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Gossip from the Capital
What Is Happening at- Washington-Return of Ambassador Baron
Des Planches Causes Surprise in Society Circles-Government
Scentists Say Man Originated 300,000 Years Ago.
WASHINGTON.-The sudden reappearance
of Baron Mayor des Planches, as Italian am
bassador to Washington, has stirred the haut
monde to its founuation, officials and laymen alike
being curious to know the reason why he has re
turned after the repeated announcement of his
retirement from the diplomatic service of his
country. Indeed, so positive were the statements
regarding his resignation that Baron Hen gelmuel
F ler of Austria-Hungary, the next oldest ambas
sador in point of service at this capital, was de.
dared to be dean in the diplomatic corps in his
stead, and congratulated accordingly, by his con.
\4\\ freres.
The new dean returned to Washington from
his summer vacation, November 1, and left a few
days later for a brief business trip to Austria. Meanwhile, the would-be leader
of the foreign official coterie arrived at his embassy as unexpectedly as he
departed thence, some 18 months ago. Now everybody is asking: "Who's
who? in the diplomatic circle.
The present situation is the more remarkable since Baron des Planches
first came to Washington as the successor of Baron Fava, a diplomat with
so little regard for the place that he made his residence in New York city,
only coming here on occasions when his presence was officially demanded.
The latter became persona non grata, and in due time was recalled to Italy.
The Italian government then began negotiations for the purchase of an em
bassy suitable for the residence of its official representative in the land of
Uncle Sam, with a view to repairing the poor impression made by Baron
Fava. The former palatial home of the late Senator Hearst, father of the
recently defeated Democratic candidate for governor of New York, was finally
selected, and_ Baroness Mayor des Planches installed as its mistress. Then
began a series of brilliant entertainments which continued with sufficient fre
quency to almost make society forget the baroness of the Fava regime.
Subsequent changes in the cliplomatc corps resulted in the elevation of
the Italian ambassador to its leadership, which made the social arbiter of the
foreign group, and gave his wife precedence over all other ladies in society
except, of course. Mrs. Roosevelt and Mrs. Fairbanks.
Summer was then approaching, and the Des Planches did not remain in
town long to enjoy their new distinction, and have not since returned until
mentioned above, the baron arrived within the present month. Their pro
longed absence was periodically explained by more or less official rumors
that the ambassador was to be transferred to a European post. Finally, came
the positive announcement of his resignation as a diplomatist followed by his
surprising appearance at "the old stand" in Washington.
The return of such a host is naturally welcome news to society but with
out the presence of the baroness, the embassy will lose much of the reputa
tion for elegant hospitality it acquired during her regime.
Increase in the salaries of post office clerks
will be a prominent question at the present ses- CN .
sion of congress. Already three movements of 4, 1
importance have been begun, all of which are -
directed toward this end and none of which can
be ignored by congress. The three movements e LE c K
are headed by the post office department, by the pE7--10 V
postal clerks themselves and by the chambers of F
commerce all over the country.
Clerks in the postal ern'ie now receive a
minimum salary of $600 and a maximum salary of lVRCE
$1,200. The prosperity of the country has created
such a demand for service and the opportunities
of betterment of the individual have so much in
creased that the postal service of the countr
may be said to be hanging on the ragged edge of
disruption, owing to the large number of resignations from the service and
the lack of sufficient applicants to fill the places.
This is particularly true of the larger cities and this situation has served
to crystallize the movements of the department, which wants fair play and
fair wages for its clerks; of the clerks, who feel they are entitled to more
salary for their work, and of the commercial bodies, who fear an inadequate
service may seriously jeopardize the business of the country.
The commercial movement originated with the chamber of commerce of
Everett, Wash., and has spread all over the country with great rapidity. It
has not confined its efforts to the first-class postmasters alone, but has can
vassed the situation in the second-class offices as well, with the result that
congress will be flooded this winter by an influx of petitions which cannot
be laid aside.
The Bureau of American Ethnology, one of
%skt the most expensive and the least conspicuous of
the government bureaus, is now completing a
history of the American Indian, to which the labor
of 25 years has been devoted.
The work will deliver another scientific blow
at the biblical theory that the human race orig
Soinated through Adam and Eve in the Garden of
Eden about 4.000 years ago. While they do not
assume to explain the origin of the Indian, the
scientists say human remains have been discov
/eed in geological strata of this country showing
. that man existed here 300,000 years ago. It is
not claimed that the remains are such as to prove
that the Indian was the aboriginal creature of
this early date. It may or may not have been
te 1ii1ialim.
