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Content with Her Lot.
Pntlng shn sat, ami slttini; the sowcil,
All lier life Inn,
I Hlillo others ilimcilnmlwnllpil nml rivlp,
1 Atut Jotnpil In merrv soul?.
TM ns her rule, lor slic win lamp,
KarlyorlMu, 'man all thoenmp,
llitt no repining nt her jut
ns lic-tnl Itliln the little rot.
A ilaiil, upon tlip wlinlow.sll!,
llloomp'l with .loners of richest .1 p.
Sho rnlif . It iliielli gooil ulillo etttltiK tllil.
Ami eft may 1."
hutt tnipolU HcrnUt,
Atl nittorlrnl Itnninlirr.
" Olvo me it tow peniiliis, iiiiulniii,"
said it (Jyiy woman to a lianclsomo
matron who was lt-wling a ll'-jeiir-olil
boy, of ery picjioiMc-.-iIng iippuarjiici!,
Uy tlio hirlil, iu tho Miuimcr of 1710,
near Hitlft, In Prussia; "givo mo a few
pennies ami I will lull you joitrownand
your son's fortune."
'l'hu matron was tliu wlfo of tho Kev.
Dr. StruunsL'c, an riiiinuiit clergyman of
Halle, and the boy was Ms second son,
.lolin l'lederick Stnitmacu.
Mine. Mruenseo was it (Joil-fciiriiifr
woman, and nt llrt bluili tlio oiler of
tho Oyp'y womau to toll her lier fortune
almost shocked her; but then womanly
curiosity got the bettor of her, and so
she gave tho woi'nanagroschcn and told
her to rooal the futmu to her.
The (iypsy woman took her hand, and,
after looking at tlio palm, said :
" Yonf Hie will be to tho last an un
milled one. You will die blessed by a
loving: huiband and all'ectionato eliil
dren." "(iood! (iood!" celainied the cler
gyman's wile. "And now tell mo my
son's fortune."
Tho soothsayer -ruml several minutes
at tho palm of the handsome, golden
haired boy As "ho w.n iltjinir so her
face usMtmed a number cxprussjoii At
last sho shook her head gloomily, and
Htiid :
" Poor mother, do not ink me to re
veal to you what I read in your boy's
" Is it, then, so terrible?" oscl.ilmed
Mine. Struensec, turning verv pale.
" 1'or heaven's ake, tell me what it is!
Do not torment mo byfinlher delay!"
"It is your will," said the (iypsy
woman, "anil so I will tell you. Your
son, mauani, will become great and
illustrious. He will slam) near a roval
throne. A queen's smile will brfghten
his Jife-palli. lint then " She
stopped short.
" I!ut then?" asked Mine. Struensee,
in almost breathless suspense.
"Then," replied the .soothsayer .sol
emnly, "ho will ascend a scaffold, mid
his head will fall under tho execution
er's ax!"
Tho mother uttered a sharp cry of
pain. Then she turned savagely upon
tho (lypsy woman and cried :
"liegonc, vilo impostor! I was fool
ish to listen to your nonsense. Ilegone,
I say, or I shall call a 1indrcilor and
have you locked up."
"Indeed you will not," said tho
soothsayer calmly. "Ihavo told you
tho tl nth, and if you live you will mourn
over his terrible fall!" So saying, hu
tin ned an ay.
Madame Strucneo returned with a
heavj heart to her husband's home.
A few years later Dr. Struenco re
fived a call to the principal Lutheran
Church at Altona, then one of the lar
gest cities in the kingdom of Denmark.
His sou had, meanwhile, displayed in
tellectual faculties of the highest order.
After it brilliant courso in college, he
studied medicine at the Universities of
(ioettingen, Kiel and i'.tris, and in 17.18,
when btitlittleovertwentyycarsof age,
ho became a practitioner of medicine.
In that e.tpadty lie was wonderfully
successful. Hn skill as a physician be
came proverbial, and ids commanding
appearance and rare conversational
powers added greatly to his popularity.
In ITlili, King Clnistian the Seventh
of Denmark made his entry into Altona
witli his bride, tho charming (Jueen
-itroliiui Matilda, an KuglWIi princess.
Tho King, owing to youthful excesses,
was in feeble health. Tlio lltirgoinater
of Altona, upon hearing his sovereign
complain about his ailments, said to
" Your Majesty, wo have in our
midst an eminent physician, Dr. John
Frederick Struonice. Young as lie still
is, ho lias already performed many al
most miraculous euros. If your Majes
ty should place yourself under his treat
ment, there is uvery prospect of your
recovery, than which nothing could bo
moro itgrceablo to your loyal subjects."
After a consultation witli his wife, tho
King of Denmark sent for Dr. Strucn
sco. Tho latter put many questions to
tlio King concerning his health, and
then said:
" Your Majesty can bo cured provided
you will keep your mind at caso."
"Alas I" exclaimed tho King, with a
profound sigh, " that is easiersald than
dono. A king is often only a miserable-
creature, tho royal castlo at Copcn
hagen is nut an abode of happiness,
You have doubtless heard about the In
trigues of tho warring cliques there. 1
have vainly tried to put an cud to t hem.
I tremble in thinking of my return
" Siro," said Dr. Struensee, almost
solemnly, "youowoit to your people
to save yourself from an early death,
which I SCO written In your faco if you
should continue worrying as you have
hitherto dono."
Tho King then urged him to becomo
his physician.
"Olvo mo a few weeks' tlmo in mako
up my mind," roplied Dr. Strnonsoj.
"If I accept your oiler 1 shall go to
Copenhagon, and personally tell you
Tho King nud Queen returned to Co
penhBgen. Hut thero, Mho had cor
rcctly foreseen, fresh domcstlo troubles
awaited him. During tho latter years
oi ins iiiuior't) reign, his stcii-mot her.
Queen Juliana, had boen tho ruler of
tho kingdom to all intents and pur
poses. Juliana was an ambitious, un
scrupulous woman. Sho was suonorted
by her mother-in-law, nnd by tho Prime
Minister Hoick, an unmltfgatod villain,
who, as subsequent events showed.
shrank from uo atrocity to nltain his
When Queen Juliana's husband died,
he thought that her step-son, tho young
King Christian tho Seventh, enfeebled
as ho-was by disease, .would becomo a
pliable tool iu her hands. At first such
really proved to bo tho case ; hut when
King Christian married tho Kngllsh
Princess Caroline Matilda, Juliana, her
mother-in-law nnd Prime Minister Hoick
began to tremble for tho contlnuancoof
their lnlluenco upon tho destinies of tho
Tlio young Queen manifested an evi
dent disposition to cmanclpato her hus
band from tho degrading tutclago In
which ho was kept by his intriguing
step-mother, anil on more than ono oc
casion sho induced him to thwart tho
purposes of tho Queen-dowager and of
tho Prime Minister.
