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" u" Puce iic 't. o Dollars . "-. i i
new Orleans & Texas Railroad,
(organu'..1eryboat leaves head of St. Ann
street, New Orlens, daily, at 8 A. I.,
eennecting ·with the passenger train at
Algiers. Train arrives at Donaldsonvillo
at 12 N. Returning, leaves Doualdeok
ville at 12:30, arriying at New Orleans
at 4:30 P. x.
l)aily freight train each way, Sunday. ex
&ea.mboat---Regular Packets.
New Oame and Bayou Laftourche.
A4samptiot, p pWednesday and Saturday
mornings, down Thursday and Sunday.
flele, aTp' T'Tsday and Friday; down
Wednesday aesalsturday.
N.a Orlesas and Plaquemine.
Whisper, up Tuesday and Saturday ; down
Wednesday and Sunday.
New Orleans and Bayou Sara.
Wrm. Fagan, up Wednesday and Saturday
bights; down Mouday and Friday.
Edward J. Gay, up Monday and Friday
nights; down Wednesday and Sunday.
New Orleans and Vicksburg.
Robt. 1E. Lee, up Tuesday night; down
Sunday night.
J. H. White, up Thursday night; down
Wednesday night.
Natchez, up Saturday night; down Thurs
day evening.
Arrival & Departure of Mails,
Donaldsonville Post-Office.
Mails arrive and depart daily (Sundays ex
cepted), as follows:
N.ew Orleans and Donaldsonrille-Per New
Orleans and Texas railroad-Arrives at 12
m., departs at 12:30.
4Donaldsonville and Bayou Sara-Per steam
er>s John W. Cannon and Edward J. Gay
-Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sat
urday evenings.
Donaldsonavie and Assumption--Per stage
line to Napoleonville-Arrives 11 A. M.,
departs 1 P. x.
All other routes discontinued Jan. 1, 1879.
To insure dispatch drop all letters in the
post-oltce by 11:39 A. M.
Saturday, July 17, 1880.
Chew Jackson's BestSweet Navy Tobacco.
Cincho-Quinine cures chills and fever.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic regulates the
Dr. J.: B. Vandegriff has placed the edi
tor of the CHIEF under obligation for
timely and appreciated courtesies.
A:spacious and desirable store for rent
on the front street and business centre
of Donaldsonville. See advertisement.
A still further reduction in the price of
American prints is announced by M. Is
rael & Co. Eighteen yards for a dollar,
and don't you forget it. All other goods
in proportion, from Monday morning to
Saturday night.
The. store building receatly .ccupied
by Mr. G. Fcitel, being one of most fa
vorably situated establishments for a
business stand which the town affords,
is offered for rent on reasonable terms.
See advertisement.
Hon. Morris Marks, a prominent candi
date for the Republican nomination for
Congress from this district, arrived from
New Orleans and proceeded to Napoleon.
ville this morning. The loadstone which
draws him thither is the meeting of the
parish committee to elect delegates to
the district convention.
Mrs. Curien, graduate of a French med
ical school, tenders her services to the
ladies of Donaldsonvillc and vicinity in
the capacity of mid-wife and attendant
upon the sick. This lady produces the
most unexceptionable references as to
character and professional capacity, and
her terms are reasonable.
We were honored this morning with a
call from Mr. John D. Cantey of the fifth
ward, who has almost completely recov
ered from the effects of his recent mishap
-the fracture of his collar-bone, and not
shoulder-bladle, as the CHIEF was erron
eously informed. Mr. Cantey's avoirdu
pois has been somewhat reduced but he
is quite hearty again.
TnIE BEST CANE.-W. received on.Sun
day before last, the 4th inst., a stalk of
cane having nine red joints, 'lmeasuring
37 inches in length, 41 inches in circum
ference at the thickest part. Several of
the joints were each five inches long.
This stalk was cut from M. Israel & Co.'s
Saulsburg plantation, in the phrish of St.
James, and was the finest specimen of
the growing cane crop we had seen up to
that date. Who sends the next one ?
