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The Donaldsonville Chief
Official Journal of Ascension Parish,
Town of Donaldsonville and
Parish School Board.
L. E. BENTLEY, Editor and Proprietor
G. D. BENTLEY, Managing Editor
¢: The Chief is entered at the Donaldson
rille, La., postoffice for transmission through
the mails at second-class rates, and is repeived
by subscribers POSTAGE FREE.
$W-All kinds of JoB PRINTING executed at
The Chief office prompt! cheaply and in the
best style. Telephone No. 84.
SATURDAY. DEC. 29, 1906
Happy New Year!
That the new year about to be
ushered in will prove one of happiness
and prosperity and be productive of
an abundance of the best things of
life, is the wish which The Chief
heartily extends to all its readers.
May those who have encountered mis
fortunes and tribulations in 1906 find
them amply compensated for by the
favor- and blessings of 1907, and
those who have been joyful and pros
perous i. the year that has passed be
still more so in the one to come.
iLoyaline Pills save doctors' bills.
Why don't you advertise? It pays.
Don't forget to write it 1907 after
next Monday.
Begin the rew year right by sub
scribing for The Chief.
Sort o' lonesome this week without
a railroad accident in Ascension.
To our brethren of the press we ex
tend best wishes for a bright and pros
perous new year.
Let one of your resolutions for the
new year be to the affect that you will
call on or write to The Chief and set
tle up that long over-due subscription
The total registration of voters in
the city of New Orleans at the date of
the recent election was 23,574 whites
and 254 negroes, yet there may still be
some people who will shudder and lay
awake nights in the next campaign for
fear of negro domination.
By my scientific method I accurately
measure the errors of refraction. My
system is not an experiment. My
knowledge of the eye and of rays of
light enable me to determine precisely
the kind of glasses you should wear.
Don't take chances. Come and see
me. FRED. LINDE, Donaldsonville.
Judge Harney F. Brunot defeated
Judge T. A. Moore by a large major
ity in tne Democratic primary held in
East Raton Rouge parish Dec. 4 to
nominate a successor to District Judge
Geo. K. Favrot, resigned. Judge
Brunot has held the office-before, hav
ing been defeated for re-election by
Judge Favrot in 1904. The special
election to fill the vacant judgeship is
to be held Jan. 5, and Judge Brunot
will have no opposition.
A well-known young member of the
New Orleans bar recently wrote to The
Chief's managing editor in this com
mendable strain: "The receipt of a
sample copy of your paper serves to
remind me of its excellence and my de
sire to become a subscriber, and there
fore I beg to enclose $2 for one year's
subscription." It is scarcely necessary
to remark that we commend this dis
criminating attorney's iudgment and
regard his example worthy of general
Senator Bailey of Texas is quoted
as opposing the proposition to in
crease the salaries of members of con
gress from $5000 to $7500 a year. That's
selfish of Bailey. He should remember
that very few of his colleagues enjoy
his advantages for making rolls of
easy money out of the trusts he is
supposed to be fighting, and that those
who depend upon their salaries for
support have a tussle keeping up with
ordinary living expenses at the capi
tal. If they had all feathered their
nests as Bailey has done they wouldn't
need any salary raise.
Louisiana tax collectors are usually
vigilant in ferreting out chances to in
crease the emoluments of their offices,
and one of the fraternity in New Or
leans displayed even more than usual
enterprise in this direction by taking
a rule on a railway company to show
cause why it should not be prohibited
from doing business in this state with
out a license. Fortunately for the
railroads, however, Judge King de
cided that there is no law justifying
such a demand, and that the provision
>f the revenue act referring to busi
ness and occupations not specifically
enumerated therein does not apply to
Secretary Strauss, the new head of
the department of commerce and la
bor, has signalized his induction into
office by rendering a decision that will
have an important bearing on the
question of attracting desirable for
eign immigration to the southern
states. Mr. Strauss holds that it is
not a violation of the alien contract
labor law for a state, aided by indi
vidual citizens and organized bodies,
to pay the passagemoney of immigrants
as an inducement to bring them into
the state, provided they are unincum
bered as to choice of employment and
are at liberty to accept or reject what
ever may be offered them.
