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®Jte fessier fauuer,
77. H. Scanland,Editor and Proprietor.
THURSDAY, September 24, 1896.
For Congress.
We art' authorized to announce Hon. B. W.
MAKSTON, of Bed River parish. as a candi
date for Congress from the Fourth District,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Hon. II. W.
OGDEN, of Bossier, as a candidate for re
election to Congress from the Fourth District,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
September 24, 1809—27 years ago
to-day—was what is know in financial
circles as "Black Friday." The panic
was caused by the attempt made by
Jay Gould and others to create a
corner in the gold market by buying
up all the gold in the New York banks,
about §15,000,000. For several days
previous to September 24 the value
of gold rose steadily, and the specu
lators aimed to carry it from 144 to
200. On the date named, which was
a Friday, the whole city of New York
was in a perfect ferment, the banks
were rapidly selling and gold was at
162^ and still rising. But in the
midst of the panic it was reported
that Secretary George S. Boutwell,
of the United States Treasury, had
thrown §4,000,000 gold on the mar
ket, and gold at once fell and the
excitement ceased. It is said that
Gould and his partners mado about
§11,000,000 during the panic.
Cotton for Japan. —The New Or
leans Times-Democrat says it is offi
cially announced that Japan will buy
the cotton she needs for her mills in
the Crescent City. A Japanese broker
has been in this country for several
months surveying the field for the
purpose of determining where he can
buy cotton on tho most favorable
terms and of tbo quality needed in
Japan, and has finally decided to
place a large order in New Orleans.
The Japanese trade is already con
siderable, amounting to some 75,000
to 100,000 bales a year, and promises
to steadily increase. "Of couase,"
says the Times-Democrat, "by the
new arrangement New Orleans will
get practically the entire Japanese
business." ___
Gov. Atkinson, of Georgia, gave
notice in ono of bis recent speeches
that it was bis purpose to permit the
law to take its course in capital cases,
uuless such course would be an in
justice to the condemned. In other
words, that "influence" would not
save tho neck of a criminal sentenced
to death, and that cases brought be
fore him would be considered strictly
on their merits. It is the Governor's
belief that if the sentences of the
courts were carried out promptly, and
persons inclined to lawlessness were
fully assured there would be no pros
pect of Executive clemency, there
would be a decrease in crime.
If the gold Democrats favor reform
in the tariff, they are not sincere in
dividing the Democratic party. They
must support the nomiuees of the
party convention at Chicaga to get
tariff reform. Their small band can
not revolutionize all things.
As Thomas Watson meanders down
the middle of the road, everybody is
guessing whether he considers him
self a torchlight parade or a funeral
A careful study of the electoral
vote tables as compiled by the cam-
paign liars shows that Bryan and
McKinley will both undoubtedly be
Bryan is not only the man of the
hour, but the man for the next four
years. __
A total of 24,585 patents was is
sued during the past fiscal year.
Yellow fever is prevailing to an
alarming extent in Cuba.
The British lion should go Turkey
The Turkish Crisis. —The alarmist
dispatches from Constantinople and
Vienna recently point to a concentra
tion of British warships near the en
trance to the Dardanelles with the
supposed object of forcing their way
to Constantinople. Turkey, it is in
timated, will be assisted by Russia in
resisting the British fleet. A Russian
General is said to be inspecting tbo
the forts of the Dardanelles, and the
Russian squadron in the Black sea is
being prepared for action. In a word,
the use of force by the English will
be met by force and war is seriously
threatened. It is assumed, though
without apparent nuthoiity, that Tur
key is a Russian protectorate, and
that England has resolved to act
alone in punishing the Sultan bv
deposition or otherwise for cruelty
to tho Armenians.
Gen. S. B. Buckner, the nominee
of tho Democratic bolters for Vice
President, is 75 years old and was
born in Hart county, in the southern
part of Kentucky, and still lives in
the log cabin in which he was born.
This log cabin was built by the Gen
eral's father over a hundred years
ago, and the only time he has lived
away from his birthplace was when
he was Governor of his native State.