Shortly nftur her return from Altona,
Queen Caroline Matilda gavo birth to a
son, which tilled her husband with un
bounded joy.
Fearing tli.it this nvent would still
further strengthen tho lnlluenco of tlio
Queen, Juliana and Hoick concocted an
Infamous Intrigue against her. They
bribed a young olllcerof tlio Queen's
household (Huron Moltkclis) to confess,
under tltu threats of a sham Inquisitor,
that ho had Illicit intercourse with lier
Majesty, and that he, and not King
Christian, y.is tho father of Caroline
Matilda's child.
This story, which was false from be
ginning to end, was brought to the
King's knowledge with such diabolical
Ingenuity that ho belieted it to lie true,
and at first lie was so exasperated that
he intended to throttle, tho Queen with
Ids own hands. Hut Caroline Matilda
protested her innocence with a very
semblance of sincerity so strongly that
his belief iu lier guilt was shaken, and
he left her unharmed, although ho
thenceforward treated her with tho most
galling coldness.
Ilaron Moltkens was sent to a foi tress,
hut kept thero nominally only as a pris
oner, tho Queen-dowager having hypo
critically told her step-son that it would
bo best to cover up tho royal .scandal as
much as possible.
Shortly afterwards Dr. Struensee iir
lived iu Copenhagen. IIo had made up
his mind to accept tho King's order,and
became ills physician. He found Chris
tian tlio Seventh a prey lothogioiiiulc.t
feelings. The King, who had liked the
young physician from the start, unbos
omed himself to him fully, lie even
told hint all about the Queen's alleged
t J ii tho following day an event occur
red, which proved the turning-point In
Struunscc's career.
Tho sinall-pox was raging viuleutly
in parts of Copenhagen. It even forced
its way into tlio interior of tlio ruyal
castle, and on tho above mentioned day
It attacked the King's infant son. Dr.
Struensee saved the young Prince's life,
and thereby made both the King aud
Queen his devoted friends. The King
appointed him as private secretary,
with it large salary.
The Queen thanked him with stream
ing eyes for the preservation of her
son's life, and in t lint hour of boundless
gratitude she went so far as to pfotcat
her innocence iu regard to the above
lnnntioueJ charges to him.
Struenseu generously offered to bring
about it full reconciliation between her
and her royal husband.
"Tlin King will believe nothing on
that subject except a retraction of the
diabolical falsehood by Karon Molt
kens." Slruensco assured her that ho would
leave no stone unturned in order to ob
tain such a retraction. He went iu dis
guise to the fortress, whero Moltkens
was kept as a nominal prisoner. Molt
kens said haughtily to liiiii:
" Who are you?"
"I am a fi lend of truth nnd the dead
ly enemy of liars!"
"What is that to mo?"
" You are the most infamous liar on
"Sirrah, I will make you oat your
Tliu two clinched, but Struensee,
who was a very powerful man, easily
.succceitcil in throwing his iiilvorsarv.
Then, setting Ids knees on the fellow's
breast, ho hissed out:
"Now, Huron Moltkens, I shall slow
ly strangle you to death unless you con
fess that your story about tliu Queen's
illicit intercourse with jouwas a wicked
Tlio cowardly slanderer was already
turning black in tho face. He replied,
in a gurgling tone :
"1 will confess all!"
" So tho Queen is pure?"
" I know nothing to tlio contrary."
" Who caused you to tell it IIo?"
"The Queen-dowager did."
" What bribe did she givo you?"
"Sho gave ine lifty thousand rix dol
lars." " Will you swear to this?"
" Yes, if I don't endanger my llfo by
so doing,"
" No, you shall have time to leave
Tho document was drawn up and
sworn to before the astonished (iov
crnor of tho fortress. Ho wanted to
detain Moltkens, but Struensee showed
him his commission as private secre
tary of his Majcs', and so Moltkens
was allowed to depart.
I'pon laying tho sworn retraction of
tlio libel before tho King, Struenseu
urged tho latter strongly to banish 111
stepmother from Copenhagen, and ti
ueg tliu (juren'H pardon for lr v ng un
justly suspected her.
The King did both. Juliana had to
loavo tho capital, and tho harmony pre
vailing between the King and his wlfo
waH greater than over. Ho showed his
gratitude toward Strticnsco by confer
ring the title of Count upon him, and
by appointing him reader to tlio Queen.
Henceforth Strnensco nnd Caro-
lino Matilda wore a great dealtogother.
That thoy becamo warmly attached to
oacn omer admits of no doubt; but
thero Is no evidence whatever that thero
was any thing improper in tholr rela
tions. Hut Struenseo's nnd Matilda's ono-
mles Insidiously circulated this report;
and when tho Klnc In 1770, became in
sano, they assorted that Struonsco had
intentionally poisoned him In order to
bo bettor able to gratify his guilty paj
sion, and to attain his ambitious ob
Jccts. 'Caroline Matilda, having becomo re
gent of tho kingdom, appointed Count
Struensee I'rimo Minister.
He endeavored to lutroduco numerous
reforms In tho administration of the
state. Most of thorn wero decidodly en
lightened, but he pursued an arbitrary
and oven despotic course iu trying to
carry them Into oxccutlon.
This greatly Increased the number of
his enemies, a conspiracy was organized
against him, and on tho 19th of Janu
ary, 1771', ho was dragged from his bed
by a band of young noblemen hired for
that purpose by tho Qucen-dowagcr
and Hoick. At tho samo tlmo Queen
Caroline Matilda was placed under ar
rest. Stmonseo was taken beforo a military
commission composed exclusively of
his enemies, and charged with being
tlio paramour of tho Queen, 'and with
liming striven to becomo King of Den
mark. To the imprisoned Queen the assur
ances wore made that Slruensco had
confessed his guilty relations with her,
and that sho could only save his head
by stating in writing that ho had been
her lover. Then they would bo nlluw
cd to depart unharmed from Copen
hagen. A paper drawn up to that effect was
laid beforo the unfortunate Queen.
