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The St. Charles herald. [volume] (Hahnville, La.) 1873-1993, February 10, 1917, Image 8

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a wlers.
Hennin Building, Ne -•:< Oste
Practice* in the courts of the Par
ishes of gt. Charles , St.
John , .S'/. James,
am.! Ascension,
Attorney-A t - Imw
Whitney Bk. Building New Orleans
Practices in Jefferson
St. Charier ana
At. John Parishes.
Attorney - At-Law.
r s Hennen Euitdikg, New Ot/ran
C »H' Distance Telephone t&'yafl
, Attorney
,•» Ca.al- Louisiane Big. New Orleans
Practices in the paris he. r of St. John
t Charles and Jefferson
Gretna , La.
Attorney At-/.aw
Practices in the Parishes oj S', Lohn
St Charles und /eperson.
Civil Engineer auu Sureyor
*hoa Au&ubon Biag,, Ncu> Or leans Ls
Phone Main 401,7
soil Engineer a m Surveyor
Got vrille, /.a
*OJ Aj-N u OR fAc.h
Due dwelling lionet m peiffec.
wondttiou, situated at HaUnviUe.
Apply to
Dr L. Donaldson
HahuviÜe, I.«
f/entire E. Ed ring uni Jr
407 Wh itney
fit! tiding
— ----•
' W. O, W,
Ama Camp No. 401.
everv 4 th Sunday of

mee t t
Knon..( »tip m,. at Ama, I.a.
T, B. Sellers. Clerk;
A monthly magazine devoted to
the use ot engltsh
Josephine Truck baker Editor
Partial Contents
»Queries and Ans.-a/s
Shall and Will: Should and Wcu.'d!
How to use them
Prftnouacialior.s (Century Oict
orrect English in l .e H /ne
rrect Englisl '.a the Srhool
What to say and what nyt to say
^ourse in Gramme/
>u»^e ir. lette r writtn h and Puuc
utiaess English for the business
Compound Words: How to write
Studies tn English Ltletaturt 1
' Agents Wanted
f ».jo a »'ear. Send to cents fo:
ample copy
f am appointed deputv o >r
itaiif a Woodmen Circle
! T B Sellers
i »rain
Irmr:ov..H* i r-pcrlv
Cl» •*!* i Municipal Drainage Dis
. Sit! - • : V. .'.re Nos. 1 & 3
i nr.««-. t>. d
t Tax Debtors
Cliai les
Pv virtu •» of the authority vested In me
b\ the t «tiuirâ.ti and laws > f Uv State
of LouLiona, i ivD proceed to sella* j.ub
lie auction it principal front door of
the Court Hour» i:i h the Civil Dis
trict court of r .1 : Parish is Leid, within
tin l**gru h nits for judicial spies, be can
ning at 11 o'clock A. M., or. Saturday
the 24th <1 y of February 19'7,& continu
ing on each suceediiig day until said i
sales are cot pie ted, all immovable prop I
eriy on witch tn.«*;. are now due the ft. j
Chari.s Municipal Dr: i.np- Distr cl Sr.î»
Drainage Nos. . a 3, of the I'ar.sh of St
Charles tc- enforce collection ol taxes, as
sessment in the years 1914 & 1'15,together
with ntevesi t!i ten from the 3. st.day of
Dec. 1 414 tv 1915 at ll e 1 at ; of *0 per
c. at per annum,until paid and all costs
The names of the delinquent tax
payers the amount of the taxes due 1 v
each on tile fpssessnu ni *>! -aid vea s.and
tl'.t immovable tToperiv assess, d to ea< h
Ki be offered for sale as foin".vs to wit:
19 14
Mrs. Joseph D; faille
That portion o. t 1.» of 5ec ion 3 in
Town bip 14 f. k. 2 d K. situated within
tfie ibnits of Sul-drain i**e Dist. No. ],
iof St Clisrlrs M*;uie : pal Drainage Dist.
co*: ta mine / acres
Th it po ■; i t lot 7 of sec. 4 i.i Town
ship 14 S.R. 2d K situated within tlie.,,
limits oi Suh-drauta; c Dist. No. 1 of St. 1
Ct: .Ties Municipal Drainage District, j
containing 3 arrr-s ;
M* that p».mon of sec. 10 in Township|
14 S.R. 2 - V., situated x.ithin the hunts
of Sub-drair.soe mst. No. 1 of ft Char
les Aiutiicijitd Drainage Dist. containing
285.60 a« r*.*s : 'id containing in the aegre
gate 2C0.60acres at $2.75 *ier acre $799.15
M K. Sehilling (Adjudicated to M.
