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Î01. 44 Bahnville; Louisiana, Saturday, JANUARY, 27. 1917 NO, 26
PtMitha* at HaÂMVùte Li
«Miry SMtriay
r 'ticMi Jmrndl #/ tkt Pirtik
0/ Si. Chirltt
J. £ Vrtehe
Edit r
T '*mi if Sihftripifon ti.oo a vent
A itift* At tie Péitoâ, he it HahwilF
liix % it Atm* can mat**
SATGROAV Ian *1 »9*?
«moons ••"J 1 * 1
Armtoonday eVeMoR, will lay •*« «t"* 11 **
woe* tottowtftg
await *»*ui*i»Ä«tMm« «»at *• wr ' t ** B
nwTn*»niin»m*nn4 aMrant •**•}•
a not»»»»» nations Uf (»«rfoaal e ft»™??? *
Will «wtt*nvneagnuio«l,un'ntn t on
lu snob «ni
aim« mt«
LM « i»»n
etonrgn *t
«sottui ly *«neu«d%
«H OUK UtttBU '3** lEJlLjiî
f cîît.f ,1 " Si* SuiVSm^TSS
ran our nnvortiww«. »*••? wMisnsww
oy N« »«iront* 1 **** 11 '*^*
Bntubilshert Fefcruwry 15 , 1»? 8
• • -s
I qnnrtor«otnoin «n« y«nr * r
»m * ,
okwwMn nm«*!
T. ft 1 \ *• R- T 1 "® TABLE
HnUnvilte Station.
8:*9 a.m
6:oj p.m,
10*44 ■*«.
9:09 P»*
SÄST not» SO
Ho 59
No. S 5
No. S 3
N«. 5*
Ho. ho
No. 5 *
Ho. S 4
Ho. $s
6n>j p.m
9:34 «»■>•
j:j7 p m.
7:14 *,m.
Ab accommodation train connect»
St Waggaman, with trains N«*s. S 3
54 . 55 . S®. 59 «•* 6o * for Gre,wu
Alter • prolonged illness. Hr*»
Widow Charles Müdere nee Note
sia Baudouin, aged 77 yea^s died
»I ner home ft Hahnvil e, La
Deceased was a 'ife time resi
dent of the Parish where she rea -
el a large family, among the sur
vi sors to mourn her dem.se, are
her soas. Ex sheriff A. Madere,
T. V- Hadere of Aew O'leans,
ÜtichaM Madere Dv. , Sheriff, R.
S. Madere <*f M. Kim»* and W.W.
Madere, daughters, Mesdames T.
Millet, E B s.oso, Vickuaif and
Mils Madere
The funeral ceremony took place
at the residence Friday at s p ,m.,
Father Parrot officiating, inter
ment in Red Church éeme e: y , ia
the family tomu
Jo the bereaved Itasily and
I ; »Jwds we extend our sincères 1
wishes of sympathy
Ço.. Ovelnud, O.f
liC'1 .Older* lor lub icatu g oih ,
greases nod paints Salary or t orn
mission. Addre»» The Harvey Oil

tlw pm* tarn» *■ »■***
ftrwagtfc that atveyu is s eje ys d if
regular «star» «I feed catenas* «I
Jt nown Ac werii ceer. Every year
fee*, am mom and mom sat m f£
Oats, which is reenr
lx tins
■ tats t fa
25 lit. Judicial District Court in and for
the Parish of St. Charles
Louisiana Meadows Company
versus No. 724
Louisiana Delta Lands Company
Be it known and remembered: That
under and by virtue of an order to seize
and sell and a writ of fieti-facia* of date
the 6th day of fanuarv, A. D., 1917, is
sued outot the Honorable, the 23th Ju
dicial District Court of the Parish of St.
Charles, State of Louisiana, and to me
directed in the above numbered and en
titled cause, I liave seised and will offer
for sale at public auction for cash, with
out appraisement, to the last and high
est bidder, at the Principal Front Door
of the Cburthouse itl Hahnville,* Parish
of St. Charles, State of Louisiana, on
Saturday, the 17th day of February,A.D
1917 between the hours of 11 o'clock A
M & 4 o'clock P. M., the following des
cribed property:
All of Section 111, except k>t 4;
Lots 4, 9,10 and the SEi of SEi of Sec.
