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44 HahnviUe, Louisiana, Saturday,
1917 KO. 39
Publishtea at Hahnviiu La
Every Saturday
Officiai Journal of the Parish
•J St* Charles
J. C. Triche
EXit r
Terms of Subscription $ 3.00 a year
itmerea at the Potto tine at HahuvilP
Le., at teiona ciats matter
SATURDAY Arp 1 28 1917
- larOonua- leano** uandml .11 idler than
|«dRHdiy ovnui, «fil lay over until:*
«••k lot lowing
mr a 11 conim»ltatl«ia moat bo «rttton on
•ae aide of the paper.
AVToe mil name and addrooa of tbo wrl
tarai not aeon ai pa* y oaeb cc* nmiualratlnn or
H publication, bat ara matter of ittod faltb
rnmmnnlcatlona of personal character
•ill nwt bo recognised, unieaa from reapoa
glble artlea In aech oases a charge of
Lk a quart, «III b* mad*.
ITM««i tad isurHiliiK iota 1 tarns are re
F rsstiy.if, when «rltlng to, or onylaggooda
ron our adrertiseis, they will simply say
ay saw tnolrcardaln this paner
Balabllsliert February 15 , 1878
./mu entadtrsrtUeuientaltperaquaredrst
•—Uo* Kacti subsognant Insertion, Ofty
.•ntsp«" ach .is« sa
ge ooiuiu - 1 on* year fieo.ee
«aa-uaif colauin *>uo yeot * *****
PaeqaartercolMiunoneyt'er • *
'leal cards une yeai * *****
KTtrtlaeiuesti and suosortptlo** arocol
leetablelneuiisMf In advance
Dear Friends;
For quick, patriotic prepard
ness: poultry , pigs, potatoes, peas
pumpkins and peanuts
We appeal to vou to give special
attention 10 more poultry If every
one will set only one more hen and
raise ten additional chickens, it
will mean con«ide-able in meat and
eggs. It can be done
li everyone wi'l raise just one or
t wo more pips. :t will mean consid
erable meat ii-crease
Ifeverylv.e wiil only increase
the potato acre ge by one or two
acre», it will surely help
Ii possible plant Porto Rico,
Dooley or Nancy Hall sweet pota
toes. It don't c«*sl any more to
grow good yams than it does to
grow idler tor varieties
Everyone shou d plant at least
one acre o! Idack-eye, crowder or
whip poor-will peas. They aie
fine when green and can be gather
ed and dried for winter use
Pumpkins can oe planted in any
old place; tince corners, vacant
lots, etc. Pumpkius aie good not
only for pits, but the dried pump
kins make splendid meal. Fifty
percent pntnpin me l *<nd fifty per
cent com meal m'ke excellent
corn bread In fac it is lighter
than biead made of all con. meal,
and reaby better than all corn
meal bread •
Peanut aie a fine crop for hu
man consumption, poultry and
P'K* -
Everybody get busy and remem
ber 48« eight P'»: patriotism, pre
parcdue»s, poulty, pigs potatoes,
pea^ oumpkins and peauuts
* ' ^ Your :tuly,
. Harry D. Wilson,
* » chairman,
Sitte Food-Pieparedness Comms-
- 3 KRjs* '
The river has been on a stand
foi the past week, rising slighly
in the day and falling during the
One of the most successful So
cial function of the season was giv
en last Sunday, in the form of a
Picnic, by the young Ladies and
young men of this place. They met
at the Fashion School house, from
whence they drove in automobiles
to the Parndis picnic«-, grounds
The grounds are beautiful and
an ideal place for such rutmgs
having rustic benches, 'tables,
swings and a dancing 'platform.
The ''Eats" were plentiful, varied,
and very delicious. There were 40
odd people, and every one reports
a very enjoyable day
The committee in charge wishes
to thauk Mr. Cadow for the use of
the grounds
(By Wm D. Cox )
The war situation continues the
one absorbing topic in A T ew Or
leans, as it does the nation over.
