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The Andrew County Republican. (Savannah, Mo.) 1871-1876, December 14, 1876, Image 2

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wta The Two
-- -- Hi tn n mil i I i in II I i
. , BWTw tefrlWe, The imoko soon
, .km,naVl wnn iuu wans uaiu
wnwHfi ww wero severely inmroa.ana
MM Htm undoubtedly lost.
V - Trther Investigation into the loss
ot Hie by the burning ot tho Brooklyn
Theater developed the horriblejact that
M tW7tli SWDoaRes had been removed
frosm tba rein, and tho ghastly work
wsm itUi progressing. Most of tho
bodies lrere unrecognisable.
. the Treasury Jias
IU Lite House, of TScnroscntn-
tivefiiio estimates of appropriations ro-
qaked for the pabllo service for tho, fls
onJjfeareadg with Jane, 1878. These
arc : lor Congress, 85,988,260 ; Execu
tire proper; 178,100; Department :rf
Slate, f 1,419,650; Treasury Depart
meat, 9165,218,389: War Department,
$54 JI35iiSW iWsirlmett, '$22,-
01,968; Interior Department, $38,800,-
722; rost-offico Department, fG.CSG,'
647: DesartBABtofJustIce.U.'422.
990; Dr3toi'igTiiultaTef $227,-
290; total, 9299,611,668. These estl
mates are 15,000,000 less than thoso for
W7;d .o ,n H
Ib tad polls were rejected from the
final eovftt, to said by the committee to
be eoaetesdve, and the fairness and im
partiality of the Returning Board in
not writ investigations are highly
UHkd. ft
iorn fytmo&rats if ho went
to Jnbrida to'wllnoM the enTM of the
votes for Presidential Electors, on the
6th forwarded by telegraph an address
to the Homo of Representatives, stating
that tho counting lnof JhoRepnbljcan
KleoforsTjy" trie BoMdof"Canvassors
was dona Id the-faeeof a declalMnon
ular alorlfefsrthe DaiaotrratltRlcdi-
TaU, SnhaT theT"rosuir was accom-
plkhid.J.Umiwijogo4it whole Demo
cratio precincts and counties In open
dtsrtgard otiscu ftram violation of
Col. Thomas Dowlino, a promlnont
citizen ot Indiana, member ot the Demo
Thk ProsldenU&l Electors of tho, va
rious .States met ?at 'their respective
State Caaltols. ontho 6th. in accord-
ancojrtdUiW.prOTislonspf tho'Cons'lU
tntlonjjd .casttholr votes. for , Prosl-
ea nBjjTiue-iresiacni. ine puiy
State In which thero'was any" serious
conflict as to tho choico ot Electors,
were Florida, Louisiana, Sonth Carolina
and Oregon. In the first thrbtf of
these, States tho Republican Electors,
holding commissions duly signed
by tb)6V"GoYfrnori, met ;,and cast
theIV6M "for 'Hayes and Wheel
er, while tho Democrats Electors
also met and cast their votes for Tildcn
and Ssstdricks. In Florida tho Demo.
c ratio .Electors beTd eertlilcates of elec
tion signed by Attorney-General Cpcko,
one al1the Board of Canvassers; In
LrraWana, John McEncry, as Governor,
Mrnerf lae ceruBcitcs ot tho Democrat
io EKeUJra ;'an4 in .South Carolina the
Democratic Electors' based their offlclal
actiofc.oiil UiedecUloni of the State So
premeCourt-j,, Qregqntho contest
turnedjupo.jie' assumed ineligibility
of Jl W. WatU fprma'rly .Postmaster,
one of tho Hayes Electors. His election
was vConteatbd -bV E ' 'A. Cronln. ihn
Democratic Eloctor're'cMvlnff tho next
highest number ot votes, and Governor
GroveCjjajued the.ccrtificato to Cronln.
The two Ropublican Electors Refused to
meet wijU Crbnlh, 'and tho latter thero
urrarrappbinted'two other Electors.who
cast their votes for Hayes and Whoolcr,
VhllfJ,Cjnin,vt,.hl9 voto for Tildcn
nnd Hendricks. Tho. original.Jto,
pabUcan. Electors also" met- "niul
organized, and Watts,1 who had resign"
cd, was ro-elected by 'tho 'oiher 'two,
and $4 tUrco .votes-were east for Hayei'
and hejer, wWphr,with.rtheir sworn
statement anil copies, ot tho abstract ot
votcrdt.Hhe State, certiUe'd tolby
tbe Sccretary'ot State, wore scaled and
forwardoditof Washington. 'Tho result
of the residential; election, therefore,'
as wiy .probably appear, upon thoifaco
of th4ioflicaIcrUQcates as signed by
tho respcttlvo. Governors, is TUden,
bhd ,. . i. .
The cremation ot tho remains of tho
latoljaron dealm tflojc placo at the
crematory of iDrLo Moyne,, at Wash
ington,T?a., on the 6th. Tho incincra,.
tion was completed in to hours and
forty f minutes and was 'a success In
cveryipartlcular. Tho process was wit'
ncssed by a largo, number of scientists
from various parU of tho oountry, and
subsequently' a meeUng was held at
waiuu luuouujwi, oi cremation was lui
ly discussed.
1 ..... ct. r.
Tub SSncipal changes In tho mom
bershipH the' Senate icommlltccs are
those oausby the resignation of Sen
ator ilpTriJ ap"d .tho death of Senator
Caperton. Windom becomes Chairi
man ot tho Committee on. .Appropria
Uons fSAl)iteMo"rrlll,' and.Blalno
is niado a. mombcr of this commllteo,
nnd also 61 tho "Committee on Naval
Aflair,le!ufflioh;Socrotary Morrill was
a member. Dawcs jis asiigncd. to tho
place'vacalea'by'Morriiron tho Indian
Committee.- Boutwoll retires from tho
ComnjltJiDSK on "" Commerce nnd
from rthfliepecisl commtttco; to
cxamrhe the several branches of the.
civil oMvlreV Dawes taking his place on"
the foraeh and llarvey succeeding him
as Chairman of tho latter. Mitchell of
Oregon is mado Chairman ot tho Com
mittcejon transportation Routes to tho
beaboard-rtee Wndpm, wjio resigns,
but retiitU a placd on the Committeo
Senator Price la assigned to Caperton'a
poalUa on Ohdrasv Railroads, and of
Bevlstoa of Laws Committees, Mr,
ChaffetfTsvpiaced ott" the Territories
PatentsJjamilnts,,and Mines, and
jumininaoiicrojClaims and Pen
Mru. InEKK House, who was recently
acquitted at Trenton, N. J-., ot the murder
of br huahand, has been placed In the Now
Jersey state Lunatic Aiylum,
Tub bust of the lato Horaco Grcolcy,
resented to .tho frlemls-ot the.deceaied
by American prlntertHuid JoumilllurWM
unveiled at Oreentaiod'demciery Id lirooV
Ito. on the 4th. Ilivaril TaTlor delivered
fca oraUn, i. T. Steadman read a poem,
ml-Thtlow Weed unveiled the statue.
