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OMee in Crescent Place.
Bnubscription Prie Two Dollar a Year.
I I1 I r i , i . .. -
New Orleans & Texas Railroad,
Morgan's fer, y-boat leaves head of St. Ann
street, New Orleans. daily, at 8 A. x.,
connecting with the passenger train at
Algiers. Train arrives at Donaldsonville
at 12 x. Returning, leaves Donaldson
ville at 12:30, arriving at New Orleans
at 4:30 P. M.
Daily freight train each way, Sundays ex
iteamboats-Begular Packets.
New Orleans and Bayou Latourche.
Assumption, up Wednesday and S.aturday
mornings; down Thursday and Sunday.
Belle, up Tuesday and Friday; down
Wednesday and Saturday.
New Orleans and Plaquemine.
Whisper, up Tuesday and Saturday; down
Wednesday and Sunday.
New Orleans and Bayou Sara.
Win. Fagan, up Wednesday and Saturdaly
nights; down Mouday and Friday.
Edward 7. Gay, up Monday and Friday
nights; down Wednesday and Sunday.
New Orleans and Vicksburg.
Robt. E. Lee, up Tuesday night; down
Sunday night.
J.. M. White, up Thursday night ; down
Wednesday night.
Natchez. up Saturday night; down Thurs
iay evening.
Arrival & Departure of Mails,
Donaldsonvillc Post-Office.
Mails arrive and depart daily (Sundays ex
cepted), as follows:
New Orleans and Donaldsonville-Per New
Orleans and Texas railroad-Arrives at 12
z., departs at 12:30.
Ponaldsonville and Bayou Sara-Per steam
ers John W. Cannon and Edward J. Gay
-Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sat
urday evenings.
_Donaldsonville and Assumaption-Per stage
line to Naalseonville-Arrives 11 A. x.,
*departs I P. 31.
All other routes discontinued Jan. I, 1879.
'To insure dispatch drop all letters in the
post-offlice by 11:30 A. x.
Saturday, June 12, 1880.
Chew Jackson's BestSweet Navy Tobacco.
Cincho-Quinine cures chills and fever.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic restores the
Mr. George A. Feig of Port Barrow
invites the attention of his friends and
the public to a card in our advertising
The minutes of tie Common Council's
session of the 4th instant, which were
crowded out of our last issue, appear in
this number of the CIuEF.
Pleasure seekers should not omit to
attend the promenade concert to be given
at Phlenix Hall, next Sunday evening.
Music, dancing, refreshments, e0c.
Grand re-opening at S. Moyse's estab
lishment. Goods being sold at bed-rock
bottom prices on account of expected
removal. Read the new advertisement.
The Police Jury has amended the Sun
day law so as to include ice-houses, ice
cream saloons and vendors, and coffee
stands among the establishments which
are not required to close on Sunday.
There will be an auction sade of new
buggies and carriages in front of the Lee
Hotel on Saturday, the 3rd of July, af
fording an unequaled opportunity to
procure first-class vehicles at very low
Most of our rice planters have p nlmp
at work suppling their fields with water
from the river, the stream having fallen
to such an extent as to smake the flumes
cut through the levees no longer avail
Heavy showers of rain every day, have
been the order for the past week. Rice
farmers could stand this sort of thing for
an indefinite "length of period," but
sugar planters think it is growing monot
Don't fail to attend the concert to be
given at Domnin ique's Hall, Sunday eve
ning, the 20th inst., by Mrs. Ricor auni
her pupils, for the purpose of raising
funds to build a chapel in the first ward.
Admission, 50 cents.
Parties pursuing trades, professions
and occupations sulgeet to license tax
are notified by the Sheriff that the tax is
exigible and they are expected to come
forward without delay and take out their
licenses. See advertisement.
Ex-Gov. Michael Hahn,, Juidge of the
Twenty-Sixth Judicial District, met
with a cordial reception from the mem
bers of the bar and many other friends
upon the occasion of his visit here on
the 3rd inst., to fix the suit against Judge
Cheevers for trial. The effects of the
physical prostration which followed his
-recent accident-the fracture of his crip
jpled leg-are still visible in Judge Hahn,
but he is gradually recovering his former
health and strength.
