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Amicus HuImani aeerts.
A Wid-Awake HeIeinaspe p1r
Pabliselhed 'ver3' e$0 *F, Ct
Desald ani ie,LAee i srisBhib,1s.,
EDItor AND PaoSorIgOR.
One copy, one year, .................$2 00
O'uueeopy, six months, ............... 125
aitz eeplesone year,..-, º ....,. - -- 00
wlM epea es, one year .t*-. -·*. .... 0
-e le nvaron bly in advance.
'qhe inch of space conslitut a "squire."
eqUtrAans.1l mo. 1lmos. 3 mos. 6mos.jlyear
Ssae, $ 3 00 $ 5 00 $ 6 50 $1100 $1500
asquares. 5 00 8 00 9 50 15 00 20 00
sqnarees. 7 00 11 00 12 50 19 00 25 00
4 squares. 8 50 14 00 15 00 23 00 30 00
5 squares. 10 00 16 00 17 00 27 00 35 00
jjjures. Ii 50 1800 19 00 30 00 4000
7 sqares. 13 50 000 21 00 33 00 44 00
Ss,.pares. 15 0022 30 24 00 33 00 48 00
jeoilhts. jOM 3' 00;A 00 500 00
1aký. 0 l, 4600 4400 s500 7500
eoloan.. 40 00 50 00 55 00 65 00.100 00
Tr snmt advertisements 11 per square
__ tiO salsequept ingertion,
$dvertismUente $1 per sararesrst
eah melosequent publ cation 50
oent*.ir square.
min aiipndt "Mio~n, 20 cent.
pe pe..i uj, ett r p e.
f six, lines or less in Business Di
i - d mlare l adims.
Brief commuuasations upon subjects of
puabie Itairest solicited.
SIo a t6 Iuto pa i to anosymousletters.
I fThe editor is not responsible forthe views
ýg.Wy,Donaldsonrille. La.
I Dr. P. J. Friedrichs,
eowtOunratnsoat Avenae between Missis
sippI and Iberville streets.
Left bank Mississeppi river, opposite Don
O see anl residence at Gibsen's Hotel.
nemu. U. IL YAIDaeMG
olrrCs :
AtispeateStU , near the Court-House,
Iimmadsoamvlle, La.
1), w' a AL G.aLLJAm
Ioeis arsllUe, Ls.
3 D. HANBON, H. D.
Corner Iberville street and Railroad Avenue,
next doot to Central Drug Store,
l3lsaldsebOallle, Lea.
Ibevile. St., ipp. St. Vincent's Institution,
-Ms. OUarir, a Prench lgraduate, respict
fully tenders her serviccs to the ladies of
1)oualdsouville and vicinity. Beat refer
ences givqu. jlyl7-ly
Corner Chetimacbeh and Mississippi Streets
Donaldso3 ilSe, La.
A complete stock of Pure Chemaicals al
ways an hand. Prescriptions earofthli com
piled at all hours, djy or night. feb16
R. N. Sims,
Dess.dsonviUe, La.
Praetlee in Aacension,Assumption and St.
James. ach l-l y
Donaldsonrille, La.,
Office: One block below the Court
House, on Attakapasi.lteet. my24-ly
F . . AHArT,
Office: Opposite the Court-House,
D maldsernville, La.
Practices in the Twentv-Second Judicial
District (comprising St. James and Ascen
sion -arishes), and in the Supreme and
Unjted States Cogurts. my]
-saaldauavills, La.
VS.. on Attakapus street, opposite the
S~t. s4. J.. P. cuE.
Slt. James, La.
OBfe at P. P. Pooh6's. Address: Convent
P. O. CFo Mr. Si. wlill be in 8. James
sy Monday. apS4
Railroad Avenue near C street
Plain and fancy sewing of tallkinds done
in best style and on reasonable terms. A
trial solicited and satisfaction guaranteed.
F"'. ECanla. a '
(Suoeed.or to the late Joseph Icard)
Carrige & Wagon Maker,
Railroad Avenae. between Mississippi and
Iberville streets,
I have the honor to inform the public that
Skone iestabnw d oi a en'a olrl
s.tand, where Ia prepad too pll wrk
in my line promptly efficiently and at the
most reasonable rates. I respectfully solicit
a share of the public's patronage and am
willing to stand or fall by the merit o.fmq
work and prices as eomprecd with thcse of
ptCr estbnblisbpenta. soep25
N~o. Pf dealer in Staple and Fan
r visions, Plantation ad
teamdt S , Canned Goods, Wines,
LquorsDott .eer. Ale, etc., Dry Goods
aid Noins, eoraer of MisMtlsippi sad Chet
imnachesetredts,'p#p. River Ferry.