k. Feai.vvis)
31 of Unit No I oi Sub-drainage (
(Dist. Nq. 1 ot ft. Charles Muiiicip.d i
Drain Dist. containing 20 aen s, a;, per
plan of survey of John Morrison, C. K., !
said property being hereto!, re kno-vu as
I/ot 5! of l v 4d"r No. 1 of 'Truck 1-arm
Co. T.t'b f a -division <>{ Seciion
i3*& 39 in T 14 SR20 H
20 . 1 k; acres at 52 75 per acre J.SS.Oo
.1. 1' Funk
A lot 50 ie-l freut on Karly ft. by 312
feet deep, and lots 127, 124 led of the
Cote.ir'de i ; :»u:rt, 'i 14 S R 20 K. eon
ti.imng 2.Î. da., ac: ês at 2.7. ; pc; a re $61.115
H, D. i-at rut
IjOts 4'). 42 . 47. 50 and 56 >f Trick Farm
l.aed Co. i .til'" I'chirr No. 1, bei*. g r.j
S'-.h-divisioM of secs, 3S and 39 in T 14 h i
i-l 20 xbsaid Felder no* 1. np buit;
No. 1 of fub-drainag Dist. No. 1 0 / the!
St. Char!«s Municipal Drainage Dist.con;
tarn!•>!/ 100 acres us per plan of sur.ey of
Job a Morrison, C !.. 100 acres at $2.75
per acre ^2.75.00
19 15
Mrs. Joseph rbifaille i
Ail tl; t p.irtioa of sect.10, T. 14 f.R.20j
E., sitiu o.:<l within the hunts of aub-dr.i- 1
ir igu i*i it. No. 1 of ft. Ch tries Munici-{
pal Drainjgt District. 2i»5.b0 acres at
$ 2.75 per.ere •$ 735 . 4 -)
5V. J. McCullough
hoi*. 1 b3 il 13 14,15,19.21^*1,24, (N. 5 1
ncres-ot 31)32,35 kiol mci.j4,ii>.ä J5),56j
53;of Unit or Disc. No. 1 ia sub-«!rain-i
'age Dist. No. ] of Gt. Charier Municipal i
Drainage District. 635.11 acres at $2.751
per acre $1746.55
W. j. McCullough I
I/>ts 2 b> 5,7,8,10 to 13, Div. No. 1, !otsi
1 to 9,11 to 15, Div. No. 2, lots 1 to 16, j
Div. 3 of I nit cr Dist. No. 2 in Sub
dr&iiiHpe Disi. No. 1 of St. Charles Mn
Ä rluS Ä gfisgïïi S i
sub d.v'.si. n of property of Da. Delta!j
Lands Co. made byjohn Morrison, C.E.
ou file in St. Cartes l'arish. 409.57 !
teres at $2.75 per acre $1126.32irm
W. J. McCullough
Dots 15 to 21 Div.No.1 {Being in Sec,38) J
î{°t s >i 4 T to 8 ™ V Æ: 1 ^ <bc Vl g A n 6eL ' s 15 i
}&22) I/Ots 1 to 4 Div. >»o. 11 (f>eing xn .
Secs 15 & 38) IaKs 1 to 8 Div No. 12;
being in Sees 15 & 38, Dots Î to 5, 13 to
14 Div. No.13 being in Secs 15 & 38,
Dots 1 to 7 . 13 to 16 Div. 14 being in
Su 3H, Dois 1 to 7, 13 to 18 Div No. 15
being i.iSec 38. all in T. 14 S. R. 20 ii.',
of Unit i ' f ust. No. 3 in Sub-drainage
Dist. No. I of St. Cm: les Municipal
Drainage Di&t. as per plan of sub-divi
sion of property oi Da. Delta Lands Cc.
bv Joh. i Tbori ison, C. E., and of recoru !