An interesting theory is put forward that the race may have originated in
the vicinity of the north pole. That is to say, the argument is advanced that,
in the processes of the earth's cooling, those were the only regions sufficiently
cool to be habitable by man as he is now constituted.
A large portion of the work is devoted to a study of Indian languages.
The lingual experts find that there is practically nothing in the languages of
the Indians to indicate relationship to any other race known in the world.
The bureau of ethnology rejects the notion that a study of language roots
indicates that any of the Indian tribes originally were Africans, Siberians,
Mongols or Aryans. Not only this, but recent investigations among the
natives of the Kamischatkan peninsula are said to indicate very clearly that
there was never a migration from Siberia to Alaska.
Instead, it is found that the Kamschatkan natives emigrated to the pen
insula from Alaska.
Recently there was widely circulated a story that some philological
sharp had studied out many and marked resemblances between some of the
Indian tribes of Indian territory and the Japanese. The bureau of ethnology
takes no stock in the theory. It has been contended that both language and
physiognomic likenesses exist. But the bureau scientists say that not only
is evidence lacking to show Indian relationship to oriental stocks, but that
there is no evidence of relationship among the great groups of Indian ian
Officials of the department of agriculture
were handed a lemon the other day from a tree
which they expected to produce oranges. The
discovery is regarded as of the greatest im
portance, and may mean a revolution of. the
lemon-growing industry of this country.
Several months ago Prof. B. T. Galloway,
chief 01 the bureau of plant industry, and Her- b$
bert W. Webber, his assistant, began experiments
on grafting a Florida orange tree and the Japan
ese orange tree known as Trifolita. When the
fruit was ready to pick several of the sup
posed oranges were taken off the tree and peeled.
It was found that they were thin-skinned and
they gave every appearance of the orange until
one of the assistants bit one.
"It isn't any orange at all; it's a lemon the blamed tree has handed us!"
he exclaimed.
Prof. Galloway was much interested. He too tasted of the fruit and found
it as sour as a lime. He hurried to Secretary Wilson with the discovery, and
made a glass of the excellent lemonade for him.
The department's scientists are puzzled at the production of lemons when
they expected oranges, and have set about to investigate the cause. The
Japanese orange is not so sweet as the Florida or California orange, but no
person around the department expected such a result.
HER OFFENSE. "Il object to this high-handed pro
------cedure. If this person is to be seized
The despondent damsel had been on any charge, it should be as a vio
apprehenoed in the very act of drintk- later of the pure-food law."
ing carbolic. The speedy work of' "How so?" exclaimed every one in
skilled physicians saved her life. The unison.
physicians afterward admitted that "Because she was putting acid in
they had saved it. An officious con- side 'er."
stable arrested her on the ground of* Wheireupon the crowd released the
attempted suicide. Then a wise man woman and with one accord hanged
present Interfered and said: Ithe author of the pun.--Judge.
Designs and Colors the Same-Cross
Stitch Growing in Popularity-Col
ored Embroidery on White Linen
Much Used.
Old-fashioned needlework has taken
complete possession of the most mod
ern of up-to-date work baskets, and
every week or two one sees some one
of the kinds of handwork that were in
fashion many years ago being revived.
Cross stitch is growing in popularity,
and very beautiful floral pieces are
now being made for cushions, table
covers, etc. The designs are quite
those that were used when the work
was popular many years ago, and the
colors used are the dull, deep pinks,
dark garnets and shaded greens which
go so well with the stiff bouquets and
garlands of the patterns. One wonders
that some one does not invent an en
tirely new kind of designing for this
work, not because the old patterns are
not satisfactory. but because nowadays
we are always crying for new things.
As yet, however, the cross stitch work
ers seem to be perfectly satisfied with
the old pattern. Their aim is not to
make a departure into new designs,
but to find some particularly quaint
old ones to copy-something which
none of their acquaintances has come
Colored embroidery on white linen
is much used for pin cushions. The
designs that are in fashion at the mo
ment are scattered and rather slight
and dainty. The most attractive work,
and also the most difficult, is that
which includes open-work embroidery
in white thread and the colored em
broidery in the same design. For in
stance, a pin cushion was noticed dec
orated with corner designs, including
scattered blossoms and butterflies.