A D. VEGA, Agent, dealer in Dry Goods,
• Notions, . .tbing, Boots and Shoes,
Hats, Groerie, iquore, Farniture, Hard
ware, Tobaceo, Iinte, Oils, Glass, Lumber,
Bricks, Carts ai Wagons ; Loeb's oornrt,
Railroad Avea nd Mississippi street.
ERNARf NN, dealer in Western
and staple Groeeries,
uisi.et , Iron, Faints, Oils, Carts,
Plowwsl 4tdtUý, Stove and.Twralw , Fur
altart Gro.kervy; Wall Pa.pein an House
Ersiltuiasg Ilool, iMisaiiilppi airee~aorner
Crescent Place.
TOSEPH GONDlAN. dealer in Clothing,
t Dry Goods, Notions, Hats, Groceries,
Wines, ,lnoars,`3ooti, lShFdA Hard llta,
Paints, Ol, Saddlery, Croekery, Farniat-e
and allkinds of House Furnisihig Goods,
Blue Store, Mississippi street.
M TOBIAS .ealer in Groceries, Dry
e Goods, Clothiung, Notions, Boots and
Shoes, Hats, Furniture, Hardware, Crock
ery, Traks, ete;borner Miselsigppi and-St.
Patrick streets and No,24 Xailro Tei vene.
Everything at lowest flgaras.
C KLINE, corner Crescent Place and
Co Hounmas street, dealer ri Dry Goods,
Notions, IBoots and Shoes, GClbperleq Pro
visions,Colr0;ODatand Bra, 4 -
M ISRAEL & CO., dealers in Dry Goods,
.l Clothing, Boots, Shoes, $Sad.tery,
Buggies etc., corner Miseissippi, street and
Railmro Avnea.e,
S MOYSE, dealer in Dry Goods, Cloth
" its`e a . Shoes Hbt5, Grncerj .
Furniture, Hardware and Plantation Sup
plies, at Lemann's old stawlt, Missessippi
W WEINSCHENCK, dealer In o
*. Notions, Clothing, Hard
ware, Hats, Boots and Shoes, and .eneral
Plantation Supplies, Railroad e, be
tween Ibervill and Attukapase
JNNO. 0SLOZANO, dealer R aieas,
Wines and Liquors, Crocke Tinware,
Notions, etc. No. 21 Railroad enue, be
tween Conway and St. Michi1 streets,
A TINE PFISTER, dea lerrtn Mn y
lisnd Staple 'Groceries of .lt kl ttl of
best Qnalities and at lowsat Wrices- Wines,
qov , Hto and Plantton SppPl, etc., 1
Avenue, .sar thes lbpot.
THE PLACE, Gus. Israel, iauangar,
Corner Lessard and is s!ipi Stteet.
Billiards, Lager Beer, Best Wines and
Liquors, Fine Cigars, ete.._ -
R OlT. E. LEE HOTEL, at Marx Israel's
olqstand, corner Mississippi and Les
shtrd Ktnts. Jos. Lafargue, proprietor. Bar
and billiard room attached. First-class en
tertainment and a.eoimnmodatiorn.
ST. totIm OTEL. Iiyr Butler, pro'
prietor, Crescent Place, near .tlie harf.
First-clasa Board and Lodging at reasonable
0 ITY HOTEL, P. Lefcvre, Proprietor,
C Railroad Avenue, cur. Iberville street.
Bar supplied with best Liquors.
P.HILI.tEIGER'I Confetiati ps
Fruit Store, Mississippi sietdh n g
1Leannn's old stand. C aF r,
Nuts, Toysand fanncy &rlee. . -
hy A. Grillhe, Misesinppi street, near
St. Patrick. Branch on Railroad Avenue,
near Opelousas street. Cakes, Fruits, Nuts,
Soda Water, Ice Creamun. Cakes. Ice Cream
sid Syrups for-wdciditgen'ad parties tur
nsled on short notice.
