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.LU lUUUisUivIIoa. ..l81
Publishers and Proprietors
Entered in the postoffice at Donaldson
ville, La., as second-class mail matter.
cension, City of Donaldsonville, As
cension Parish School Board.
Subscription, $2 per year, in advance.
Telephone No. 84
SATURDAY. JULY 11, 1914.
Swat the fly; mash the mosquito;
rap the rat.
We've been reading a good deal
lately about mean temperatures, and
most of them were.
The supreme court of Louisiana de
nied the application for a rehearing of
the state bank examiner case, thus
quieting Bank Examiner WV. L. Young
in his office.
An exchange comments on "the
scarcity of timber for next gover
nor." Glad of it. Who wants a
wooden man for that job?
New Orleans may not go wholly to
the dogs because she didn't get the
ponies back. Gov. Hall signed the
bill to permit twenty-round box
ing contests in chartered clubs.
Joseph Chamberlain, one of the
most prominent and striking fig
ures in British politics during the
past generation, died at his home
in London the night of July 2, aged
78 years.
The Milly plantation near Plaque
mine, belonging to the bankrupt Da
nos Planting and Manufacturing Co.,
was sold at public auction June 20
and purchased by James E. Dunlap
for $59,075.
An attempted train hold-up by five
bandits was frustrated on the Oregon
and Washington railroad last week.
A plucky deputy sheriff opened fire
on the robbers, killing one and
wounding another, receiving a slight
wound himself.
Only the rat flea can spread bu
bonic plague infection. The fleas that
lcdgq with our friends the dogs and
'dats are harmless in this respect,
and the dogs and cats themselves are
valuable helpers in the anti-bubonic
campaign because they kill rats.
Kermit Roosevelt, son of his fa
ther, was married at Madrid, June
10, to Miss Belle Wyatt Willard,
daughter of the American ambassador
to Spain. Col. Roosevelt attended
thd ceremony and returned to the
United States the following week.
John Barkley, a veteran New Or
leans sugar broker, died on June 27
at the summer home of his daughter,
Mrs. T. J. Witherspoon, at Pass
Christian, Miss. Mr. Barkley was 73
years old and had lived in New Or
leans since 1861, taking high rank
among the olty'& most populsia busi
ness Imen. He' s survived by his
wife, daughter and '-wo sons, Hen
derson and William J. Barkley.
Ponder. May Enter the List.
A despatch to the Times.Picayune c
from Hammond says that Amos L. t
Ponder, of Amite, will very likely be t
a candidate for congressman from the t
sixth district, opposing Lewis L.
Morgan, of Covington, who seeks re- t
electiotn. A quiet campaign in Mr. h
Ponder's interest was instituted some a
time ago, and is said to have as- F
simed definite proportions. Mr. Pon- 1'
der admits that he is considering en- d
tering the race, but says he has not 's
reached a decision and may not do p
so before the middle of the month. 1
Herding with the Bull Moose.
The St. Mary Banner, hitherto a
paper whose Democracy seemed ever
of the all-wool.and-a-yard-wide kind,
,announces that it has pulled down
the Democratic emblem from its
masthead and hoisted in Its stead
"the rising sun of Progress." In
other words the Banner has jumped
the fence of the donkey pasture and
is now browsing contentedly among
the moose. The Lafourche Comet
hasn't quite made up its mind to
take a header in the same direction,
but confesses that the Democratic
preserve is mighty poor feeding
ground for the Louisiana section of
the party herd.
On the Trail of the B. I. Expo.
If it isn't against the law to
ask such things out loud, we'd like
to know what has become of the Ex
position of Big Ideas?-Donaldson
ville Chief.
