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Offical Journal of P of M .01
Official Journal
La AUass M, 4. w au toae.
Co oef AsCmnvusaualways be hAd
ý~~a, "ua 4~ 178.
ghab ribe for the Camn#; $3, year.
The naugurstlon of Kellogg will
take place on I onday, the 1lth inet.,
mud the ekeuaen of a United States
kaater ei Tuesday, the 14th. Both
eventa wil excite much public inter
TMh 1pesum Hall Legislature will
seabeble in New Orleans Monday,
butwhether it willbe permitted to con
if i its session in contempt of the
cadet 41f Judge Durell's Court is a
question that must be settled by future
-The CuncI's favorite candidate for
tbo U & Senat ship is Hon. lcbgel
Hahn, ex-Gov. of the State, and now
bildiube of the House-ofi Representa
tA i from St. Charles parish. After
hie, H... P. -B. 8. Pinchback, a eel
mar jean, Acting Gov. of the State,
spCengreasmnan at large elect.
One of the finest pictorial illustra
timns we- have seen for a long while
tithe view of the burnt district of
BOAton given on a supplement to
.Fronk ZIlia's BlMtawted Xeaespaper
of December 28th. This splendid pic
tute is furnished to subscribers free
of extra charge, and is itself worth
the price of a year's subscription.
. All .the New Orleans daily papers
eitcept L'Abeille haves reduced the
price of single copies to five cents.
The subscriiti ' prce of the . epub
1s change from 16 to $12 per
annum, 4a0C ' of the Times from
$16 ti $14. This is a step in the
u 3dfr0e0oo. There is no good
$ New Orleans papers
be dearer than those of the
othe ,rge cities.
Despite the vehement and oft-re
jiat*d t dejlh tion of the more hot
7dof the Fusion journals hat
Ieai smis on the verge of inancial
rrt , "ft no prospect of redemption
Sla' McEjiery ie Governor, State
warrants and, other securities are
slgidity Increasing in value. This
*t will go further with sensible
p.ople than a thogsand columns of
newspaper balderdash.
By reference to the table of adver
tishig rates published in the first col
umn of the first page, our readers will
saertain that we have made some
changeh In a ftw of the items, increas
ing the prices in two instances, but
reducing thepn in several others. These
rates we now as reasonable as we can
in justice to ourselves and the pro
ression make them, and they will
be adhered to. We solicit the patron
age of advertisers, feeling assured they
will realize a handsome return for all
mosey expended in inserting notices
Insigned to meet the public eye in
the columns of the CamEF.
Hon. Alex. H. Stephens, who held
ths:peaition of Vice-President of the
Southern Confederacy during the. late
unpleasantness, advises the people of
Luausmena not to resort to violent or
illegal means to install McEnery as
Governor, but to leave the matter to
be settled by the courts. Mr. Steph
ans defends the position taken by
President Grant with regard to the
Louisiana contest as the only proper
usae .W be assumed by him under the
eireemistanees. Can not some of our
brethren of the Fusion press, who
are effervescing with indignant rhet
oric over the situation, learn a little
wisdom from the Southern big gun
editor and simmer down.
It Is a curious fact that the anti
Redican .candidates in Arkansas
are about instituting the same sort of
)rsree&dings before the U. S. Circuit
Court for that state, for the purpose
of preventing their opponents from
getting the offices, as were ei ered in
tl1e Court in this State by Mr. Kellogg.
If:$he. Mkansas Judge decides the
saie way Judge Durell did, what a
4 ~t p sound will the cry of
I ai iea Dsmocrats against " Fed
eaal tla iiou become to the ears
df r tbren in Arkansas. It
lp8esiMledisfesce in the world
vshouas~xis' rred" fhi matters like
~e ? Vorkribune ,ad sn are
in jsoj nddlqfor twd pi able
Joul regardig Louisana naffirs,
a t t -ilrgf1 al logic^ xetes the
surprise and impatience of even the
comparatively insignj~eapt it Ev.
