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Plain Dealing Department
LOCAL and personal.
jjr M. X- Wingett spent Tuesday in
Shreveport <m business.
jjis SI. Lynch and children were
•iumMU; the visitors in Plain I toiling
last Saturday.
Mr. and'SIrs. W. 1». Mlnxm and fani
f „ppnt Sunday in Slireveport with
('. \V. Pitch.
sir. a»d Sirs
yrs. H. SI- -Matlock is spending this
„•eek hi the Phelps Lake district visit
i-r* her s<ai. Sir. U. II. Alatlock.
Tliere ."'iil he an Paster service and
prozrain at the Methodist Church Sun- 1
(jay. beginning at ten o'clock. All are
invited to amend.
Mr. Edwin Poole and his sister. Mjxs
«ary Beth Poole, of Slyrtis. came in
UatVeek and spent a few days with j
Veve Kendrick.
Sirs. Alton Poster and young son. of ;
Texarkana. Ark., were guests last j
week of Sirs. Poster's parents. Mr. and j
Sirs. E. SI. Carstarphen.
I'nrcell Brothers are installing a
strain outfit at their planing mill in
tin* place of the oil-pull engine. The
ne«- engine and toiler are capable of
developing -<> horse-power.
The Woman's Missionary Society of
(jje SI. E. Church met Monday after
noon at four o'clock, when a very in
teresting program was rendered. The
Society will hereafter meet on the
For Sa!e
.UnMit thirty
cowl graded
ford. Addirs:
113-4-1» I
head of Cnivs and Helfers:
stuff Bed Polled nnd Herc
, Plain Healing, La.
SI. IC. I Soli xi: Kit.
For Sale
X Foul DKLiVEBY TRICK. for *".■().
In good condition. Address J. M. Cor
nislL Plain Dealing. La. |iô-!|
4* ^
Every man should buy War-Savings Stamps
The Plain Dealing Bank
Was Established
During 1904
That is not a long time ago as we reckon time, but it is suf
ficiently long for it to have gained a reputation for prompt
ness and reliability in ail banking transactions. Those things
have come. We are glad they have, and we are also pleased that
these same benefits are here for you to enjoy to-day. As this
entire community prospers, so does this bank; as this bank
grows in wealth, so does the community. We are hand in hand—
you and this bank. Have yoy a checking account with us?
President Plain Dealing Bank.
Cashier Plain Dealing Bank.
♦444»K , "H , 4*4 , 4'4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , »>4 M i , 4 M t , 4 , 4*4 , 4 , 4 , < , 4 M î ,, fr4 , 4 M i , 4 , 4*4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 M î , 4*
- —........... . ......... — I — m .. I.. .
HHt 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 * 4 *;* 4 * 4 4 4 444 * 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 * 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 *> 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 44
♦ *
♦ ❖
T 4»




Diamond Brand
In this advertisement we are going to talk
you only about Shoes. We are pleased to set
forth the merits of Peter's Diamond Brand Shoes,
for we know them to he good Shoes — well made,
serviceable and built to retain their shape. In fact,
we at all times guarantee Peter's Diamond Brand
Shoes, knowing them to he all-leather products. So
bear this in mind : That the offer of a new pair
entirely free is made to any one who can find paper
or pasteboard in the soles of these Shoes.
^ One shipment of these Shoes just in. Another
big shipment still on the road.
1 The Boys Who Carry the Stock ... Plain Dealing
r|* «$» **1 *j* •** »j» * 3 » *3« *♦* *3* *»• *♦* * * » 3 « 4 » « 3 « * <* *> * *î 4 * 3 * *5»
*3» «$*4* *$*«$**$»*$* «3* *?**$* «S***«*!
here is an announcement that
will appeal to you—because it will saVe
you big money on each purchase...
- We have cut the price of Gents' Trousers
33 l-3 per cent — one-third off the price
at which they are marked to sell. We now
have hundreds of pairs of Trousers at these reduced
prices. First come, first served.
Plain bä The J. P. KEETH ESTATE Hj£LS eaMng
The Leading Clothing House of North Bossier
:• ❖ »:• 4 .
Mondays after the second and fourth
Sundays in each month.
Sir. John P. Adair was attending to
1 usiness in Benton Monday.
Miss Bessie Carstarjilien sjient last
Saturday in Slireveport as a guest of
friends. __
Sir. It. It. Cheshire and son. of Ited
Land, were visitors in Plain Dealing
last Saturday.