in St. Cli .i ies Fat ish. 543.20 acres at j
52.75per acres $1493.20'
0. \V. Crawford
The N l-2of »lock or Farm lots 8 &9of :
Townsite of Paradis. 5 acres at $2.75 perl
ftCre G. W. Crawford ^ 3 ' 75 ;
Dots 14, 15 & Ic Block E Townsite of)
Parailis. A>1 acre at $2.75 per acre $1.43 i
o. \v. Craw ori |
Dots 1 to 12 Blocs f Townsite of Paradis j
2 10 acres at $2.75 per acre $5.78,
O. W. Crawford
Dots 7. 19, 17,18 of Unitor Dist. No.l in
Sub-drainage District No.l of St. Charles
Municipal Drainage District. 50.00 acres
at $2.75 per acre $137 50i
O.W. Crawford
A tract of lend in Sn*j-drninage Dist.No.
3 111 Si. Charles Municipal Drainage
District bounded on the West by a canal i
dividing Div. No. 2 from Div. No. 3 in
Unit or Dist. 5 and the southerly pro
jection of same to Bayou Black Prince,on
the south and east by Grand Bayou, on
the north by a line so drawn, that the
said tract shall contain 300.090 acres,
said tract comprises that portion of lots
31 to 36 Incl. of Div. No. 1 in Unit or
Dist. No. 5 in St. Charles Municipal
Drainage District lying sast of the pro
jection of the canal dividing said Div.No
2 from Div. No. 3 and portions ot lots 1
and 2 and all of lots 3 to 26 of Div. No.3
in Unit or Dist. No. 5in said St. Charles
2/lu.ucipal Drainage District as per plan
<d Sub-division of propertr of Da. Delia
Lands Company by John Morrison, C.E.
and of record in St. Charles Parish.
390.90 acres at $2.75 per acre $825.CO
On -aid day f i. le I w Ii ye 'jsucli
p jit on <.f Paid property as each
* . I
. «Kt w ti' tl uiiini iviif * a O n in
üeUt. r vv ÎJ point out ;a;id in cas*ej
thv debtor will not point out >ufh
a.id j amity o ' t pi<>p rty of
4 ri y o chcor si i T any* b dd-r wt 1
iiiy for the amount of the taxes,
iititesta d c-'sts due by s-ui
1 btor, '1 e sate wit ue made with
ut appia>si met, for cash in ! eg ai
ni.*: in**oc) ot the Uui'ed Stairs
m 1 »he propei ty soM shail be re
ieeuiatffe at any t me for the s;> tc<"
f o*»e year by piling the price
riven, including costs and jo per
Leon C. Vial.
Sheriff & Tax col.. TmLhcf St,
"hcriff's Office. Parish of St. char*
, , , ,
1 ^ J^uirv t 6 t.li. . 9.7
' alftn Daptis <i and E .the' Gould ,
. : „•»,
Whereas, Lazaid rli sill, ha« ,k
. ,1 , - r
"«»ue Hi s lim.or.dne C-urt f*.». }
Na 729
j 8 h Tnd'cial ID i ict Court
Parish of St. hat les
W Ota
w -,
tte - s of a*ini tio trat on t>n hs r ". - !
.ie of »he at • V'aism Li pti-ie a. d !
Esther Mould, his wife.
.Vu c s here! g von a all
may c ii>;< rn to Soow Cr.use
w' t* »j* t«.u uavs, w ■ : y the pr.vcr o
sim I- z rd Hirsch should not be
g.. rued
l'V ureter of the
f. T Ban ^onin, c » rk
L'cik's Office, f'a i h -A St, Ctiai
ie*, January J41I1 19.7
The ni*x, cx -mi -ati n .-f appli
cants 'o: ie>che s certificates wit
id atjhe Court tiuuse of this
P„ r .sh on M rch 26 . j 7 ,'j8 (a hue)
, * ' '
2 9» J'b 3> ( n •<)
-r „r ,
1 ' ' ,m «naUoo of teach rs up
ihe books of the Reading
^ OU( . ^ t held Saturday
March 34 , 1917 at the Otant house
a, „
Alten *'^n ; S . j^-Un dneced to ta
recci t laws en j.. ted upon the tx
d ' n !MClon of applicants tor tejen
elf cert tuutrs No looker -;r
tes ot app oved ihstl. u: ior s
'«("I-"-* .........- r*b «»«
»-mm«.ti.>n but the ineorv and A t
inf T» „ i .1 .. .1
° f ledCh,n S. Either they a»e ex
*t fri m ail subjects upon III ii
. ' J 1
1 'P'dinas oi must earn tcuchei's*
certificates through examinai iJ..
