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Mil olale tbie thid.
Puistied Every 8aturda?.
fiiaof.se JaefteParish oaoe"l"isiO.
an .Townof Donaldsonville.
· - -. i
entered at t;la rost-OfEe at Donaldson
vl.l, s.,* a iond Class Matter.
4he art.at New Orlease prices ! Leave yomr
orders at the CHIEF Offie.
$3 Postmasters are authorised and re
qnested to aot as agents for the CHwEs.
IW The CntEr is received by all subscri
leers PosTAos FREE.
Saturday,. July 17, 1880.
Mr. J. H. Bates, Newspaper Advertising
Agent, 41 Park Row, New York, is author
izsed to cotract for advertisements in the
.CHIEF at otir best rates.
Gen. Chalmers has been acoomilna
ted for Congress in the Mississippi
Shoestring District.
Hon. Wm. H. Barnum of Connecti
cut Ihas been re-elected chairman of
the Democratic national committee.
lIon. Geo. Williamson of Caddo, Re
:publican nominee for Congress in the
,Fifth District, has severed his connec
.tion with the party and announced
,that he will support Hancock.
We have heo:rd it stated that there
is a rumor extant that the CIIIEF hlis
received a conimunication opposing
the Sunday law and fails to give it
publicity. We assert that no such
communication has reached us,
Garfield hate written his formal let
iter of acceptance. We shall publish
it shortly. Hancock and English have
.been officially notified of their nomni
,cation, but will not write their letters
of acceptance for several weeks.
A council of representatives of the
firincipal European powers has been
held at Berlin to devise a settlement
of differences between Turkey and
Greece and consider other matters
growing out of the Russo-Turkish
war. A rectificatiin of the Greek
frontier was agreed upon which cedes
to Greece 390 square miles of terri
tory containing 400,000 inhabitants.
The first numbers of Mr. J. E. Hew
itt's new paper, the Natchitoches Reg
ister, are on our table, and the pro
prietor is to be congratulated upon
thle neat appearance of his sheet and
lie promise it gives of taking a high
position in the ranks of the country I
press. The editorial matter evinces I
ability and vimu, and the typographi- I
cal make-up is unexceptionable. Suc
cess to the Register.
The Board of Supervisors of the
Louisiana University nud A. and M.
College met at Baton Rouge on the
2nd inst., and decided upon a thor
.ough reorganization of the institution. t
Accordingly all the chairs were de
dared vacant and the following of
ricers elected: President of thel Facul
ty, Col. Snmunel II. Lockett; Secre- t
tary of the IBoand, W. H. Goodale;
Treasurer, B. F. H. Skolfieldi.
--- 1
The steps taken by Donaldsonville
business men to obstruct the enforce
meat of our Sunday law is said to
have encouraged some Baton Rouge
aerchants to engage in a similar
mlovement. The result of the pro- i
ceeding is indicated by this sugges
tive paragraph from the last issue of 1
the Baton Rouge Veek !,/Advocate:
From the amount of talk on the streets I
a-bout it, we infer that the Grand Jury
isstirring up the storekeepers who have i
kept open on Sunday in violation of the
$Sunday la-w.
Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine.
The July number, commencing Volume
VIlI., is one of the inmot interesting yet
issued of this excellhnt publication. Thei
opening article, by Rev. Edward Hale,
"A Quarter-Millenium," describes the
i-lding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony,
the settlement of Bost:n, and the estab
Jishment of the first Christian churches
in Boston, Sa:em alnd l)orchester. There
are sketches of the plrominent men con
neted with the. Massachusetts Company,
including Govertor Winthrop, Rev. John
Cotton, Rev. John White, Roger Clapp
tand others. One illustration shows a
view of the site of Boston before the first
house was built; another is a quaint old
tuap of the neighborhood arondl Boston ;
another is a dIa wing of the first church
in Boston from 1i30 to 1640. The article
w"ill doubtless at tract considerable atten
tion. There are other articles, replete
,with interest anld information, especial
ly " Modert Jewish Lifte," which is clab- 4
orately illhrtratedl. The serial aad short
stories are by popular authors ; " Be-Be,
the Naihuaker's Daughter" is continued
and "Little Hinges" is concluded. Mrs.
