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Office in Crescent Place.
----7 - ....... .
Subscription Price Two Dollars a Year.
Saturday, January 22, 1881.
Cinclio-Qui ine cures chills and fever.
ReeC('s Gilt Edge Tonic prevents malaria.
A young man who has had nearly five
years' experience and can furnish the
best references, wishes to procure a situ
ation as druggist. Address A. L., P. O.
box 26, Thibodaux, La.
A phy.,ician wishing to purchase a i;alf
interest in a lucrative office practice can
hear of an opportunity by addressing
Dr. W. A. Thompson, 211 Canal Street,
New Orleans. The doctor's cbject in
taking a partner is to have a physician
in the office during the Sumnuer, while
he is away attending to other business.
Mr. F. S. LeBlanc, the obliging young
gentleman in charge of the steamboat
wharf, has been quite ill recently, and
we were shocked one evening last week.
to hear a report of his death. Happily,
however, the rumor proved untrue, and
we are glad to say " Sam " is on his feet
again as smiling as a duck in a thunder
RPICt FL.cMEs.-Mr. M. W. Darton.
P'arish Siurveyor and inspector of rice
ilnrlies, passed through town Tuesday,
and requested us to insert in tile Clirn.e
a netice inlforming rice planters that he
will be in Donaldsounville on the 1st of
Feblrlary to inspect new lilames. Orders
left at the Cxilte office in the interim
will meet with his prompt attention.
We are glad to hear that our gallant i
friend, Gee. A. Freret. Esq., contemplates r
opening a store in the upper portion of t
St. James parish, about three miles below
Mr. Cofieldl's Point HIonmnaas plantation. 3
George's D)onaldlronvilie friends will be
glad to havre hitn il,,r.ntidl so near them
again, and we hope his prrject will be c
carried out.
IHO-i-e: A-.u X .-(I in pontlnar youn ,g
friend, Mr. A. J. tiRencls. returned from
his vacation jaunt threle weeks ago an.d I
was welcomed back iy a ,.lgioa; of friends.
who had missied hl genial presence from
his uestomnary haunits in the social circles
of our lively town and vicinity. Mr. l
Reynolds has resumed his duties as fore- i
mlan of the CHIEF establishment, and is i
fully aultho,iz.d to transact anly business
connected therewith duiring the propri
etor's absence. a
The editor ha:s been this week bnusily
empioyed. as Clerk of Court, in prepar
ing be:hted traniciripts in appleaiedl cases,
which, together with a irsoh of j,,b work
in the printing office that could linot he
pit oh, halil delayed this issue of the
C tsrF beiyond its propi:r day of pnublica
tion. In conraidi'ationi rf the ireonl
st:.nce, tCe. C.lliti! "itl." t : xpect ouIir read
ers to eyc:-c our ta:rdin:s and to ot er
look any implerfectioniis tha maiily have
ci:ept i.iio this nimiler' of thte paper.
Plioitt:X l.sIt Pi-sTroxcEo.--Owaio't to
tiheroitiiiinued irieyalt,ic, of !a:d we,:crtlhr
the cornlnlittee of arrangements hlave
wisely deterniiel, to anl;nounl( a post
poIllelent of the fair for the benelit of
Phi.tnlia Fire Company' that has been
nadiytised to takl, b!lace t,-diay and to
llorrow.. As so.,l . good weatlhtr sets
in. a date will bie fixed for the entertaii
nient, of whichl due notice will be givin.
The c ,.u"..rt will taik,: pl aee this evening,
pursuanit to anknllonllcenlllit. Tihe rathle
of the litif-size.I doll. ;, which every
hi,ller of a cuncert tick-it is entitled to
larticilpat. ,ill take, place at Cheapi
To'iis storie, ion Slilnay iixt.
The Batoin R.ugi nail packt oiniii:I
Star missed connection a ith the dilvy
train o:1 two days dulllriin the pirtesl:t
week, but no hb' an he i tti - itai
the p.:riniiss. a. every lboat on the river
was delayed by theli exceedini i ly hav
tfgs that prevailed. VWhien Slich riin
ers as the Robt. E. Lee occupied i igh
teen hours in making the run from Ni Sew
Orleanis to Donaldsonville, it is not to
be wondered at that the little Star
should be behind tine. She is " on deck "
all right again, and reaches hiere every
day a few niitiites- past 11, allbi ing hert
lpassengers ample time tu l enjoy a good
dinner at the hotel biefre taking the
train for New Orleans.
