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n and t. Gha~esal
a4ýT, " : ..lkt ~as`11Csrks
9vemk Smaptorial District.
··~i~~1~ 8a~a ~ ippee
,B ~j~.' ~ss~ht ~riio Asi ssilsi~m
M .Jita,,..,, ......Jh A. Chewvers,
Parish Attismu liv... ..Fa tedeek Duffel,
1(, 1 Nsaý#, ~. r. ...John D. Cmy
r . .... .... erick Fobb,
1,. b. Basm~ey,
'Mic Hill,
i Journal,..c------ Aeesioa hea der.
a Juaou .-Wm. fieraer, President,
eeHari'in, rward Ca tey, Uillary
.Toha Johnsoa..
.'Daiz OF SOvOOL Duacsoaa.--Pierre
j y, President ; 5dolth Brand, Score
gw a*d Treasurer, .. H.1 ill, Charles N.
1 awk Jacob Warner, Jacsoaca Starks, 1,. E.
.rUR..-...Ilii. ". M " " uChwJYWD,-.1 
Aý._.. ý.....;..Edw NP. Rtth,
no4..-........ ».. ý.a... .td ta
tirenaurer.......... £1n44Ani kline,
~ -·- 4u-~-~c.;. iAug.Bereegeny,
primr, p - . ......... Morris Marks.
Whar-Materr....... .J.. B Duke, e
eests0.; ....Louis Lefort,
Ant. Bod iJe, Jos. uzubribe.... lot Ward. 1
S. Weinachouck, C. Martin. Sr....2
.M.U.4k,°Jeapb Johxuaom. .,3rd
Tý T A O-t ]L .I T. B. B.,
1besg t Trai com
r nat 8:15 A. M.;
ie at 12:30 P. M.
Cered), Leaves Don
a on at . .; Arrirea in New
,eslat 5 P.M.
Jp2MSsa0V fsrin -Leaves New Or
WamstBov, u1vCIe in oualdsooville
at 12l N.
eturnng, Leaves Donaldsonvile at 2:30 P.
ý ylCIa myew Orleans at &80 P. M
Trains atop at all weywttions.
D084 SOiVI.E, LA.,
, 'ýjt m.e powders.
Wiryjon ihot the weather is!
d6rdetgnt of steamner Katie.
- J mqawof tiwf Qmwn weould
S1 tdr tias a -eustomer in
Our State Senater, Hoa, OGeo. E.
Bo .,.sitioWWaReiiat this week on
Sbrfefte; itookiug as happy
$ehti papines sold and repaired
bSy4Ir. H141. Wilers, in the building
a4at$j% ~ e 19ri~ Z 'ic~s Imoder
¶'$e g stai h e*4ago, b Ieas 'u
ther so~eay -~- eppt-as for some
four weeks previous, and we are prone
to hopp tJiat JAend of the deluge is
et at haMd.
p ýOQ~ g cognizant of the
ct ofagibdRti puddler, e&t., pur
suing t eir buainess or occupations
iitMh'ehsring poeured a 4ieense; re
requLiSia o e port the names of' all
such delinquents to the Tax Collector.
We alefriai RRaogQTS & G [MBLE'S
xR OIVyE SOeP is becoming very
popular in our town. Js quality, we
know, is superior, and being nicely
.f~i e we are not surprised that
. aprfer it, and that it has a
Therei a century plant in bloom
in the gart'en of Mrs. Andiew Gingry,
on Claiborne street, and those who
have afver seen the flower of this pe
ealiar-piece of vegetation are recom-.
nmended to visit Mrs. G's. Don't put
it off until the plant blooms again.
A large pecan tree near Evan Hall,
*he eued ce of E. Jones McCall, Esq.,
wg .r k by lightning during a
storm one day this week and consid
erably shattered. It was fortunate
that thejioise escaped the visitation
of the stray streak of telegraph stuff.
