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Te Doia dsopville ClCie
Ami~ns Hinmani teieri "
A Wide-Awake Rome Newspalpef
tacblideed eery Bastadaiy M naing at
Donalhdonville, Aipob tion PashL la.,
L. ~ BEN tLt., Editor and Propiletor,
ci eopies, one.year.............. .... 1000
Twelve copies, one year ..................... 18 00
Payable in advance.
r san. 1 mo. 2nos. gmo mos.l1 year
... $ 800 $ $ 850 $11 00 $1500
in .:.: 800 950 1550 2000
inihbu.. 7 11 00 12 50 1900 25 00
qir i icheg... 8 14 00 15 00 23 00 30 00
8... 10 00 18 00 17 00 27 35 00
inches..... 00 1900 80 4000
veninches.. 1 50 0 00 2100 82 44
ghtinches... 15 22 24 6 00 48 0
ecolumn... 20 3o 35 00 45 00 6006
l1column . 30 40 4500 5500 7500
Icolusen.. 400050093500 85861x000
Transient advertisements. $1 per square rast
isseftion; each subsequent insertien, 75 cents
ger square.
r fioial or legal advertisements, $1 per square
inrst insertion; each subseqaent insertion, 50
-cents periSlUare.
Lditorial notices, firt insertion, 15 cents per
line; subsequently, 16 cent. per line.
Cards o sx lines or less in Business Direct
ory, 65 per annum.
Brieficemmunieations upon subjects of public
aiterest asolicited.
No attention paid to anonymous letters.
T- e editor is not responsible for the views of
&ddress: Tan CmnW. Donaldsonville, La.
rwa, te night of
lNov i. ' ascertained that
s acute- diarrhtea,
his iee n living. Mr. andmy,
is running the ermaa store, a d is as
hpotma tr o fr his former resi
ateto the erma sa uildinia
str., tickets will be at Hohe Dona,
abonlle depot of the T. and P. raheilr he ad for
Ihis famity are now living. Mr. Iandman
is runnid trng the Germania storea and is also
potmas fifter oen days frolm date sof purchas, lo
cated in the sante building.
Exoavnsoii Saes.--On and after the 15th
inst., tickets will be on sale at the Donald
sonville depot of the T. and P. railroad for
round trip to New Orleans and return,
good for fifteen days from date of purchase,
.p at $3 25 each. This rate will continue until
the close of the Exposition, and is adopted
'with.a special view to the accommodation
of people desiring to visit that great world's
We opine that the attempt to alarm the
community with the sensational announce
ment that our grocers arm all poisoning us
with adulterated coffee will prove as abor
tive as the effort to forecast our. weather
by the predictions formulated for North
Louisiana." Coffee may be a subtle and
a dangerous beverage, but we wot of sev
eral liquids that are far more likely to uap
set the physical and mental equilibrium.
Get your holiday goods at Mauria's and
you-will not only seeeur the best in the
market but will save tnoney at the same
The Jury Commissioners for this parish
miet at the court-house on the 29th of
November and drew the names of 140 per
senas:*oa:the general- venire, box to be
ouma nul-ofjury service at the February
term oft i striot.Cour. This will give
juriessfr four weeks, fifty of the names
being drawn for service during the first
week and thirty each for the 9the - three.
We shall publish the tist of jurors in our
next issue if we can possibly.onake room
for it
The conspicuous and"%i4ti#e advertise
meat of Dr. F. Gaudin should remind our
readers with aching teeth or no teeth at all
that Donaldsonville has a young and skilL
ful dentist who can relieve their troubles
by puing old snags, filling decayed teeth
or inserting new ones in the best style of
the-dental art. During his comparatively
brief residence here Dr. Gaudin has es
tablished'an enviable professional reputa
tion, and his suceess is the best evidence
of his merit and skill that can be furnished.