Stctain Squuis.-Mr. J. T. Nolan. Jr..
finished grinding last Saturday, in ac
cordance with expectation. VW hope to
receive a report of his yield in season for
next SBaturday's paper.
We are informied that grinding will
cease at 3Mr. ID. F. Keniner's lJowdleni place
to-day. There is stiil some cane in the
field, but it will scarcely give sufficient
sugar at the present rate of vietld to cover
the cost of manufacture.
The total crop of Mr. Burnside's As
ctusieu plalntation is reported. to us at
760 hogslhiadis, averaging about 1150
giving a total of *74,c0uo pounds of suigar.
As we have before stated, this is the
largest crop made on the place ince tle i
Gen. Allen Thomas will realize about {
400 hhts. on his New Hope planiation.
We i.ave heard the crop of the McCall !
places-Evan Hall and the Richard Mce
Call plantat ioln-e-etiated at 1.30, .il 10
pounds. 1With faL orai,le weather the
yield of these two places wou Id have
been nUearl,. if not quite .L.ie pounds.
An accident ociurredl to the mill in
LiAluann & Lumn's Palo Airto place, last
week, hbut it w:as thotught tlhat. Iy exer
c(isLni care. the remalllilnder f tl e ci ,
couhld e grounid ss irhout stopping to re
pair the biea... The manager expecteid
to iiiii grinsing Tuesday nigiht.
'lhe sugar-lIouset whiistles wiihose ioot
i ug I;si hea:rd ol Friday of last week
were thl.<a. f iM !. AaroniIi Jaols' Stelila
,lai, and Mr. ilusnlit-, i lit - ton.
TheiLte \ill Ie \str littic s.i.1r l:ide
:after thi- . eek
On Dit.
That On lit pai:d a visit to the clerks
lately, and got lots of items, amo:,g
which are:
That every time the Chairman of the
Ladies' Committee weighs a certain dam
sel, he replenishes her already numlerous
assortment by adding Maurin more hand
That every time the obliging Mr. L.
waits on that embonpoint lady, he has to
furnish scouple of pounds of bon ions
for her delectation.
That when Johnny escorted Dan Rice's
fat wonman to the blanchis.-ieze, every
body took him for her shadow.
That when the yonung married chap
scalded hin.mself trying to makeo pap, lh:
said, by George, he never did Cire baby
like that, anyhow.
That when Dick sat down suddenly
,going to the party Thursday night, lie
didn't find the Landry.
That the chap who dissunaded his moth
er from going to church in a cart for fear
On Dit would mention it, is informed
That we wouldn't speak unkindly of
the dearest, best old lady in town, not
even if site rode to her devotions in a
That the ,,-xt time Miss Bertha is
stricken with remorse for the numerous
hearts she has broken, we recommeund
That she had better find a more appro
priate place to kneel in than the middle
of Railroald A venue.
That the young lady who wouldn't
drink with the jolly young tar " because
ihe'd get in that nasty On Dit," might
just as well have participated, for here
lie is.
That the quartette of ladies who ate
raw mackerel, Irish potatoes and pepp,-r
vinegar, at 12 o'clock at night, ail't near
is cotnsumptive as their name im:;plies.
That the most enjoyable part of that
impromtu party was the fine mnnsic
tendered by Messrs. MI., T., C., and their
;alented sisters.
That the graceful manner in which the
ýonungest of the St. Charles' two hanld
tome hosts, recovered his equilibrinin
tfter slipping in front of Lemaun's,
harmied all bhol,l,.rs.
IRed'a sJit E,.ie Tonic restores the appe
Po'(.t I':.1 JuY.-An important adjon: nt.d
meeting of this biody was h ld at tilt
Court -House. on Tuesday, at which busi
ness of cotnsiderable llllmoment was trasi
acted, as will appear from the ollicial
proceedings lphiished in another col
umn. The action looking to reipair of
weak places in the Port Barrow and
Bayou Lafomrche levees is timely and it
is to be hoped the Overseers of Roads
and Levees will promptly and cotnscien
tiousily perform the ditties imposed upon
therm in connection with this matter.