The law card of that estimable young
gentleman, R. M. McCnlloh, Esq., graces
this issue of the CIIIEF, and invites the
favorable attention of all who may be in
needl of the services of an able, careful,
conscientious attorney. Mr. McCulloh's
office is directly opposite the Court
jiouse, where clients can consult him
dal~ly. We are confident that none who
-employ him will ever have reason to
ecomplJalf that their interests were not
properly and faithfully represented.
Mr. Pierre Klopman sent to our office
yesterday several heads of rice as a sam
ple of the fine crop of that grain growing
onlthe little plantation of Mr. John D.
Cantey, in the fifth ward of this parish,
and it just "lays over " any specimen we
bave seen this season. Mr. Cantey has
.no pump, and the only water that has
stood upon his rice was what he let
through the levee while the river was
high. He held this in his fields as long
as possible, but for about three weeks
the rice has only had the benefit of such
mnoistnre as the occasional rains have
afforded. Notwithstanding this draw
back, however, the rice has headed up
splendidly, with large, full grain, and
gives promise of a first-class yield.
Reed's.Gilt Edge 'onjc prevents mala
1!><o aty the ~!ell .inst., i thedhy
fixed frtaw trial of the case of tlhetato
e rtel Atty. Gen. et ales s. John A. 4heeo
vers, wherein the eligibility of the de
fendant to the office of District Judge Is
called in question. Judge Hahn of the
Twenty-Sixth Judicial District Court is
expected to arrive on Monday's train to
preside during the trial.
The member iffhe Blue Bucket Fire
Company of this toen are sowell pleased I
with the success of their trip to Napo
leonville that they have decided to muakee
an excursion to Gretna, leaving here on I
Saturday, August 7, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
by a special train, and returning the fol
lowing night. Good Intent Fire Compa
ny of Gretna and the congregation of a
Baptist church of the same town will
unite with the excursioniste in carrying
out the attractive programme of festivi
ties being arranged for the occasion.
Tickets for the round trip will be sold at
the low rate of $1 50 each; children's I
tickets, 75 cents.
Inventors employing attorneys famil
iar with practice. in the Patent Office, i
rarely fail of securing patents. Experi
ence ensures succesain prosecuting con
tested entries and Mineral Land claims
before the General Land Office. Long
practice gives success in securing pen
sions. PuRESIrEY & GREEN, 509 Seventh I
street, Washington, D. C., have had long
experience in practice before the Depart
ments. Parties having business should
address them (enclosing stamp) for in
REV. G. LEVY.--The Assumption Pio
neer speaks in the following deservedly
high terms of a prominent citizen of
Donaldsonville and of the worthy Biknr
Cholim congregation over which he
presides: :
The Rev. Gustave Levy, Rabbi of the
Donaldsonville Synagogue, called at our
sanctum on Tuesday last, during our
absence. We regret not having met this
worthy, accomplished and eminent rep
resentative of the Jewish faith during
his brief stay in Napoleonville, and hope I
that on the occasion of his next visit to
be honored with another call. WVe nn
derstand that the reverend gentleman C
was here onta visit to the numerous
members of his congregation, which t
embraces many of our most enterprising, u
industrious and law-abiding citizens.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic cures swamp s
fever. t
BASE BALL.-GrasshopperS rs. Hancocks.
-The nmatch game of base ball played y
between the Grasshopper club of Don- 1t
aldsonville and the Hancock club of the a
fifth ward, last Sunday, proved quite as ii
interesting a contest as was anticipated, t.