Both the great New York journals
mentioned cry out against the inter
ference of a federal court in the State
e6 quhak " .:r and dan
gerous inroad upon the liberties of
the people, and contend.tbat the set
tlemeat qf the contest should have
been Jel to the State courts alone.
The abutectietindple our two " big
brothers":of the press advocate is an
exllent one1 but can it be that they
are ignorant of the fact that Governor
Warmoth set the' oier of the State
courts at defiance; that he directed
the judge of a New Orleans District
Court to be fbrelbly displaced from the
bench for giving a decision adverse to
the political interests of the Chief Ex
ecutive, and that he refused to recog
nise the mandate of the Supreme
Court reinstating the Secretary of
State who had been removed from of
fice by his Executive order, because
that mandate would invest the re
instated- Secretary with the powers
of a Returning Officer ?
With the highest State judicial an
thority trampled upon by the Execu
tive, where were we to look for pro
tection from whatever violation of law
it might occur to Gov. Warmoth to
commit if not to the strong arm of the
Federal Government?
Comte now, Messrs. Reid and Dana,
consider this point calmly, and then
discuss the Lnuisiana question with a
little more justice and moderation.
Hon. Wm. G. Brown, the recently
elected State Superintendent of Pub
lic Education, has entered upon the
discharge of the duties of his office,
and assumed the grave responsibility
of directing the system devised by a
Republican Legislature for the educa
tion of the youth of Louisiana. We
have waited with some concern for
the first official action that would
seem to indicate Mr. Brown's future
course, for we were anxious to know
whether he was likely to continue the
excellent application of the school
law inaugurated by his predecessor,
or branch off into some new theories
that would prove inimical to the cor
ner stone of our liberties and prosper
ity-education of the rising genera
tiwi.. We felt relieved when we
learned that the new Superintendent
had expressed a determination to re
tain as his assistant Mr. M. C. Cole,
the gentleman who occupied the same
position under Mr. Conway, former
Superintendent. To Mr. Cole's great
ability and indefatigable energy is
due much of the success achieved by
Mr. Conway in his administration of
the school laws, and Mr. Brown will
have in him an invaluable adviser
and assistant.
With a liberal minded Republican
journalist at the head of the educa
tional bureau, and an experienced
Republican educator to counsel and
aid him, the prospect for a beneficent
administration of the educational de
partment of the State Government is
indeed encouraging.
However long and bitterly de
feated aspirants for office and the
more partizan newspapers of Louis
iana may continue their denunciation
of the means employed to secure the
installation of a Republican State
Government, it must Ye apparent to
an observing mind that there is a
growing determination visible among
the cool-headed and reasoning men
and newspapers that supported the
Fusion party, to accept the situation
and acquiesce in the recognition of
the Federal Government so plainly in
dicated by extending the strong arm
of the military to support the ruling
of the U. S. Circuit Court. Every
week our exchange mail brings some
new convert to the doctrines of the
CHIEF, which are dictated by plain,
unassuming common-sense and a con
cientious opinion of what is best afor
our State and her people.
THE POET'S CORNER.-In order to
increase the attractions of the CHIEF
we have added a new feature with
the new year, in the shape of a " Poet's
Corner," which will always be located
in the first column of the fourth page,
and will contain each week two or
more choice selections from the car
rents poetical productions of 'the
times. We should be happy to receive
and publish meritorious original con
tributions from some of our readers
who are poetically inclined, believing
such will serve to enhance the pop
ularity we air* to achieve for the
1 Corner."
The New Orleans Times reap
eared n tUir -OdW fgi T' luIy
and wsawellomed i a lar nanxu
be of 1 tr4as what prefe tsviin
and eitrpiise to the antiquated de
portmefnt and milk-and-wateriness o
tie P grawd.potter : of thi
New Orleans press. We have little
adiniration for tie violept, abusive
political editorials of the limes, bu
we recognize its value as a newspaper
and have no lreason tb grudge i
financial prosperity after emerging
safely from the temporary embarrass
meats caused by the proseoution o:
its half-proprietor for debt. ;8 soft
ened is our heart by the 'mdaforttinei
of the Times and the merryseasoz
through which we are passing, thai
we wish the Zime a happy-new year
Do you wish to make a present dur
ing the holidays ? If so, there is noth.
ing more suitable than music, ana
nothing in the music line can equaJ
Peters' Musical Monthly. A subscrip.
tion to this valuable Magazine will
give your lady friend all the new music
she can desire. Its arrival will be
hailed with delight, from month to
month, and need we add that the giver
will be remembered with eaeh pleasure
that the fair musician culls from the
hundred and odd charming pieces that
a subscription will place before her.