She was sealed iu front of it largo
mirror as sho examined the protcntous
Holding it pen in her hand, sho said
to Hoick, who was standing behind
" Will Struenseo's life surely be
spared if I sign this document?"
"Assuredly, vour Majesty," said
She raised her pen, but nt the samo
moment she looked into the mirror, re
llectcd in which she beheld tliu face of
Hoick lighted up with a smile of dia
bolical triumph.
Tills frightened her so that sho faint
ed away. Hoick sei.cd her hand, nnd
made the unconscious Queen sign the
When sho ro-awoko to consciousness
sho fomid herself In the cabin of a Dan
ish man-of-war bound for l.ubeck.
On the following day Struensee was
publicly beheaded. Juliana and Hoick
did not survive their triumph long.
The former died a month later of small-
pov, and a few days afterward Hoh'k 1
was mysteriously assassinated at Ko-
The unfortunate Queen lived thence
forth iu strict retirement at Cello, in
Hanover, where she died in 177.1.
.ow-Down IAtc In Kgypt.
for tho scene of "do baptism'." After
The sheik of tills particular village leaving the town, our course lay along
was well dressed, In Oriental fashion, a country road which we found almost
had a hou-e of many rooms, and even blocked up by foot passengers, by men
glass windows. He gavo me sherbet on horses, and by vehicles of every do
and codec, and then took me round his I scription. Illaek, white, and yellow,
village. The mud huts mo all built ono i men, women, and children, were nil
against another, like the cells of a bee-1 mingled together,
hive, save whero they are divided by ! TrN. Tol-SAS woitsmiT.us.
the little lanes that run through the vil-1 ,. .. ...
i.urn t ,.i,.. ... o i, ..i ... ,....?. ...,i I pon arriving at our destination we
asked if I might go iu it. " Yes," said i
my companion, "btt it is very poor,
and there is nothing to seo." We went '
to tho entrance, these huts having, as a
rule, no doors. An ohl.woinan at least
she looked old; but the woman was old
at forty barred tho way. I offered
money, but that was not enough to over
come her feelings that her house was
or castle. w.,.r.. fiin-ioiui, sl.mil.l i
enter, and tho sheik had to Insist. One i
small room-mud walls, mud roof, mud
lloor-Wi..s till we found. Four bricks I
made a small fireplace, but thero was
no Cue. A small basin of maize, live
water-jars, an earthen pot for artilicial '
hatchlmr of chickens, a cook mi.,1 t Inn. !
ens, a
liens, a small heap of sacking by way of
bed-clothes, constituted all life furni
ture of the liouso. Four yards by five
was tho extent of tlio house, and this
was partly taken up by tho raised dais
of mud which serves as the family bed
in every fellah habitation. A family of
four lived in this space. The head of
the family was comiderd pretty well-to-do
by the fellah world, as he is tho own
er of live feddans (acres) of land. I
tried another house taken similarly at
random. It was still smaller and moro
pitiful than tlio last. Tho mud bed oc
cupied half tlio space. Three yards by
one was my measurement of tlio rest.
A water-jar and a reed plpo were till the
signs of habitation. Thero wero no
boxes or clipboards in which other goods
or chattels might bo hidden. A family
of three, laborers on the lands of others,
lived here. I have seen pigs better
housed in England. London Times.
Having Your Photo Taken.
When a person, in this case a lady,
sits down to havo a photograph taken,
after tho preliminary tortures aro con
cluded, such as fixing tlio prongs at the
back of tlio head and getting one's self
In a position of exasperating stiffness,
tho instructions arc, "Now, look pleas
ant, please." Tho stereotype grin that
follows through that awful space of si
lence, during which tho operator holds
the brass cap iu ono hand and his watch
in tho other, is reflected on tho photo
graph by an Idlotio simper which makes
tho victim resolve never to "look pleas
ant" again. Tlio next effort brings
fortli n " prunes, papa, potatoes,
prism" mouth, whoso only reconiinen.
dation Is that it has not tho ghastly
pleasantness of tho first. Kesolvcd to
avoid either extrcmo tho unfortunalo
again faces tlio brass-muzzled instru
ment of torturu with an intellectual,
profound, earnest, rapt gazo at a roll of
paper which sho holds in her hand. Tho
result is a storn Minerva Susan 11. An
thony severe of purpose look, and the
severity of purposo is manifested by or
dering photograph No. 3 into oblivion,
Tho next position is standing, with vel
vet aud furs and hat aud feathers, iu a
rollicking way ; falluro too much liko
a lioydon. Tho last attempt U sitting
iu a ponslvo attitude with tho check
resting on the hand, but that unromnm
tio camera makes tho hand look bigger
than a leg of mutton and about that
shape. This is the last straw, and tho
lady takes her gloves and hor leavo nt
tho. same time, Detroit Free Press,
Loan Maidstone has made himself
supremely ridiculous in England by
taking his dog with him Into a railway
carriage, and refusing to nllow his ca
nine companion to bo romovod to tho
proper car. His hordshlp thrco or four
times loudly prooluimud his tltlo, say.
Ing, "I shall do It, whether you liko it
or not," and, when summoned, disdain
ed to appear, except by counsel, but
was duly fined fire guineas.
Foil n dollar in scrip a man cau now
get a bettor half nnd uv quarters for
the CenUunlal year,
Alt Illiistrnllte Crrrmnti) In llie ntit
IVnrlli Hint Ten Tliotteismt lcraona
t'onRff Knlf il-.V White Finn I'lantesl In
IlieWrrnm Tlie XtRrn Itllr or Immer
sion. from tho Jfcw Voik Timet.