and attracted a considerable assemblage A
of spectators. The Grasshoppers, accom- a
panied tby the Cofield Band and a nnm- di
ber of friends, crossed the river at' Don- n
aldsonville at 2 P. M., and proceeded to r
the Hancock grounds, on the Clark plan- o
tation, in two large wagons sent up for b
their accommodation by the courtesy of ii
the members of the challenging club. s
The ride down was ery plesa.ut_on~e, n
and the visitors ient with a cordial re- c
ception upon arriving at the place of t
destination. After a fewdively airs from I
the band, the ball tossers prepared for g
the fray and played it spirited and pleas- V
ant game, conducted with the best feel- t
ing throughout, the result of which is It
hiown by the following detailed p
scorn. D
Keating, p 4 4 Chastant, G c 2 3
Pinel. 1 b 53 Boote. 3b 3 3
IReynaud. I f 1 5 Conerly, Ib 3 2
a Stoekmeyer, W3bl 5 Arceneaus, p 4 1
Mavor, rf 1 3 .essions, 2 b 2 2
Wilson, ss 23 Hebert,s 2 2
SCook, c 34 Armiitage, rs 4 3
Stockmeyer, L2 b3 4 Chastaut, C A f 2 3
MolIere. cf 51I Davis, c f 2 2
Claverie, r f 2 3 Mathers, rf 31
I Totals, 27 35 Totals, 27 22
Grasshoppers,.3 5 2 2 12 2 3 3 3-35
Hancocks ....7 4 1 3 0 0 0 1 6-22
Time of game-2 hours, 15 minutes,
beginning at 3:15 P. M., and closing at
Umpire-L. E. Bentley.
Scorers-Alfred Levy, H. A. Winfree.
After the game the HancocRs invited
their visitors to partake of ice-cream,
lemonade and cake, which had been
provided in abundance, and the refresh
ments were discussed with infinite rel
Three members of the Quiclkstep club
of New Orleans being on the grounds,
proposed that a game of five innings be
played between picked nines, the Quick
f step players to take six of the Hancock
ten and play against seven Grasshoppers
and two members of the Burnside club
of Donaldsonville. The proposition was
f accepted and a bout of absorbing inter
est was had, resulting in a score of 8 to
8 in four innings. It was considered too
late to play another inning, and the im
promptu game was declared a "draw."
More music from the band and then
cordial good-byes were said and the
Donaldsonville boys returned home in
.splendid spirits delighted with the
amusement the afternoon had afforded,
the favorable result of their game and
the hearty reception accorded them by
the gentlemanly Hancocks.
--The Hancock: club has first-class
material, most of its members being
large, strong and hardy. All that is re
quired to make them very proficient and
formidable in ball-tossing is practice. A
second match between the Hancocks and
Grasshoppers is on the tapis for Sunday
after next, the 25th inst., to be played on
the Donaldsonville grounds.
-The Burnside and Grasshopper clubs
will cross bats on the public square to
morrow afternoon to play off their tie
game of Sunday before last.
-It is expected that the Quickstep
club of New Orleans will visit Donald
sonville on the 25th instant to play the
Burusides of this place. If so, the match
will be played during the forenoon and
that of the Hancocks and Grasshoppers
in the afternoon. The advent of a city
club to meet one of our local organiza
tions on the diamondr field would be an
exciting and interesting event.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic restores the
Third Levee District. -
Tie- I iesltletIn of a Levee Tax Deerres
Until the Completion of New
Assuessment Bolls.
he A meeting of the Board of Levee Com.
. missioners of the Third Levee Districl
was held at Philharmonia Hall, Algiers
last week, the following members pres
re Messrs. W. W. Pugh of Assumption,
ad president; S. Perkins of Lafourche, Vic
tor- Reaud of Orleans, J. B. Forehand of
St. James, W. B. Berthand of Jefferson,
he W. J. Kelly of St. Charles and J. W.
m Ross of Plaquemines.
Absent-Messrs. J. C. Cofidld of Ascen
sion and L. D. Martin of St. John.
The subjoined preamble and resoln
a- tions were offered and- adopted without
dissent, after which the Board adjourned
ll subject to the Governor's call :
'g Whereas, The assessnient roll of the
1- third levee district will not be completed
n. anterior to the first of September next;
therefore be: it unanimously
Resolved, That the levee tax to be im
posed for building levees be postponed to
a meeting to be called some time in the
month of September or October, at which
i- meeting this board agrees to raise suf
e, ficient taxes to pay the indebtedness of
this levee district, provided the same
shall not exceed five mills.
s The Assnmptio' P'ioneer speaks in the
,g following complimentary terms of the
- excursion of the Blulo Bucket Fire Com
pany to NapoleonN ille on the 4th inst.:
ig The Blue Bucket Fire Company of
Donaldsonvillu made an excursion here
on the 4th of July. The members of this
Id company belong to the very best classes
n- of the young colored nfen of that pros
perous litt'e city, and have distinguished
themselves as prompt, active and elficient
firemen in several Merious emergencies.