Sir. A. \\. Heifiler and his daughter.
Mrs. John Stratton, motored to Shreve
port last Saturday afternoon in Sir.
Heifner's car. __
Sir. T. !.. Bixler was iudisjiosed
Monday and Tuesday, hut managed to
get to the Keeth Estate store for the
l ettter part of both days.
There will be a meeting of the It. E.
Lee Literary Society of Plain Dealing
High School to-morrow— Pood Friday
—with a Pood Friday program.
Sir. Minor Whegler. son of Mr. and
Sirs. IL L. Wheeler, arrived home last
Saturday. He was lately from over
*ias. where he lias been serving with
the American Expeditionary Army.
Mr. I. X. Bettorson. of San Antonio.
Texas, was here last Saturday check
ing up the drilling outfits and mate
rials on the Dallas Oil Company lease,
which he is buying and shipping to
Western Texas.
Mrs. Marvin Demoss sjient a day
so in Shreveport during the early part
of the week on account of the illness
of a liejiliew at a sanitarium in that
city. She also went to Blanchard to
visit her soil. Mr. Harry Demoss.
Mr. M. B. Kidd is organizing a home
talent theatrical truujie to put on
play at the Electric Theater at some
date within the next thirty days. The
proceeds to he realized are for the ben
efit of the local corjis of Boy Scouts.
The play selected is " Way Out West,"
a frontier drama in four acts.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Schenebeek, of
Antrim, were attending to business in
our town last Saturday.
Mrs. P. E. Kendrick went to Hoss
ton Tuesday to spend a week with her
daughter. Mrs. M. (i. McKinney.
Mrs. Barton Purcell returned home
last Saturday from a visit with her
sister. Mrs. T. M. Gatlin, of Xinoek.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Boggs and chil
dren. of Shreveport, came in Sunday
«•veiling and sjient a few hours visiting
in our town. —
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray and son.
•f Shreveport. si»ent the week-end with
Mrs. Murray's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S. II. Cochran.
Mr. M. B. Smith, of Hosston. came
in last Saturday to visit liis daughters,
Mrs. J. T. Dudney anil Mrs J. S. Hog
ers. He returned home yesterday.
Mr. ami Mi's. Frank Kuril, of Ivan,
sjient a couple of days «if last week
with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Parker, re
turning home Saturday afternoon.
Mr. E. L.-Johnson, «if Rtxl Land, at
pivsent teacher of the Cook School,
was at home for the w«*ek-en«l ami
sji«'iit last Saturday in Plain Dealing.
Mrs. J. L. Cochran, of Bradley, Ark.,
sjient Monday here with lier «laughter.
Mrs. W. 1L Stroud. Her sister. Mrs.
T. /,. Barnett. umnnjiaiiitxl her upon
lier return to Bradley, where she will
spend a few «lays.
Mr. Clyde Allunis, lately of the
Navy, was in Plain Dealing Monday
on his way home, in the Mot commu
nity. after his m"ent honorable «lis
charge at Gulfport. Miss. He joined
the Navy last fall. Many goo«l friends
are glad to weletime him Imme.
Mr. and Mrs. Linton Perry arrived
last Saturday and are visiting Mr.
Perry's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry.
Mr. Perry will leave the latter part of
the week f«ir his army post, in West
Texas. His friends lniiie t«i see him at
home again soon, however, and in
civil life. —
Clyde Lusk, son «if Mr. an«l Mrs.
T. J. Lusk, was so unfortunate as to
have his left* arm broken at the elbow
last Thursday while playing with an
other hoy. However, it was not a very
serious fracture and he only lost a
couple of «lays from school tin ace«iunt
«if it. —
Monday night an automobile party
of young |ieople drove tti the Wright &
Tnrnley mill, east of town, and had
lunch there. The party was c«imi>ose«l
of Misses Lillian Smith. Bessie Car
star] ihen. Nina Met laugliey, Messrs.
Gilford Wriglit. Arthur Turuley and
Clyde Allums. =
The Bed Hiver group of Presbyte
rian churches convened by représenta -
tives at the First Presbyterian Church
in »shreveixirt Tuesday. Bev. G. G.
