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T01. 44 Hahn ville, Louisiana, Saturday, ALEIL, 14. l» 1 '
Puhltihea. at Hahnviut La
tilfitry Saturé ay
•> fiiciOt Journal of the Pantk
of Si* Charltl
J. C. TrUke
Edit r
T f rmt of Subscription ft.oo a year
hater ea at the Potto0ue at HakwilF
As., at tecana statt matter
SATURDAY A-pl 14 *9»7
Mr' ioiiiK' »eacio»» u»nd«rt •" *.Ç*Ï
»oaae*<lf»y p*e»mi, will l»T ■ Bt,uh
week follow»»*
mr aii coi»B»«ntoa*»w»a »■•»Wwt'.tW* •»
•«••Ido ot thopavor.
*rT«*«f»U»aw* *■« «Odroji* ®JL*J!® w 0 r r l
Io miaut accoaip»»? «ack t>
«0 pubilcattoH.liot ora mattar «latoaiani»
oinmuntcattona of jwrwaai charMWor
«rill iiosbaroo.»gntsed,e»»wa fr "* [** po f
*tota artloa [.«rtowi • char«« of
t.JO a «mut* will bo ">*«'*■
owsiawa an« »ataroatl»* •••• »%•■•«• »•*
•tactful ly aoUcttou.
_ , nit KKAOBKK oak sstf op
•f aaw ttiolc cardai» tklapapor
SstnblfalieA February ltt,
A/eaa *atadt^rttMiiieiita» | P er, ^J^ r, j J^'
a-ruoa Kao» aabaoo««»» t»oor«tow.»iaj
•it 4 pa* »ok
s o ool»»t~ » •»• r»* r
Voo ooartorool«»» «»« T*» r * *
\mml oarUaoaa t**i ,w *
adOortlMMoaf »«: ^bmonptivnm atoool
laciahlalnv«n |,,l| v »•» artranoa
• 0.80
List of Jurors drawn to serve
_______ at the
•eaaion of the Mth J.«" 1
Omrt in and for the Panah of St. Cbar
les Louisiana, beginning on Monday the
16*h. day of April 1917 to-wit>
Petit Jury 3rd. week
Monday Arpil ICth, 1917
L. J. Langley *
W. A. Lambert a
Jos. F. Legnon 1
Philogene Hyniel, Jr# 1
Antoine Lorio 5
D. C. Casdaly '
Adolphe Levesque *
B, L. Baudouin
Robert Savoie A
Oscar Champagne
Elphege Chan pagne
Sidney Simone ux
J. B. Gassen
St.Martin Becnel
Cl*y Usee
OcUve Haydel
U.ÏJ. Keller
J. B. Robert
Albert Ledet
P. A. Frederick, Sr.
J.'Felix Lor»
Sidney G. Hymel
A. E. Hubert
Ernest '.Dominique
Enos M. Ella
Camille Bellanger
r. O. Owbre
Sidney Millet
A true «»Py
Dy. Clerk of Cowrt
h a.rrnw«K **v ,« ait. covarr»**^- ^
[ /tnrimn* hrtet wUk H tmvt ' nmr -
ï HD«--» amJ tfU-A*kt *nt>**t. - .
fxtaal airf ia'rb--— »I f" Oke 1
(#-ï| UTtMIa
â 9
NoliCB .< g !7p„,kê'jÙΫ
Finance Cnn.rn.ne. rf P** J ". (|
«f ih# Parish of St. Char es
»euonèverv â.Wr<U, Pavons
STregninr n. «.tag «
bills and any bill» received lauer
than that day will be laid over to
the next regular meeting
F. Schexnaydre,
M r. and Mrs. Amdcar Zeringue
of Am«. La., announces the mar
riage of their daughter .Mrs* So*
to Mr. Achille J. ^ 00 ***7
dav April iSthiffi? a« ••
An M.. *t St. Mill» fchuicb, Aroa
"La. f f
Relatives, friends and Woodmen's
hie invi'td to attend l|» certmony
Last Sunday the Luling Base
ball Team met the. Overings of
New Orleans, and went down in
defeat to the tune of 4 - 3 . A - Kel
ler of Luling pitched a good game
stricking out 14, while Junker of
the Overings struckout 9
Owing to the cold j(weather the
game was slow and the attandanc
was small. To-morrow Luling
plays Waggaman at Luling Park
lîame called at 3 P. M.
of the
of the
Subsequent to the call by the
President a meeting of the War
dens of the St. Charles Red
Church was held at the church on
the 29th day of March 1917. There
weie present: Messrs Numa Zer
ingue Pres.; PLcide Baudoui and
L. Gassen. Excused on account of
sickness: Jos Schexnaydre. Absent
f. C . Triche
A quorum being present, the
me t<ng was called to order at
»:45 P.M. The Secretary being
absent, the t hair appointed L.