The ounificentt salary of $100 a year
awarded to the Parish Physician as cot :
pen.ation fir his professional services to
prisincrs and panupers nay ha ve the ef
feet of so swelling Dr. Vandegritf with
the pernicious "pride of riches" that
coiniinon people canll ailpproacih hilm ,il"
with tre.pidation-aund then again, it
may have an effect quite the colntrari-.
The resolutions looking to the adjulst
lm-int and liquilation of the old paliihi
debt bespeak a bona fide intention on the
part of our pe lroehial legislators to pl:.
Ascension In line with ntighboring pa
ishes, all of which, we believe, have
squared up their old debts and Ae doing
business on a "I: pai as you go" basis
with clean balance sheets. We have no
doubt tle holders of old claiiuis and1 jtilg
mnents against the parish will aglee to
terms of settlemnent advan;tageousi to
parochial interests. The mov-iv e it look
ing to the wiping out of the parish delt
Sviill be greoit!y facilitated by a strict
.i':I-flruliiile of dulty oil the part of the
Distrier Attorney under the resolution
i .truictiiig 1i1 ta proceed to the eoil-:
tilo, Iby lgal process before the District
Coirt. of all back taxes and licelses.
Detinquients who defer a settlement :.
til ti:,e i proeedings are i.i itutedl t-ii
till'! tlheil. ' .- .s taxed 1% ith heav - i" il':
ti.oi iand cost in addition to thi: origii:nl
alol, ili ..e. Those who are wi. wil:
take the lint and settle at the earliest
The Poli:e Jury will imeet again on the
Iath " Fit ,feblruary to prepare a schediile
of pal ih ii u-.-es for the current ye'ar.
"The Indications of Character,"
as manifested in the general shape of the
head anud t!.e fiorm of the face. Illustrated.
By H. S. Drayton, author of " Light in Dark
I Places. " 'lBrain and Mind," etc. [Imao.
Price in pa!. r. 15 cents. Fowler & Wcells.
Publishers. 7153 Broadn ay, New York. This
com.lact and neatly printed pamphlet treats
in a clear and popular style of an old sub
ject. but dise.nsses it in a manner quite dif
f.rent fruom what we are accustomed to. It
takes physlgnomy out of the realiw of con
jecture and speculation, and gives it a sci
entitic character; points us, in fact, to rules
and prtcedures by which character may be
practically iiagnosed. and trustworthy con
ciuswons ,taiied in any given-case. One
oblject of the author appears to be to show
that the cranioiogists or phrenologists are
by non 1a :u, alone in the- stuldy and dliter
iunnatiIo ,f the physical indications o,f hliar
acter. but that scientists of prominence in
Europe and America give themri the weight
of their anth,,ritr and attention. As an in
troluctiou to the study of the physiology of
the mlinid it i. a valuable treatise, and to
those who have not the time or opportunity
to pursue the subject in detail, it will be
found b,,th interesting and useful. To
t.a hliers ;ii alll who have much to do with
othitrs, lid or young, it will be especially
c - !o-ab.le. S,:nt by the publishers on re
ct-i-pt of the price, 15 cents, in stamps. f
(;ray hairs are honorable, but few like
th, m. Clothe them with the hues of youth
by usmg Ayer's Hair Vigor.
List of Letters
Remaining in the Post-office at Donald
sonville, Ascension parish, La.,
January 22, 1881.
Burnett, David J Jobnson. Chauley
lience. Isaac E Johnson. Smith
i-orks. RE-,.r-t Michel. Theo
I ayvi. 1R ichl::ard Iarshall. J F
niatl DlnI ()O'Gorman, David
t;t.l!,.rtinet . W eillie Williams, H B
H1lti. 11 M Williams,. Edmond
If nt ,'a.hd for iin four weeks will he sent
to tlh,* D,.ad Letter Otfice.
Reedi' I t. Eiltge Tonic regulates the
S.1VAIHO--FRIDGI_--B7 1:v. S. C.
SKirklaud, :at New RIiver Bapt.st Church.