His office is on Iberville street, just across
the.ry from that of Dr. McGalliard
Mr. Solomon Barmon was a successful
bidder for the contract for carrying mail
twice a week between the Dutchtown and
St. Amant post-offoies in this parish, a dis
tance of twelve miles. Trips are to be
made op Wednesdays and Saturdays, at
a eompato of $160 per annum. One
of Mr. lsaN~0n's sons is performing the
duties of mail earrier, and the reliability of
the oontraeisaara e that the labor
will be faithfully and efficiently performed.
It is anticipated that. the establishment of
this new route will greatly facilitate and
improve the transmission of mail matter
to and from lower New River.
SIBSAL & CO., dealers in Dry Goods,
. Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Saddlery, Bug
5iee;etc;,eorneus Mississippisnd Lessardetreets.
Ecorner Cr t Place'end Hon
* "msster deatlr s Goods, Notions,
Boots and 8hos, Groceries, Provisions, Corn,
Oats and Bran.
A D. VEGA, dealer in Dry Goods, Notions,
A Clothing Boots and Shoes, Hats, Grocer
ies i.nors, Hardware, Tobacco, Oils and
ulas, ent for the Domestic Sewing Machine.
Co-ner Railroad Avenue and Mississippi street.
A.n Western Produce, fany and staple Gro
ceres, lsqunors, Hardware, Iron, Paints, Oils
Carts. P 80. Saddlery, toves and Tinware.
Farniture, rokery, Wsl Paper and House
u>~ . an ¶5g .ogds- Mississippi street, corner
JOS. GONDRAN & SONS, dealers in Dry
Sadsa, Clothing, Notions, Hats, Groceries,
Wine. L'iors. Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Paints
f• -a S lery Crockery, Furniture and all
kinds of House unishing Goods. Blue Store,
Mississippi street.
W D. PARK, dealer in Staple and Fancy
* Groceries, Provisions, Plantation and
Steamboat Supplies, Canned Goods, Wines,
Liquors, Bottled Beer, Ale, etc., Dry Goods
and Notions, corner of Mississippi and Cheti
maches streets, opposite River Perry.
Mississippi street. First-rate accommo
dation and reasonable prices. Western Union
telegraph office in the hotel.
CITY HOTEL, P. Lefevre, Proprietor, Rail
road Avenhe. corner Iberville street. Bar
supplied with best Liquors.
TH.H PLACE. Gus. Israel, manager. Corner
SLessard and Mississippi streets. Billiards,
Lager Beer, Best Wines and Liquors. Fine
Cigars, etc.
DAUL WUTKE, Tinsmith, Port Barrow, La.
,Roofing, guttering, stovepiping, repairing
and all work pertaing to the tinner's trade.
Address P. O. Box 14, Donaldsonville, Ln.
LOUIS J. BACKE, Tinsmith, Mississippi
street, at Lemann's old stand. -Orders at
tended to with dispatch and satisfaction in
ROGGE & LANGBECKER, City Barber Shop,
Mississippi street, adjoining Peep-o'-Day
Hotel. Shaving, Shampooning, Hair-cutting,
Dyeing of Hair or Whiskers, etc., in the best
style, at popular prices. Respectfully solicit
the patronage of the public.
L L. FERNANDEZ, Barber Shop, Mississippi
* street, near corner Lessard. Shaving. hair
cutting, shampooing, etc., in most artistic style.
-IREDERICK DUFFEL, Attorney at law and
I Notary Public, office on Chetimaches street
opposite the Court-House.
IDWARD N. PUGH, Attorney at Law, Atta
J kapas street, opposite Louisiana Square.
Visits Napoleonville on Mondayse
PAUL LECHE, Attorney at Law and Notary
Public, Donaldsonville. Office: on block
below the Court-House, on Attakapas street.
INi "Y T ,han ax Cheap
possesses all the capabilities and qualities a'
calculated to win favor and success in such w
a field of labor.
