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glrnolbsnbille tAidf.
Office in Crescent Place.
Subscription Price Two Dollars a Year.
Frt. & Accom. Mail & Ex.
New Orleans, .................. 8 00 Ax
Algiers,.............. 700 AM .8 20....
St. Charles,.......... 1086...... 9 34 ....
St. James, .......... 1 45 I 10 56....
Donaldsonville, ...... 2 50...... 11 85....
Plaquemine, ......... 5 13.. 12 46
West Baton ouge, ar. 7 00...... 30....
Frt. & Aoeom. Mail & IE.
West Baton Rouge,... 7 00 A M 2 30 P
Plaquemine,.......... .. 27.... 14....
Donaldsonville, ..... 10 41 ...... 4 20....
St. James ............ 12 00 -... 4 59....
St. Oharles........... 3.13 P n 6 17....
Algiers, ............6 45 ..... 7 35....
New Orleans, arrives............ 8 00....
For rates and information, address,
General Freight and Ticket Agent.
SH. S. MORSE, Supt.
OFFICE: No. 20 Camp street, New Orleans.
Steamboat Schedule.
New Orleans and Donaldsonville.
Belle of the Coast, up Tuesday. Thursday
,and Saturday nights; down Wednesday,
Friday and Sunday mornings.
St. Mary, up Tuesday and Friday; down
Thursday and Saturday.
New Orleans and Plaquemine.
Whisper, up Tuesdays and Saturdays;
down Wednesdays and Sundays. Attends
to business of Assumption and St. Mary.
New Orleans and Bayou Sara.
Fanchon, in place of E J. Gay, up Mon
day and Friday nights, down Wednesday
and Sunday evenings.
Corona, in place of John W. Cannon,
up Wednesday and Saturday nights; down
Monday and Friday evenings.
New Orleans and Vicksburg.
Robt. E. Lee. up Tuesday night; down
Sunday afternoon.
Jr. M. White, up Thursday night; down
Tuesday night.
Natcher, up Saturday night; down Thurs
day evening.
Saturday, November 6, 1881.
- --'
Gondran's Blue Store has been em
bellished with a fresh coat of paint and
new goods are pouring in daily.
Mr. Emanuel Bercier raffled two fine
caken last Sunday and No. 17, held by
Mr. Frank Martinez, captured one, while
No. 86, held by Mr. Fulgencec Bourgeois,
won the other.
Last week the Assumption made her
first trip of the season down Bayou La
fourche, and, like the St. Mary, she now
makes a.mi-weekly voyages between
New Orleans and Thibodaux.
The weather is dry and cool, just the
conditions most desired by sugar makers.
The weight of cane juice has increased
considerably within the past few days
and planters are encouraged to look for
a better yield than they have heretofore
Messrs. H. C. Grube and T. A. Kings
ton, accompanied by their families and
household effects, took their departure
for New Orleais on the steamer Whisper
last Wednesday. As we stated in last
issue, Mr. Grube will continue his busi
ness of making mattresses in the city,
but what occupation Mr. Kingstou in
tends to follow we have not learned.
Grinding was logun at the Clark,
Orange Grove and Tureaud plantations,
in the fifth ward, on Thursday. Labor
in plenuiful ald no signs of discontent
ore visible among the hands. Wages are
the same as last year-$1 per day and
fifty cents per watch. A rumor was cir
culated in Donaldsonville on Wednesday
that a strike had taken place on the
Burnside plantations, but it had no
foundation in fact.
The unfortunate man who died in the
old railroad depot building Sunday night
of last week, and whose demise was re
ported in the last number of the CnIEF,
was Martin Bannon, a native of Ireland,
about 40 years of age. Coroner Vande
griff held an inquest on the remains on
Tuesday, and the jury concluded that
the cause of death was general debility,
resulting from hard drinking and expos
ure. The body was buried at public
The removal of Gen. Allen Thomas
from the parish has caused a vacancy in
our Jury Commission which Judge
Cheevers will doubtless fill by appoint
ment at an early day. The present mem
bers of the Commission are Messrs. N.
Bel, Henry C. Braud, Austin Duncan
and L. E. BenLley, Clerk of Court. It
will be necessary for the Commissioners
to assemble during the coming month or
early in December to draw juries for
service at the February term of the Dis
trict Court.