STlIsaks to Wilkinson for choice se
.tions from his varied and extensive
-eeck of reading matter. The news
depot is an institution that reflects
credit iboht the town, and the fact
that it-is well patronized speaks well
fo.. -e itelligence and literary tastes
of tl. a ople of this community.
Watermelons, muskmelons and can
telopeaave made their appearance
IrI niatket, atccompanied by peaches
in small quantities and - blackberries
in abundance. No fruit should be
eaten that is not perfectly ripe, and
even then must not be indulged in to
excess, for fear cholera will be the
result of the indiscretion.
Altfhe" property holIers of the par
iA'`re notilicd that the a;sscessment
bla.ks with whichl they hJave bern
sripPtion of their taxable proerty
Sustie C~ i.. .r I
or befor 1F ilehsy 4i..July, else i
Htidr offid ilplace a valdi upimn i
thoir4posssmn& himself, as provided
by law, 3
TIM 8&i iiel reports the cholera
raging iuthe adjoining parish of St.
Jame4 a r.. _ eaple should use
every preC lion to veift the dis
Ae; !inm, becomniwg epidemic here.
The utmo;t care in fie regulation of
tbhe iet is 'essential, lwhile the em
ploymentof disinfeetants in the house,
Syad and +itreet gatters will also be
found bee1elhd. t
The limit prepribed by Act No. 46
of the last Legislature during which i
delinquent taxes could be paid with
out penalties, having expired lalst
Saturday, Gov. Kellogg issued a proc- I
lamation extending the time ten days
longer, or until Tuesday, June 24th,
after which it will devolve upon Tax
Collectors to enforce rigidly the law
relative to the collection of delinquent
Parish Judge Cheevers, sitting as a
committing magistrate, last Tuesday
examined tihe case of the State against
George Washington, Francois Charles
and Eugene Johnson, the two first
named accused of having committed
robbery by entering the house of
Frank Gardener and tping six dol
lars from him by force, the latter
charged w'ith aiding and abetting the
crime. The trio were released upon
giving bonds of $200 each to appear
before the District Court in November
The way that the Town Constable
has been poisoning off stray and
worthless dogs isa caution to purps.
No less than forty canines have bit
the dust within the past two weeks
under the persuasive influence of med
icated victials dealt out by the ruth
less hand of the municipal conserva
tor of the peace. Forty less howlers
to make nfght hideous to the sick or
restless Donaldsonvillian; forty less
terrors duriag dog days; forty more
reeruits for the canine h~id of Canaan ;
forty more shipwrecks---" barks" lost
fbfever; twenty more dollars in the
pocketoef the Cotstable. And yet we
are not happy 1
iThe incleineilt weather and muddy
streets prevented the procession in
honior of the Fete de Diere anniversary
from parading through town last Sun
day, as was intended. A procession
formed at the Catholic Church, how
ever, and, headed by the St. Cecile
band, marched around the ancient
building.and after halting for awhile
before the kiosk in the church yard
until-some ceremony pertaining to the
t occasion was performed, re-entered
the church, where mass was held. The
s celebration was largely attended by
our Catholic citizens, who are ever
zealous in performing the require
ments of their religion, and especially
those of the nature of celebration of
sacred anniversaries. The St. Mary
Jefferson College band of St. James
did not arrive to participate in the
ceremonies of Sunday last.
Gov.'Kellogg this week appointed
Mr, Felix Reynand of New River a
member of the Police Jury of this
parish, to fill the vacancy caused by
the declination of Mr. Adelard Lan
dry. The new appointee is a gentle
man of indomitable vim and energy,
and one who expresses a determina
tion to hlabor for 'the advancement of
the public interest by assisting in the
speedy reduction of parish taxation
and indebtedness and securing a re
turn to the cash system in the admin
istration of the parochial government.
If this resolve be carried out-and we
do not doubt but it will be--Mr. Rey
naud will win golden opinions from
our tax burdened people. The Police
Jury as now constituted is a body that
promises to inaugurate much needed
reform, and gain the confidence of the
community, which the preceding Jury
betrayed and lost.