TOUIS J. MACKE, Tl ith, Mississippi
I street, a; Lemann's d stand. Orders
attended to With dispat and satisfaction
- insured.
UAR .I. i _ 1.
L L. FERNANDEZ, Barber Shop, Mis- I
Ssissippi St eet, n oer ssrd. f
Shaving, hair-utin g, in etU in
Frederick Duffol,_ J.. Prosper La g
l.aw. I)flee oý,r Cidtimaehes tret, d
just back of the Court-Hi e. -
EDWARD N. JPUGH, Attorney at Law,
Attakapas street, opposite Louisiana
Square. Visits Nanoleonyille on Mondavs. tl
SCHONBERG'S Livery, Feed and Sale b
Stable and Undertaker's Establishment.,
Railroad Avenue, betwfM~ i Tbb ille and At
takapes streets. Competition defied. bi
T RYBISKI, Apoibcary and Druggist,
Be Mississippi streelbetween St. Patrick
and St. Vincent streets, adjoining Gondran's
CENTRAL DRUG ST QE, corner *ail
road Avenue and I ville street, L. L
Blanchard, proprietor. awsh Driug and f
Medicines. I -
M RS. M. BLUM. Milliner, Mississippi a
street, betweenLe.ard 4 t. Pat- I
rick. Latest styles of Bonnets, Hats, French t
Flowers, etc.; also, all kinds of Ladies' Un
derwear. e
Hether, propriebor,-oe. 14 Mis.issippi
street. Soda, Mineral, Ssltser and all kinds a
of aerated waters masafaetured, and sold
S DEDE.Ytat BVEWI dler and Her
sha ir lt Avenue. Sad
n&.L4 trnss les and prices 1
mate to order. A eror repairing and i
painting of Carriages and Buggies promptly
in all its branches. P. ). Box No. 1,
t DonaldUsarVHlIc Lu.
t Carpenter and Builder,
Post-ofice Box No. 1,
Uuoam+IsalesaA4I La.
Ah! those girls
With their curls
And their teeth like snowy pearls,
How beautiful the creatures seem to, us,
poor plain-faced churls;
How they smile,
(Free from guile!)
As on our agony they pile
The.kerq ae by hive it--laughing in their
e the wle,.
Ahli how sweet
'Tis to meet,
As you glide along the street.
The pretty little darling whom you wish the
most to greet:
Face to facel
See bow grace
. Fully she steps another pace,
And instantaneously, where she was there's
naught but empty space!
There you standl
While the "sand
in your craw " has burst its band
And you feel completely wilted, left-on
some deserted strand.
Yet the creatures
Have sweet features,
Whether heiresses or teachers;
Whether daughters of a royal house, or de
sceldents of poor preachers.
How they cap
Tivate your hap
Py heart,.you over-stupid chap,
And roeund you throw their fascinations till
you're in the trap.
Ahl how cool
They draw the wool
O'er your eyes, yon simple fool!
And wrap tyou round their fingers as they
wind silk eo a spool.
Yet, tweet girls,
With pretty curls,
Thus the poet boldly hurls
Defiance at your batteries-at the banner
love unfurls;
I've "been there,"
My pretty dear
Rather dangerously near,
Yet escaped the witchery of your voice, the
glance, the pearls, the tear.
.... 4.46G . .. .
Boys. jo
i've an indistinct idea lurking some
where about that portion of my anatomy
which does duty as brains, that I desig
nated babies insufferable nuisances; well, oi
I retract. Babies-sleeping babies-are ch
adorable; it's boys and very young men
the epithet applies to. iet
The genuts boy is generally very grimy
as to kitiickles, and frayeit as to wrist
bauds;'their hair is invariktly in a state Oni
of riotous rebellion against the laws of
coifkre, their finger-nails arrayed in the
deepest mourning, and a faint aroma of
warm, 'oist earth clings fondly to every O1
garment. pri
Their pockets are miniature museums Inl
from which almost any desired article i
can be produced, and they've a happy
faculty of stowing the most bulky and
unmanageable things about their cloth
ing, without theirt Iweffhee--tberig even
suspected by the uninitiated observer.