A second race between Mr. John Rey
nand's horse "Lamb" and a mare named
Kate, belonging to Mr. Greaud of Iber
ville, was run at Bayou Goula on Wed
nesday last, and resulted in a decided
victory for the horse. In the first race the
mare crossed the line only a foot or two
in advance of the horse, but on Wednes
day Lamb retrieved his reputation by
leaving about forty feet of daylight be
tween him and his competitor. Consid
erable money changed hands on the
event and several residents of Donald
sonville were among the lucky winners.
The erroneous idea has gained credence
among some of the illiterate tax payers
of the town that the special taxes being
collected by the municipal authorities
were levied by the Council to pay for the
construction of the new bridge being
built across Bayou Lafourche. These
taxes, as we have before explained and
as all reading people among us ought to
know, are levied in accordance with
judgments of the Supreme Court in the
celebrated consolidated bond suits, and
the present town authorities are in no
wise responsible for them, nor have they
any connection with the new iridge. It
would be well for i1ltelhlig,.,t citizens to
,-xplaiin these facts t. their less en
lighiteu, ned lighboru,
Tbat.Shanks made a deeperate effort to
pretepd he didn't know who the young
fellow was that got kicked by a Baton
Rouge damsel.
That the-.sest of the boys know who it
was and Shanlsa' ignorance doesn't fool
any body.
That the playful tiger has struck town
again and will snatch the capillary sub
stance from all who buck him, and
That the festive beast doesn't intend
to let his competitor, the strike associa
tion, get away with all the poor laboring
man's spare dollars.
That the elongated youth objeeti to
the insinuation that he boasted of hav
ing things his own way at the hop.
That he thinks, however, he can stand
that rap from his friend up the river, con
sidering the cironmstances and the spirit
in which it was given.
That the wood business isn't particu
larly lively, but
That considerable money has been in
vested in chips recently.
That a few of the Guards are kicking
four ways for Sunday over the first part
of that bar-room section.
That Kang aw'ear in all the colors of
the rainbow that be can't forego the
great American privilege of taking a
drink wherever and whenever any body
offers to treat.
That even sturdy Fritr" is dubious as
to whether he will be able to stand dot
segehun, but
Tiaat we'll wager his ability to stand
it after some of the others have fallen
down under it.
That Phil was disposed to join the
kickers until he remembered that the
commanding officer generally invites
him when he imbibes.
That John didn't find the seat on the
sofa so tempting as he expected.
That there must be something wrong
with the adolescent elephant's teeth, as
he hasn't been able to eat any thing re
That it's fortunate heo has plenty of
surplus adipose tissue to maintain his
vital forces.
Mr. Joe. Gondran, Jr., left for New
Orleans on the steamer Gay last Sunday
night and is still in the city purchasing
goods for the elegant Gondran store.
Mr. Oliver Beirne of Virginia, legatee
and executor of the estate of the late
John Burnside, arrived at Houmas
House on the steamer J. M. WhiteThure
day night, aecompanied by his wife and
Mr. George A. Chiapella. Mr. Beirne and
lady will spend the winter on their
sugar plantatiQons in this parish and St.
The remainder of the iron for the
Bayou Lafourche bridge arrived here by
rail last Tuesday and was transferred
from the railroad to the location of the
bridge by flatboat. Scaffolding has been
built on the piling extending above and
below the pier, to facilitate the erection
of the iron framework of the bridge, and
Capt. Darton, the supervising engineer,
expresses the opinion that the structure
will be completed in about three weeks
from this time. -The opening of this
bridge for business will be quite an event
in the history of the town and one that
will be welcomed by the people.
Among the appointments which were
not considered by the Senate before
adjournment was that of Mr. Louis
Lefort to be Postmaster of Donaldson
ville. On Monday President Arthur re
newed the appointment of Mr. Lefort
and as soon as he secures the requisite
bond he will qualify and take possession
of the office. We are glad to know that
the prospective change of Postmasters
will not interfere with the status of Mr.
J. Rumsey Duke, the polite and com
petent young man who has so efficiently
performed the duties of Assistant Post
master for a long time past.
Jos. ARNAUD, SR.-At 3 o'clock last
Saturday afternoon Joseph Arnaud, Sr.,
an old colored citizen of Donaldsonville,
expired suddenly while sitting in a chair
at Vicknair's store, corner of St. Patrick
and Iberville streets. Coroner Vande
griff viewed the body and certified that
death had been caused by heart disease.