BAsE BanL.--The Flash, Preston & Co.
teag, strengthened by Messrs. Graves, J
Smith and Behan of the noted Bachs, came
Up fromi the city last Saturday night, under
the leadership of Mr. Joe Mather, Jr., and
on the ensuing day played a friendly game "
with the Nolans. The match was the best t
ever had in this parish, as the following J
pretty score will indicate:
Flash, Preston & Co's,.1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 x-3 a
Nolans, ........... 10 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 d
Umpire, T. W. Cook; scorer, F. P. Schuler.
We have no space for commenting upon
the game in detail or referring to the visit
of the city club as we should like to. They
are a genial and gentlemanly set of young 1
men, and we are gratified to say that they ri
seemqd pleased with their reception and
treatment by the Donaldsonville boys. The
visitors returned home on the Keokuk Sun
day evening, getting off before dark. T
The programme of the entertainment at n
Mrs. Terrio's school-house, Smoke Bend, tr
-Wednesday evening of last week, was sub- w
stantially as follows: Opening addresses by tl
Misses Octavie Terrio and - Coquille, re- a;
sponded to by Father Ceuppens; song, $
"Credo," by Miss Mary Gaudet, repeated ai
by request; song, "Nobody's Child," Miss sl
0, Terrio; song, "Peter Simple," Miss Ka- o:
tie Comstock; English play, "Putting on ft
Airs," by the boys of the Academy; French t<
play. "La Tant Inconnue," by the girl pu- tc
pils; song, " The Comet," Miss Mary Ganu- B
det; presentation of gifts to Father Ceup- a
pens-a watch from Mr. John F; Park and g
family, a vestment from Sister C!othilda of p;
St. Vincent's, a pair of slippers from Mrs. p
O. Terrio, a cassock purchased by subscrip- a
tion, several minor articles and a collection N
of money. As we have before stated, the g
entertainment was given in honor of the b
f4te day of the pastor of the local church,
Rev. F. X. Ceuppens-the feast of St. Fran
cis of Assium-and it was an affair prolific
of much pleasure to all concerned.
-The proposition for the removal of the y,
Episcopal Church to some other locality in at
order that the lot upon which it stands tl
might be donated to the parish School it
Board as a site for a new Seminary of v
Learning, has been considered by the vestry it
of the church and disapproved. It will be 01
necessary, therefore, to cast about for
another site, Mr. Bernard Lpmann, we
understand, has offered to exchange his lot is
at the corner of Chetimaches and Attaka- di
pas streets for the batture opposite the si
Lemann store, but while the lottendered in di
exchange would undoubtedly constitute an I
eligible location for the new educational I
institution we are incliied to disapprove the p
relinquishment by the town oithe com- i
paratively limited amount of batture of
which it still retains control and owner
ship. We have no doubt, however, thatour
municipal ofcials will give the subject the
eareiconsideration it deserves and that a
their ultimate action will be of such a 1
character as to subserve the general a'
interest. The vacant lots on Chetimaches, a
between Iberville and Attakapas streets,
opposite the Claverie risidences, would i
Afford an eligible location for the Semi- b
nary, and one or more of these might be t
purchase4 or exchanged on advantageous
.terms. -b
Maud Parvenue one summer day
Went to the stable bright and gay.
While standing by th9 open door
The rich man passed in coach and four,
ite glanced at Mand with loving air
Her father was a millionaire-
And Mand she gently moved her head,
And to herself these few words said :
S "I'll not be by a rich man won;
My pa can cover him ten to one,".
s, Into the stable then walked she
. To hear sweet words from the coachee.
The coachman did not have much cash,
But oh he"was a lovely mash.
Down they sat on a bale of hay,
r And this is what Maud heard him say :
B "Will- you fly with me, my pretty miss,
3. To a land that's far remote from this ?
r "You know that time and time again,
I've toldmyiove in the shady lane.
"When driving, darling by your side
1 I've often asked : 'Will you be my bride?"'
Then Maud made up her mind to slope
And said to the coachee, "We'll elope."