This same "idea" or thought has
has been coursing though our mind
for several days. Who, stopped the
big clock that showed the result of
indomitable optimism? - Lafourche
The Donaldsonville Chief quietly
rises to inquire what has become of
New Orleans' Exposition of Big
Ideas? Speak it softly. Don't rub
it in, you country brethren; even the
wise ones of the great metropolis
sometimes make mistakes; have a
heart; be generous and even mag
nanimous. Herbert Kaufman is still
in Europe. When he comes back it
will be time enough to go into de.
trails. But just at present be satis
fled with Mardi Gras.-Lake Charles
The esteemed Donaldsonville Chief
wants to know "what has become of 4
the New Orleans Exposition of Big
Ideas." Well, it seems to have gone I
the way of the Panama exposition, 5
the regional reserve bank, etc., etc. I
-Shreveport Journal. e
The Donaldson Chief indiscreetly v
remarks: "If it 'isn't against the law F
to ask such things out loud, we'd a
like to know what has become of d
the New Orleans Exposition of Big o
Ideas?" We are amazed at The j
Chief's inattention to the course of e'
events. The exposition of "big cl
ideas" has already been pulled off. a
It took place in Baton Rouge two
weeks ago, when a trainload of busi
ness men appeared before a legisla- al
,tive committee to tell its members tf
that a city of 400,000 people was ab- sc
solutely dependent upon the restora- 4
tion of race track gambling for its th
prosperity.-Lake Charles American- #r
PToLa. is
T)onaldsonville will have the pleas
ure today and tomorrow of enter
taining a party of distinguished vis
itors, the editors and representa
tives of more than a score of the
leading agricultural journals of the
middle west and north, who are com
pleting a seventeen-day *tour of Lou
isiana as the guests of the state.
We welcome this opportunity of
showing these trained writers some
thing of the marvelous resources of
t,lhe soil and the wonderful natural
advantages of climate and topogra
phy possessed by this garden section
of our magnificent commonwealth.
We have much to show, and while
tie time allotted to us for dis
playing our agricultural possibilities
is all too brief to permit a com
plete demonstration along this line,
1 still we believe we can prove indis
putably that our lands are among
the most fertile and productive seen
by the visitors on their tour, and
offer opportunities for profitable
farming that cannot be excelled apy
where on God's green earth.
We extend the journalists a cor
dial welcome to our city and par
ish, assure them it is a pleasure to
have themn as our guests and our
earnest desire that they may enjoy
Stheir stay among us to the fullest
extent, and hope they will have
iileasan't recollections of Louisiana
and naught 'but good things to re
port when they get back to their
homes in distant parts of the coun
Only two additional cases of bu
bonic plague have made their appear
ance in New Orleans, one of the vic
tims being a negro child thalt died six
hours after the disease developed,. and
the other a negro man who was
taken ill. last Sunday and is in a criti
cal condition. There have been 'but
four cases in all, and one of these
is getting well.
The city, state and federal health
authorities are working in unison,
under control of the United States
Public. Health Service and with the
hearty co-operation of the people, to
clean up the city and exteriminate
the rats, and it is regarded as cer
tain that.' these measures will ef
fectually forestiall any serious spread
of the infection.
The twenty-seven members of the
Volunteers of America who lodged in
the building where the first two
cases of the plague developed, have
been released from quarantine, none
of them having exhibited any symp- I
toms of illness.
Several thousand rats have been
subjected to bacteriological examina- t
'tion, but all were pronounced free t
from bubonic germs. I
With the precautions being taken t
there is no reason whatever for the I
imposition of quarantine restrictions t
against New Orleans, and people can 1
travel to and fro~g the city without
the slighest danger. t
er, Efficiency was' recognized and a
ass ;onscientious and :capable official re
73 tained in office when the police jury
Or- at its meeting Wednesday re-elected
ink Caleb C. Weber-.:. twe·sposition of
•8% .pari.h treasurer and exLofficio clerk
his of the jury. Mr. Weber's services in
en- this capacity during the past several
years have been exceptionally satis
factory, viewed from whatever stand
point, and it is to be doubted if any
.ne one better qualified or more atten
L. tive to the duies of the office could
be be secured 'to serve the parish in
:he this most responsible position.
