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OfBeetin Creseent Place. +
. Saturday, dNovember ST, '80
Cincho-Qafnine cures chills and fever
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic prevents mala
Mr. Ambrose Roaugera, B r., returned
from France this week. He looks as
hearty as usual.
An excellent inve mnent for $12,000 is
ofered by the lgrertisement hee.ed
"'Preposdls far building an iron bridge."
We hear that Rev. Father Cuppens,
pastor of the Aseentdlm Citholic Church,
has arrived at New Orleans, ea route
home from Europe, and is expected, to
reach Donaldsonville on Monday.
One day last week the steam dram at
tached to the boilers of 'Dr. J. J. Gan
r-hop intbe pasrish of
St. e dam~ was
ca t e ent and obe hurt.
the act granting th.idight of way
for the construction of the proposed New
River roa been dnuly authenticated
and filed'` the Recorder' offloe As
soon as possible after the close of the
sugar season work will be resumed on
theiroad and8 inshed forward to an early
eomplptigQ .
:. Peter has oftin been accused of lit
.keeping staic watch over those within
1 sgaites, so we suppbee he is ao
M ,. aan r tithe escape of a little girl
wigldgased into our ex-H-ader's
TueIol T uessy m;raing. T
Hiend Buford and his amiable wife we
teed b. ur'heauty congratulations.
The damage resultinj from the boiler
,4.teplagbn at Israel & Co.'s Saulsbury
p b has been repaired and sugar
maakln is again under full headway. At
Jsrael & Co.'s store may be seen speci
1 en of the fimt and second qualities of
be.in5 unfaotured at Saulsburg,
tl to bay te ariaboat as
o as can be produced any where in
That genial gentleman and competent
s leMilegineer, M. W. Darton, Esq., hav
iag been appointbd by Gov. Wilts Par
ish Surveyor for the, parish of Ascemsion,
-has &rnishedtthe bond required by law
and holds himself in readiness to perform
all duties and service attaching to the
position. Mr. Darton was in town yes
terday and to-day. Communications ad
dressed to him at the ofe of the Board
of State Engineers, New Orleans, or i'
careoof the Cmar, will" receive prompt
FATAL Exn sozor.--aset Monday, the
S2nd iLas.,a the sags-honae of Mr. Jas.
ilasiberry's ierre edrs pranrtaon, p&L
h of St. John the Baptist, sme of the
centrifugals exploded while revolving at
fall speed, wounding three men. Oliver
Dab6 had both legs broken below the
knees and one of his hands torn off; Mr.
'Emplin had a shoulder dislocated, and
the third nwan, whose name we have not
heard, received two slight wounds. It
was thought Mdi Duhd would not sur
1tt his injuries.
We are deeply grieved to chronicle the
fading of a little earthly flower, Armide
Theresa Wilson, who died last Monday,
the 22d inst. Scarce ten months since
she came to crown her parentse marital
felicity, and now, "Death falls on her
like an untimely fost upon the fairest
flower of the field." It is moments such
as these which prove the fallacy of athe
istic theories, for who that has loved and
lost believes not in. that other world
where the treasured darlings of our
heart4 who have been mowed down by
the lilghty hand of the dread reaper
Will ha restored to waiting arms,
Not grown to stately whitewinged Angels,
But full of dimpling smiles and holy charms.
Most of our planters have about finu
ished windrowing their cane, but the
continued wet, unseasonable weather is
proving a terrible rawback to the work
of sugar making, rendering it impossible
teeairy on field work or haul cane to
the mills. An experienced planter with
whom we conversed on the subject a
coenle, of days ago estimates that the
lose already incurred throughout the
State by reason of-the unfavorable char
acter of the weather will reach 50,000
hogsheads. He said that he has never
seew fier cane, nor -cane that yielded
better than that of the present crop.
With good weather during the grinding
season the crop of 1880 would undoubt
edii~.lthe largest produced in Louisi
nu saiaee 1 We hope and believe it
ill sill be in spite of the apprehen
ay ,is y reason of the miserable
ther now prevailing.
won PAY-DaY.-Mauy of our
lparticulary those engaged in the
sness of sugar pl ng, who have
! 't'U Cmie. of procuring small
ort paling off their laborers, will
And something to interest them in the
following circular, seepy of wo eh has
been tra~ssatEt to he camnl y Mr.