Mr. Arnaud was 68 years of age, was a
native of New Orleans, bat had lived in
Donaldsonville at least half of his life
time. He was well known to nearly
every man, woman and child in the
place and enjoyed the hearty good will
and esteem of all, being a man of gentle
disposition, kind and courteons always,
a true Christian by profession and prac
tice and a most devout follower of the
Catholic religion. For many years he
has had charge of the Catholic cemetery
at this place and few Catholics have died
here during the past three decades whose
tombs and graves have not been closed
by his hands or under his directions. He
has rendered much service in the capac
ity of a sick nurse, and most of our prom
inent families have had occasion at
various times to profit by his efficient
and gentle ministrations in hours of ill
ness. He has held several positions of
trust in the community, such as Alder
man of the town, treasurer of Blue
Bucket Fire Company and treasurer of
the St. Joseph Benevolent Society,
which last position he occupied at the
time of his death. A number of child
ren, grandchildren and other connections
are left to mourn the loss of a kind and
faithful progenitor. The funeral, which
took place Sunday evening, was hand
somely managed under the auspices of 1
the St.-Joseph Society, and was attended
by a large concourse of people, attesting
the general respect and regret felt for
the worthy deceased. Rev. Fathers l
Tnppens and Charles conducted the im- 1
pressive ceremonies at the church and
;emetery, and music was furnished by
the St. Joseph and Crescent Brass Bands
:ombined. The True Friends Benevolent a
society were present in force. All who
Lesembled around the last resting place
ºf the good old man sincerely responded
n their hearts to the invocation of the a
riest, " lequie,.cat in pace."
Last Sunday, at quarter to 12 o'clock M.,
Mr. Solomon Weinsohenck, one of the
oldest merchants of Donaldsonville, and
also one of our leading and most re
spected citizens, died suddenly at his
store and residence on Railroad Avenwe,
of apoplexy of the heart. He had been
troubled with an affection of the heart
for a number of years, and it was to be
expected, by those who knew of his
ailment, that his death would be sudden,
but no one was prepared f9r the news of
the event which flashed through town
on Sunday. Mr. Weinsehenok was walk
ing on the brick pavement in front of
his main building when the shook of
death struck him, and he fell upon his
back without uttering a word and ex
pired at once. Deceased was aged 73
years, a native of Kerecheim, Bavaria,
and had resided in Donaldeonville 42
years. He leaves an estimable widow
bereaved by his loss, to whom the sym
pathies of the entire community are ex
tended. The funeral took place Monday
afternoon at half past 4 o'clock and was
very largely attended. Members of the
Ascension Hook and Ladder Company
and Phenix Fire Company were present
in uniform, headed by the St. Joseph
Braes Band. Following the firemen
were the members of the Hebrew Con
gregation of the Temple Bikur Cholim,
of which the deceased had long been
President, then came a long line of citi
zens on foot and in carriages and
buggies. Ladies and children thronged
the sidewalks, attending the mournful
procession to the Jewish burying ground
on St. Patriek street, where the remains
were consigned to the grave according
to the rites of the Hebrew faith. The
solemn services were conducted in He
brew by Rev. G. Levy, Rabbi of the
Congregation Bikur Cholim, who also
delivered a beautiful and touching ad
dress in ,English. All the principal
stores and places of business were closed
and the people of the town, of all classes
and degrees, united in paying a last
sad tribute to the memory of the re
spected and honored dead.
In anticipation of a grand pow-wow of
the so-called Laboring Man's Association
which was announced to be held at Blue
Bucket Hall last Sunday afternoon, we
detailed a reporter to take notes of the
proceedings. The following is hisreport,
verbatim :
No audience; consequently, no meeting."
We commend the document as a model
of brevity, worthy of imitation by the
average amateur quill-driver, who is
never so well pleased with himself as
when he can spread six lines of informa
tion over half a column of space and ob
scure two or three poor little facts in a
bushel measure of high sounding senten
ces and trite phrases. We understand
the leading spirits of the strike move
ment-if indeed we are justified in using
the plural--claim that there would have
been a large mectinlg, but that they de
cided it was not advisable to hold it at
that time. What reasons are advanced
for the decision we have not heard.