The January nuntber, price 30 cts.,
is before us, and contains the follow
ing pieces. They are also published
in sheet form at the prices annexed.
Do not turn me from your Door, song and
chorus, Hays, 40 ets. Recollections of Child
hood, haritone song, Danko, 30 eta. Farewell,
Darling, 'till we meet, song and chorus,
Rosaw g, 30 cts. Close the shutters, Willies'
Dead, song and chorus, Stewart, 30 eta.
Lord, my God, soprano and alto solo and
quartet, Danks, 30 eta. There is but one
Imperial City, four hands, Strauss, 35 eta.
Belisario, Kinkel, 35 eta. Silver Spray, ca
price mazurka, Kinkel, 40 eta. Fleur des
Champs, valse elegante, Tonel, 50 eta.
It will be seen from the above that
the publisher gives $3 20 worth of
music for 30 cents, or, in other words,
about $40 worth of music to every
yearly subscriber. It is published by
J. L. Peters, 599 Broadway, New York.
Price, $3 per year; two copies for $5;
four copies for $9. Bound copies for
1872, price $5.
REMODELED.-S. S. Wood (the foun
der and editor of this popular monthly,
now in its twelfth volume), makes the
following announcement of his policy
for the new year:
At the commencement of our mag
azine we had no idea of confining our
selves the use of original matter; but
we finally yielded to the advice of
literary friends, used no selectionm,
and announced a series of eighteen
$100 prize stories which were continued
regularly for as many months. In
addition to paying the highest prices
for other contributiqus, we called to
our editorial aid some of the best lit
erary talent in the country. And yet
we have not been able to get the " or
iginal" material neccessary to make
the work satisfactory. Hence we have
remodeled the magazinein accordance
with our original plus, and shall
henceforth avail ourself of selections
from foreign books and perodicals,
and present the cream of the best
thought concerning the subjects treat
The January number now ready,
contains the following articles: One
Cause of Trouble, by Gail Hamilton;
Catherine's Christmasses, by Harriet
Prescott Spofford; Co-operative Sto
res, by Sidney Hyde; Good Cheer,
by E. D. Rice; General William Wirt
Colby, by Rebecca Harding Davis;
Reading Aloud; Song of the Sordid
Sweetheart; The Rooster - Pecked
Wife; The Law of Courtship; The
House of Mourning; Agostina, the
Maid of Sariagosa; Story of the Sand
Man; Peace on Earth; Peep: A Frag
ment for the Young; Forfeits; The
Spider and the Flea; Editorials, in
cluding: Remodeling, Holiday Greet
ings, Literary Review, Fashions,
Housekeeper, Sense and Nonsense,
and Love Thoughts of eminent per
Price One Dollar a year. Send fdr
specimen copy which will be mailed
Address S. S. Wood & Co, New
burgh, N. Y.
Zell's Monthly Magazine is the title
of a new publication that has reached
us from Philadelphia. This magazine
is an illustrated review of literature,
science and art, conducted by L. De
Collange, LL.D., and published by
T. Ellwood Zell. The January num
ber is on our table, neat in its get-up,
rich in contents, and fully equal in
every particular to any of the first
class publications of its kind. The
subscription price is placed at the
very low figure of $2 00 per annum,
and sample copies may be had free of
cost by addressing the publisher, T.
Ellwood Zell, Phildelphia, or 5 Beek
man street, New York.
No man is too poor to pay $3 a
year for a live paper like the CIrEr.