Tiik Legislature ot Colorado, by a
nearly unanimous vote, adopted a Joint
resolution protesting against the action ot
Uia lower llnujifl at CoDfirremi In decllnlnato
huallfy ilri 'Belford, the lUpreiontatlvir
Xius Oregon Republicans wore re-
pctie'd at greatly Indignant over the course
of (lov(l rover In commlMlonlnK the Dem-
,!Mrtie)jlcctorJlp ia.Uti'fcwidrawe.d
reiolutlons asking the United States Senato
to prevent htm from taking his scat, on the
ground that he had willfully violated his
th. . n ...i ( f. . " i
A'NEwionK dispatch says that John
Morrtuoy has dtclired.offnll pools told by
his house fur thwllrect resultof the rresi
dentlal election. - -
A. RIoCi-Kndo -dLspatoti says'Qen
Dlai has occupied the City ot Mexico, and
that I.erdo and his Ministers have lied west
ward. -
Th'eNjtipnal Association of Short-horn
Breeders met at St. Louis on the uth, near
ly one hundred being "presenl7 The con
vention adjourned to meet at Lexington,
Ky., od jneZ4tb.ot October, lHTi. ,
Hie Senate, on tho bth, atter conSldera
tlo dltcnutan," adopted by a strict party vole tho
reflation offered by Mr. IvImunJl for a com.
mUtto to InvetUKato the elections In South Car.
otina, Ocorjis, noriii.i, Alabama, and I.oull
a tuDimute, oscred oj air. wn;ie, lor
tna Inrestlg.Ulun of tlx) action of the It),
turalnr Itoarda. ras Irclcctol without ilirlilon
A rciolutlon, proridlnir for an Inquiry Into the
eligibility of I'rcaiilentUl Eloctori, w Im
The Louisiana Returning; Board! on the
Sth, declared the, election of the entire Re
pubMcan Hcaet, ruonii annotate, wgein
r whh four of the lis Congressmen! The
snajorttles declared tor the ItepubllcsA Elec
tors rings' from 8,600 to 4,600 and tor Gov
ernor, 8,428. The votes of Q rant and East
Feliciana parishes, as Veil as of 23 or 00
polling-places In other parishes, wero
thrawn out, on the groundet Intimidation
and Illegality. 1
Sonth, Carolina.
Tbs bemocratto' membca.ot tho Soutli
Carolina Senate withdrew on the 6th. The
returns et lho-'SfaJte'cloctlon.wcje canvassed
uyine iiepuoncan i.egisiaiure, anu liuam
berlaln declared elected by 3,0t majority.
The entire voU M thVfcotrntlcs'o'f HdgtBild
and Laurenf was Utowno'ut. w w
The rival Houses of tb8outh Carolina
... ..... t .....
legislature conunuea in session on me vtu,
the Itcpubllcan body at the Capitol, and the
f . I - n li it.,, rr-t.. - ...
cratlo House had beon.' reinforced, ,)y a
numoeroc aeeertoni irom me uepuuncan
body, and now claimed ',03. members
bearing . the certificates ot .the
Hoard ot Canvassers -a constitutional
quorum, as claimed, and to recognized !y
tho SuDremo Court. Wado Hamilton mldo
apnbllo apefch, In which he said that ha.
had been fairly and legally elected devcrnor
ot the State, and In conclusion declared
"Tho hillot.box has announced tho verdict
ot tha people, and I shall be tbetf Governor
or'tbay shall have a military Government."
Gov. Chamberlain was Inaugurated and
sworn In by Probato Judge Boon, In the
presence ot the Republican Legislature, on
the 7th, and delivered a short Inaugural
address, In which he said that no consider
atlon but duty Impelled him tq accept tho
position to which he had been chosen. Tbe
Itemocratlc House appointed a committee
la Inform tu Senate and. General linger
thatltwasthe4egal.IIoine under the de
clalonfartlfe Supreme Court, and requested
tho latter to withdraw tho troops from the
Tbe Democratic House, on the 8th, de
cided totmfiloy counsel and proceed against
U. u. Chamberlain tor treason in usurping
the Government ot tbe State. The Sn-
prcme Court -granted a temporary In
Junction, restraining the banks where
tho Stato funds are deposited from, paying
out such funds upon the orders ot Cardofo,
tho ltopubltcan Treasurer. Tho Congrcaa
tonal Investigating Committee arrived and
Immediately organised tor business.
the iolhwing select committees! On South Caro
una Airitrs. fayicr, Aiuou, loenrane, x.ien
Partlcnlars of 1i Jlnrnlnsc f the
nrooklj-n Theater Over OOO ZJvea
Joat. " '
New Voiik, Doo. C Tho flro in tho
Drooklyn Thoater last, night was at
tended by nn e palling loss of life, and
it Is thought th t not less than two hun
dred persons wero killed in tho rush to
tho exits, or bnrnod to death, being un-
ablo to escape. Tho Are broko out dur
ing, tho. porformanco of tho lost scene
of tho Two Orphans," In which Miss
Cioxton, who plays tho part of tho ho
rointf, was on tho boat-houso floor. In
flvo minutes moro tho audience would
hnvd been distnis'scd,'and thcro would
have been nothing nibro serious to
record than tho destruction of proporty.
The houso was about two-thirds lllled,
those bclowslt'tlni:vcH forward toward
tho stago. For thoso'In thu family clr-
clo, dress oirclo and galleries
thcro was no way to cs.
capo except by Washington Street
rushed poll niell towards and down the
stairways, nud the main exit became
immediately choked up'ond a scene of
terror, contusion jinn iitsircss cnsuea,
which beggari description. Just above
tho landing-placo of tho stairway a
woman in tho crush nan nor toot pusii.
cd between tho bannisters and fell
Tho crowd behind, forced forward by
tho terrified people still further behind, Mwcn recovered
fell over hor, and piled on top .of o.ieli Th
Morgua to Identify missing relatives and
friends, and their lamentations are tru
ly pitiful. It required n forco of polico
to keep them from crowding over each
Tho Morguo is completely filled, and
bodies are now carried to tho old mar
ket bntlding In Adams Street. They
can not bo recognized.
lioimoit upon iionnou
accumulated as tho day? , advanced;
Cornso after corpso charred and Wack
cned was passod out nnd still tho pllo
of bodies in tlio collar did not scorn to
diminish. As tho number mounted up
to 150 and 100, tho belief that tho num
ber would roach ovor 200 grow into
certainty, nnd flnnlly nt hnlf past four
tho two.Iiundrodth body was removed
Somo woro found with limbs nnd hands
burned off. and nothing loft but a ghost'
lvt blackened trunk. At 5 o'clock tho
number had rcachod 220 !i0 bodies bo
Inir taken out in half nn hour. A look
into tho pit nt this timo still showed a
considerable pilo of corpses lying cross'
wiso liko sticks of wood, nnd there wero
apparently still fiO or CO corpses ro
tnaltilntr. This was in tho collar under
tho Inner vostibulo from whero nil tho
bod ss takon out to-day were romovod
They lay In a pilo apparently whoro
they had boon pitched Into tho cellar
when tho llobr nnd stairway gavo way
At a lato hour to-night 285 bodies had
Oar Coast Defenses and Harbors.
Washinoton, Nov. SO. The annual re
port of General A. A. Humphreys, Chief
of Engineers, presents a detailed statement
of the various operations of tho Engineers'
Department during the fiscal year ending
June SO, 1S;, eletehcx tho?e which arc
new in progress, anu manes numerous rcc
olntnenUatirtna for the titture. Tbe num.
ht ot olucers holding commissions In the
Corps of Porlneera of tho United State
army at the end of tho fiscal year wnv 10T
on tho actlvo list and llvo on the retired list.
Tbe latter, however, under tho Uw of Jan,
21, lS'Oyarc not available for duty. In du
ties devolving upon tho corps by law,
tbe employment ot a number of sclcnllsu
and assistant engineers has been
other four nnd llvo deep,
Tho polico from tho station-house
next door wero promptly at tho eceno,
but, owing to tho manner In which
tho people wero piled upon tho top of
each other ami mussed together, they
could extricato comparatively few, oud
theso wero all bruised, bleeding tind
maimed. Tho llromcn got to work ou
tho ruins shortly after daylight tills
morning. They succeeded in getting
as far ns tho fall of tho dress-circlo,
whoro they found a g'reat number of
bodies. Immediately benn tho work
of removal, and up to 11 o'clock G5
bodies had been removed, and what
appeared to bo 20 or 30 moro wero seen
In tho basement, into which they had
been precipitated by tho falling of tho
burning doors.