Atlanta, April 2D. No observing
traveler In tho Southern States can fnll
to notlco tho decp-sented and enthusias
tic love of religious show nnd ceremony
which prevails nmnng tho negroes of
tlio remoto country districts. Very of
ten this feeling exists among them to
tho exclusion of every other nltunnd de
sire iu life, and for it tlmo they glvo
themselves up entirely to what can only
be termed a specks of religious mad
ness. Whole neighborhoods are taken
with tho malady, and for days men,
women, and children desert their homes
nnd nbandon their work to attend what
they call the revival. Were thoso de
monstrations productive of any good
results It would, I supposo, bo unfitting
to write of them in this strain. Such is
not tlio case, however; they aro always
attended with moro or less disorder nnd
debauchery, nnd very often cnel in tlio
most disgusting practices. N lasting
good ever comes of them, and In nearly
every case the convert who Is apparent
ly the most earnest is tlictirsttogoback
into what is called " do foln ob wicked
ness." The colored people as a class,
particularly tho women, are possessed
in an extraordinary degree of that love
of display which is always tho accom
paniment of groat ignorance. They are
always desirous of taking part in any
exercise which attracts attention, and
they will go any length, mako any
sacrilicc, to gain tliu tpplnusc of a
crowd. All, or nearly nil, of their re
vival services end in baptism by imnier-
the ceremony is conducted in tho
i oppn air, usually Iu tho presence of
1 thousands of persons, and tlio converts
' aro regarded with wonder aud adiulra-
I Just now thero is a revival going on
i among tlio colored people iu and about
' Italelgh, N. C. Scores of persons are
converted each day, and every Sunday
hundreds of them aro baptized, hast
week, wliile in tlio "Old North State,"
I turned for a moment from tho per.
plexitics of polities and from tlio vexed
question of who shall be President, and
witnessed one of these peculiar ceremo
nies, shortly after 1 o'clock I started
found fully 10.0UO people already as
sembled and waitini. patiently for the
commencement of the ceremony. Tlio
sconce was indeed an interesting one.
Tlio lake of clear blue water in which
the converts were to bo immersed was
surrounded on all sides by gently ilsing
hills covered with soft gra-sand crown
ed by tall trees that were just budding
'"t" the lir-t bright foliage of early sum-
m(U'. Nut ,a 0Ul1 W-W'l to mar tlio
l,l'cllll:- "righti.ess of the Carolina. sky.
1,1 ,me eluded corner, separated from
tl,u rest :,ml standing at tlio water's
u,1nL' ,vuru 11,0 converts. There were
s,,mu tlvo I'""'lfl of them, and they
Wl'r ' ullages, colors, and sizes.
The women, who stood at n little dis
tance from tho men, were
dressed n becoming suits of whlto
cotton cloth, aud wore white handker
chiefs bound about their heads The
men wero also clothed in while, but
were bareheaded. While I was notic
ing these tilings, tlio crowd of negroes
behind the candidates fell back to tho
right and left, and through tho lane
thus formed two gr.ty-headed black
men, dressed in flowing gowns of silk,
walked slowly toward tho converts.
Arriving iu tlio sp.teo which separated
the men from tho women, a hollow
square was formed about them, and
they both knelt down. Ono of them
then commenced to pray in a voice
plainly audible lo the entire assemblage.
After tlio old man had finished a
hymn was sung by tho audience, and
then, after a somewhat peculiar con
fession of f.iitlt on tho part of the con
verts, tho burden of which was, " I be
lieves de hold havo cleaned my heart,"
a tall negro, covered with a heavy black
gown, walked slowly into tho water.
Ho felt Ids way witli along palm cane,
on tliu top of which a whito silk fiag
was tied. When tho walker had reach
ed up to his waist ho stopped and,
planting his cano firmly in tlio sandv
bottom of tho lako, turned to where
the converts stood and cried, "Do
waters ob tlio host am ready for do
chosen." Upon this two strong young
black men, dressed In tight-fitting suits
of cloth, camo out from tho crowd nnd
stood nt tho edgo of the water; thoy
wero followed by two other negroes,
wdio wore long, llowing gmvns. These
men stepped into tlio water and walked
slowly out to whero tho palm cano had
been planted. As thoy did so tho crowd
of converts and thoso about them be
gan to sing :i peculiarly soft and touch
ing melody, each verso of which cided
in tlio words :
We U pro fared, wc' coming now,
We'll Ira ila wld you.
When tho hymn was finished ono of tho
ministers, standing In tho water, dellv
ered it .short address to the candidates.
IIo spoke substantially as follows:
a cam. roil tiii: iikavy i.adv.n
" 1 All ye whom nm heavy ladened
como unto mo and I will givo ycr rest.
Doso words, my breadern, am do words
ob do Lord In Heaven, and rac, His
mlnistor, speakln' lor Him, do now ro
peat dem unto all men. Como and ycr
shall have rost. Hut afore rcstln' In a
worldly sonso, what does wo do? What
docs wo do, I demand of you j what dar
wo do when wo Is at do ond ob a long
lournoy in do hoat and dust ob do sum
mer sun? Does' we not bath ourselves In
water? Ob courso wo does, and we is
refreshed. So must you, ladles and
goramen ob do Lord, tils day, as you
has como through a longjournoy ob sin
nnd wickedness, bath In do wator ob de
Lord, and ycr shall bo freo from do dust
dat havo stained ycr honrts," " Ilrosa
God, wo's comlnl" cried a number
of tho candidates, nnd tbo minister coa
tlnuod t " Hut yor must not supposo dat
ills coinln' Into do water will mako ycr
clean from all ycr sin; dat It will
not do; yor mutt fuit go through
fire red-hot fire." "We hat, we
has!" shouted th" converts, who
wero now becoming wild with excite
ment. "I know yor has," answered
the minister; "and for dat reason I Is
ready to baptiio yor. Como to mo, and
ycr shall hab do water ob do Lord hab
it free, nnd as ycr will. Wo Is, thank
God, not bclongln to no bigotry re
ligion wo is Methodists, holy Meth
odists." '"ForoGod, sure 'nought"
cried tho candidates. "And," coiltln
ued tho minister, "boin' such, ycr shall
havo water any way dat ycr likes. Dem
dat wants It sprinkled shall havo It
sprinkled; tleni dat wants It poured
shall have It poured; and dem dat wants
It ober all by 'merslon shall havo It dat
way, brcss do Lord. And now, bread
cm, If dafs not liberal religion, 1 donno
what Is. Hat's all I has to say now.
Como to do Lord ; como lo do waters
ob certain libe."
As tho lat words left tho minister's
lips tho candidates, singing, shouting,
laughing and crying, formed themselves
into line, and then, two by two, march
ed to tho water's edgo. Hero they wero
met ny tlio two young men, whom I
nao aireauy mentioned, and conducted
to tne niiiiisiers, who, niter .asking their
names, cried, " 'Foro God, in do namo
of do I ntlicr, Son, and Holy (iost, I
iKtptize ycr."
and afterward conducted back to tho
shoro by tho nttendanUs. Hero they
were received by the shouts nnd songs
of their friends and hurried off to ad
jacent tents to chango their clothes.