The esteemed Monroe News said on
December 19: "President Roosevelt
should have had his special message
on the Panama Canal illustrated to
have made it as effective as Poultney
Bigelow's criticisms of the work and
conditions on the big ditch, to which
it was plainly an answer." Remark
able how great minas will flow in the
same channel. The president did have
his special message illustrated with
numerous photographs taken along
the line of the canal, and both his
statements and pictures verify the
accounts given of Canal Zone condi
tions by the special correspondent of
The Chief, Joseph M. Tighe, who
clearly exposed and refuted the mis
conceptions and misrepresentations
with which Mr. Bigelow's magazine
articles on Panaman affairs abounded.
For Over Sixty Years
Ma5. WIwsLow's SooTHING Sixor has been
remey o diarhcsa. It will relieve the poor
Boothiag 8prnp."and take ano oth~es klad.
A Creditable Achievement.
So seldom are works of public im
provement, involving the expendi
ture of considerable sums of money
derived from taxation of the people,
completed "within the appropriation,"
and so general is the rule in such
cases for deficits to be met either by in
creased taxation or drafts upon funds
intended for other purposes, that ex
ceptions to this rule are worthy of
special note and praise.
Donaldsonville has supplied such an
exception, as indicated by the report
submitted to the town council on the
19th instant by Mayor Charles M aurin
relative to the extension and improve
ment of the municipal waterworks and
electric light system, as follows:
It affords me great pleasure to report that
the special bond fund of $3L000 voted by our
good people for the improvedsnt of the water
works and electric light systems has been
more than sufficient to complete this gigantic
undertaking. By your wise selection of a
good and competent engineer and by your
careful manner of awarding the contracts, we
can boast of having one of the best systems of
waterworks in the state of Louisiana. In ad
dition, we have remodelled the electric light
and waterworks plant so as to conform to the
insurance regulations. and have renovated the
entire electric light system by replacing the old
wires with new and larger ones, erecting new
poles and installing arc lamps in our two
principal business streets. We have also ex
tended the water and light systems to Churlh
ville and Nolanville, The following compiled
report will show how the funds have been dis
tributed. The itemized accounts are on file in
my office for your inspection.
The statement of disbursements filed
by the mayor as a part of his report
shows that the total expenditure for
account of the waterworks and lighting
improvements was $30,959.60, including
$970 for 1000 feet of new fire hose added
to the equipment of the several organ
izations forming the town's volunteer
fire department, thus leaving an unex
pended balance of $41.40 to the credit
of the $31,000 appropriation.
This isn't a big balance, of course,
but the wonder is that there should be
any. According to general custom
and precedent there should have been
instead a deficit of no mean propor
tions for the council to wrestle with
and the property holders to pay. The
violation of this custom and precedent
constitutes a creditable achievement
on the part of our municipal authori
ties which the people of Donaldson
ville will not be slow to recognize and
appreciate. And it should be added,
by the way, that a great share of re
sponsibility for the admirable manner
in which the enterprise under discus
sion has been handled rests upon the
shoulders of Mayor Maurin himself.
He was unstinting and untiring in the
time and attention given to supervi
sion of the details of the important
work that has been brought to such a
successful conclusion, and while the
aldermen and consulting engineer rich
ly merit all the praise expressed and
implied in the report quoted above,
they will join The Chief in the declar
ation that none of them is entitled to
greater credit in this connection than
is the town's efficient and public-spir
ited mayor.
Patrick's Death Sentence Commuted.
Gov. Higgins of New York has com
muted to life imprisonment the sentence
of death passed upon Albert T. Pat
rick, the lawyer convicted of abetting
the murder by poison of Wm. March
Rice, an aged New York millionaire.
The crime was committed on Septem
ber 23, 1900, by Charles F. Jones,
Mr. Rice's valet, who turned state's
evidence to save himself and swore
that he had administered the poison at
the instigation of Patrick. The latter
was convicted March 27, 1902, and
sentenced to death, and since that time
he has appealed to every court to
which his case could be carried, but
always in vain. The conviction was
finally affirmed by the court of appeals
by a vote of four to three, and it was
largely upon the dissenting opinions
of the minority of this tribunal that
Gov. Higgins based his action in
commuting the death sentence. The
prisoner, who has in great measure
conducted his own case, expresses
dissatisfaction with the commutation
and declares that he will continue the
fight for freedom and vindication by
applying to the United States court
for a writ of habeas corpus directed
against the warden of Sing Sing
Bailey in a Bad Box.