L. Not only has Mr. Weber performed
re- the routine work incumbent upon
fr. him with marked diligence and
ne ability, but he has freely given the
ps- police jury the benefit of his legal
n- learning and advice, and in this
tn. direction partipUlarly has rendered
Lot services to the parish that have
do proved of great value and influence.
This was emphasized in connection
with the movement to construct Per
manent hard-surfaced highways in
a ertain sections of the parish, the
er mass of legal work appertaining to
the creaion of he First Road Dis
vn trict, the holding of an election there
Its in to vote 'the necessary taxes, the
ad flotaftion of the bond issue, and
In the numerous other matters requisite
ed to the successful carrying out of the
nd project in view, all having been done
:by Mr. Weber in a most thorough
'antd accurate manner, absolutely
t without cost to the parish. Legal
services such as gratuitously given
by him in this instance, if charged
for at the usual rates, would doubt
less have required an expenditure in
excess of Mr. Weber's salary for an
entire, year,
The re-election of Mr. Weber is a
merited tribute to a most zealous and
to public-spirited official, and both the
;e police jury and the taxpayirs of the
x- 'parish are to be congratulated upon
n- his retention in office.
Everybody's Satisfied.
Le According to the esteemed Jena
f Times the Democracy of Louisiana
*e should be thankful that "the Bull
Moose party, recently organized in
south Louisiana, will absorb most of
y those hypocrites who, though Replub
lican at heart, have been affiliated
with the Democrats for pelf." Well,
b as the so-called hypocrites seem just
e as glad to get away as anybody
B can be to see them go, the situation
a is like that described by a man who
had been bereaved by the demise of
his wife's mother. A sympathizing
t friend, seeking to learn the cause of
death, asked, "What was the com
plaint?" "No complaint at all," was
the reply, "everybody's satisfied."
Death of "Kit" Ransdell. s
Christopher L. Ransdell of Alex-. '
andrfa, who served many years as I
clerk and deputy clerk of court for
Rapides parish, died on June 30, aged
59 years. He leaves a son, John R. f
Ransdell, two sisters and two broth, 8
ers, Mrs. Thos. Montgomery of Lake 1
Providence, Mrs. RP. Hunter of Pine- E
ville, Judge F. X. Ranadell of Lake ^
Providence and United States Sea- n
ator Jos. E. Ransdell. "Kit" Rans. -
dell, as he was commonly called, was
one of the most popular citizens of r
Rapiides, and his passing away caua. a]
ed regret and sadness among all'N
classes of the community of which
he had been a lifelong resident.
The Lake Charles ~iAmerican-Press T
apparently aspires to be the guy g
that knocked the "rille" off Donald- ta
sonville. Two itebm in the state w
news columis of a,. recent issue of fo
the A.-P. are recorded as emanating gs
from "Donaldson.'" The abbreviatioa an
is too previo s, nei bor. co
S- More Parishes Join South Louisiana
Association and will Padticipate
in Second Annual Exhibition Next
n- October.
e At a meeting Monday of the po
of lice jury of Iberville parish, an ap
e- propriation of, $250 was made to the
of South Louisiana Fair Association,
al in aid of the second annual fair to
a- be conducted by that organization in
in this city Oct. 9 to 12 next. The
h. amount was voted without a dis
le senting voice, and the full and cor
s dial co-operation of Iberville parish
was pledged toward making the forth
coming fair an unqualified success.
e R. S. Vickers, secretary-manager of
s the fair association, appeared be
fore the police jury to solicit the
n appropriation, and he states that
d the spirit of good will and patriotic
le loyalty manifested by the Iberville
. paroclial legislators was extremely
pleasing and encouraging. Iberville
r. is one of the charter members of
r. the South Louisiana Association,
0 and at the initial fair last October
r made a splendid showing in all de
y partments and carried off a number
ot f blue ribbons and cash premiums.
e 'This year the parish will be repre
a sented by an even larger and more
varied display, and the other com
r munities represented will have to
i come forward' with the best they can
produce to make a better showing
than the progressive and forward
moving domain of sweet Iberville.