The company was accompanied by its
ly excellent brass hand. It formed in pro
of cession and moved, like well-drilled sol
ir diers, along our principal streets, elicit
ing much attention by their martial bear.
io ing and brilliant scarlet uniforms. At
night the company terminated its cele
bration with a hall and supper at the
r Napoleonville colored' town hall. It is
tr due to tile Blue Buckets to add that they
is preserved the most admirable order, dis
cipline and decorum throughout their
whole visit. Their treasuirer, Mr. Jos.
Thompson, so -ell and tfavorally known
here, expressed himself :s v.-ryi thankf'tl
forthe kind r-clption aecorde'd to the
, company.
s The CmeIF takes pleasure in saying
h that the encominms of the Pioneer could
4' not have been more worthily bestowed.
The Blue Bucket Fire Company is a
P splendid organization and deserves all
the good words that can be said of it.
8. PICAYUNE SAW-MILL.-We paid a visit
d yesterday to the Picayune Saw-Mill, sit
u- nated half a mile below Donaldsonville
e and had the pleasure of giving the estab
is lishment a thorough inspection under
1, the guidance of the senior proprietor, Mr.
e Alfred Esneault, and of hearing from him
1- a brief history of the circumstances un
I- der which the mill was erected and the
I- means employed to place it in the front
o rank of the successful business ventures
1- of this community. When Mr. Esnault
ur began the erection of the Picaynne mill
if in February, 1879, his cash capital con
i. sisted of one of Uncle Sam's treasury
e, notes-of thadenomnination of *5. Jkero
cured the loan of a small engine from
uf that liberal and whole-souled planter,
n Mr. James Teller, who also advanced him
Mr. James Teller, who also advanced him
"ufficient means to purchase a boiler.
With his own hands, assisted by his sons,
Messrs. Albert and Cecilien Esueanlt and
Mr. Henry Norris-all of whom are now
partners in the business-Mr. Esneault
put up a frame, mounted it on a founda
tion of blocks and rough timber and be
gan sawing timber on a limited scale
without even having a roof over the
heads of himself and assistant workmen
for several months after commencing
business. The diminutive character of
the apparatus led to many facetious com
ments on the part of the friends and
neighbors of the projected enterprise.
Some said it would be a good coffee or
corn mill, but that a log coming in con
tact with the saw would "stall" it.
Others laughingly called.it a "picayune"
nill, and Mr. Esneault judged that this
title would answer as well as any other
and forthwith 'christened his venture
" Picayune Saw-Mill." Making a hand
some profit from the first raft of logs
they converted into sawed lumber, the
managers of the mill began gradually to
improve their facilities and enlarge the
scope of their operations. They paid all
their debts, elected a shed over the mill,
built a ncat little office on the upper
side, and a workshop on the lower, pro
cured larger and better machinery, b.ought
increased quantities of timber and turned
out a correspondingly increased amount
of lumber. In their workshop they have
a foot lathe, a steam lathe, a carpenter's
bench, blacksmith's forge, and a grind
stone propelled by steam; they build
their own saw frames, repair and improve
their machinery, gum (sharpen) their
saws and grind the gumnmers, all with
the labor of their own hands. They are
preparing to put up a double circular
saw instead of the single one now in use,
in order that they may be enabled to saw
logs of the largest size. This improve
ment will be added during next fall or
winter, when the present rush of work is
over. The senior Mr. Esneault possesses
considerable mechanical genius, and last
year he secured a patent for a very use
ful invention-au edger for sawing lath
and narrow boards-to which we shall
refer more particularly at another time.
This season the proprietors of the Pica
yune mill have bought about a dozen
large rafts of timber, including nearly
all the logs floated out of the Homochitto
bayou. The mill is in coustant operation
from sunrise to sunset, every day of the
week excepting Sundays, and has not
run an hour this season without having
orders in advance for tim lumber sawed.