One moonlight night they skipped away ;
MMand'e atheraged and ragel, they say.
But Maud was happy with her coachee,
As happy, as happy as girl could be.
Time passed on and the rich man wed
A vixen with a carmine head,
And often he has groaned and sighed,
Because Mand would not be his bride.
Miaud's father drove her from his door,
And by and by grow very poor.
The rich man's wealth soon went complete.
For they played him well in wild Wall street.
The coachman bought him horseajnd hacks,
And for Niagara Falls made tracls;
And in a year or a little more
tie counted his millions by the score.
And when Maud's fatherheard tho news
He had an awful it of blues.
Then he tried to make the matter straight,
,Bit got kicked over the coachee's gate.
Of all sad words from tongne of flesh,
The saddest are these: I've been too fresh,
-Cleveland Leader.
Though from the boughs to which they've long
been clinging,
The autumn leaves are dropping one by one,
Yet from their dust, new forms of beauty,
Shall smile again in summer's gentle sun.
Though one by one the pearly drops of morn
From drooping flowers, on viewless pinions
We'll see them yet the gorgeous clouds adorn
With glowing arches of celestial dyes.
Though one by one the stars are fading slowly
That all night )eng kept vigil in the sky,
The distant mountain peaks, like prophets
Proclaim that morning's light and song are
Though with slow step goes forth the sower
And on earth's lap his precious treasure
Yet comes the harvest, with its joyous reaping.
When shall be gathered home the ripened
Though one by one the friends we fondly
Withdraw from ours the cold and trembling
And leave us sorrowful, they do not perish
They yet shall greet us in a fairer land.
Yes; from all climes, where'er the faithful
'W.hi .orching sun, or arctic snow and
>out 1,2900,000 pound, .,cr,. ,..,'F
hich was the product of cane purchased
om neighboring planters.
Grinding is over at the Lapice, Preaux,
everges and Mire places in upper St.
Lmes, We hear that Mr. Deverges made
0 hogsheads and Mr. Mire CO. I
any of our local readers will be pleased
learn that Messrs. S. B. Burbank and A.
Trond have leased Phcenix Hall for the
rm of one month from next Thursday,
id will conduct a roller-skating rink there
ring that period. The weather is now E
ol enough to make this heathful and tl
easant exercise thoroughly enjoyable, and
use who participated in the amusement
ith such zest last spring will find it doub
agreeable at this season of the year. The
ak will be opened next Thursday even
g with a grand skating main, closing
ith a hop, and the occasion promises to
one of much brilliance and enjoyment.
he price of admission will be 25 cents;
;e of skates, 25 cents, without privilege of
ansfer. After the opening night the prices
ill be as follows: Weekly tickets for gen
amen, including admission to afternoon
id evening assemblies and use of skates,
l 50; weekly tickets for ladies, including
[mission to' all assemblies' and use of
:ates, $1; single admissions, 15 cents; use
skate:, 25 cents. Mooning assemblies.
r ladies exclusively, will be held from 10
12 o'clock; afternoon assemblies from 2
4; evening assemblies from 7 to 10. Mr.
arbank is known to many of our readers
the courteous and much esteemed young
mntleman who was for some months em
oyed as a salesman in the hardware de
irtment of Israel & Co.'s establishment,
id his partner is a son of Mr. T'ron6 of
apoleonville, a skillful skater and a young
ntleman with whose appearance we have
ten very favorably impressed.
Nxw Rivnt, Ascension parish. Dec. 10, '84.