Messrs. W. H. Green and J. M. Vance, two
well known young colored men from New
Orleans, came up on the Natchez Satur
day night for the purpose of addressing
the expected assemblage, but their servi
ces were not called into requisition and
they returned to the city 1,y Sunday
evening's train. It has been announced
that a parish convention will be held
here to-morrow to effect an organization
of the association, and that a mass-meet
ing will be set for an early day at which
Messrs. Vance and Green will be asked
to speak. From all parts of the parish
we hear that the solid, sensible and in
telligent colored men are repudiating the
miscalled laborers' movement and will
not be so easily duped, fooled out-of their
money and made catspaws of for giving
political influence to men who can not
attain it in a legitinate manner. Not
withstanding the pretensions to the
contrary, the failure of last Sunday's
projected meeting is generally regarded
as a forerunner of the collapse of the
entire fraudulent scheme.
FIREMEN'S BALL.-Although the at
tendance at the ball given by Ascension
Hook and Ladder Company last Satur
day night was by no means so large as
was expected, those who were present
enjoyed themselves greatly and the en
tertainment was conducted in a highly
creditable manner. Dancing was kept
up until after midnight, to music fur
nished by the Centennial String Band.
Mr. Emanuel Bercier, who had charge of
the supper room, conducted that depart
ment in his usual first-class style. The
young men who had the management of
the affair, appreciating that the unfa
vorable weather and the opening of the
grinding season militated against the
complete success of the ball, propose to
try it again at a more auspicious time.
Last Saturday evening an unknown
white man, apparently about 40 years of
age, was taken suddenly ill while stand
ing in front of the store of Messrs. B.
Lemann & Bro., corner Mississippi street
and Crescent Place. He fell to the side
walk and had several attacks of parox
yasms resembling fits, remaining there in
an unconscious condition until removed
by order of the Mayor to the house of old
Jim Warfield, who undertook the care
of the afflicted stranger. Efforts to re
vive the patient proved unavailing and
he died during the night of Monday. On
Tuesday the Coroner viewed the body
and gave a certificate that death was
caused by pernicious congestive fever.
No clue to the identity of the deceased
has been reported. He was evidently an
Irishman and a laborer.
To all who are suffering from the errors
and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, &c., I
will send a recipe that will cure you, FREE
OF CHARGE. This great remedy wasdis
covered by a missionary in South America.
Send a self-addressed envelope to the REV.
JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, New York
Corner R. R. ATrpne a4d Taylor Streets, one block from Railroad Depot.
..... •
In Memoriam.
ROOMs or THE Yo~ji 4ENS' HnaREw
AssoQIATION Sf D bnaldsonville, La.
November 1, 1881.
At a special meeting held Nov. 1, 1881,
the following resolutios were adopted:
WEleAlnAs, It has pleased our Heavenly
Father in his inserutabib wisdom to remove
from our midst our beloved friend, SOLOMON
WEINSCIIENCK, in his 78d year, a native of
Bavaria, Germany, and a resident of this
town for the last 42 years; therefore
Be it resolved, That is but a just tribute
to the memory of the lecoased to say that
in regretting his removal we mourn for one
who has always been a kind friend to this
Association and whoin every way gained the
confidence and respect of the community.
Resolved, That we sorely deplore his de
mise, on the dispensatoa with which it has
pleased the Divine Proyidence to-afflict the
bereaved widow and tmi.l and that we
commend them for conslation to Him who
orders all things for tie best, and whose
chastisements are meant in mercy.
Besolved, That we sineerely condole with
his widow and familytandextend our deep
est sympathy in ther bereavement, and
hope they will find colsolation in knowing
that he died in the fall discharge of his
duties, and departed to his last resting
place with his Maker, whom we hope will
cherish him with the sane feeling as he had
on earth.
Resolved, That these resolutions be pub
lished in the Donaldsotville CInEP, Jewish
Messenger, and Jewish8outh, and that a
framed copy be transmited to the widow.
8. TORIAS, Committee.
RooMS BOARD lr OrFFICas of the
Congregation Temph of Bikur Cholim
of Doaldsonville, La.
At a special meeting f the above Board,
held Tuesday, Nov. 1. 1881# the following
resolutions were unanirously adopted:
WHEREAS, It has plased our Almighty
Father suddenly to remove from our midst
our beloved friend andbrother, SOLOMON
WEINSCHrENCK, late Preideut, and one of
the founders of this Cogregation, a na
tive of Bavaria, German, and for the last
42 years a resident of thl.splace; therefore
Le it resolved, That ·d'eeply regret and
deplore the loss to this Ommunity of one of
its oldest, most energeticand valued memi
lers, and a zealous and-faithful officer of
this Congregation duringoanny years.