Gen. Buckner is worth something
over §1,000,000, nearly all of which
is invested in farm lands and real es
tate. Ho is quite a poet, having
written a number of very creditable
verses. He is also a very versatile
writer in prose and has written many
articles on the financial question.—
He is a great Shakespearean scholar
and is reputed to be able to quote
the plays from beginning to end.—
He graduated from AY est Point in
1844, was a Captain in the Mexican
war, and a gallant officer in the Con
federate army, with the rank of Lieu
tonant-General at the close of the
New Members School Borad. —Act
ing on tbo suggestion of the old
Board, at its last session, I hereby
call a meeting of the new members on
Friday, October 2, for the purpose of
organizing and locating schools for
next session. J. A. W. Lowry,
Parish Superintendent.
St. Louis Republic : There is no
class issue involved in the present
campaign. The issue is one of mo
nopoly against the people.
Fourth Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral Maxwell's annual report shows
70,360 post offices in the United
States—an increase of 290.
The New York World makes this
important announcement : " If we
do not build more school houses we
must build more jails."
Memphis Commercial-Appeal: The
Legislature is willing to do nothing
but it is not willing to accept nothing
for doing it.
These are the days to advertise for
fall trade, and the Banner is a good
agency through which to reach the
The supremacy of law is the life of
the Republic, and the best hope of
the people and Democracy stands for
Sunday the British and Egyptian
forces entered Dongola, the nominal
objective point of the expedition.
The weekly report from the Mis
souri lead and zinc fields shows an
increase in business.
Tennyson's brook doesn't rnn half
as smoothly as Thomas Watson's
All campaign speakers this year
are loaded to the tonsils with aphor
The internal revenue recipts for
August this year amounted to oll,
527,07 4.
Florida holds her State election on
October 6, and Georgia on the fol
lowing day.
Ice formed in several places near
Cerro Gordo, III., Saturday night.
Jack Frost nipped things Saturday
night in various sections of Missouri.
Died, at Benton, La., Sept. 14th,
189G, at the age of nineteen years,
two months and twenty-three days,
Mrs. Mamie Meares Thompson,
daughter of Mrs. N. C. and the late
J. J. Meares, and wife of Mr. W. A.
Thompson, to whom she was mar
ried, May 19, 1S95. Her burial took
place at the Cottage Grove ceme
tery in the midst of a large number
of friends and relatives. According
to her own request, the hymns,
"Nearer, my God, to Thee," ami
"Jesus, Lover of my Soul," both of
which she especially loved, were
sung on that occasion. Tbehourof
death found her trusting in her Re
deemer, and she "passed through
the shadow of death" fearing no evil.
"So He giveth nis beloved sleep."
"Thanks be unto God which giveth
us the victory through our Lord
Jesus Christ."
" Friend alter friend departs;
Who has not lost a friend ?
There is no union here of hearts,
That finds not here an end.
Were this frail world our final rest,
Living or dying none were blest.
Beyond thofiightof time,
Beyoud the reign of death.
There surely is some blessed elimo
Where liie is not a breath ;
Nor life's affections, transient fire.
Whose sparks tty upward and expire.
There is a world above.
Where parting is unknown ;
A long eternity of love.
Found for tlie good alone ;
And faith beholds the dying here.
Translated to that glorious sphere.
Thus star by star declines, 'till all all are
passed away.
As morning high and higher shines, to pure
and perfect day ;
Nor sink those stars in empty night,
But hide themselves in heaven's own light.''
On Kingston Plantation, Yance
ville, Louisiana, Feb. —, 1895, Todd
Sparford, infant son of T. M. aud
Eugenia Yarborough.
Another family circle has been
broken. Another little rosebud has
been plucked and borne to the Par
adise that poets have sung about,
and pictured so radiant.
Its beauty and fragrance was too
fair for this earth, so death, the
archer, pierced it, and IleaveD
snatched the spirit and bore it away
to realms of bliss and purity, to
join the sweet choir of blest children
above, to be a sparkling diamond in
Jehovah's crown; a bright star to
shine with luster in the courts of
Heaven, where anthems are swelling
through the lofty domes, and gush
ing forth forth in glad sweet echoes.
Snre it would not be wrong to say :
We arc glad that thou hast escaped the
tempter's snares;
Glad that thou hast never breathed tho sin
ner's prayers ;
Glad thou art with the Savior while tender
and young,
For surely by such ought His praises be sung.
A Friend.
Yanccville, La., March. 1895.