Gassen as Secretary pro tem
The President stated briefly that
he had called the meeting u> de
vice ways and means for the re
opening of Red Church. For this
purpose he had invited the Vicai
General of the Archdiocese, the
Very Reverend F. L. Gassier, to
address the Wardens, and to ex
plain to them the laws and regula
tions of our Holy Church in re
gard to the adminittration of
church property and paiishes
'Father Gass es, acting on behalf
of the Mos Rev. Archbishop, ex
plained at length the meaning of
lée Parochial Charter by which all
the parishes of the archdiocese are
He coriected the
now governed. — __
misuketf impression, which seems of
to prevail amongst a large portion
of the Catholics of St. Charles Par
,sh, that the adoption of the Par
% .
ochial Charter, the church proper-1 t
ty would t*e in danger of being
s old by the Archbishop. He prov
ed our entire satisfaction that such

a corporation would guarantee,
for all times to come, the undis
luibed possession of the church
property by the parishioners. Faih
er Gassier invited the Waruens to
sp«ak freely and to ask any ques
foi s which, to their way rf think
ing, would make it possible to ar.
rive at an early and mutual uuder
Mr. Baudouin, thereupon stated
that he was sa.isfied wuh the ex
planation given in regard to the
meaning a»»d working of the Paro
chial Charter, Knowing, however,
the sentiment ot the people, he
would ask whether the land could
not be sold -nd the proceeds pro
rate amongst the different church
es which, in the course of time,
have been built in the political
Parish of St. Charles? He was
sure that such an arrangement
would be welcomed among the
Catholic cilixeos of the parish
Before replying to *> r. Baudouin
Father Gassier asked the Wardens
to answer the following questions
1. Was the church property bought
by the Wardens?
2. DÄ the Catholic dtixena of the po
litical pariah of St. Charles purchase the
p ro pe rty ?
! 3 . If so, how was the money
1 By legally aaaeaaed taxes, or by volun
tary contributions?
I 4 , Was the church {building and the
former priest's bouft built with the rev
enuis from the land?
Or were they contributed with the
money raised from legally assessed tax
es or voluntary contributions?
The Wardens were of the unanimous
opinion that; neither the Board of Tru
tees nor the Catholic citizens and tax
papers of the political Parish of St. Char
les had bought the property, but that it
had been donated for church purposes;
That the Catholic citizens and taxpay
ers of the political Parish of St. Charles
had never been assessed for taxes in sup
port of the church, but that, since time
immemorial, the revenues were derived
from Pew Rent; from the rent of the
land and from other revenues, such as
are ordinarly found in every Catholic
That, therefore, to the best of their
knowledg, all the improvents were made
with the money derived from the ordin
ary sources of church revenue, with the
possible exception of some minor pur
chases, such as the Stations of the Cross
window shades; statues; etc. etc., which
were collected from the proceeds of din
ners or small entertainments, as is cus
tomary with every congregation
Thereupon Fathar Gassles explained
that neither in conscience nor in law,
could the parishioners [of the other
churches in St. Charles have a claim on
the property of Red Church;
That this property was given, solely
and exclusively, for that particular
chuch and the sustenance of its'priests;
That, for the same reason, the land
could not be sold, but its revenues must
be applied to, and use for, the Red
Church exclusively;
That, in the case only where the
parishioners of another parish, formed
from Red Church, had taxed themselves
for the purchase of the property of the
Mother Parish and for the construction
of its parochial buildings, would the
Mother Parish be obliged to buy out the
other parishes which subsequently were
formed in the same district
The Wardens found this explanation
satisfactory and easy to understand
Father Gassier, then, asked leave to
add a few remarks. He spoke very ear.
