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Canton . Mail.
By Telegraph
0aecla of Hob. BcJmmla F. Hill,
m Ceoe-srla. U t" Heewo
WA8HliaT05, Jn 11. In the discussion
of the Amnesty bill, Mr. Hill spoke two
hoars In the most efleottve style, w
AxmilT aBDlanded IT' the M and
galleries. In openingboditclaliiioB all
desire on the part of Dk pen, trews nww
ate from the Booth, nWPeTiJU4Hat
between the sections. Vhe country had at
MdT suffered enough tjom fsBeW dSe and
hi aMiu-iitMhid come Tiers" with the patn
otle idea, to remember nothing but the
annntrr. and the whole country ; and, turn'
log their back upon all the horrors of the
ikrU for the future. Toe gentleman
(Blaine), who is the acknowledged I leader of
the Republican party in the nouevw-vwas
a aspiring leader of the Bejeibllcan.- Arty.
or toe country, nau, nowevrw wjuewnjerj
wise, and seemed detortLlued thatk thi
wounds, which were neiiirgrnoije re
opened, and that tne passions, wnicn were
healing, should be re-inflamed. He (Hill)
wished the House to understand that he and
his associates did not reciprocate either the
purpose or the manifest desire or tne gen
tleman, and while they felt it their impe ra
ti re duty to rinuicate we irutu 01 History
u remrds their section, they did not intend
to say earthing calculated to aid thegentle-
tuat work 01 criuiuativu miu re
elimination, and of keening ud tlie war by
politicians, aiter brare men bare said that
the) war shall end. The gentleman from
Heine had made two points In his speech
the masmanlmitv and grace of the Ke-
lii 1 mIuM1I,
f .4'
ir .race ihj i ssrna-
li srtyV1 W a tarn
tit7 " iigatoetefrato.
r 1 leret) aad sub-
rebels. As to the
did not propose to we
because, with the hist
yet fresh In the mindo e e
useless to speak of the ace lmd
iilmity or tne nepuDii
master ensiarea, win
ehiaed. with society
verted, and with Legist res deposed, too
' people could not afford- adk of trace and
magnanimity. If that were grace and mag
nanimity, be prayed God to sare the-conn-try,
in future, frota such rirtues. The gen
tleman from Maine had made the grave in
dictment against Mr. Davis, that he was
guilty of the murders and crimes at Ander
aonritle, and the gentleman (Blaine) stood
before the country with his rery lame in
peril if, after makingauch a charge, he
failed to prove It. He (Hill) would take up
the gentleman's propositions in their order.
He hoped tnat no one wouiu uomoe tnat
no one would imagine that e r aae to
pass any eulogy on Mr. Davl. nrd
on wnicn nis iminv uiubl i ti t mxi
no. and his companion and fri
mltted that record to the
that would gire an impai
honest posterity. In the in
err of hu could helo it: no
mntlAimn I Blaine) could dai
act or resolution of the House could affect
is. The charge against Mr. Darls was that
bo was the deliberate, willful, scheming
murderer or tnousanas 01 nis ieuow-i
ens. Knowing the high character ant)
station or the gentleman from Halne, be
(Hill) bad supposed, when he beard that
charge fall from his lips, that he had cer
tainly made a recent a
toned for the evidence
Nothing bat a partial
atonal Committee. To
smluaivelr ex Darts testimony taken while
too - genii em aa now on trial before the
conn try was in pri&ll, milium a laailugi
ami without the opportunity for a hearing.
If there was any principle held sacred in
the Anglo-Saxon mind, it -was that an
Englishman was not to be condemned
amUl he should be confronted with bis
witnesses: but the testimony jrai
imir m-m nub. but was mutilate
mutilated most adroitly mutila e, racUt.
he is a wonderful witness. Laughter. But
the great questiou is, at last, wno was re
sponsible for this state of things? and Hint
is reallr the onlr imnortant Question. Mr.
Hill went on to discuss the history of the
exchange of prisoners, dwelling on tlie met
that the cartel, wnicn was estauiisnea in
1862, was interrupted lit 1863, and that the
Federal authority refused to continue the
f At this point in the debate Mr. Hill's
time expired, but, by unanimous consent,
he was allowed to proceed without any lim
itation as to time. I
Mr. Blaine asked him whether he had not
been a member of the Confederate senate?
Hill replied that he bad been. Blaine then
Droceeded to quote a resolution, ofi'ered in
the Confederate Congress by Senator Hill.
of Georgia, to the following effect: '-That
every person pretending to be a soldier or
officer of the United Suites who shall be
captured on the soil of the Confederate
States after the 1st of January ,1863 shall be
presumed to have entered the territory of
the Confederate States with intent to incite
insorreettoa and to abet-omriier,," and -ebot
Lmnioas satisfactory proof do adduced a tbe
tested against the revival of this history of
horror. - - ,
Garfield hoped the sanie fraternal fueling
would follow the forty maimed union sol- j
dier who had recently left their places'
around the House.
A discussion punned on tills point which
iieveiopea me loiiowing ngures: in one-
liundred and tilty-three subordinate posi
tions in the last House, eighteen were filled
by union soldiers, of the eighty-five posi
tions in me present nouse, twenty-six were
filled by union soldiers, this from the Dem
ocratic side. The Republican side claims
that In the bouse postofflce nine union sol
diers were dismissed and their places filled
by nine confederate soldiers.- '4-
Uarncld proceeded to discuss the ex
change of prisoners and gave a detailed his
tory of the onuses of the suspension of the
exchange. He claimed that the general
point of the- difficulty - was- the -determi
nation of the confederate government and
people, which excluded from the common
rules OT war the oHtOers and then of negro
regiments, ho -said tne outset of the out
toarille had, there fair, been to breakdown
oo i.tr ry oeiore me -military awurt B-rroreato soldiers, so at When exchanged
Which bjsirtel shall be had, W thall taflVf; tbaf (rould be rahrSese. Tit aeeAied lneoB
death.; fit asked HU1 tfhetliet lie Wat tL trorefttble Uat tho cord oddueed on that
author tvf that resoliltioaJ Sill wiasT I sueVOt wsatrucao Jeffesatia DorUtbarln
to the goatleman frota Mawe, very traWv.