Resolved, That we sincerely sympathize
with the" bereaved wmdow and filnily of
our late brother and Pesident, in this their
hour of affliction, and tender to them our
heartl'elt' condolnce.
Resolvred, That these resolutions be pub
lished in the Donaldsdville CHIEF, Jewish
South, and American e raelife, and a copy
suitably engrossed be tent to the afflicted
P. GIIGER, President.
JAcos BLUM, Com.
MorsE LEVY, JR., Seretary.
Card of 'hanks.
THE members of the it. Joseph Society
of Donaldsonville tag leave to return
the sincere thanks of thffociety to the St.
Joseph and Crescent Bras Bands for their
kindness in uniting thdri forces to furnish
the splendid music rewnered upon the oc
casion of the interment olour late lamented
member, Jos. Arnaud, 3r. The favor was
highly appreciated and will be long re
membered with gratitudt
On behalf of the St. Joeph Society.
* Secretary.
Successiot Sale.
State of Louisiana-Tweety-Second Judicial
District Court-Parib of Ascension.
Succession of Hlnry Ipeb.
BY virtue of and in oltdience to an order
of sale emanatin1 from the above
named Court in the utter of the above
entitled succession, an( to me directed, I 1
will offer for sale at pubic auction, at the
Court-House door of the)arish of Ascension,
in Donaldsonville, on •
Wednesday, the1eth day of
November, 1881,
at 11 o'clock A. M., the.ollowing described
property, to-wit:
One lot of accounts,.'-omissory notes and
jnudgments, of which a escriptive list will
be exhibited by me on ae day of sale, and
may be seen at my eofiii the interval be
fore the sale.
Terms and Conditioq.-CASI.
This is a final sale and the accounts,
notes, judgments, etc.,'.ilU be adjudicated
to highest bidders withbutreserve.
Parish of Ascension, Nov. 5, 1881,
P. A.JONES, Sheriff.
Mattress Manufactory,
To. 124 Rlampart Street-one block below
Poydras Maios, ,
I take pleasure in announcing to my cus
tomers in Donaldsonville and on the coast
that although located in New Orleans, I
will continue to furnish then with mattresses,
lelivered in good order and guaranteed
irst-class in every respect, at the same re
unced prices heretofore eharged, viz:
From $16 to $20 per Mattress,
according to size. Orders transmitted to
the manufactory or left at the store ot E. 1
Eleath, 99 Camp street, New Orleans, will
N faithfully and promptl.y executed.
In sending orders be careful to give cor
ect measurement. This is ascertained
imply by measuring the length and
reath of space inside tihe bedstead across
hoe centre. All necessary allowance for 1
oom occupied by the bed-clothing will be
nsade at the manufactory. The bedstead
hould be empty when measurement is
aken-don't measure across a mattress.
Country customers with whom I am not
equainted should either send tleir orders
brough B. Lemann & Bro. of Donaldson
rile or goods will be shipped C. O. D.
Rec!pectfully, II. C. GRUBE.
Firemen's -Ball
look& Ladder Rall,
11fnrbi igif, 1dobtr 29, '81,
Company, No. 1.
Committe of Arrangements- Whits Ro
sette-Thos. W. Cook. ehairman; A. J. Beth
ancourt, S. N. Melancon.
Invitation Committeeo-Red RoetUe-Thos.
Harp, clnhairman; 8. Tobias, Henry Cook, Jr.
John P. Forcha, Henry Netter, G. LeBlanc,
0. LeBlanc, Jr.
Reception Committee-Blue Bosetae-R.
N. Sims, chairman ; David Israel, C. Mol
lere, Jacob Blum, L. E. Bentley, George
Jacobs, R. H. Dann.
Floor Managers-P. Klopman, chairman;
J. T. Nolan, Jr., H. Cook, Sr., M. Lemann,
C. Kline, Mi. Netter, Henry Hether.
Tickets, - - - - $1.
" Ladies admitted by invitation.
is now in operation, prepared to fill orders
Sawed Lumber,
on short notice and at more advantageous
terms than can be offered elsewhere.