Asce.sion ,parish. La.. ,it Thurday, De
eember 30, 1.S), Mr. MIGHAEL SAVARIIo to
e iss NANNIE FRtI;GE, both of New River.
ALLEN-SLY.-At the same place, same
date, and also by Rev. b. C. Kirkland, RIv.
IS EN.r: B. ALL-.N of Livingston parish to
Miiss ETfrENIA ANN SLY of New River.
New Orleans Picalrune please copy.
MELA I NCO(N.--I;(RNE.-At St. Eliza
Si eth Ci,uirc; , Paincourtvile, Monday. Jan.
S17, i~1, by the Rev. Father LeSaicheire,
SE. N. iE:LAN';oi of D)onaidsonville to Miss
iALC ii l E iisaOf Assunmption parish.
In Memoriam.
As 'eoams ill & LA;,e: F 'z.
iDeoail-onvill, J "n. I
iEP, I -I.S, i t ia. r . ]l _ ,u, to the
Almirh!ty dis1,poser of events to rr-ov,' from
y tnr midst our late worthy' awl est e(tued
llow-I m>nls'r. (- uTTLTEi; .5 1" i:ID:i ; and
Vherc,,. Th, inteI.ate relations long
lheld by the deceased with the members of
this company render it proper that we
Sshoulnd pilace upon record our appreciation
of his services as a nmebler and citizen, and
his merits as a man: therefore
Resolved. That we deplore the loss of
r GoTTLIErn SeYFRIEI with dreep I-elijngs of
regret. softened only by the confident hope
that his spirit is with those who. having
f fought the good fight here. are enjoying
t perfect liappiness in a better world.
JRes,,lr,-d. That we tendlr to his aillieted
relatives our sincere condolence and our
earnest sympathy in their affliction at the
loss of lone who was a go,,il citizen, a oe
voted fireman and an pIIrhjlit mun.
Resnolred. By this company, that the mcem
hers wear the emblems of mourntin,. and
that the hall be draped with black for
thirty days.
Resolred That a copy of the foreoing
resolutioins signed by the president anI cer
tified by the secretary be tran.unitted to
the r O-h:tivs of the Ireeased.
R rdi-('ra fig , arf a 1, 1881,
J)onahl;d.,soville, La.,
, ! i,, : -pi, e of Pl, renix Fie (Co. No. 1.
Adunitt anee, - - $1.OO.
Ladies Free.
--tor entere.t . the hall room all maskers
niunst be identiti,-d.
BY a young non of nearly five years' ex
Iperieniee a sitation as druggist. Can
conse well reconmmendeld. Address "A. L.,"
Thioldaux. La., P. O. Box 26.
Gray's Specific Medicine.
The Great English RIemedy.
T3RA. -.'" An unfailingRADE MARK
cure fr Seia
sh inal Weak
1 ness, Seicrt
t/ ;:-,.ncy. and
a w+ stie o Ot
CEF . .. . ', ,, AFTER TAKIE.
ory. Univcr-l a Lassitude. Pain in the Bvck.
Dimness ,if V2riosi. Pre'mar:re ()1 A:T . ian
on ,.ah';" i . that ;al to' I -a: i re t
o r ( "d :",. : n.! )t i , a n dt a . ;' : n ',t n : w (G r y . ,
"° "l l :'.1 ", i ;itl m our, 1 u:utiih to whirh j
. d s-; ,e , .d ree , stil to eviery ,n...
- "'.i,: ` ...yitie Mt'edi,:ine is sold "ib all
drigei.ts at 'I pe. pc::ekae or six paekages
frr r.. or will h,- sentt free by mail on re
;pt f th mney, of Ihr" ing
\No. 1i l .iain 'treat, .ufalo. o. '.
ld in D . EL.
Proceedings of the Police Jury,
Parish of Ascension.
P'.itisi oF A : .essi,s. Jan. 13. 18 1.
The reliular Ireeti g of the Pi.i:e Jn
appoinh te, for the 11th instant having fai'.e!
for thi- want of a !tior:um. a called meeting
was !eill tris tar.
