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MOLASSES and rice producing
- -- -
Y01. 44 Hahnville,
Louisiana, Saturday,
MARCH, 10.
1917 80.32
Publithea ai Hahnviue La
Every Saturday
Cfficiai Journal of the Parith
oj SU Charles
J. C. Triche
Edit r
t'frms of Subscription fi.oo a yea r
Enteren at the PostolfUe at Hahnvillt
Li., as tecona étais matter
SATURDAY March iö 19*7
Vfjont«' «cation» wandert .11 latarthj*
»ortawrtny «venin*, «III 1»T overnntll.B
vvek following
«V an communications moat be written o»
O oe «Ido of the paper.
arTn« full name and sddress of »he wrl
lor tuuat accoaipaay each fcommnnleetlon or
00 pubiteatloa.bat âf»mattafof|ta< talta
• omwunicaUoD# of pawoyal c haracte r
«rill not bo reeugeiaed, enleva fro* '•■P®":
gibt« art I«« lu aooh eues a charge «I
hWa gaar% willt>emad«.
sw-Mews and intarwatlagfooa lltaatrarf
•*eeU«Ux solicited.
f rratly.'lf) wbou writing to. «'""T**,*?***
con our advertisers, they will simply any
ay aaw their «aida In thtapapar
■itabliiliert February 15 » 1878
«SU ent»dvertleeHieBts»l persqnere«rat
•«ritoa Kaeu lubMqnwi Insertion, Efsy
sei» sisa.se
Ûtniaîfco 4 |nIVo*"yBar - -
Vas quarter solum■ one yaar • *
last oarusoiie yeai
advertisement» and subscriptions areoel
leetable In variably In advance
?8th. Judicial Pisfrict
List of Juror« drawo to sçjve at
seasKUt qf »he " '
Grand Jury
Names Wards
John Candies 4
Emmett Dasch 4
A. P. Baudouin • 2
William Graham 4
Camille Gauthreaux 3
Leon Heurtin, Jr. 1
R. L. Thompson 4
Luke Troxler 1
O. H. Shelton 5
Ozeme Keller 3
Optime Schexnayder
D. A. Martin 2
Leo Becnel 3
• Olidee Cambre 5
Ed. S. Elliot 2
J. Oswald Zeringue 5
P. J. Lorio
P. A. Keller 2
Felix Simoneaux 3
Leon Boudreaux 3
Petit Jury 2nd. week
Monday April 9th, 1917
Edward Millet
Tom Mire
Robert Mire
E. X. Hotard
Jos. Cassaly, Jr.
Henry Champagne
Paul Lavergne
Ernest Kinler
O. G. Brady
Lezin Landeche
Louis Christen
James Champagne
Joseph Hebert
• C. I. Fortinberry
Walter Dseroche
William Cadow, Jr.
Leopold Faucheux
Agricole Dufrene
J. F, Faucheux
Edward Duhe
L. A. Keller
loseph 3. PerriUoux
____jlm Hymel
Luke Keller
Oscar Champagne
Marcelin Zeringue
Philip Hebert
Euphemon Mongrue
George Kugler
(Petit Jury 3rd. «week
Monday Arpil 16th, 1917
L- J- L*ngley
W. A. Lambert
Jos. F. Legnon
Philogeue Hymel, Jr.
Antoine Lorio
p C. Çsaaaly
Adolphe Levesque
E, L. laydouin
___, pagne
Eiphege Champagne
Sidney Slmoneux
J. B. Gassen
St.Mart(u Becnel
8 S 3 L«
Ü,B. Keftr
J. B. Robert
Albert Ledet
P. A. Frederick, Sr.
j. Felix Lotto
S idney G. Hymel
A. B. Hubert
Ernest Dominique
Enos M. BUs
Camille Ballanger
tO. Oubre '
Delphin StonweUe
Rose uibert Kinler
Sidney Millet
pjr. Clerk ofCourt.
1 r
4 '
2 ■
Notice is hefeby given that at a special
meeting of the Board of Supervisors of
Road District No. 2 of the Parish of St.