that I hare not the slightest recollection o!
bearing it beiore Blaine sou do pot deny
It? Hi8-f dovofrknot .Myowir-oiatalon,
is that I nevefw the4mthorkf thati-reso
lution : out 1 have no recollection of it. If
the gentleman can give me the circum
stSacoauiaaleriich At woantroduoad;
nrar ndtohec Ua aaMM M 1st. ot Oc
tober, 1st the Jpdlatry Committee oftMie
UHivciwimiini .maueB report muu
oreVwMriok of- ttutioasi and thor-
upon Senator WiHJ of Georgia, is recorded as
narlnar ottered tne resolution wnicn l nave
just read. Hill I was Chairman of the Ju
diciaryanotattae ineoteonace, jm very
ngeiy, iiKe tne cuairmm en mo uommiueo
on Rules at the last session, I may hare con
seated to that report. Laughter ist he
expense of Mr. Blaine.
the gentleman admit that be made
-.p" "I'lT tpi- - kjiaw.. put
V w
S l
if -teqit
ue, no o-
ck it
it is rery likely. Derisive laughter on the
Republican side. J Blaine The copy which
I bare f pted from is entltl- -iublican-ism
in J p erica. I wish f l f whether
the a-enl eman was the af . t J. tnat res
olution Hill I really f recollect.
a tbl ... can side.
inej frsisY Tnt ea Iman does
w-m un n wr m u, lor 01 il
wiine4 hot .the go sen's effort
top w tkarsa) o cnaraereroi tne vXn
rat Congress sis might a'thim in re-
saembei g the fa) a Hill Vi Jj due def
fstonco 0 the aen' anan. he adid not think
aa as I thing, f oughter.l .Ho thought
BO wol ) eivert A .from tne purpose of
av a. .otnent. a.Alne. aaotogetical r
un, no - xne gentleman can nave au tne
tiane be wants- Hill What mesaures tbe
Confederate Gor'tment might hare thought
proper to taite at tne time, to protect tne
women and children of the Confederacy
from insurrection, I do not recollect; but
1 shall not De dtrertea Dy tue gentleman
from Maine, from the course of my argu
ment, to go into the history of slavery, or
ot tne insurrection, or oi John Brown's
raid. I know this: that whether I, or any
other gentleman on tlie committee, was the
aathorof the resolution,nd which I think
mora ibh Biruuaarv, ewr purposo waa opo
to do ti itioo w- anr maiw wnaaaat
Nn-child f ft fTihtb, bat to adopt what
r - if ft measarea toaroteot
.od 4 en fro us servile insunV
on ausr-oioiu,tr, while out brave sof
pv -t(c av. i j a jtiu passeaf'i
rciwo-enoexbrts ortaavaVtrtifederate rm
ernment to get rid of tbeir prisoners, and
i , . .1 . 1. 1 i u r li. i ; t. i
couciuueu bins uraucu ui uis suujeub uy say-lB-nll
the atrocities, both atvAnder-
sibilities or blame. But tbe South is bete,
and here she intends to remain. Enthu
siastic demonstrations on the Democratic
s&fFlB tlisfiitwies.'. LeU-taaatlcisoV
tsr forsCt4ef k jiass Bs i nwutf
the coasciou author, of the terrible
workTU ABQersoHrnie, the Amerlcsn neo
pie sUll believed him unfitted to be admitted
anions' tbeJesritfotar of thavnatlosu . t
Ht BlMatesrlU.sBMiik an lur.oanerrow-,,)
wnen tne previous question win De called.
W ashinqto!, D. C., Jau. IS. The ml.ita
r eotumtusal-of tlienate Vill resort fa
vorably on he nomliwloniof Mc4eely a
ajsamissary-GeneVMi ThaH Hoase- call
committee vVs prosbstig. i: ii
TTfco t,o.I.lm.a He.tmlor.hlp.
- JSmr bai-EAjie. Jan. 12.
paaicanHByu in (lie etoetiotj pt jausomt. a be
proceeaings are regarded as Informal, the
hiiat& natltAvlnflr ukh to an elpoilnn
tetadeited rtattlon fMtUsw.sai 90 f
vacancy, jusus nceivea vo voces one
more than was necessary to elect 63 Rep
lesentailifs nutria OmiaUiis utiiig fer him.
TtntsDAT, Jan. 11, 1876.
I.icut.-Gov. Davis (col.) In the chair.
Absent, 2 Messrs. Callicot and Sullivan,
both sick. ,
By Mr. Reynolds : To extend the privi
leges of the Senate to Hon. J. M. Acker.
' Messrs. Mendenhall and Griffin gave no
tice of introduction of bills.
Messrs. Taylor, Foote, Johnston and Rey
nolds, -chairmen, reported -billa- from their
By Mr. Thompson : Resolved, That a com
mittee ot three, consisting of Messrs. Few-
eft, Morgan and Everett, be appointed to
Inquire into and investigate the charges al-
egea DV tne pudiic press acainst LI. li. He
dure. State Senator from the Fifb Henato
rlai District tiud committee to, report, as
soon as-practieable, whether said : JlcClure
,aaa n gouty or ub oiTinnea, or If be
Is of 0p charsottr ttiat hi btpg a member
of th fenatodetra ,ot Iho honor or
diitnl mf tb b ; Vnd that mid com.
WStonaorW'ltoeorisldai! tnoias
iuiiuu waico is now penning, .
m The Secretary of State reported that Mis
f4asc ession "to provide for submitting
to toe electorcertalii constitutional amend
ments" and 'to incorporate the Southern
Bank at Oxford." had become laws nnder
aectlwa, Article IT, Of tbo COnstUution.