George Drury, an employe of the Miat:
Ta M nror oa ,UsmT' TraTis AT
.New Orlea4 La., Nov. 19, '180.
Phis Mint Wil ship to any point accessible
by slrad or steamboat (the Government
sying the tagsportatin charges), stan
daridver dollar ilk slu of $se0 or any
mustiple thereof upo seest of a certil
sate of dipesit ftom the t Treasu
rer of the Uited States at New Orleans,
and w~lh c iee Usbtained by yourself,
your merohau or banker depositing in cur
reny with the Asistant, Treasurer the
amount desired, together with shipping in
The near close of the grinding season and
consequent settlement of theyear's business
making a demand for eaurrency to meet
tinall pl . I will for the convenience
pf the p. ..nterest, if so desired, have
he con rolled in pakages of $10 or
An. M. V. DAVIS.
Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic cares pillus and
On Dit.
That somebody ought to t dbn 'on
the young nan who keeps bsbim ing stale
A ket4 the Cuarm olee. ,:
~ That the chap who advertised an es
tray horse most inexplicably lost him as
soon as the owner put in an appearance.
- That the nickels in the collection plate
. at the Catholic Church have been like
sigelvlt . oflate.
IThit tae .gmtleman who saw no refer
r Ince toii~ielf in last week's On Dit is
- advised to re-perse the latter part of
the colnmnn.
ed That the other gentleman whodeclared
- himself to be On Dit will Carroll a dif
ferent tune when he hears that he is in
imminent danger of having his nose
is m.asldill over his face.
d h the Town Counnoilmakes and re
'" peals laws l. "fits."
That theP. 0, blonde is mad as Tueker.
h, That Ferd. has shot that hat.
te That it may not be generally known
t Donaldsonville abounds in mountains,
peaks and oases.
That information on the subject may
be obtained from the geography class.
That On Dit wondered, on hearing of
Sthat ,ers copiunp n- k Jack
9arie;, evers e l story,
'. , Stick beat hog and hog won't go home
iw Thatprobably On Dit had better pub
da lishIi for his delectation.
La That the young lady who eats garlic is
he trying to make an early bird of herself.
n1 that the human prototype of the odo
ly riferous, mammiferous quadruped of the
genus Capra looks rather weak about
the eyes. What ails you, Tony
n That the package of "sweetest re
Sgarde" which an absent young man sent
to a married lady has been carefullj put
away f delivery to her husband.
That the.young ladies who. roamed
around town 8unday evening hunting an
escort did not succeed in finding Aman.
That the professional gentleman who
er laughed at the aceompagnatears getting
r left the other night, got some of the same
Sins his a few evenings later. In-choir
Lbut we refrain.
Si That a certain trio of young ladies
of should remember it is always the place
g, .t s guptleoen to ring th belles.
is That the Cixa will havo the blues
in next week.
That the young man who, on being in
t troduced to one of our most agreeable
o young la4ies, was struck speechless and
remained so the entire evening, should
recover his equilibrium before he goes
w poppin' around that residence again.
That a jovial Judge and popular Pierre
e have consented to contest for the prize
= at Phamnl fair. "When Greek meets
d- Greek, then comes the tug of war."
- That the worthy but misguided young
man who seeks to make others believe
Pt they are insulted by On Dit's references,
ought to cork up the vials of his wrath
and take a few doses of the invigorating
e cordials of good humor and common
n P recently pub.
Sie b'g complimentary ref
eremhy citizen of this parish
r who has taken up his residence in As
umntlnn :
samption :
It becomes our pleasant duty to record
the capture of another of Ascension's most
honorable, industrious and useful citizens
in the person of Mr. Homer Cire, the father
of our esteemed youngt-ownsman Paul H.
Ciro. Mr. Cire has permanently located
here with his fimnily, for the purpose of pur
suing his occupation, and can be found,
when not employed elsewhere, at his resi
dence, on Franklin street, opposite the
hardware store of Mr. A. 8. Chappuis. Dur
ing his absence from town, all orders left
with his son. at Littlejohn's drug store. will
receive prompt attention. As a builder,
none can be found in the country more
capable, reliable and attentive, and no me
chanic more industrious, temperate, intelli
nt and skillful can be obtained than Mr.