The timber used is of the best quality,
and lumber is furnished upon the most
reasonable terms-in this respect the
proprietors invite comparison with the
rates of other mills and dealers. The
flourishing business of the Picayune mill
is a bright example of what can be ac
complished from small beginnings by in
dustry, enterprise and frugality, and its
proprietors are the kind of men that
build up a community and constitute its
most useful citizens.
8UNDAY- LAW JriP Os.-Oi t nei
her, Mr. C. Klhwie lui gauin rangad Ji1
self in thine with the merchants wlihou la
determined to obey "the Saunday la
pendim g the decision of the matter in t
coutta. Mr. Kline's" "Old Reliable
store was closed as tight as a drum I
The CnIEF is in full sympathy wit
those merchants who believe conscien'
tiously that the Sunday law will afeetc
their business disastrously and thus in;
jure the interests of Donaldsonville. Wd
are confident that their view is a mista
ken one; that the suspension of bnsiit
on the day upon which the great mass of
the people rest from their weekly labors,
will prove a benefit to the town and all
its inhabitants, by improving the moral
tone of the community to a degree that
will fully compensate for any temporary
disadvantage resulting from the new de
parture; but should the result show
that what has proved a blessing to other
localities would be an injury here, the
CHIEF will not be slow to acknowledge
the fact and to join the anti-Sunday-law
merchants in their opposition to the
measure. We distinctly avow, however,
that our sympathy does not extend to
the gambling and tippling houses that
have been tolerated too long in our midst,
contrary to law and good morals. Don
aldsonville has for years possessed the
unenviable distinction of being the only
town in the State where such institu
tions are allowed to flourish undisturbed,
and long immunity from the prosecution
which the law enjoins has led the keep
ers of these establishments to assume
that they have legal and inalienable
rights equal to those of reputable and
law abiding merchants, any infringement
of which is an assault upon the liberties
and privileges of the people! It is time
this mistake was corrected, and it is en
couraging to note that the prospect for
an early accomplishment of this consum
mation is good. If any modifications of
the Sunday law are to be hereafter made,
we shall insist that they do not apply to
liquor vending. As for th* evil of public
gambling, we shall expect that to bhe
effectually wiped out long before the
question of the Sunday law is brought
to a definitive test in the Aurts.
We learn that Judge R. N. Sims, the
able attorney of the Town Council in its
fight against the Sunlday law, has ad
vised several merchants to open their
establishments to-morrow but to sell no
liquor. This counsel is probably based
upon the decision of the Supreme Court
on the Baton Rouge Sunday law, which,
we are informed, especially affirms and
emphasizes the right of parochial and
municipal authorities to restrict and reg
ulate the barter and sale of liquor, a
right that is recognized and exercised in
every State in the Union.
On Monday the rule taken upon Dis
trict Attorney Earhat to show cause
why he should not be Ipunished for con
tempt of court for prosecuting violators
of the Sunday law, willeome up for trial
before Judge Cheevers at chambers.
An Iberville storekeeper has recently
paid a fine of ,250 for opening his estab
ishment on Sunday.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic cunres chills and
heed'sGilt Edge Tonic cures chills and a
Capt. A. B. Tuttle, the well known
Arctic explorer, arrived here to-day, and A
proposes to lecture at Ascension Hook
and Ladder Hall, Monday evening, on
the subjects of the Open Polar Sea and
its wonders, including the Aurora Borea
lis and other phenomena of the Arctic
regions, the discovery of the Northwest
Passage and of a new race of people b
speaking the Hebrew tongue, and some
of the startling incidents with which the
lecturer's life has been replete. Captain
Tuttle has been on the sea 53 years--ex- -
cepting two years spent as a captive of
the cannibals on the Fiji Islands, two
years in Hindoston and two years
in the Rocky and Sierra Nevada
mountains-has visited almost every
known portion of the world, been ship
wrecked several times, and hence pos
sesses a fund of information and experi
ence of which few men can boast. He
intends to leave San Francisco in Octo- 1
ber for another voyage of discovery to
the Polar Sea, and is filling up the in- s
ferval of time with a lecturing tour. The d
press speaks highly of his lectures, and
they can scarcely fail to be interesting. p
The admission price is merely nominal,
25 cents, and we bespeak for the Captain
a full house. If the first lecture receives
adequate encouragement, a second one
will be given Tuesday evening, mainly
devoted to the subject of his captivity
among the cannibals.