Mr Sims offetod Joint rotototioo 1a re
lation to the election- of the United States
Senator, whiab was made the special order
or neoBesaar atll.ooiocK. r a r-v.
Mr. Allen, tin' th -part of ttxHT Senate.
cnairman 01 the select committee to inves-
-JXwalye SeBatorsl tigatethe vote on the constitutional amend
ments, reponea sne same as mat in tne
Hoase, (see House Proceedings).
The announcement of the election by Sena
tor Blackburne and Speaker Estellett was
loudly applauded by the dsowd in the iral-
lerits. Senator Blackburn stated that he
wanted to leave no lurtlief excuse to the
U. S. Senate to leave Lout dans oat, after
JUMawaaa; Kay, nahbaot: and Starr bad
a get in. inotibaex was present in
. oao daring tbo ele n. It Is stated
If aA.-Gof . Aatotoa . I yefusa to siga
d 1 cr-tifHte of- Stttis' t action. Xusti
4ri ttl JWhaaierfCompi anise, li f
! Tht bhl and gallerv of t,he House f were
soil Saf Duetoia at she oneninir of that
Mwy, mmj, a mio.huiu .piwinieo sor tne
lulkia. Oule. IL S-iPrnafnr-th. rnimrtillM
aocempanied by stwree KtoablicanT
memuers 01 tne oenate, ureen, lilacKDurne
and Alexander, made their appearance upon
thar dooeea the. Houter coming from the
Speaker's' room where they had been in
waltrnsr. - After some ctlMusslon. the Sneak
er called Senator BlRkburne to tbe cbair.
and tbe roll of tbe SeJtte was called, the
Conservative Senators and three Republican
members answering to their names. Subse
quently a rote was bad and Mr. Eustis re
ceived,, 75 rotes, which is a majority of the
votes ot the General As 'xbiy of tbe State.
Blackburne. jUseen and -sder exnlain-
ed tbeir rotaav After the too as annunced
by tlio -Sueaker-Eustls 74, 7 Uaferro 1
Senator Blackburne rose k. .-id : "By the
right IxJtod in me as reptesewag the Sen
ate In (be Jolrt. session, I announce (bat
lion. J. B. Sast ts-oloft. Senator to
'pnif al weaso as)hoaaa.l
SXIhrexLutlon itafi.H
ban offered aeommutatlon of hUt encejf Iff fr1
ho would implicate Mr. Davia. V tVei, Z-'V
P fJ 11 i tit 4v.r.V ax
mff sent the 8t to Of Louain." fc- j 1 .
Jack Johnson, a colored 'longshoreman,
fell into the rirer to-day. from the stairino
Oorcmaor Isuswarairatedl.
Asiif APfxjB, Jn.,12.Woha Lee Carroll
was Inausfuratod as OoTera or to-day. The
oath of cifltee waa at ministered by tiie4
ifXtT tnknwKi an the Oonatimtieo,! oa 01 onrae wans anuunisu
aWeglietbe pTedgeovof the faba,aioKoH,ailUco B?1??1-, c Jrr'1
mirlii nn nnr nennlp- multlnlr Infllirnltim ar.o OI muepcouence. I
until thoir h.ll he like the at.ni nt hnavn Governor of tlie State twelve Droorietarr
or the sands oTThyseasTiOie -WltllUUt num. and aolonitl flflwnnr'i hieing , prereded ,
per, but know this : that for all your inlq- I tne urai ntate governor, many ladles and
remedy In the madaosotaioaerItaiioilH
Renewed applause. We are here ; we are ara, oi Delaware, uennrr-w Marynrrrtr,-r
in our father's house : one brothers are our nu mayor jatrooe, 01 Baltimore, ine oanu
tbaAotaOil! I fi vul ue acaueuiy iumisnea tne mu-
I r -i ft v5 J lito-Iity, fuirLl
lohnoanJth l.tles OUT I, of
answer to bis counsel (nr. or Jywast
Vnn know that I have alwars I ltd that
I do not know anything aboVt-J7 esoavf r
Xavis. He bad no connection wtsiiej.to 1
Wbat was aone as Aauersonvuie. x wouiu
wot become a traitor against him, or any
body else, even to sare my life." But, said
Kr. BUI, what poor Welrz, within two
boars of his execution, would not say for
bit lire, tne geuuemau 1
the country, for the sestooiju
ensrit,I lreu-.iapeak oitttM Ateety if. jrauoau tcyuea 1 Vr. -UL..iJ-Vrr..V1::''.rj beginii.lt
hurjtnlty h 4 I Stiv- that be peooef to wove tne irerioiis-qiiiBS-1 7? . " ' TiT Re sol
, j u -. 1 nnt u 111 hud it OwiiU doKd. RlnUe 1 hwi,,.,
ttanitr is a falsehood.
1 H.aHnn la -hmiL nr tl
make a false cbargj-a " a m tasi. jevor
guUty of willful m 4W eVM WimA 1 vAttt On
to argue that on the logle of Mr. Blaine's
aweecb. holding Mr. Davis responsible for
toe acts of Mr.. Winder, President Grant
might be held responsible for tbe acts of
McDonald and Joyce, aod he asked whether
If r. Blaine meant to establish a rule of con
etructioa that would authorize the country
to arraign President Grant for complicity
la tbe whisky frauds t Wat Mr. Grant re
sponsible, be asked, for the Credit Mobilier,'
Jot the Sanborn Contract, or for the frauds
In the District of Columbia f And yet Mr.
Orant bad absolutely sent to the Senate of-j
the united states loreonnrmation iarasuga
ofitoe the name of a man (alluding to Mr?