Pre., ,t--M,"s rs. R. T. Han-on. Pr?-iirnt:
E::gine or. r:i ;_, i: r:": : , t.:., -
, ion ,t f p. ubt i _: i L- ,., in t.! r ,. -. - .
pair of revetn nits. road cuts. rice flamen
anil other doefer.ts in the ieb;esf. Jfore an
other rise of the ri\er-r." Tlhe S"C r,--ary was
tierenpou rrt,rir ,', to ,irt.ct ter. Ov.r (re
of Roads and I.,ver.. S l.i tl<t those of
the 2nr., and 4th wards. to make a thorough
inspection of the roads and h:voes in their
respective wards and report without delay
to the President of t:ie: Tlice Jlury.
Mr. Ernest Pellee!anx's resignation of
the tffne of Overseer of Road,, ant Lervers.
dated Oct. 14, 1N 0i. was accepted.
On motion of Mr. Pierre Klopnman. the
President was anthririzet to na'ne th:r mem
bers of the counulittee appointed to examine
the books and an ounts of the Secretary
and Pari-:L Treasurer. and who are in
structed to re port at the next meeting.
On motion. d liy sewn-del, it was
lesolred. That r onl;ter, of the Corone r'
Jury shl.d hniua'efrth t-e aid not more than
two do!!.rs each f,.r ,tny one inmle.t.
On motion of Mr. Pierre Ki.rtuau. it was
Resolred. That for ii - srv:.ices as Parish
and Laii Physician. when e lled upcn tby
the proper autihritelr . the Coronor =ha!l re
ceive one hundret dololrs per annum, ilay
aile on his own warrant.
On motion of Mr. Pierre Kiopman. it was
Reslced. Th t- fromn and ait'-r the 31st
day of May. I',.i. aii apiproved parish war
rants of i15. shall hei paid out of the surplus
cmttiunrfnt fund of aJ).
Resolred. That the Finance Committee
be and they are herehby lirectedhl t. xamine
into and ascertain the ampnnt of the old
debt of :he parish in warrants an,! jurl.
men's prior to t1.'. Al-o to ascertain talt
best po.asiole means of comin g t an unter
standing with the creditors of the parish.
ftr the liquidation of the same. Said com
mittee to replort at an ear! day a ,r:cti
cable, and when reah- with sait report.
they shall so iuifr'm the President whto siali
call a special m.eetinz of the Poice .Jurey -
soon as convenrennt t, consider thei ;ame.
Mr. H. C. B-and orfl:redl the fullouw i- res
olution, which was adopted, viz :
Be it resoled. That the District Attorney
be ani he is hereb retiestei and ordered
to proceed to collect before the ourts all
back taxes anli ictn.C.es due this pat ish.
The following bills due the ftowiag per
sons were approved, viz:
F. B. Earart..........---------..---...--- ..$00) t
Dr. J. B. Vandetlrirf................. a1 00
Dr. B. Claverie.................... 5) 1t0
Ernest Pedeselau.....---------.. ..... 3
Dr. W. 31. McGa:tlilard..........---.... 3 0t)
On motin of Ir. litryt C. Braul. : was
Re.r ,lrted. Th it the Prlie ,-- Jn:-v ' ?jv r-
inotil tihe l5th day of 0February. i't atr It
.'lt -k t. N.. it,: itrhe ,urpl.oae at .iop tinti a
-t,=-n ~ar t -..r-n foIr rire present year.
A t.r oq : L:. tPRItPERi LANIIRY.
-.- , - '" .t:-;
For Sale.
i OT No. 9. carner of (Crscent Place ain
LJHonlim., street, together wit'h the large
buihling thereon. heret;,ire used as an ice
house. One of the best corners in town.
Suitable for any kind of business, being
near the Market-Honse and Wharf. Apply
to, E. LP. e;:vr ale, No. 77 Decatur St.,
New Orla::, or to
Attorney at Laa;, Dounallsonviile.
For Rent.
ON'E lnrce and ct:-nimodions frame iwel
lin, ncotaiining eight apartments., with
,aoeou s ;,tvd, sita;ated ,n iLes.;urd street,
,etweeni Att;kapa. and Oope!,nas. being
the hmio h l'oir tuiely owni: a:'l ocenpied, as
a r.shlr.·, br" Fell× ix L vn':d. For terms
apply, to PAUL LECHE.