Kato Claxton, at tho preliminary in
quiry of tho l'iro Marshal, said: " At
tho beginning of tho last act, jtlit ns
tho curtain went up, I heard a rumbling
tlolsb on tho stago, and two minutes
after t saw tho llamcs. Tho lire seem
ed to bo all on tho stago. Mrs. Varrcn,
mvsclf, Mr. Studloy und Mr. Murdoek
wero on tho stasro at thU time. Wo
four remained there and endeavored,
as best wo could, to rjuiet tho audience,
and prevent a panic. I said to tho pco-
ho IYmcj says Firo Marshal Koady,
who has made an exhaustive examina
tion of tho circumstances attending tho
fire, is of tho opinion that at least 1150
persons perished in the lUmcs.
The courts adjourned this morning
without transacting any business There
U intenso excitement in tho city and
business partially suspended.
Tho Park Theater has been closed fur
tho week. A meeting of tho theatrical
profession has beon cnllid for Thursday
to concert measures for relief.
Jones (Ky ). Philips (Mo ). Ranks. Hale
iAreacc. ua ijouiaxaiut ucaars. aiouiaua
Jtnt. McMahon. Liniio. lllackburn. Meade
Home, lhelpA, Xer, lloas, Townecnd (Pa.),
Danford, llurlbul (III.) ( Craro and Joyce. On
Florida Measra. Ihoinnson, Kcuolt, Wallace
Hopk.ns, UarDcMana uunncll The I rrtl
dent'auvsaaso was read la b)Ui boUtoa,
In the aehntb, on tbe 6th, a resolution
olrtrtd by. Mr. Withers. renucsUnir tho Presl-
dent to mDnn tlib feaate.lf not incompatible
with public InUrctt.imlcr what autborlty troops
oltne united states occupied the city of retera
bnrs, Va.. on the 7Ui of November, 1870, the day
of the general election, was the causo ot quite a
general debate, Mcmrs. lgan and E'lmunda
ipoiinK,nnii air. rnurman anu oincra UTuring
taailogiilon. The renolmlon, mrewht mivll.
loil In form, was Kdotitrl without illvLlnn.
Tbo Chair laid bTom ihe Senate a mc..ice
from lkaAnWvnt4 Dm Ihtite-blitra.-rneloa--lngtho
report of Jncnutor Sbcrm.n-.anil other
mcmberaof tbo ttepubllcan CommlfU'O wMch
vlsitt-l New Orleans, tflrctlier wim iht aooinn
panylna; tettlmony In rcruf.l to tbe recent cli'O
Hon In ltulalanaard moWd that It be printed
and lie on ihn table. Mr. Thumtan objected to
printing all the matter nccompa.-iing thojaaa.
atge, Ihotlgh ho had no objection i'rrlrit'.ng tlio
cicsaago and ooiniauDKatlou of the
commntcc. A lobjr and aninKtcit
illtcueaioa tcllotwl, lb which, Mr. Shcram ex-
;roaea ma conviction, baaed upon Uio reult of
lie twrSOnal lnvrattl-ltlnn. (Lilt thn ItMllrnlntr
llnard of I.oulel.ina weio fully JuatulcU in
throRhnront thevotcaof tho so-rmlcl "biill.
uuitu it..iii:, i,ujiu ir, iwy vxprcBoii
Sftntlctton, alaobasol uponhia pergonal Inves.
ufiuion, uiai vnp election in mat ouwo waa lairij
carried by Uio Ucmocrate and ahould hare been
so connicuj ine abjection to priming the
drposttlona, etc., iHSing Instated Upon, Ihe
motion i nnder the rtilcs, was ro
ferreil to tho Committee on Printing... ,.
In tho Ilouae, Ihe Prealilcnt'a measago covtrlng
the letter on Loulaiana affaira bv t.in slmrmAn
committeo waa received and read, tho reMIng
orcuuvlnK nearly an hour; Mr. Wood charac
icrncii toe uciiun ui uio i raaiueni in cenoug
auch a tartlaan communication to the Uourc na
txtraoritlnary and unprccolcntei), and he mored
mat tuo aivsonitu jinu iiocumcnta ue lam on lliti
tAuro. t.arricti uy aparty voto I9SIOU0. sir.
omiuiirn was appoinivi on too aelect commit
too for f lorlds, lnad of Mr. Uarfleld, excused
necessary. Among tko estimates for appro-1 " - i
nrlatlona wlil-h Utncl-al Uumphrera car- tile. 'Ho ciuiet: wo nro between you and
ntstly recommends arc thb following: I or tUo ,-,r0. t ie jront rioor 3 0,,en and tho
completloj; llio dcfenMvo works at Kort ' . , ,,.
.latkfion. ilUSIssipnl Itlver, f'o.TOU; Tort passages aro clear.' ot ono of the
Philip, Mtjslstlppt itivcr, iJS.ouo. On the 1 audience lumped on tbo stago. The
X SriSfi" 1 n ton coming down on us
1'ilircja says: "Of tho amouuts appropriated 1 1 ran out and jumped over several peo
r..r ..til.1l.. tar. .ft? nn flt'or. find h'trlinr. I.v I
ondburn was appofnte-f on tho aelect commit'
The Senate, oaths 7th, dlscussedat lenglh
thercalutlonto Pfjnttln ljrcal.lcnt'a Louisiana
Incaiago and nccbnipVnvlair documents. The
printing wpS anally ordered by a voto of iO j-cas
to llnara; a mimberof Democrats otlnf vpa
ir. .iiiicueii imrouucci n rcaaiution. conuemn
insr the actiun of the UoVernor of (Irearnn In
commlaalonlng a Denincrallo Klcetor in tbo
face of ft Republican majority of over 1 ,100 In the
Male, and InatmctlngUio Committee on Prlvt
leura and ritcclloua to larestlsate the matter
Onlcmdpttn'otl and to'llo on tlio table. A bill
was also introduced, mabliujlt a penal offonao
lor any pi-ram to uct as i.icct ir in any otau
Without having teen duly elected or appointed
cdt tti?t t
Tnl,rt84dellt,'on the 6tb, transmit
ted to Oocgrets the report of the com'
mlttee of Northern Itepublicans who
visited rlonislana for tho purpose of
witneaitatiie danvass til the vote in
that 8t4tf for, Presidential Elector. It
U ignerby-6enatbr Stormin.of Ohio,
Reprt4aWaUPt?ti"gugeD'ri Hale 6f Maine:
X A. Garfield of-Ohio, aadV. D. Kol
J" of tftmnVff Messrs. E
W. Stooebtoft and ,,Jf II, Van Allen of
KeYoMti'Wl'irker of New Jersey,
and 8siliej(l'ClJwk . HanfltCjr C,
coaaldbe longth, giving full narticu
y krs uWW? GOpMm of 'ihe -Ho-taniiss
Board and tbe law under which
k set, asd she -manner "itr-whlch the
iirt6Hhetotej Whs conduct-
d. The,ej!dnco of intimidation and
ilio era! parishes and polls,
4 M'airaissaliiil'to the Board, and upon
warie evMrte4 ta voti of such par
the act approved August 11, 1870, certain
allotments hate been mado In compliance
with tho Inittructloas ot the Secrtmry of
War of September 4, limiting the expendi
tures ueaer tno act io s.'.iw.wu, anu di
recting that no new work of Improvement
should be begun. The following statement
exhibits these
Fur improvement of tho mouth nl the
Mlaelselppl Hirer.. ...
Survevs at the toutli of MUeiaelp
Til Hirer ;..
Galveaton bar
Mlaalsalppl, Ml.BOilri, abl Arkaneas
mvi'Fft1 nnacnina onerationa . .....
Miaa a alppl Hirer, between the mouths
t Ohio anil lllinoia itivcra
Mlsaiatlppl KIrcr cbinncl, opposite St.