The First Natioual Bank of
Shreveport is one of tho solid insti
tutions of that progressive city,
with a capital of $200,000. This
Bank shows a surplus of $00,000
undivided profits over and above all
demand and capital. It is well offi
cered and managed npon safe busi
ness principles. The President, Mr.
Walter B. Jacobs, has been identi
fled with Shreveport from his boy
hood, is well known as one of the
most prominent and successful bus
iness men of that city. The Cashier,
Mr. W. S. Penick, Jr., is a gentle
man of large capacity and eminently
qualified for the responsible posi
Mr. W. B. MeCormick's ginhouse,
in Bossier City, together with forty
bales of cotton, was totally destroy
ed by fire Saturday night at about
1 o'clock. No insurance.
A cotton honse containing about
eight bales of cotton in the seed,
belonging to Mr. J. W. Jeter, was
destroyed by lire Wednesday night
ot last week.
St. Louis Exposition, Sept. 9th to
Oct. 24.—On Sept 8, 10, 15, 17, 22,
24, 26, October 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20th
and 22d the Cotton Belt Route will
sell round trip tickets from Benton
to St Lonis and return at rate of
$21 55 for round trip. Limit for
return 5 days from date of sale.
O. R. Deston, Agent.
" There is need of a higher stand
ard of speech and thought among
our young men," says Rev. C. M.
Southgate. "Wickedness is not wit;
nor is filth humor. It was the be
ginner of these forms of sins that
undermined the great cities of an
, tiqnity." _
Bible Brilliants.
Blessed are the pnre in heart:for
they shall see God.—Matthew v, 8.
A man's gift maketh room for him,
and bringet!) him before great men.
Prov. xviii. 10.
, . j _.
Thi8 is my commandment, 1 liât j
ye love one another, as I bave loved
you.—John xv, 12.
Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify
it, as the Lord thy God hath com
manded tbee.—Dent, v, 12.
Thou, O Lord, remained for ever;
thy throne from generation to gene
ration.—Lamentations v, 19.
Greater love hath no man than
this, that a man lay down his life
for his friends.—John xv,13.
Every plant which my heavenly
Father hath not planted, shall be
rooted up.—Matthew xv, 13.
The Lord is good unto them that
wait for him, to the soul that seek
eth him.—Lamentations iii, 25.
He that is not with me is against
me; and he that gathereth not with
me scattereth abroad.—Matt, xii, 30.
The world cannot hate you; but
me it liatetb, because I testify of it,
that the works are evil.—John 7, 7.
Blessed are they which do hun
ger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.—Matt, v, 6.
If ye fulfill the royal law accord
ing to the scripture, Thousholt love
thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well.
—James ii, 8.
For tbe work of a man shall be
render unto him, and cause every
man to find according to his ways.—
Job xxxiv, 11.
For the law of the Spirit of life
in Christ Jesus hath made me free
from the law of siu and death.—
Romans viii, 2.
And thou shalt take no gift: for
the gift bliudetb tbe wise, and per
veth the words of the righteous.—
Exodus xxiii, 8.
I will set no wicked thing before
mine eyes: I bate the work of them
that turn aside; it shall not cleave
to me.—Psalm ci, 2.
But wbereunto shall I liken this
generation ? It is like unto children
sitting in the markets, and calling
unto their fellows.—Matthew xi, 10.
Every kingdom divided against
itself is brought to desolation; and
every city or house divided against
itself shall not Rtand.—Matt, xii, 25.
Wherefore, if God so clothe tlie
grass of the field, which to-day is,
aud to-morrow is cast unto the oven,
shall he not much more clothe you,
O ye of little faith.—Matt, vi, 30.
Eittipr make the tree good, aud
his fruit good; or make the tree cor
rupt, anil his fruit corrupt: for the
tree is known by his fruit.—Matthew
xii, 33.
For the poor shall uever cease out
of the land; therefore I command
thee, saying, Thou sbalt opeu thiue
hand wide unto thy brother, to thy
poor, and to thy needy, in thy laud.
Deuteronomy xv, 11.
Voting Precincts Established by the
Police Jury, Sept. i4, 1896.
Ward 1.
Precinct 1. Knox Point. All of
ward 1 south of township 10.
Precinct 2. Curtis. All of ward
1 uorth of township 15.
Ward 2.