The police juries of St. James
and St. Charles parishes, at their
- regular meetings on the 7th inst.,
voted appropriations of $250 each to
t:he South Louisiana Association,
x thus enrolling these parishes as mem
d bers of the organization for the cur
s rent year and assuring their par
i- ticipation in the second annual fair.
t The appropriation was voted unan- t
e imously in each instance, and the
menmbers of the two bodies promis- 1
ed their active and united co-opera
tton to promote interest in the fair
s and to secure a fu'll line of exhibits
from, their respective parishes.
3 Mayor Walter Lemann, Dr. Sheard
3 Moore" and Alphonse Kahn appear
- ed before the St. Charles police
jury in the interest of the appro- f
I priation from that body, and Messrs.
R. S. Vickers, Evan J. McCall and e
3 James P. Armitage waited upon the
St. James lawmakers. s
,On Wednesday Mr. Vickers went c
to Port Allen to solicit an appropri- t
.ation from the police jury of West t
Baton Rouge. After a discussion a
of the matter by the members it h
'was decided to defer action until g
the neAt regular meeting in August, a
but the general tenor of the jurors' u
relmarks seemed 'to indicate l that
they are favorably disposed to, the
proposition and it is considered al- ti
together likely that the amount will v
be voted. c
So far, appropriations of $250 to s,
the fair association have been made L
by each of the parishes of Iber- j
ville, Assumption, St. James, St. John g
and S;t. Charles. Ascension has con- is
tributed $500, and a similar amount ,
has been budgeted by the city coun- g
cil of Donaldsonville, giving a total it
of $2250 already pledged. Lafourche, T
West Baton Rouge and Pointe Coupee b
will be urged to join the association, 4
and it is confidently expected the ci
-receipts from, parish and state ap- a;
propriations, private subscriptions
and other sources will provide a fa
fund of more than $7000 for pre. tc
miums and the construction of new F
buildings. D
It is proposed to build up here a as
great central fair for south Louis- dc
iana that will be to this section j
what the state fair is to Shreveport in
and the northern portion of the je
state, and from the progress already ril
made along this line the pretenti
ous project seem~s in a fair way of w;
accomplishment. bl
e Bonds Voted in Smoke Bend District.
The election held Thursday in the
Smoke Bend Drainage District to as
n certain the sense of the property tax
payers relative to issuing bonds to
the amount of $10,500 for drainage
purposes, resulted in the adoption
e of the proposition by an overwhelm
eing vote. The affirmative ballots
d numbered 48 and represented a
e property valuation of $14,180. OnlY
S3 votes, representing a potal1 assess
e ment of $530, were cast against the
h proposition. The polling booth was
locatted in Thomas Bradford's car
11 riage house, and the election was
S.conducted by Messrs. E. ,P. Melap
d con, Henry Dugas and Elorian Ar
ceneaux, commissioners, and Schuy
lel( Brasset, clerk. A meeting of rthe
board of commissioners of the ;dis
trict will be held in Smoke Bend
na ext Thursday, at 5 o'clock p. m.,
d to canvass the returns of the election
and promulgaite the result.
e The' bonds to be issued Will be se
cured by a, 5-mill ad valorem taxi to
extenkl for a period no'. longer than
twenty-five years, and will bear in
terest at the rate of 5 per cent per
Farm Editors Coming Today.
A delegation of local citizens left
foil Bayou Goula this morning to
meet the party of farm editors who
are to be Dponaldsonville's guests
this evening and tomorrow, The
visitors will be entertained today
by Ross Murrell at his beautiful plan
tation home at Bayou Goula, and will
arrive at Donaldsonville this after
noon in automobiles. The program
for their entertainment wrhile here
is as follows:
Saturday, July 11.