112 ;
Lots 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and the SE quarter (of
SB quarter of Sec. Ii4;
All Frc. Sec. 115;
All Sec. 116;
Alt of the above being in Township 15
South, R. 20 E
East Frc. hid f of Frc. Sec. 1
East half of Sec. 12
East fractional half of Frc. Sec. 15
All Frc. Sec. 24
All of the above being ia Township 14
S., R. 19 E
NW quarter of NW quarter Sec. 5
All section 4 except lot 5
All sections 5 and 6
All section 7 except NW quarter of SW
quarter & the NE quarterof SE quarter
All Frc. Sec. 8
Lots 2,5,4, south half of SE quarter, and
NW quarter of SB quarter of section 15
All frc. sects. 17, 20, 21 and 22
West half of NW quarter and SW quar
ter of sec. 25
East haU of NW quarter of sec. 26
All of section 27 ,
All he. secs. 28, 29, 31, 32 and 33
All lots or frc. secs. 45 and 46
All Iota or frc. tecs. 38, 39 and 40 ex
cept the previously sold portions of same
which areas follows:
Farm lots 5 to 9 inclusive
Lot No. 12
Lots 16 to 25 Inclusive
LeU 25 to 51 inclusive
Lots 53 and 46
North half of lot 55
Lots 57 and 58
AU of above said Farm lots being in
Polder No. 1
Aim Block B
Lote 7 to 12 inclusive in Block C
Lote 3 and 5 to 12 inclusive in Block D
Lots!, 2, 14,15 and 16 in Block B
All of Blocks F, G and I
Lots 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 and 11 in Block J
AH of Blocks K, L and M
Farm lots 6,7, 10,17 and 18
North haU of farm lots 8 and 9
Lots 1 and 2 of farm lot 19
All of farm lots 20, 21. 25 and 24
All of the above being at per plan of sur
vey of Folder No. 1, and the villaga of
Paradis, La,, of record with the Clerk of
of Court for St. Charles Parish
Thare is also excepted from sections 39
snd 40 approximately 440acres previous
ly sold to Albert Pbeuis, as per pivate i AJJ
act passed before William Reniudin,
Notary Public, and recordedjin the Con
veyance Records of St. Charles Parish in
Book Page
All of die above being in Township 14
South, Range 20 E
All frc. secs. 4, 5 and 6
N. fractional half of frc. sec. 9
All of the above being in Township
S., Range 20.S
And all being in tne Parish of St. Char
le* in the Southeastern Land District of
risiana, West of the Mississippi River I
containing 14,967 acres, more or less, ' * n
acreage being taken from the Govern
ment Survey
Except certain lands released from the
said mortgage, and more particularly
described as follows:
wm released
1 to 4, 10, 11, 13,14, 15, 24, 32, 34 to 45
inclusive, 47 to 54 inclusive, south half
of kit 55 and lot 56, containing 603.13
or less i in
Govern- All
(b) By act of release passed before F-.
C. Marx, Notary Public, March 22, 1912
the following described property was
Reservation 1 and 2, all of block A, lots
1 to 6of blockC, lots 1, 2and4 block D,
lota3 to 13 block E, all block H, tote 4
to 8 block J and 12 to 16 block J, all of
bfocka N, O, P andfi, all of blocks 41 to
52 inclusive, farm ldts 3, 4, aud 5, south
half of lots 8 and 9 , farm lote 11 to 16,
lota 3 to 11 in farm lot 19, block or farm
JJitfkrfasw beingin townsite of Paradis
Lot 1 to 11 in Division No. 1, 1 to 11 in
Division No. 3, 1 to 11 ia Division No.4,
1 to 11 in Division No. 5, 1 to 4 in Divi
sion No. 6 in District or Unit No. 2
(c) By act of release passed before Sid
ney L- Feihleman, Notar* Public, Nov.
3, 1915, the following described proper
ty was released
Unit No. 2 *
Lote 1 to 9 inclusive, and lots 11 to 15
inclusive in Division No. 2, Iota,12 to 16
inclusive in Divirion No. 3
Unit No. 3
Lota 15 to 19 inclusive in Division No. 1
All the above lota containing239.21 acres
of land, more or less
Unit No. 4 <
Lota33 to47 ia Division l.lot» 1 to 22 in
elusive in Division No. 10, lote 1 to 16 in
Division No, 11. Lote 1 to 4 inclusive in
wv - ; / ■ V" ......
Division No. 12,1 and 2 in Division No.
All the above containing 501.15 acres of
All as per plan of John Morrison. C. E.
(d) By act of release passed before L.