.THE CENsus.-Judge H. O. Maher i
progressing rapidly with the work of
enunderating the population of this ward
and if the Enumerators in the other dis
tricts of the parish are doing as well,
their labors will be easily concluded
within the thirty days prescribed by law.
Judge Maher informs us that he has
nearly completed the census of Donald
sonville, having enumerated over 1900
souls. He anticipates that the popula
tion will exceed 2200, a small increase
over the enumeration made in 1875
which placed the population slightly in
excess of 2100.
Mr. A. T. Grigsby to-day received
notice of his appointmelt as Enumera
tor for the third district of the parish, to
succeed Mr. G. G . Hill, resigned. Mr.
Grigsby has taken the official oath and
will begin work at once.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic regulates the
DANcIhCG.-MrS.' Steart of New Or
leans, wishing to open a claes for instruo
tion in dancing, can be seen at the Robt.
E. Lee Hotel. Persons desirous of form
ing a class will please call without delay
to make arrangements.
ning, the 20th inst., after the picnic of
the Grasshopper Base Ball Club, a grand
promenade concert will take place at
Phoenix gIall, under the auspices of the
Independent Brass Band, doors opening
at 7:30 o'clock. Admission to upper hall,
gentlemen, 25 cents ; ladies free. Re
freshments served.in lower hall.
Moyse must reduce his heavy stock of
dry goods, boots, shoes, notions, liquors,
groceries, provisions, etc., as the store
building is to be sold and lie may have
to vacate at short -notice. Therefore he
is offering splendid bargains to custo
mers. The proof of the pudding is in
the eating-so go to Moyse's, at Feitel's
old stand, and see if his representations
are correct.
We are pleased to note the return to
Donaldsonville of Mr. Jacob Lemann and
his sou Myer, who have been visiting the
Hot Springs and other pleasant resorts.
They will remain here about two weeks,
then hie away again for the sunmler.
Myer is the picture of health and ap
pears to be in his usual happy frame of
mind, and his respected father doesn't
seem to have turned a hair in the past
ten years.
Mr. Harris Heath, manager of Mr.
Ben Gibson's rice plantation opposite
Donaldsonville, sent to the CImEF office
this week a sample of the splendid rice
growing on the place, and we must
confess to being surprised at the ad
vanced state of the grain and the prom
ise which it gives of a prolific yield.
We trust that this promise may be am
ply fulfilled, to the credit of Mr. Heath
as a cultivator and the profit of his es
timable employer.
A sack of the sisters and the cousins of
Ned Ilsley's large sample potato made its
appearance at the editor's residence last
Saturday, in the custody of a young gen
tlemnan of color, who brought word that
none of the aunts of the big 'tater could
be found. We didn't miss the old ladies,
Ned; the young'uns are powerful gobd
company, and we're much obliged to you
for the pleasure of their society.
Of the pumpkin's virtues some may prate, or
Fill our ears with tomato racket,
But give to us old Ireland's 'tater,
With or without his shining jacket.
Capt. D'Evereanx Jones, the gallant
commander of Cofield Battery, is duly
installed in the Sheriffs office as super
intendlent of the tax collecting depart
meut, and a better qualificd or more ac
commodating gentleman it would be
hard to find. Tax payers will find him
prompt, courteous and exact in the
transaction of his oflfciail duties. With
Capt. Jones as Tax Collector and Capt.
Landry of rihe Canioneers as Parish
Treasurer, the people may rest assured
that the public funds will always be in
safe hainds, either in time of peace or
Three of the gentlemen appointed on
the new School Board-Messrs. J. A.
Landry, C. D. Blonin and Richard Mc
Call-have I.ot as yet. signified their ac
ceptance of the appointment by subscrib
ing to the requisite oath of office. The
blanks for this purpose are in the hands
of the Clerk of Court, and as columissions
will not be issued to the members until
these oaths are administered and re
turned to the State Superintendent's of
fice, the gentlemen named are requested
either to come forward and qualify, or
signify their non-acceptance of the ap
pointnment in order that other parties
may be designated in their stead. It is
desirable that the new School Board
should organize at an eariy day and it
can not do so until the meimbers are in
receipt of their commissions.