Dt-a.Miunca UaliU...
il.tck l'Uuil H"'i.ls
tjtflHjr SilaaUaippi Itlver
ralla ol bt. Autuouy
Annual cxiwme of irauInK watcia of
me .Miaflt.iupi anti inuutariea ... .
llfinovin rait in Red llir.r, nnd clos-
lnr lonea luyou, i.a
mproveineul o( Ohio lllvcr
imirotcinent of Tennpfiaee Itlver ... .
tlreat Kanawha Hiver
Illinois Itlver
Fox nnd Wieeonatn Hirers. .t..tti..
tlrven Hay, Wla.utt.it.t n...,.
M I In silken harbot. , . t
Chicago harbor
iierporoi reiugi, t.aEe iiuron....i....
Hacinaw River ;
Toledo harbor
Cleveland uaruor
Krie harbor
MiUuUi harbor, Minn
Kntrance to bupenor Hay, Wla
or to bear or transmit any auch Uit of votca to
trauilnleutly cast to the Mat of Government
Tho House adopted a reaolntlon, dlrccung the
Juiliciarv CjiniinlLtfystorireiuim same, measure.
either lexialatlra or constitutional , by which tho
r..ectorai yotea muy uo uouatuu anu too result
declared by a tribunal whoa authority none can
fiueatlon. Tbe Speaker atpolnte(l Mr. Deebeon
tnei.oniaiaiutcomaiiiteeinai7au ot air. i.ynao
In tho Senate, on the 8th, there was an In-
cldental dlactitalon aa to tha. continuance of . the
Jjint rulua of the last Congreaa, the Cbalr decld
In Uiatuie Joint rules were not In force. Anap
.1 using taken, tneunair waa ausutiocii jeaa
naya, itDMot or not; Totiog,
lite House Committeo on Judiciary agreed to
report ravoraniytm areaoiuuononereu oy itep
resentaUvo McUraryi yestcraay, providing for
to net in con-
tue anoointment ox aeommitte to act in con
junction with a'oomailUeasl.fae Scnalcto to
euro a count oi tno feicctarai voiea ana a HO'
termination of disputed tueUona by a tribunal
whoso, nidhority . none can queaUon, and
wuoan declaton 'all will arcent an rlnal.
Ilia Pension Auvroiirlatlon bill passed, and
offered by film yesterday, calling oa the Preal
dent for copies of the InstrncUons ecnl to. and of
reports reecircd from, military or civil ofilccra
mine 'ooutn amoe. AiurnikVA uuieciionatwero1
m&oe uy tue itepuoucana,uut tno reaoiution wai
adoptoil without debate. .....UUi Housca ad
journou tin uonaay.
Mr. II. S. Murdoek, alter endeavor
ing to calm tbe fears of tho panic-strick'
en people, went to his dressing-room to
cot his clothing and must have been
foo.ao Actors and ao.trp:s2 escaped from
11.W1 i Iho staeu Into Johnson Street. J. Y.
t'-',i 0 1 'thorp, stage manager, states that thu
6o,oo j llro occurred in this wiso : A drop was
Ul.oo Ignited from a border light by some
wio,i meilus inexplicable, ns ono was guarded
lis,' oj from the other,
10 IHH1 . .
Ho Immediately direct'
w.ouo ... .. w l
lo.ooe e" luo stage uurpuiuui, iit-uiu, nun
71, 'ICO
4)ntonas:ou harbor, Mlcb.
aiarqueitc, alien
Abnttpee, Wis ,,,.
ino uivera naroor, ia
Manltowoo bartior, Wis ,
Sheboygan harbor. W1b
I Kin nut harlior, III i
Wbllo Itlvir haibur, Mlob
(Irand Haven, hiruor, Mich
H-tufratuck barbor, Mici
South llnven liarlur, MICli'.......i...,
t. Jie"pli batbor, Mich
uSali'eltlv.r, Mich
Handuaky harbor, Onlo ,
120,01 0
1,1 IK)
7 ,0 11
t.'.O e
io, eu
0, U(i
1. U'll
!, 0
3, (VII
i ,tt,i
12:1 II
ermhlion linrlinr. (ililo 1.0(10
("airport harbor, OjIo r.,(Vxi
Piera atmoulll of Hlack Hirer, Ohio... 6,0 0
uicniKitn trfiiy oaruor, ino , 10,0 u
in ueterminini: ine amounts to no allotted
to cach work named reference haa htcn had
to the balances on hand of previous appro-
.iriations lor mo works apeeiueu. wu tueiiu
mDrovcmenta. forthceontlnmncc of which
rarti o appropriations havo been allotted.
aro, In my Judgment, clearly national allot
ments to improvements or lesser magnitude,
and, In consequence, aro Indiapenaanly lite
cessary to protect what bus already been
done. Otuoors in chaige of tho Improve
ments were notified of the amounts allotted.
and tho works are now being conducted on
this basts. ' ' Tbe report aUo epitomizes tbo
uetaiicii accounts given y tno omccrs or
river and. harbor Improvements, etc., now
In prigresa under their respective manage
ments. together with a stittement of tbi
amounts which these ofilccra estimate, can be
profitably expended during the next fiscal
year. Among tnese aro ine following
For Improvements of the Mississippi
itlver. between the mouthaof tho llu-
nola and OHIO Itlvera ioOo.uO'l
For the mouth of tho Miaslttlonl Hirer l.Ml.Kll
For the Upper Mississippi Hirer 1)1, 10
For Improvement at Ilea Moines Ilaplda 1 1 ,(M)
For H'ick Island KnpplB t0,(JU'
Fur lllinoia Klver 8.000
For Ohio Itlver II ,ii
For Wabash lUicr ll..Oii)
For On-at Kanawha Itlver 1,((),(,U
. ur leiiiu.tiiK ruutfs uuu ttictb. Hum
the Mississippi, Missouri anil Arkan-
eaa ItlviJ-s ,
Improvement of Cleveland harbor
improvement 01 rtanuusay uaruor.
California's Wcnltli in Timber.
Internal Kercnae Receipts.
WASIIINQTON. D. U.. Nov. 21. Tho
forthcoming Iteport of the' Commissioner of
internal ucvenue win contain tue following
recapitulation of Internal Bgvenuo receipts
forthe several States and Territories during
the last nacal'yeari
iiri.wa einiisa
11,07.1 as MonUna,
OS.S30 M; Nebraska,
JOI.im 18 Neraila...
i-J.ft5 b7iK. llamp,
M,4I 00 N, Jersey,
li.eil sliN.Meiloo.
417,?r7 M.N.Car'lLna
111 S79 0o S'ew York
17S.S1I HSOalo..u.. 1s.ua.7m
SH,t5S 85,0regon... ts,ni u
ia,-ra ex'renn o,wa,oi7 sj
it. taianq. :j,u i
8. Cartlifa' ""lni'sci 57
fTnoaaenTvui;8f3 3'J
Texas WT. TJH.IW 78
Iitau 03. oi eH
'ermontX - ''.) so
Vlrs nU.. 7,S1S,I7 (8
W. Ter ,r. sn.siej OJ
Wlaooaaln 3,307,537 si
llaS. Col.
Uor(la .
lllinoia.., t3,6S,l 87!
Indiana .. 5,57,irJ0 n
tbaa.l... l,!tl,T7l 81
iansaa... lm.sas its
Keatuckr. T.uSS.uii 31
Ixmislanar '6,'3a
oiaiu Hi.nu sr.
83, IB Oi
Mtjm t.i
6331 37
W",om si
3,771,'J11 10
21.11S SI
I 1,670,'Ot OS
li,lS,37 SS
mnrOTcmcntof Port Clinton. Ohio..
1010110 namor.i
11,0 HI
1 0,10(1
Tout,. ...1.. a, ,.;.v.rji. ii,ioi(its to
Monroe harbor, Michigan
Cheboygan, Michigan
Saginaw Hiver, Michigan
liotroll Itivcr
Harbor 01 refuge. Lake Huron.,,,
kt: Mary'a Falls canal
Chicago harbor , . . .