Old Father Time with silent tread biought
vely Spring whose presence fraught as in
ars gone by with fragrant flowers, laughing u
ushine, mingled between showers; 'tis ever it
us, time rolls on and glittering summer with a
Strain followed Spring speedily, and Autumn
inds swept the " yellow and sere leaf " season
to bleak, dreary Winter, casting along some
ents in one's life that are clouded by sadness
cause the shadow of parting is thrown over]
em. I stand in the gloom of that shadow is
mw, with the "sweet old word good-bye' d
embling on my lips, bidding farewell to my
ar pupils, their parents and friends in Ascen
3n parish. With a grateful sense of their cor- o
al appreciation and of their many kindnesses
thank them for the pleasant hours for which
have been indebted to them in the year flown
ist, That in their paths of life they may meet i
om others the same courteous and generous
,mideration they have extended to me, is the
martfelt wish of REGINA. t
)nur government can no longer be said to be n
lepperiment. One hundred years of sac- t
asful existense have established it as a per
anent institution. The magnificent conduct
t he people during the late election proves
seirpatriotism. and the wisdom of our Con
ituton. Our immense commercial interests
sofurnish convincing proof. We know of
i better illustration of the success attending
3norable and able business methods than the
rm of D, B. Ferry & Co., Detroit. Mich., the i
ading seedsmen of the counry. From stnall
egiunings, thirty years ago, they have built up
ir mammoth business by strict adherence to
seir initial principle of furnishing only the
srtseeds obtainable. hey offerto send their i
sluable " Annual" free to all who expect to
-y seeds or bulbs,
congratulation and declared the Exposition
Master Lindsay Burke, thelittle son of
Major Burke, wau the Presidewts assist
ant in lending to thi giant whee1s the im-i
petus that was ineeded to setthem moving
on the ceaseless r6nnd whichls to i ontinue
for the ensuing half yearsachieving from
day to day wonders that are to compel the
admiration of alithe world.
The welcoming addresses of Mayor Guil
lotte and -Gov. McEnery followed, and then
the vast throng wandered out about the
grounds to see what had been done. - The
workman's hammer and saw are still busy
and will be for perhaps a fortnight to come,
but it is an unobservant eye which fails to
find in the exhibits already in place suffi
cient fund for many a long day's sight see
In the main building a large proportion
of the exhibits are already complete and
not a few of them are veritable marvels of
In the Government building much, delay
has been occasioned by the failure of some
of the State exhibits to arrive. -
The Southern States, and notably Ala
bama, Louisiana and` Mississippi, have
made provisiods of the most elaborate sort,
and will be nobly put before the world's
gaze. The rich treasures of their mines
and forests, the lavish products of their fer
tile fields, the cunning of their artisans and
inventors-all of these things will find ex
pression here, and point with unerring cer
tainly to the noble future-the new future
that is opening before the grand Gulf
In the Government building, also, the
various departments at Washington have
massed the most complete and interesting
exhibit that ever emanated from that
source. The naval exhibit will be of special
interest to many, not only for its display oft
the implements of warfare employed upon
the high seas-though that in itself compels
inspection-but f4. the numerous articles
whose historical associations have made
them known to all the world. Thus, the
whale boats of the Thetis and the Bear, the
vessels of the ill-starred Greely expedition,
are shown, together with a complete assort
ment of garments worn in the frozen
North, harpoons, sledges and all the mi
chinery of North pole foolhardiness.
From the Patent Office come models of B
every conceivable nature; from the Smith
sonian Institute a collection designed, for h
the special delectation of the naturalist,
and from everywhere-for it would ma.i- e
festly be impossible to go farther into de- U
tails in the limits of a single letter-from
everywhere, I say, the creme de la crame-of a
the beautiful and curious.
New Orleans is being rapidly filled up g
with xposition visitors and is on the alert s
to provide food and shelter for her guests. '
It now seems certain, however, that, with [
the experience of tl past few weeks freshly
in her mind, the Crescent City will be able i
w i,+i -; +n 1- -nnfn inn no a nntrA
IILU NHUNHl ford',.
pDINNER will be
served at the low
A price of U t/W
Attached but separate from the Ree
taurant. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars at Popular Prices.