Charles« held on Wednesday, February
Ï4th, 1917, the following ordinance was
unanimously adopted:
Be it ordained by the Board of Super*
visors of Roard District No. 2 of the
Parish of St. Charles that a special elec
tion is hereby called and ordered to be
held in Road District No. 2 of the Parish
of St. Charles on Tuesday, the 27th day
of March» 1917, between the hours of
seven o'clock a> m. and five o'clock p.m
Be it further ordained, etc., That at
the said special election there shall be
submitted to the tax paying electors
qualified to vote under the constitution
and laws of this State a proposition to
determine whether or not it is the sense
of the said electors to authorize the Board
of Supervisors of Road District No. 2 of
the Parish of St. Charles to incur an in
debtedness of Seventy thousand (|70,
000) Dollars, and to issue and sell nego- j
tiable uni annual interest bearing cou
pon bonds Evidencing the said indebted
ness, the said amount being less than
ten per cent, of the assessed valuation of
the property within the said Road Dis
trict No. 2 of the Parish of St. Charles;
the said bonds to bear interest at the
rate of five per cent;per annum, payable
semi-annualy, and the interest and prin
cipal to be payable in such amount and
at such time as the Board of Supervisors
may determine, the whole issue to be
paid within the space of forty years
from the date of the bonds, and both
principal and interest to be secured and
paid by sufficient tax levied and collected
each year in accordance with the provi
sions of Article 281 of the Constitution|of
the State of Louisiana
The said indebtedness and the pro
ceeds of the sale of said bonds at not less
than par to be issued 'n constructing,
■' public
improving and maintaining ܻe
roads and highways in Road District No
2 of the Parish of St. Charles
Be it further ordained, etc., That a
notice of this special election be duly ad
vertised for thirty days in the St. Charles
Herald, the official journal of the Parish
of St. Charles, the said notice of election
to embrace substantially all things above
set forth, and further that this Board of
Supervisors of Road District No. 2 meet
ill open session at the District Court
House a» Hahn ville, Louisina, at twelve
o'clock, ncmn, on Wednesday, the 28th
day of March, 1917, and then and there
proceed to open the ballot box and ex
amine and count the ^ballots in number
and amount, and to make returns as to
the result of the elecrion
Be it further ordained, etc., That the
President of the Board of Supervisors be
and he is hereby authorised and empow
ered to have the necessary ballots paint*
ed for the said election, which said bal
lots shall contain the foregoing proposi
tion, and shall be drawn np in accordance
with law and the provisions of this ordi
nance. He shall provide ballot boxes and
and the necessary blanks for tellers,
sheets, etc.
Be it further ordained, etc., That the
Clerk of Court and Ex-Officio Registrar
of votera shall furnish the election offi
cers hereinafter named with a list of the
tax payers entitled to vote in person or
*------- » -•— —- J ^— *--'her

_ _ ___
tax payers entitled to vote in person or
by proxy at the said election, together
with the valuation ot each ot the tax pay
s' property aa shown by the
tnt roll last
ment roil last made
Be it farther ordained, etc., That the
District Court House located within Road
District No. 2 is hereby designated and|
j x___ 1 « ______1.L___11:^ . i«.
determined upon as the polling place for
■aid election, and the following persons
are hereby instructed mid empowered to
act at the said election: U. J. Keller, H.
E. Dickinson, R. J. Vial, as commission
ers and Stanislaos Hymel and P. J.
Lono aa clerks
The officers of election above named
shall moke doe returns of the election at
the meeting to be held on the 28th day
sum of Three Dollars
Felicien Lorio, President.
M. L. Guidry, Secretary.
Report on Inspection of Schools
SL Charles Parish
By C. J. Brown
(Continued from last issue)
Luling: A number of double pa
tent desks have been added to the
equipment of this school since the
iast inspection; otherwise there
has been no change of consequense
The entire plant is antiquated and
inferior, although kept clean and
neat. We were surprised to find
only twen'y-six of the fifty-one
enrolled present, {«presenting sev
en grades in charged of two teach
ers. Colds amounting to an epi
demic was stated as the cause of the
absences. We wer# impressed with
the interest and seal manifested
by the teachers but were disap
pointed with gthe results of the
tests made in third grade reading
and a group of pupds in fourth,
fifth, and Kftb.frqta anVhpneiiç.