Tho firt half-dozen candidates went
through the ceremony without much
nolsu or display, but as tho audience be
came moro and more excited, shouts of
" Dcy is cumin' to glory," " Daylight
is it nrcaKiir," "Mire, sure, 'foro God,"
" 111 ess tlio hosts," were heard on every
side. The candidates joined In these j
cries, and began to net liko madmen.
They shouted, jumped, and cried. "I'se
lappy," cried one; "Christ am liere," ,
yelled another; "Foro God, wo's all
goin' to glory," shouted half a dozen in
chorus. Then they began to sing, and
the refrain :
Wo Is In dp lltplinat-
Wc la In ile IIMjrmt,
iioil kppp un tta
went out from a thousand lips, and was !
echoed back from the surrounding hills.
!y this time tlio two voting men were !
unablo to control the candidates who
anus Into the water; they were rein-
iirced by fourothers, but still they were
hardly able to control many of tho-e ,
who wore hai)ti7cd. Slight women !
cemed to be possessed with th
strength of fiends; thoy tore their necks
and arms until they wero covered with
ilood, nnd, breaking nwav from the
ministers and attendants, plunged
theni-elves again and again into the
hike; then, when nt last they cuuld be
iirced to land, they fell fainting into
tlio arms of tholr relatives, who all tho
ti mo continued to shout, "'Foro God,
let's got it! dey's happy!" This scene
continued for upward of two hours.
Going Out to Piny.
Who that hits lived to middle age,
when to work has becomo tho principal
object of existence, does not luok back
witli an amused interest, a half nicl-
incliolv wonder on that season. when
;oing outtTplay" was a daily neces
sity; whciri-sallicd forthwith no pre
tense of dnt. or labor, bent on no defi
nite scheme of action, going out simply
nnd absolutely "to play?" It seems
ludicrous to fancy ourselves ever doinrr
such a thing, wo who havo to tramp in
ami out to our daily business; or feel
wo are bound to pay a visit and pay it;
or to plan a pleasure excursion and wo
solemnly go through with it.
Those who have experienced that
premature clouding of lue s golden
morning a solitary childhood may re
member tho wistful longing with which
they h.ito stood watching groups
of dirty, happy little rogues col
lected at street corners nnd on vit
iligo gi ecus, and how sorely they rebel
led at the prohibitions which made it
impossible to join tliem. Tho country
children never had to bo mufiled ns to
tho bodies and denuded as lo tho legs,
our heads weighed down by hat-feathers,
our feet compressed into tlio natti
est of boots, and sent out walking gen
teelly through streets and squares. Our
costumo was tlio " blue pinafore" put
on over all our clothes nnd reaching
nearly to tlio ankles. O, sacred " blue
pinafore!" So warm, light and com
fortableallowing full liberty to run,
jump, climb, scramble or crawl, creat-
ng a suulime ludlilerenco to dirt or
As Important as learning is to chil
dren that Indispensable blessing piny,
not doled out in ten minute portious,
but granted as a largo item in their sun
of oxistenco. Why not? Childhood
lasts but a dozen years or so at best.
Tho KIicUIvc'h Defeat.
Tlio lliglit of tho routed Kgyptians
from Abyssinia, pursued by tho trl
iimpli?.nt Abysslnians such we taku to
bo tliu real meaning of tho Cairo dis
patch, which tells that the "Egyptian
troops havo begun their homeward
movement from Abyssinia." It has
been an inglorious campaign far tlie
Klicdlvo one of defeat, disgraco, and
utter failure. When tho expedition,
numbering nearly 'JO.OOO men, startod
for Abyssinia in January last, tho Mo.
liammcdan Kgyptians were so sure of
victory over tho Christian Abyssinians,
that tho llrltish Government felt im
pelled 'to exact from tlio Klicdlvo
plodgo that ho would not annex Abys
sinia to his dominions after crushing its
people. Tho Khedlvu sent his own sou
with the expedition and put it under
command of ono of his fiercest Pachas,
who was assisted by Gon. I.oring and
Ave other American officers. But, In
stead of annexing Abyssinia at tho close
of tho campaign, ho is met with a de
mand from tho Abyssinian King for an
indomnity and for tho cession of tho
portof Massowah.on the Hod Sea. Tee
fall of tho Khedive's credit in Europe
aid tho falluro of his arms in Abyssinia
hare been simultaneous incidents, high
ly disadvantageous to him. AT. Y. Bun,
Lemon Pi k. Mako a very short crust
and roll rather thick. For every plo
take the grated rind and juico of ono
lomon, 1 toacupful ot sugar, and the
yelk of 1 egg; l cupful of sweet milk or
water, 1 tcaspoonful of starch, softened
with a little milk; bakft about an hour;
beat tho white to a froth add 2 table
spoonfuls of sugar aud ponr over the
top bnko slightly.
CllOCOI.ATK Puddino. 1 tiart of
milk, 3 tablespoons of grated chocolate,
2 of corn-starch, sugar and salt to taste ;
sweeten tho milk, and let It como to a
boll, then stir In tho chocolate and corn
starch, mixed with a little water; boll
about five minutes. Make a snuco of
cream and sugar and vanilla, or sugar
nnd butter, stirred toft cream, with
lemon or vanilla.
Good Molasses Candt. 2 pounds
whlto coffee sugar, 1 quart molasses
sirup, 3 tablcspoonfuls of vinegar; put
in a small pieco of butter. You can tell
when It Is boiled enough by dipping
your finger Into a cup of cold water,
then Into tho candy, quickly back Into
tho water, and if that which sticks to
your finger Is hard and snaps, tho candy
is done, nnd should bo poured upon a
greased marblo or tin-pan ; add n little
essence of lemon, then pull It till It be
comes whlto.
Honky-'Wine on Mead. To a gallon
of water, put 2 pounds of honey and 1
pound of sugar; boll for an hour, put
in tho whites of four eggs toclarlfy.nnd
skim it quite clear while boiling; then
put Into a clean tub, nnd let It stand for
a week, putting in a toast with honey
to make it work ; then put In a cask,
adding tho peels of thrco or four lem
ons, let it stand for a month, and then
if It Is not sufficiently fino put In moro
honey, and let it stand longer.
Cold Slaw. Cut wp tho cabbage
very fino with a sharp knife, and
sprinkle over it a tcaspoonful of salt.