Mr. and Mrs. Vom Hofe cordially solicit a call
from their country friends when visiting the
Exposition. and will spare no. lains to please
Carriage and Wagon
Railroad Avenue, between Mississippi and
Iberville Streets.
Horse Shoeing,
Will go into the country to shoe horses or
mules, repair vehicles, etc., when jobs are large I
enough to warrant the trip. Planters will find
it to their interest to give me a trial before i
sending work elsewhere.
Sale of Market Lease.
Donaldsonville, La., Dec. 1 1884.
IN obedience to the ordinances of the town of
Donaldsonville, I will offer for sale to the
last and highest bidder, at the _Court-house
door in the town of Donaldsonville, on
Saturday, the 3rd day of January, 1885,
the lease of the Market-house for the term of,
one year from the 10th day of January, 1885, to
9th day of January, 1886, both inclusive.
Terms and Conditions:
1. The purchaser. to furnish twelve equal
promissory notes with good and solvent securi
ty to the Mayor and Common Council, payable
in U. S. currency monthly.
2. The purchaser to deposit $25 cash with the
Treasurer upon adjudication of the lease, to
secure the faithful performance of the condi
tions of sale.
3. The purchaser to comply with all ordi
nances of the town already existing in reation
to the lease and regulations of said Market
house, and subject to revision and amendment
of same by Common Council during term of
Town Treasurer.
For Rent or Sale.
1ýýY RESIDENCE quarter mile from Napo
Sllleonvifle on Attakapas Canal, also
in town of Napoleonville, on Front street,
next to D. Levy.
The " Mutual Friend "of Henry Ward
Beecher and Theo. Tilton.
Francis D. Moulton, one of the ablest
witnesses who ever excercised the ingenuity
of a crbss-examining lawyer, died at his
residence in New York city, December 3,
1884. Outside of his connection with the
Beecher scandal he was a man to be re
membered, being an influential argricul
turist and an earnest friend of rural inter- 1
ests. Some who read these entences have
met Mr. Moulton at fass and similar
gatherings of country people. He is a
good public speaker, and a genial man
whom it was always a pleasure to sees
whether in private life or in a meeting
convened for business. His death in the
prime of his years and usefulness is much
to be regretted.
He was born in, New York city, in the
year 1824. His father was a merchant and
his mother a woman of refinyment and
culture, who gave him his preparatory
education. In 1849 he became a student
in what is known now as the College of the
City of New York. He graduated in 1854.
Oep of his most intimate college friends
was-Theodore Tilton.
His health "being bad Mr. Moulton re- 0
'luctantly gave up the idea of either reading
for admission to the bar, or entering the r
Military Academy at West Poizit, and took 0
a business position. By 1801 he had risen
to be a partner in the firm which first en
gaged his services, and cootinued to denote '
his superior energy and sagacity to the
enlargement of the business of the house,
until the great scandal interrupted his con
nection with it and finally severed a long
and profitable partnership.
His intimacy` with Tilton led to that
gentleman's acquainting him with the
story of the alleged great wrong hehad re
ceived from Beecher. The communication
was made on December 30, 1870. Mr.
Moulton acted upon it promptly, and ar-0
ranged a meeting betweeni'BSeher and
Tilton, at which both agreed to constitute h
him heir f and to intrust to his care
Johnl McPeet & Son,
D-----., -
Mississippi Street, two doors above Mr. Leche's Drug Store.
Doa1.ldclSonz vl1, te "
Repairing of boilers and all kinds of job work in our line 1done
promptly and satisfactorily.
Watch Makers
Removed to Railroad Avenue, half a block
from Mississippi Street,
Donaldsonville, La.
Old gold and silver bought. Clocks, watches
and jewelry sold and repaired.
BQilermakers Enginee s,
-ETTING OF BOILERS and all kinds of re
pairs done with dispatch in best style and
at low prices. All orders left at the Mechan
ice' Exchange will meet with prompt attention.