Alexander Record,- of Washington,) who
stood cbargeil with the grossest peculation
and frauds on this District, after tne charges
bad been made, and while they were pend
,Ang. He (Hill) was neither tbe author nor
COSQWipivoi luvu puii.iuavi lug it; , uui ti
the gentleman's (Blaise's) proposition
by the same logic. Genera) Grant, instead
of being entitled to a third term, woe en-4
utlad to twenty terms in twenty peniten
tiaries, f Laughter. I Extract whatever Congress that was the question,
horrors had existed at Arideranvtire,'"anu"T "Mr.TSarfteld then proceeded with his story
not one or tuem could De attributed to a
ingle order ot the Confederate Govern
ment, and that erery one of them grew out
of the necessity of the occasion, which ne
c ratify was fastened on the Confederates by
the conduct of the other side, He challeged
Mr. Blaine to meet him face to face, and fact
to fact, in the disenwion of the question, do-'
c taring that the time was peat wbea tbe coun
try could accept the impudence of assertion
for the force of argument, or the recklessness
of statement for tbe truth of history, Mr.
Hill read some articles concerning the pris
on at Elm Ira. Piatt, of New York, asked
Mm who was the author of the letter. Hill
replied be did not know. . Piatt declared, as
liring within 36 miles of Klmlra, that the
statements were unqualifiedly false. Mr.
Bill, after reading from Surgeon-General
Barnes the ratio was 12 per cent, of Con
federate prisoner! in Federal hands died,
aod lees than 9 per cent, of Federal prison
ers In Confederate hands; and, my friend,
addressing Blaine, with great emphasis,
woo is tbe murderer f 'I would believe
Burgeon-General Barnes in preference to
amy politician over there. Tlie gentleman
Piatt) says he lires 30 miles away from
lmira. Perhaps be could have smellod
tbe small-pox that fsr. He certainly could
not hare seen it, and I renture to say that
If tbe small-pox was at the prison cam p, no
poe could have gone nearer than 30 miles,
tetir W Hom..' 4- tmtUlk or
on the amnesty4 hilt was tbu medico-day,
Garfield having the right to tbe floor. Mr.
loowfd dowo- pon the Soeao, aad ft Is pro.
ansxtnat no jons Driiiiaoti niaiago aaa
gaUereun.4 ae4d chamber alncer tfcersa
Gewtee VaMnf en reaivwd bore hl tom-1
mawion a v cemanaar-eMer of ,th
t American army, Dec. afc 11134 ' . .4 S ii '
Wood inquired regarding tbe length of the
debate, remarking tuai quite a nuinoer 01
tegth of the debate, f tying ten thousand
1 001
Valmed that uodef tbe rales be, and
Moduli nod btratrat or tne-jneor, out
Sneaker would decide 'when the occas1
came, and fserfleld proceeded. He depre
cated the speeches of the Opposition
as au arraighment of the . adininlst
tration of the country ." Tbe speech of
Mr. Hill arraigned7 net tbe Republi
can party alone, but arraigned . twenty
five millions of people; arraigned the histo
ry of the Republic; arraigned everything
t h . f a. 8 ivlntiiniia In it.mconl.and htfltmnrl
worthy in It achkvments. fje should try 1
to be responsive BO taotioints made Of tbe
genttomaa from (JVorffa; he did not desire
toJid Jefferson Davnt responsible for tbe
reoeltlon; he did not believe in the'Seetrlne
of Vicarious attonement in human affairs.
Jefferson Davis was no more quilty than
any other man who went tato the rebellion
with equal light ant Intelligence. ', f, ,1 "
The u ues'iou whether be, who-Va" the
bead of the rebellion, participated in the
dread court of war; whether in appeal-
wai ortveated from-entering thertownikv
Egtotlan -eoldlers. for whtoh the vo ni
IIISUUl-HITi A ileitis, unu ClISKICU III 111111 11 1 1 11
Brava, when the Egyptian omcerotopolo
gized before the cbiels of the town.
.' -"i. .
Ifaw Orlkans, Jan. 12. Sugar dull;
common 65; fair to fully fair 6J
ril prime to choice 77Jj ; oiola&se, ter
meattng, qooted S23t according to eual-
.boiled. 40. Floor, common 4(i $& supefi
o ; double, a. AAA. 14 ou&a 75 ; eboice
sowo 60. uoj-n ru iMW.au urue mwv' sjorn
quiet; white and mixed 6556 ; yellow 66.
uats in good supply, demand moderate; bt,
with regard to Mr. Davis were truiy- theni tog to war, he observed the, laws ef "war;
wuemer a- so rutiatea tne taws;ot mat
high- trlomal -at that he did not deserve
permission to come dsck to nis place la
of Andersonviile, the appointment of Gen
Winder, as- commissary ot all prisons and
prisoners throughout tlie Confederacy. He
challenged any Democratic' member from
tbe neighborhood of Elmira, Camp Doug
lass, or Fort Delaware, to rise and say that
any iuhamaoity badbeen perpetrated. there
No Democrat wonld do so. He denounced
tbe assertion.' as fearfully jans awfully
untrue.'. : ; ' - .' - . i j. .
Mr. Hill dlseMiaied any purpose of charg
ing inhumanity on anybody . be only read
the letter from New York asevldence of
the cruelties' Inseparable from' prison life,
and be had found the statement by acci
dent; that tbo official records showed the
relative mortality to be greater -among
Southern prisoners than among-Northern
A member asked if he charged that the
mortality among Confederate prisoners at
tbe North was owing to cruelty.
Hill said, rl do not undertake to say what
the mortality on either side was attributa
ble to. I say -that it was, attributable to
those horrors inseparable from prison life
anywhere, and 1 intended lu my point
against striving to work up those horrors
of the past to keep alive that strife which
oiightto be buried." f A pplause. 1
He alluded to the mutual decoration of
graves in the South, and said that it was
because pf that glorious feeling that be pro
All referred.