InI accordance with previous arrange
ments the concert advertised to be given
in Napoleouville, on the 26th ult., for the
benefit of Christ Church, took place
that evening, and the following pro
gramme was rendered:
Overture,.......Napoleonville String Band
Song, (comic) .....................Dr. Guiot
Waves of the Ocean, (instrumental duet)..
Misses N. and E. Tete
Cheerfulness, (vocal duet)... Mrs. Cook and
Miss A. Munson
La Fiancee du Manrin, (song)..Miss M. Folae
La Rosa Espanula, (soung)......Miss O. Kit
Song ............ ...... Mr. R. N. Sins
La Favorite, (song)..........Mrs. C. Barton
La Femme de l'Exile, (song)--. Mrs. Lofton
Norma. (vocal duet). Misses B. and N. Jones
What are the Wild Waves Saying ....Mrs.
E. U. Bourg
The Maniac, (recitation)......Miss E. Jones
Drama-Courtship Under Difficulties. *
Mr. Jones,................W.... . E. Howell
Mr. Snobbleton...................F. Gaudin
Miss Pruden.t* Winterbottem,.. Miss Mollie
For several days preceding that oil
which the concert was to be given the
weather was very inclement and unfa
vorable, and so continued until late into
the night set apart for the performance.
But, nothing daunted, the zealous and
determined managers went on with their
noble work; it was for a holy purpose,
the hearts of the projectors were in it,
and with woman's nuwavering devotion
they conscientiously labored for its suc
cess. We learn, through private sources,
that though it did not prove the grand
success-financially-it was expected to
be, yet, all things considered, the re
suit was satisfactor-y. The attendance,
though small, was very appreciative and
liberal. The management confess them
selves satisfied; they cleared expenses
and realized a small amount for the
church. The affair was exclusively un
der the management and direction of
Mrs. G. W. Jones and her accomplished
daughters, Misses Isabel, Nellie and
Evelyn, to whose untiring, unrelaxing
efforts the satisfactory result is due.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic cures chills and'
The resisters of the Sunday law pro
pose to enjoin the ordinance so far as it
applies to the corporate limits of Donald
sonvilfe, counting upon a skilful inter
position of the law's delays to stave off
the enforcement of the measure for an
indefinite period. If the law gives a
Judge any discretion in the matter, it
seems to us that it might be properly
used in a case like this to prevent the
employment of the legal machinery for
such a purpose. There will probably be
an interesting game of "diamond cut
diamond" over this Sunday law.
The CHnIEF office was brightened last
Monday evening by an unexpected visit
from that prince of good fellows, George
A. Freret, Esq., who has abandoned the
business of keeping store in Opelousas
and accepted a position as traveling
salesman for the house of Mr. James Mc
Grath of New Orleans, a well known
wholesale grocer and commission mer
chant. George has the requisite tact
and vim to succeed in this line of busi
ness and we hope to see him do so. He
looks as handsome and healthy as over,
and the pure air that sweeps over the
St. Landry prairies appears to have
agreed with him wonderfully.
District Court has been in session all
the week, transacting civil business, and
a number of cases have been disposed of.
In next issue we shall give a synopsis of
the matters finally passed upon. Court
has adjourned until Monday next. Sit
tings will be held on that day, Thursday
and perhaps Friday and Saturday, when
the term will be adjourned. This will
give the Judge and District Attorney a
full week to prepared for the term which
opens in St. James parish on the 28th
instant. Judge Cheevers may go to St.
James inl the interim to hold a prelimi
nary examination in the case of the men
under arrest for the murder of Mr. Theo
gene L. Gaudet.
The concert given by Mrs. Ricor acid
her pupils at Domninique's Hall, last Sun
day evening, proved a very pleasant en
tertainment, but onling to the very un
favorable state of the weather the audi
ence was not so large as it would other
wise have been. Inl order, therefore, to
afford those who could not attend last
Sunday an opportunity to enjoy the en
tertainmlent, it will be repeated next
Sunday evening, the 20th inst., at the
same hall. We bespeak a large attend
ance, and can give assurance, on thelvi
deuce of those who were present at the
first perfornance, that the visit will am
ply repay the time spent and the small
outlay of money. Admnission, only fifty
A special Deputy Sheriff conveyed to
Baton Rouge last Tuesday night the
prisoners samtenced to imprisonment in
the penitentiary for crimes of which they
were convicted during the present term
of the District Court. The names of the
prisoners, their offenses and terms of im
prisonment are as follows:
Leonce Fabre, petit larceny, one year
.James Erkhart, petit larceny, one
year; attempting to set fire to Court
House and Jail building, live years.