With improved machinery and ample
facilities, this mill will challenge oompeti
tion in quantity, quality and cheapness of its
work. Those who patronize it once will not
fail to recognize the superiority of its ad
vantages. FELIX LEBLANC,
Regular New Orleans and Bayou
Sara Passenger Packet.
Jno. W. Cannon, a
Master. Clerk.
Leaves New Orleans
Every Wednesday and Saturday, at 5 p. m
For Bayou Sara and Coast Landings.
Passes Donaldsonville Mondays and Fri
days, between 3 and 10 o'clock P. M.
Red Hot Bakery and Grocery
Lessard St., bet. Conway and St. Michael,
Best bread supplied to patrons for dinner
every afternoon, hot, fresh and light. Full
stock of groceries, wines, liquors and tobac
co, at lowest prices, always on hand. The t
best five-cent cigar in town. Give me a
G. B. REUSS & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
Consignments of Sugar, Molasses, Rice
and Cotton solicited. Liberal advances
made. Correspondence invited. Address
P. O. Box 1329.
Succession Notice.
State of Louisiana-Parish of Ascension
Twenty-Second Judicial:Pistrict Court.
Succession of Alfred Oanthreaux.
V of the parish of Ascension has filed a
petition in this Hon. Court praying to be
appointed administrator of the Succession
of Alfred Gauthreaux, deceased:
Public notice is hereby given to all whom
it may concern to show cause within ten
days why the prayer of said petitioner
should not be granted.
Clerk's office, parish of Ascension, this
S22nd day of Oct. A. D., 1881.
Clerk of Court.
Succession Notice.
State of Louisiana-Parish of Ascension
Twenty-Second Judicial District Court.
Succession of Jean Donat Monson.
parish of Ascension has filed a peti
tion in this Hon. Court prayving to be ap
pointedl administrator of the Succession of
Jean Donat Monson, deceased:
Public notice is hereby given to all whom
it may concern to show cause witlhin ten
dlays why the pray-er of said petitioner
should not be grantedl.
Clerk's office, parish of Ascension, this
22nd day of Oct. A. T,., 1881.
Clerk of Court.
C. K LIN E,.
PR.OP lT. L'o .,
Dry - Goods, Grocerles,
mamanwsaa onoumar, •
Sour Iraut and Limberger Cheese..
Scotch Ales, Canada Malt Beer and
I Parties desiring topurohase fine Clothing, Boots, Shoes and
Elats will do well by calling axd e.,aminim g .my stock _before purchas
ing elsewhere.
- I " I i i , I + ,, , - ,+.+"/++:
Undertaker's Establishm't
Railroad Avenue, opposite City Hotel,
Cheaper than the Cheap Stable !
and a full assortment of
Of all Sizes, Styles and Prices.
H We have a preparation for preserv
ing bodies an indefinite length of time in
the warmest weather, which will be applied
gratis, and
Hearse-furnished Free-of Charge,
when the'Coffin is purohased at this estab
liebment. .
at reduced rates of hire. Particular atten
tion to boarding horses. A supply of feed,
always on sale at bottom market prices.
A spacious Mule Pen
has been provided in connection with the
stables, affording unequaled facilities to dro
vers and traders for the accommodation of
their stock at bed-rock rates.
TRY US. Satisfaction must and shall be
given to patrons. Respectfully,
Bayou Sara and Baton Rouge Daily U.
8. Mail, Passenger and Texas
Express Steamer
Morning Star.
H. W. Pennywitt, Master.
Leaves Bayou Sara daily, (exoep t Sun
day) at 9 A. M., making olose connection at
West Baton Rouge with the Express Train
on the New Orleans Paciflo Railway, for
New Orleans.
Returning-Leaves Baton Rouge at 1:30
P. M., for Bayou Sara and all mail landings.
C. Through tickets to New Orleans, or
for the round trip, for sale on board.
Mheani' ZhcP1go,
Corner Missippi Street and: Crescent Place,
Good Board and Lodging at lowest prices.
Best wines, liquors, cigars and tobacco at
a certain cure for all dseases
reqaluiring a complete tonic; espe
ullpyIaseio ,Dyspeps.a,Intesr
mnittent Ferers, Want of Appetbt.~
les of Strength, Lsack of Energy,
etc. Eariches tbeblood, strength.
ensa the muscles, and ifius ney
isb to the neres, Acts il, a
charm : the dagesatve rsgsan,
removing all dyspeptic symptoms,
such as tasting the food, Belching,
Heat in the Stomach, Heartbumrn,
etc. The only I[on Preparation
that will not blacken the teeth or
give hbcadache. Sold by all Drug.
gists at $1.00 a bottle.