Trecinct 1. Benton. All of ward
Ward 3.
Precinct 1. Plain Dealing. All
of ward 3 uorth of township 21.
Precinct 2. Alden Bridge. All
of ward 3 south of township 22.
Ward 4.
Precinct 1. Carterville. All of
ward 4 uorth of township 22.
Precinct 2. Mot. All of ward 4
south of township 23.
Ward 5.
Frecinct 1. Rocky Mount. All
of ward 5 north of township 20.
Precinct 2. Midway. All
ward 5 south of township 21.
Ward G.
Precinct 1. Bellevae. All of
ward 0 north of township 18.
Precinct 2. Haughton. All of
ward 6 south of township 19.
On motion and second, The Police
members of each ward is required
under section 31, of the election law,
to prepare polling booths at each vot
ing precinct by erecting convenient
barries in front of each voting place
not less than 30 feet square, and see
that the same is furnished with a
table convenient for voting, and
black ink pads, blotting paper and
lead pencils, with black lead only.
The Time to Subscribe.
The old newspaper saying, "now is
the time to subscribe," was never
more true than at present The times
are so full of incident, so many im
portant national and State affairs are
shaping themselves for a change, that
no one can afford to be without a
metropolitan daily or weekly. The
St Louis Republic, the greatest Dem
ocratic newspaper, is making a special
offer of its daily and Sunday paper
for three months at $1.50. It is $6
a year by mail. The Twice-a-Week
Republic is sent two times a week—
104 papers—for only $1 a year. In
addition to all the political news, it
prints every day a spread of general
news and features not equalled by any
other paper.
Succession of
John Powell, de
Succession Sale .
} N
I- > trie
J ish,
No. 48,295. Civil Dis
trict Court, Orleans Par
' La.
B y virtue of an order of sale to me directed
from the Honorable Civil District Court
in and for tlie, Parish of Orleans, La., I will,
ou Saturday, October24tli. 189fi, at the Court
House door, in the town of Benton, La., within
the legal hours for sale, proceed to sell, at
public auction, to the last and highest bidder,
tho following described property, to-wit :
An undivided three-eighths interest in Lots
3and 4, and east half of lot 2, Block "F" of the
town of Haughton, La., with like interest in
buildings situated thereon.
An undivided three-eighths interest in north
half of northwest quarter, southeast quarter
of northwest quarter, northeast quarter of
southwest quarter of section 25, township 16,
range II—160 acres—northwest quarter of
northwest quarter of section 30, township 18,
range 11—40 acres.
An undivided one-fourth interest in south
half of southwest quarter of section 16, north
half ot northwest quarter and southeast quar
ter of northwest quarter of section 21; also 15
acres as follows: beginning at northwest cor
ner ot southwest quarter of northwest quarter
of section 21, running 110 yards south, thence
220yards east, thence HO yards south, tlieuco
220 yards east, thence 200 yards north, thence
440yards west to point of beginning, all in
township 18, range 11, containing 215 acres,
more or less, with buildiugB and improve
ments thereon.
Terms of Sale—Cash, if tho a,upraised value
on two-thirds thereof be bid, else ou a credit
of twelve months, according to law.
Sheriff and ex-oflicio Auctioneer.
Benton. La., Sept. 10, 1896.
Succession Sale.
Succession of No. 43.506. Civil Dis
Charles Chatte, > triet Court, Parish of Or
deceased. ) leans. La.
B y virtue of au order of sale to me directed
from tho Honorable Civil District Court
Hi) and for the Parish of Oilcans, La., I will
on Saturday, October 24, 1896, at the Court
House door, in the town of Benton, La., within
the legal hours for sale, proceed to sell, at
public »notion, to tbo last and highest bidder,
tue following described property, to-wit:
An undivided five-eighths interest in Lots 3
and 4, and east halt of Lot 2. Klock "F" of
the town of Haugliton, La., with like interest
in buildings situated thereon.
An undivided tive-eigliths interest in north
half of northwest quarter, southeast quarter
of northwest quarter, northeast quarter of
southwest quarter of section 25, township 16,
range 11—160 acres—northwest quarter of
northwest quarter of section 3tl, township 18,
range 11—40 acres.