On Sunday last we enjoyed the real
pleasure of a trip to New Orleans up
on the splendid steamer Katie, and
we shall take early occasion to repeat
the same, as all who travel upon the
Katie once desire to do so again. The
dinner with which the passengers were
served shortly after the boat left the
Donaldsonville landing was a most
sumptuous meal, and combined .vith
the supper spread before New Orleans
was reached, was worth almost the
whole of the passage price-$2 50.
We were agreeably surprised to find
Mr. A. McVay, the handsomest clerk
on the river, in the office, where his
presence will contribute to increase
the already widespread popularity of
the Katie. We have met Mr. McKay
In dA"l dfglt ihyian hi e ?was clerk 1
of the Frap Pargoud, gnd later of the
RBBt. E.low, Anrd ye lh.aji er found I
nim'ltt ttid agr ea bl andMb favor
ite' ivtirf:i`i f k w him. Captain
Campbell, who commands the Katie,
is also an urbane and gentlemanly of- I
fieer, and- passengers always feel at J
liberty to make themselves at home I
aboard his boat. -- (
The D. S..C. B. Association has ad- 1
dressed the following note to the Rev.
Father 'Cuppens of the Ascension ,
Catholic Church of this town, the -
same being published in the Leader of
D. 8. C. B. HlLL, June -.
Father. Cuppces-Your application, to 1ave
us play at te' celebration on the 22 inst., has
been received, au4, duly considered by us;
the majority voting in the affirmative, but
the number of the minority who assigned as
their reason for their refusal, the strong op- a
position of yourself to our association, which r
is unwarranted or in any manner justifiable,
the number voting against playing being 1
sufficient to prevent the band so doing.
D. S. C. B. AssocTrosN.
While no one will question the right
of the association to decline the invi
tation of the Rev. Father, no matter
how ungrammatically or confusedly i
the declination may be framed, we
feel confident many of their warmest
friends even will deprecate the mo
tives and bad taste that induced them
to make the columns of a public jour
nal the medium through which to
make their refusal known, especially
when the reason for such refusal is of
the delicate and rather unpleasant
nature evident in the present instance,
and the person to whom the commun
ication is addressed occupies a posi
tion to which so much respect is due.
A private note, it seems to us, would
have been ip much better taste. We
much regret that circumstances should
exist to produce ill feeling between
a ruling minority of the 1). S. C. B.
Association and the Catholic sect of
the community, and hope that mutu
al concessions and explanations will
shortly ensue that shall tend to re
store perfect harmony for all time to
PARIms COuRT.-This court was in
session Monday, pursuant to adjourn
ment of the week previous, with Judge
t Cheevers on the bench. The follow
ing is a record of the cases considered
and the manner of their disposition:
State vs. James Chapman, larceny;
accused discharged.
State vs. Allison Lang, larceny; ac
Bused dischebged.
State vs. Alfred Williams, larceny;
guilty; thirty days imnprisonmpnt in
n parish 'ail.
State vs. Geeo. Taylor, larceny, two
e counts; guilty on both; thirty days
t imprisonment for each.
e State rs. Win. Oscar, assault and
battery; to lle pros.
e State vs. Ben Hill, assault and bat
tery; tried and taken under advise
Y State vs. Isaac Brown, assault and
battery; guilty; $10 fine and costs of
suit, committed to jail until paid.
State vs. Helen Comtois, assault and
battery; nolle pros.
John Fitzgerald, admr., vs. Joseph
Gonzales; judgment for plaintiff:
e A. T. Rybiski vs. Duval ('omenu;
juldgment for plaintiff for $183 65 with
d five per e4nt. idlterest from judlicial
&ldemand. and costs of suit.
Eugene Superviclie vs. M. Marks,
admr. succession M. Schonberg, et als.;
judgment by default confirmed.
Widow Rosemond Braud rs. State
of Louisiana; judgment for plaintiff.