up m ail sahje is
j. tS, Marlin,
rubl e notice is hereby given
1 ,fat l t* rt,,i S' l,rç P * s "S Q< * "^s
picking is p ohibued on ihc to!—
* owm h' pr*>pei *y
The property of Louisiana Do Ita
» ... 1 . ,
Ld,u!s Company 01 Ow property of
VV. D Moore
LouiiUna Delta Lands Co.
W . L). Moure
A p'acc on East side of Miisiss
pp> front Convent to Kertner.
from 30 acres up to 150, with resi
dftnee. C».sh. Only bargain need
answer. Addiess, V T ance G.Plauche
New Court Huildtng, New Or
leans. Louisiana
Hui'tlng. trapping and trespass.
,iui are hereby prohibited on the
.. , _
*,jr •pcitv 01 Estate Mrs. A. Ga.-sen
r *
Lay*>u« Gasmen,
Spf*p Zl V«
At Thet/t Lew
Money-Savin^ P:.,
Yen can eauiy save from
tin. 7A-10Î1
A Stroas Parabio
*-> V,
'a \. y V * - -
4ir- . - ,
$ £Tp. *X e>
J? ?re
Men iLonç W Aar Werk S' <'k . Won > f.c
who i>kd corarort dnrafcj]if> in s *>orto fcfl
»lw© arc begins thia ©or Ou;* *,» p.ri - ^
atyl©. Mciii 1 o( Ciki.ir Vith
tongpe, Xc^thar Insolpp and cccr.<v-< »'.rJt
4 OI ODC./lo hL's «rjter p.L\*a. V»*c-r aunraj»
teed. SieocC to VL, Colora: B*"A T*n antf
■a 71 »ta 7ù ïiî Tan-«». 7A >îîl Liaaln
pcTiti!?" ° 8 * SUM " Ior * |£J
. v v. iÇa,
Very Drenrv
Pall C*M 3kJt
cr Me?
we Pay All Delivery tC
Yen hnv. nothin j ir-are to pi.y wheD smyc rff.
" ►A» 8 ® w Brfmsa S'-ur turner 'n f--". 'V^'U
S* r **» Orc.r di.tci xrrnj fm e-J- «•'; Î 5
«4oick doliver/ 07 l arcel Pest to top.- -n»C ix s
Monty Flid; If Vs.V,t ?-;E.wd JWsi
mm » Inng Wear Drew 9boe. Vor ;. e ).t t.r -1 (•■'A
h Mr,df *'l^tod ;-r , r dj b'Ni
d»U Uiiish to» OTK- onr luwlo: Uk/.. Haj ! w, ^1. - f v,-gf
tMThooL Soïïdloatker ttic'.çfcoue ïl-r^u-3,
or . bcrt «'>. Sinei« toll. Widi (■» a and D' '
»»U iasdst. 4jiD» 2H M»kÔ * E%ial. „
Lft ff Btat-juvi. CaoiM of 7 ityleo.' »-5!7—All Black
■ it J Ü JZ> *'-!'! - ioe t»-*» — A11 Dlu'k Gan
ijjf' .ÿ^vljûottOT. 7» SW— Patent Leather with Dull
{•&■(•)■ iof ft tsp. »•»» — Patent LcatUr
f Dai» Top, Patton. Tl-iM- All Tan Re mm
yi.y-i s.-f.-. -n'i'- 13e-.yn... W-Sll — White fr-neeae, Buttoe.
■ '-> ' 7 -S SC. ■ —A I Daon.ick Velret, Batten. C.r> , cv
en >treia Irice, k t pair, only....... ç 2 .î 9
Wo. 7A-5JR
LariUs' Tit-xiMa
Sola Dru»
1/rfie or (k hoat Stijn. y-ide e.' Gun Calf
on xoo* comfiirt l.tst. Sclid ioitJier ont*
e ote», irmtUr* and counters. b'ul varupi
No. 7A-274— Cuûdrraa, ejrce te
12, prejaU nrice, par pair 81.Z5
No. 7A-S73—MEwes', >ix«a
to 2 , prejaiJ frwe, on^ $ 1.4
Ho. 7B-272— Girte*. sues Z'4
to a, prepetd priae, $l.dO.