-IEN ~eY 0. 3rIAI! Ei,
Denler in
-IS'F, S and LIQ UORS,
Corner St. Patrick anl Claiiorne streets,
Having fitt-d up my store in first-class
etvi. a d laid i'n a , s; ; ! 1 ae tral stock
tf ehre and fresh onds. I respectfully so
licit the patronage of my friends and the
p:~tlic, assured that my goods and prices
will alwavy give satisfaction. oc~-lIy
And Agricultural & Mechanical College.
The next session of this Institution begins
January :-t, 1881,
and closes July 4, 1881.
2 and experienced faculty in the usual
collegiate stundies. Codets will have choice
)f four courses-Classical, Scientific, Agri
rnltural and teehanieal. No tnition fee is
Charged. There is an annual fee of live dol
ara. Total charges for Board. oer.. in the
I-niversit . ni'ete-:n dollars t.r umonth.
Cadets, unpn, enteric the University. be
ore beina assigned to qua: ters or classes,
trk every three imonths tiereaflter, shall
,resent to the Presidrnt tihe Treasurer s re-i
tvipt for throe miini"t toes in advance. Ca- i
iets shall he r.,iired pi ptl hsae thei. own
ext loonks an! must Iprov~i theImselves
laton Rouge. La. President.
Siheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana-Twentv-se-ond Tudicial
District Court-Pari'sh of Ascension.
Flash, Preston & Co.,
vs. No. 30.
George A. Feig.
BY virtue of and acting in obedience to a
:wit of fieri facbin issued by the lion.
Twenty-second Judicial District Court. par
ish of Asoeenoi,n. in the matter of Flash.
Prestrn & Co.. vs. No. 341. G(.orge A. Feig.
to nme directed . I have seized arnd will offer
for sale at ,uablic actioin to the highest
bidder at the Court Haste door of the par
ish of Ascension, in the town of Donaldson
Ville. on
Saturday, the 19th diay of Fehruary,
A. I). 1581, at ii o'clock A. x., the following
descrilbd prolerty. to-wit:
A certain lot of ground l in, and being
situated in the parish of .AscenDion. on the
right bank of ith hayou L:f, urce ie and tihe
Missaisip,i river, in the town of Port Bar
row, andl 0!esinat, d onl the plan of said
town dr ' byi- V. lk :,ski. a d--irp
snrve3-,r of the U·:itr ld Sta es. which is dhe
I osite, in Ih, R.c.r, n's ,ri-a for ret,,ne
and safe keelCing as heing lotNo. I in sqllluare
No. 43, mleasuring sixty feet front on Pine
st'reet hby reptit of one hlaii'.d ndl tweu
ty feet, together with all the , ildings and
in m:rveuren. t1hreo n an. t herclnto be
lolgin .
`,iz,- ino ihe ,"',€ s.uit.
Teris a:e! co ;',s--Ca :.h in United
IPasi: otf Asce., . :JanuarV 1. 3i- i.
I'. A. JONES, Si:h -irf.
$50 Reward.
DONALDI-NVILLE, Dee. 2., 1580.
EM1ARKS zlu i,: n inad-- by somei
Spahrtir- that it wouiil be iopossible for
m,: to f'nbr.: ti'rstolags spr:iný nattrusea
at .:- i.rivrs I :h.,v, advcrtise,d, i hereby
,.;i.-" ;; re '" l cC, '
to atn piirsni wit, ',..i prve tI:'at the mat
e"rre-.s :hic.: I n,)T :;i ike t'r i1 to i:-) each
Sire nl- t i'. (1 vry .' ,:t ,r ; r - i to, ain:
n0;- :-i't ,ei t'illfro th salue kind of ma
i .i. :r : t,, which I fr
,terl't so! I - .- ro ;l. I ean b.u ine-.
I r. , 1r t. : th _n f l i n a ,ntl,-inen, -h,
have .: use nt s .r lnuattr-sacas--stonie for
p , :.tt : ,. h e "-, . , . u vr hof at re,
B . Le;yu- nn. . tI ael C, -., M . T,,bi.,
:. , it i. J. T. N .t:n. .Jr.. Nmna r
. C o; , , . . I ; .8 l :r -., unl a n. i ,
othters. to-, noisr'ur t-r." to l>leitre -a.