Michigan Cltv harbor
In travsiuttting theso Hatomcnti 01 the
am iunM whicu his aubordnato omcera sav
run be p:ofltab y expedited during tno next
hical year,Jho Chief of Kuglueors makes
no recommendation of his own concerning
Iteport of Iho Secretary of the Interior,
A large nortlon of the renort of Secretarv
Chandler la devote j to InJl.n affairs, or rather
review m tue imnusaioner a reiwn, in wmcn
tho views of tbe latter officer are lullv Indorsed.
to-wltt That tbe Indians be concentrated .upon
lew rrftcrvauoua, acccpung tue proprietorauii
of landa In aeveraltv. and that Ihe lawa ami
courts ot tbe United Blab be ubstluitcd for
their tribal organization. The Keueral atHement
.ma.1ethat, wllliM-eierionf the Hlnuxf
all Uio t'ibea are atprcsont uadcr control of the
Department ana making comraenaauie improvo
mrnt. v, ...i ...
uoiio unaa tfavo been dispose.! of during tbe
'jv hen a woman -can loci a mouso
prwllng nlon her,eplniil column, nnd
y.ot stop toj&lnlf,, Another- she;has oa
stripod stockings, before keeling over
in a fit, she is at least qualified to onjoy
tbe elective fraschlso. DrQQklw Argus,
' ...V MUM..! U V I ... UV.b.I IK.II.
Which wero nomoatead entrlea. 1,008 ,(ai
aerta armored to butea aa awamu landa
1, Oil, 7. 8 certifletl to-rallrodar-i'hO'0&sh-ro
celDtawera ftl.747.21S.
The number of oatents Issued 'Was lS.91l.an
Increase of l.Csl over U previous year. Tbe
receipts or ine 'patent omco wero IJ87,5to 75
ernenJIture. aivtl. 37. 7a.
Tbe whole number of n.raea unon the nenalon
rolls la UJ.IS7, and the atrirrt irato amount paid
for penalona waa t:s,it!l,M.ou,orkl.UI, It). ill
leu than waa eaendod for the aatno purpose In
two supernumeraries, to endeavor to
extinguish tho luuie, but the tlillieully
was to reach tlio uart on fire Tho
stago carpenter with tlio supernumera
ties assayed to effect tho object by low
oring tlio drop, alul in so doing lidded
fuel to tho llamcs. Trio scene, tho last
in tlio play, embraced a ceiled apart
mcnt, nnd tho Instant the burning drop
camu in contact with it tho inllamtna.
bio ceiling served to spread tho exist
ing llamcs in n Hush, as though powder
iiad previously been scattered about the
sccnury. Tlio ontiro propeities were in
n blaze. Tlio tuual avenues of escape
wero thus summarily closed at tho rear
and nn exit, if at all possible, had to be
mado by way of tho box cntruni'o. All,
except pel haps onu or two, thus es
Wagoii-loailu of rough boxes wero
brought in front of tho theater, and
corpscj aro placed in them nnd cover
ed witli tarpaulins and carried to tho
The scone crew more terriblo every
minute. Men nnd women wero crowded
around tlio btntloii houso and theater
entrance, making inquiries for missing
friends. In somo instances .wbolo fam.
ilies havo perished.
Tho bodies present every form of coiv
tortion, just ns they stitl'ened in .their
last agony, when tho tloor gavo way,
and they plunged down in blinding
smoke and flames. Arms and legs nvo
bent and twisted in every way. Hands
are clenched and voached out, ns If
grasping for help.
Tlio Post Hays that about 11 o'clock n
horriblo discovery was mado. In tho
midst of what was tho lobby of tlio the'
ater lay nn imrcenso pilo of rubbish,
smoldering beams, fragments of girders
and other things. I his heap was near
ly opposite tlio principal entrance to tho
auditory of tbo thoater. lloyonil it was
another heap, marking the placo whero
tho stairs lending to tbo gallery fell
Under tho lioap first mentioned u (load
body was found, and tbo liromon dill
gcutly prosecuted their search iu this
direction. With uuieh labor somo of
tho heaviest lumber was removed, and
a horriblo sight was rovealed. Ilenoath
that a mound of corpses lay in rows
heaped ono upon the other, packed to'
gcther with .a fearful solidity, which
told o tho great prcssut.o to which they
bad been subjected. How many lay
there,.what their sex or age, no man
could tell, nnd at noon only guesses
could bo made.
. , 'ltECOVKltlNO "riiis 110UIES
At 2 oWook nobodies had been re
covered, and tbero' are probably as
many more within tho ruins. Somo
persons assert that nono in the upper
gallery. of the theater .escaped. The
last man thrtt left fia stairs beforo thoy
fell says that behind Iilui was a helpless,
baU.sulTocatcd crowd.
On Washington Street n lino of horses
and wagons woro ready to romovu tho
bodies. Great crowds of persons wero
gathorcd in tho neighborhood of tbo
An cnterpri'o lias been begun in Cal
ifornia which promises to add immense
ly to tlio wealth of tho State, and at tho
same time to afford employ nient to
from 500 to 1,000 people A brief at
lu.iion was mado in my correspondence
from Plumas, Hutto and Tehama Conn'
tics to tho Immense resources which
California possesses in tho cxtfiisivo
forests of .pino, spruce and fir which
belt tho slopos of tbo Sierra Kovad.t.
It is a miebtion, which niter years will
only demonstrate, whether tills vast
tract of timber country or tlio precious
metals stored away In tbo bowels of thu
earth on tho sides ot tho mountains, will
produce moro material wcnlth to tho
Stato. lloth aro enormous, b.dh but
little known, and still less developed
for nearly 100 miles in length, in tho
counties of l'ltima", Dutto, Tehama tind
Shasta tho slopes of tho Sierra aro cov
ered wiih a growth of timber of tlio viv
netics beforo mentioned ; tall, stately
trees, to tho height of from 80 to 125
feel, with a diameter at tho base of
from six to nino und ten feet. Tf tlio
pino and fir of this region do not reach
the majeslio proportions of tho buuo
iru giganlca found in Mariposa, Cala
veras, rrosno and moro southerly
sections of tbo State, they attain nil ex
traordlnary sir.o and nro perhaps moro
valuable as articles of eommerc" and
for administering to tho wants of man
This belt of timber land beforo descrll
cd vaiies in width from twenty to forty
miles, according to tho spurs of tho
mountain chains. Of this nrea of coun
tty, considerably inoto than one-half is
oecumed with timber which can be
mnnufactiiredj into merchantable him
ber. The reiu.iitider consists of serul,
timber iind cord wood, and at Interval
occur those v.t'Ieys or basins of tillable
laud and meadows met with on the
western slonu of tlio Sierra. The best
timber is found at an nltitudo of from
thrco thousand five hundred to six thou
sand feet, up to tho snow lino. I'ntil
comparatively recent period nothln
but tlio very fringe of this timber conn
try was explored. No ttso was mado of
theso magnificent forest trees which
abuunded in such quantities, except
where they happened to bo located near
mininir camu: and then only such
small parts woro felled ns woro necc-s
ary for tho purposes of shoring up
tunnels or other mining work, or for
fuel. This- wliolo tract of coun
try, with its wonderful sugar pine,
yellow pine, spruco and fir, w:n ie
garded as comparatively worthless, iti,
only recently that tlio light began to
dawn upon our lumbermen, that lali
forma had within its own borders, ly
ing neglected, n class of timber
mini to any imported from the l.ast
for tho manufacture of flooring, doors
ami window sashes. Thu woll known
and useful redwood was supposed to
compriso tho valuable lumbor resources
of tho Slato. To a lletiistcr of tho
Land Ofllco nt Shasta belongs tho cred
It of introducing sugar pine into tho
lumber market of California. And ho
camo very near losing money by tho
venturo and getting laughed at for hi
imbecility in believing that tho sugar
nnd yellow pine wero useful to the lum
berman and mechanic. Tor tlio first
load of sugar plnu ho sent to Sacra
monto ho could find no immcdiato pur
chaser, and had to wait months beforo
ho could dispose of ids goods. Hut
when onco tr.ed by carponters for tho
insldo work of dwelling homos, Its ad-
mirablo qualities wero apparent, and
sugar pino Winner was pronounced
superior for thrtt purpose to any other
kind of timber. lied Mttff Cat.) Uor.