Advice to Consumptives. 8
No man, however uncleanly, would
drink muddy, dirty water. A party which
occupies a room for hours, breathing the
same air, might be compared to a party
of bathers drinking the water in which
they bathe. The patient must keep the
window of his bed-room open. Night air
is fresh air without daylight. In close,
crowded rooms, the patient suffering from
lung complaints breathes consumptively.
By taking these precautions and using i
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery I
and Pleasant Purgative Pellets, fully one
half of cases of lung complaints would s
be cured in six months. For cough and
irritation of the lungs do not always in- a
dicate the presence of consumption, al- I
though it may result in that disease, and s
if consumption has already become deep- t
ly seated in the system, this is the nmost
efficient course of treatment that can be
pursued outside of institutions that pro
vide special facilities for the treatment I
of this disease. Dr. Pierce's celebrated I
Invalids' Hotel is such an institution.
Send stamp for descriptive pamphlet con
taining also a complete treatise upon con
sumption, explaining its causes, nature,
and the best methodb of treating it, to
gether with valuable hints concerning 2
diet, clorhing, exercise, etc., for eon
sumptives. Address World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Butfalo, N. Y.
ReedVs Gilt Edgi Tonic cures dyspep
ITV --··77ILLE
DAY, JULY 24, 1880.
Mr. WILLIAM KLOPMAd having re;
tired from the Arnm of M. IsAEL "d CO.
his interest in same ceased on JaI.argl, 188E0,
The House wil continue for the sole ben"lt of
I Mrs. JULIA ISRAEL, and business be ear
ried on under the old name and style of
Referring to the above, we beg to -say, we;
will carry on the same business as heretofore
at the old stand, corner of Mississippi Street
and Railroad Avenue, where wee will be'
pleased to see our friends and custoners.
Thanking them, and the public generally,
for past favors, respectfully beg a continu-.
ance of same-and to that end, are now offer
ing such extra inducemrents in boots, shoes,
hats, cloticing, dry goods of all kinds, fancy
goods, jewelry,perfumery, carriages, buggies,
harness, etc., etc., etc., as will well repay
buyers to call and examine before purchas
ing elsewhere. Our goods being bought
strictly for cash, together with our motto :
"Quick sales and small profits," enable us
to ofer to the public suck bargains as are not
to be had outside of our house.
Store For enlt.
1 formerly occupied by Mr. G. Feitel, sit
uated on Mississippi street, in the business
centre of Donaldsounville, are offered for rent
on favorable terms. Apply to or amdress
Donaldsonville, La.
R . ..M.eOULLOH,
Donaldsonville, La.
Offle on Attakapas street, opposite the
Mrs. Curien,
Iberville St., opp. St. Vincent's Institution,
Donaldsonville, La.
Mns. CURIEx, a French graduate, respect
fully tenders her services to the ladies of
Donaldsonville and vicinity. Best refer
ences given. jly17-ly
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana-Twenty-Second Judicial
District Court-Parish of Ascension.
Flash, Preston & Co.
vs. No. 30,
Geo. A. Feig.
BY VIRTUE of and acting in obedience to
a writ of fleri faeias issued by the HIon.
Twenty-Second Judicial District Court in
and for the parish of Ascension, State of
Louisiana, under date of the 12th day of
Julti880, :nd to dhilireefd; inth iaibovis
entitled and numbered cautse, I will offer for
sale at public aietion, at the Court-House
door, of the parish of Ascension, on
Saturday, the 21st day of August,
A. D. 1880.
at II o'clock A. bI., the following described
lproperty, to-wit:
A certain lot of ground lying, being and
situated in the parish of Ascension, on the
rig~ht bank of the Bayou Lafourche and the
Mississippi river, in the town of Port Bar
row, and designated on the plan of said
town, drawn by V. Sulakouski, a deputy-Sur
veyor of the United States, which is depos
ited in the Recorder's office for reference
and' safe keeping, as being Lot No. I in
square No. 43. measuring sixty feet front on
Pine street by a depth of one hundred and
twenty feet, together with all the buildings
and improvements thereon and thereunto
Seized in the above suit.