Advices from New Orleans, both of
a wpbhe a~d pri' e natp lead1 us
r to beliIha d~ermin~effo*ill
be aioe is tbatasitt on he agtond
Monday of this month tai install Mr.
r McEnery as Governor of the State by
armed fpoce. We should be indeed
sorry to see such a thing attempted,
but if any of the people of New Or
leans suffer themselves to be inveigled
by politicians into the gross violation
of law and order, we hope they will
be so roughly handled by the United
States authorities that they will learn
a useful lesson for the future. Any
resort to mob violence will redound
to the certain defeat of the party em
ploying.it, and all those who desire
the success of Mr. McEnery would" do
well to consider the fact coolly and
govern &emselves accordingly.
General John A. Dix has teen in
angurated Governor of New York and
promises the people that his shall no
be a partisan administration.
THE BAL..-The grand bell to be
given by the D. 8. C. B. at their ele
gant hall next Morday night will with
out much doubt be one of the most
brilliant affairs that has occurred ii
our town for years. The preparations,
now most complete, are extensive and
ample. The various committees, on
arrangements, invitations, receptions,
etc., are composed of some of the
leading citizens of Donaldsonville,
whose connection with the ball is in
itself sufficient guaranty that the en
tertainment will be of the highest
order, both as regards its respecta
bility and the facilities afforded
guests for enjoyment. Several ladies
have volunteered their services to sell
tickets for the grand "hop," and a
handsome prize is to be awarde4 the
lady disposing of the greatest num
ber. Tickets are also to be had at all
the principal stores in town, and we
advise every one of the young men
of town-aye, and the old and middle
aged as well-to be sure and supply
themselves with cards of admission to
the D. S. C. B. ball of Monday next.
Price of tickets *2 50; ladies admit
ted free.
List of Letters
Remaining in Donaldsonville Poat,-Offce
January lt, 1873.
Adler, N Bailey, Theodore
Baulent, Miss Mary Basemare, Miss Tenpa
Babmi, A Bergeron, J P
Brown, Edwin
Clark, Miss Jane Calk David
Cantey, Mrs. Mary J Covil, Henry
Clay, Henry Canning, Miss Susan
Dugas & LeBlane Davis, Horace
Denis, Frank Davis, Nancy
Fowles, Moses F Goodhue, H
G uedry, J D Gabrial, Miss Marg't
Green, Millis Green, Mr. Charles
Hopkins. Henry Henderson, Robert
Henry, Richard Hebert, J G
Harvard, Rinna Harrison, George
Houbre, J
Jostling, F Jenkins, Toby
Joseph, Grosan Kearney, Primes
Long, Frank H Landry, A J
Lemon, U Lespoude, Jean
Lear, Maggi Landry, Ames
LeBlanc, Rene Leathers, Miss C L
Melancon, Aristide Matins, Mr.
Mohr, H 1i Manruff, J B
Macklin, Wyatt Morris, G
Morgan, Lyman Mitchel, Joseph
Mire, Fernand
Neames, D G Nicholas, Susan
Nazette, P
Outin, Cesar Orions, Denison
Pinkard, 11W Pettisbow, Mr.
Plesend, Win.
Ricard, J M Rhitt. R B
Reese, Robert
Stevens, Mrs. A F Streck, Miss Cordelia
Stephens, George Stewart, James H
Strawberry,Jinny Stripling, Edward
Smith, Edward l tafford, Samuel W
Smith, K M
Thompson, Nathan Tariani, M'e Dominiq'e
Valmetre, Samuel Vacaresas, Raphael
Williams, George Warton George
Washington, Watt White, bay
Wright, M C Weavers, Mrs. it
F. Fos, Asst. P. M.P. LANDRY, P. M.
The live Agricultural and Family Paper of
the Southwest, has the largest number of
Practical Contributors of any Weekly Paper
published.in the South.
Its circulation in the Southwest is over
double that of any Weekly or Monthly Agri
cultural Paper published.
It has taken the first Premium at the Tex
as and Louisiana State Fairs, as the neat
printed Weekly Paper in the South.