The Baton Rouge and Bayou Sara mail
service, which is none too efficient or re
liable in the cotton and sugar seasons at
best, has suffered greatly by the enforced
temporary suspension of business on the
part of the steamboats, and the delivery
of mails on the coast between here and
Bayou Sara has been extremely unsatis
factory and uncertain. This is a cause
of great annoyance and inconvenience to
the people interested; and if means could
be devised to improve the service on this
route, the change would be heartly wel
comed. There is some talk of re-estab
lishing the daily mail line between Don
aldsonville and Baton Rouge and if this
can be accomplished upon a permanent
and reliable basis, it will prove a popular
'l'rn WRONG MAN LAtESTED.-Having
received information from St. John the
Baptist which led him to believe that
Terrence Babin, the murderer of Perique
Alleman and Frank Causin, was hiding
in that parish, Deputy Sheriff David
Israel visited St. John .alst week, and
consulted with the Sheriff theref forming
a plan which it was believ'd would se
cure the apprehension of the fugitive
should he indeed be secreted in that vi
cinity. The other day word was received
bere that Terrenee had been eaptreo,
whesrapon Mr. Israel again went to 8t.
Jekl, returning yesterday with the pris
ones. It transpires, however, that the
young man arrested-s youth about 14
years of age-is not the murderer,
though he avows himself to be so. Par
ties who know Terrence say that he is a
brighter colored, taller youth than the'
prisoner. The real name of the latter is
said to be Alfred Joaep. What his ob
jet is in repreeenting himself to be Babin
is yet a mystery. He has told so many
different stories that it is impossible to
say whether he is crazy or has perpe
trated a deliberate fraud upon the a_
thorities with a view to diverting par
suit of the real criminal. His statement
relative to the murder is false on its face,
since he says the difficulty occurred at
SAnrmand Richard's store and the men he
Sclaims to have shot were colored; where
as Alleman and Causin were both white
men and were shot in Mellere's lane, a
0mile or more above Richard's store. We
shall interview the prisoner Monday, and
i report in next week's CU~p' the result of
onr investigation of this pecJiia case.
ITh! e Bradford Case.
esume of n the Testihiuy-Taksa at the
FzIiuainauy ] amiaae n.
At Napoleouville, on the 17th inst., a
preliminary examination was held in the
case of Thomas Bradford, under arrest
on an affidavit charging him with the
shooting of Dufossat Gnedry and Lacroix
Alonso with intent to commit murder.
Thtough the kindness of a friend who
was present the CmIEF is enabled to pub
lish the following reliable synopsis of
the evidence adduced:
About half past 11 o'clock the night of
the 3rd of September last, notice was
first attracted to Bradford, who was
standing on the gallery of the house
where the shooting took place, by his
saying to Marius Melancoe, "I believe
that Ill go to the cart,'get my coat and
have a dance." Mr. Dufossat Guedry,
who was standing near them, overheard
the remark, stopped up to Bradford and
after a reply from the latter to a question
with regard to Bradford's having been
invited to attend the ball, Guedry col
lared him, and notwithstanding Brad
ford's verbal protestations at such nsage,
he was pushed or pulled down the steps
and fell on the ground. Getting up, he
advanced towards the stairs of the house
and Guedry kicked at him. After some
few words" more between them, Guedry
stepped from the gallery and slapped
Bradford, when some such conversation
as the following took place:
Bradford-What is your name
Guedry-John Bull.
B.-Yon are too old for me to strike.
Have you any sons I
G.-I have about a dozen or so.
B.-Scud any one of them here and I
will fight him.
G.-I would not dirty my sons by al
lowing them to fight with yeu.
B.-Do you know my father ?
G.-No; he may or may not be a gen.
Antoine Gomes then advanced, asking
Bradford the cause of the quarrel. Re
ceiving an answer, he turned, and after
saying to Guedry, "if you had taken
hold of my collar I should have ripped
you open with a knife," Gomes went up
to the steps. Gnedry advised Bradford,
" the best thing you can do is to leave
here," and followed Gomez to'the gal
lery, where he said to-the latter, "you,
also, are a rascal, and the best thing you
can do is to leave." Gomes replied, "yon
are another," and receiving a slap from
Guedry, retreated into the ball-room aad
fired, shooting Guedry in the abdomen.
As Gomes retreated, Mr. Lacroix Alonzo,
perceiving an attempt on Gomes's part
to draw a weapon, hastened up to pre
vent the use of it, but was too late.