Trasimond Landry vs. State of Lou
isiana; judgment for plaintiff.
Everett Lane vs. J. M. Lamare;
judgment for plaintiff for $288 60 with
eight per cent. interest from January
5th, 1871, and costs of suit.
W. F. J. Da)vis vs. Albert Braudy
et als.; judgment for plaintiff for $20
aud $250 damages, with costs of suit.
Lucicn Gex vs. A. & P. Plaisance;
judgment for plaintiff for $189 33 with
legal interest from judicial demand.
Edward Gaudin vs. State of Louisi
ana; judgment for plaintiff.
Justine Landry, widow of Julian
Landry, vs. State of LJouisiana ; judg
ment for plaintiff.
The Carroll Lake Republican is quite
complimentary to the CHIEF:
Decidedly the best and most ,ead
able paper in the State (except ofcou re,
the Lake Republican,) is the D)onald
sonville Cu.r'.. Its editor, Mr. Lin
den E. Bentley, is a lively young
plumibago spreader, and judging from
the prosperous appearance of his jour
nal the I)oualdsonvillians know when
they have got a good paper. A few
more such good home papers in this
State would soon kill off these clam
shell outsiders, and raise the standard
of the art preservation.
The Bastrop Republican also has a
good word for us:
The Donaldsonville CmurEF is able,
spice, aid cheerful. Who would not
be cheerful if they handled as many
greenbacks as the C(' :'F editor ?
Petition of &. re ,a,4 ee Or
Sder of the ude of the ourf J udicial
District Court, Relative Thereto. r
As promised last week, wepiblisli
herewith the full text of a petition of
A. J.'Braud, Jr, to the ijdge of the
District Court, annexing the order of
Court issued upon the representations
made in said petition. Lcck of time
has prevented us from preparing
iomments upon the matter, but in r
future issues we shall treat of the
subject exhaustively if necessary, giv- 1
ing the views of large property hold
ers concerning the same.
The petition is as follows: t
To the Honorable 0. J. Flagg, Judge of the
Fourth Judicial District Court, in and
for the parish of Ascension:
The petition of Adelard Brand, a resident a
of said purish of Ascension, respectfully
That petitioner owns real and other'taxa- i
ble property in said parish of Ascension and t
Is a tax-payer, he is interested in the proper
administration of its affairs. That your a
petitioner has always paid his parish taxes I
as soon as they became exigible, and that he I
is ready anl willing to pay whatever taxes !
may be levied upon his property by the 1
constituted authorities tf said parish for the
purpose of defraying all legitimate expenses 1
incurred for the support and maintenance
of its government, and for other lawful i
purposes. But your petitioner avers that 1
is such ta'x-payer, for some time past he, in
common with other property owners in this 1
parish, has observed, with considerable ap
prehension, the increasing reckless extrav
agance: and criminal waste in the adminisira- 1
tion of the finances of said parish, in every
department tlhereof. That during the past
three years, the parish tax each year has 1
amounted to from twenty-five thousand to
thirty-five thousand dollars, and, notwith
standing.those extraordinary andi enormous
levies, parish warrants to the amount of
more than thirty thousand dollars, as your
petitioner is iufolnied and believes, are now
outstanding and unpaid. P'etitioner furtheri
represents that said "warrants" purport to
be obligations of the parish and l;re drawn
by the Secretary of the Police Jiuny on the
Tleasulrer of the parish and are made pay
able "" when in ftunds," to the order of the
payee thereof.
'T'hat sait warrants are endorsed as fol
lows, " hReceivable in payment of dues.
......... 187 .
(Signed) "......., Parish Treasurer."
That said warrants or obligations are in
the form of negotiable instruments and are
assignuable as. ordinary negotiable bills or
notes, by the blank endorsemlent of the
payee thereof. Tihat all of said warrants
have been issued at ditferelit times by RIo
dollph Brand, forner Secretary, anll Fred.