A boy who-lstootired toent kindlings an
for next morning's fire, can-play base
ball or liop-scotch for three consecutive
hoers without any perceptible appear
ance of fatig~n. t"
Their amusement consists principally a
of shooting blow-guns, flying kites, adorn
ing the candle appendages of domestic
animals with kitchen ntensils, fighting,
lying and playing truant. They can
carry more mud around on their boots he
than would start an average farm, and
discourage their big sisters' suitors
quicker than a phalanx of prospective ar
mothers-in-law and maiden aunts. co
There's a delightful insouciance about
them, however-a devil-may-care-ishness I
that's irresistible. Why, the very patches
on the knees and other portions of their
trousers have a rakish, Bohemian look
that expresses with mute eloquence the °
jolly good time their wearer has been
having 4popping-and pocketing-other w
fellows' taws.
When a youth is undergoing the tran
sition from gu nb, boy, to the chrysalis of
young manhood, transportation is too
good for him. The first change is the
abolishment of patches; he's your dear c
dirty little bon camarade one day, and r
then, behold him patchless.
Then they wash, and I firmly believe
the last remnant of boyhood fades away
with the dirt. After this, patronizing'a
barber and investing in pomntum and Cr
bear's grease is next in order. Public
shaving is of course out of the question,
but the average boy is not above rising
at, .iudnight's holy hour and stealthily
exllerimenting writh at razor. i
A fellow feeling makes me -draw the 1
curtain of obliviousness over the much w
hackneyed first cigar. Any one who has
had their diaphragm tied into inextrica
ble knots can sympathize with an un
fortunate boy at this most trying period
of his existence.
When the transition is completed, boys t
almost invariably become clerks, which h
has been the acme of their ambition from
the time they forswore that wonderful 1i
combination of sweet insipidity jclept s
pap. I
"Improving in appearance, they have si
I: lost much that rendered them endurable s
before. .ll tlmirdlllghtitl bihou* d
d has vanished; they become conceited,
supercilious sad sgotiatical, delight iii I'
staring girls out of countenance at street
corners and talking about them in club
rooms, until some little clipper of the fe- f
.. n4 prsIu*aiouta4kees them in tow and
d runs them into the safe harbor of matri- v
y mony. a
The most unmanageable boy can, by
strict discipline and time, be transformed
into the mildest of husbands, and be l
induced to rock the cradle, build fires, t
and wipe dishes with scarcely a murmur ,
for the glory that has departed.
Notwithstanding his many objection- 8
able points, when a boy puts two grimy t
pawagitn his pockets aiid treats one to a
stare of unblushing effrontery, a Poo3r
woman, with one hand full of draggled
skirts and the other occupied by fain,
part~aol and such female appnrtenances,
can't help but ackupwledge her own in
Notes from Anu _ Chat's Portfolio.
Homeward Bound -xperences in a 9leep
er-An In terestln gFamily Party-" Mam
ma's Gone "-In New Orleans Again-An
UIfavworable Cont ast-How to Build Up
the Crescent City-" Lo, the Poor Indlan."
NEw ORLIsANS, LA., Nov. -, 1880.
Some one has beautifully said that,
" Time wears slippers of list and treads
noiselessly." I was forcibly reminded
of this the week we were in Chicago.
The days came in and crept out so softly
and sweetly that before we began at all
to realize it, our prescribed visit was at
an end, and we were obliged to say fare
well to the dear friends who had con
tributed so much to our pleasure.
As the train rolled out of the great de
pot, John said, in chirping humor, "Now,
Charity, my little woman, we are step
ping homeward." And really it seemed
the light of home shone full in his face,
it was so bright and joyous. Not all the
splendors of grand cities or the beauties
of nature--the roaring sea, the smiling
hills, fertile vales and towering moun
tains, had exhilarated his spirits like
the vision of home and the hope of soon
again reposing 'neath his own vine and
fig tree.
We had a crowded sleeper and the first
morning out, after the car had been con
verted into a sitting room and the porter
had subsided with his feather duster,
that worst of all nuisances, I, looked
around to take an inventory of the pas
sengers, and was abolt to conclude it a
valuable consignment of human freight
but not likely todestroy the ennaui of my
journey, when my attention was at
tracted to a rear section, occupied by a
man and a group of children-one, two,
three-all boys! No woman who had
ever listened to the echoes in her heart
of baby lispings or felt the touch of
chubby arms about her neck could have
kept aloof. Then, too, how vastly more
interesting and companionable children
are than grown people. They are honest,
outspoken, show their real character and
are not under restraint for the appearance
of good breeding or for the sake of popu
larity. I think all children are powerful
magnets, but to boys I would give the
preference. I love their gush, their origin
ality, their daring and their braggadocio.