Gomez then made an ineffectual effort to
shoot Alonso. Sinultaneonsly with his
second shot was heard the report of Brad
ford's pistol. Bradford had Jumped up
on the gallery, fired at Alonso and
jumped to the ground again. Alonzo re
ceived the bullet in the back of the neck.
At no time during their quarrel had
Bradford offered violence to Guedry, and
the evidence entirely disconnecting him
from any complicity with Gomez, he was
admitted to ball'by Judge Arthur Kno
bloeh in the sum of $500, but has not yet
furnished the requisite bond.
Mr. Alonso has eompletely recovered
from the effects of his wound. Gomes is
still at large, a fugitive from justice.
BACK TAxEs.-We notice that nearly
all the newspapers in this State have
called the attention of their readers to
the important fact that, upder the new
constitution and the laws of 1880, all in
terest, penalties and costs on taxes and
jos Ua 1W5GV a flBu I M V U can nu 8 auU a
licenses due the State and parish prior u
to the 1st of January, 1879, which were
suspended until the let of January, 1881,
will again accrue unless the principal of
said taxes and licenses be paid before
the latter date. Persons who are deliu
quent for such dues to State or parish
will be doing themselves an injury if
they fail to make a settlement thereof
prior to the 1st of January, as it will
then become the duty of the Sheriff not
only to exact payment of all the penal
ties above referred to, but also to pro
ceed by seizure of property to collect the
principal and accrued interest and
LeBlanc, manager of Bloch's Poplar Grove
sugar plantation, near Opelousas, writes
us to correct the statement with relation
3 to the yield of sugar obtained on that
place which appeared in the CH'IE of the
r 6th inst. It was 38 acres of stubble cane,
instead of 28, from which 68 hogsheads
ar were produced. Friend Elphege
g under date of November 21 says:
" I have now made 145 hogsheads from
75 acres; have nearly all my crop wind
rowed; have yet 150 acres of No. 1 plant
Sane and 10 acres of stubble to grind.
My plant was yielding, previous to the
fate freeze, 21 hogsheads to the acre, fully.
I make another start at the sugar-house
to-morrow. All our planters are back
ward with their cotton and sugar crops,
cansed by the bad weather, which is still
RLsaelts et Sugar m rolaase at New
Kesmas. Delery & Purves, weighers sad
gangers, No. 33 Nrtm Peters streets, have
farnished, the CIIOa with the following
comparative statement of the receipts of
sagar and molasses at New Orleans:
a Faox Nov. 20 To Nov. 26,
e 1879. 1880.
is Hogheeds ar.......... 10,89 6,370
Barrels Molasses,.......... 20,603 15169
alf s-Bbls. " .......... 74 70
n Barrels Sugar .............. 652 2,5(3
TOTAL raxO SIPT. 1 To DArs.
A Hogsheads Sugar......... 29,166 27,166
Barrels Molasses-...-..-... 59,983 67,058
- Half Bbls. " .......... 320 467
L. Barrels Sugar,...........-.. 1,996 13,49
r- List of Letters
At emainaln g in the Prest-ee at Donald
e, sonvlle, Ascension parish, Is.,
t ovember 27, 1880.
Ee Davideon, John O'Connoer, Maxwell
D ver, H Page, Thomas
4 Elliot, Jr. Joe Priestly, L
te Hatchett, B H Simmons, Thomas
Labiehe, Arthur Thompson, Alex
a If not called for in four weeks will be sent
e to the Dead Letter Office.
of Reed's Gilt Edge Tolio cures swamp
ARMrITAGU-t his residence atthe Is-l
land, Ibervieill h. La- on StnuMay o-
vember 20,180, at 7:30 A. W., JAxas Prmo (
A3urrAeg, 45 years, 1 month and 2
JACOBS-At the Stells Plantation, As
ension parish, La., on Saturday night, No
venber 20,1880, nKAcus J. JAcons, aged 55
years, native of Hessen Darmstadt, Ger
New Orleans and New York papers please
Proposals for Building an
Iron Bridge.