1i. A. Deunison, Etta W. Pierce, IEttit 1l
liogers, Jane (G. Austin, IF. MI. Holhes, I
etc., contribute to this department.
-There are admirable sketches, essays,
-etc., by Alfreton Harvey Hlterbert Lee,
Rev. Mr. Houghton, and other favorite
-writers. The poemLs are ln e-ousllll , anl I
possess more than (dintarl- :erit. There
is a large, interesting and instructive I
iiscellany, and, together with the "Re
ligious Notes anlld News," "Editor's Port- 1
folio," "Obituary Not ices," "'Re'reat ions
for Smniday Afternoon;" "3Music," etc.,
.etc., present ]2S quarto pages of delight- t
ful reading, which is atforded for only 25
cents a copy, or $3 t. year. Admlress,
*t-hantk Lesi.-'s Pbldishing H. tu-e. 5.3. r
nd 57 I'Park J'ltce, New- York.
The Democratic Oandidates,
Contraryf, to our eZpectstion the
portraits of'tie ttt nsoml~aes
for President V ,ice President of
the United State dd1dnot reach us in
Beason for insertond in this issue of
the CmHEF. Th pictures arrived to
day, and will ayliear next week.
Col. James Lewis, one of the ablest
and most reputable of the prominent
colored men <df lEis state, has been
iUipjn oia ot 6 nof U. S.
Naval officer at-New Orleans, and
Hoen. Andrew J. Dumont, chairman of
the Republican State committee ap
pointed by Gov. Warmoth, is desig
ndtedtto fill the vacancy. The only
known reason for the removal of Col.
Lewis is his consistent and manly
support of Gen. Giant for presidential
nominee at Chicago. Any one faimil
iar with the sentiments of the the Re
publican masses of this State knows
that Col. Lewis represented them
faithfully, and his removal for this
cause will not be likely to allay in
any degree the disappointment they
feel over the result of the national
convention. If a crusade is to be
opened against the Republican lead
ers who hald the manhood to stand up
for the people without regard to the
behests of the office holders, the sem
blance of a Republican organization
may as well be abandoned, for it will
be nothing but a hollow mockery and
Hon. Wvn. O. Rogers, Superinten
dent of the Public Schools of New
Orleans, tendered his resignation to
the Acting Governor, leut was subse
lquently iuduced to withdraw it. The
unsatisfactory condition of the .work
under his direction, arising from the
totally inadequate revenues availa
ble for the maintenance of the
sclhools, discouraged Mr. Rogers and
led to his desire to retire from the
position he has filled so long and so
efficiently. The ni fortunate state of
affairs surrounding the system of pub
lic education in New Orleans is in no
wise due to any dereliction on the
part of the worthy Superintendent,
and we are glad to know that ihe
has been prevailed upon to reconsider
his resignation.
Summary of State News.
Gleanings from the Press.
An Indian and a man by the name of
Brady got on a drunken spree at Garr's
Mill, and commenced attacking each
other with their knives. They were
separated twice but the Indian again
rushed at Brady and stabbed him to the
heart. Before he could lie captured lie
had to be knocked down with a scant
ling and aimost killed.:-CGlddell Herald.
Cotton worms have made their appear
ance in the parishes of DeSoto and Clhi
Bastrop was scared out of its wits Sun
day before last by thl approach of an
ominounscloud accompanied by an ab
breviated cyclone that blew down a few
trees and fences and leveled the corn
crops of the vicinity. The editor of the
Morehouse Clarion says: "'We hope
never again to experience such feelings
as we had when we heard the coiming of
that filnnel-sh aped cloud."