Eugene Guedry, two charges of petit
larceny, one year on each charge.
The D)eplity Sheriff returned home
Wednesday evening with a receipt from
the penitentiary clerk for the three pris
A iimost pleasant and enjoyable aftfair
was the soiree wvhich occurred at the resi
dence of Widow Octave Terrio, in Don
aldsonville, on the 20th of May, in coim
Inenmoration of the twenty-first birthday
of that lady's eldestsbn, John F. Terrio,
Esq. There is no more popular young
man than John in town, and his friends
gathered in numerous array to attest by
their presence the esteem in which their
young host is held and the gratification
it gave them to aid in celebrating an im
portant epoch in his career. The party
was a merry one, and the evening wore
swiftly away in the pastimes usual to
such occasions. In addition to a number
of our most attractive Ascension beau
ties, there were in attendance Misses
Addie McGrath and Florence Funke,
two charming young ladies from Baton
Rouge, whose presence enhanced the
enjoyment of all, and especially of the
young men. The members of the Inde
penilent Band were on hand to congrat
ulate their comrade, and their sweetest
airs were played in his honor. To the
congatulations of John's many friends
we add those of the CHIEF. We trust he
may live to a green old age and attain
increased happiness and prosperity with
each succeeding birthday.
-The meeting of Ascension Hook and
Ladder Company No. 1, at which officers
are chosen for the ensuing year, was
held at the Truck-House last Monday
evening and the following were the olffi
cers elected :
President-L. E. Bentley,
Vice President-C. Kline,
Recording Secretary- -David Israel,
Financial Secretary-Jacob Blum.
Treasurer-Sylvan Tobias,
Foreman-R. J. Green,
First Assistant-Baptiste Walker,
Second Assistant-Thos. Cook,
Warden-Jno. P. Forcha,
Marshal-Camille Mollere.
All officers save the Foreman, Sec
ond Assistant and Warden, were re-elec
ted, and the choice was unanimous in all
cases excepting two. Our popular friend
Mr. Green was transferred from Warden
to the important post of Foreman by a
flattering majority, and he has found a
worthy successor as Warden in the per
son of Mr. Forcha. Altogether the selec
tion of officers is an admirable one-it
being understood that, through motives
of modesty, we except the presidency.
Thirty-one members were in attendance,
attesting the lively interest they feel in
the welfare of their excellent and useful
organization. The company has been in
existence six years, and never have its
membership or morale been mote satis
factory than at the present time. Like
wine, it seems to improve with age.
May it so continue, time out of mind.
The Sunday Law.
The Question of the Hour-Confliet of
Jurisdiction between the Poleie Jury
and Town Council-How the Sun
day Law works Elsewhere.
The paramount subject of discussion
in this vicinity is the "Sunday law',
adopted by the Police Jury, requiring
stores and places of business in this par
ish to be closed on the Sabbath, with ex
ceptions in favor of hotels, restaurants,
ice cream saloons, barber shops, livery
stables, etc.; and naturally tihe feature
of the new law which attracts most at
tention and opposition in Donaldsonville,
is the clause extending the operations of
the ordinance over the corporate limits
of the town. Although the power of
Police Juries to enact such ordininances
and to make them apply to the incorpor
ated towns and villages of the various
parishes as well as the remaining por
tions of their territorial jurisdiction, is
expressly conferred by State law, and
although this law has been affirmed by a
decision of the Supreme Court, a number
of the merchants and liquor dealers of
Donahlsonville are determined to resist
the enforcement of the ordinance by
legal process. To this end a subscription
list is being circulated, and we hear that
about four-fifths of the $500 required to
employ counsel to represent the resisters
has been subscribed. As the the ordi
nance is to take effect from and after the
15th instant, proceedings in the proposed
litigation will soon be inaugurated.