nestly on the state of the venerable Red
Church. He said, he could never believe
that the Catholics of St. Charles, who
had their own priest and their own
churches would, knowingly or willingly,
commit an injnttice against their fellow
citizens living in the neighborhoad of
Red Church. These are now deprived of
the sendees which a resident priest
could render them. Now, such an injus
tise would be committed, if they should
insist upon claiming a part of the reveues
----- - ------ „ - ^----
of Red Church, because these revenues
were attached to the Red Church only
and must be used exclusively for the
needs of the Red Church
. In conclusion, Father Gassier called
t ^e attention of the Warden* to the fol
lowing facts:
1. The land belongs to Red ghnrcb; it
cannot be sold
-2. Neither the Archbishop nor the dio
cese will sell that land
3. Catholict, living now in other par
ishes, but possessing tombs in the ceme
tery of Red Church, still are and will re
main, in possession of the title to their
respecuve tombs, whilst those of the
former parishioners of Red Church, that
possesses no tombs, may be interred
jts cemetery subject to the rules and reg
ulations in force throughout the diocese
4. The Public School House, built on
church property, need not be disturbed,
since the title is, and always will be,
held by the corporation of Red Church
3. A new corporation should be form
ed from among the Catholics that now
live within a' reasonable distance
from the Red Church, and on the left
bank of the River. This corporation, ?
■ ■- - « — *» -- » - 1 —
though its legitimate Board of Directors
woald then become responsible for the
holding and maintenance of the Jchurch
property and for the subsequent improve
ments tobe made in the course of time.
Some of theae improvements should be
made at the very earliest opportunity. J
•lae the veneraable church will go to ruin J
The Chair then thanked Father Gass
The unair men uum a jr«u.ucr
les for his clear and plain statement of I
facts and pledged the active co-operation ,
of the Wadens in bringing to the speedy
notice of the Catholic citizens of St- C»ht
les Parish the real condition of Ked I
Church and the easy and early solution j
of the difficulty which, the Chair stated,
owes its existence to a general misunder- J
standing ........ I
A motion Waa made by Mr. Baudouin, J
duly seconded, that the President call a |
general meeting of the Catholic* of St,
Charles Pariah at an early date. Carried J
The being no further buswess before
the Board, meeting adjourned subject to t
call by the President
(Signed) Numa Zeringue, Pres.
(Signed) L. GaMen,__
Sac y Prqtem.
Public notice is hereby giveen
that bv virtue of the authority ves»
*-d in me by Section roof the Po
ice Jury ordinances l will proceed
to sell at public auction at the front
do >r of the Court house of this
•arish on Saturday .May 191h.
1917 , at the hour o'12 o'cloch m.
to the highest and la*.t' bidder tor a
tetm of one year from the 241h day
of Mav 1917
The tight and privilege ot a fer
ry at each of the station named be
Ferry No. 1. From the lo ver limit
of the Parish to Davis Plantation
right bank, and Modoc Plantation
left bank the ferry station to be
trom the Zeringue store, right
bank, to the Rose Plantation left
Ferry No. a. Frctn Davis plant
ation, right bank, to Ashton plant
ation right bank, the terry station
to be at the store of L*. Gassen &
Bros, right bank to the Destrehan
plantation, left bank.
Ferry No. 3; hiotn Ashion planta
tion right bank, to Fiaggviile right
bank, the ferry station to^ be at
Flaggviile right oank to Ormond
plantation left bank
Ferry No. 4. From F'aggville
right bank t * Jacques Rouisli
rignt bank, the terry station to be
at Hahnville right bank to Pros
pect plantation left bank
Fen y No. 5. From Jacques
Rousefle's plantation right bank,
to Killona plantation right bank,
the ferry station to be at the Star
plantation store right bank to the
village of Belletown left bank.