San Francisco Dulktin.
A little clrl, learning for tho first
llmo that "wo aro all mado of dust,"
isald, after" n brief meditation,-" Then
tho black fdlks' tiro mado out of coal
dus aln.'t they P' Brunswick 'News.
Mb. RortKitT Mickle, Cashlor of tho
Union Dank of Ualtimoro, has probably
been a bank officer for a longer tlmo
than any other man In tho United States.
Ho entered tbo service of that bank in
1819, and sinco 1830 has been Its Cash
A young Chinaman has been ad
mitted to tho collcgiato instltuto nt
Napa, California, without opppsltlon
from tho students, who troat him as
woll as though he was of their own race.
Ho has parted with his qticuo, nnd
dresses liko nn American.
A hf.oknt census of India shows that
030 of tho natives nro authors and po-'
cts, 130 astronomers, 23,000 fortune-
tollers and pedigree-makers, 30,000 re
ligious mendicants, 8,000 painters and
sculptors, 38,000 actors and jugglers,
nnd 1,000 snako-oharniors.
A man hot $10 to $1 that Tildcn
would bo elected, and then, desirous to
hedge, bet $10 to $1 with tho samo per
son that Hayes would be elected. At a
glnnco this looks as though ho would
come out oven, but nn examination
shows that ho would In any caso loso
Sam Sino, a Celestial nabob of Elko,
Cal., is about planting a colony of Chl-
uoso in Chicago, starting with 85 and
having 150 others awaiting bis order.
California papers indulgo in fervent
hopes that the Chincso will becomo so
numored of thonowclimato ns to relieve
tlio Pacific shores of their presence
Till: first patent taken out in Eng
land was an cxclusivo prmclgo for
rawing, engraving, and publishing
maps of London, Westminster, Urlatol,
Norwich, Canterbury, Hath, Oxford
nnd Cambridgo. Tho next was for tho
rivilogo of publishing portraits of
'Ills Sacred Majesty " James I. Tho
third was for an unexplained group of
wonderful. Inventions, plowing land
without horses or oxen, making barren
land tortile, raising water, nnd con
ducting swift boats.
The medical journals last spring pub
lished ropoatodly tho formula for Dr.
Pernor's new remedy fot oold in tho
head. As tho season for that distress
ing malady is at hand, wo print tho
recipe, which is: Trisnltrato of bis
muth 0 drams, pulverized gum-arabic
drams, and hydrochlorato of mor
phia 2 grains. This is used as a sntifl,
creates no pain, and causes, says the
iOndon Lancet, tho entire disappear
ance of the symptoms In a few hours.
HmtMAN Ott, of Omaha, could not
got n living a3 a carpenter, and conse
quently became a gravo-iligger. I his
employment mado him melancholy, and
ho says that ho wag unable to repel tho
lea that ho ought to btlry himself. So
ho dug a grave, shot himself at tho
brink of it, and fell in. Ho had ar
ranged several bushels of dirt to fall on
him when his body knocked out a prop,
but tlio contrivance did not work, nor
did tho bullut kill him. His physician
advisos a change of employment.
A HKAUTIFUL younj lady who had
allowed tho tendrils of her heart to
twine fondly around a strapping great
conductor on a horsc-car, had her af
fectionate nature crushed by tho dis
covery that ho wa3 taking faro from
her, and dead-heading another girl who
lived in tho same street. Sho did not
oat plckioj and pine away, but wrote
Jit in an nltocting epistle, which road:
" Vou want to knock down cnulV stamps
to buy me a paislcr shawl & 11 dolley
vardin beforo SuniUy, or I will put an
awning over that girl's hyo the next
timo I meet her in Society. You iteer
The cloar, crisp, stnr-llt winter
nights aro near at hand, when tho lovi'
smittencountry swain hitches his horses
to tho sleigh and drives 17 miles to got;
his noso frozen, anil discovers that his
girl has gono off to a party with somo
other fellow.
Herk Is another caso of rrtrlbuttvo
justice. A clergyman in a neighboring
town married a runaway couple, nud
tho samo night ho was overtaken' by a
donation party, nnd lmd nothing in the
houso to cat noxt day save beans und
potntocs. Norristown Iltrnhl.
1 Aiti.tAMKNT at Its last session cut
iown Queen Victoria's allowance to
$8,270 per day, nnd now tho poor old
girl spends hours sitting with a fashlun
magazino in her lap, and holding tin
old dress In each hand, wondering how
sho can oontrlvo to mnko 0110 now ono
out of tho two. Heaven help thu poor.
A locomotivic engineer who had just
been discharged for somo cnuso gavo
veut to his splto, eminently character
istic of American humor. Ho said it
was about time ho loft tho company,
tin) how, for tho sake of his life, for
"thero was nothing left of tho old
track but two streaks of rust and the
right of way."
Thk custom among elderly gentle!
men ot making a common carrier of
their plug I111U has becomo so common
that tho spcctaclo of u respectable cider
In church with a red silk handkerchief,
two lettors, a petal card, nnd a corner
of plug tobacco on his head no longer
raises tho ghost of a smllo in the con
gregation. II ashitiyton Nalton.
The logic of childhood is sometimes
irresistible. A promising youth of on
ly seven summers, who hail Ucen ne-
cuscd of not always telling the truth,
cross-examined his father. Father,
did you uso to lie when you wero u
bujP" "No, my son," said tlio pa
ternal, who evidently did not recall tho
past with any distinctness. "Nor
mother, olthor?" persisted tho jainy
lawyer. " No; but why?" "OIi.be
causo I don't see how two people who
never told a lie could havo a boy that
tells as many as I do." Tlio problem
has never been solved. There is a mis
take somewhere, nnd tho chances nro
Ihut it was not mado by thu boy.
"Tlio Kind of All l'nblleillonIallf(t
for'tlie Yoiinc or lillher "tide of Ilia
AliiiUlo.'-TiufAa''0n (Vnflaud) 0b
ttntr. The third volume of this Incomparable
Marine Is now completed. With IU
800 royal octavo pnKo, ami lt 00U lllm.
tratlnn, iu splendid serials, lis shorter
Morlcs, poems, and sketches, ite., etc..-In
1U Leiiutlful binding of red und gold, It is
the iml splendid glft.liook for boys and
clrls ever lsucd from thu picas. l'rlcc,$ll
in full gilt, $3.
X Divorce Suit Which IIhk I!ocn
'Withdrawn Three Times.
rwcASSKF.n Chicken. Divido your
fowls: wash well nnd lay in a flat-bot
tomed vessel with the' bono sldo down;
coyer evenly with part boiling water
and milk; let simmer umu touuer;
skim off tho fat that comes to the top j
season with salt and white pepper;
pile tho chicken nicely on tho dash; put
In tho gravy a bunch of parsley, 1 mrgo
minced'b&iled onion, 1 blddo of maco,
a cill of croam, tho yelkB of 2 eggs, and
a t'lMoinnmifiil of butter, nibbod to a
cream in 2 tablospoonfuls of flour; let
all boil a low minutea; iuko ou.iuu
parsley and maco nnd turn oyer your
chicken, which you must havo kept hot.
The Itutland (Vt.) Ofoli'ls rosponsi.
Lin fnr tho'ass'ertion that thero uro 'JO,'
522 whito mon In tbo State who can
An lJngtish correspondent writes of
tho Presidential building: " In the
Whito House thero is not a single room
which can bo associated Ijy tho greatest
stretch of imagination with tho idea of
homo.' Ono might as well set up one's
household goods In a hugo barn. Tho
rooms aro liko naked, gaping vaults,
with not ono smisr corner to bo found
through tho wliolo length nud breadth
of them. They aro Intended only to look
'big,' and to provide spaco for tho
crowds of persons whom the President
Is expected to entertain, for tho credit
of tlio country, at his own expense."