Everywhere recruiting stations are
located and everywhere are see the
soldier boys, urging enlistment;
the screens almost of the picture
houses show the adorable colors,
while the orchestras play patriotic
airs and the audience comes to its
feet; newspapers teem with war
preparation stories andSsverything
indicates * something has been
started." No sooner had Foricgn
Secretary Arthur J.Belfour arrived
in this country when he uttered
this sigmfieient statement: "Real
ize, people of America, that you
face a real fight. And be prepared
for great individual sacrifices—for
it will be demanded *' This isfrom
a man who comes from the very
heart of the great struggle and one
whose knowledge of the situation
cannot be-questioned Thiscoun
tiy faces a crisis, the enormity of
which is little yet understood like
wise cannot be questioned "We
are up against it" is certainly the
lang expression as a warning and
our men and women of this repub
lie must face the situation with
sternness and resolution and do
their duty as tt unfolds before
them goes without saying
The price of foodstuffs climbs
higher day by day, and wnai the
poor of our larger cities jare to do
is a problem confronting us at this
very moment. With flour $14 to
$15 a barrel, red beans and rice
double the cost ot a tew monthg
ago and other foodstuffs equally***
high, brings the question most se
riously to the attention of every
thoughtful man and woman in the
land. Now is the time to plant gar
dens aod grow food. The sra»on*is
here, while a little later the time
will have passed. Those who heed
ibis solemn warning now will reap
the reward, while those who do
not must lake the conscquencej
To Bankers:
< Write Us for Samples
Prices on
BANK CHIlfc^ 5
Cox Pig. and
727 Poydras Su
{. Co., Inc,
r New Orleans.
The * Poliq^ory •"<*
Board will Jteet Tuesday »■ regu
lar month* !session
To the Presidents and Members
of the Police Juries of
Dear Friends:
Notice is hereby given th »*. the
Finance Committee of Police Jury
of th** Parish ol St. Charles will
meet on every Saturday previous
the regular meeting to approve
bills and any bills received latter
• han that day will be laid over to
the next regular meeting
F. bchexnaydre,
I want to ask your assistance
in our food campaign in the wav
of cooseiving the surplus. As you
are jwell a war *, there is great
waste of fruits and vegetables in
our State, This can be saved to a
gieat extent by canning the sur
plus. Our blackbery crop alone, if
conserved, would be an important
matter. We must aho save all sur
plus tomatoes, sweet corn, okra
beans, peas, ctbbage (in |the form
ot krau } peaches, plums, etc
I want to ask that you 'purchase
and furnish each high or central
school in you parish with a can
ning outfit; this outfit to be used
by the pr.ncipal. or someone desig
naied by him. or her, not only to
demonstrate but to be used in can
ning the surplus ftuits and vegeta
bies of the pnrons and neighbors
of the schools. This can be none
on the toll or percentage basis, In
this way the party in charge can
make a nice salary as well as well
as show a patriotic spirit, and if
you desire you can demand a per
centage of the toll Jto compensate
the parish for the expenses of the
canning outfit
In my opniou you will not only
render a great service temporarily
to the people of your parish, but
you will be giving them a practi
cal education that will be of pntold
benefit in years to come
Please take this matter up'at
your earliest convenience a ad give
il earnest consideration
Yours truly,
Harry D. Wrfccn.
State Food-Preparedness Com
New Or
ias. Gourgues, R.
E. Elliot weie
and Mrs, L. C. Vial were
to New Orleans during the
iessrs B. Triche. A. and H
slder and .»be Abiamson wer e
fere for the pierne last Sunday
The Schools of the Parish clos
ed Friday after a successful eight
months session
Mrs. J. J. Blanchard of Houston
Texas is visiting her mother Mrs.
J. B. Martin
No Baseba'I game at Luiing to- I
mot row j
We understand that several of
our school teachers will not re-,
turn next September; We wonder I
why } _
Dy. Sheriff H U. Keller went I
to Thibodaux, La., Friday to getj
two prisoners
Mosquitoes are plentiful and,
cattle etc., are suffering terribly]
from their bite
Public notice is hereby givem
that by virtue of the authority ves*
ed ir, me by Section 20 of the Po
lice Jury ordinances I will proce-d
tosell at public auction at the front
door of the Court house of this
Parish on Saturday Mav 19'h.
1917, at the hour of 12 o'cloch m.
to the h*ghest and last bidder lor a
tei m of otic year from the 24th day
of Mav 1917
The right and privilege ot a fer
ry at each of the station named be
Ferry No. t. From the lower limit
of the Parish to Davis Plantation
right bank, and Modoc Plantation
left bank the ferrv station to be
from the Zerir.gne store, right
hank, to the Rose Plantation left
bank ,
Ferry No. 2. From Davis plant
ation, right bank, to Ashton plant
ation right bank, the ferry station
to be at the store of l. Gassen &
Bros, right bank to the Destrehan
plantation, left bank.