Terras and conditions. Cash on
the spot, in United States Cur
rency, the purchaser to comply
with all regulations of the Police
F. Schexnaydre
Secretary Police Jury,
St Charles Parish, March 28, 1917
28th. Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles
No. 723
Jefferson Commercial & Saving* Bank
Mrs. Julia Jacob, Widow of Adam
Keller et als
By virtue cf a writ of seizure and sale
issued by the Hon. 28th. Judicial Dis
trict Court of the State of Louisiana, an
and for the Parish of St. Charles, in tne
above entitled and numbered case bear
ing the date of April 2nd. 1917 « to me
directed, I shall proceed to sell at Public
Auction to the last and highest bidder at
the front door of the Court House on
Saturday the 19th. day of May, 1917, at
11 o'clock A. M., the following describ
ed property, to-wit:
Ist. A certain tract of land situated on
the left bank of the Mississippi River at
thirty-two miles above the City of New
Orleans, measuring six arpenta front on
the said river, more or less, by a depth
of Forty (40) arpents, between closing
lines, according to original titles, which
tract is bounded above by property for
merly belonging to Francois Saulet and
below by property of Jules Keller, to
gether with all the buildings and im
provements, thereon or thereunto be
Which said property is all of Sections
8, 9, 10 and part of 11 in T. 12 S. R. 7
East, according to the United States Sur
2nd. All that portion of ground, situa
ted in the rear of the first described
tract begining from the forty arpent
line and extending back to the line of
the La. Railway & Navigation Co.'s
tracks and being the undivided two
and Sixteen
thirds of Sections Fifteen ana ;
? in Township 12 S. R. Seven East
EXCEPT: The following descrit
ed tracts which were reserved
1st. A certain lot of ground fronting
the herein sold (mortgaged)
part on —----- ----- - - - -,
property measuring one hundred and
twenty five feet on the public road and
beginning at a distance ot Oue hnndred
and Ninety-one feet above the upper
ana finely-one icct au-j
J line Q f t ^ e property of Jules Keller,
J running up by a depth of 285 feet be
w__________Itnae fnap
tween parallel lines together with the
dwel i iug house and outbuildings situat
I ed on the same
, 2 nd. A lot of ground, forming part of
the property herein sold (mortgaged)
and measuring 1 One huudred & thirty six
I f ee t front on the public road beginning at
j a d i 9 t a nce of three hundred aad seventy
nine {eet {rom t h* lower line of the
J g^ool House Yard by a depth of 236
I feet between parallel lines, together.
J with the dwelling-house and outbuild
a | in the <-eon
Seis&ed in the above «uît to pny
J satisfy plaintif'* demand
Terms and conditins. cash oa the spot
to t l^eou C Vhl
] Sheriff, Parish of it. Charle«,
I sheriff's Office, Parish of 3t. Charles,
) April, lfth.1917
■t ■.
It was moved I y Mr.»Detune &
and.by Mr. Duf-ene. that the fol
lowi' g approximated tableau of the
expenses of the Parish of St. Char
les for the current year endiuv*
June 30th 1917
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases $500.00
maintaining prisoners 2,500.00
District Attorney's fees
for convictions
Coroners salary,
Justices of the Peace
Grand, Petit and Coroner
jury 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Official Journal 600.00
President Board o * Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision n»oo ou
Parish Treasurer * 700.01»
Clerk of Court 250,00
School Fund 8,500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for infections ana
Contagious diseases 300.00
Road fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance uf 2 Ben
Cadets at L. State Univer<
Maintenance of 3 Ben
>cholui at the State Nor
mal School
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Tax CoilecLoi Commis
sion 1,40000
oaury for oiling wind
mill & washing tank 60,00
rioad Supervisors 1,800,00
Election expenses * 500.00
500. ou
100 no
I hereby certify that the above
Tableau was adopted by the Police
Jury at the meeting held on the 3
day of Aug. 1916
F. Schexnaydre
Parish of St, Charles Aug. 3 1916
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Cailow
28th Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles
No. 729
Succession of
Valsin Baptiste and Esther Bould,
his wife
By virtue of a certain order of sale is
sued by the Hon, 28th Judicial Court of
the State of Louisiana, in and for the
Parish of St. Charles, in the above entit
led cause and bearing date of March 21st
1917, and to me directed, I shall proceed
to sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder at the principal front door
of the Court House on Saturday the 28th
day of April, 1917, at 11 o'clock A. M.,
the follwoing described property to-wit:
A certain tract of land, together with
all the improvements thereon, measuring
one-half arpenteront on the river Miss
issippi, by a depth of fifty arpents, more
or less, between closing lines in the rear
as per original tract hereinafter describ
ed, bounded above by property now be
longing to Henry Hirsch and below by
the property of Raoul Zeringue, whic
tract of land forms part of Lot Number
(3) of subdivision of the following des
cribed property, Vix: 1
A certain tract of land situated in the
Parish of St. Charles on the right bank
of the river Mississippi, about twent-one
miles above the City of New Orleans,
measuring as per survey and plat of O.