Will you try your Luck?
The best place to make the venture is at
Crescent Place, near Market-House.
Donaldsoitville, La.
My games of chance have never been char
tered by the Legislature or approved by a vote
of the people, nor are the superinten
dod by distinguished citizens, but I give all my
customers a fair deal and spend my earnings at
home. If you like a square game, come to
For Sale.
Desirable Besiienoe in Donaldsonville..
desirable property-I ely occpied l
cornerlberraile and St. Vincent tatretes,. ppo
site St.Vinseent Ins titti- .of the most
pieasanti portions of thestown f tir. -re~id -
will be sold on vey faiable teui. The
houise lin excellent repair. eatainas aix room.
and' lns- a- double-kitchen attaohed, als º a
es aionsard. -
v .nF~rihei informatigona pply o o ades.
Do.. .ds. video, I,
Strong hOppo ni.t t $ SpatuIs r.hty-.
No Tar oiffeRU It1isaon.-r anda-L
going aSout ah- dnpntdtatae -Inger
sol's Pee in the Stairioutae dse.
FWai5immTosin, D. C., December 15.1881,4.
EDrToR GXiar:
The question of interest in Washington
now is the Spanish treaty s submitted by
Minister Fostter. As has already been gen
erally published, the terms of this treaty
are sueh that its coinatiiaon would reduce
the tariff on tobaoQ oiftyper cent.. and 'on
sugar in a similarly radical manner. While
the Senate has not yet reached a discusesion
of the treaty, its merits have been pretty
thoroughly debated by the Senators and
members individually and it is evident the
measure will encounter very strong oppo
sition. The Prsidents the Secretary of
State and Minister Footer -have presented
their arguments in its favor, but the busi
ness interests involve4 nave replied with
vigor. The House also is inclined to treat
the matter coldly. The Democrats, as a
party, are not disposed to let a Republican
administration deal thus peremptorily with
tariff revision,r and a very strong element
of the Republicans.object very decidedly to
any such reciprocity. These are all strong
protectionists, and it is generally under
stood that Mr. Blaine is inspiring the op
position on that score. Besides all. this,
there is a spirit of angry resentment on the
part of many members of the House of
Representatives at what they term an in
fringement of their prerogatives, claiming
that the Executive is practically usurping
the functions of the legislative power. So,
altogether, according to present indications
the prospects of the treaty-or for that
matter of any of the treaties-are not par
ticularly bright.
I understande that Messrs. Morrison,
Mills, Blount and the Spdaker have decided
that there shall be no tariff bill reported
from the Ways and Means Committee this
session. Mr. Morrison -wants to test the
sentiments of, the new iembers elected to
the next House before .rging the. question
again. He hopes thien toass a bill of his i
own creation instead of poessing Mr. Hew
itt's measure. It is said, that the revenue
reformers will have unq estionable control
of the new House, andit isasserted by M. j
Morrison's friends thatthe Republicans ofd
Missouri and other:States where the anti
protection sentiment isetrong have pledged
themselves to support a bill to reduce du
The announcement is inade that Mr.
Randall wrill soon start don a trip to the
West and South. He wil o as far south I
as Birmingham, Ala., and mill visit Atlan- I
ta, Nashville, Louisvid other cities. I
His wife will accompan him, and be is
booked for a nutmber ecoeshe. There i
is no special occasion or'- ataiag4the I
citiesto call Mr. ndil . Itis giy a
recess to meet his Southern friends who 4
have repeatedly invited him to do so, but it
m ~that the astuate Samuel is laying his
Sb1tions in the
New N J.3 BOAT,
". ...,. '° :yo ,
He undersigned beg leave to announce that
.TEA; JOB BOAT which will ther
and . ta our ine in this section. anur
regular in the latter stream during the low
waterseason and carrying fraoht ineatelion
with river etemers . Om EO.
Corner Mississippi Street and Creecent Place,
G! OOD Board and Lodging at lowest prices.