With reference to color-blindness, or
the leek of power to distinguish colors,
it is stated that very few of the persons
so affected aro conscious of the defect
in their vision. Many railroad acci
dents aro caused by tho culur-bllndnoss
of railway employees, and tho Swcdisli
Hallway Direction has recently ordered
an examination to bo mado by oculists
of all thu men in its employ, so ns to
guard all danger. Professor Holingren,
who has just examined tho employees
of tho Upsala Gefle Hallway, fonnd that,
out of 200 persons examined, eighteen
woro color-blind, and so uttorly unfitted
for the railway Bcrvico.
A new Prison Chaplain was recently
nnnointed in n certain town. Ho was
a man who greatly magnified his ofllco,
and, entering ono of tlio cells on his
first round of inspection, ho with much
pomposity thus addressed tho prisoner
who occupied it: "Well, sir; do you
know who I am?" "No; nor I dlnna
caro," was tho nonchalant reply
" Woll, I'm your new Chaplain." "O,
yo aro? Wcel, I lino hoard o' yo bo.
faro". "And what did you hear?" ro
turned tho Chaplain, his curiosity get
ting tho better of his dignity. " Wcel,
I heard that tho last two- kirks yo woro
in yo preached them baith empty j but
I'll tw hanged if ye find it such an easy
mnttnr to do tho sauio with this anol"
A cuutous little sclentlfio toy has
made its appearance in tho opticians'
windows. It consists of a tiny wind
mill fencloeod. in a glass bulb of about
three inches diamelcr, which revolves'
without any apparent motive power.
Tho secret of tho .mystery is that tho
four vanes of tho mill uro blackened on
one side, and coated with bright foil on
tho other. Tho bright sldo reflects tbo
radiant heat of su7oundlng objects,
and tbo dark sldo' absorbs it. Tho on
closing bulb' being partially exhausted
of air, the difference of tcmperntnro
create a sufficient current to oause tbo
tancs to move. The eontrivnnco is
People in love arc always fools per
haps this is too harsh, so wo will com
promise by saying they poem
to gain nothing from experi
ence, no matter how bitter it may
havo been, or how dear lias been the
cost. In tho Circuit Court yester
day tho suit for divorce of Mary
Dress vs. Henry Dress was call
ed, and on motion of plalntill's attor
neys was dismissed. Tho particulars
of the caso transpired a few wutks ago
in a caso of alleged assault and battery
beforo Esquire Morris, wherein tlio
plaintiff anil defendant wero a in tho
ilivorco suit. Mary accused Henry of
assaulting her with 11 knife, and threat
ening to take her life, for which sho de
manded that ho bo put under bonds tn
keep the peaco as toward her. The ju
ry found for tho defendant. During
tho trial of this case it transpired that
tho pair had been married le.ss than u
year. Ho had a divorced wife and
somo children living iu Cincinnati, and
alio had two children living with her ut
the timo of her marr'mgo with Dress.
After tho marrh'go Dress went to live
with her, as she hail a hou-o furnished
and was paying tlio rent. In order to
do the thing up in (.tylu.Dress added half
a dozen chairs and a clock to the house
hold furniture, which it appears was his
wholo contribution to the castle. After
it few days of happiness, a skeleton was
dlscovcicd in the family closet.and Ma
ry and Henry separated, he leaving the
houso, and in tbe coursj of 11 fe.v
weeks Mary went to her attorney ami
had a complaint fnr divorce drawn up.
Hut beforo It was filed, however, Henry
got tired of single misery, and returned
to Mary, who was porsuadod to with
draw tho suit for tlio first ti 1110.
Every thing went on lovingly for a
frw wnks. when trouble began to
lawn again, nnd ono evening Henry left
home, alter having smashoit all his
hairs and his clock, and swearing ho
would never enter the housu again.
This was thu signal for a new divorco
complaint which was drawn up and
filed. Hut beforo Court met tno nemo
Henry had again returned and prevail
ed upon his wife to withdraw it, and,
for tho third timo, was happily domi
ciled in the houso. Mary was paying
tho rent, while Henry was clothing the
children and his own children in Cin
cinnati. Hut, after a short time, hap
" St. NiriHifUt Is full of tlio choicest
things. The publication Is, In nil te-pects,
thu bc.-t of lis kind. Wc have net er yet
peon a number Unit was not surprisingly
good." The Ciurehnum, lltirtfjiit, Cunn.
Which npens with November, 1870, be.
clus 11 short und very entertaining f-crlal
from the Erencli, "The Kliijidmn of the
Ouedv," 11 story adapted to Ihe Thanks-civlnji-icasun.
Auuther serial, of ubsoib
ing lute rot U buys,
"ills own MAfrrr.u," by j. t. tiiow
liitilxiu, author of the " Juck HuAird Stuilcj," bo.
gins In Hie Christina Ilolidiiy Number.
Itaddcs serial stories, ChrUlm.is stories,
llvtlj tki'lcbu, poems and plcliues fnrtho
liolldnvs, nnd some nstnni-hliitf Hlii-liu-tlniij
o'l Oriental tpoits, with drawings by
Siamese iiillsU, tin: ciutivrMAS iiiii.ihav
M'Miiuioi' sr. Nicholas, Mipcrniy illus
trated, contains a very Interesting paper,
' Cfl.l.r.NllltVANTi
"The Horse llolil," 11 lively article, by
Charles A. llariiuril, splendidly IlliMr.itcd;
"The Clock In the Sky," by ltlcliuid A.
1'iuclorj "A Christmas Play for Ilumesor
riiiiidiiy-Schools," by Dr. HsgleabMij
"The PetcrUtis' Christmas lice," by
Lucre tl.i P. Hale; "Poetry und (.'iirofl
of Winter," by Lucy Lareoin, with pict
Ules. ih not tail to nrvrr. jitrnm.vs rnn Tnn
riiitisi'MAH iini.iinv!'. 1'itK 1 21 ri.vrn.
lliirin,' the war thcie will Ik- Inkic-t.
'In" inpers fur li'ivs, liv William ('illicit
ltrviint, John O. Whlttlcr, TIioiivh
Hi'mhes, William Ifuwltt, Dr. Holland,
(ionr-ie Mr.el)oil:lld, Snnfolil II. Hunt,
Prank It. Stockton, an 1 nther.
There will be (-lories, sketch", nnd
tiiiems. of siicelil Inlcrct lo girls, by Har-
lict Prc-cntt Spoll'iii'd, Siis.m ('omIM'.'O,
Siir.ih Winter Kellogg, Eli.aliMh Slinirt
Phelps, Louisa Alcott, l.ucrell t P. Hale,
CcllaThiislcr, Mary Mnpcs Dodge, and
many others. There will be nl.-o
"1WI.I.VK RKV I'KTl Itl.S," 11V l'ltOFRgSOU
I'iKirioit, nn: A'TnoNoMiiit.
with maps, slmwlns " The Stun of E.ich
Month," which will be likely tn surpass
In interest any series on popular seienco
recently given to Ihe public.
Amii-ciiient nnd Instrurllnn, with fun
and frolic, and wit and wl-doni, will bo
mingled 11s heieliifore. and St. Nicholas
will continue to delight the youug nnd
give pleasure to the old.
Tin; mimkin i.m.tiAiiv woui.i) stvs:
' There Is nn mairazlne for tlio young
Hint can be suld to upi.il Ibis choice pro.
iliiilion ot ScrihiKi's press. All tlio
articles, whether in prose or rhyme, nro
throbbing with vitality. Tho
lltir.ilure and artistic illustrations arc both
The London J)iilj JVVim says: "Ao
wi-h wc could point out its equal iu our
own periodical literature."
tilKlll M.WS Fdlt IMIVH AND nil'.LS.
