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A Careful Young Man.
"You want to marry my «laughter?"
"I'm not certain, hut I'd like to take
ft opti of» on her hand, sir."
4 "Plantation" Chill Tonic is guaranteed
ftD drive away Chills and Fever or your
money refunded. Price 50 c.—Adv.
Told Truth for 146 Years.
■On Lincoln's birthday, an aged man
was brought into the jail at Butte,
Mont., for drunkenness. When he
proved that he had voted and fought
for Lincoln, Jailer Lavell sent him
«me In a taxicab. Word of this got
abound town, and on Washington's
,J 4 rtliday a "drunk" announced that
_4pjiad voted for Washington.
*You must be a pretty old man," the
"Past eighty," ventured the drunk.
''You'll huve to come again," de
clared the jailer.
"I didn't say how much past eighty,"
fcautlously replied the alleged drunk
"What's Washington famous for?"
-asked Lavell, as he continued his work
■pt writing the man's name down on
the blotter.
"He never told a lie," promptly an
swered the old fellow.
'And I suppose you are following his
_>et your life," said the drunk
îss From the Gulch.
Vhis Hindenburg line we
h about?" asked Three
""^J^this fellow' to jail and we'll
with lying," instructed the
®ne of his assistants.—Butte
♦he otb - '
•rorn b;_
to have
had beet]
ata that 1.'
tober 7 Tv
that he bei y f or cer t a in," replied
'*v TLr 'k pD ß h)ut judging by the kinks
likely to rettj^ must look like a
on hii^jg 0 f a tenderfoot."
them. The <_
lieving that twy 0un g man has so
dered the thiropse that a college
Wf the expenstmfit him for a use
xBnltow them am
particulars. On ------
wad Tate started^
They found the
mile below the Fori)
Prom information
the vicinity were
there had been bv
one womatL. therg
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Daisy Fly Killer
Proclamations Posted by Army
Commanders in the Invaded
Von Emmich's First Demand for Free !
I Passaac Followed tv Warn i nos.
Passage Followed ty Warnings,
Requisitions and Information
of Ruthless Penalties
Some iih'a of wliat the Belgians Move
; h:ul to endure under the military rule
! of the Germans may be obtained from
the copies, printed herewith, of many
j of the proclamations posted by the
; Teutons in the little country they in
vaded. The documents are authentic,
j having been translated from the orig
I inals that are in the possession of Ian
! Malcolm, member of the British parlia
j meut. They require no explanation
and little comment. The American
I reader may imagine what his feelings
Would be if be should lind such proc
lamations affixed to his residence, his
church or his town hall.
It is to my very great regret that the
German troops find tlieinselvek com
pelled to cross the Belgian frontier.
They aro acting under the constraint
of an unavoidable necessity, Belgium's
neutrality having been violated by
French ofiieers, who, in disguise,
crossed Belgian territory by motor ear
in order to make their way into Ger
Belgians !
It is my greatest wish that there
may still be a way of avoiding a con
liict between two nations which have
hitherto been friends, and at one time
even allies.
Remember tho glorious days of Wa
terloo, where German arms played
their part in founding and establishing
the independence and prosperity of
your country. But we must have a
free passage. The destruction of
bridges, of tunnels and of railways will
have to be looked upon as hostile acts.
Belgians !
It is for you to choose ! I hope the
German Army of the Meuse will not
be forced to fight you. A free passage
for attack is all we desire.
I give formal pledges to the Belgian
population thnt it will have nothing to
suffer from the horrors of war, that
we will ptly in gold for the provisions
that must be taken from the country,
and that our soldiers will prove them
selves the best of friends to a people
for whom we feel the highest esteem
and the greatest sympathy. It rests
with your good sense and with an In
telligent patriotism to save your coun
try from the horrors of war.
The Gt'neral Commanding the Army
of the Meuse.
[This proclamation was distributed by
the German army among the Belgian civil
population on August 4. 1914. This was
the day they violated Belgian neutrality,
and they still hoped that the Belgian
army would offer no resistance. At War
sage, the village where this proclamation
had been scattered by the Uhlans, 3 civ
ilians were shot, 6 hanged, 9 others killed
In various ways, and 35 houses were burnt
To the People of Liege.
The population of Andenne, after
making a display of peaceful inten
tions towards our troops, attacked
them in the most treacherous manner.