75 ow75
Frojeeted Town of Darrowville,
tiO posit, Donal so nville.)
At prices ranging from $35 to $75 atch,
:ontat.in:nz :-.ari.v 7 acros each,
for $.Z..4 per lot.
The ;r e of the town is opposite, Donald
-n:.ii -. iett bank 3Misisippi river, the
Riv r Ferry LandinT hemi !"-:eated near the
centre of the town front. and the proposed
New RivP.- Road frt'rmin. the Western or
upper boundary lin'e.
A plan of tne Town can be seen at the
Recorder's nffee.
For further particulars. apply to Da. A.
C. LojVE, at Gibon', Hotel. Darrowville.
or to the unteirsaiL d at Gem Plantation.
rmar2 BEN. GIBSON.
In Full Blast at the Old
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron
Maunafactory of) S"i:ke Pats. FIvapo-iating
Pan'l. Clarer-'. - ---. ":. T.fks.
('himnys and Brec-l::n:. F;ie- ain.i Lift
t.:am Trains pat "t",i.. i i I '" ; :hi r .in'.c
Also keeps on hanIs ;' f:lm! <a.p.!y of Steam
Gans. I-)roni Pipes staid Fittings. for steam
and water use.
vr. Billebi-u . e-g i}ave to r'f r to the
ifolIwing named p..nte.s who have used or
are -til using hii Strike Pan :
EiER II ADER. Ib,:rviiie.
LEIANN & BAILEY. Aseens:on.
SEi)YMOUR & C).. .
SIRS. Mj. ISRAEL & CO., St. James.
HONI. T .YL R BKA1lE. Assumption.
A. J. -il! RP. -
HON. I). F. KENNER. N, w- Oirans.
• -ooOf ot:;tr o e1 to any part of the colutry on ap
Thel most eIe^'Int ;.ir' tn ree out ! ' ..
Prices Below all Competition. wt Fwentr-f o . wi n .r
SAMIIPLES OF GOOD.A. wilt -.."m:,: :.*" A! w:-it1. i:t. _, i, i ;! <:rtisfxti on
We are the most extensive Mfail- ncomwp.-it ~ rnt rou ,: r ior , N; W- 1. nEi
ufacturers in the South of try FREE; OF CIiA.\::i, en apiliietio: i' ed. A
LADIES UNDERWEAR, A memer of th Ts :-pcr l .i T I ar
and have received ali dliplomas f r Ibest cot special att *i orn to I ll
and .sewing. N ow on hand, an innnense
line. which we offer at prices that are sure COF7.'T-.I· ORDE . 13 . Ca Street, ......I1
Special Prices for Merchants. swered the sa ie diy as c.in. New Orleans, La.
. . ..ltie , .( .c r.-i-i t. SF; O la s r, .
Ofie and salesroom.No.7 No. 27 Nrth Peters
9 street. Manufactory, Carondelet WM. lk,
between Roeheblave and Tonti sts,
, Has con.ta;tly on hangd Sugar floPgs hondI
molasses barrels, half barrels, kegs, flour
and suga~ r h:arTel.
|, Orders for hoop poles flled at lowest
k markt rates. Particular attention paid to
trimniitg. nol3-:'u
e `eones Loll:, 11. Kratzenstein,
aeew Orleans. Vewr York.
Wlholesale dealers and jobbers in clothing.
hats, trunks, valises, dry goods, furnishing
goods, notimse. etc. Nos. 23 Magazine and
99 and 101 Gravier streets, New Orleans, La.
Branch, 104 Franklin St., New York.
Manufacturer of
1Boots- Shoes,
"232 Royal street. between; St. Philip and
New Orleans.
S135...... P: vdras Street-......13
Between Camp and St. Charles Sta.
Mie.ls Served from 25 to 50c.
2 MEALS, $4: 3 MEALS, $5.
Mosts. oarýt 6 A. it., to 8 P" 10.
Meals served at Residence.
_ _
Two doors above the St. Charles Theatre
New Orleans.
The co-partniersahll Ieretofore existing
hir-t:.Vn J. F. HiELLMER-: and E. W.