Woodbridge a n «1 Elder J. T. Maury
represente«! the Plain Dealing Church,
and Mr. X. W. Xentell. «if t '«illinslinrg.
representeil the.Cottage Grove Cliurcli.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Boggs arrived
last Thursday from Shreveixirt to
sjieml a few «lays with Mr. Boggs' par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Boggs. They
li»ft yester«lay for Xew Orleans, where
they will make their home and where
Mr. Boggs will have employment with
Crawford. Jenkins & Booth, who now
have an established automobile busi
ness in that city.
A big «lance and box supper were
given Friday night «if last week at the
home of Mr. anil Mrs. Charlie Scar
borough. residents of the Miller's Bluff
community. Good violin music was
furnished and everyliody had an en
joyable time. More than a liuudml
people attended, all told, and several
automobile brads from Plain Dealing
were among those who helped to swell
the crowd of merry makeife
Mr. Lyles Wyclie. son of Mr. anil
Mrs. H. C. Wyclie, arrived at home
Monday. He has his honorable dis
charge from the Army and is at home
to stay. Mr. Wyclie says he exiiects to
spend a couple of weeks here and then
take his old iwisition at Dixie with Mr.
i Ansel Stroud. He says he was not
sick for a minute during the two years
in the service, though he was overseas
from July. l'.Us. until a few days ago.
Mr. W. O. Odom received a letter
Tuesday from Mr. G. M. Bouuds. son
of Mr. and Mrs. John Bouiuls, of
Hucky Mount. Writing from Germany,
he said, in addition to lieing well and
tolerably cheerful, that he was liojieful
of lauding upright in old America
some tine «lay. He also mentioned
having st»en in a cojiy of the Banner,
recently come to hand, where Mr.
Odom was married last November.
The Banner, it seems, was a long time
getting to him in Germa ip', hut what
lie saw in it was news to him, for all
that. — »
Mrs. Jim Martin was taken suddenly
ill Tuesday morning, hut is reiwrted
as improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Newsom and
son. Mr. Ernest Newsom, motored up
from SlireveiHirt Sunday and sjient tile
evening. —
Hon. J. A. Dike, of Greenville, Miss.,
was here last Friday looking aft«*r his
IM'ojierty interests. He owns a consid
erable tract of fine land located some
miles «vest of town.
The Sales and Service Garage has
been taken over by Mr. M. R. Bolinger
and Mr. C. G. Still. They will run a
repair slioji and also have a few cars
for tlie use of the public.
Mr. Linton Perry, son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Perry, of this place, and Miss
Mary Wimbish, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Wimhisli. of Shreveport,
were united in marriage in that city
last Thursday. Both these young
l>e«iple. well known in Bossier Parish,
have many well wishers among the
rentiers of the Banner.
Bev. T. J. Holladay preached Sun
day morning at Walker's Cliajiel, some
miles out. and at night in Plain Deal
ing. There were good congregations at
both services and the sermons were ex
ceiitionally goo«l. Mr. Holladay also
made a talk in the interest of the
Methodist Orjilians' Home at Huston.
*A fund is to lie raised for the Orphan
age at the Easter service Sunday.
Miss Dina Sherbourn. of Collinsbnrg.
was a delegate from Plain Dealing last
week to the State Sunday School Con
vention. -held in Minden, and while
in that city was a guest of Mrs. Joe
Brown, who is remembered here as
Mrs. Lizzie Stinson, of Baton Bouge,
who taught a private school at Col
linsbnrg some fifteen years ag«i and
was prominent and jiojiular In social
A Je weler's Store.
Mr. M. B. Kidd, the Plain Dealing
jeweler, chanced to pay a visit to our
town «luring the year 1P10.. He came
from Huston, in Lineolu Parish, and
returne«l there; hut he never forgot
the jiromisiug aiiiiearance of Plain
Dealing, and three years later—during
1Î113 —lie became a citizen.
The jewelry business is a successful
business, of course. Just now all the
I »respective June bridegrooms are re
sorting around the jilace. making
rather embarrassed iinjuiries about
wedding rings, and the brides-to-be are
looking that way for diamond rings
that shall hind engagements to matri
mony—and make them worth while.
Other vain but very handsome and
lovely adornments of the flesh are to
he had at Mr. Khld's store, and siile
loard ornaments and ancestral silver
may he bought in good taste and
elegant designs. Mr. Kidil will also
examine your watch, make it run reg
ularly. sell you a new one, or tell you
the correct time. He is an accommo
dating gentleman, and he does a good
business. Go there when you want
anything ill ills way.