McLeran, Esq., Parish Surveyor, fifteen
hundred and eighty feet front on the
River Mississippi, by about fifty arpents
in depth, more or less, between lines
closing in the rear about one degree, be
ing part of the Baptiste St. Amant tract
Section 24, of -Township 13, South of
Range 21 East, west of the River, bound
ed above bv lands now belonging to Is
aac Bennett & Co., known as Madison
ville, and below by lands of Septime St.
id f * *• ! ----------
Amant & Co., said tract being as per said
plan of survey and division into five
equal lots, for the purpose of a partition
between Raol Zeringue and his co-heirs
by act before James D. Augustin, Notary
Public of this Parish on tne 20th of Nov
eulber, 1879
Terme and conditions cash on the spot.
Leon C. Vial,
Sheriff, Parish of St. Charles
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St. Charles,
March 21st. 1917
On another «page o£ this issue
we are publishing th; inventory of \
the Estate of EJward AVisner
Second Congressional Pb' «
Member of Congress
H.G Ur •
Eighth Senatorial llist > '».*
State Serra tor,
Judg< s
J.K F'eii'V
District Attorney !..
R Ria u •
Parish of St Charles.
J t . F< m r
Sheriff & Collector
i. C. Vi. I
Chief Deputy,
H l>. K il»M
Deputy Sheriff
Clerk 8 r. Recorder,
!,T. Bn »d on'
Deputy Clerk
C A 1 ail lei
Coroner D
j. V, I.ehmai »*
Wm, Lussaii
R,A ! ubroca
I.T ,B ikIuumi
Official Journal, St. Charles Ho a '
Justices of th
e Peace.
First Ward W
. T. Patters« 1.
Second Ward
A. L. Mongi* t
Third Ward
O. Hugh r
Fourth Ward
M. Traut b
Fifth Ward
F. O. Wthiu
* t
Constables. •
First Ward
P Baudouin
Second Waro L,
L. Champagne
Third Ward
R. Muntz

Fourth Ward
F.. Pol: 11a
Fifth Ward
R. Weaver
Police Jury.
F, Lorio
F, gcl-exnavdie
Sergeant at Arms
F. hriloux
First Ward
F. l-orio
Second Waul
Third Ward
Fourth Waid
Fifth Ward
J. L. hlouin
F. De!aui;e'~
W. Dutrene
W. A . hlur '
Meet* ist Tuesday of evei\mom
e t
e for,
an as
id on
ce. He
ay opened
School Board.
M. L. Guidry*
First Ward
M.G Becnel
Second Ward
M. L. Guidry
Third Ward.
F. Keller
Fourth Ward,
L, J. Dejean;
Fifth Ward
A.J .Schexnaydre J
J. B. Mai tin, Supt, ay opened
Lafourche Basin Levee Boaib ( eered down
I resident' E.G.Swart;H e stood in
Secret»*..-» W. J, McCim<* e n, « ht e1 *
Membfs J P and dow *
A. Champagne, Edgar! ; F. H^Vrom hîî
Lemann, Donalsonville; Geo.-gt i t ®
Lorio, Moberly; R, C, Martin, Jr,
Albemarle; R. Rerez, Jesuits * * !
Bend; E. G. Swarty, Burton; T.V,
Thaggard. Mcdonughville; C
Viering, Gretna; J. F, Wiggintoik,
Bowie The State Board of Engi
neers compose the engineering de
partment and the State Treasure)
is treasurer of the Board
Régulai meeting on serono
Thursdays of January, April, July
and October. Finance committee
meets first Monday of each mont
at New Orleans office. *
Terms of Court
In *.ne Parish of Jefferson
jury Sessions tst Monday •
April. 2nd Monday in Ocioi e
Civil Sessions. 2nd Monday i,
May. 2nd Monday »11 Novemhe
In the Parish of St. Charles—
Jury Sessions. 2nd Monday
Mav. md .«lunday in Novcmhc»
civil Sessions, ist Moncay
February and Monday in Ijuly
Parish 01 St. John the Baut»*».—
Jury Sessions, isl Monday ?
June and Monday *.u December
civil Session» ist Monuay »
March 3rd Monday in July.
rs, al
ts at
3 ET
(1LUMN and (iû„
416 W, Fourth S*
2328 Annunctuuu*- Si
New Orleans Kepreirr' rtiv
it. Charles Sur ...
mm rana
\ iSi»MPS»T or wuTWiut
»an» oa clmhmk

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