T"hOEGEL, nuindr the style ani Birm of
J. F. iHellin~rs & C(o.. haa b.een dissOlved
by mutual consent.
s In withdrawing from business I rce
omnnmend my former partner, E. W. Troegel.
to all my frielnds and patrons, anfd hope
they will extend their patrounae to mfy suc
cessor as liberally as to tie old tfir..
oc_-ly J. F. HELLMERS.
Corner-St. Louis and Chartres,
Chlic.ie imes and Liqumors .. asc.a. on hIi,:,l.
Furnished Rtn,,es. HOT IUNCH fIr, :;
A. M. to "2 P. M1. =! -.
Pension Francaise.
107 Customhouse, between P.oyal
and Bourbon Streets,
a. treIL. , ct. e and s.e e -.c .
The Oldest Establielhmnent of the -ind inI
New Orleans.
0, 42 and i1 Teholpitoulas st. Newm ; Ican. .
Wholesale dealer in cordage. wooden and willow
ware, axle grease. baskets, brushei, !r.ousi. .- tu. ,
a d flasks, clay furnaces, corks, coftee mills. 'la.iIra'
carriages, dnmijohis. fish hnok anl iand , !ntern.
,.1',. sic t, a ,: . . s. .IiO;lie:.
.d i>s, s.uc ,-ia a se".s. ,,ap. l.i.r: , , ri.
racks, tinware. c- so,.a. etc. e-.
T. G. 3. ACKiL, Traveling Salesm:an.
Diamond Setters and Jewelers
65 Royal Street,
Beta. Bienov!' and Coati. NEW ORLEANS,
Wo;ul eTer thir intel
Ceo('\ C:- . 't~lhn, Jw-ei
ry. ~.monds and Sliiver
wareatacceptatle prices.
S Jewelry.Wat.:hes. (-.Iocls,
et~c., carfully ropalred.
I 11 A rticles cf jene-r-
lo:inc a l sep:ia:ri .
N. B -N~l ipilatp,
filled or other sucnh i, ,:.
kept in our stock,5.
Virgnlla Kitchen
betw;en Campi and St. Charles.
Thie secend tloor is devotedt excluo-rtr to
le i;tis alnd ,-scorts anl cail,,ren. Parties can
idrop in at al! hours for a line hot or coild
An Old Virginia Dinner fzr 50 Cents.
nonl3-6m W.M DURN.. P-,prireor
Notice to Holders of
Towi Scrip.
Dos.aLr,.; s r..re. January I8. 1.!.
tI!E Finnec - Con:mittee ot' the Comm-r:
i Coneil of I ofullrnviille will meet at:
i,: Tirtesurera f-.-.". Mu;si-t iiDDi srtreetr.
-v-rv WEDNESDAY EVENIN.: btween
o-tltan!in1Z lPril) ancd laimsi i f ainrlS t .h
town. HoLers of suC sr.ril) and claims are
notiti.,t to prer_.s th,* same to, th'; ..om
mit2ee f;,r examination. By au~tority -f
the CIuncil.
Cha.irman Fina-?ce (an:,m: i- .
Business Notice.
FRtlOM and afilr the lst of J.anuar. i-,
I . tfle ,,,': firm fI! - BEI.V.A.I
D .no'd<,u u1. January . I .'l.
#J. O S I O.
Four' Seasons, testaira·nt,
111 C~aarti-es Ntreet.
Betwieen St. andi:tr Contii
Restaurant des Quatre Saisoii,
111 Ruc C!artre3. eflti: St. Iu3 ct e;:t!.
So~pen till 1 u'Cldck. U
75 Conti St., New Orleans.
The Beat Plac for Big Bgais.
- --J
Furniture, Fancy Goods, and Everything kept
in a First-Class General Store.
Don't Fail to Give the BLUE STOIRE a Call.
Yoe, will get there the Most Goods for the Lenst Money.
-ABE" fi ,
(O :DIA L :, I UO.
~& Cutery,
T]_o be h i- , n.).: .. E as - VariB ty.
Co,,RET:, ,..."l.: DOn SLDSONTILLE I,
Dry Goo., G'rocerBes,
(xPEEN AND 1::iED 'I9l9.
XIour Rrat and! Limbr~.oer 1 hei'Se.
A -i ,

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