For a largo dish, say a quart of cut cab
bage, use 2 eggs, a plcco of butter the
sizo of an egg, 1 teacup of water, and i
teacup of good vinegar. Beat tho eggs,
whites and yelks together, very light,
add the water, vinegar and butter, and
put all In a tin on tho fire, stirring all
tliu tlmo until it Is of a creamy thick-
ncss. Pour it hot over the cabbage,
stir up well witli a fork, and leave to
Giiaham HiiEAii. Tako 14 pints of
warm water, 3 cilpfuls of bolted flour,
and of unbolted Hour enough to make
a thick batter; stir well and add 2 ia-
blcspoonfuls of yeast, then set to rise,
When light, add a scant 1 cupful of
shortening (part butter), 4 tablespoon-
mis of sugar (moro or less, according
to tasto), a small tcaspoonful of soda,
and unbolted Hour enough to mako as.
still as you can well stint. Put out In
tin', not very thick; let it get light, nnd
bake 10 minutes, beginning slowly nnd
increasing the heat
Iu it quaint nnsl curious book is de
scribed the c.iuso3 of melancholy as
liinjiiif; mainly on Idleness. Idleness
is tlio bane of body and mind, tbo nurse
of uaui;litiness, tho chief mother of nil
mischief, one of the seven deadly sins,
the devil's cushion, his pillow and chief
reposal. Idleness of tho mind is worse
than that of tho body; wit without em
ployment is :t disease, tho rust of the
soul, a plague, a hell itself. He or sho
that is idle, be they of what condition
they will, never so rich, so well allied,
fortunate, happy let them havo nil
things in abundance and felicity that
heart can wish or desiro so long as he
or she or they live idle, they shall never
bo pleased, never well in body or mind,
but tvrary still, sickly still, vexed still,
loathing still, weeping, sighing, griov-
ng, suspecting, offended with the world,
witli every object, wisning themselves
gone or dead.
Duly take tins for a conclusion as thou
tenderest thine own welfare, thy good
icalth of body nnd mind: lie not soli
tarybo not idlo.
tho Continent
in 84
Messrs. Jarrctt and Palmer, tho the
atrical managers, will, on Juno 1, be-
in an attempt to travel from Jersey
City to San Francisco in 84 hours by
rail. The train, composed of the fast
est enginoontho Pennsylvania Ilailroad,
No, 100, ono express car, ono parlor car
and one Pullman palace hotel car, Is to
start nt 1 o'clock in tlio morning and
cross tlie Mississippi beforo midnight of
tlie samo day. Tho first continuous run
is to mo from New 1 ork to l'ittsburgh.tt I
miles hi teu hours. Tho next stopping
place is Chicago, and tho New York
journals are to bo dolivered in Chicago
for onco on tlio day of publication. Af
ter leaving Chicago tho train is to stop
only at Omaha and Ogden, reaching
San I rancisco on bunday,tho start hav
ing been on Thursday, in timo for din
ner. Thero can bo only 20 passengers,
each to havo a ticket in the form of a
book, 4 by 2J inches, with covers of
solid silver, engraved and embosssd.
Tho faro is 9500.
The Prevailing Dlsaiue of Amertesu
The disease receives different names In va
rious parts of the country. In some sections
It is called dyspepsia, In others It Is termed
lit ercomplalnt ; sometimes they call It kidney
uiseaae, anu at otners numoriume uiooa.
Tlie fact is, that all these diseases are pres
ent to some extent In nearly every case, and
tins uinense tirerau to an alarming? exiens
throughout the whole land. Hardly a house
hold but what has some Inmate afflicted.
We advise those whn have the followluc
symptoms to use an eOectlvo remedy, and
eradicate the disease from the system: There
Is Kcnentlly a dull pain In the bead, with
dizziness at times, foul breath, bad Usto In
the mouth. Irregular bowels, poor appetite
and Imperfect digestion, distressed, all gone
fee I In? liko the gnawing of a cancer in the
pit of the stomach, scanty high colored
urine, stagnated blood, sunken eyes tinged
with yellow, skin cold and clammy, cavered
sometimes with brown spots, depressed
spirits with evil forebodings, a tired, lan
guid feeling, after a time a dry backing
cough, but Is followed after a time with ex
pectoration; then . wasting away ot tne
tlesh, finally night sweats, and soon death
closes the scene. Such Is the brief history
ot thousands In this country, and none of us
can be too quick In using the remedy. The
safest and surest is theSiuKKn KXTRACTOr
Hoots, sold br A. J. White. 310 Pearl St..
X. Y. It seems to operate like a charm In
thesecaies. Agents wantod.
To all, particularly Invalids, spring It
a trying season. Indications ot sickness should
at once be attended to. Fatal diseases may be
caused by allowing the bowtls to become consti
pated and the system to remain in a disordered
condition until the disorder baa time to develop
itself. Aa ounce ot pretention is worth t pound
ot cut. Is an old and truthful saying. Tbsrefore,
we advise all who are troubled with th complaints
now cry prevalent headache, indigestion, disor
dered liver, want of appetite, senses, or ferarlsk
siln-to take, without delay, Bchenck's at tndreks
nils. We know of no remedy so harmless and
decisive In Its action. II at one strikes at Ike
root of the disease and produces a healthy tone to
the system. People never need suffer from any
disease srlslng from a disordered condition tsf lb
liver If they would take this ucelltnt medtetns
when they feel the tret ' Indications or the malady.
Families lesvtng borne for the summer months
should take three or four boxes of these pills with
them. They nave an almost Instsntaneooa effect.
They will relieve the patient ot headache la one or
two hours, and wtU rapidly clsanee the liver cf
surrounding bile, and will effectually prevent a
bilious stuck. Thty sre sold by all druggUta,
irrom th Toledo BlAe.)
pMlaltles In Vledtelli,
We publUh on our eighth pK0 learthjr
trttcle describing tho irttcm ot tho noted
specialist. Dr. It. V. Hcrcc, ot l)uirlo, N.