Foll, the prescunt Secretary of the Police
Jury of this parish. Now your petitione'r
further represents that said warrants have
been issued and procured to be issued, in
the mllost careless, reckless and corrupt nlan
n cr, and that a very large nulmber of thelm,
representing mllny thousands of dollars,
were issued and obtained without any con
sideration whatever to this parish, but that
the same were procured for the corrupt and
- unlawfnul purposes of private gain at the
expense of the tax-payers of saiurparish.
Your petitioner further represents that
the administration of the late Police Jury
during whose career in office warrants were
issued unlawfully to the amlount of nl:ny
thousand dollars, le-camne so flagrantly cor
runit and criminal, that the Grand Jury of
- this parish, empanelled at the May term of
this Honorable Court, addressed tl:hemselves
earnestly and diligently to the task of
remedying the evil, to the extent of their
lilited powers, and found true bills of in
I dictment against three of the mlemlbers of
the said Police Jury for tihe crimne of extor
tion in office, one of wliolmi \iwas convl\icted'
0 and the oilier two resigned their offices
tlirouiigh feiar of being likewise convicted.
Your 1peitfioner -further represent that in
the report eof the said Grand Jury to this
ihonorable Court the following statements
a1re made which have created just alarm in
the mind of petitioner for the safety of his
property in said parish of Ascension, viz:
'- -The liberal manner in whichl parish war
ranllts were ordered to be issued and the
reckl'.hs lmannerll of their disposal is not inl
keeping withll the ilipoverislhie condition of
its treasury. 'The task of enullleratting the
d maun unwise and injudicious acts which led
to tle bankrupt condition of this pIarish, is
,ne that the short te'll ll lotte tilo ils will
not plerliit ilus to luidelrtake. hlowever. we
will iendlavor to mentio(Ln a fb\ of the
d lagrant grievances which our tax-payers
First--The certificates of indeiltedlness of
II this Ilarislh are receivable for the taxes and
licenises, thly are collected Iby the Collector
and turned inlto the l'lreasury allld no provi
sionl is made to cancel or to so destroy themi
uS to Ir.e'venllt tielln frol eoming in the
II Imarket the sconutd anull thlirld tiume; we know
Sof ll, instance wh,.re such has been the case,
lbut there is nothing to lrev'nt it. andll in
ordetr that it might be t-deteted, it would
take an ilvestigationl of llouthls.
Second-The several a mounts appropriated
andt set forth in the tableau of approximate
expenses, as pubulished, are not adhered to
and warrants are issued and registered as
standing indebtedness against the parish
where no provision has been made, and
thus a vast debt accumulates. Tie market
becoiles overstocked with them, they are
consequently sold for 60cts. discount, and
any one supplying the parish charges three
prices : thus it will be seen that, to every
one dollar coming in three are going out,
and thus it will ever be, unless some wise
means are adopted, the parish will never
recover. Thousands of dollars have been
squandered as will more fully appear under
the heading of Parish Finances." That said
report of the (rand Jury also exposes the
fact that the Justices of the Peace, C'ou
stables, and other officers of said parish,
taking ladvantage of the careless, reckless,
anlid corrupt administration of thei parish
inaln:es. obtain warr:tants for sulms to
wlilch they are not entith d in law, to an un
limited extent; that tlhe issue of said war
rants being thus subject to no cheek or con
trol whatever, the market becomes flooded
with parish warrants and the parish is over
\whehned with an illegal floating ihdeltetd
lness'tf m ( lay thousand of dollars, and that
the said parish warrants now outstanding
exceed the enormlous sum of thirty thou
sand dollars. All of which will appear more
fully iby a duly certified copy of the said
Graud Ju.ry report hereto annexed for refer
cnce. Your petitioner atve.rs that the state
lments contained in said report, touchilng the
manner of obtainining and issuing parish war
ralnts, and the great loss ani injury result
ilrg therefrom to the tax-payers of said par
rish. :re true in every particular as will be
shown at the trial hereof.