6 p. m., arrive from Bayou Goula
at 'City Park; 6 to 7 p. m., concert
in Park; 7 to 8 p. m., supper at Ho
tel Donaldson; 8 to 9 p. m., Donald
sonville pictures and talks, Grand
Theatres 9 on, smoker at Elks'
Sunday, July 12.
7 a. in., start to Crescent bog
farm; 8 a. m., arrive at Evan Hall;
8:30 to 9:30 a. m., breakfast at Evan
Hall residence;' 1. a. m., leave Evan
Hall for Nappleonville; t1 a. m., reach
Napoleonvi.le; 11 to 11:30 a. m., re
'main in .Napoleoivijle; 11:40 a. m.,
start for Elm Hall canning fact.ry;
12:15 to 1 p. m., lunch at Elm Haljl
residence; 1 p, m., leave for Don
aldsonville; 2,07 p. m., take train for
New Orleans.
The Democratic state central com
mittee', at a meeting in Ba~ton ROuge
Tuesday night, fixed Aug. 27 as the
general primary date in Louisiana l
this- year. In Ascension elections
will be held to nominate esndidates
for congressman from the slnth con- a
gressional district and railroad com- t
missioner from the second railroad
commisslion ditiot,
clbsolutely BA.M N Gi
Makes Home-Baking Successful and Easy
ic One Run Gives Thibodaux Victory in
lie Exciting Game-Netters Trounce
ly Gonzales-Napoleonville to be
ie Invaded Tomorrow.
n, Thibodaux put the Donaldsonville
er champions down for the count in a
e- rattling good game on the local
er grounds last Sunday afternoon, and
s. in turning the trick applied a coat
e. Of brilliant kalsomine to the hereto
re fore undefeated locals. The battle
- was waged with vim and dash from
to opening :to close, and the victory was
in anybody's up to the time Jupiter Plu
vg vius interfered with the proceedings
d- at the termination of the visitors'
half of the eighth and put an end to
° the pastime with a deluge of rain.
ir Tearney twirled for Donaldsonviille,
t., and notwithstanding the fact that
to this was the first time he had ever
n, essayed the role of rifleman, his
n- pitching was of the order that wins
r games ninety-nine times out of one
- hundred, an unfortunate error behind
r. hint being responsible for the lone
- .tally annexed by the visitors. This
[e counter, which proved enough -to
s- bring home the bacon, was recorded
- in the second session. With two
ir down Prejeant poled out a clean hit
is and successfully negotiated a steal
Sof the keystone sack. Ducausse push
ed a roller toward short, and after
r- going out of his territory to field
e the ball Dr. LeBlanc Ithrew wild to
first, Prejeant scoring the run which
gave his team the winner's share
d of the gate receipts.
e Naturally a bit nervous at the out
set of the fray, Tearney yielded a
t couple of bingles in each of the first
- two innings, but from then on he
t tightened up and refused to allow
n anything that even; looked like ,a
hit for the remainder of the en
I gagement. He has a world of stuff
and nice control, and with a little
more experience should develop in
to a first-class sniper.
e The locals had several opportuni
ties to tie the score, but the fates
were against them and the necessary
clout was not forthcoming. In the
second session, after Alleman and
e LeBlanc had fallen victims to Pre
jeant's benders, Richard poked a sin
gle over second and Williams -fol
lowed with a slam to short which
was too hot to handle, Richard mi
grating to third and Williams land
I ing safely at the initial station.
Tearney laid a bunt down the first
e base line and would perhaps have
beaten- out the - oW, but he ac
cidenttally kicked ýhe ball as he ran
and was called out,
Charlet opened round three by I
fanning, but Begue pasted a whizzer 2
to third which went down as a hit. s
F.our bad ones were dished up to 0
D'Alemberte and it began to look
as though there would be something I
doing, but the jinx was still on the
job and the locals' rally died a-born
ing. Simoneaux fouled out to Pre
jeant, and LeBlanc sent a line drive
right into A. Ledet's hands at short.