A scamp giving the name of Jackson
eloped from Sumpter county, Ala., with
his mother-in-law, and the guilty pair
sojourned several months at Bastrop, in
this State, where they passed themselves
off for mother and son. Jackson was
employed as agent for the sale of the
American Sewing Machine and victim
ized the company as well as a number of
Bastrop saloon-keepers. The true rela
tionship of the filthy couple being dis
covered, they left for fresh fields and
pastures new.
A youth, son of Gustave Tabor, resid
ing in the Chonpic settlement in this
parish, went hunting grosheck oin last
'T'uesday Imorning. Not returning in due
time search was made, when he was
fiound in a field of rice, dead. A load of
shot hail been tired in his stomach, kill
ing him instantly. How the accident
occurred nlo ile knows.-Lafourche Sen
John Thomas, alias John the Baptist,
a colored desperado fiund guilty of mur
derillg a child eighteen months of age,
without anmy cause or provocation, and
sentenced to be hung, escaped from the
Madison parish jail and the Sheritff offers
$1041 reward tir his capture-Delta. Jour
On the 21ihl of June, Mrs. N. Perry
froli New Orleans gave birth to three
children, two Iouncing boys weighing
live and a half pounds each, and a bean
tiful little girl weighing five pounds.
One of the boys was named Hancock and
the other ltEnglish, and the little girl
America.-Iburia Journal.
After a lingering and painful illness,
Judge Adolphe Bailey breathed his last
on Monday, the 2Sth ult. In his death,
OQplonsas has lost, the most profound
*jurist at its bar; and St. Landry parish
the ripest scholar within its borders.
When a young ;nan, lie graduated with
the highest honors at Yale College;
taught scholol for a while after entering
the battle'of life, and at the same time
ro:'secuted the study of law. The de
ceased was a native of Vermilion parish,
and was about 4, years of age.--Opelou
a1s Courier.
('l :oville Patin was shot and killed
by A. Baum at the latter's store, in this
parish, on the 25th of June, while fol
lowing Mr. Banmu behind his counter
with an open knife and threatening to
kill lim. After hearing the testimony on
e'xam:ination, the accused was honorably
discharged by J:udge Yoist, it having
been clearly proven that lie acted in
self-dcefense.... A ;i.-ivement has been
started at Waterloo. by Messrs. M.
Thomipson, E. G. Benker and Z. Denmo
rulelle, to estahlish an oil woill.-Poieute
!',petr 1I c:. d.
After the Law-Breakers.
A-ot r - . ofthe .ea. rack A Tme
Iy ove for te 5uppwr f bon o lt;buie
(iianb n -ua4 yI Violtors
and Keepers o-fuIi hsgli z
sees to be Stirred Up.
The return of Distrlet Attorney Ear
hart from St. James, -where. the ession
of District Court closed last Saturday,
has been the signal for a continuation,
in a new forme of proceedings,.against
the-keepers of stores and otliea places of
gablie ispaned .e
contravention of the Police Jury's Sun
day ordinance, and for the commence
ment of a crusade against the public
gambling antdtippling houses that have
too long disgraced the town of Donald
sonville. We can not better describe
the nature of these proceedings than by
reprodnecing in full the following official
communication transmitted by the Dis
trict Attorney tO Justice Dennis Butler
of this ward:
22nd Judicial District,
Donaldsonville, La., July 13, 1880
lHon. Dennis Butler, Justice of the Peace,
4th ward, parish of Ascension, La.:
Sir-Having been informed that a
banking game, to-wit: keno, was carried
on in the town of Donaldsonville, in this
parish, on last Sunday, the 11th day of
July, 1880, in the building situated at
the corner of Mississippi and Lessard
streets, in said town, all in violation of
Act No. 12, General Assembly of Louis
iana, approved February 6, 1870, amend
ing Sections 911, 913 and 914 Revised
Statutes of the State of Louisiana, and
whereas it is made my duty as District
Attorney, under the provisions of Section
2066 of the said Revised Statutes, where
no complaint or declaration thereof has
been made before any Judge or Justice
of the Peace, to inquire cx-ofeli into the
fact by causing all persons who are sup
posed to have some knowledge of the fact
to be summoned before any Judge or
Justice of the Peace, that, their deposi
tions may be taken, I, therefore, in my
said otficial capacity request that you
immediately cause to be sumuoned bie
fore you, the following persons and, such
others as you may know of, in order that
their depositions mllly be taken as to their
knowledge of the keeping of the said
banking game and banking house in the
said town of Donaldsonville, parish afore
said, being particular to obtain the names
of all persons who keep said game or
banking house, and also all persons who
aid and assist in keeping the same. The
names of witnesses so far obtained are
Messrs. P. Pedesclaux, Elphege Mire, E.