Petitioner furth(er represents that the said
parish warr;lnts dlrawn ly the Secretary of
the Police ,Jurv on the lParish Treasurer :nutd
piayable, " hen ill hlind."s, to the order of
lhe patice thieretof, are absolutely null and
void and not lindini on the parish of As
cension. That no 'Lw exists, authorizing
and empowering tueI' Police Jury of this par
ish. to issue or cause to be issued, warrants
or obliga:tions of any kind, and espciially
negotiable warrants of the character abollove
mentioned and desc(ribed; That the See
retary of tlhe Police Jury was and is, utterly
without authority or power to draw and is
sue the said \v;lwarrants, and the Iarish TreIs
urer was d1( is likewise without authority
or power to endorse on the sanle " Receiv
able in paymi'nt of dues." or "" Reeeivablc in
piayment of taxes." That said warrants
were not issued by authority of any ordi
Snanluc or resolution of the P'olice ,Jlry. blut
if such reolution exists. which p!.ti tioil(r
.-We'ally d, nies, rll plovi.-inm wa:- Ill;Ida' in
said t
of said warrantsas pres. y the
secti'on tthe fhe Th-aRi i
Police& wi at
a suthor~oa1oor or
bir s isned anrfby ý o5
the Police Jaty n m t isbes
in payment of dues" by the Parish Treas
urer, -withouDt auhity of 1aw AnFin viola- i
tito of law ,ir i tatir..d of the
well settled o.of this State.
Thaet the said -oatrants and all -
other warrants i dsuM uIsaforegqid by sad
Secretary of the PoE o - are threfore
ille. all aund vu4 -n,:" on d d
parsh of Ascension, ant T t 'La bl snd law
ully receivable in paymen i par taxe
and parish licenses.., t fu " -
represents that by the iulaw s s sa d
warrants and the flagra net
therefrom, thaexpeaes of this prih ve
been more than trebled each year, and your
petitionier's parish tax1iag been thereby in
creased more than two hundred per cent.
each year. And "petitiner- avers that the
unlawful and enormous increase of said
taxes by'the vicious, wasteful and corrupt
financial system hereinbefore set forth,
amounts gradual sopscptin of per y
In the pari of As.easion, ani is m gross
violation of your petitioner's rights of drop
erty and that the same is also in violation of
article 5 of the Amendments of 1791, to the
Constitution of the United.States. Petitioner
further represents that the Police Jury of
this parish are about to levy a parish tax
ostensibly for the purpose of defraying the
expenses of the parish for the current year,
but that instead of collecting and receivmng
legal funds wherewith to pay and defray
said current expenses the said Police Jury..
the Collector and the Parish Treasurer will
collect and receive, in payment of said tax,
the illegal and fr.auduleut warrants aforesaid
and the expenses of the parish for the cur
rent year will remain and continue to remain
Petitioner further represents that, he has
no adequate remedy at law to prevent the
collection of any parish tax levied on his
property for the purpose of.paying or taking
up, by receiving the same for taxes, the said
outstanding illegal and frandulent warrants,
for the reason that the object and purpose of
said tax is not made apparent in the resolu
tions of the Police Jury imposing the tax
and in the "list of expenses" for the current
year. That petitioner can only obtain relief
from said intolerable burden of taxation, by
suing out an injunction against the con
stituted authorities of said parish, restrain
ing them from paying, or receiving in pay
meat of lparish taxes, any of said outstanding
parish warrants. That unless the said con
stituted authorities be enjoined and re
strained therefrom, they, the said Police
Jury, the State Tax Collector for said par
ish, and the Parish Treasurer, will continue
to pay said illegal and fraudulent warrants
by receiving the same in payment of parish
taxes and parish licenses, to the great
damage and injgry of said parish and the
tax-payers thereof, and that the said unlay
tul acts of said authorities and officers will
cause your petitioner irreparable damage
and injury to the amount of more than five
hundred dollars. 'These premises considered,
petitioner prays that a writ of isjunction be
issued from this Honorable Court, addressed
to the Police Jury of this parish, through its
duly qualified President, to Linden E. Bent
Icy, State Tax Collector for the parish of
Ascension and ex-oflicio Collector of parish
taxes, and to Christian Klinu Parish Treas
urer of the parish of Asceasion, enjoining
them and each of them, from paying out of
any monies belonging to the parish of As
cension, or from receiving or eansiLg to be
t received in payment of p taxes and par
1 ish licenses, any of said Outstanding parish
warrants, drawn and issued by liodolphe
Braud, former Secretary, and .red Fobb,
t present Secretary ot the Police Jury of this
parish, and that they be, severally enjoined,
e restrained and prohibited from payinmg or
v receiving in payiment of lawful dues to said
parish, any and all instruments ot the
character above described styled "war
f rants," and purporting to be obligations of
the parish of Ascension, until furtLgr order
f of this Honorable Court.