Richard got on in the seventh
when 'his roller to third was fum
bled, and was sacrificed to second
by Williams. Ledet's error gave
Tearney life at first, but with two
'bags occupied and only one down,
Prejeant pulled himself oudt of a
bad hole by whiffing Charlet and
Begue. Incidentally, he was mna- L
terially assisted in the pinch by f(
the Thibodaux umpire, whose rank E
decisions on balls and strikes elicited si
caustic comments and expressions of a
disapproval from the grand-stand. sl
!Spectacular catches of high fouls e
'by, LeBlanc for the locals and Ber- n
gexon for the visitors, and a speedy c;
double play by the home team in the o0
fourth frame, Tearney to Simoneaux s(
td Richard, featured the spicy con- ci
test. Begue, Donaldsonville's left tl
gar~dener, pulled- down a long fly in si
the first inning at a critical stage gý
of the game, for which feat he was ti
enthusiastically applauded. ti
Batteries-Tearney and Williams, s<
Prejeant and Bergeron. Hits-Don- ti
aldsonville 4, Thibodaux 4. Struck y<
out-By Tearney 8, by Prejeant 9. Pe
Bases on balls-Off Tearney 3, off in
prejeant 2. Errors-Donaldsonville :uL
2, Thibodaux 2. Balk--.Prejeant 1. ce
I.mpires--M, J. Durand and S. J. It
As a preliminary to the "big
game," the Gonzales' team engaged
in a five-inning test of strength with
th'e Netters of Donaldsonville, the
latter winning by the count of 5 to 1.
Both squads Played good ball and
° then mix-up afforded much interest to
Sthe big crowd of spectators, The
batteries were Robert and Braud
for Gonzales, Blumenthal and Creoli
for the Netters, A return game be
tween these teams will be staged at
Gonzales tomorrow,
The locals will hook up with the
crack Napoleonville nine in the lat
ter's own back yard tomorrow after
noon, and as the last encounter be.
tween these nifty aggregations was
won by the Donaldsonvillians in a
sensational finish by the close knargin
of 4 to 3, it goes without saying
that the impending fray will be a hot
one. A number of rooters will ac
company the local bunch to the As
.sumption capital and help them put
the Indian sigir on the Naps for the
second time.
Faker Farrell Arrested.
M. J. Parrell, the itinerapt faker
who buncoed a loca merchant out of
$2 week before 'last 9n the represent:
atiog that, he Was preparing an ad
vertising story to be published il
this paper, and whose rrookded game
was exposed in The Chief last Sat
urday, was arrested; at Plaquemine
after fleecing several of the mer.
chants there put pf small spms. Far.
relf also worked his bogus scheme in
Whitecastle, and everybody whom he
Ivlctimized. in that town have been
asked to state the amoun' he obtain.
ed from thez4 and to prefer charges I
against him, so that -he may be vigor.
ously prosecuted and given all that's
coming to him. He.e's hoping be l
'get-jt. '
Ostrich to Race Tomorrow.
Mrs. Joseph T. Landry's racing os
trich will make its first public ap
pearance in harness at A-muz-u Park
tomorrow afternoon, when it will be
seen in a speed exhibition with a
running horse. The big bird, driven
by Trainer Bob Stewart, ,travels at a
pace that easily eclipses that of the
e fastest trotting or pacing horses
a which have performed pn the local
I tirack, and will doubtless hang up a
I record that will remain unchallenped
t for a long time to come. This com
munity will be the first in the south
to witness this unique exhibition, and
1 it, Is expected a big crowd of specta
tors will be on hand to view the
novel sight.
In addition to this attraction, there
will be two harness races in which
a number of good horses will be en
tered. The program will be started
at 3:30 p. m., and the prices of ad
muission will be 50 cents for ladies
and gentlemen, and 15 cents for chil
Tell 'em you saw it in The Chief.
State of Louisiana-Parish of Ascen
sion-Twenty-Seventh Judicial
District Court,
L. Pauline Wahl
Vs. No. 2211
Widow Simon Landry et als.
