Garden, or
sifted down through our northern
frontier. The la-t. source of detri
ment to our institution's had never
been adequately estimated. English
laws favored the extradition of pau
pers to -the colonies," and "the colo
nies" mount, in too many cases, the
United States. Of the Castle Garden
emigrants, the be-t go west: the
worst settle down into the sUm- of
New York ami rot th.n-e. The quo
lions suirirosted by thi:' tact can only
be settled by the roliiriou-- public.
Political economy is inadequate to
deal with them. "Satan can only be
fought by the gospel. The effects of
sin can only be overcome by t ho di-vinolv-appoint
od remedy.
-In the now States, when any wan
fed to build a church, or endow a co!
ioiiv. fhey came to New York. They
came back, like young shad, to the
place where they were- hatched. But.
by this system, the benevolent and
nuucatioiial intere-ts of Now York
herself were imnoverisbed
WiiEAT-YrEr.ns xx Wi.sroxsix.
A correspondent in Outturamie coun
ty ha as(ertained from the thrashers
that in that countv the varieties ot
wheal, have vielde'd at ihe rates sta
ted: DriM "wheat. :U bushels per
acre: Fuitz and "Russian wheat,"'
(hit el v imported from Km-sia by a
miller at the village of Neenah) eacii
'33 bushels. The latter is a white
wheat, sard to bo equal to the Fultz
in standing the winter, and therefore
t bouirht to be preferable. The varie- -tv
ofspring- wheat producing the lar-
g'est vield was the Canada Club :o
bushels per acre. Our correspondent
states that, owing to the large yield -of
winter whoat. a large acreage will
be sown this fail. Dept. of Ag. R?--n.ort

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