R. Graham, Notary Public, February 12,
1915, the following desciibed property
was released
Section 21: South half of lots 1,2,3,4,5,6
in Division No. 4, District No. 2. con
taining approximately 50 acres
Section 33: Lots7.8.9,10,11.12.13,14.15
16,17,18,19,20 and 21. Division No. 4, Dis
trict No. 2, containing 150 acres
Section- 28, 29 afnl 38: All of Divis 'On
5, District No. 2, being lots 1.2,3.4,5,6 j
7,8,9,10,11,12,13.14,15.16.17, 18, 19 anrl
20, as well as any other propertv in si:.; |
divisioil, being in all about 189 r.cres <
Sections 28, 29 and 58: Lots !...3.4 5.6,
7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16.r,1S 19.20,21.
22 and 23 in Division No. 6, District No.
2, containing about 230 acres and a strip
of land lying between lot 25 of Division
No. 6 and the Cotea n de France tract,
being in all the entire divisiou No. 6 *
Section 38: Lots 30 atjd 31, in Division
No. 1, District No. 3, containing about
20 acres
Section 27 : Lots 48 and 49 in Division
No, 1, District No. 3, containing about
20 acres
Sections 27 and 34: Lote 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,
9,10,11 and 12 Division No. 2, District
No. 3, containing about 120 acres
Section 2?:Loto 5.6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12,Divi
non No. 3, District No. 3, containing
about 80 actes
Section 27: Lots 1,2» 3, *. 5,6,7,8,9,10,11
and 12, Division No. 4, District No. 3,
containing about 120 acres
Section 27: Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10, 11
and 12, Division No. 5, District No. 3,
containing about 120 acres
Section» 27 and 22: Lots 3, 4, 5,6 and 7,
Division No. 6, District No. 3, contain
ing about 50 acres .
Section 22: Lots 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
and 12, Division No. 7, District No. 3,
containing about 120 acres
Section 22: Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8, Div
isioti No. 8, District No. 3, containing
about 80 acres
Section 22: South half of lots 1 and 2,
Division No. 9, District No. 3, contain
ing about 80 acres
Section 22: Lots 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12,
Division No. 9, District No. 3, contain
ing about 80 acres
Sections 15 and 22: Lots 9,10,11 and 12
Division No. 10, District No. 3, contain
ing about 40 acres
Section 15: Lots 9,10,11 and 12, Division
No. 11, District No. 3, containing about
40 acres
Lot 67 Coteau de France Tract, 10 acres.
(e) By act passed before Louis R.
Graham, Notary Public, February 12,
1915, the foliowing described property
was released
AU of section 111 except lot 4
Lots 4,9,10 and SE quarter of SE quar
ter of section 112
Lots 5,6,7,9,10 and SE quarter of SE
quartes of section 114
All frc. section 115
All section J116 \
All the shove being in Township 13, S.,
Range 20 E
Bast frc. half of fractional section 1
East half of section 12
East frc. half of fractional section 13
,,, . . , ..
i AJJ * < i t,on . 2 *
. . , -
44° act
I to Albert Pfcn» and
' * n I?arm Land Co.
All the above being in Township 14, S.,
Range 19 E
NW 1-4 of NW 1-4 of section 3
All of section 4 except lot 3
All sections 5 aud 6
All section 7 except NW 1-4 of SW 1-4
and NB 1-4 pf SE 1-4
All fractional section 8
All sec. 40 and all that portion of sec. 39
lying north and west of the right of way
of So. Pac. R. R. except a tract contain
acres heretofore
not included
i in La. Farm Land Co. mortgage
All the above being in Township 14 S,
Range 20 K
Containing in the aggregate 6487.70
acres, more or less
The sale will be made to satisfy a cer
tain judgment rendered in the above
numbered and entitled cause, in favor of
the Louisiana Meadows Company and
against the Louisiana Delta Lands Com
pany, of date, the 6th day of January', A.
D., 1917, for the sum of One hundred
and eight thousand, seven hundred and
fifty-font and 07-100 Dollars(|108,754.07)
together with six per cent. (6) per annum
jUterest from September 16, 1915, and
five per cent. (5) attorney's fees upon I
principal and interest, together with Fif
teen and 35-100 Dollars ($15.35) costs, as
well as all costs and charges incident to
the writ herein issued
The said property hereinabove des
cribed will be sold to satisfy the said jud
gment and in accordance with the terms j
of a certain mortgage recognised in said I
judgment, the said property having been j
decreed by judmeut of said Gourt to be '
sold to satisfy themortgag. resting upon
same for the said sum of One hundred |
and eight thousand, seven- hundred and
fifty-four and07-100Dollars ($108,754,07) »
! *
with six per cent. (6) per annum inter
est thereon from September 16, 1915,
and five per cent. (5) attorney's fees
upon principal and interest, and all
costs, as above set forth
Sheriff, Parish of St. Otaries.