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Wo. 7A4T72
ANecf, Drevnr
Shoo F 01 Gär»
IMP SMr»&JJiM. ll«E M <23H3tt w t.N..Y-rH Y
Çaaïîty tf gliche Depends Upon Crops Being Cut at Right Str.cpp—
Cut Cora Wbe« Grains Are Well Dented awl Glaseti t.ud !.or t*r
L»nvcr. Browp—Cut Pee Vines and Soy Bei-r.s V/' v co in i -dl
Blocra rjid » Few Heads Are Ripe—Plenty of Kelp ED.ien.Dti—
Sling* Huai Be Weil Packed fox Best Results.
Thu tira» et hnrvæUn» t>* crop N>r Affin* the sfîo that la, ttv
bi rrhloh th« eropa should be harveeted—muat bo given consideration h a
good Quality ah silage is to be obtained.
Com 1 b ready to harvest for filling the silo about the same tl.ne if is
ready for lie'wistliig fodder; the gretns should be well dent'd end p.ar j 1 , am.
• few of the lower leave» have turned brown. If the tor., is cut toe
the sil 8 /;o will be aot», uid th» fcedfng value decreased, v.l.Ue, oa the 01 kt
feanil, if the corn 1 b loo rip» it will not pack well fa the sffo. a Isrf.t . -cymt
v À water will be necaceary to Insure its keeping (jsallty, ard there is ci^.er
of dry rot, which lauere the feeding value.
Sorghum shookl be harvested for the sffo when the seed ara '» the dough
stage. U!ra com. If tt is left ia the field until It becomes too dry, the Bilsgc
will »or. ta ta a great uasotal ct iadigestibte matortal, and will not. make a
good Quality of ai lag«.
Pea vine», soy beans and other hay crops should be hm vested fior the sît~
$4 tt.e eoene thna as for making hay—that U, when in full bloom »ad & few
ef the heads an* ripe.
Methods ©f Harvesting Silma© Crop«.
Tkc- com h&rroater is becoming very popular for b arrest.In.; cert fur STD
to?{ thv silo, end the work Is carried on much fBstcr than %hcn the Dar.fi
nvrt'iod c* cattlog ts praotiood; however, if the amorm of coni or other c«ops
Tired is not Jang* enough to Justify the expense of a harve»!»r, lurid lavtiiig
may be dcse.
• In tieterasintog the sise of the cutter, engine, and o'hcr machinery
Iv. puit Jiesed, the wnount of work to bo done should be taken li'io considor
atloa. The cstter should be large enough to carry cn the work as fast as
the entire force of men employed can get the crop to the cutter, and, on the
©ihr;- hand, the cutter should not be toe large for the engine that ts to
drive It.
The large cutters, having aeVMeedtng devices, a3ord tho grenlert capacity
rod PGKî a large amount of labor which Is required In the operation ef the
grar.ll ar irtaohines.
Filling the 8Ho.
T>e r.n«g« c«Uer attould be placed within a few feet of the Bilo and the
p**;ir>; stvöld be ran straight from the cotter to the top of the silo, where it
must tr»h* a turn, or bend, in order to carry the silage into the elio. If tha
«•KiM is placed farther than a few feet away, and it beeomcB necessary to
Buiko elbow# in the pipe, this stops the force at the blower and may cause
trouble !:■ filling, eotra power from the engine, and decreased progress In the
voxD. «
from «ata gathered from a arnnber ot tumor» over the state, the average
cost cf HEfng the silos has been «0 cents par ton. The eoet of ailing depend»
upon the distance the crop ie hauled, the condition of the crop, the method
ot karvestmg and the cost of labor. Tha crops intended for aifage should
be grown as near the silo es is practicable.
Yvheii the Ailing is started it should be rushed and enough labor employed
to it«*'p aj. with all parts of the work.
Tire si'age should be well packed and evenly distributed ov*r the entire
uarfac* of toe alio, so that the grain and fodder will be well mixed. If the
erey u«ed ter Ailing the slie is vary dry, water abauld be added in sufiki/oxit
guaatity tn moisten It.