B Y VIRTUE OF and in obedience
to an order of seizure and sale,
issued by the above named court in
the above entitled and numbered
cause, and to me directed, I have
seized and taken into my possession,
and will offer for sale at public auc
tion to the last and highest bidder,
according to law, at the principal
front door of the courthouse of the
parish of Ascension, in the town of
Donaldsonville, on
at 11 o'clock a. m., the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
A certain tract of land situated in
the parish of Ascension, state of
Louisiana, on the right bank of the
Mississippi river, at about five miles
above the town of Darrow, measuring
about three-quarters of an acre front
on, said river by all the depth there
to belonging; bounded above by the
Gem plantation, below by the lands
of Mrs. Simon Landry; together with
all the buildings and improvements
thereon and thereunto belonging; be
ing the same property acquired by
the said Simon Landry from Alexan
der Marchand by act before Fred.
Landry, clerk of court, etc., on the
25th day of January, 1898, and which
said act of sale is recorded in Book
of Conveyances No. 39, at folio 330.
Terms and conditions-Cash in
United States currency.
Sheriff, Parish of Ascension.
Donaldsonville, La., July 4, 1914.
._of -_
e United States of America-State of
Louisiana-Parish of Ascension.
a E IT KNOWN, that on this 10th
day of July, in the year of Our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
y fourteen, before me, CALEB C. WEB
k ER, a notary public, duly commis
I sioned, sworn and qualified, within
f anal for the parish of Ascension,
state of Louisiana, and in the pres
s ence of the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally
came and appeared the persons, all
of the age of majority,who have sub
scribed their names hereto, who de
clared that, availing themselves of
t the provisions of the laws of the
state of Louisiana relative to the or
ganization and formation.of corpora
3 tions, they do hereby form a corpora
tion for themselves and those Per
sons who may hereafter join with
them for a period of ninety-nine
years from this date; they shall have
.power to contract, sue and be sued
r in their corporate name; to make and
:use a corporate seal; to hold, re
ceive, purchase and convey under
their corporate paXpe property, both
real and personal; to name and ap
point managers, directors, officers
and' agents as their interest and con
venience may ·require and to dismiss
'thdm at Pleasure; to make and es
'tablish such by-laws for the proper
management and regulation of the af
fairs of the corporation as may be
necessary and proper.
The name of this corporation shall
PANY, and the domicil of said cor
poration shall be in the city of Don
aldsonville, parish of Ascension, state
,of Louisiana, and all citations and
other legal process shall be served up
on the president of the corporation,
and in the event of his absence up
on the vice president.
The objects and purposes for
which this corporation is organized,
and the nature of the business to
be carried on by ft at its domicil or
elsewhere, are hereby declared to
be: To engage in the general con
tracting business for the purpose of
constructing levees, highways, rail
way embankments; to underta-ke
dredging contracts, earth work of all
kinds, ant generally to dq and per
form gll- kings of contractipg work
either by machinery, or otherwise;
to engage in the planting business
'for the raising and cultivation of
crops of sugar, rice, corn and other
produce, and to this end to purchase,
lease apd rent real estate, and to
-generally carry on all business con
nected therewith, and generally to do
and perfqrm all things as are neces
sary and incidental to the purposes
for which this corporation is organ- i
•The capital stock of this corpora
tion shall be the sum of TWENTY
Agent for the Reo and Ford
The Dependable Cars
Reo the Fifth
(Summer Series 1914)
Completely Equipped, Electric Starter
Electric Lights, Etc.
Now $1,175 f. o. b. Lansing, Mich.
REO THE FIFTH attained its distinction by being a better
built car than most makers think necessary. Care and caution
are carried to extremes. All materials are bought under specifi
cations, determined by more than two decades of experience.
Gears are tested to stand 75,000 pounds per tooth. Springs
are tested which subjects them to thousands of bendings.
Each driving part must stand the test for 50 per cent over-ca
pacity. The car has 15 roller bearings costing five times as much
as common ball bearings. It has 190 forgings, at twice the cost
of steel castings, to wipe out the risk of flaw.