Senator Bailey of Texas seems to
be in a bad box by reason of his con
nection as attorney with the Waters
Pierce Oil Company, which is regarded
as one of the tentacles of the Standard
Oil octopus. After making a strenuous
denial of the charge that he had re
ceived money from the Waters-Pierce
concern, he has been confronted by
published vouchers and letters show
ing that he wrote to vMr. Pierce for
money and received it. His defense is
that he simply borrowed from the oil
magnate and returned the loans, but
the explanation is considered so un
satisfactory that many Texas news
papers and people who have hereto
fore favored the senator have now
turned against him and are openly
opposing his return to the senate. It
is to be regretted, irrespective of all
political or partisan considerations,
that a man of Senator Bailey's brilli
ant attainments should have become
involved in an entanglement that must
inevitably hurt his prestige . and cir
cumscribe his influence in the national
senate, even if it does not actually
prevent his re-election.
A Quiet and Beautiful Christmas.
The celebration of Christmas in
Donaldsonville and vicinity passed
off quietly and pleasantly, and was
not marred by any serious accident,
affray or other untoward incident.
In point of weather, no prettier day
could have been desired. The tem
perature was delightfully cool, the
skies were blue and smiling, and the
spirit of the people seemed in har
mony with the peaceful and lovely
conditions of nature. There was a
marked absence of the boisterousness,
noise and unseemly dissipation that
sometimes mar the observance of the
great holiday. Altogether it was a
beautiful and enjoyable Christmas.
The Nicholas Ho-el is headquarters
for imported whiskies, brandies, wines
and liquors. Prices right.
Crop Notes from Ascehsion and
Other Parishes.
The following interesting crop notes
are quoted from this week's Ascension
letter to the Louisiana Planter:
"The grinding season of 1906 In
Ascension has been as a tale that is
told since the wheels of Belle Helene
factory ceased to revolve on the 13th
instant, and the tale is one that our
planters will never find much pleasure
in recalling, for it pertains to a short
crop and a poor market, and offers
few gratifying features to be remem
bered. The redeeming element of the
disappointing campaign was the good
weather that prevailed from opening
to close, thus sparing our cane raisers
and sugar manufacturers the addi
tional burden of an expensive har
vesting of their deficient crops. No
body has lost heart, though, and with
characteristic courage and optimism
the sugar people are looking forward
hopefully to a big output and a good
market in the coming year.
"The Godchaux Company's big Elm
Hall factory in Assumption parish
finished grinding on the 22nd instant,
having handled 65,000 tons of cane
and turned out about 8,500,000 pounds
of sugar. Elm Hall has two mills,
both supplied with crushers, and the
work moved along smoothly through
out the season. A normal crop would
have given the factory 110,000 tons of
cane, and it is expected that at least
that quantity will be ground next
"The Godchaux Company's other
factories-R erve in St. John and
Raceland i: Lafourche-are still peg
ging away, and will probably be going
until the advent of the new year.
"Chas. S. Mathews' Georgia factory
in Lafourche parish finished grinding
about 47,500 tons of cane on the 24th
instant, just in time to give all hands
a chance to celebrate Christmas with
out the restraining influence of an
obligation to report for work next
morning. Just how much sugar was
produced at Georgia this scribe is not
informed, but it is reported that the
average reached 140 pounds to the ton
of cane, which would indicate a total
sugar output of about 5,850,000
pounds. The trouble experienced by
some of the lower Lafourche factories
in getting a supply of fresh water for
the boilers-owing to the fact that
Bayou Lafourche has been trans
formed into a half-way salt water
canal by the damming of the stream
at Donaldsonville-was avoided at
Georgia by a system of using the con
densation from the double effects as a
boiler supply. The force of sugar
driers or centrifugal men consisted of
sixteen Filipinos, who proved reliable,
steady and satisfactory workers. The
head sugar drier, a Filipino named
Glorio, was hurt three weeks ago by
being caught in a centrifugal shaft
belt. He had both feet broken and
was otherwise badly bruised, but he
was taken to the New Orleans Charity
Hospital by General Manager E. F.
Dickinson, and is rapidly recovering.
All the employees at Georgia attest
the kindness and justice which charac
terize their treatment at the hands of
Mr. Mathews and Manager Dickinson.