Y., In which he ids forth with conitdcrsble
force and clcimus hlTtion for dn'ollns;
bit whole tlmo and attention lo a ln!e do
rtrtmcnt of tncdlclno ttie treatment ot lin
gering chronic dltcarca. Tho ttiue article
alicrtaket up tlio subjects ot diagnosis,
methods ot consultation and treatment,
etc.. and will be found to contain many val
uable blots to the Invalid. Dr. l'lercc Is the
author ot a work which has alrcadjr attained
large circulation " The Pcopte'a Common
Sense Medical Adrlscr" containing some
nine hundred mimcroiitfy-lllustratcd pagtt,
and devoted to incdlcbio In all Its branches,
a work well calculated for tlio guidance anil
Instruction of the people at large, and
which may bo bad fur l.M (post-paid) by
addressing the author. Dr. l'lercc has now
been before the general public long enough
to enable t!'e formation of a careful esll
mate of the ctllclcncv of his treatment and
bis medicines, and tho verdict, we aro glad
to know, has been universally favorable to
A nrnln-Kooitilns Ilemedr.
The wondrous organ that crowns the edi
fice of man Is not only the scat ot reflection
and the home of Ideally, but It Is the gov
ernlng center of the nervous system. When
It Is overwrought, unduly cxcilrd, or af
fected by Irregularities ot those bodily or
gans with v. hii.li It most closely sympathies,
all the nerves tuD'cr, ind the general health
Is Impaired. The reason why Hosteller's
Btomacb Hitters excrrltosuch a soothing In
fluence upon the brain Is, that they remove
those digestive and bilious derangements
which react Injurlouslr tipon It and that In
relieving Irritation or weakness of the great
sympathetic nerve which connects the atom,
aeh and the brain, they beneficially affect the
latter organ as well as the former. Sound
sleep, clearness of mind, easy digestion and
freedom from blllousncs aro Insured by this
prime regulative tonic and nervine.
HoyMANN'it Hop I'lIN are purely vegetable
and cure chills and fever at once without fall
The Island JIaoazink Centennial
Sumbtr. Charlotte Smith, for live years editor
and publisher, nt St. Ixmls and Chlcato, or the
Inland Mnpmlnr, announces In the April num.
ber that she will Issue a grand Illustrated Cen.
tcnnlal number of 100,(00 copies of the mapt'
sine, which number will crobodr every peculiar
Ity of Western liurary talent, and will contain
afUclea from the best female writers In tlie great
Valley, bcldes Illustrations nf Western scenes
and life. She desires to make this a success, and
therefore calls upon her country-women from all
sections to aid In the undertaking. The entire
work on this publication, lnclutllngcomposltlon,
binding and editing, Is done by women, and the
enterprise Is ono which should bo heartily nip
nortod nnd encuuaged by all the women Iu tho
land. The subscription nrlcc Is 5.!0 a year,
Address CltAliborn: SMITH, Publisher Inland
Magazine, St. Louis.
For twentr years Trrr's Putt hate proven Uie
friend ofthe Invalidand through all the cliauyMnf
tint rld tensor thousands still stick to their old
lilend, and as many more are dally Its ling Ibtlr vir
tues. I t rom Mslne lo fsllfosnila mlll
luos i.r ftillilr-n ertn?
She., w hr not t thry are the
ch. ic.t sud n-rer ssxartlironjli
t tti. Try IheaK
I Fur tile 1'J sit Mioe Dealers.
AOEXTS wanted, on saliryoreomml.slon. New bus
iness Address J.n. Masaey A Co.. St. Ix.uls, -Mi.
l&sjClskOssralBonifl. Areata sraaud. Outfit aasl
sl urms Ire. Alraaa TUUE a CO. Aarnsta. Ua
C'HO fCi HEWAItK lor Asenti. fend We to
1 10.UUl)r. A.t reks, Smith's Crts-k.il icll.
C I fl 5 OO Xper dar. Send for Chromo Catalogue
I U P C J J .!!. lirrroitD'a sons, Muston.Mass.
vOAniisr. no ir ro ua nr. it. niintu st
UAmoro, COf, fOXat CO.SI. LeuU,llo.
O Ti s QOfl a day at home. Samples worth 1 s.nt
qOfOtCU rrcf. STINSOX A CO. rortland. Me.
OA fi A MONTH. Agents wanted. Excel.
5.UU MU Co.. 131 Michigan Ar. Chicago. III.
QCn A Month. Agents wanted. 30 lt
dlwuU selling articles In the world. On sstnple
fter. Address JAY IIHOWSOX, Detroit, Mich.
10rt A MONTH and tratfllng expenses paid
5T14 f.irml.mJH., No pnldlrrs wanted. Ad
dress MON11UU MA.sLV-cl CO. Cincinnati. Ohio
CssB.rvflnrtnI'vl,l partooM T'lUiaaa's CTr-
VUlnuUIIU nn.p.tl..n. fe.M .1 Dm .tittra.
w i 1
Asts ft Mf ami MorrJtlnellsMt absolutely and
fill II tltiyLured.lttnleM:nor.ul.cl-
B sntr. fceml stamp ror particular, jt
V J. JL t XMLcatlton, WMshlDKton4t,chlcaTO
in U sy-f- J
Ma( 1st sxtrrs, WsrsWH IrMrutH tW ftsMt M mtkimf
tf.TT P.ltmstat te, CUT. mmi, Ctoif. Di.
Vlslllnt Cunts, wllh your nmsnely
nrlnml. nt tur'SC
Avesita l anted
tl ssmnles sent for
ira IflQlll N.
stamp. A. 11.
Fuller A Co., Ilruckton. Ilasa.
Agents, Male ano Female, in Ihrlr own lo
caUtr, Terms and OcTriT Fatn. A(tlres
1'. U. VICKtUV A CO. Augusta, Maine.
A MONTl!.-Afenu wtnied every
where, limine honoriMe and At?.
clui. Partlculari tent free. Andrei
J. WORTH A CO bU Iuli, Mo.
I WILL SEND dusea samples' o? NA1
K1.1S uisds from llamina lrk. Warranud to
please. Address O. W. LAKE. Hox303t.ysw York.
. HkHM ,OooK lr BilRhan Young'si
VTTVA Iwife No.lO. EO.COOrv1'
JVIllijia, lt.tuu.Ui! ,ir,I.n. m.i Ort, Dusttn.