The butterflies were of open-work em
broidery done in white, supplemented
around the wings with embroidery in
vari-colored linen thread. The tiny
blossoms were in different colored
linen threads.
The mingling of applique work with
fancy stitching is seen on the new
fancy work which is to be used on use
ful articles for bedrooms and dining
rooms. For instance, a laundry bag
made of cotton etamine and lined with
yellow sateen had a decoration around
the bottom of chintz applique in yel
low and green. The design was of tall
yellow poppies with green leaves, and
the applique was so put on that the
flowers stood up all around the bottom
of the bag. The foliage, of course, was
around the bottom edge of the bag,
while the flowers came half way to the
Knitting, Afghan shawls, etc., of
zephyr and Germantown wvool on two
needles is also a highly popular indus
try among the fair sex.
Caring for Oilcloth.
The careful housewife avoids the
use of either soap or ammonia in the
water with which her oilcloth is
cleaned. She knows that their use will
injure the material and render the col
ors dull and lifeless. She also avoids
a brush unless she owns a very soft
one, and relies upon clear, clean water
and soft flannel cloths for her clean
ing work.
When the oilcloth has been washed
clean, she rubs it dry with a fresh dry
flannel cloth and then polishes the en
tire surface with a rag upon which
there is a very little linseed oil, or
some skimmed milk. The milk does
very satisfactory work, but should be
avoiled in summer time, as it will
bring flies.
Some housekeepers think that oil
cloth keeps its freshness and gives far
better service if treated to a coat of
varnish when it is first put down.
Rainy-Day Closet.
Rainy days often mean trouble In
the household where there are plenty
of children, and some one has sug
gested that the mother of such a
brood would do well to provide herself
with a rainy-day closet.
To it will find their way special
playthings reserved for state occas
ions; pictures, scrapbooks, paste pots,
scissors, old magazines and paint
boxes. Anything, in fact, that can
provide indoor amusement. When
the rainy day comes round the closet
may be opened and a distribution of
its blessings made.
Children delight in novelty, and
the very facts that there is a special
treat reserved for the days when the
sun doesn't shine will go a long way
toward alleviating any disappointment
over the putting off of out-of-door
games and pleasures.
Neufchatel Cheese and Walnuts.
These cheese and nutballs are fa
vorites for serving with a plain let
tuce salad. Take one package of
cheese and mix it with enough pep
per, salt and paprika to flavor and a
little cream to soften it. Crack and
separate into halves eight fresh Eng
lish walnuts and roll them in the
cheese until the nut is entirely cov
ered and the cheese forms a ball.
These balls are served with a pickle
fork, and should be on the ice for an
hour before using.
Angel Pudding.
Cook together one pint of milk, one
half cup of sugar and one-half cup of
flour. Cool and add four eggs, yolks
and whites separately beaten. Bake
In a shallow pudding dish about an
hour in a not very hot oven, or just
as you would bake an angel cake.
Serve hot or cold with plain cream.
Melts in your mouth.
Chocolate Cream Pie.
Bake the crust fir: t, as for peach
pie. This filling is N ery rich, and
there must be enough for two pies,
unless it is a very large one. It is a
cooking school recipe. One pint of
milk, four ounces of chocolate dis
solved in the milk in a double boiler.
Thicken with 1½ tablespoonsful of
corn starch, add one cup of sugar and
cook it, stirring often. When it is
done, remove and add one teaspoon
of vanilla and cool. Then whip one
cup of thick cream and add to the fill
Spent Over $100 in a Vain Search for
Miss Frances Gardner, of 369 Jack
son boulevard, Chicago, Ill., writes:
'Gentlemen: I
heartily indorse
Doan's Kidney
Pills, as I have
found by personal
experience that
they are an ideal
kidney remedy. I
suffered with com
plications of kid
ney complaint for
nearly five years,
spent over $100 on
useless remedies, while five boxes of
Doan's Kidney Pills cured me in a few
short weeks. I am now enjoying the
best of health, have a fine appetite,
the best of digestion, and restful
sleep. all due to your splendid pills."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Squirreis as Waiters.
It has taken Fisk Goodyear of
Burchtown, Pa., two years to train
his pet squirrels, but his efforts are
now repaid, and on Thanksgiving he
treated his friends to a surprise.