Baltimrore, ~ld.
see that all Iron , itttea a made by BaaOw C,,mc,
C 5. ad hv,- ,rat.ed rr 4 linea and trle a t ! l T :applr.
Inproved Iroin Wiad
Do not take it for granted your stooklis
always supplied with plenty of fresh. coei
water, but get one of Oroft's Improved iron
Wind Engines and relieve your mind of al.
doubt on this important point, no essential
to the rearing of tine and healthy itock.
For further particulars and prices, apply
G. B. RE USS & CO.,
General Southern 'Agents,
42 Union Street,
Diamond Setters and Jewelers
6. Royal street,
letw. Blenville and Oonti, NEW ORLEANS,
Would offer their Intel
Ilgently selected stock of
Clooks, Watches, Jewel
ry, Diamonds and 8hlrr-
: warestacceptabls pi e
JewehT, Wstehes, Cloelk,
etc., care.ully repaired.
All articles of Jewelry
made to order. I Iamond
o setting a specialty.
N. B.-No roll plate
filled or other such good.
kept in our stock. sds
75 Conti St., New Orleans.
n20-3m Near the Texas Depot
$30 Reward.
S TRAYED or stolen from Donaldsonville,
Sept. 11, 1881, a SMALL BLACK MZABR.
9 years old, and COLT, branded 4 n Ie
fore shoulder. A BLACK MARE ' earM
old, no brands. One BRIGHT BAY COT',
with star in forehead. Thirty dollars ra
ward will be paid for return of the animals
or information leading to tleir recovery at
F. I.i;ROY'S
Union Corner Grocery, corner Claibou*e
and St. Patrick streets, Donaldsonville.
Cathartic Pills
Combine Ithe chahirest etl:,ertle printci es
in mtdicine, in proportions ntcurately adl
justed to secur', act.irvi', cer:ainty, andl
uniformity of e.cTt. "Tieyr aret tlhe result
of years o',f .u.-f;l .:tudt v andcr lrn i i r
periment, and hre the m..,,t cieetenel rent
edy yet dits.overel for dc;::,.ues ca.Inetd ! y
derangement of the tn'ctuml,. live.r and.
Iowels, which require ,rorml-t and ceffe,
-trial treatmrent. Av:.''s Pta..sl are pie,
eially applicable to thin- ctl:v of ditj~ns ,n.
They act directly on the digestive and
assimnilative plrocess(.n, ,ani rstiter reg:t-.
lar healthy action. Their extensive ,u-eo
by physicians in their prau-tI. and lby
all civilized nations, is one of the many
proofs of their valet a-i; a safe, stre.a. and
perfectly reliable purIrgati\e mn:dicine.
eing comltpounded of the ce'nrentrat^4l
virtues of purely vegetatlde subhtant, -,
they are positiv-cly free from calo:mn:l or
any injurious properties, and can ho
adminiritere' to childrcn wi:th perfuctu
sifoty. •
AyEa's PILLS are an effectnal enre for
Copstipatlon or Costlveno.sa, Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite,
-oul Stonatch and Breath, D)izzl
ness, Hieadach, Loas of IMemory,
Numbness. Bilousness, Jlaundlcs,
IRheumatim u, Eruiptions andt- Sikld
Diseases, DI)ropsy, Ttnmora. Worns1
Neuralgia, Colic, Griper., D)!rrha-e n,
Dysentery, Go,ut. I'!esu, Disorders of
tite Liver, and all ohIcr di.c-.v,:u r,,:mlt
ing from a disordered state of thLe diges
tive apparatus.
As a Dinner Pill they have no equal.
While gentle in their ar'tion, these
rILLs are tihe most thorough and ansarh
ing cathartic that can Ihe emnrlovedl, aun
sever give pain unle.ss tile bowoels are in
flamed. and then their inflinence is h.a.
ing. They stimulate the aPpltite am
digestive organs; they opdratAu to purify
and enrich the lIlol; andt impart re
newed health antd vigor to thl n. tle
Practical and Analytical Cl~eniat,
Lowe!l, Ma-s.
8OL.D aY ALL icauiaas. uEuarwa.~ag.

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