Impulse took me into the midst of the
of the three and so congenial were our
souls, we were soon rambling on in con
versation as if we had been old-time
friends. They were genuine boys, brim
ful of life and fun; seemed well raised
and quite gentle enough, One delved
into his pockets, evidently intending to
dazzle me with his treasures: an oyster it
shell, a large rusty knife, a few nails, 1I
two or three bunches of strings, marbles, r
a bit of leather strap and a top were 1
brought to light. Of course the admira- r,
tion I bestowed upon them won his d
friendship. The eldest, only about seven I
years old, sat next to me and seemed un
able to warm up in his subject unless lie C
held my hand. I yielded it to hint andti
whether he tucked it under his chin, his i;
arm or his knee, whether he lapped and t
compressed the fingers into the space of 1
one, or bent them backward and forward, i
I resisted not, lest the spell should be 1
broken and he cease talking. The s
favorite subjects were horses and snakes. s
If one stated a startling fact, the other, c
as quick as.a flash, pronounced it of little f
significance and stated one far more 1
wonderTul. One had ridden a horse a a
fast as a bird could fly and the other had
killed a snake as big around as a barrel t
and as long aslthe car--just chlplped his
head right off with a hatchet. In truth,
if all the stories they told in quick suc- 1
cession were recounted, they would take i
rank with the fables of the most gifted 1
fictionist.- All this while, the father s
sat perfectly immobile; not the shadow
of a smile flitted over his face. Was he
deaf7 or was he indifferent to that deli.
cious, childish prattle T At last I said,
" Little boys, where is your mamuma I ',
"Mamma dorn," spoke up the little tod
die. The man turned upon me a look of I
unutterable anguish ; a look as if pleadl
ing for moray. "Ah, Madam, I laid her
in the churchyard three days ago-she
was visiting her mother in Illinois and I
am trying to get the little things back
to my home in Texas. I do the best I
can, but they don't look like they did
when she was with them. She was such
a good wife, marm, and made my home
so bright and cheerful: but now every
thing seems black before my eyes and I
have no heart left for any thing. This
little one was only three weeks old when
she died." With that he uncovered what
I had supposed was merely a bundle of
shawls and showed me a lovely babe,
slumbering as peacefully as if a mother
dear kept the silent watch. Surely noth
ing is more beautiful or touches the
heart moore deeply than a guileless in
fant; as Wordsworth says, "Heaven lies
about us in our infancy." My heart wept
for the poor little thing, destined never
to know a mother's tender love, that love
which i:Tnexliaustible, which the mould
and rust of time can not efface, which
not even indifference, neglect or brutal
i passion can crush. Sad, sad the heart
that must journey through life, unable,
r even when the day is gone and all its
sorrows and disappointments laid away,
to feel a mother's soft carress and hear
the cheering words, "God bless my
t child !" The father was tender as father
could be, but, no one can fill a mother's
place, and while his intense grief aroused
my sympathy, I felt more deeply for the
little-ones. I knew that the brightness
would return to him; that in fl p1isba
bility the mists would be cleared away by
a fresh, new love; but, of a surety, that
which made no impression on their young
hearts then, woueald as time rolled en
grow into agreoat sorrow. -
We were severarshour3 bel~tit the In
reachiig New Orleans, and nearly every
one was full of dissatisfactionu The safe
ty and comfort of the trip were not -fi
cient to atone for such a breadiht Qtn
tract and it was only *fter friends had
rushed into the cat vwit greetings warm, i
that frowns were exchanged for smiles..
We landed in _the rein .an I thisk ik
never saw sch munddy strdbts m'sme Ief
them well nigh impassable. Poor New!