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St. Charles,
Januar}' 12th. 1917
Taft. La •
Ag?nr for
Chevrolet Cats. sd'-starter, and
derttict lights, nms miles n
one gallon of gasoline
Price $525 00 delivered
Public notice is hereby gi«*en
that trespassing, hunting fishing,
trapping and ino>s picking is strict
ly prohibited of Ellington. Fried
ander and Lone Star Plantations
under penalty of the law
The L A. Blouin Co. Ltd.
If you want to buy ^anything in
the way of agriculture, horticul
ture, live-stock, or anything
growrt 00 the farm, write your
wants to the commissioner of ag
riculture. Baton Rouge, La. The
Commissioner has a Market Bu
reau, or Swappers Department,
andean find what you want

If you have anything to sell per
txining to agriculture, horticul
ture. livestock, dairying, etc^write
the commissioner of Agriculture,
Baton Rouge, La.. and be will
use every effort to dispose of any
thing grown on the farm in Louis
iaoa *
The commissioner has inargu
rated a bureau of Markets and
wants to aid you in every way pos
State of ]> ui «iana
28th. Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles
No. 715
Gaston Cabiro vs Richard J. Vial.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
and writ of provisional 'seizure to
me directed by the Hon. 28th. Judicial
District Court for the Parish of St. Char,
les La., in the above entitled and num
bered cause, I will proceed to sell at pub
lie auction at the front door of the Court
House of this Parish on Saturday Feb
ruary 17th. 1917 at 11 o'clock A. M., all
and singular the following described
property to-wit:
"The twenty one twenty second undi
vided interest of the said Richard J.Vial,
in and to, A certain tract of land, togeth
er with all the buildings and improve
ments thereon, rights, ways, privileges,
and servitudes thereunto belonging or
appertaining, situated in the Parish of St
Charles, in this State, on the right bank
of the Mississippi river, about twenty
seven miles above the City of New Or
gana, measuring four arpents, more or
less, front on said River, by a depth of
fifty six arpents, more or less, .between
lines opening about two degrees, with '\e
batture in front of said land and all ac
hetions thereto, wh^ch tract is bounded
abo ' e b y formerly belonging to
& A. Dwyer, and below, by lands of
Mr9 ' J' B ' and is Com P° 8<d of
^ ts No *' 19, 20 * 2 * am * 22 of tlle sub '
divisionof the Fa8hton Plantat,on ' as
pi*«* of O. McLeran, Civil Engineer made
in 1882 * and de P° sited in the Order's
0ffice of the Pamh of ^ charles f °r
reference; aim 3 plows, 3 cane carts, 1
clod entter, 4 harrows and one stubble
Seized in the above suit to pay and sat*
isfy plaintiff's demand
Leon C. Vial,
Sheriff Parish of St. Charles
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St. Charles,
Jan. 9th. 1917.
It was moved I y Mr.jDc'aune fit
»nd.by M*-. Dufiene. Diet the fo!