Pupils d d not show a mastery of
the processes in these subjects
such as should have b^-en gained
by pupils of their grades. We are
inclined to think that responsibili
ty for this condition does not rest
primarly with ihe teachers in
charge but m.»y better be attribut
ed to i'regular attendance and the
crowded and unsatisf 'Ctory work
ing conditions. Some recommanda
tions were |made relative to the
work in reading and elementary
arithmetic with a view to remedy
lug the weakness found there
Hahnvdle* The building and other
physical conditions are on a par
with those at Luling and Des Al
lemands, except that the 'house is
oeing whitewashed. There are also
being added some patent desks, a
good library, shades, a globe and
some maps, All ihe improvements
are being paid for by funds raised
at entertainments in charge of the
teachers. While they are certaimy
to be commended for^their spirit
and success, yet it is unfortunate
.hat a school must depend upon
such affairs for practically all of
'ts essentials At the time of our
visit teachers and pupils were work
ing-out-of-doors waiting for the
whitewashed to be done. We gave
a brief test in atrihmettc to the
ffith grade and found them to be
quite up to average in their skill
in addition .and multiplication.
The teachers were using good me
thods in the work ^witnessed and
deeply interested in their school.
The programs conformed to requi
rement except that there was no
diretion of the plays and games of
the childt en. Forty-one of the
forty tour enrolled in seven grades
were present. This attendance was
in strong contrast to that at some
osher shool
(continued to next issue)
Amendment to Rules of Court
Rule No,
__Suggestions from counsel relative
. Q t he appointment of curators ad
. , • fri ■ u b
hoc., appraisers, notaries o
., appraisers
inventories or to hold family meet
mgs, etc., will not be received by
»he ludees of this Court and or
■' *
tCk 1 1 lOflS With
ders attached to petitions with
names ot such parties therein in
corporated will be disregarded by
by the Court
In open Court, Parish of St. Char
les, February 13th 1917
Signed ; L. Robert Rivarde
Signed: Jno. E. Fleury
I hereby certify that the above
and foregoing is a true aad coi
rect copy from the extract of min
utes of the a8th Judicial District
C ourt for the Parish of St. Charles
on February 13th 1917
C. A Caillet,
Deputy clerk ot court
Clerk's.O ffice * Parish of st. Char
les, La Feby. 15th 1917
On another page of this issue
we are publishing the inventory of
the Estate of Edward Wisner _
"After four In ocr family
of consomption I was taken wit. 5
«frightful cough and lung tro»;ble, f
bat my life was saved and I gained y
87 pounds throng»« using I
". B r&tterwm, Wellington, Tex
If vou want to buy anyth ng in
the way ot agriculture. ho r tic 1
ture, Iiv<*-S'ock. or anything!
grown on the farm, write your
wants to the commissioner o' ag
ricu'ture. Biton Rouge La. The
Commissioner has a Market Bu
reau, or Swapners Department,
and can find what you want
If vou have anything to sell per
taming to agriculture, horticul
ture. livestock, dairying, etc..write
the commissioner of Agriculture^
Baton Rouge, La., and he will
use every effort to dispose of any
th ng grown on the tarm in Louis
iana *
The commissioner has inargu
rated a Bureau ol Markets and
wants to aid you in eve y way pos
Public notice is hereby given
that trespassing, hunting fishing,
trapping and moss picking is strict
ly prohibited of Ellington. Fried
ander and Lone Star Plantations
under penalty of the law
The L, A. Blouin Co. Ltd.