Is an Illustrated Weekly Paper
For the Farm,
The Plantation,
The Workshop,
The Office, and
The Family Circle,
DwT Tse To
Southern Agriculture, General Industry
News, Literature and Domestic Economy.
The Cheapest Paper South,
Sinheea quarto page., published weekly at $3
an year in a4 WaS e e'ade premium se..~ *2 50
to each Bubserte. In b of 10t $2 5S
each, 20 at $2 25 and 40 at $2 00.
Every one should have it. Sample copies
and premium list snt free on appIlcatio
Address, Jasn. H.H nammet, Publisher,
No. 106 Camp street, New Orleans.,
of the
D 001B.
II1ke eat th C. B. Hs
Saturday, JanuaQy 11;,18f8 t
Upon whibl Ocea ln'I be presented the
Splendid 1-act C(bnedy of
NAM, the Good fr Nothing;
The eiertalniflnest, to appipde with the
Combe Drys
The First Night of lit ± t
j tIoera open at 6 e'elook P.
perforiace wflgcoonumes qS 9' 1isk.
RssmarnoD SBaAý. Vblir.
Tiekets ean be had s the stote of V.
Mauris, Jno. B. W'ayette f. Joe.
Gondran, Marx Ihrael J.J.
wBOL5sALS AND Saa . isma
CARTS, Eme.,
Corner Mississippi andLesmurd Ste,
Domaldson WUVIU J*
Special publie attentim is udi to the
large stock of saddlery, Iatess and
constantly kept on hand at Mt. Israel's es
tablishment, and for salea greatly
j a4-ly CalYand'examhae his Goods.
Office in Crescent Place,
em~~ealisvle, LaS.
Duffel & Landry,
Opposite the Coart-House,
Deoaldsonville, La.
Will attend promptly to all p" esioa
business. No charges iade for g
notarial Pets. 6apr71
St. Charles P.O., La. Edgard P. 0., IA.
Augustin & DeOoorter,
Will practice in all the parishes of ls 4th
Judicia. District, and before the Suprezy
Court of the State.
Mtate ofLoa L
Parish Court-Parisk t f Asession.
John A. Akridge, Samuel H. Field subroga.
fed, as. N o. 166, J. P. Wilkerson.
BY virtue of and in obedience to a writ of
fJ. ffa. issued by the lonorsble the court
aforesadld under date of th Itirde of De
comber, 1872, and to me dIiept in the
above entitled and numqsbered I have
seized and will offer for ýel , ýg
tion, on the premises of Sam. Webb, In
this parish, on
Batarf the
at 10 o'clock A. M, the followiag ete bed
property, viz :
One yoke of oxen,
Two bales of cotton.
Terms cash. a
A. HILL, Sheri,
Sherif3s oboe, Parish of Ascension, Jan
uary 2, 1873. ,
State of Lelmlma.
Parish Court-Parish of Asceasion.
Succession of Clemence LeBlanc, Widow
Paul Dugas.
HW hIEAbion the 31st day of December,
182 aaeDugas flied' an itpp~llca
tion in the above entitled, to be appoiteo
adnrirato rof the suscession of telate
Widow Paul Dugas;
Public notice is hereby given to all whom
it may concern, to show cause. if any they
have or can, within ten dais from his
tice, why the said ap folican suad m t be
granted. epltumehndVtb
By order of said Court.
In faith wherreof wi jress my seal df
[L:. .] office and ofcial signature, parld of
Ascension, Clerk's office, this the 3Lst
day of December, A. D. 1872.
J. D. CANTEY, C1erk.
Mtate of LoaIslamsc
lbtrish of Ascension--ag Court, Fourth
Paul Rodrigues 'a. No. 193, 'nlalij Domingo.