"At Barker & Lepine's Clotilda fac
tory, also in the lower Lafourche
region, grinding is being delayed and
long drawn out because of salt water
in the bayou and the difficulty of
getting sweet water for the boilers.
The tedious campaign is likely to be
continued several weeks longer at
The battleship Louisiana left New
Orleans Sunday morning for Havana
with every member of her gallant crew
present and in good shape. No
stronger evidence of their sturdiness
and endurance need be asked for than
the fact that they left the Delightful
City in prime condition after thirteen
days and nights of strenuous enter
tainment aship and ashore. A finer or
better behaved set of men cannot be
found anywhere, and our state is
doubly honored in having such a crew
to handle the peerless vessel that bears
the name of Louisiana. Capt. Albert
R. Couden, her commander, has no
superior in the knowledge of ordnance
construction and operation, and there
can be no doubt that the Louisiana,
as now manned and equipped, is a
match for any fighting machine that
Judge Chas. V. Porter of Natchi
tocbes defeated Hon. A. J. Lafargue
of Avoyelles in the Democratic pri
mary election held to nominate a can
didate for judge of the court of appeals
for the first district of the second cir
cuit, and Hon. Lynn K. Watkins of
Webster defeated Judge R. B. Daw
kins of Lincoln for the nomination in
the second district of the same circuit.
A second primary is to be held in the
third district next Thursday, with
Judge L. E. Hall of Onachita and
Hon. Jeff. B. Snyder of Madison as
the two contestants. At the first pri
mary, held on December 18, the vote
stood as follows: L. E. Hall 1084, J.
B. Snyder 795, J. L. Dagg 571. No
candidate having received a majority
of the total vote, the third man drops
out of the race and the other two run
it over.
For the best holiday bargains go to
the dealers whose advertisements are
to be found in the local newspapers.
It is no longer an open question that
the most reliable as well as the most
progressive merchants are those who
advertise, and when patronizing them
you are assured of liberal treatment
and the squarest of square deals.
Do You Realize
the serious consequences of continued
eye strain? Priceless beyond all pos
sessions is the eyesight, deserving of
your highest consideration. Don't
trifle with your eyes. It will cost you
nothing to see me. FRED. LINDE, Grad
uate Optician, Tobias Building.
New Orleans grocers have formed a
combination to discourage the practice
of giving lagniappe to purchasers,
and the discontinuance of the time
honored custom will undoubtedly cause
great indignation and sore heartburn
ings among the juveniles of the Cres
cent City.
Judge S. D. Ellis of Tangipahoa
beat Col. I. D. Wall of East Feliciana
in the Democratic primary to nomi.
nate a judge 6f the court of appeals
for the third district of the first circuit.
The vote stood 2058 for Ellis, 1367 for
W all.
Concerning the Enforcement of the
Sunday Law.
The Chief is in receipt of the sub
joined self-explanatory communica
tion from District Attorney G. A. Gon
Donaldsonville, La., Dec. 28, 1906.
Having addressed the following letter In
Sheriff S. H. St. Martin under date of Dec. 18,
1906, and having as yet received no reply thereto,
I would request you to publish same in your
next issue. G. A. GONDRAN.
District Attorney.
Donaldsonville. La., Den. 18, 1906.
Mr. Samuel H. St. Martin, Sheritf, Parish of
Ascension, Donaldsonvill e. La.:
Dear Sir-I am informed, by reliable parties,
that you have made the charge that it was im
possiblefor you, as sheriff, to enforce the Sunday
law, because of the lack of co-operation on the
part of the district attorney. This statement
has been made to parties who are in f.vorof ths
strict enforcement of the law. To parties who
are in favor of the non-observance of the law
you have made the statement that you are corn
pelled to see to the strict enforcement of the
aw because of the instructions you receive
from the district attorney.
Now, which of your statements is trur ?
I take this means of informing you thatl have
never lacked or failed in the performance of a
plain duty, and that the enforcement of the
Sunday law in this parish was due to the efforts
of this office. 1 never did, under any circum
stances, shirk a duty, and I now call upon you
to inform me of any violation of the law and
furnish my office with the necessary evidence to
support a prosecution and thereupon I will, I
assureyou, do what is necessary in the premises.
Again, as on former occasions, I now call upon
you to do your plain duty, as the executive offi
car of this parish, and I will at all times do my
part and perform the duties incumbent upon me.
Evidently from the information imparted to
me by the parties above referred to, you know
of the violations of the Sunday law.