Orleans! What a an usseemly appeasInce
she presents to one who has enjoyed the 1
the grandeur of Northern cttaes Her
she lies, groaning under an enormoes
debt with absolutely nothingtoshow for
it-not even well paved streets andatds
walks. When, oh when will she aroudse
from her lethargy a~td damt fe &Batsstil l
robes woven for her by the fertile taag
ination of the anthor ofe Nw Oleans'
in Futurity ?' I heard many erelasm,
after reading those artiles, " Impossible,
impossible!" Now, there is nothing im
possible in it all, or oven improbable ifa
only the pt3ple willbe tfhit to ther besat
interest. Let them in the first place do t
all in their powew to combat the ills aris
ing from climate. Let them decree that
yellow fever snd'll other filth diseases
shall never reign supreme again and by
so doing.remoyot1 e barrier to trade and
capital. Let them i:dustiio lly makes
their money here and -then genieiodia y
spend it here. Let them take the trouble
to elect gyod, honest men to govern the
city, collect and djspense her revenue.
Let them see that there are no dead
heads, men with no duties to perform,
officials so called, draining the treasury.
Let them do all this and the grand pos
siblities of New Orleans may be real
ized-she may rank with the greatest
cities of the North and West. Pride and
love make severe critics, do they not?
But I will refralh from saying more, as I
am told that there are real signs of pro
gress and perhaps after I have been here
a few days I may be able to write more
Every body is rejoicing to-day over thle
news that Old Chie£Victqrip, sixty war
riors and eighteen women and children
have been killed : rejoicing that civiliza
tion is by degrees satisfying its greed.
Rejoice, indeed! More natural would it
seeet if the blush 'of shame crimsoned
every cheek. For who can read the his
tory of the poor Indians, interwoven as
it is with that of these United States and
notturn away sickened and disgusted
with the very name of civilization. In
the name of civilization they have been
robbed, massacred and treated with every
description of injustice since first the
Pilgrims landed and proved faithless to
vows of friendship made to the good
Chief, Massasoit. And shall they tamely
hold still, while they are trampled under
foot, like mere worems. No, they do well
to resist and preserve to themselves as
long as possible a small portlonof their
inheritance. I am lost in admiration for
the brave hero just fallen-Victorio, the
slain! What character in history can
surpass his lbfty contempt for death, the
courage with which, when his men re
fused to charge, he rushed to the very
throat of the guns and met death calmly
s and triumphantly! Such conduct in a
I white man : what alandits had resounded
I throughout the world! Alas! none so
3 poor as do the savage reverence: no
sighs, no tears for him! Let him disap
pear as the mists of themorning or perish
as the beasts of the field: who careth I
SOh! Justice, Oh ! Philantbfopy, how deep
Sand long are thy slonmbe.rs
--From a series of exporiments regard
ing the size of drops and their use in
measuring medicines, etc., Mr T. S. Tal
bot finds that liquids containing a small
proportion of water afford a smaller drop,
and vice versa. Gmelin's statement that
" the cohesion of liquids is pretty nearly
in proportion to their specific gravity"
is questioned, as it is shown that alcohol
and mercury afford nearly the same nnm=
ber of drops to the drachm. The largest
drop is formed by syrup of gum arablie
44 to the drachm-and the smailest by
chloroform--250 to the drachm. The size
of drops is affected considerably by the
lip over which it falls.
Suppose Wade Hampton would kill
John Sherman, and William Tecnmseh
would slay Wade, and Lamar woeald im
brue his hands in W. 1s. gore and Geo.
Grant would beef Lamar, and Ben Hill
would carry off Ulysses's scalp, and Roa
coe Conkling would lay out Benjamin,
and old Bob Toombs would carve Conk.
ling's liver into slicgs, and John Logan
would poison Toombs,. and John Kelly
would sing Logan with a sand-bag, do
you think this country weold go to the
demnition bow-wows? Well, scarcely
it wouldn't.-EX. 7
-M. Aulee has devised a method of
converting iron into steel, and at the
same time producing illuminating gas.
Iron is placed in a retort with charcoal
or coke in layers, and heated to 1650 de
grees Fahrenheit; fatty matters are
then injected, and, as soon as decompo
sition has taken place, a jet of dry steam
is passed over the incandescent iass.
The result is said to be that the iron is
1converted into steel, and carbiheted by
drogen is given off from the etort.
Red SMteA Na b daget-Pieat agle
The.r pt pei al eleotlon ped
off quietly, ba>, tlnaik goodness, lesver.