lowi g approximated tableau of the
expenses of the Parish of St, Char
les for the current year ending
j ju te 30th 1917
j Sheriff's fees in Criminal
. maintaining prisoners
; District Attorney's fees
• ■: convictions 500,00
j O-Mcie; » salary, 300.00
; Justices of the Peace 1,800.00
Constables 1,800.00
Grand, Petit and Coroner
ju*y 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Official Journal. 600.00
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision km>0 00
Parish Treasurer 730.00
Clerk of Court 350.00
School Fund 8.500.00
Expenses Board of -
Health for Infections anu
Contagious diseases 3 jo. 00
Road fund, t.700.00
Maintenance of a Ben
Cadets at L, Stair Univer
sity, 500.00
Maintenance-of 3 Ben ,
scholar at the Slate Nor
mal Sellout 600.00
Syndics Salary 500.00
Sergeant at arms
Tax Collector Commis
sion 1,400.00
Salary for oiling wind
mill fit washing tank 60.00
Road Supervisors 1,800.00
Election expenses 500.00
I hereby certify tlutt the above
Tableau was adopted by the Police
Jury at the meet mg held on the 3
day of Aug. 1916
. F. Schexnaydre
Parish of St, Charles Aug. 3 1916
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs, Win. Cadow
A New Year's Treat For Our
We take pleasure in announcing
that an? of our readeis can secure
a pretty 1917 pocket diary, tree of
c.'iarge by sending the postage
tlieirlor, two cents in stamps to
D. Swift & Go., Patent Lawyers
Washington. D. C. The diary is a
•'gold nnne' , # of useful information
contains the popular and elelorial
vote revived by Wiison and Hug
hes from racti Mate in 1916, and
also by Wiison, hoosveli and Tail
in 191a; statt s the amount of the
principal crops produced in each
state in 1916; gives the centus
population of each state 1890,
191.0 and 1910, tue population of
about 600 ot the largest c>ttes in
thj United Mates, a synopsis of
business laws, patent laws house
hold receipes end much other use
ful information. The diary would
cost you »5c at a book store, For
three (3) cents in stamps ttiev will
send a nice watt calender, s ze
10 x 11 inches* bend five (5) one
ceui stamps and get the diary and
Notice is hereby g ven th j .*. the
Finance Committee of Police Jury
cf ihe Paiisliot 5 t. Chares will
meet on every Saturday previous
t ne regular m eting to approve
bills and any bills received latter
than that d-y will be laid over to
the next regular meeting
F . Schrxnaydre,
Second Congressional District
Member of Congress II.G.Du;» r e
Eighth Senatorial Distiici u
State Senator, !.. R'Ri«*at,y
Judg s L.R. Rivardefc J.E F!eu
District Attorney L, H.Marrero Jr
Parish of St Charles.
J.C. Rentiek
L C. Via?
H.D. Keller
K. Made' e
J,T. Baud ft »
C A CaiHei
V, Lehman»*
VVm. Lussaw
R,A Dubrocai
I.T .Baudouin
P Baudouin
R. Mo.'tz
F.. Polina
R. Weaver
Sheriff & Collector
Chief Deputy,
Deputy Sheriff
Clerk 8 r Recorder,
Deputy Clerk
Coroner Di
Official Jour.ial, St. Charles lierai'''
Justices of the Peace.
First Ward VV. I*. Patterson
Second Ward A. L. Xiong» ih.
Third Ward G Kell» r
Fourth Ward M. Troutb>
Fifth Ward F. O. \V eat er
First Ward
Second Warn L. L
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
Police 1 si ry.
President f, Lorio
Secretary F\ §cl .exnavdie
Sergeant at Arms F. Frilotix
First Ward F. L0..0
Second Watd J, L Mourn
Third Ward p, Defaune
Fourth Wairf VV. Dulrene
Fifth Ward VV.A.4ii.»r
®* ee *st Tuesday of evervuiouifi*
School Board.
President M. L. Guido*
First Ward
M. G Becnel
Secoud Ward
M. L. Guidry
Third Ward.
F. Keilet
Fourth Ward
L, J. Dejean
Fifth Ward
A.J Schexnaydre '
J. B. Martin, Su pi,
Lafourche Basin Levee Boaic
» resident E.G Swan*
becretarv W. J. M tC ,me
A. Champagne, Edgar ! ; K. B.
Lemann, Donalsonvib'e; George
Lorio, Muberly; R, Marlin lr
Albemarle; R. Kerez, Jeinits
Bend; E. G. Swarty, Burton; T. V
Thaggard. Mcdonogli ville; c
Vieiiug, Gretna; J. F, Wigginion
Bowie The State Board of Engi
neers compose the engineering de
partment and the State 'Pleasures
is treasurer of the Board
Régulai meeting on seronw
Thursdays of Jannary, April, j u | y
and October. Finance comnf te«
meets Jrst Monday yf each
at Net^Orieans office.
Terms of Court
In '.ne Parish of Jefferson
jury Sessions ist Mon
April, and Monday in
Civil Sessions, jud Mo|
May. and Monday »n N«
In the Parish of St. ChaJ
Jnry Sessions, and MoJ
May. rad .»«outlay in N (
civil Sessions, ist Mo|
February and Monday
Parish 01 St. Joiiu the
Jury Sessions, m Mt
June and Monday in D^
(Civil Sessions ist M,
March 3rd Monday in
0LUI4N and
416 W, Fourth S(
»3 98 Aiisuttctau
New Orleans Kein«
iüb ix:
rUitlilitiiMi vr|
Ker,f* .*>.<<« ro»M».J
•r *h»
PABMN 01 nr. i h|
iX»BTMD«rr 06

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