To iin it the demand lor a cheaper St.
Nn liols (lift-Hook, the price of vols, I
nnd II bus bein reduced to il each. The
three volume, In an elccrnnt library case,
me sold for 10 (in full gilt, $W) mi that
nil 111:1V gite lUeir children a eomplcto sit.
These vol times contain more iiltrartlvo
ninUrial than fifty dolluts' worth of Iho
nrillniu v ehlldicn's books.
Kubscr'pllon price, 5aayc.Tr. Tlio thrco
bound vol mnes and a siib-eilption for tins
war, onlv Subscribe Willi the near-
1 si nnw-dcalrr, or send money In check, or
'. O.liimievordir.or III registered letter, to
ScuiiiM.it ite Co.,7iaHroodway,N.Y.
A Horrible riot.
l'or several days past, says tha Mow?
phis .tppenl, thero has been loafing
around Covington, up in Tipton Coun
ty, a 111.111 named .f. H. Ooat, (aid to bo
rtstrcct-c.tr driver of this oily, and a
syn-in-i.v.v 01 .nr. .umuiua wan, 1.
vicinity. On Saturday evening last, 1
Mr. (lo.it managed to ingratiate him- '
self into the confidence of Millard Dob- Jj
son, a young man of boijio HI or 20 V
summons from Ihe vicinity of Garland, F-
and who, front a too frequent liuiui-
genco in bad whisky, had rendered j
himself Incapable of t-elf-pi enervation.
This human fiend took the young man
in charge and proposed to carry him J
home, but, instead of tal.irg the road
toward (iarland, went up the railroad v
truck a few hundred yards, and then, '
idler robbing him of what little changu.?
ho had with him, and stripping him of J,
an utmost new coat ami vest, placed r
tho unconscious form of thu boy on tlio .
track, and left him a helpless victim i
to destruction by tho evening train, 1
Uio in tt few moinuiitH. At this point
1 located tho w.ttcr-triik of tbciailroad, i
anil near thero lives Mr. Auderson, tlio j
blind attendant of tho tank, and his I
wife. A moment or t.vo beforo the ar-
rival oi tho train Mrs. Anderson
chanced to discover tho situation of tho
young man, and with thu assistance ot
a lady neighbor, who was visiting liur
that night, rushed forth in the darkness
nf the nlcht and dragged the body from
tbo track ; just as the train camu tliun- f.
tiering by. Coat is a man nuout, ji
yearsf age, 5 feet 11 or IS inches in
height. A full description of him and
bis schemes, however, lias neen ior-
r.1,.,1 in rim iiollco ntitliorllies hero
liv Mr 1! iberts, tbo officer at Coving-
called Crookcs's Hadiometor, from nn
neither road nor writo, and 0.8G7 moro j erroneous idea which its Inventor had riVcr should bo fixed as the boundary
who do both ho badly as to bo called tnal us mouon wits mis w tuu tuiuu ui uno; mu uio question is w 'it uiuitut-
. "' ' " ' I .an. tt llirlir. I tleS.
Illiterate 1 V" '" '
1HIC JHAltai!rS.
ST. LOU18, December, 9, 18W.
HivK-tJhoicd. l.-.flai.'.w: UOOI 'i 5 i III
pinuss again took flight, nnd Mary said
lt.it Unnri- ixinii) Imitin ih'lt. lllMlt 111 11
J - , "1 . J.,11 ,
..nMs..i ...... P. , n,i fiMwinrr ti tni in ' i .,n. nun ins arrest u-n -
1C.WIIU .(HlklUiM .,... ..-. - - -
told her he was irolnir to kill her. Her . i"- ""
little child, a bright llttlo girl of eight
years, rushed In between them and beg
ged tho man "not to hurt mothor," nnd
ho gavo up tho liloa. '1 lien it was mat,
a third divorco complaint was filed,
which c.imo up for a hearing yosterday
and was dismissed. It is fair to sup
pose that lovo is again scrono in tho
household, nnd wo shall wait patiently
for tho fourth complaint.
Henry is about 48 years old, awk
ward, with a broken nose, seemingly a
hard-working, industrious man. Mary
Is a good-looking woman, apparently
80, and has a melancholy oast of felt
turcs, with moist oyes, which overflow
ed considerably whllo slih told her
story EvamvMe (Tnd) Journal.
It is rather rough on the settlers
along thu lino of tho Klo Grande to bo
under tho apprehension that thoy go to
bed at night as citlzona of ono country
and wako up next morning as tlio deni
zens of another, that they may bo subject
to tho laws of the United StnteH ono day,
and to those of Mexico the day alter,
all by reason of the shifting of the cur
rent of tho river that forms tho divid
ing line betweon the two republics. The
worst of it Is that nobody is, ttj blame
for it and nobody ran help It, sinco it is
duo to tho operation of natural laws
and fluvial forcos. In ono region uu
extensive tract of land, that formerly
was on our sldo, is now over on tlio
othor side; nnd It appears that, though
tho changes have tiouiolirnes been in
our favor, Moxioo Inn beon tho great
est gainer. Some of ov engineer offi
cers hold that thu old channel ot tlio
i4.3iKM4.fO; Cows snl llclftre, (J.JHa.
t5orn.eaTciana, 2.1J --0-
Mrenr-uminion to iweY ' ,0.' VT
FLouH-tbolM Country. J.Wt -
'wuSfEtsl. No. t. 1.5:81.31.'.-.
iai.x. ,
(Uts-No. 2,s-2i;aiaj.
TIMOlllt SiEO-l'rune, HlWOJ 70.
TonACCO-l'lantcra' Lues. I '"'1 "
,tl..M Mht,.,,ln l.Mt. AS.UUAS.&O.
iur-diMiooTiaioaiy.'wi'! wai.".
IIOTTitB-SJrioKse Hairy, Maiw.
1'OHK-blAndint Mesa. KKOstM 10
..... Ul..,n 111,. 1(). P.
WooL-Tul)-naalie,l. tnuiuc, 31) 40ii Ud-J
wasr.O'l Couibiiw, iH5'.Ui..
LOrlOK-llliKUUW, 11J40.
liKnvKS-Na't'.vo8lccra.7.t0110 5V, Colorado 1
Laraba, 16.37 07.25. N,
''?.f-'''.5;,!.,i''00'. , , S.7S
IWJia-UWH'Juu.wBi t:--V ... , y-,
wiitAi-No. i ciiIwko. i ai
Cokm Wcatcrn Mlica, tint. os.-to.'J.
OATKWoettm HIXHl, HI 1113a.
I'oiltt-Mess, 16.(HWU.7;.
CoTTOH UlUdling. 1lic.
BKEVW-Coinuion to Cbo.o. l U '
UO(J4 COU1IDOU to i;u.JiWI,
flliKKl' :l.T3l.75.
Itlouii cnoko VVllltll
Id S".a7.:5i sluice!
l.U.V a ti 17); i
Hiiiim Kitra. Itl.OOaii.S.
WBKIT-Hiirinu Ml. I.
eixitw, No. 3, M.(UJl.l".
cousr No. a, 4iaiii.
UAJ.S No, 8, S.l!40,
IUE-.No. Ilii '3
VaK-Ucss. H.Mf 10 IS
U.UIf-1'crol l0 Iji.13 U,
lUtBTia-Nttlvc Steers, S.7!al.J5i NautaJ
t,ia, H.tt43 to...
Ujuu Comoiou to Kxirs. ll.ioas i'
riouu .tioioo, r,i;.K!7.oo.
Coa Mixed, MtiTr
Uilb In aloio, aiM).
COrlOH UiUillUb, !( . .
ffsJrt un-AKS.
rLOUB-Choioo ramliy, M.Wa7.71.
UJkH Wniuj, SJtsts .
Uais-St. Loiiia, llHo.
UAt-I'nme.tla.iW jlH (O.
1'iiHh N at .,i7 73 illf.OO,
Conott jtiuouoi . Hho.

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