The aspect-f lu~to t ouge the dy fol
lowing rias sbitt the uad iricica a
eloe. The tepub tl. akl hookh inde,
obeheed, ant the town could semns et- p
tale th geslt the e. tocrat., aIter rlee
o1 . we . disptebl, tnio ed headlr Fr aid y
fthei sike'ts io . 'noiwing td tiltg of
pllttcs ut ieinot prepiit to Uaa u r)es'r C
fel:d will nut iadf li gid President, o yt r
id Wevit eriMe lereli ed iratie a. a
sad attiei inmut i , epeilily as fr- -
at int` gledt this Prot-dod e and Mre. r 1
failed to get an appointmae-t the Inh
t6uild'ouhse. Ma! how sihort hfrbd were a
their esreetateidl: Adr last, Ciione
quently feas, the Glroenbaekerit our lt
"Weaver Xen" where are they? Go, a
look on their pasture fencesl, whittling
sticks, singingl
Weaver, hope that swde, Lshr.
It 1 needlessa to make any remarmks
about thi weather, ma the B. B. Adisets g
in 'tI last issue, gaey several te ieidat
cdaots of it;' is fact, was almsot t
devoted t that lateresting tpie.
Speattlngeoiet newspapers, the i F s
Virginia; It makets tas a d46sseeaIeS
ored title set aside for in. is :thtmI- I
litia-an empty rnk, which meanms oth
ing in jiac aned less in war-that was I
bestowed upon hitn by that warrior,
Gov. Wiltz. -a
The maidenly hearts of Baton Beiger
(aged respectively from fourteen to flrty) a
are gladdened, the latter rejuvenated by
the return of the cadets, who enliven the I
town with their handsome faces. Ugh I
yes, of eonrse they, are hiudimeem espeei- I
all) when you can only see the back- of
their heads over the -ehurch pewd, and c
one has ("Ah, the heart may i.eak, and I
brokenly live on "), lovely curly hair,
like Johnny T. of Donaldsonville. ,h,
my i tlle.emiies eounected with "j'ily.
a lock of bai?'
There was, or was to be, a " lop last a
Friday, but theraiin edfi~sle* In~ tor- 1
rents-and jis kept Adsi ever duee.
It was so.lisappointi n s dances here I
are, wtl&i l' fithih , fewuitf Ike be- i
tween," but six of our girls would not ibe
disappointed, and went in spite of tood- I
ed streets, mud and rain. Oh,incorrigible I
highland maidens! It is a mystery that I
we can not solve, even after `thorough
investigation, how and in what manner I
they reached the University, where the 4
hop was to be given. They didn't go in
carriages, could not have Walked-ah I a
happy idea was suggested bone of the
cadets-they must have gone in skiffs.
The hop wail postponed until a week
There was a wedding last week.' t
What T you'll exclaim. Yes, actually a '"
wedding in Baton konge. Such an event u
takI plae oeeeasionally, strangp s it
may appear. i'ljl bride looked lovely, as
nusual and the happy man, ashappy loek.
ing as possible,° while about thwei han- $
dred young (ages uncertain and unnlimi
ted) ladies ejaculated," One less." Yes, $
dears, dorl't despair; only two hundred
and ninety-nine damsels left to amnse, 4
entertain and captivate the hearts of the
eleveet young gentlemen of Baton Rouge. t
Oh, that reminds me, there is to be a
circnus her, very soon. Hoir efficient 1(
and serviceable "Kangaroo" woeald be
if he were only here, to help post the li
bills or serve as an animated advertise
ment. 14
Our boys are getting so lively, and
their nocturnal amnsemements arq so d
varied and Interesting. For instance, a
few nights ago they amused themselves d
pushing astranger in a ditch and were
quite merry over it, but next morning, r
when six of them weey asraigbs/before
the Mayor nad requested to contribute I0
$10 each towards the liquidation of the
State-House debt, they grew strangely -
serious, and since then their faces have o
been aslegasethose of our sugar planters
during this rainy season. I am certain
the young gentlemen of Donaldsonville t
would not disturb their neighbors' peace
fal slumbers in a like manner, although
whispers to the contrary have teaehed
me. I don t believe it, do you, Hope?
I'm too sleepy to write anj more apd
guess you are sleepier, so good-night.
Yours, o, so drowsily,
-A German seientist recommends par
asiie a-im eaMeient means of prote.ting
wood agafiti damp,. acids and alkaiies.
The wood is arst wefl dried, aft --ihe
covered with a solutiot of aone 'part of
melted paradne in six part of pesto
lenm either or bliulphlte of citblS. The
solvents evaporate quickly, leaving ,the
paraffine in the pores of the wood. rheat
care should be taken in the ase of the
preparation, as all of tfhIai "sen
tioned are espeeially inla. ble.