F. Lamdry and Armand Bethancourt.
In the event that the depositions of these
witnesses dischlse the fact that such a
game has been carried on in said town it
will be your duty on such oath or other
affidavit to issue your warrant, so that
the Constable or Sheriff, or Dy. Sheriff
shall cause the arrest of all persons keep
ing and assisting in keeping said game,
and also a sufficient authority for said
officer nmaking said arrest to take into
his possession and keeping all the tables,
money, implements and other parapher
nalia which may be used in keeping said
game, so that the same shall be delivered
to you for inventory. The said property
so seized and inventoried to be kept by
the proper officer, so that in the event of
conviction of said parties, the same shall
be sold for the benefit of the parish, as
tihe law provides that the same is for
feited on the conviction of the parties,
for the use of the parish.
I am also informed that the following
misdemeanor, to-wit: violating Ordi
nances Nos. 9 an:d 10, known as the Sun
day law of the parish of Asceusion, has
Ieen committed bIy the persons whose
names are hereto annexed, on Sunday,
the 4th of July, 1880, and tie 11th day
of July, 1880. It is made my duty under
said Section 2066, Revised Statutes, to
cause all persons supposed to have kinowl
egIe or Tile COurlllssoill o0 sa i1 mistlo
mneanor to be summoned before a Judge
or Justice of the Peace, so that their
depositions may be taken. The annexed
list are the persons you will cause to be
summoned before you for that purpose,
and your will please take their deposi
tions at as early a day as possible, so that
I can use them either to file informations
against the said persons who, I am in
formed, committed said misdemeanor, at
the next regular term of the 22nd Judi
cial District Court in this parish, or for
the use of the Grand Jury at the regular
term of said Court. I am also informed
that " tippling" and "gaming" houses
are being kept in the town of Donald
sonville in violation of Section 908 of the
Revised Statutes of the State of Louis
iana. As yet I can not furnish the names
of persons to be summoned before yon
under Section 2066, but you will ascer
tain through your Constable or the Sher
itf, the names of their bar-tenders and
other persons who visit said houses, take
their depositions so that the District At
torney or Grand Jury can act in the
premises. Trusting that you will ren
der all assistance to the State of Louis
iana to suppress the vice of gamblinog in
the town of Doinaldsoaville, and the vio
lation of Ordinance Nos. 9 and 10, known
as the Sunday law of the parish of As
cension, I subscribe myself, your obdt.
Dist. Atty. 22nd Jnd. Dist., La.
In accordance with the instriuctions of
the District Attorney a number of the
clerks and employees of the stores and
places of business that were kept open
on the Sundays above referred to, have
been summnoned before Justice Butler
and their depositions takeu. Evidence
has also been adduced with regard to
the conduct of public gambling houses
in Donaldsonville, and immediate steps
will be taken to suppress the unlawful
Act No. 12 of 1870 provides that
" Whoever shall keep a banking game
or banking house at which money or
any thing representing money, is bet or
hazarded, or shall aid or assist in keep
ing one, shall, on conviction of first of
funse, be fined not less than $1000 or
more than $5000, and on conviction of
second offense, not less than $5000 nor
more than. $10,000, and be imprisoned at
hard labor not less than one nor more
than five years."