WM 1 « the silo la being filled It will require two or more mon being kept
ia it *11 the time. That portion at the silage near the walls and on the edges
Should bo packed very tight, as II does net settle as readily os that nearer
the conter of tha sila Failure to pack the silage properly is often the cviae
cf Its becoming moitfvd. C. EL StapJca,
Kxtmsiea Division, Lonlstar.i. State übivotafty
J .... T "d(
! rff >
r r ? ;^4 ^ i '
■> * <r ^ k ';A ~' 4
* n '.iFr'C'tOi*'.
. '*» **' ar V .VrD'v.
*).< » în' jg i î Elit,'
\ ^ i W & t feiA*'
1 ,- »n '-U \ lA'
inxA 1 y ru.ci T;*'d |
"After four in o;
of consomption i vat* taV. n
a frightful sonfih DnJ hr- » tv rbin, f
but my lift Viras p v?lu h .A 1 /s'n i»vj j
$7 p* Tv*« tbroug.T v -,u,$
f »'• "•» > / v f v v.: i
J 1 « ? ^ 't r <* tine. !» i i
î'ikttc -so i, VTe;Ji<**i'.»'i, Z\r..
" «ÿ* 0 t 41**5 xi>C V. 0« AH'Alt C5«'?0tf*.,t •
jfcj. +*** Y * Co-Jw.1
. V
! Public Notice tü herebv v■' eu
I 1 1 ct * 'it r,t : |ig. I rf; pii^y *'P anf ' ,n ' ,1>s
! 1 b'ki'H' is prohibited the foTcvv
j .
, : iK» oroi ci ty
I i : e » . nerty of Nick l.i'H'ie
! 1 ltd ki.t.vvi! ns Fred Lit ding* i,
1 ii Magnolio Ridge
W. I. J^aque
I ' 1 M IXG . ik': TKAl'i'D- * s
j ' ■ r.o' 1 11 ed t>t> 1 he of- >
I this Company, Trespassers will *■«
j prosecuted to !he full extent of the
j an
j Louisian?. Meadows Comjranf
M T 1 CÏ
j Pudlil I'ullCi: iS hr/ i V i'iY'll
th.ii l e pa-sn.g hu ting, lishi».
11' , , Up !'• (' •• i-SS j.iCK'llg is stn% l
ly, prt'iiiDitci! on pntperiy t j
L'Stii c J ,.'. sel e. uut.tr peu-thy
1 « t tut 1 . w
i R . . 1 . * e.it 1 s
'«oiicr is Lnd>y givtu that^
<lnn»iag tin»! 7 i'-$p.iSMug is. posi
DVftlv jui^hibitrU itn.irr pcwaDt » I
i-t 1 v\ <.n ihn »iK g**i tie« ot Mr,St
>* >5 Daf-nlic.
Ti* .«passing , hu'itix^ and trap
!'i; ir j" f lively pin* tbit**d onalj
p'<*p» r.ies owrtci a*--* Pitted tj
Wm. Lnssan
NO 7/ CE
TicspassM g, h.iotuig anftwood
MitiiîK on ir v pitBiii* !» is strictly
.'lolatne l nn v.oiaiimix will bo
atioidlng U> la v
Mrs VV, il. Tiniiey
Hiuitmg, b4i.u ( tK. trap*>Uin and
tip-spuss;. g ,«r« »'itctiy pohthiîed
o«i the piopert»«* of tt.c e>iau oi
H. L. Voulus
Kiw, H.L.Y Wdrs
... .
«■:*•*!» ar.-wtoe «t ir tr, •.(*.«, r..D .
»*•- •* l I! - '« ■%*' r M. •
i'.,i!».4nctlie.r!i«'!»i; ,.ii. yt-f—'-'iiii
4.: TlV*k. -1,, „
Ml.i tbrou -h 2 !our A (j
K-" it «"'W*. i-ia :»u.«
SdifhK?-; DärsKrü
/»Miiü/k of 1 » >iv ficTjn*ia<* ioiirnjii i
aatVaîSïT'Ji^"' îl - *"'**» !*> asl r,
ip*vvt ic» .a hu Wwiiutf
y&r*S d %jn * 4 »*« It 3
B.rfS** li te ' 1 » ijjjÿ &
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