A New Year's Treat For Our
We take pleasure in announcing
that any of our readers can secure
a pretty 1917 pocket diary, free of
charge by sending the postage
therefor, two cents in stamps 10
D. Swift & Co., Patent Lawyers,
Washington. D. C. The diary is a
•'gold mine'' of useful information
contains the popular and eletorial
vote received by Wilson and Hug
hes from each state in >916, and
also by Wilson, koosvelt end Taft
jn 191a; states the amount of the
principal crops produced in each
state in 1916; gives the census
population of each state 189°.
1900 and 1910. the population of
about 600 of the largest cittes in
the United States, a synopsis of
business Jaws, patent laws house
hold receipes and much other use.
ful information. The diary would
cost you esc at a book store, For
three (3) cents in stamps- they wilj
send a nice wall calender, size
10 x it inches. Send five (5) one
cent stamps and get the diary and
Notice is hereby given that the
Finance Committee of Police Jury
of the Parish of St. Charles will
meet on every Saturday previous
the regular meeting to approve
bills and any bills received latter
than that dey will be laid over to
the next regular meeting
F. Schexnaydre,
- . Je yj-ioe. tur* to obtain insarts w»u» wsifex '
«**, in ALL COUNTRIES. .
fine* wit* Wmtkhtgio* trat» Um». •
wnev •»« fU-i ike fmteut,
Paost s U tefr.-swst N i b s Midi sly.
'VrltaaT-ootn»». * »«
-i Kfcrtfe SOON, «PS Vs
It was moved by Mr.'Delaune &
and.by M* - . Dufrene, that the fol—
lowi g approximated tableau of the
expenses of the Parish of St. Char
les for the current year endiny
June 30th 1917
Sheriffs fees in Criminal
cases $500.00
maintaining prisoners a.500.00
District Attorney's fees
for convictions 500.00
Coroners salary, 300.00
Justices of the Peace 1,800.00
Constables 1,800.00
Grand, Petit and Coroner
jury 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Official Journal 600.00
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision 1000 00
Parish Treasurer yoo.oo
Clerk of Court 350.00
School Fund 8,500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for Infections and
Contagious diseases 300.00
Road fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. State Univer
sity, 500.00
Maintenance of 3 Ben ,
scholar at the Slate Nor
mal School 600.00
■syndics Salary 500.00
Sergeant at arms 100
Tax Collector Commis
sion 1,400.00
Salary for oiling wind
mill & washing tank 60,00
Road Sapervisors i,800,00
Election expenses 500,00
I hereby certify that the above
Tableau was adopted by the Police
Jury at the meeting held on the 3
day of Aug. 1916
F. Schexnaydre
Parish of St. Charles Aug. 3, 1916
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Cadow
State of Louisiana
28th. Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles
No. 725
Jefferson Commercial & Savings Bank
Widow Adam Keller et als'
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
issued by the Honorable 28th. Judicial
District Court of the State of Louisiana,
in and for the Parish of St. Charles, in
the above entitled and numbered case
bearing date of February 1st. 1917 to me
directed, I shall proceed to sellât Public
auction to the last and highest bidder at
the front door of the Court House on
Saturday March 17th. 1917, at 11 o'clock
A. M., the following described property
without appraisement, to wit:
1st. A certain tract of land, situated on
the left bank of the Mississippi River at
thirty miles above the City of New Or
leans, measuring Six arpents front on
said river more or less by a depth of
Forty arpents between dosing lines ac
cording to original titles, which tract is
bounded above by the property formerly
belonging to Francois Saulet and below
by the property of Jules Keller together
with all the improvements thereon or
thereunto belonging
2nd. All that portion of ground, situated
in the rear of the above firstly described
property beginning from the forty ar
pent line and extending back to the line
of the Louisiana Railway & Navigation
Company's tracks, and being the undivi
ded two-thirds of the upper half of Sec
tions Fifteen and Sixteen in Township
Twelve, South Range Seven East and
Sections Fifty-one and Fifty South Range
8 E, together with all the mules, carts
and agricultural implements
Less. A certain lot of ground forming
part of the herein above described des
cribed property, measuring one hundred
aud twenty-fve feet on the public road &
beginning at a distance of one hundred
and ninety-one feet above the upper line
of the property of Jules Keller, running
Up, by a depth of two hundred ami
eighty-five feet between parallel lines to
§ ether with a dwelling house and out
uildings situated on tue same
Less. A certain lot of ground lorming
part of the herein above described prop
erty and measuring One hundred and
Thirty-six feet front on the public road
beginning at a distance of Three hun
dred and seventy-nine feet from the low
ptr line of the School Yard, by a depth at,
Two hundred and Thirty-six feetbetweet^
parallel lines, together with the dwell-.