Now, as district attorney, I demand, in view
of the charge made by you, that you furnish
me with the names of the party or parties
who have violated or who violate the law, as
well as the time of the alleged violation and
the names of the witnesses to support the
charge, and no pains willbe spared by me, as
district attorney, to maintain, not only the Sun
day law, but all other laws the violation of
which you may have information.
Awaiting your reply, I am,
Yours respectfully,
District Attorney.
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For sprain or bruise,
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A Delightful
That's what it is
when you drive one of
our teams.
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The Dexter Stable
Sealed Prcposals.
Donaldsonville, La., December 1, 1906.
SEALED PROPOSALS for the privilege of
Iýoperating a ferry between Donaldsonville
and barrow, in the parish of Ascension, will be
received at 12 o'clock noon on Thursday, Jan. 3,
1907; all bids to be submitted by bidders in per
son or their representatives and publicly opened
immediately thereafter at a joint meeting of
the police jury of Ascension parish and common
council of the town of Donaldsonville. Terms,
conditions and speciilations for the sale of the
franchise and operation of the ferry may be
obtained at the offices of the secretaries of the
police jury of Aecension parish and common
cuncil juyof Donaldsonville.
The right to reject any and all bids is reserved.
For further information address
(lEO. 13. REIJSS,
President Police Jury, HoHen Solme, La.;
Mayor of Donaldsonville, La.
To Stockholders of the Bank of
Donaldsonville, La., Dec. 8, 1906.
NOTICE is hereby given to the stockholders
1 of the Bank of Donaldsonville that the
annual election of a board of directors, com
posed ,.ofeenmmbers, t esrykfor the ensu
day, Jan. 9 1907. at 1io clock a. in., in accord.
auce with Articie IV of the charter.Cser
For Sale.
UITHE LEASE on the commodious two-story
-I. brick building at the north-east corner of
Mississippi and Lessard streets, presently oc
copied by Samn's haloon, together with alt the
bar fixtures and appurtenances contaired
therein. Will also sell the stock of wines, li
qos, ciars, ec., no on ad ifa purchaser
some wide-awak-s man to acquime a v ell-ee
tablished businessi at a bas main. For further
information apply to or ades,
- Donaldsonville. La. I
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The Well-Known
Situated in St. James parish on the
west bank of the Mississippi river.
six miles below Donaldsonville, at
the head of the Miissippi and La
fourcho Drainage District, contain
ing nearly 1600 acres of land-1000
of which are in high state of cultiva
tion. Balance in woodlands, with
considerable cypress timber.
ibis money-making plantation, with
all necessary adjuncts-mules, im
plements. carts, etc.-will have
enough corn and hay for its require
ments until the new crop of 159,.
Half of the cane crap will be D.74.
Texas and Pacific station and Lau
derdale postoffice on plantation.
A large modern cottage. surrounded
by live oaks. magnolias and forty
grafted bearing pecan trees, makes
a picturesqee home. Of1red for
sale on account of del arturo of
Apply on premises or to
E. E. LAPlfE
Commercial-Germania Trust and Savings Bank
Sugar Planters
Iron Works
New Orleans, Louisiana
Long Distance 'Phone
All Size Sugar Roller Shafts
in Stock.
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ON ACCOUNT of having disposed of my
1Vlrion plantation, I will sell my entire
lot of mules, comprising forty or fifty head, and
all carts, implements. etc., used in cultivating;
the above sugar plantation. Delivery to be
made January 1. 1907. Mules and implements
in the best of condition. For further informa
tion and prices, apply to
Succession Notice.
State of Louisiana-Twenth-seventh Judicial
District Court-Parish of Ascension.
Suceepsion of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Esneault.
No. 525.
WITHEREAS, Cecilien Esnesalt has made ao
S .plicationi to this court to he ai pminte
admmistrator in the above entitled andI nun
0blie notice sionhereby given to all whom om
mal coneere, to show cause if any thaey Iave o
an, wathie TEN DAys fr m tbe late I ereif
I y saidpetitiona saod not te grantedI
WXitness my bandI an I the seal f said court at
Donaldsonvile L a Dec 1 1 rkofCo6 t
For Sale.
11TOUR ACRES of cult vabl elad ci tn ted on
ii tbe weae bink ofBalon I afuh let clo e
ville, La.
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