By Mr. Thompson : To amend Paragraph
.1031). Code of 1871: also to repeal the act to
aid Vicksburg & Nashville" Railroad." "
By Mr. Fewell : To provide for the ap
proval oroPHsiai Donas.
By Mr. Letts: To amend Section 861,
Code of JkT"V -:
By Mr, i. "iidl : To repeal the act to
receive payat-eot of wages for labor, etc., ap
proved April a, 1872. " .-
' By Mr-Sims: To designate legal holidays.
; By Mr. Stone: That a standing committee
or thrro sfnaarn Catcfednflfm. MnMan mnri
Vilroreti be appointed oh lerees ; adopted.
ttr at aoote: n or tne reuei ei ir, v .
F. Hopklna. - ;
Bf Mr.McCaskill : A resolution providing
for a committee to inrestijrate all act alter-
iqaf, repealing or amend ine the Code of 1871,
and to report; and to whom alt bills of like
nature snail be referred ; referred to tne
Judiciary Committee.
By Mr. Thornton : To make an appropri
ation to defray the expenses of the Legisla
and suggested Mr. Vaiden as chairman,
which was accepted.
Mr. Cessor (col.) objected to the mode of
appointing the committee.
Mr. Tison moved that Mr. Cessor's name
be substituted for the last name on tbe com
M r. Drake moved to refer to a special com'
mitteeof five; carried. Committee Messrs
Drake, Vaiden, Tison, Hall and Cessor.
Mr. Dabney introduced a resolution pro
viding tor a six nours session, xaoied
By Mr. '. Featherston To appropriate
moner 10 support tne 11011 v SDrinir nor
mal school ; referred. .,
Mr. Tison, (chairman) reported the bill
to authorize the Boards of Surtervisors
ascertain the indebtedness in their counties.
with amendments. The committee amend
ments were adopted and the bill passed.
(See synopsis elswhere) The committee on
ascertaining the amount and extent of the
work in the hands of tlie public printer are
aessra-uuinrie, tfiount and Hussey.
The Auditor of Public Accounts sent in
hit report.
tfessrs. McJfalr, Meade 'and Leigh, chair
men or committees, maae reports.
The ni to repeal the whisky .IsW'Was
boss no witaoui opposition.
Vaf r;Herpea, chairman, made a report from
uis committee
The bill to repeal tbe District Printing
aw was cunsiuerea at lengto, amenqea ana
msseu. . . . . . . '
Messrs. 'Stone, of the Senate.'' anrl Vr
1 ison, of tbe House, reported from the Coin
m it tee on Joint Rules, and recommended
the adoption of ioint rules of 1871: received
H. Barksdale. chairman of the committee
to iarestlfate the rote on the constitution
al amendments, cast at the November ele-
tion, reported: "For members of tbe Legis
lature there- were cast 166,635 votes: for
The committee's substitute for the Mar
riage License Bill was considered at lencth.
amenooa ana passea. r'r-,.-
The bill to repeal au act regulating ofll-
claaetirui ll wmepsoicame nil. an1 n is nasi I
amendment to Section 17,'Articie VI, 129,083,
voces: ror amenament to Mention LitMi
Tin. mifiiv votes t ids amendment to sec
tion a. Article -A.1 Li ii.6t8rotes. . Sfecc
ry to adoption of any amendment 773184
vum: wnicn snows Tnat tne amendment
reeeTvThg the lowest number ot tniw na.
ceived 4,wi more rotes than were aeoeesa-
nr OAr-ttn ulantlAn.n . .
r --.":! - (iT'ifl -.-(; ,,i
' By Kr. Barksdale: A concurrent resota
tioa inserting in the Cotstltutiou (he
amendments adopted by the people at' the
last election; adopted. ' t
By Mr. Percy : A petition' from citizens of
Coahoma on the levee taxes; referred. Also
a resolution instructing the Committee on
Penitentiary to inquire Into the labor con
tracts of that institution whether' they
have been violated or not, and whatetena, if,
any, should be taken in regard to them;
adopted. .: ... , . . ... , ... ..
By Mr. Turley : A joint resolution pro.
riding for furnishing members with the
Code of 1871, which, after being amended,
upon motion of Mr. Muldrow.. reouirinaf
members to receipt to. the Seeretay of Stale
ana to return books upon adjournment, was
adopted. '' '
Mr. Hall was excused from servlntr on
the Revenue Officer Investigating Commit
tee, ano jnnepigDi wag aaaea. . ! !
-1 Mr. Yellowley was granted leave of ab
aence. , - ... -. i ,:
whole matter Jras recommit ted
The billon toe office of Commissioner of
Immigrattoti Was reported vfthe com
mittee, and ordered engrossed- Bod went
over uuu' nuea. v.
1 . In'tedV
bsu- -is si she I nrlif
nr Jtr. aims. srr. catcninirs was
request relieved from the chairmanship of
o air
aavATK Blue.
S. B. To repeal the second section of the
Revenue Act, approved April 2d, 1876;
S.B. To repeal the act authorizing the
appointment of special revenue collectors;
passea. -
S.B. To abolish County Attorneyi ; passed.
S. B. To regulate legal advertising; :
passed. .
S.B. To empower chairmen of commit"
tees to administer otths; passed. -
S. B. To repeal the Galling gun law of
1676; passed.
Tbe Senate joint resolution in relation to
porters, watchmen, etc., about tbe Capitol ;
passed. House Committee: Messrs. Spigbt,
Trice and Jones (col.) of Issaquena. . .. . .
I!--'' '
All referred. ' " ' i ,
'By Mr. Jacobs (col) : To amend the mu.
nue law so as to make taxes payable In . .
money. - "t
- By Mr. Meade To amend the annnrrlnn.
ment law of the State.
By Mr. McNalr: To fix the aataMM or
oounty Superintendents of ftdueatton.
By Mr. Jenkins. To mUsm tt. mm-m,:
of Madison. :.. , - . " .
-By Mr. Pound:' To prevent the carrying '
Of concealed weapons.