An undivided half interest in south half of
southwest quarter of section 16. north half of
.northwest quarter and southeast quarter of
northwest quarter of section 21; also 15 acres
as follows: beginning at northwest corner of
southwest quarter of northwest quarter of
section 21, running 110 yards south, thence 220
yards east, theuee 110 yards south, tlienee 220
yards east, theuee 220 yards north, thence 440
yards west to point of beginning, all in town
ship 18, range 11, containing 215 acres mure
or less,
with buildings and improvements thereon.
Terms ot Sale—Cash, if the appraised value
or two-thirds thereot be bid, else on a credit of
twelve months, according to law.
Sheriff and ex-officio Auctioneer.
Benton, La., Sept. 10, 1806.
601 Texas Street,
Goods shipped on day of receiving
order, and your patronage solicited.
t will lie at the following places for the pur
posent registering all iegal voters:
Curtis, Thursday, Oct. 1st.
Knox Point, Saturday, Oct. 3rd.
Haughton, Monday. Oct. 5th.
Bellevue, Wednesday, Oct. 7tb.
Midway, Friday. Oct. 9th.
Kockv Mount, Saturday, Oct. 10th.
Mot, Monday, October 12th.
Carterville, Tuesday, Oct. 13th.
Plain Dealing, Thursday, Oct.. 15th.
Ableu Bridge. Saturday, Oct. 17th.
Benton, October 19th to 31st.
W. II. BLEDSOE, Register.
Stray Sale.
Ï ^STRAYED before il. Barnaoustle, J. P
J Ward 6. by Edruou Smith, anil will bo
sold at Haughton, La., within the legal hours
of sale, on Saturday, October 10, 1896, one
black mare mule with a few roan spots, about
15J hands high, lett eye out, dim brand on
left shoulder, looks like the letters " J II,'
about 15 or 18 years old.
Appraised at $40.
The owner is requested to come forward
prove property, pay charges, Ate.
J. VV. ONEAL, Constable.
A. CiOEmilEL,
514 Market Street, Shreveport, La.,
Practical Watchmaker and Joweler.
Dealer in
Special attention given to re
pairing. Highest prices paid
_for old gold. Prompt attention I
given to country orders.
No. 318 Texas Street,
Shreveport, La.
JYotice to Trespassers.
N o hunting or fishing on my place will be
allowed. Trespassers will be prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the Jaw.
Lumber ! Lumber !
I AM now prepared to fill all orders for
rough lumber and shingles. I control the
sale of all lumber turned out at tbe Hanks
mill on Cypress Bayou. My yards are here in
Benton. Give me your orders. Come and see
me or write me.
For Sale or Rent.
A N entirely new and neat oottage in Ben
ton, containing four rooms; lour acres
of ground. Terms reasonable.
VXTljite Oak Timber between Bodcau and
l! the Cotton Belt Railroad, from the
Arkansas line to Red River bottom. Willpay
cash at th stump. J. E. ADGER.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Ceneral Plantation Supplies.
No. 508, on the Levee,
Nos. 223 and 225
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Aud General House Furnishing Goods
Sole Agent for the Celebrated
Charter Oak ami Buck's Brilliant
Stoves and Ranges.
Corner Spring and Crockett ätreets,
SherifFs Sale .
A. J. Murff
Mrs. M. E. Nash and husband. !
B y virtue of a writ of sale issued in above
named suit and to me directed, I have
seized and will proceed to sell at public auc
tion, to the last and highest bidder, at the
front door of the Court House, in the town of
Benton. La., within the legal hours of sale, on
Saturday, tlie 26th day of September, 1896 r
the following described property, to-wit :
Lot one ( 1 1 , of Block D, of the town of Ben
ton, Bossier Parish, La., according to ( jthe map
ade by C. McClenaghan, Surveyor, and on
file in tlie office of tbe Clerk of Court, Bossier
arisb, La.
Above described property seized as the
iropertv of defendant, Mrs. M. E. Nash and
Terms of Sale—Cash, without the benefit of
appraisement, to pay and satisfy the sum of
titty dollars, with 8'percent per annum inter
est"thereon from Novemher 1st, 1895, and all
osts of suit, including 5 per cent on said sum
aud interest as attorney's lees, aud according
to law.
A. R. THOMPSON, Sheriff.
Benton. La., August C, 1896.
Sheriff's Sale.