Terms and conditions-Cash, in United
States currency.
Parish of Ascension. July 17, 1880.
P. A. JONES, Sheriff.
e rish of Ascension. July 17, 1880.
i P. A. JONES, Sheriff.
f Sheriffs Sale.
State of Louisiana-Twenty-Second Judicial
rs District Court-Parish of Ascension.
Edward N. Pugh,
vs. No. 45,
Raphael Mousse.
S- BY VIRTUE of and acting in obedience to
i. a writ of fJri facial issued by the Hon.
eTwenty-Second Judicial District Court in
and for the parish of Ascension. State of
o- Louisiana, under date of the 29th day of
June, 1880, and to me directed. in the above
0 entitled and numbered cause, I will offer for
i- sale at public auction at the Court-House
e door, of the parish of Ascension, on
Saturday, the 31st day of July, A. D. 1880
at 11 o'clock A. M., the following described
g. property, to-wit:
The nndivided half of the STEAM TUG
in Seized in the above suit.
as Terms and Conditions-Cash in United
States currency.
le P A, JONES, Sheriff.
Iv Parisn of Ascension, July 17, 1880.
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana-Twenty-Second Judicial
Al District Court-Parish of Ascension.
ýL rs. M. Israel & Co.,
le vs. No. 31,
;y Alonisa Blouin wife of Hercule Landry,
ih et ala.
Bernard Lemann,
vs. No. 32.
ir Aloulsa Blouin, wife ofHercule Landry,
e, et als.
in Y VIRTUE of and acting in obedience to
D two writs of fieri fiacis issued by the
Hon. Twenty-Second Judicial District Court.
ig in and for the parish of Ascension, State of
ry Louisiana, under date of the 14th day of
July, 1880, and to me directed, in the above
e- entitled and numbered cause, I will offer for
Id sale at public auction at the Court-House
door, of the parish of Ascension on
Saturday, the 31st day of July. A. D. 1880,
n- at 11 on'lock A. MS., the following described
ii- property, to-wit:
An improvement and settlement right on
sixty superficial acres of land situated in
p- the par of Ascension, on the left bank of
t the Missisippi river, about seven miles from
said Mississippi river, at the place called
be Olman's Prairie, in the eighth ward, bounded
north by claim of John Kernan; south by
L. B. Hart; east by lands claimed by the
at Estate of Gideon Henderson, and west by
ad property of James Anderson. together with
all the buildings and improvements thereon
'. and thereunto situated.
1200 BRICKS.
o- The contents of store situated on said
ag above described premises consisting of DRY
rET., as per inventory on ile in my offie.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms and Cmonditioa--Cash in United
States currency.
P' Parish of Ascension,July 17. 1880.
P. A. JONES, Sheriff.
Dy Goons, VoLth
---AT TI~E-
marISIIsZ'IIP sMWamm.,
A little money goes a long ways at the Blue Store. Competition
defied at any and all times. Experience is the best test-give the
Blue Store a trial.
tm To parties purchasing groceries in round lots for family use,
liberal discount will be made.
Loisina Elitable Life and Accidet
LIsurace Company,
39-....... -rondelet Street,---....-......
The Policies of the Louisiana Equitable A CERTIFICATE
Life Insurance Company-are registered, Of the dftlier of State
and the Reserove thereon deposited
to the credit of the Policy with Is Annexed to Each Policy.
the Auditor and Treasurer This Company complied with the pro
of State, ih compliance visions of the above Act aml made its
with an Act, approv third deposit of the reuir'ed reserve Feb
e April , 877, rary 23, 1880.
ed April 2, 1877, ALLEN JUMEL, Auditor.
entitled :
" An Act to better secure holders of Life ACTIVE AGEiNTM WANTED.