By Mr. Vaugban fcol.) : To rednea the .
expenses of the public schools.
Br Mr. Jacobs feol.t- Toamanrt tha alw. .
tlon laws. .
, By Mr. Cochran : To change the mode of '' '
registration of voters. ; i,v- .; .
! By Mr. Johnson, of Itawamba: To amend
section 2,143, Code 1871, in relation to ex T"
emotion. n ,
iBy Mr Byrd, of Lawrence: To amend the
!rttiration . - - :
aidercd atlrogth. 4: t.l1 rfi
mr.eewemomrea a suostii--- ana tne r - B w. G..tt . Ta te - .nnronrfa-
Ewts.- mp ucii s . uitj epeuss u& wiie Liegis-
Br Mr. PercTt To rerjeal' an act in reia.
foo te the support and control of the penlrr
My Mr. Jarnagiu;- For the6 relief of Mat
etfBarkin. I t; r ;
By Mr. Oayden : To repeat section 4 of
the committee on Federal Relations, am
feteoU Oriented ni atead. She Senate
jrlr. hr Irnti m 1st. ' - A A
Mir; Sftaster Street In me cliirljr
idwneatboll-v l PreeemlW; abspn10 vj f, A
deration of Indepcddenee, and Is the7thf 5rfeM,, , r,' raPlv v &
Mr. Jones, of Hinds, was granted leave
to be recorded in the affirmative on tbe
ciiffiatfrttrirrrLetiffl'i imtnuau luuiutiuu.
and Mr. Edwards (col) was granted
the Labor Wage set. ' uiii ui "rn-.!
Bv Mr MoCoaoalck's To. oahle.Mra- M.
JL. Waits. to s he eertaln devises, etc.
By air. Johnson, or Itawamba; To nx
the price of the Code oflgfl.i- '"
By Mr.Tbker-.. To cbaogo.ithe Atrdeof
cnictjunur iMving iiwrcnxiOBr ires sea.
: BwVrv Stobbene iTo aseend section 1,907.,
I By Mr. Tison; To omeod'.the act Incor
porating Tupelo. Bbannon and aaituio. ' '
By Mr Drake r For tbe relief of Rer.'A.
record his name In the negative
-fiv.Mr. Clifton : That the use of the Hall
oe granted to utiss Jeannie r atterson tor
Wednesday erening. Adopted.
Pm&r. Feaiir8tojiha44he-AjieaIn-OW.
Ingfi habeaLrL-rfm-
ploy a Jerk. 4.teM
Bran, sunnlv
dewrafld tairt sales SS. Hayiiae
; amies AU prime at .HfJ19. rb;
quoted, round lots 21. Dry salt
Louis 41(6:44; Galena 43.
meats, demand good: sales ot shoulders at
7Ji8; no clear sides on hand. They would
command 11- ?Bc? fit good 'sfcrnand ;
shoulders 10)i; ieartib sides 12 ; clear
sides' 13; hams quferrhd gteady ; choice su
gar cured 14 U,. Lard, refined scarce;
tierce paikersquotodat,.12i(12Jj. re
fined 134; keg liTbucket 14airCoffee
fair, local demvid firmer; ordinary low
16Jim4 ; fair to prime 1819. Whisky
rectified scarce, demand fair; Louisiana
aDd Western 1 121 13. Gold, 13 ; tight,
quarter-discount for sterling; bank 6 44
552, J . i"Z'-
'' New OaiEANai'ao. i 2. Cotton demand
fair; middling t; low middling -11 V;
good ordtary 10W; net receipts 6.860 ; gross,
7128; exports to Great Britain 4,760; Coast
1,720; sales, 6.0O0; tbe quotation for , mid-
oiing yaoseruayi aaosua uave dbbu iz?a,
Naw-YoRK, Jan. ll. Gold opened:
Stocks active. : Money a 6. Gold 12JX-
change, long, 484 i short, 488i. Uovero
menu, anil. State bonds quiet aad strong.
Cotton dull ; sales; 3,720 bales; uplands 14J ;
Orleans 13 6-16. Futures opened quiet, Jan
uary, 1313 l-16;Febmary, 13 5-32 13 8-16 ;
March, 13 7-16;l3 15-32; April, 13 21-32-
13 11-10: May, 13 27-3213 29-82; June,
14 1-I6al4 11-10.. Fl nr quiet and steady
Wheat tinner. Cons dull, unchanged. Pork
unchanged, 2Q75. Lard heavy, steam, 12.
New York. Jan. 12. The money market
is easy at 4(tt5. Gold 12'4(gl2Ji. Govern
ments dull and steady. Cotton dull.
LiVBKPOot, Jan. 12. Noon Cotton dull;
middling uplands 6 13-16; Orleans 7 1-16;
sales, 12,000. j. . -
Iwdox, Jan. J J.yoon Street fate 4.
Bv J ir.Vi
be,auls hes
into j Tre
fines, 1 buor
be an)
4 J"id
isi from
to :Tb urn State
lf iotai -ep
lot ol tde inAl fai
tw as a oefnetaal fua
pes,eo4s"euroes; how
1 W aantoi platen, has
to l;ta.ri boode. and
with whom tbe bonds are deposited ; how
much, if any, of the interest of said fund
he been used for school niu-poees, and Jn
wj kt locality it has been ua I. h i
ic. jie report lae
nootvfrosn the
to datei I )f;3 t ..' r. A i
iraiefi a srooosiat t)f tlie jtontwet ofl
leeeeej oouyiee lat eg ore area tne bepee-1
itsa in sae-faasorers; ones, eefcl report!
-emoroeinarrnmanioxienoasor leejsor K
uy Mr. rowen concurrent .Resolution
That whereas, section 131, Code of 1871, re
quires the Auditor and other State officers
to snake reports to the Legislature;
t Besolved. That a committee of three on
the part of the House and on the part
of the Senate, be appointed to wait upon
the Auditor and other State officers, to as
certain when such, reports will be made.