Ferry No. 3; F:om Ashton planta
tion right bank, to Fiaggvide right
bank, the ferry station to be ai
Flaggville light bank to Ormond
plantation left bank
Ferry No. 4, From F'aggville
right bank to Jacques Rou-sUe
right bank, the feriy station to be
at HahnviUe right bank to Pros
pect plantation left bank
Ferty No. 5. From Jacquet^
Rouaelle's plantation right bank,«
to Killona plantation right bank,
the ferry station to be at the Star
plantation store right bank to the
village of Belletown left bank.
Terms and conditions. Cash on
the spot, iu United States Cur
rency, the purchaser to comply
with all regulations of the Police
F. Schexnaydre
Secretary Police Jury,
St Charles Parish, March 28, 1917
28th. Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles
No. 723
Jefferson Commercial & Savings Bank
Mrs. Julia Jacob, Widow of Adam
Keller et als
By virtue cf a writ of seizure and sale
issued by the Hon. 28th. Judicial Dis
trict Court of the State of Louisiana, in
and for the Parish of St. Charles, in the
above entitled and numbered case bear
ing the date of April 2nd. 1917, to me
directed, I shall proceed to sell at Public
Auction to the last and highest bidder at
the front door of the Court' House on
Saturday the 19th. day of May, 1917, at
o'clock A. M., the following describ
property, to-wit:
lst. A certain tract of land situated on
the left bank of the Mississippi River at
thirty-two miles above the City of New
Orleans, measuring six arpents front ou
the said river, more or less, by a depth
Forty (40) arpents, between closing
lines, according to original ^titles, which
tract is bounded above by property for
merly belonging to Francois Saulet and
below by property of Jules Keller, to
gether with all the buildings and im
provements, thereon or thereunto be
Which said property is all of Sections
9, 10 and part of 11 in T. 12 S. R. 7
East, according to the United States Sur
2nd. All chat portion of ground, situa
ted in the rear of the first described
tract begining from the forty arpent
line and extending back to the line of
the La. Railway & Navigation Co.'s
tracks and being the ^undivided two
thirds of Sections Fifteen and Sixteen
Township 12 S. R. Seven East
EXCEPT: The following describ
tracts which were reserved
1st. A certain lot of ground fronting
part on the herein sold (mortgaged)
property measuring one hundred and
twenty five feet on the public road and
beginning at a distance of One hundred
and Ninety-one feet above the upper
line of the property of Jules Keller,
running up by a depth of 285 feet be
tween parallel lines together with the
dwelling house and outbuildings situat
on the same
2nd. A lot of ground, forming part of
the property herein sold (mortgaged)
and measuring One hundred & thirty six
feet front on the public road beginning at
distance of three hundred and seventy
nine feet from the lower line of the
School House Yard by a depth of 236
feet between parallel lines, together
with the dwelling house and outbuild
ings thereon
Seized in the above suit to pay and
satisfy plaintff's demand
Terms and conditins. cash on the spot
Leon C. Vial
Sheriff, Parish of St. Charles,
Sheriff's Office,|Parish|of St. Charles,
April, Uth.1917
It whs moved by Mr^Delaune &
2nd.by M*\ Dufiene, that the fol
lowi g approximated tableau of the
expenses of the Parish of St. Char
les for the current year ending
June 30th 1917
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases $500.00
maintaining prisoners 2.500.00
District Attorney's fees
for convictions 500,00
Coroners salary, 300.00
Justices of the Peace 1,800.00
Constables 1,800.00
Grand, Petit and Coroner
jury 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 60000
Official Journal 600.00
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision
Parish Treasurer
Clerk of Court
School Fund
Expenses Board of
Health for Infectious and
Contagious diseases
Road tnnd, 1
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stair Univei
Maintenance of 3 Ben ,
scholai at the State Nor
mal School
Syndic? Salary
Sergeant at arms
Tax Collector Commis
sion 1,400.00
Salary for oiling wind
mill & washing tank 60,00
Road Supervisors 1,800.00
E<ectiou expenses 500,00
moo 00
. 700. OO
60c. OO
$, *8310,05/
I hereby certify that the »hove
tableau ;<*as adopted by'lhe Police
Jury at the meeting held on the 3
day of Aug. 1916
F. Schexnaydre
Parish of St. Charles Aug. 3, 1916
No ice
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Cadow
Sealed bids will be receved at the Par
ish Court House, HahnviUe, Louisiana,
up to Saturday, May 26th., 1917, at 12
o'clock M., for the purchase of $70,000.