The Town Council has become in
volved in the matter, and we observe
that members of this body are among
the most active opponents of the ordi
nance. At the last meeting of the Coun
cil, on the 4th inst., a petition from busi
ness men of the town was received ask
ing the Council to secure the exemption
of Donaldsonville from tile operations of
the Sunday law. The Council accord
ingly adopted resolutions requesting the
Police Jury to make the desired amend
ment to the ordinance, and a committee
was alppointed to present the memorial
Accordingly, at the session of the Police
Jury held last Tuesday the committee
was on hand and the communnication for
the Council was presented and read and
summarily laid on the table. Then, in
view of the apparent and notorious dis
position manifested by interested parties
in Donaldsonville to resist the Sunday
ordinance, the Jury decided to re-enact
the suspended ordinance imposing a par
ish license tax upon all persons pursuing
taxable occupations within the limits of
the town. Thus, both sides seem deter
mined to " carry the war into Africa,"
and the prospect is that the contest will
continue until a decision on the matter
in dispute is rendered by the court of
last resort.
Members of the Town Council think
that the respectful application to the
Police Jury -was treated with flagrant
contumely and disrespect, and they feel
disposed to resent such treatment by
aiding and abetting the opposition to
the Sunday ordinalcee,. We agree that
our parish legislatort should have dis
played less curtness and more courtesy
towards their confreres of the Council, and
should at least have accorded the me
morial and its bearers the common re
spect of an acknowledgment and re
sponse; and we think that the Police
Jury ought to have sought, and should
still seek, the co-operation of the Coun
cil in enforcing the Sunday law, but we
can not admit that any want of consid
eration or courtesy on the part of the
Jury will justify the Council in opposing
a measure that is calculated to benefit
the town and its people.
The opponents of the law vigorously
contest the idea that it will benefit the
town. They hold, on thecontrary, that
it will cripple our business interests by
driving trade to neighboring parishes
where no similar law is in force, and
that the patronage which our stores re
ceive on Sundays will be almost wholly
lost. The fallacy of these views can
only be successfully eradicated by prac
tical demonstration, and while we can
cite the experience of other communities
against them, we can not hope to fully
convince the skeptical dissenters of their
error until the opporttuity is given to
point out the results of an experiment
made under their very eyes. The same
objections have been urged to the enforce
ment of Sunday laws in other coummuni
ties, and we have yet to learn of an in
stance where they have been verified;
while proof to the contrary is abundant.
It is simply idle to assume that the peo
ple will wear less clothing, consume less
groceries and provisions, or buy less fur
niture, crockery, etc., because they are
debarred from purchasing them on Sun
day. Those who have been in the habit
of making their purchases Sunday will
transfer that business to Saturday and
soon learn to like the change; and so
long as our merchants display their usual
splendid stocks and offer the induce
ments to customers which have made
them successful in business heretofore,
they need have no fear of buyers forsak
ing the attractions of a town for the
blessed privilege of visiting cross-roads
stores in neighboring parishes on Sun
days. No doubt such establishments
will be the resort, as they usually are, of
the class of people who habitually spend
their Sundays drinking, carousing and
gambling, but the few recruits of this
kind which they would receive from our
parish could well be spared and the loss
of the small amount of money they spend
would be more than compensated for by
the moral effect of their absence and the
saving to the people of a large propor
tion of the public funds raised by taxa
tion to meet the expenses growing out
of Sunday brawls, assaults, woundings
and murders.
An eminent di vine of well known liber
al views recently said "Men have warred
about theology, but never about morali
ty." We advocate the Sunday law on
purely mioral grounds, and by no means
from a religious standpoint. Sunday is
a day upon which, by the edict of popu
Oar custom and observance, the laborer
lays down his implements of toil, the
planter and professional man abandon
their daily pnrsuits,and even the beasts
of burden are given a respite from their
labors. Why, then, should oar mer
chants deny to themselves and their em
ployees the one day of rest and recrea
tion out of the seven which is, we may
say, demanded by the law of nature for
the preservation of bodily health and the
cultivation of those social relations
which serve to foster and increase the
virtues, prosperity and happiness of a
people f
We want no restriction place upon
healthful and rational Sunday amuse
ments; on the contrary, they should be
encouraged and multiplied, and we de
sire the merchant and clerk to have the
same opportunity to enjoy them that is
afforded to others. But we do want a
stop put to the crying evils of public
gambling and dram drinking on Sundays
that scandalize the good name of our
town and parish and afford a pernicious
and corrupting example to the rising
generation. We doubt if there is another
town in the State where gambling is
carried on so openly and to such an ex
tent as in Donaldsonville, and we con
tend that that supreme law, " the welfare
of the people," demands an abrogation
of the practice. The existence of this
vice in our midst is a wrong which the
CHIEF, in commorn with the public auth
orities, has too long condoned in the hope
that time and the force of popular senti
ment would of themselves bring about a
reformation. Now that the question of
Sunday closing has been broached we
direct special attention to the good that
will ensue from the closing of liquor sa
loons and gambling houses on a day when
a large majority of the people are idle
and more than usually liable to yield to
the temptations held out by such places.