Gathering half a hundred or more
gray squirrels, Mr. Goodyear taught
them to go into the woods and pick
up nuts, carrying them to his home.
On Thanksgiving night at a dinner
his guests noticed a small board run
ning from a window to a nut bowl.
The host gave one knock on the table
with his knife. A squirrel hopped
down the plank and dropped a chest
nut into the bowl. Two raps brought
a squirrel with a walnut, three knocks
a shellbark.
Finally, a grave old squirrel took
his place and cracked the nuts, wind
ing up the performance by brushing
off the crumbs with his thick bushy
Troubled Almost a Year-Complexion
Now Perfect and Skin Soft,
White and Velvety.
"I had been troubled with a break
ing out on my face and arms for al
most a year and had the services of
several physicians, but they didn't
seem to do any good. Some time ago
one of my friends recommended Cuti
cura to me. I secured some, and after
using it several months I was com
pletely cured. I can highly recom
mend Cuticura Soap as being the very
best complexion Soap made. It cre
ates a perfect complexion, leaving the
skin soft, white and velvety. I now
use Cuticura Soap all the time and
recommend its use to my friends."
Maud Loggins, R. F. D. No. 1, Sylvia,
Tenn., Aug. 1, 1905.
The Highest Bridge.
Work Is now in progress on a sus
pension bridge over the famous "Roy
al gorge" of the Arkansas river, in
Colorado, at a point where the chan
nel is only 50 feet wide at the bottom
and 230 feet wide at the top. This
bridge will span the river 267 feet
above the surface of the water, and
will be, therefore, by far the highest
bridge in the world. The material
will be of flat steel and steel cables,
the curved girders finding secure at
tachment in the solid sides of the can
yon. The floor of the bridge will be
of plate glass one and one-half inches
thick, to afford visitors the pleasure
of looking down the chasm. On each
side wilt be strong, high steel rail
ings. The bridge is part of an elec
tric railway scheme.
Pen for Captured Rats.
As the Hindu population object to
the killing of rats, an influential na
tive bamker proposes to provide a "rat
ruksha" or sort of pen in which the
captured rats may be confined as pen
sioners for the natural term of their
lives, the male and female animals
being kept apart.
To the homestaying Europeans this
appears too "Gilbertian" for grave
consideration, but the proposal has
been most gratefully received by Maj.
Buchanan, I. M. S., who is In charge
of the plague operations.
Competent for Jury Service.
During the ice trust trial in Phila
delphia a prospective juror was quiz
zed about the quantity of ice he used.
"I use a little occasionally," he
said. "How much? Enough to temper
a highball?" What do you mean by a
highball?" roared the attorney. "An
amateur," murmured the juror, "can
not presume to enlighten an expert."
'This man is a competent juror,"
chimed the court, and the trial pro
"Mamma, what's the use of putting
all those things for the baby in that
sterilizing machine?" "Why, Willie,
so that no bad germs will enter his
system." "That's what I thought.
But I know an easier way." "What's
that?" "Why, while you were out I
sterilized the baby!"-Life.
WANTED.-For U. S. Army, able
bodied, unmarried men, between-ages of 21
and 35; citizens of United States, of good
character and temperate habits, who can
speak, read and write English; for infor
mation apply to recruiting officer, 126 N.
Court, Memphis, Tenn.; 236 Main, Jones.
bozo, Ark.; Corinth, Miss.; Hickman, Ky.
To Get Military Pointers Here.
Gen. Brugere, former minister of
war of France, is expected to visit
this country in the near future to
make an inspection of American
posts and study the organization and
the methods of training the American I
National Pure Food and Drugs Act.
Serial No. 384, assigned by the Govern
ment, and Guaranty that the preparations
comply in every respect with the require
ments of the Pure Food and Drugs Act,
appear on every package of the Garfield
Tea Company's preparations.
At St. Osyth, Essex, England, an
ejectment order has been granted
against a tenant who, It was stated,
had paid no rent in 40 years.
s , g A P S I
Because of those ugly, grizziy, gray hairs. Use " LA CRROLE " HAIR RE STORSR. Pricý es o,0, retal
There Are Millions of Him Delving
for Earth's Wealth.
"We sold in 1905," says a Boston
manufacturer, "350,000 dozen shovels
and delivered them to railroads, min
ing companies. and other large users.