DoxALgsoxvnILL, La., Nov. 27, 1880. J
the undersigned will be received until a
the 8th of December,, 1880, for the granting
to any person. persona or private corpora
tion, turnishing the Police Jury of the parish u
of Ascension and the Mayor and corporation
of the town of Donaldsonville the sum of
weltre Thousand Dollars to enable them to
construct or cause to be constructed, an iron
draw bridge across the bayou Lafourche,
within the corporate limits of said town of
Donaldsonville, of the exclusive privilege,
for a term of years not exceeding twelve, of
collecting the tolls levied by the said Police
Jury and corporation. The work to conm
mence immediately upon the adjudication
of the contract and to be completed in three
months. Proposals must be addressed to
the undersigned and endorsed "Proposal
for the exclusive privilege of collecting tolls n
of bridge across bayou Lafonsche at Don
aldsonville," and must state the number of a
years the bidder desires to enjoy the same i
and the persons whom he proposes to offer
as suretie~ that he will comply with his en
gagementis. Plans and specifltations of the
bridge and form of contracts, etc., may be I
seen by calling on the President of the Po
lice Jury. The right to reject any and all
proposals is reserved.
Pres. Police Jury, parish of Ascension,
Mayor of Donaldsonville, II
For Joint Bridge Committee.
Ral.lead Avenue, near Claiborne smeet, |
Plain and fancy sewing of all kinds done
in best style and on reasonable terms. A N
trial solicite and satisfaction guaranteed.
75 Conti St., New Orleans.
n2J-3m Near the Texas Depot.
Four Seasons Restaurant,
111 Chartree Street,
Between St. Louis and Conti.
Restaurant des Quatre saisons,
1ll Rue Chartres, entre St. Louis et Conti.
' Open till 12 o'cloek. .&
The ehespiest and prettest 2
A full line. I
from the smallestto
the largest, and at prices that can mot be
competed with for eheapness.
Sfrom lagniappe
to $15. My 75ct and $1 dolls are a marvel.
Sewing Baskets and Brackets
of all sizes, styles and prices. Cheapest to
be hdd any where; A full line of
Papeteries and Stationery
always on hand. f Orders for TOYS
will be filled at less than New Orleans pri
ces. Call at the post-office stand, the
Ascension News Depot C
Donaldsonville, sa.
Phoenix Fire Co. No.1,
For the purpose of paying the debt incurred
in building their Hall.
December 25 and 26, 1880.
The amusements will be varied and inter
esting, comprising all the usual features of
such entertainments and many new ones.
A valuable prize will be contested for by
two prominent cisizens of the parish.
Saturday Evening, Dec. 25,
At 7 o'clock,
and will be one of the best entertainments
of the kind ever give heree, eompr.sig an
exsensive sad admirably arrage pro
gramme to be exected by the meat secm
Splished amateurs of this section.
Admission, - - 50 Cents.
CH LDRExN, 25 Cents.
of the ompany will take place as usual on
New Year's eve, December 31.
All these entertainments are to be held ai
Sheriff's Sale.
5 State of Louisiana-Fourth Justice Court
Parish of Ascension.
7 Wang s Cattam vs. No. as, A. Villavasmo.
B DY VIRTUE of and acting in obedience
to a writ of fat faefas issued by the
Hon. Fourth Ward Justice Court, parish of
Ascension in the matter of Wang & Cottam
as. No. 62. A. Villavasso, I have seised and
will offer for sale at pnblie auction, to the
highest bidder, at the Court-House door of
the parish of Aseension, on
Saturday, the 4th day oa De~ember, 1880,
at 11 o'uiock A. x., the following described
property, to-wit:
Seized in the above suit.
Terms and Conditiens-Camh in United
States currency.
P Parish of Ascension, November, 2n, 1880.
P. A. JONIBS Sheri
D3- -0 .
DRY GOODB. S seizeto aout .e ofutttd uogti nU 3-.
_ he most l'e t gar s eats"drned- out pi
Prices Below all Competition. ithinL OP.c8, 't'maºees of
We are the most extensive Man- mesurementsnt 4 fONY -WILL
afacturers in the South of try FREE OF CHAGl sapplication. quied. Addrus" :
LADIES UNDERWEAR, Amemberof tber give perseal pN
and have received all diplomas for best acut speial atteation to IN
and sewing. Now on hand, an Immense
line, which we offer at prices that fire acre 1- ..... Cana ....e.p
to please. All orders filled and communications an.
SpecialPrices for xferchant. swred the ame daya recevod. . l O s
C A R RPK A.suwsrz, x.: r
Offiee and salesroom, No. 27 North Pete
street. Manufactory, Carondelet Walk,
between Roeheblave and Tonti ate.,
Has constantly on hand Sugar Hogsheads,
molasses barrels, half barrels, kegs, flour
and sugar barrels.