Section 4 of the same act declares it to
be the duty of any public officer to ar
rest and take into his custody any per
son keeping any banking game or aiding
and assisting in keeping same, together
with all tables, money or representations
of money, implements and other para
phernalia that is used in keeping such
banking house or in playing such game.
On the conviction of the accused, the
property is to be sold for the benefit of
the parish. Section 6 defines the offense
of keeping a gambling house or playing
a banking game to be a crime and mis
Section 908 of the Revised Statutes de
clares that whoever shall be guilty of
keeping any disorderly tippling house or
gaining house shall suffer fine and im
prisonnlent at the discretion of the court,
and be further condetaned to forfeit his
iicenseFto ]*p a tuse of public resort'
or entertainsment..
It will be seenitherefore, that intthe.
course -e is taking, the District Attorney.
is sustained by the plain letter of the
law-in fact, that he is merely perform
ing his sworn duty as a public .officer,
and every official who does this is enti
tled to the sympathy, countenance and
co-operation of all law,$biding citizens.
We are glad to, learn that there is
qinite a geintM FdiAeii tion anmoiig ruer
ohants who have heretofore opposed the
Sunday law, to acquiesce in its require
ments until a decision' of the contro
versy is reached in the courts. We hope
this report will prove true and that all
the places of business in Donaldsonville
.coming within the provisions of the or
dinance will be closed on Sundays. This
will give the practical test of the matter
for which the Cnaiti has contended, and
by which it proposes to regulate its fn
ture attitude upon the Sunday closing
question. Our motto is pro bono publico
-we seek the accomplishment of the
greatest good to the greatest number,
and it is far from our desire or intention
-to advocate any measure that will prove
hurtful or oppressive to the interests of
Donaldsonville, and particularly to the
merchants and business men s hose capi
tal, enterprise and public spirit form
such a large factor in the progress and
improvement of our town. If we differ
with them upon a subject in which they
have such deep concern as they have
shown in the Sunday law, it is because
we think they are mistaken in believing
that the operations of the law will in
junre then. If the result of experience
should prove us wrong, we shall ac
knowledge our error and exert the in
fiuence of the CIEs' to have the injuri
ous law so modified as to remove objec
tionable features. We ask our nmerchants
to be equally open to conviction and to
afford an opportunity for the issue to be
settled by the only test that will satisfy
the minds of all concerned-that of a
practical experiment.
Republican Executive Committee
Third Congressional District.
Mo.cGANi T, LA., July 1, 1880.
Pursuant to callhe above conmmittee
met here this day, at Whitney Hall, at
3:30 P. M., and was called to order by the
president, Hon. Theo. Foutelieu.
The president announced that he had
appointed the Hon. Taylor Beattie of La
fourehe, Pierro Landry of Ascension, W.
B. Merchant of Iberia and T. T. Allain of
Iberville, members at large of the com
mittee. The appointment of Mr. Gustave
Journet was also announced and accepted
as a member from St. Martin.
The roll was then called, and the fol
lowingmombersanswered to their names :
H. O. Mahber, L. E. Bentley, proxy;
Geo. Drury, John Williams, proxy; B.
Gardner, D. H. Reese, S. Wakefield, C. B.
D)arrall, proxy ; J. S. Davidson, J. W. A.
Verrett, T. T. Allain, proxy; W. H. Wil
liams, A. F. Riard, proxy ; M. A. Ledet,
H. Franklin, GustaewJounrmnet, L. A.
Martinet, proxy; F. M. Tucker, M. T.
Jackson, R. B. Johnson, B. H. Lewis,
proxy; O. Crosier, Jno. A. Brookshier,
Qeo. Drury, proxy;; WI. BMebhantTay-y
lor Beat fe, M. A. Ledet, proy; T. T.
Allain, Morris Marls, proxy; Pierre ]4n
dry, L. *I=Bentley, proxy.
Aieent-T. F Monro i.
A quorum present, and on motion, the
proxies duly accepted.