r That the olieeJury of thi parish, througe
- duly qualified President, the said Linden E.
Bentley, State Tax anttParish Tax Colector
for the parish of Ascexision, and Christian
K1 line, Parish Treasurer of the pa'ish of
s Ascension, be severally cited to answer this
petition and that a copy of the' same be
n served on each one of them.
is That after the legal delays and due pro
e ceedings, judgment be sealered "juid favor of
i your petitioner, perpetuating the iqjunction
is herein, with costs of these proceedings, and
that the said Police Juny, the said- L. E.
r- Bentley, State Tax and, Parish Cdollector,
i and the said Christian Kline, Parish Tress-.
iiurer,li e perpetually reojnti4 reutraied
)f and prehibited fronm paying . or. receiving in
Ipavmeunt of parish taxes and parish licenses,
l or from authorizing them to be so paid or
iS received in payment, any of the above de
1 scribed negotiable instruments stylhd and
e comlunonly known as "Warrants " of the
i lParish of Ascension.
Petitioner further prays for general, special
and equitable relief.
[SignedJ R. N. & WM. SMS,
Attorneys for petitioner.
I solemnly swear that the allega;tions of
the foregoing petition are true and correct,
and render an injunction necessary. So help
inc God. (Signed] A. J. BIAU), JR.
Sworn to, and subscribed before me, this
12th day of June, 18J3.
[Signed] JS(. A. CIIEEVERS,
OR(),ER.-Considering the foregoinrg peti
tion and annexed affidiavit, and the petition
an1d affidavit of Adelard Braud, accompany
ing the same, it is ordered that writs of in
junction issue against the Police Jury of
Ascension, through its ditly qualified Presi
dent, L. E. Bentley, State and Parish Tax
Collector, and Christian Kline, Parish Treas
urer, as prayed for in the foregoing accom
panying petition and according to law, on
the petitione, Adelard Braud, furnishing
bondl. with solvent surety, conditioned ac
cording to law, in the sma of five hundred
dollars. And let process of citation issue as
prayed for by pettioner.
Thus dolne and signed at ('hambers, Par
ish of Ascension, this 12th day of June,
A. D1. 1873.
Parish Judge.
. I hereby certify'the above to be a
L. S. true copy of the original peti
,. tion, affidavit and order on tile
and of record in my office, Par
ish of Ascension, Clerk's office.
this the 12th day of June, 1873.
[Signed] JNO. D. CANT1 Y, Clerki
Writs of injunction were issued by
the Clerk of Court in accordance with
the above order, and were served up
on the Tax Collector and Treasurer
by the Sheriff the same day the peti
tion was presepted and the order pro
In the libel suit of Judge Jacob
Hawkins of the Superior District Court
against the New Orleanrs Picayune, the
jury has rendered a verdict for plain
tiff, awarding 18,(K000 damnages. Qf
course the ancient Pie is frantic over
this despotic attempt to abridge the
freedom of the press, as she calls it,
and will not for a moment admit that
she las been justly punished for trans
gressing the limits placed upon the
range of that freedom. A few more
such salutary lessons administered to
the leading fire-eating journals of the
State might tend to ,give a healthier,
te arT
y at 8 o'lha he
.t 11:0 A ,.