I - '=- --'-I
-In Hungary sian otfhep Eerispe
countries, alunm-tanred leathqr1 said to
he .eqiel to bark~tarac, aisn t tiac
consid1 riltd extent fof arness. The
Sprocess oftanning is very simple, and re
aeires but twenty-four bonrs r it. a -
oilered foe ae.Ie. - u$ ==i a
o0,000 Irish esat
The 4. ipq ý°
A Canadiseýi1 nis ea -
Mb~ wqtqi
--c.sr ·fi et
d~nd~arb~ssno w c
ft qA;Fag~s wpg4i3 ,, r
the ocieople of M A.
Dutch oweesp eon ieer laf(W1,
0W09,$), lrwnepecbtin ei
Kentare as wona 6. eg ask a
In tmwrh rl*b ell
wbak$S00,0 ai *
aumbr.bs Til
proerltt'er 90%0*W0.
whisk Pi0W. t
anl ltyer d(ln ao ` f
are mpwseaen 4M t..tg
P9 n t ' iatl ;.
numersen 9O b~. 4h
The 1ai3n1t4*bI
aeout 26,0 1a`&
about 261,,pt -, t
i 4`ernohty I lwiý"fi
ofmaple a : sqprmgM`. - a
Nine ocean sesaeMp weoerverdue at
New York on the toSiidblR&
Twelvetatn&fred ef dd
Mississippi on tihe Vt: i.efwi#gr Wg
Dallasj %e(haefh soirfbdhW4
of 10,000 to aid hia litding
posed mlabek.h - -
Wooed on'd te sts n frt TiP t
Worth, Te asduring the eeat
'",, we -owe n
pledredto t1eat1
STip` ?~io~aasI t 18& - _
s .tom , w , sio " i `
Cal 6a sf tabretaned
tof es& s
sta~ines- n:;- ,.iR0 -fs
T`he Ohio { _Pa~E4 Oipqp
sonville, Ind, pueste&d *1 o. t cr
employes (e1}wtb
Ijturkey. - g-
The aGdvnae.teas, sar klls'W
a tans depot Is edesd wI4ib fgl h
roads es am ds b inath at eiS
itswty. 44r04 wtu
A pseduent N pat t s
to enater=aitagu 4e tfial
STerae Censts! al 'rRt"a th%fIl4l
t admit hisa w.I6hha f1rFS
Uh~io~'1Mito ~
Cotten gin # at
$15,000. : . "c °4t aaar:E~g
Woolen ld"ls go - -a
loss $1,000.
Fifteen' stateosIln NSi va k14,
loss 640,000, f
Sixteen buildiW .at Dadpp, j
loiss 8OO,000. - tdh,)A
Tohiaeco mnU~fagt¶Ty a4 il t$;
lose $3,00000.
Pepperill C . Uuita eier
defort, Me.; lees $I0W0E06 §F
Several stores andresieiis It4y
deO rac,. Nd.; loes *ddQ
Extensio rc ef# .
railway company los '
Flour'ri~i~i atElo 'ý
000, and 15,000 bneesfesofires:
i.sgo it at
low P6O0,060- :an&-U
oat [email protected] uPtalojf'sstr :. 1
-Accotlrding tot ' f '.
the qunaati 7 of sail eeiufti
oabl s, " wieb, if' > ,Ji~iJ;~
maiy b an Ss
of Ir.e im.I a tbW
height of thor .ml .- M ,
wbicht is ahm~ 1i.9 lst M
-11 is bees ,obsemmvod, fiat! ,wting
recent 60vare tkna4ereo~ ie~t
ning Las. himute 4all Iu
cities.- I sbob waSthamtbpii.
graph Hiesame1 t-fir. hj.1 dli
pae ti 4*io SrJ rt~raid a-.
º -According t. Dr. W
growti h n efat c g#l(q 'ri6br e fed
either by iu1 *qE,
two partseo sfe n atlul ''` t
ov*,er one part 'aC'mte'iilj WM~
eloejagf a4j oBag&IUYPi~4AitEitt any
' ,eaepeontho v ..aa. r4 1 o
--A uaew4"''
in itlue a ± . _
pru hive a ye * aw # #

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