Adopted,-: y; - ,- .,,-- '?,.
Committee On nart of the House : Mefiara.
Powell, Spigbt and Parro us.
'- By Ma, Xocksr : That the privileges of
the House be-extfiajed, to 'Gen. S. J. G hoi
son, while in the city. Adopted
The bill to prevent trafficking in cotton
iaod corn came np under the rules. Mr.
wraae ouereu an amendment, nr. Jarna--4n
moved to .go into Committee of the
Whole, which was done, with Mr. Amacker
in the chair. The bill was considered at
some length In, the Committee, and was
reporeeu uaca to tnenouse, witnout recom
mendation, upon which Mr. Turley moved
to recommit to the'JudlclarV Committee:
carried. -'
The Private Secretary reported the appro
ral of the bill to Drerent-the Dohlioation. of
the official Journal in a dail v newanaoer:
Lateo the joint resolution abolishing the office
or xKisiauve jrostmaster... : ; a
y Mr. vaioen: vt jiereas. It has been
rw ucpu,j, an lubcrui jsevenue eiscer 01
tbe Federal Government, in the tiiaehanrn
of his official detiesla the Counties of Amite
ano c-iae, wee eostrueted, hindered and for
bidden i the exercise of tbo same", and
forced to flee tor safety ; and that said func
tionary appealed to the Secretary of War
lor relief, and opoo said appeal troops were
furnished him : aad, ( -
Whereas, It Is the duty of all 'good' citi
zens to respect the laws and authority of
tlie Federal Government and the acts of its
officers; therefbre be It ' '
Resolved, That a committtee of five, to
wlt: Messrs. Featherston, Percy, Hudson,
Leigh and South worth, be, and are hereby
appointecHorollv investiarata auch nhflnrea
of said official, and if not founded on fact,
report me same to in is House with a memo
rial to said Federal authorities to withdraw
said troops.
Mr. Featherston stated that as he was al
ready chairman of two Important commit
tees be coqld not properly attend to more,
f 1, Hunnlcutt,
f -.V..!l I 'll.
By Mhi'badsontTe promote humanity
and rellero the affiicted ; . indefinitely , post
ooned. Also to rive an adeouate remedy in
certain cases of tresspast'; also to better en
force the crlmmal taws. u 1 " '...1
By Mr. Pouad: To change he boundary
lines of Unioa county. , -,.,.,'..
By Mr. Powell: To fix the compensation
for legal advertising. ' !"
By Mr. Jarnagin : To ' reduce the' pay of
tlie Commissioner of Immigration. ; '
By Mr. Byrd. of FrankUu : (n gelation to
justices 01 tne treace.,, ,:
..11 t 11:. i
' J WkBnespaV,' Jajn.'lZ, 1876.' ''
-Gov, Davis (col.) in the chair ; absept
triroe., .
The Auditor pf Public Accounts submit
ted his report: ' -' 'i- !:; .-.!;
i Messrs. Graham and Catchings gave no
tice of in traduction of bills. ,
.Messrs, Taylor Graham, Fitzgerald and
Reynolds, chairmen, made reports. ' '- - '
By Mr. Mendenhall : To reduce the sala
ries of county. Superintendents, of Educa
tion, i . .. , ' . . . !
The bill to amend the. act to create the
office' of Commissioner of Immigration;
passed. ,;; - : ' .-.- 1-
Mr. Sims asked leave to withraw his reso
lution en the Senatorial election, granted.- -
Mrj Thompson's resolution to, Investigate
Mr. McClure's case came np.
Mr. Stone offered the following: substi
tute: ; ' ' ' r i'. . -
Be it Resolved That a com mitteeof three,
consisting of Messrs. Fewell, Morgan and
Everett, be, and is hereby appointed, to in
vestigate tbe charges alleged against tbe
Hon. H. B, McClure, Senator from the 6th
District ; said committee to report the result
of such investigation to the Senate at as
early a day as practicable, by resolution, or
other ise ; and that said committee have
power to send for persons and papers.
Messrs.' Barry, Fewell, Taylor, Johnston
and Stone, favored ; Mr, Pratt opposed.
Mr. Everett moved the previous question,
and the resolution was adopted.
By Mr. Graham To take u p H. B. ' for
the relief of taxpayers. Carried. - , ;
Mr. Johnston moved to amend so that
damages already collected should be refund
ed. Tabled.. . , - '"
Br Mr. Reynolds : ' To amend bv striking
out Sections one, three, four and five; tabled
yeas 23, nays 10. . r -.1 , -..
sir. Alien movea tne previous questiou.
Mr. Everett moved to table, the bill; lost,
and the bill passed.
Vais Allen, Barry, Carter, Catchings,
Fewell. FitzGerald. Foote. Furlong, Gra
ham, Griffin, Hooker, Johnston, McCasklll,
Mendenhall, Metts, Morgan, uiuuam. fratt,
Sims, Smith, Stone, Taylor, Terry, Thomp
son, Thornton 25.- "
Navs Albright, lverett,uray, ueynoius,
Shirley, Stewart, Tuttle 7. -
Mr. Taylor moved to reconsider aud ta
ble. .Adjourned. ' ;
regttiration laws.
' By Mr. Featherston : To nmrldi fop Ui. '
payment of costs in criminal cases.
By Mr. Jarnagin : To orovldefor the mv. -
ment of cost in criminal esses. -
' Bv.Mr. Lester : Tn amenrt UKllnii (TTl
chapter 8, Code iffl.".'!' -
aty Mr. Dabnes : To. amend the execution
awaorMississiDOi.' ' " -
2j Mr Dabney : To repeal section 2,211,;
code 1871. ...
By Mr. Clav : In tecrard to the vMiiiii)i
of County Treasurers. -
BV Mr.- SbelbV t la relatioo to the navlora. '
Uoniof Bogue Phalia. .