The president.tated thatioonforumblty
to the call, the_ commitee, had meti to
consider the letter of Hon. Taylor Beat
tie, declining the nomination for Con
After reading of ~thise )er, Mr. Drury.
moved that it be laid upon the table
subject to call.
Mr. Jackson moved to lay that motion
en the table.
The yeas and nays were demanded,
and the motion to table was rejected
yeas 8, nays 14.
The vote recurring upon themotion of
Mr. Drury to table subject to call, the
yeas and nays being agairr demanded, the
motion was adopted -yeas 15, nays 7.
At this stage of the proceedings a let
ter from Judge Beattie giving his reasons
for declining the nomination, was read,
and after'some discussion, Mr. Merchant
moved that his letter of declination" be
called up and accepted.
The previous question was called on
the motion and it was Carried.
The main question was then put, and
the yeas and nays being demanded, it
was adopted-yeas 13, nays 9.
Then, on motion of Mr. Allain, the fol
lowing resolutions were adopted :
Resolved, That the chairman be au
thorized and directed to call a conven
tion to nominate a Congressman for the
Forty-seventh Congress on Wednesday,
the 4th day of August, 1880.
Resolved, That the several parishes of
the Third Congressional District be en
titled to the same representation as in
the late Congressional Conventiopn held
at the city of New Orleans on the 25th of
May last, viz: Ascension, 4 delegates;
Assumption, 4; Calcasieu, 1; Cameron, 1;
Iberia, 3; Iberville, 5; Lafayette, 1; La
fourche, 4; St. Martin, 2; 8t. Mary, 5;
Terrebonne, 4; Vermilion, 1.
Resolved, That said convention be held
in Thibodaux.
On motion, the Secretary was directed
to send copies of the proceedings to all
the newspapers of the District and the
N. O. Louisianian, with request to publish.
On motion, the committee adjourned.
L. A. MARTINET, Chairman.
On Friday the 25th inst., Justice J. B.
Friedman, of the 4th ward of this parish,
sitting as committing magistrate, exam
ined sixteen persons charged with gam
bling on the front galleries of the stores
at Boutte Station, resulting in the com
nitting of three of them to the District
Court.-St. Charles Herald.
This evil of public gambling at and
around country stores prevailed to a
great extent in Ascension until the
Sunday law was enacted, but the en
forcement of this law has abrogated
the nuisai.ce. Donaldsonville is the
only portion of our parish now cnrsed
with the abomination, and its sup
pression here is one-of the things -we
expect to see accomplished in the
near future.
As the law compels us to close our store on
Sundays, we announce to the people of Don
aldsonville, Ascension and adjoining parishes
that we have decided to tender unparalleled
inducements to all who purchase of us from
Monday morning to Saturday night. We offer
Genuine Lonsdale Cottons
12 yards for $1.
4-4 Bleached Cottons, soft
finish, not starched, 15 yds.
for $1.
Best American Prints, 18
yards for $1.
And all other goods in proportion. This
reduction in price ranges in all departments
and touches all classes of goods therein,
such as
Ladies and Gentle. en's
Furishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
We cordially invite all to visit our estab
lishment, inspect goods and ascertain prices,
and thus put to the test our advertised
Cor. Mississippi Street and Railroad Ave.,
'DOfALDSowiLEa_ , LA.
It is with great pleasure that-A •
announces the resumption of business at
a new location,
Mississippi Street,
with a Magnificent Stock of
Dry Goods,
0 Clo th ing,
Furniture, Hardware,
Crockery, Liquors,
Boots and Shoes, Hats, Notions,
Excelling in size, range, quality of goods and
lowness of prices any he has yet. offered the
public. Having secured the lease of a very
commodious building at favorable rates and
being daily in receipt of goods purchased at
lowest market rates, I am offering
A visit to my store will show that I mean this,
Instruments Repaired, Tmhned
and Exchanged.
1192 ... Magazine Street, .. 1192
Pianos & IM1lodos.