This car alone has the Reo one-rod control. All gear shift.
ing is done by one center rod set entirely out of the way. It is
done by moving this rod only three inches in each of four di
SON on his trip from New York to California. The selection was
made because it was considered the safest and most reliable car
for any road, and it proved it.
The car made this trip to the Pacific in SAFETY and RE
TURNED looking as GOOD as when it started on its long jour
ney abroad, clearly demonstrating that it is constructed of relia
ble material.
Ford 1914 Model
Touring Car, $550 Runabout, $500
f. o. b. Detroit, Michigan
The Ford car is too well known to require any introduction.
It is used and known all over the world as the very best car for
the money, the most easy and economically operated, giving as
good servC&cg"~ tia Fbest. It is recognized as the car for-he
business man, the tourist, the doctor, the family, and especially
the ladies.
Donaldsonville Garage
K. A. AUCOIN, Prop.
Notice to Owners of
WAE take this method of announcing to owners of
automobiles that we have leased from Mr. K.
A. Aucoin the REPAIR DEPARTMENT of the
Donaldsonville Garage for the purpose of conducting a
Having several years' practical experience in this line
of work, and being thoroughly familiar with every part
of machinery in a car, we feel confident we can
give you a class of work superior to any you have ever
before received. Cars thoroughly overhauled and made
to be as good as new. We solicit your patronage, guar
anteeing you first-class work at reasonable prices.
Expert Automobile Repairers
LARS, divided into two hundred and
fifty (250) shares of the par value of
one hundred ($100) dollars, which
shall be paid for in money, property
or services rendered said corporation,
and said corporation shall begin busi
ness as soon as ten thousand ($10,
000) dollars of said shares of stock
have been subscribed and paid for.
This corporation shall be managed
and controlled by a board of direc
tors consisting of three stockholders,
two of whom shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of all
business. Said board shall at the
first -meeting of the stockholders of
this corporation, which said meeting
shall 'be held on the 18th day of July,
1914, and annually thereafter on the
second Saturday of July, be elected.
Failure to elect said officers or di
rectors shall not cause a forfeiture of
this charter, but the directors then
in office shall serve until their suc
cessors shall be elected. Said board
at its first meeting shall elect from
their number a president, vice presi
dent, secretary and treasurer. The
office of president and treasurer may
be held by one person. Each slare
of ,stock shall be entitled to one
vote, either in person or by proxy.
Any article of this corporation may
be amended or said' corporation may
beh dissolved by a majority of the
stockholders present at a meeting
held for said purpose, after ten days
notice of which has been given by
letter directed and mailed to each
stockholder at his last known ad
No stockholder shall ever be held
liabe or responsibe for the contract
or faults of this corporation in iJn
further sum than the unpaid balant*
"due the corporation on the sh'r
owned by him, nor shall any erO.'
informality in organization have .ti
effect of rendering this charter:iiill
or exposing a stockholder to any lia
bility beyond the amount of his :un
paid stock.
At thg termination of this eorPo`'
tion its affairs shall be liquidated bY
the board of directors.
The subscribers hereto have:
out opposite their names the W
of shares subscribed by tlhmp ,
this charter shall serve as the- ori
inal subscription list.
Thus done, and passed, at myY o
fice in the city of Donaldsonvi
parish of Ascension, state of IP
ana, on the day, month aid .
first above written, in the presend
of Messrs. C. V. St. Amant and
J. Landry, competent witnesses; i
hereunto sign their names, togethe
with said appearers and me, safid
tary, after due reading of the hole
C. V. St. AMANT,
Notary Pvb4P
State of Louisiana, PariSh of~
cension-I do hereby certify.
above and foregoing to be du1g
corded in Book of Miscellan
Acts No. 7, folio 295 et. seq.
In faith whereof witness mY
and seal of office at DOnaldsontv
La., this 10th day of July, 1914.
Deputy Clerk and Rw

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