It 5:3r P.. h.e
Poot-oam s Y
, ;..30P. . :...tnv ..,..t* . .
A. M. to 5:0 P.
from 11 A. . to 'd&I
Permons llc
ielves ac,
ier ao50 A,. sa
tFor Th
Manufastepa et
t. 5:3 P. M. .
For St. FABLwle7
Ponsetios ýe e 7
Perilos rhawiig bdt -o al
ef1431 1 it notice tnicti om
Se1v es acco
Mloneyi andrs ean t
you ir m t-ofit a in rded
ltates. A ist of fmnoe e t no a be
EP. O. BoN. 429. Wshigto sit, D. G.,
H]lE attention of property holders of As
c tension wghoare;idebted t the State
for back taxes is aselle to th: following
Act, passed at the -eseat aserion of the
General Aasesml , .
For the relief.1 t.. pyep .lnemitting all
penalties and inut - o ald elinquent
State tax payers, provided said back taxes
ate paid wit in mi sty dapabeaodd after
•io ý e( o . • tt
Loeiaia fa edh"eie ,
That the delinqmtn a. yit t the eLtate
are here releved unthe f
non-paymient of h tace ,p i
ninet. t, in
default titics I. . rist to
remain as heretofore.
l.SEc. '.t. e it bqý. lA , Thaft
Ain'roved Mtreh 14, l13.
(SfiotMr WMi. P. KELLO ,
Governor of the Sf.tdbrTLolildiana.
Delinqucute coseulti I *lati ktprdstts
will comni fbrwar apd sttYe tie
expiration of theoleanspai hdiliave
Act 1tiEW1RNWeY,
Tax Collector1Aae.Iw
Manufactnuse th Ctheti'ated
Jubilee and Temple b .rgais.
These ( g~r~ l itiqn
of tone, t, o a
Also, M ELODEONS as.xts vris#.hltiJn
unequaled in tone. - r..
Send for illustrated satalo¶ab p
Agenat W 8te414'
r USE Ethe leisiwgcr kimiYkSuS¶I mad e to
sNo pring to break, no cnttuig f aes p.
Sdurable, very easilypi hp " at
: any plhte desired, and a. s hffe i ihen
the sash is down. Senad atat f . e lar.
- Circular and si~ospear-bl roa .d to
any addres n the L'. ,.s qi
Sof 50 ets. Liberal ianlucenmefita to te
Agents want sel
hs &. COy., S f e " ly
The desd for ritI. icat
By Gen. Iee and his .AL S.
A new Paml-bsid `i M in
Ichein in size. er th'frt isa- thie
James rives ret. Its - -
and a manry e C
tans a gem of a ert, CI <htb h
Teeprcew wt a r
afot dhe to hf wiut. ° :x. ..
reu bliss Jd. ky matter i
Agentew anted ti sell t
A ehart t .s p etm I m$ilt eltitly
bte mae,. Srtc ftor.ntp ite et air. -
lo ne. -4t?
t The Prat e as a u ub.
lished for over thirety Tw
hmnpanionp te t .ie l, a tion
Adthe estsI. Its A lt O
Siared oa Illoi
petvtedl to Stoc -Oro-wi , l.
r ture aud tluprore t,
make it just the Isa hat n'bhe in the
tiands of eTvery agti a
The price is no low that er t'ty Mla eat
afford to heat, it.
Being published Weekly, its` matter is at
P ways nett and timely.
Ti-.ux--a `tv:o etollars per year, in advance.
A club of live p ulen, wthy $1L4 viill entitle
a the sener to a taqrp ftree thr one -, ar.
e Sample opir-e sent fres-, on alydiaetion.
Addores,, RI:AIHIFtIFl"AR)M CO.,
Chicrago, Illinoie ac

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