Begs leave to inform his friends and the
public of Donaldsonville and vicinity that
he has established himself permanently at
tie above location and is prepared to do all
work in his line in the best manner and on
most reasonable terms. Parties desiring to
purchase or exchange instruments will find
it to their interest to deal with me. I make
a specialty of dealing in and exchanging in
struments. Will continue to visit this and
other sections for the purpose of repairing
and tuning instruments. Solicits orders ana
guarantees prompt attention, fair dealing
and good work. marl3
At Wholesale and Retail.
FROM the 6th of April throughout the
season, I will keep constantly on hand
a large supply of pure ice, fresh from the
great Northern Lakes, which I will sell to
the public at the following rates: Retail, 2
cents per pound; wholesale, quantity not
less than 100 pounds, 1½ cents per pound.
I respectfully solicit the patronage of the
public and promise just dealing.
Apply to C. KLINE,
Donaldsonville, La.,
Or to A. J. SHARP, on Bayou Lafourche,
•one and a half miles below Donaldsonville.
Hotel and Livery Stable,
Darrowvilme, L...
Left bank Mississippi river, oppdsite Don
Good entertainment for man and beast at
reasonable rates. Horses aidsl buggies for
hire. ma3-ly
Notic e.
Post-Office at Donaldsonville.
FROM and after Sunday, June 27, 1880,
Sthe Post-Office will be open on Sundays
for the. delivery of mail, sale of postage
stamps, etc., from 6:30 o'clock to 7:30 o'clock
A. I., or for one hour after the arrival of
the New Orleans mail. No other business
can be transacted.
City flotel,
Cor. Railroad Avenue and Iberville Street
Donaldsonville, L.
P. LEFEYRE, - - Propret
The baris always supplied with the best
Wines and Liquors. je-ly
250 YEN to work on Lobdel Levee;
p. WestBaton Rouge. Wages, $1 50
per day. Apply to the 6'ntiheuctr on thls
New Orleans, La.
S. M. FUCICH, Proprietor.
ICE promptly shipped at lowest market
prices for Cash or good city acceptance.
Orders from Planters, Coffe.o-ouses, Hotels
and consumers generally solicited. Satis
faction guaranteed. Address as above, P.
O. Box 251. tnov
Shingles, Staves, etc.
All orders promptly attended to and satis
faction guaranteed.
All letters and orders to be addressed to
P. O. Box 88,
febl5-ly Iberville parish, La.
$5..o $2 per day at home. Samples worth $5 free.
0 UAddress STINSON & CO., Portland, Maine.
Keating's Academy,
Corner Chetinmaehes and Attakapas streets,
Doonaidsonville, lia.
Mns. M. KEATING returns thanks to the
people of Donaldsonville and vieinity for
the liberal patronage heretofore beatoweC.
upon the Academy, and begs leave to say
that no effort will be spared to merit a con
tinuance of public favor.
A limited number of pupils from aoroad
will be received and furnished with board
and lodging. For terms of tuition, etc., ap
ply to or address
mar24 Donaldsonville. L4.
For Sale.
SIX 4-hoe sead Wooden Coolers. One
Copper Strike Pan, with Copper Wo.r
and all ,team pipe connections, all in con
plete and perfect order. Also some kettles.
All the above will be sold at reasonable
figures by M. ISRAEL & CO.
DonaldssonyUlle, La.
Mr. Joseph Ferrie iinforms hit friends and
the publie, that the partnerahip hretofore
existin between Mr. J&4b I.ar& d himself
has been dissolved by m. ..ual e .
He will contineu the s .xnol.f bus3o ines
atthe old stand, h ie. resdty- to exe
cute at shortest notice all worn entrusted to
him , pertainin-g to the trades 'of
G lnsinmthkLoek d, ekt
walgh1t and Coashtmaker.
Buggies C. arinages, Wagons and Ca
repa ired i a'workmanlike manner, at tpricea
Ol Fdhi es takesi a f ne
t The t llt slure of
Plantar on ars. and Wgos-,
will aLow a di ee of from t t w
per cent .t ienc ,
P -: le;Bs ~ .#c #?

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