Mr. Kidd is «me of the jirogressive
business men here. He was among tlie
leatlers of the briek-l mi filing movement
of late years, who made Plain Deal-
ing's business section almost entirely
of brick and mortar, and this progres-
sive hand of young citizens consider
their work as only just begun. They
aim to make tlieirUown greater still.
-- m • m —--
An Enjoyable Dance.
Weiluesilay night of last week there
was a «lance at the El«H?tric Theater
that afforded a great deal of pleasure
to the young iK*oiile of Plain Dealing
and visitors from other towns. There
was a giHiil baml from SlireveiHirt that
made dance music that could hardly he
improved uj»«mi. The hall was ilecor
ated in i»ea green and pink erei»e
paper, and tlie lights and fl«x>r were
all that heart could wish.
One of the Banner's friemls lias
handed in tlie following as a list of
the dancers present, and adds, "Also
a large crowd «»f sjiectators" attended:
Miss Marteal Winston and Mr. Charlie
Herndon. Miss Aline Kendrick and
Mr. Joe Scott. Miss Lois Swindle and
Mr. Lonnie Reynolds (Bradley, Ark.)
Miss Jamie Bailey and Mr. Olein
Machen. Mr. and Mrs. Still,. Miss Vey
Kendrick and Mr. Edwin Pixile (Myi
tis), Miss Madge Wyclie and Mr. Jem
ma Wyclie. Miss Sadye Winston and
Mr. John Crabtree <Bradley. Ark.).
Miss Xlna McGaugliey and Mr. Floyd
Lyon. Miss Atlilene Cornish and Mr.
Millard King. Mrs. II. O. Machen. Miss
Eilna Winston. Messrs. Henderson
Kelly. Whatley Holmes and Claude
Hale, of Hosston. and Mr. Linton
Perry. The chaperones were Mrs.
Berta Wyclie. P. E. Kendrick and Mrs.
Bay Bailey.
The Fish-Fry.
Mr. un«l Mrs. J. Perry gave a fish-fry
Monday evening on Still House Bayou,
eight miles northwest of town, in
honor of their son and daughter. Mr.
and Mrs. Linton Perry. The guests
made tlie trip in automobiles. Sixteen
ixnuids of channel cut were fried In
the way that fish should always he
fried. There was jilenty of eorubread
and there were also enough coff'e«*.
Iiiekles. stuffed eggs, cheese, chocolate
l»le. devil food cake, and a big freezer
of ice cream, which was served with
fresh strawberries. It was «juite a col
lation for a late evening repast and
the guests did the host anti hostess
justice in appreciation.
Those at the fish-fry were Mr., and
Mrs. J. Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Linton
Perry, Mr. ami Mrs. R. I.. Arnold and
children and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Kidd.
The members, of the party reix>rte«l
the roads out that way in very fair
condition; but that was liefore the
big rains of the day following.
Bossier Presbyterians.
There will l»e a meeting of the lay
I men «>f all the Presbyterian churches
! of tlie B«>ssier group at the Plain Deal
, ing Presbyterian Church Easter Sun
! day (next Sunday) at eleven o'clock
I a. 111 . Mr. S. B. Hicks, Ruling Elder <»f
j the First Presbyterian- Church of
I Shreveport, will lx* i»resent ami will
proltahly deliver an address,
j There will lie regular services daring
the evenin'*, beginning at ' o'clock.
Summer Trimmed Hats, $2 and Up
You will want to see these. There is one In the lot just right
for you. They are quite pretty and attractive—so much so that
you will be surprised at the price we have placed on them. ^
If you want to pay more for your hat, ask to see our line of $5
Trimmed Hats for spring and summer wear. They're beauties.
Our Very Best In the way of Millinery is now on display.
-—- You will understand from that announce
ment that we have in mind your Easter Hat. They are indeed
beautiful creations of the art, ________
and some of them run as high
in price as $15. Come in to
day and pick one for yourself.
Plain Dealing
Red Land.
Monday. April 14.—Mrs. S. E. Dod
son lias li«»en on the sick report the
past few days.
The singing yesterday afternoon was
exceedingly g«x»d. You had better
come and join the class.
Miss Mnudie Farrington, who has
been sj»ending a few days in Plain
Dealing, returned home yestertlay.