Insurance Policies in this State; to Apply to
provide a reserve fund GO~ER,.R # M oWA.t R,
there; and for other General Agents, Baton Rouge, La.
purposes." Wx. L. ROCHE,.......Agent, Plaqlueuine,
L, A. A lo io.... General Agent,
Mississippi Street,
r Mr. Colomb also takes fire risks on the most favorable terms.
Consult him before insuring.
Sheriffs Sale.
State of Louisiana-Twenty-Second Judicial
District Court-Parish of Ascension.
Flash, Preston & Co.,
vs. No. 30,
Geo. A. Feig.
BY VIRTUE of and acting in obedience to
a writ of fler facias issued by the Hon.
Twenty-Second Judicial District Court in
and for the parish of Ascension, State of
Louisiana, under date of the 12th day of
July, 1880, and to me directed. in the above
- entitld and numbered cause, I will offer for
sale at publihe auction, on the premises, on
Saturday, the 31st day of July, A. D. 1880,
Sat11 o'clock A. M., the following described
property, to-wit:
Tire contents of a store situated in Port
Barrow, in the parish of Ascension, consist
ing of groceries, etc., as per inventory on
file in my office.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms and Conditions-Cash in United
States currency.
P. A. JONES, Sheriff.
Parish of Ascension, July 17, 1880.
Desirable Property for
THE residence and lot of ground situated
j on Railroad Avenue, nearly opposite the
1 Post-office. in the town of Donmaldsonville,
will be sold on reasonable terms. For par
ticulars, apply to or address FELIX LE
BLANC, Wharfmaster. or
J. A. BRAUD, Jn..
jyl0-4w Donaldsonville, La.
ON the streets of Donaldsonville, one day
this week, an approved certificate for
$9 10, issued to a member of the petit jury
for the second week of the recent term of
D1istrict Court for this parish. iThe owner
can recover the document by applying at
the CnIEF office and paying for this adver
Donaldsonville, July 10, 1880.
A FEW CANVASSERS for the sale of the
A Singer Sewing Machine. Best of refer
ences required. Apply to-the Singer M'f'g I
Co., Donaldsonville, La.
A. COMBE, Manager.
Notice to Holders of Par
ih Scrip. a
Meetings of the Auditing ommitt
r OTICE is hereby gi..e to all holders of
e claims, scrip and evidences of indebted
ness against the parish of Ascension, that
I, the Committee on Finance will meet at the
J Court-House on
Friday, July 2, 1880,
a and every Friday thereafter, from 11 o'clock
A. M. to I' P. M., until further notice, for
the purpose of examining and approving
such claims, scrip, etc., as may be receiva
ble for back taxes under Act 49 of the Gen
eral Assembly of 1880.
Donaldsonville, La., June 12, 1880.
President oi the Police Jury.
Paper-Hanging, a Specialty.
d All orders addressed to ae at Donaldson
ville will receive prompt attention.
°RJ •~E~
Undertaker's Establishm't
Railroad Avenue, opposite Clty Hotel.
Cheaper than the Cheap Stable!
and a full assortment of
Of all Sizes, Styles and Prices.
HV e have a preparation for preserv
ing bodies an indefinite length of time in
the warmest weather, which will be applied
gratis, and
Hearse furnished Free efCiarge,
when the Coffin is purchased at this estab
at reduced rates of hire. Partiealar atten
tion to boarding horses. A supply of feed,
always on sale at bottom wsarket pr.ies.
A spacious Male Pen
has been provided in eonneetion with the
stables, affording unequaled faeities to dro
vers and traders for *t aeeommodation ef
their stoeek at 5edl-raoesrates.
TRY US. Satisfetion must sad hadll be
given to patrons. Respectfully,
aug3 8OOJB ERO.
Doctor LAO, Wte's
-'4)3-`~ --
Botts, Colic, anjis#
DtEcrt Oes--Apy tra irsoieatl uo the
tongue every t15 aea2 antil relievetd.
$1 per Bottle per seeqj.
Sanmple IBottlc Fcie i
-Art Mrs4. RE. I~e4n tof

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