Even should the enforcement of the
Police Jury's Sunday ordinance in Don
aldsonville be successfully opposed, we
shall hold it to be the duty of the Town
Council to employ its authority to sup
press the evils we have mentioned.
The discussion of the Sunday law shall
be continued in future issues of the
CHIEF. We conclude for the present by
calling attention to the admirable arti
cle on our first page entitled " Sunday
Law in St. Landry," and also to the fol
lowing siguificant extract from the latest
issue of the West Baton Rouge Sugar
Planter :
The Police Jury of the parish of Ascen
sion has passed a Sunday law somewhat
similar to ours. The ordinance will go
into effect from and after the 15th inst.
The Donaldsonville CHIEF approves of
the law and promises its heartiest sup
port unless it can be shown, by experi
ence, that it is detrimental to the inter
ests of the town and parish, in which
case it will urge its repeal. Don't be
alarmed, friend Bentley. After ihe law
has had a fair trial it never will be re
pealed. This parish would not repeal its
Sunday law under any consideration
whatever, foir the simple reason that no
one wants it repealed, black or white. It
is a permanent fixture now.
Unequaled cash bargains at Moyse's.
List of Letters
Remaining in the Donaldsonville Post
Office June 12, 1880.
Gains, John Parker, Charles
Hawkins. Miss Beeca Rose. P L
Kenner, Mary Smith, J Taylor
If not called for in four weeks will be sent
to the Dead Letter Office.
Pay your uiconss!
Donaldsouville, La., June 12, 1880. S
A LL PERSONS or associations in the
parish of Ascension pursuing any trade,
profession, vocation, calling or business sub
ject to a license tax, are hereby notified that
State and Parish Licenses of 1880,
are now due and exigible, and the Sheriff is
prepared to collect the same. Said parties
are therefore notified to come forward and
pay their licenses within TWENTY DAYS,
at my office, Court-House, Donaldsonville,
in compliance with Act 119 of the General
Assembly of 1880.
Sheriff and ex officio Tax Collector, parish
of Ascension.
A Card.
PORT BARROW, LA., June 6, 1880.
I BEG LEAVE to notify the public at
large and especially the respectable
public of Donaldsoaville, that I expect you
all know of the Sunday law that our re
spectable Police Jury made. As they try to
take our liberty in spending our honestly
made money where and when we please.
therefore I will have my gate open and any
one comes into my garden got to help them
self and pay for it I will try to accommo
date everybody as much as in my power.
Notice to Holders of Par
ish Scrip.
Meetings of the Auditing Committee.
fOTICE is hereby given to all holders of
claims, scrip and evidences of indebted
ness against the parish of Ascension, that
the Committee on Finance will meet at the
Court-House on
Thursday, June 17, 1880,
and every day thereafter, from 11) o'clock
A. M. to 1" P. II., until further notice, for
the purpose of examining and approving
such claims, scrip,etc., as may be receiva
ble for back taxes under Act 49 of thd Gen
eral Assembly of 1880.
Donaldsonville; La., June 12, 1880.
President of the Police Jury.
Aucnon! Aucoun!
There will be sold at auction, to the high
est bidder, on
Saturday, July 3rd, 1880,
in front of the R. E. Lee Hotel, by D. Israel,
Deputy Sheriff, per account of whom it may
concern, a large lot of splendid open and
Persons in need of a Buggy or Carriage
will do well to attend the sale, where they
can not fail to be suited, and at great bar
gains. my3t
City Hotel,
Cor. Railroad Avenue and Iberville Street
Donaldsonville, La.