One might think so many shovels
would be enough for a time, but this
year our sales will amount to 400,
000 dozen, or a little less than 5,000,
000 shovels."
Every phase of activity entering
into the prosperity of the country has
been commented upon until it would
seem that there is no feature entirely
new, yet the production of shovels,
certainly a fine index, has not been
much thought about. Five million
shovels must mean great labor in im
provement and preparation for new
wealth taken out of the earth. Mone
tary records, new showings in im
ports and exports, manufacturing to
tals not before reached, and new high
bank clearings have all been consid
ered as representative of the pros
perity now enjoyed, yet nothing could
be so truly significant as the illustra
tion here afforded. This is the year of
the man with the shovel. Nothing
more basic could be found, and an apt
and expressive name for the period
would be the year of the 5,000,000
shovels.-Minneapolis Journal.
The Evils of Constipation.
are many; in fact almost every se
rious illness has its origin in consti
pation, and some medicines, instead of
preventing constipation, add to it.
This is true of most cathartics, which,
when first used, have a beneficial ef
fect, but the dose has to be contin
ually increased, and before long the
remedy ceases to have the slightest
effect. There is one preparation, how
ever, that can be relied upon to pro
duce the same results with the same
dose, even after fifty years' daily
use, and this is Brandreth's Pills,
which has a record of over 100 years
as the standard remedy for constipa
tion and all troubles arising from an
impure state of the blood.
Brandreth's Pills are the same fine
laxative tonic pill your grandparents
used, and are for sale everywhere,
either plain or sugar-coated.
One Peril of Ballooning.
One of the strange experiences of
a balloonist is that of falling into "a
hole in the air," which Mr. Rolker re
ports as follows: "So you continue
sailing, enjoying the present with
littl- thought of the startling sur
prises that may be before you. Ahead
of you, unseen, may be what the bal
loonist calls a 'hole in the air,' re
sembling the vortex of a maelstrom,
and down this you may literally fall
at a rate which is terrifying until, by
sacrificing two or three bagfuls of
sand at once, your pilot checks your
downward flight. But these 'holes"
are scarce, and, as a rule, the atmos
phere is of uniform carrying power."
-American Magazine.
Pugilist's Sudden Conversion.
"Kid" Wedge, a light-weight pugi
list who claimed to be champion of
Arkansas, was training for a fight
with Guy Buckles in Omaha. Sudden
ly he "got religion" and sent word to
the management of the club where
he was to appear explaining why they
would have to make other arrange
ments. At the same time he mailed
a copy of the New Testament to Mr.
Buckles, who, as he fully expected to
win the fight which had been ar
ranged, is not yet entirely resigned.
Half Pay for British Officers.
All British officers on the effective
list of the army that are elected mem
bers of the House of Commons are
to be placed on half pay from the date
of their election.
Smokeless Powder Shells
The superiority of Winchester
Smokeless Powder Shells is
undisputed. Among intelligent
shooters they stand first in pop
ularity, records and shooting
qualities. Always use them
Ior Field or Traj bbooting.
Ask Your Dealer For Them.
IITROGEN Big Crops of Corn
can be depended upon from land
O/ ' that has been liberally fertilized
IH A ' with a complete fertilizer contain
B ing 33 % nitrogen, 8% available
PHOSPHORIC phosphoric acid and 9%
SPotas h
9 /O Just how and why 9% of Potash
is necessary our booklet will show.
New York-93 Nassau Street. or
Atlanta, Ga.-1224 Candler Building
Sermon in Lieu of Fine.
Ver N. Y., was caught overspeed- THE Wn Ay
ing and summoned to court, but the(
judge aot himmoby telephone and thld If y had a meedicine that would strengthen the liver, the bowe"s the 't you s and the augto i ytlpoeadtl n ttesm iemk yusrn ihagnrlsseai OFdntyuble e yu wse
I hm h ned nt pper, ut hathe soon be well`- That's the LA.X-W( B way. &e ask you to buy the frt bottle. you will ask yea
him e ned nt apear bu tha he druggist to seil yon the second. Take no substitute. There s n~othing madeUie LA.X-k1w
might square things by preaching a eeh t Dr Wi ostad'Mpicture appars on the bo on et I o r
good sermon next Sunday. d
First Author-"Oh, the unufterable
monotony of existence! I am thor
oughly disgusted with it all. Would
that I might completely disappear for
a while!" Second Author-"Then
why don't yoga marry a famous wo
man? "-Judge.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS. as they cannot reach
the seat of the disease. Catarrb is a blood or consti
tutional disease, and in order to cure it you must take
internal remedies. Halls Catarrh Curets taken in
ternally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quack medi
cine. It was prescribed by one of the best physicians
in this country for years and is a regular prescription.