B and in obedience to a writ of .
dated December 14 1872, and to me
directed inf the above untitled case by the
honorable N. M." Conway, Justice of. the
Peace, I have seized and will offer for sale
at public auction, at the Court-House of this
parish, in the town of Donaldsnvioe, on
Saturday, the 11th day of
January, 1873,
at 11 o'clock A. M., the following desanibe
propr, viz:
A small FRAME HOUSE situated on
e"agieionote Coin the towni of to tlh
'o nv iue ond his street, :between C ofa4 .
dospoe uandtidoll sHo eetscnear the railroam
depotformityf w the Judgnor thatafa f
TwofDonaldsonville, D will Oer.a
sabid sal ot ehg etadls i~rteCuit-H ue ofh ow f D
Pa urish ay of Jscnsioary 26d, 1872.
at 10ocnormit withfo the terdinof one ther
LThearmofoaln Iwilofrt
publcsal; t the highest-0 and lastbidert
the foartm'ofs~ the towfadcdng ofdones,
The urcaesdy tao r nd 82
gdatd 10u'clcken A N, fr th theirm notoes year,
saifromthen ofthe dyofJnuar, in1873: o h
the farde of the Tarets ' ndPyalet
The nile far o i f ,i f the twsise Rver Perryo
right bAprlnk s a, 0h ' s
3th~ Novmbr a d of 3eWs ant - dn da,
Thoe maurihaey utolrs
good anod adsoilct fnnir, ah their ots with
saifcinof one hundred dollars,,fto the , m
dieordl~er of ther dties and '' o
Duasonville, atehesbo r 1c, 18n2.
The on dUWl
" ' :Z4IT ±Y:
To beh leii
Fle pr'imes'qut IN
Ten fUin p9SW :' *
Beb Ciiabaa ioi !vewp eas, f
hiberal premsewus wal he
Shngle tickets $I O0'
Twelve tickwt.#1 0T`
gdists SW 00.
Circulars cont eb .faIl
o r
batiem, wld be seattio a
AlUl a trsaat be ý
I beg Ie.erasiefasm `#
patrons gemeralty that wmf l 4&s
subscribie for their fvinait
for 1873, and that imaa prepared .t.
sabsoription., eiaglyor'in~e~nSt
era' Jewes prices. Im sekU
bions can G~s mean b' taliling
A~ce tsi~s 1 ' ?
Cabalianosee street, Donaldmonville,
fti e. Congreqsacf ti. LUni$e4
mot tat the e~ampiq mn ae y
1ee ~lbrstuý}h as Iii s. uiab
of- the Arts, , aeasireiy asj
be sol anid mine, to ha held at
a 1876, 'andi has appointed a
mnd Terrfttdr Ito'&muVhIi
Originate luntier &eauspices~
uemorate tha*ait ofI
usrpr and± wb
nankino, in tonai. wi l
'0 son "for t
nary to ntaalke. t4e. (wýi4
iran duet anniversarjy 'die s
That the corn Ictio of the irst
wisely decidedhasthet
Republic can be eels
the univtersall
trophies of its wo s
bring together,,w v
fifty acres, notonly ev
of our mines mad of the
the intellcstoal phe of asea
specimens of evcry t tet
world the advancement of which a
invite& to a e
while ne srne7e f e
can art the ,ees o
To ageutp
IoW k the A
acn, as the porthwinainmtuis
less ver e$of her mils o
coto into h Each secion
will send its best or'erins
oneand a State of the U"ion; as c
laon s budy politif wican aoh
ToMaethe the
saiceds as the p1Iithue and the
esdve r e Amen an dads will r
seiean eneoaier whiske aid a
Thera ited.twulfth,
the fO1i U~ n ihsgt a n 'lm
land extended " 6 here W rd
France to her gniv Expositch
see t ag lo...~ samitum
a a
stok absci tof and thein
taý ag of their u
pdThe on~kibiion looks m the hs
that eveh o ontr oua evetys he
sMee and tesewiveqits shave at tr
the formatitepinech le fa
Laws Organio, which `
Tee thatw enatv e are
aBtobo amegtee
pride t i ý onsae Adhas
Co y'elyigon t he seal ae
Qvl aed by our people is
may, thtobw te ed . bn
irat ensoapbe fooseied by
Moa as these whaiqh have for ;one h
ar Ws the people of toe
Temporary Secretary.

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