Misses Jessie Cheshire. Natalie Stew
art and Eva and Winnie Keoun sjient
the week-end liere with home folks.
Business visitors to Plain Dealing
Saturday were: Messrs. E. L. John
son. Calvin Hudson. Haiforil Peyton,
L. C.. Ke«»uu and Ellens Cheshire.
Misses Rillte Martin and Sadie Win
ston. of Plain Dealing, were delightful
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mizell
for a while yestertlay afternoon.
The services at the Bai»tlst Cliurcli.
held by Bev. X. L. Eddy Saturday, yes
terday and last night, where well at
teiulixl and very much enjo/ed l»y all
Bev. T. J. Holladay, of Plain Deal
ing. filled his regular npjioiiitment at
Walker's Chajtel yesterday at eleven
o'clock. While in tlie community he
was a pleasant guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Keoun.
Mr. anti Mrs. Luther H«illauds are
the proud jtareuts of twins—two line
boys—who made their appearance 011
the sth. Their maternal graiulfatlier
(Mr. J. J. Roberson) at once l»est«>w«*d
ni on them the names of " Woodrow
Wilson" and " Pershing." This makes
thirty-live grandchildren for Mr. Rob
erson. twenty-live of them lieing grand
Don't forget that the all-day sing
ing will he the first Sunday in May.
The ladies are requested to bring bas
kets of good tilings to eat, for your
corresix»ii«fi'iit heard one ex-soldier lx»y
say that he hojxxl vrcnjhotl y would
bring fried chicken. So it is uj> to
you. g«x>d ladies, to gratify tlie wishes
of this soldier hoy.' Make him and all
tlie rest of "our lxiys" hajijiy by giving
them one more good, old-fashion
spread so they can i*at to their hearts*
content. The singing will he good. t«x>.
so don't worry about that part of it.
We're going to exjiect you (and the
basket, t<x>)—so don't disajijxiint us.
Miss Vera King was hostess to a
little party given Saturday night at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tauton, re
siiling near here. Tlie guests who en
joyed the happy occasion were Misses
Eva ami Winnie Keoun. Mozelle and
I July e Xell < fix xlwin. Natalie Stewart.
Mary King and Estelle Dodson;
Messrs. Baifonl. Bennie and Percy
Peyton. Edgar Allums, L. C. and Bry
ant Keoun. Austin Stampley, Lutlier
Barnett. Carol King. Hartwell Doty
and Charlie Stewart. —ibish kosk.
Pleasant Hill.
Monday. Ajiril 14.—Farmers are now
talking about their little cotton jmtcli
i's. Corn is nearly all jilanted, up and
growing nicely.
Mr. S. J. DeMoss visiteil Shreveixirt
last Saturday.
Mililred, the little «laughter of Mr.
and Mrs. B. L. Harris, is sick.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gleason sjient ;
yesterday with Mrs. A. E. McKinney.
Messrs. R. C. Ranee and I. A. Glea
son were Shreveixirt visitors last Fri
Mrs. Murg Bounds was a jileasant
visitor with Mrs. Emmett DeMoss lust
Thursday night.
Mrs. Carl Andrews has been quite
slcli. hut her many friends are gla«l to
hear she is improving:
Mesdames J. D.. B. F. and I. A. Glea
son and Emmett DeMoss visitetl Mrs.
Claud Gleason last Saturday.
Mr. A. J. DeMoss and daughter. Miss
Mattie, attended the funeral of Mr.
W. H. Smith at Rocky Mount last
Mesdames Bettie Barnett an«l Bessie
DeMoss visiteil Mrs. Moore yesterday
afternoon. —ai.t.
Carry On!
I'nele Sam is releasing from his.
service the men who went "over
there" to free the world from autoc
racy. Thousands of sofilicrx are
daily receiving their honorable dis
charges. They pwcki-t their jiay, hid
farewell to their comrades and sally
There is one army, however, which
must not he demobilized. That is
the army of War-Savings Stamp
buyers. More recruits are mxxliHl
to carry on the camixiign of re
adjustmeiit wliicli follows the sign
ing of tlie armistice.
The army of fighters lias achieved
its ix>rjx>st>.
The army of savers must remain
in "action."
"Carry on" to a lasting jieace
miller the banner of W. S. S.
Thrift is the fashion. War-Savings
Sovktk'i are all the Lie.