It is composed of the best tonics known, combined
with the best blood purtfofr,acting directly on the
mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the
two ingredients is what produces such wonderful re
sults in curing catarrh. Send for testimonials. free.
F. J. CIIENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0.
Gold by Druggists. price ;5c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Fine Silver Service for Cruiser.
One thousand five hundred ounces
of metal will be used in the silver ser
vice to be presented to the new ar
mored cruiser Washington by the
people of the state after which the
ship is named. The service is com
posed of 53 pieces, and will cost $5,
000. The chief piece is the punch
bowl, in the shape of a galiot, orna
mented with a figure representing
Triton, the trumpeter of Neptune.
Dainty Neckwear
adds so much to the appearance of
every woman and yet is so inexpensive
that really every woman who takes
any pride in her appearance should
have a plentiful supply of same. The
latest creations in Chiffon, Lace, Peau
de Sole, etc., exquisitely designed are
shown in the new catalogue which
Lord & Taylor, Broadway, 5th avenue
and 20th street, New York, are send
ing out free to any one who will write
for a copy.
Philadelphia Man Victorious in Hand
to-Hand Combat.
Unarmed and alone, Thomas Dyke
was attacked by a wildcat on Locust
mountain, south of Mount Carmel, Pa.
He had been in Ashland and started
to drive home. His horse stepped on
a nail and he put the animal in a sta
Then he started to walk home and
was on the mountain when the cries
of a wildcat alarmed him. A few
minutes later he saw the beast ten
feet in front of him. The animal
finally sprang. He jumped aside and
as the body of the cat struck the road
he leaped upon it. For several min
utes the fight between the wild ani
mal and the man went on. At length
by a quick swing he broke the ani
mal's back.
A physician dressed the several
deep scratches on his face and hands,
but otherwise he was uninjured.
Headaches and
TrIalbottle l~c Aldrsetreug
Mrs. Winslote's Soothiing Syrof,.
for children teethin,,. softens taa. penis, -cdncea 91.
flamniatow.n allays pain, cures saind csai.. Lo a buteia
A bank roll may be a roll of honor
and then again it may not.
Anyone can dye with PUTNAM FADE
LESS DYES; no experience required;
success guaranteed.
Ambitious Youthful Violinist.
Miss Selma Gustafson, of Delhi,
Out., a youthful violinist, has applied
for the leadership of one of the orches
tras the Colorado Midland railroad Is
A Positive
Ely's Cream Balm
is quickly absorbed. so
Gives Relief at Once.
It cleanses, soothes.
heals and protects
the diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh
and drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
Restores the Senses of Taste and SmelL
Full size 50 ets. at Druggists or by mail;
Trial size 10 ets. by mail.
Ely Brothers, 50 Warren Street. New York.
Positively cured by
CARTE these Little Pills. 1
They also relieve Di.
RV Eating. A perfects redo
tress from Dyspepala. Ian
IV edy for DRzziness, Nause.
PILLS. Drowsiness, Baa Taste
in the Touth, Coated
Tongue, Pain in the id,
regulate the Dowels. Purely Vegetable.
CARTERGenuine MVust Bear
CARTERS fay Simnile s g nature
L ITTLE gaur
all inflamed, ulcerated and catarrhalcon
ditions of the mucous membrane such as
nasal catarrh,uterinecatarrh caused
by feminine ills, sore throat, sore
mouth or inflamed eyes by simply
dosing the stomach.
But you surely can cure these stubborn
affections by local treatment with
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
which destroys the diseasegerms,checks
discharges, stops pain, and heals the
inflammation and soreness.
Paxtine represents the most successful
local treatment for feminine Ills ever
produced. Thousands of women testify
to this fact. 5o cents at druggists.
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THE R. PAXTON CO.. Boaton, Mass.
Well Drilling Machinery.
Hydraulle or Rock Drilling Machime
Oprtdby Steam or Gasoline
Engines or Horse Power. Dept.1L
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