17" Orders for hoop poles filled at lowest
market rates. Particular attention paid to
trimmiug. novl3.6m
Yirginia Kitchen
between Camp and St. Charles.
The second floor is devoted exclusively to
ladies and escorts and children. Parties can
drop tk at all hours for a fine hot or cold
A. Ol ViihsWDimer fr 50 GutAs.
aels-.m WM. BUINS , Proprietor.
Moses Lobe, H. Kratzensteln,
New Orleans, New York.
Wholesale dealers and jobbers in clothing,
hats, trunks, valises, dry goods, furnishing
goods, notions, etc. Nos. o23 Makasune and
99 and 101 Gravier streets, New Orleans, La.
Branch, 104 Franklin St., New York.
Manufacturer of
Boots -h Shoes,
234 Royal street, betweenl St. Philip and
New Orlean..
135.....Poydras Street......135
Between Camp and St. Charles 8ts.
Meals Servedfrom 25 to 50c.
2 MEALS, $4; 3 MEALS, $5.
lhals tem A A. M., to• P' 8.
Meals served at Residence.
Diamond Setters and Jewelers
S Royal NStreet,
Betw. Blenvlle and Conti, NEW ORLEANS,
Would offer their intel
ligently selected stock of
Clocks, Watches, Jewel
ry, Diamonds and Silver
ware at acceptable prices.
Jewelry,Watches, Clocks,
etc., carefully repaired.
All articles of Jewelry
made to order. dIsmond
setting a specalty.
0 N. B.-Ne roll plate,
filled or other such goods
kept in our stock. s25y
Corner St.Louis and Chartres,
Choice Wines and Liquors always on hand.
Furnished Rooms. HOT LUNCH frdm 9
A. M. to 2 P. . sl8-ly
The Oldest Establishment of the kind in
New Orleans.
40, 42 and 44 Tolioupitoulas St., New Orleans.
Wholesale dealer in cordage, wooden and willow
ware, axle grease, baskets, brushes, brooms, bottles
and flasks, clay furnaces, corks, coffee mills, children's
carriages, demijohns, fish hooks and ines, lanterns,
lamps, wicks and chimneys, matches, pipes, padlo.,k.
sad Irons, saucepans, sieves, soap, stadonery, tabs,
tacks, tinware, toy goods, etc., etc.
T. G. NlIACIIE, Traveling Salesman.
Two doors above the St. Charles Theatre
New Orleans.
The co-partnership heretofore existing
between J. F. HELLMERS and E. W.
TROEGEL, under the style and firm of
J. F. Hellmers & Co., has been dissolved
by mutual consent.
gp In withdrawing from business I rne
ommend my former partner, E. W. Troegel,
to all my friends atd patrons, arnd hope
they wilextead ir rptres ge to my sa
easer as liberally as to the lsa m..
oesly J. P. HELLXERS.
Pension Fracaise,
107 Oustomhouse, between Bopal
and Bourbon Streets,
Board and lodging; private rsea. h1
a.reemeut, come and see me.
ea-Iy P. PORGET.
is now being made faster
Ithan ever by those at work
for us. Pexse of either
msex cean make SISa week in
their own towns if they are willing to weak
*-Norisk. 5 e.s.ree. Anyone can mra the
business, whapialr uremu .tw
Ie 7 'rosyer. No one fal Putienk free.
. aLrr & Co., Porsand, Me.
Estray Notice.
] .in.I..eup Settleo enti,, Aea.D
1 son llpbLhon the lst of Marh, 1880,
The umare has sieedied. The owneref the
Scol t is hereby sotihe to come forward,
Prove property ani pay expense.
A... S A. SHWARTZ 0SON, ..;
Dealers is
ANCYr AND SAf ar D sIa GOOs,
No. 161 Cana1Street, .....a - N B RI
Coner Crescent and Hmstasu StreIl,
Dry Geeda, Gr...eu*
litaS, cas B3sas es,ThLl
Fancy Goods, Notions, Et~,
CRon, OATs AN "Ra
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Also Agent for the Celebrated
M' Parties desiriang to p aease fle Clothig, Soota, ;she nAs
Hats will do well by dcalling ad examining my stock hterep
ing elsewhere.
Lamps & Outltry,
To be had in Endless Variety,
' Mississippi Street and Crescent Place,
e8TABLISHED I 134ý a.«
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P To parties pnurcasing gromies in round lots f.r faily use,
liberal discounat will be made.

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