*1* *1* *1* * *<• ❖ 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 * 4 4 4 •:* 4 4 4 4 4 4 * 4 * * 4 4 4 4 * * 4 4 4 * * * * * . 5 .
New Springtime
Wirthmor Waists
and sen
'ii ('in
' in.i:
Wk akk
age get
ni on
li««'s it
U lot
Tiik ei.
ht; i
prie«- at
il S tl
tor 1 hoy .-I re lu.-ule of
illisolilloly insure loll;
llKliK » i»;.:i:s n now yronn of
those ever »»epuliir. populiir
priee Wiilsts, the Wo ist s thill
(osl so little, iind still v:ive
such nevor-fiiilins nnd < em
ploie sntisfiit lion. si'ilillini'K*
is tile possession of every
Wirthmor, hut far more than
that they're a most yririblr
nullity fabrics ami in stich a ilc
an«l satisfactory wear.
I'tlinsly anxious to have every woman and >rirl of waist wearing
minted with the WIliTIIMOIt. to. mipiaintanei'sliip wit !» this
so means its purchase repeatedly. It means the aeipiirine of the
iialiit. a hiil.il of true economy, width hrinjts to one who prac
Oi tfenteel. pretty, distill« tive Jlhiuscs for a small expenditure.
»I the WIKTIIMtllt hor«\ and everywhere, is S
ill Waists of the same high charm ter «au lie s
the lowest
110 '
I V'5 -
Tin: s.\.\n: \ r.w males the \atio.\ iheii
THE SA ME LOW I'lllCE THE \ 1770 \ (>\ EU
Here in Plain Dealing Wirthmor Waists Can Be Sol«i Only at Our Store *
UEHO\ E run urn i nW.n Sml «nie *
BirJsell Wagons
....and Spring Seats
Tin: famous B1RDSKLL WAGONS ntx»«l no introduction at our
hands. They are made for hard service, and staiul it year in and
year out. Everyliody lias come to know that the reputation these
excellent farm wagons have earned goes further than anything
else in advancing their enormous sales.
Wk akk sole agents for BIRDSELL WAGONS in tlie Plain Deal
ing trade territory and have just rcwiveil a shipment of them—
in 'JVj. 2% and 3-inch tires. If in the mraket, call and s«*e them
an«l ask for prices. They will jilease you in all jxirticulars.
JSgp If a BIRDSELL WAGON «loes not ujijh^iI to you we (and
II» 11 ) will lx; convinced you are not now ill need of a new wagon.
Plain Dealing, Louisiana t
A*k nboitl <>m- Special feature Sale at BAU StHl" A
Real Estate
Those wishing' to pur
chase lands located in
and around the grow
ing town of Plain Dealing would do well to see me
before buying. I have some nice acreage and town
lots that I am offering on terms to suit purchasers
and at prices that are well p p wvphp *
under present market value. K * p, amoving ^
Wyche's Barber Shop
To Mit F rii nils of \ or III Itossirr.
1 take great jileasure in announcing that I have ie<»|»ene<l my
Barber Simp, with Mr. E. S. Fluitt in charge. We resjiectfuiry ask
that you give us a liberal share of your patronage, and will assure
you a s<|uare deal at all times.
We are agents for the EXCELSIOR STEAM LAI'NDRY. All
work fully guaranteed to give lierfect satisfaction. Yours for service,
- R. E. WYCHE, Jr., Propr.
We Want to Buy
AH th«> EGOS, Chickens, Turkeys,
JXieks, Geese. Hides, Tallow, Fur,
Wool nnd Beeswax we can get. \Y<;
have been in this business twelve
years, and know where we enn get
the best prices. That enables us to
offer you top prices, do see us be
fore you sell.
Plain Dealing, Louisiana
J-tf I
if you have something on your farm i
you would lik«' t»» convert into money j
advuti.w it in the Bunucr.
t Chickens, Eggs
I Butter • ••


4 »




Ohl Plain Dealing Market Staiul -J»
4 t 4 , 4-4-4-4-4-4'4-4-4'4'4'4"t-4-4":*4'4—:-4-4-4-4":*
Ducks. Geese. Turkeys and
all Country l'nxlucc —I buy
tli«*in six days in the w«-ek.
It will I»«» to your inteivst to
see me before you sell.
One swallow does not make a sum
nier nor on«* member a War-Savings
!'*xirt; but «lou t fit that Lui», ou out.

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