P. LEFEVRE, - - - Proprietor
The baris always supplied with the best
Wines and Liquors. je:i-ly
.1 full line of GOODS
Attractive Prices.
Undertaker's Establishm't
Railroad Avenue, opposite City Hotel,
Cheaper than the Cheap Stable !
and a full assortment of
Of all Sizes, Styles and Prices.
l~ %4e have a preparation for preserv
ing bodies an indefinite length of time in
the warmest weather, which will be applied
gratis, and
Hearse furnished Free of Charge,
when the Coffin is purchased at this estab
at reduced rates of hire. Particular atten
tion to boarding horses. A supply of feed,
always on sale at bottom market prices.
A spacious Mule Pen
has been provided in connection with the
stables, affording unequaled facilities to dro
vers and traders for the accommodation of
their stock at bed-rock rates.
TRY US. Satisfaction must and shall be
given to patrons. Respectfully,
Save Money!
Glassware, etc.,
Opposite old River Ferry Landing!
JELLIgS-in GlaSses or Boxes,
Also in Store,
Basket, Willow and Tin-Ware.
All Goods at New Orleans Prices.
Call and SNee ie e Before Pur
chasing Elsewhere.
For Rent.
of Iberville and Leseard Streets, Dun
aidsonville, La. Apply to
20 MEN' to 'ork on Lo.utell L-,,-ee
2 °' 4 West Baton Rouge. W.;,,es.1 :,:i
per day. Apply to the contractor on the
work. f-lf
In Full Blast at the Old
Stand !
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron
Manufactory of Strike Pans, Evuporating
Pans, Claritiers, Juice Boxes, Syrup Tanks,
Chimneys and Breechings, Force and Lift
pumps, etc.
Steam Trains put up and fully guaranteed
Also keeps on hand a full supply of Steam
Ganges, Iron Pipes and Fittings, for steam
and water use.
Mr. Billeisen begs leave to refer to the
following named planters who uave used or
are still using his Strike Pans :
EIMER BADER, Iberville.
LEMANN & BAILEY, Ascension.
MRS. M. ISRAEL & CO., St. James. -
HON. D. F. KENNER, New Orleans.
Jobbing and country orders promptly
attended to at moderate charges.
Paper-Hanging a Specialty.
All orders addressed to me at Donaldson
ville will receive prompt attention.
75T 0o 75
Projected Town of Darrowville,
(Opposite Donaldsonville.)
At prices ranging from $35 to $75 each,
Containing nearly 17 acres each,
for $500 per lot.
The ute of the town is opposite Donald
sonville, left bank Mlississippi river, the
River Ferry Landing being loeated near the
centre of the town front, and the proposed
New River Road forming the Western or
upper boundary line.
A plan of the Town can be seen at the
Recorder's office.
For further particulars, apply to DI). A.
C. LOVE, at Gibson's Hotel, "D)rrowville,
or to the undersigned at Gemn Plantation.
malr2 BEN. (IISON.
$5 dQL9/perday athome. Sarples worth $5 fre;.
.P.tofi. .Addresa Srlso& & o., Portlan.d, n . .
Keating's Academy,
Corner Chetinmaches and Attakapas. streets,
Doualdsonville, La.
Mrs. M. KEATING returns thanks to the
people of Donaldsonville and vicinity for
the liberal patronage beretolfore bestowet
upon the Academy, and begs leave to say
that no effort will be spared to merit a' cor,
tinuance of pnblic favor.
A limited number of pupils from u nroadl
will be received and furnielhed with board
and lodging. For terms of tuition, etc., ap
ply to or address
mar24 DoLnaldsonville. La.
Shingles, Stares, etc.
All orders promptly attended to aLtl satis
faction guaranteed.
All letters and orders to lhe addressed to
P. O. Box 88.
fcbl5-ly Iterville p rish. L:.
Doctor H. A. White's
Botts, Colic, and Tynipanetis
In Horses and Mules.
DJIECTIsrs-Apid.Iy a. tenasoonful on the
tongue every 15 manltes l tatil relieved.
$1 per Bottle or $0 lpr Dozen.
j Smn ple I~tuttie s; 1 F11 F

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