Tutorship of Pearl ) In District Court. Bos
N. Griffin. ) sier Parish, La.
B y virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued in
above named suit and to me directed. I
ave seized and will proceed to sell at pnblio
auction, to the last and highest bidder, at the
trout doorot tbe Court House, in the town of
Benton, La., within the legal hours of sale, on
Saturday, October 3, 1896, tbo following de
scribed property, to-wit:
Lot No. ono (I), of the town of Bellevue. La.,
together with buildings and improvements
thereon, containing one (1) acre, more or
ess ; one (1 ) acre of land in square form lying
in tbo northwest corner of northeast quarter
ot section 5, township 19, range 11, and lying
due east and adjoining lot 1 of the town of
Bellevue, La., aud one (1) acre of land in a
square form in the southwest corner of south
west quarter of southeast quarter of section
32. township20, range 11. An undivided one
lialf interest in northwest quarter of southeast
quarter of section 4. township 19, range 11,
containing 40 acres, more or less, and a like
interest iu six acres of land described as fol
lows : Beginning at northeast corner of sec
tion 23. township 19, range 12. and running
south along said section line 46 reals ; tbenee
west 20J rods ; theuee north 46 rods ; thence
east 20J rods to place of beginning, together
with like interest in the buildings and im
provements thereon, situated in Bossier Par
ish. La. Also 9 head of cattle.
The above described property seized as the
property ot Mrs. O M. Griffin.
Terms of Sale—Cash, subject to the benefit
of appraisement.
A. R. THOMPSON, Sheriff.
Benton. La., August 27,1896.
Sheriff's Sale.
Mrs. S. E. Johnston et al y
Francis B. Haynes.
No. 4042. In Sec
^ ond District Court,
) Bossier Parish, La.
B Y virtue of a writ of seizure and sale issued
in above named suit, and to me directed, I
have seized and will proceed to sell, at public
auction, to the last and highest bidder, at the
front door of the Court House, in the town of
Benton, La., within the legal hours of sale, on
Saturday, October 3, 1896, tbe following de
scribed property, to-wit :
The northeast quarter and north half of
southeast quarter, section 8 all of section 9
except that part of south half ot southwest
quarter lying south of Dry Cypress Bayou;
the north half of north half, the southwest
fractional quarter, the north half of southeast
fractional quarter section 10; the northwest
fractional quarter, section 15; all of section
16 except that part lying in and south of Dry
Cypress Bayou, or in swamp, township 19,
range 12; with all buildings and improve
ments thereon situated in Bossier Parish, La.
The above described property seized as the
property of the defendant, F. B. Haynes.
Terms of Sale—Cash, without the benefit of
appraisement, to pay and satisfy the sura of
$2000 00, with 8 per cent, per annum interest
thereon from March 29, 1895, and all costs of
suit, including 10 per cent, on «aid sura and in
terest as attorney's fees, and according to law.
X. K. THOMPSON, Sheriff.
Benton, La., Aug. 27, 1896. octl
Tax Collector's
.Tot ice.
T ax Payers will please meet me at tho fol
lowing places on dates mentioned and
save cost and trouble :
Collinshurg, Monday, October5.
Arkana, Tuesday, Oct. 6.
Carterville, Wednesday, Oet. 7.
Red Land,Thursday morning. Oct. 8.
Mot, Thtirsrlay evening, Oct. 8.
Emma, Friday, October 9.
Plain Dealing, Saturday, Oct. 10.
Rocky Mount, Monday, Oct. 12.
Ivan, Tuesday, Oct. 13.
Bellevue, Wednesday morning, Oct. 14.
Sapp's, Wednesday evening, Oct. 14.
Bodcau, Thursday morning, Oct. 15,
Durr, Thursday evening, Oct. 15.
Deerwood, Friilay morning, Oct. 16.
I. P. dt J. J. Lay's Store, Friday eve. Oot. 16.
Haughton, Saturday, Oct. 17.
Foster's Liberia Store, Monday, Oct. 19.
Foster's Sewall Place, Tuesday morn. Oct 20.
Bossier City, Tuesday evening, Oct. 20.
Curtis, Wednesday, Oct. 21.
Magenta. Thursday,Oct. 22.
Knox Point, Friday, Oct. 23.
Sheriff and ex-officio Tax Collector.

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