:_ . wines, liquors, cgsa and tobacco at
the bar. P. .-EDDINItON,
Mississippi Street on the river aids, b6tween
Railroad Avenue andlieeerud Sftreve
IT is with great plesea that Iannounce to
rc this eatihmet I have bee most
;iberally potrbonizdby the general public, a-nd
in consequence have bpeen enabled to make
stoe wctiveth teinetoeit. The bar is now
A PIGEON-HOLE TABLE l ebeen plaeedin
the saloon, on which games may be played fur
drinks or cigars. Both Hotel and Lon ill e
Board and lodging at low prices, neat roomi
and an elegant table.
U. A. PRUDHOMME. Manager.
City Hotel,
Corner BRaileoad Avenue and Ibem le itreet
Donals onvIie, Ls.
P. LWraeVIaCi, . r s
t Wmeepa lI;ýquaw;
.--; .-··'it ~ 5.
ALo or Pre denf ae ts
holiday ;eticiw,
Neadae sends exhibits to New Orlanas t(
the value of $80,000.
The Bostoni ans cameds e . sela
of beans on Thwakeg iv -
The dollar subseriptionfor th Bart, :
statue pedestal is discontinued.
[tis expected: tnhat 10,000:peopjs all
visitlWashington dearingin"augur t _."
The furgnishig and deeorating of "degSn ~
Edong Liw's. new Chi nese restauat I_:;
San Francisco cost an..o00.: "'
-Mr. Pierre Ohoutean of8 t. Louisw
build the Grand OperiE n d re d.uil .
stroyed by fire in tha
Mr. William H. Vanderbilt hasis n ut' -
over $10,000 relieving old States Island
friends during the last year. . -
With the exception ofa en Harrison,;
who was in office only a month, all our
Presidents have had blueeyes.
All the towns and cities of Massaehusstt#
are obliged to give shool books and alt
other supplies to thepupisifies.
The Christmas id~a n of the' Cnin ai -
Graphice, it is said, 1hlfbe one of th ines
illusetated papers ever iasueein th. coun
President Arthur extendstheholpia tes
of the White House to Presiden
Cleveland while preparing for inaugar
The Georgia House of Repress e
adopted a resolution instructi
of that body to employ of
men to do the clerical wo i de
The Lincoln monument, at 8pringfield ,
Ill., has been rebuilt at a cosj of $E),OO0
The remains of Mr. Lint tobe
moved five times while .tl were
going on. -
A Frenchmai who recently diedd
in hisawill that the sum of
given-tothe" woun the'
um is muggle tiore
the bay at Ban Frac soif , by
oats made of bladdea bl are
overboard at night. :
The spade that was ets
sod in the cotrtion_
oifc Railwayr wllB the
World's Exposition.
Frank Henry, who saved
sons from -droiag, nd
tkeeer 6t thaeweq mIslete
teen yeta , has resigned.
TwO menl g ro on
the Susq a river, oner
struic a box eal
Van Buren resigned to enter Jae
Oabinet, over half a centuryl ago.
The timbers of a bridge over Potorlintt
reek, in Newton county, Miss., over Wich
ksn marchied his troops oni ais
s, are to be brought' to
letween St. Patrick ant
Board by the Day, Wa c Montk \
Meals at 1ti `: Ho]urw..
e: looms n~ajth·; a
Wint Board.
P! `T S. " ;..2_:
E. 3I~rr L.3L&2 0,~;~iJ"- It
W. L. Cautinuua I LsBi. 8I. Sek, Jbs & }:
vilt aIMht ;. a
O'clock Y~."7
L1aapa,-I Uv
deter Nw dea
. Onion eta.ct....N O *A ý
Ceaislat gi d h
. _ _ n sOrlut
frsihut ~r
tungu -pr~DIS ·k.
BODLl flflR
.d.giii or--·
s.20. an 4Ut -sh~4

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