OIIDQPDIDC for the SI. Cw'l CommtrrUl Of
OUDOUnlUC ttt4. Tlie best au'lonly sir CUT
cotnuien: al paper pub Ishei In St. Louis. Er.ry
botty should a-ep It on fila for rutore rete enee. One
sample cpt tree. One copy one year, $ 3: lo copies
oue year, tit. AilJr ss. ItlUKEll A THOMAS,
K Muut r-n trc ai ii
w t.rtitntlve sviiti curt'. Kutlorx-tl hj State lloiml
of Agriculture and rt-comiuroi1l by ALI who
riHve uneni it. I'rice z per icivajcr. r.ju paca
are (ennuicti for lioO, by wall, 'il rent. Arid res
W.C.HKNnTt M, I) li Walnut btrcct, frt.LouLi.Uo.
,fnta w ttirst r it urn-. pcrntnieHt.swl -aprtn.'
Ilia ("imtsl, IV ! '.M u T iw IKimw wuMI ""
r t iTt I UI T Dtjsl MU
a si' f 4
C--VlaM" Or? to rc-ipt-nsatHtf i4 !!
ft'-b'-,ianttaiu'( hrfTo ?tflrtirtII--
FT lHsJucH--.s-t,t--" v, r U'tUti4m,Ar:i , W-
$40. $50. $75. $100.
Will ttcu fsroau
kiinii:u ltKtDY roit CRE.
Vvtvl fWlVtlMtst, AJis ! MosHfMtstJiM
i a a.
ot toe crest men or tn
First IOO Years) of Our Independence.
The alorr o Amerlea 14 her sreat uien. Krcabuoy
want to rrs.il ttie.r met at this Centennial Mason.
AUKTH WANTKII. Acenls llln btstorles
shuulit sell this boos. also. Ktrrboilr buys II. 1h
JrestntsueeesauftlieTeir. fceud !.retrciilar. 1.W
lEou.lt co an b. cisrk bi. cMesao. Iil
I 1 1 kli ih la CINCINNATI.
i Or CIO Alt fZPR.
ktMltMHMlA new Invention which looka exactly
U lKr Cigar. UUledwsmiobeoco.ani
oJMH&Iirt a costs no snore to smoke than a pipe.
wewswgaBBBw, of Sample br mail. cento. Aonm
Iwaktsd. BuiPaoem. Caewrew
fr. Addma E1NSAIAN b I fl
IjS Clark St. Chicago, 111 '
For the Campaign.
The events of the rresldeaUal campaln win be aa
n;t run. tns rune uiiuiniea in ill f. akw
tlltK UM aa td commend It to earntu men of ail
I1LY. fwae pages fur tJ.
Tilt aUlsVKewTorkaty.
Madame FOTS
Cortct fikirt Suppertw
lnereatet In Popularity evirj
year, and
fw irutTiLcoiiroxT wl ervult
OeraUioe Tim OUT OJSTtCU el
s alaS sw tr Ii
Im mi st all ImSIm UWtm sel se.
SatUa. lewertleJlMUsteelsliMei
aUircramraan aoiau at
Vsw Uarea. OAn.
from uie Atlantic to me is-n
elfle the rrp'ititli.ii f th II
S AIII.I . (. HKtV wmii: (l
U.x.ts a!.J bliiKS Is spres.ltii.r. li
lues ne.tr np. icm it mii tut
p'ises. lnjutc i.ut Ii.r tl.. I'.tt l.l t
stslnni all other arc Imltatlu...
A.WPJIa.- tndinfitt. 1
CUKA. etui,'!), tjlAlrHllCK. stelavalte, Teetaeaaee.';
mm, f"r1 PaeXsimt, Waulj. Jjwjlrj
nssrtal Interest la IM Um?1at V'torT
country mske s this un fist.tMslli y J ' 'ifiB'
lulled. It ennulns a rail accoul Onmt
Ont.nntftl Kttalbltlon.
are DOngelrrnUleit see that lbs book TWW.'
Ulas 449 Fin KstarlSTIBt aao no I'M
Seat tor circulars sad ntn urns t Agnif,
in IUTtoAL ru 1 Co.. 04. Lnf,
Heart rrvrwlt Brr mis' Mu
ch aadivvna.r., vrk bM
sipp.r-mon.rs, Issr lfirm
HrsTltissst Wssrls. yspR
rlor Mill fsiasse or ssll
horltoltlsttr CI"). 'J
lj.tia (.nrn BlMll.r Sl
(l..n.l., UtUlag, SMftUfJ
nrru. ffni for rmhltw
mVrmi mil CMMuir,
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felleil. An tha ww al4 rtiMArd NT.HW asfl CffTB.
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Nov (10 and Ml .V. tlilli 8Uf I. Lost'. Mo-
statu AJfii cotrxrvinoiiTS roit s AtJS.
SEacMao Genf any 1 -
Steam Threshing Machines,
IS. In.
PorMto Stationary. EngfeM
Circular 8aw ills, jitt -
Tor ttUt umttl U IU VorlAunr UrsMtifft al
rta BassOM OsStas.
Ill VtlkBtamJB.
The Enemy of Disease, tho Foo of
JL'aln to Ann and lieast,
b ths) Grand Old
I. Til
RUT llK.4Xfni
yiKLIftTOITHBfAw.IC TOtC'll. A bottU
Ilia Ufa mtm.
lie.. ac or S .OOf hu nit en aitTad
rannnttn belnfft unit tfcalorad tm
laafuinaaa many m vainauj ona
Ufa auait MMfuineaa
wnnouT oke jailuuk on Eiurcnoa
Ttila fa ihm tttmona TTiJTblririmacbIna that haa
"avert the fleM ami creata! inch a rrrolatioa In th
trad by lu match lus 0-Ui3Arni amd Xdci6at
ura rrlncfple.
TITE tXOBMOCS WASTAGE cf pain, so iurtsUs
sruA Utr srbs of Threshers, can tx SAVED by thus
ImrroTed Machine. mtflelmL cm ersnr Jw, to man fuss
fay all aijwsjes of threshing .
l!k Md are thresh!, serarateiL cleaned anJ sassj
as easily anj (arlsctly as Irhsot, Uata, Bje .or Earley. ,
AV EXTRA PBICE Is nntallr caM fur rraln ami
teed cleaned by this maehtas, fur aatra tieanllneaa
I V THB WFT On tl"( nf UTi. thrtt mat snbstaB.
tlally the O.S'LT MACIILVES tlutcoald renwlth profit
or economy, doles; but, thorough ood, perfect woik,
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ALL CHAIN, TIME and H17BIT wasting compile-
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Styles, Prices, Terms, etc
Nichols, Shepard A Co.,
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