00 of 5 per cent, semi-annual interest
bearing coupon bonds of Road District
No. 2, Parish of St. Charles, State of
Louisiana. The bonds will be sold to the
highest responsible bidder
A certified check of 5 per cent of the
bid must accompany each préposai
The right is reserved to reject any and
all bids.
Board of Supervisors of Road District
No. 2, Parish of St. Charles-'
By Felicien Lorio, President
i.-nmuff? ofpbou. Coenor neb «aut 'roerepot.
.'rev bo*» to obuüft pfttealR. treJe «rukrirr
tN all countries.
Bvtinw Jirect unit M 'atkutftnu tevei Umr
non*, ojdtth i*u hatsuie
sit sué k*rl->-t Priotk» exclusively.
Writ« nr oca*j. at
■ - ». Va! tad Mat« fa tut 0 *aa
Second Congressional District
Member of Congress H.G.Du:> r t
Eighth Senatorial Distiicl
State Senator,
Judges T.E Fleury
District Attorney L,R.Riarde
Parish of St Charles.
Representative J C. Remick
Sheriff & Collector L C. Vial
Chief Deputy, H.D. Keller
Deputy Sheriff R.Madere
Clerk & Recorder, I,T. Bmd« u n
Deputy Clerk C A Cailler
Coronet Di. V, I.:hm«tiu
Treasure! Wm. Lussan
Assessor R,A Dubroca
Registrar I. T.Baudouin*
Official Jour.ial, St. Charles Heial-'
Justices of the Peace.
First Ward W. T. Parierst n
Second Ward A. L. Mongiut
Third Ward O. Kugli r
Fourth Ward M. Trauth
Fifth Ward F. O. Weater
First Ward P Baudouin
Second Waro L, L. Champagne
Third Ward R. Moi.tz
Fourtli Ward F.. Polina
Fifth Ward R. Weaver
Police |ury.
President F, Lorio
Secretary F, gcl.exnavdie
Sergeant at Arms F. Friloux
First Ward F. Lorio
Second Ward J. L. Bloum
Third Ward F. DeJaune
Fourth Waid W. Dufrene
Fifth Ward W.A. Eller
Meets ist Tuesday of evervmonib
^School Board.
First Waul ^ .
M.G. Becnel
Second Ward
M. L. Guidry
* Third Ward.
F. Keller
Fourtli Ward,
L, J. Dejean*
Fifth Ward
A.J .Schexnaydre *
J. B. Martin, Supt,
Lafourche Basin Levee Boaic (
I resident fc.G.Swar!t
Secretary W. J. McCune
A. Champagne, Edgard; F. B.
Lemann, Donalsonville; George
Lorio, Moberly; R, C, Martin, Jr-<
Albemarle; R. Rerez, Jeeofls
Bend; E. G. Swarty, Burton-; T.V
Tlmggard. Mcdonoghvide; ' Q
Viering, Gretna; J. F, Wigginton,
Bowie The State Board of Engi
neers compose the engineering de -,
partment and the State Tieasurei'
is treasurer of the Board
Regular meeting on serona
Thursdays of Jannary, April, July
and October.Finauce commute.
meets first Monday of each mom
at New Orleans office.
Terms of Court
In *.ne Parish of Jefferson
Jury Sessions ist Monday
April. 2nd Monday in Octobe
Civil Sessions. 2nd Monday Û
May. 2nd Monday in Novembe
In the Parish of St. Charles
Jnry Sessions, and Monday
Mav. rnd .uonday in November
civil Sessions, ist Monday
February and Monday in ,' U |w
Parish 01 St. John the Bapiisu- 1 *
Jury Sessions, ist Monday 9
June and Monday iu December
civil Sessions ist Monday .*
March 3rd Monday in July.
416 W, Fourth
2328 Annunctauo* St
Ne« Orleans Represent ttiyy
Oaau.1 id ï «.lcitiiu
*PUrtl.lMIM» AT
tor, .VkImpm«,
•» rnm
PARIHII «r *T. ftLM.
*k#*rxei*eirr o* Poirrwu«.
IUKM on i.xiqott ■'

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