By Mr. Gibson : To confer certain nowers'
on tbe Boards of SnuerVisors of Prentiss
county. f.. ,.,7, . T
By Mr. Powell : To amend the act estab
lishing the fees of certain offices. .
' BV Mr. Hilunii . . Pd.ll.i, .a ,V.n
of the poor. .
Br Mr. Byrd, of Franklin : For the relief
of W. 8. P. Claneleton. M. L. AldHrle-P. .T.
. Johns. T. J. Scott and H. C. rTiiff wirh '
By Mfi Neilson : To'enceuraira the nun.
facture of wine.
By Mr. Crosland: To amend aeetion 9.4fifi.
Code of 1871. tn relation to tinnltnir. ' -
By Mr. Hall o amend, section 871, Code. .
of 1871, in relation to persons upon whom
fines, forfeitures, .penalties, etc-, have been
imposed.'. 1 M hi': ,ti ,i . ; ( : .;;
' By Mr. Tncker : To make the State Treas- -nror
tx-offido Treasurer pf tbe State Benev- '
olent Institutions. ji.uiiU y ;-. ,
'. By Mr. Lester i To prevent the seliure of
sale Of growing crops under execution of
attachment. - i (j-iarlt n-
'By Mr. Hudson : For the relief of T. M,
Mote; also to change the hame' of Mary f
Peck to Mary Heath and make net the -heir
Of A. M, and M. M Heath, 0 Yazoo; also
to ascerUin the'onutanding Indebtedness of i
Yazoo; aim to change the rules Qf.praetto. :
Ing ef evidence n criminal cases. r
Mr. Hudson moved to reconsider The vote
by which the bill to promote humanity aad ,
relieve the atUicted was indefinitely post-, '
poned1; carried, and 'the bill wae referred.
( Bj JM r L Muldrow s Toradtwe the susmber-;
of Circuit and Chancery Court districts.- ,. .
, By " Mr.Rowanr-To repeal the tost act
puaead in refefeoee ( Le charter of Hazle-
hurst. . . , v ,
' Mr. Featherston; chalrmaui reported a '
large number of bills. u.' U-i-.ihiv. -u'i -.' !
Ti..Km. gM ,m fhrptrr 9,
Code 1871, passed. . ,; ,
The bill to abolish the office of county at
torney waa iodefinitoly postponed,, the Sen-,
ate bill for tbe same purpose baring passed
both houses. " -.i'n?i5TT..i
The -bill, to repeal, the . lawYregulatlng
trials by juries In civil suits was - made the
special order for Monday next, -t , -
Tbe bill, authoriziifg jtbe. Auditor to -pay,
certain, Adam's county claims was indefi
nitely'peetpoeedt'" ..uho-j j -;- .i....'r
"The bill to pistoet egrieowani and to
change the criminal laws of the State so as
to make the stealing of eoy-4lve stock, of
any value whatever, -grand larceny, and
pan tenable far iMprlsoumeiit tn the . peni
tentiary, came up, and licited, a good-deal
of discussion. , ," , ' . ...
Mr.' Barksdale offered n" 'amendment, '
and the whole subject was re-commltttd to
the Jadicbtry.. Adjourned. f.Jnit-.! oU 1'
; C'jv.Plew '.'Yerk llewi-:
1 ' pisaBAcrrtjL cdxrasiow.
.'.-,. Wkdsesday, an. 12, 1876.
Mr. Speaker Street In the chair; prayer
by Rev. Mr. Jacobs (col.), of Adams. Pres
ent. 103 ; absent, 11.
Mr. Aldrich was granted leave of absence,
on account of sickness.
New YoKi.'Ja'n ' 14. At' the 'regular in
termediate meeting at- the Presbytery of
Jersey City, held yesterday-:at. Englewood,
. ,i. jtev. A. v.. Stange, pastor or ,tne
Broadwar German1 Church of Paterson.
volontariiv'confessed he bad been gnllty of
adultery "with a member of bit church, men
tioning ue person by name. ttr. stange
was thereupon ; deposed frcjm tte mlnlatry.
BOUGH WBATHgBV fc(.r,, .. , ; ,
Much difficulty was exnerlenced bv Sound
steamers in making their westward trips on
Monday uint, and yesterday tbe steamers
met heavy seas and! were very mncb de
layed. The Old Colony, of tbe Fall Siver
line, did not get here till, last night, , ,.
Antoine Martinez, whose wife keeps a
cigar store, killed Thomas E. Bogers and
himself. Bogers used to come to the store
to talk to the woman.
A call was made for a jury in the Tweed
six million dollar proceedings.-
The Hannibal St. Joseph B. K-. report
that application was made by creditors of
the St. Joseph railroad, for a receiver, is de
clared entirely without foundation.
Joseph Loader sues Beechcr for malicious
prosecution.' '
Fire at Pstoe Chrletlsiai.
. Pass Chbibtian,' Miss, Jan. 12 The
Gulf hotel, formerly Montgomery hotel,
burned to the ground this morning, the
kitchen and a few out-houses alone being
saved. Tbe fire originated from a defective
flue. At the time of the fire the hotel was
pretty: well filled with visitors from the
North and West, who were fortunate enough,
with one or two exceptions,to save their per
sonal effects. About one-half the furniture
was saved. The fire broke out at 10:30 a.
m. Loss 30,000, Insurance $15,000.
A City' Destroyed by . am Karth
" qMolce.
Panama, Jan." 12. Letters have been re
reived in Lima, dated Cuseo, Dec. 11, which
announce the complete destruction, by an
earthquake, on the 4th, of tbe town of
Abaulay, between 4 r. M. of the 4th. and 9
a. M. ot the 5th. No less than thirty-seven
shocks occurred, several of which were very
severe. The town is said to be completely
destroyed; but it is not known if any loss
of life occurred. The damage done Is very
beavy. .

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