Tng house and out buildings thereon
Seized in the above suit to pay and sat
isfy plaintiff's demand
Terms and conditions, cash on the spot
Leon C. Vial,
Sheriff Parish of St. Charles
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St. Charles,
? eh. 7 th. 1917.
Second Congressional Drill.'
Memberof Congress H.G.Dup ;
Eighth Senatorial District
State Senator. L. R'Riva 1
Judg s L.R, Rivarde & J.E Fle«y
District Attorney L. II.Marrero J'
Parish of St Charles.
Sheriff & Collector
Chief Deputy,
Deputy Sheriff
Clerk & Recorder,
Deputy Clerk
L C. Vialfc
H.D. Kellei
I,T.Baud< u«iw
C A Caillet
Di. V, Lehm 'no
Wm. Lussair
R.A DubruCét
I.T .Baudouin
Official Jouraal, St. Charles Heiari
Justices of the Peace
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
W. T. Patterson
A. L. Mongiut
G Keller
M. Trauth
F. O. Weater.
First Ward P Baudouin
Second Waro L. L. Champagne
Third Ward R. MoutX
Fourth Ward F.. Po:ina
Fifth Ward R. Weaver
Police fury.
President F, Lorio
Secretary F. gcl.exnavdie
Sergeant at Arm« F. Friloux
First Ward F. L01.0
Second Ward J. L. blou n
Third Ward F, Delain e
Fourth Waid W. Dufrr: e
Fifth Ward W.A. Elfer
Meets ist Tuesday of evervmoiitl»
School Board.
President M. L. Gui< ry
First Ward
M.G. Becnel ijB
Second Ward*
M. L. Quidri
Thind Ward« 1
F. Keilet, v
Fourth. Wardv
L, J, Dejqaa
Fifth Wand %
A.J .SchexnaydH* „ ■>.»•.,
J. B. Martin, $up\ v
Lafourche Basin Levee Boàsq
I resident E.G.Swarts
Secretarv W. J . McCune v
A.' Champagne, Edgard; F. B.
Lemann, Donalsonville; George
Lorio, Moberly ; R, C, Martin, Jr,
Albemarle; R. Rerez, Jesuits
Bend; E. G. Swarty. Burton; T.V
Thaggard. Mcdonoghvill«; C
Viering, Gretna; J. F, Wiggjn'on.
Bowie The State Board of Engi
neers compose the engineering de
partment and the State Tieasurei
is treasurer of the Board
Regular meeting orf second
Thursdays of Jannary, April, July
and October. Finance committee
meets first Monday of each mum
at New Orleansoffice.
Terms of Court
In *.ne Parish of Jefferson
Jury Sessions is| Monday 1
April. 2nd Monday in Octob^.
Civil Sessions. 2nd Monday i,
May. and Monday in Novembe
In the Parish of St. Charles
Jnry Sessions. 2nd Monday
Mav. rad .«louday in Noyembje»
c Monday, ' 1
civil Sessions, ist
February and Monday, in ;«K
Parish 01 St. Job# the Baptist.— <
Jury Sessions, ist Monday *
June and Monday \u December
jcivil Sessions ist Monday ■■
March 3rd Monday in July.
ULLM ami CO,
416 W« Fourth St
v 2338 Annunciator St
Net« Orleans Kcpreter* itiv'
L WtDa.l lu
pudi.ta'*1.0 :,V
HAHNVJU.fi«. ti
WOTjnwrr o> pquthju^

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