With my authorization, the general
commanding these troops has reduced
the town to ashes and has had 110
persons shot.
1 bring this fact to the knowledge
of the people of Liege in order that
they may know what fate to expect
should they adopt a similar attitude.
Liege, 22d August, 1914.
[Two hundred and flfty civilians—men,
women and children—were killed by the
Germans at Andenne on August 2«} and
21, 1914, and 50 at Seilles on the opposite
bank of the Meuse. A hundred and fifty
three houses were burnt at Seiiles, and 37
at Andenne. As a warning to Biege, the
killings at Andenne were superfluous, for
on the night of August 20 the Germans
had burned 55 houses at Giege and killed 29
On the 25th of August, 1914, inhabi
tants of Luneville made an attack by
ambush on German columns and am
munition trains. On the same day in
habitants also fired on ambulances
bearing the Red Cross. Shots were
also fired on German wounded and ou
a military hospital containing a Ger
man ambulance unit.
On account of these acts of hostility
an indemnity of 650,000 francs is im
posed on the commune of Luneville.
The mayor is ordered to pay over this
sum on the Cth of September, 1914.
at nine o'clock in the morning, to the
representative of the German military
authorities. Fifty thousand francs
of the payment must be made in spe
cie. All appeals will be considered
null and void. No postponement will
be granted.
If the commune does not punctually
execute the order to pay this sum of
650.000 francs, all goods that can be
distrained upon will lie seized.
In case of non-payment, house-to
house visits will be made and all the
inhabitants will he searched. Any per
son who has deliberately concealed
money or tried to withhold goods from
seizure by tin* military authorities, or
who attempts to leave the town, will
be shot.
The mayor and the linstag* s taken
by tin* military authorities wili bo
niade responsible for the exa<*t oxecu
tion of the above orders. The mayor
is ordered to publish those directious
to the commune immediately.
Ilenameiiil. ,"(1 September, 1914.
(ieueral commanding,
[The motive of the pn r at proclamation
s found in tio- German maxim that "Pun
ishment is a proof of crime." The hein
oils charges made, in the first paragraph,
against the inhabitants of 1.mu ville are
! flatly denied. At I .une vill** tber** were p,
victims (including a *' * • '
and a woman of mnety-.*n*.:.t hay. n.*t. U».
ind 70 houses were burned ]
Inhabitants of both sexes are strict
!y forbidden to leave their houses so
far as this is not absolutely necessary
for making short rounds, in order to
buy provisions or water their cattle.
They are absolutely forbidden to leave
their houses at night under any cir
eumstances whatever.
Whoever attempts to leave the place,
by night or day, upon any pretext
whatever, will be shot.
Potatoes can only be dug with the
commandant's consent and under mil
itary supervision.
The German troops have* orders to
carry out these directions strictly, by
sentinels and patrols, who an* author
ized to fire on anyone departing from
these directions.
[These restrictions imposed upon the
people of Luneville are the Oferman staff's
ideal of the state to which conquered peo
ples should he reduced.]
German Military Authorities.
The mayor of the town of Luneville
officially requests the inhabitants, un
der the sanction of the most severe
penalties, to abstain from making any
signals to airplanes or other details of
the French army.
It would be very imprudent, even
out of simple curiosity, to follow too
attentively the maneuvers of the air
craft that fly over Luneville, or to try
to communicate with the French out
The immediate steps to enforce this,
which would he taken by Colonel Lidi,
commandant of the communications
depot, would consist in the seizure of
a considerable number of hostages
from the working class as well as from
the middle class.
In order to prevent or repress crim
inal behavior in war time, as well as
to insure the security of the German
troops and the civil population, the
special police .stations flying a white
flag are to receive day and night all
communications which may be ad
dressed to them on this subject.
The Mayor of Luneville,
[In this proclamation the mayor of Lune
ville is made to warn his fellow-citizens
against rendering any assistance to their
own national forces. The threat tit take
hostages in case of disobedience was un
derlined. To be seized as a hostage in
tlie invaded districts of Belgium and
France was almost equivalent to a sen
tence of death.]
In order sufficiently to insure the
safety of our troops and the tran
quillity of the population of Reims,
the persons mentioned have been seized
as hostages by the commander of the
German army. These hostages will
be shot If there Is the least disorder.
On the other hand, if the town re
mains perfectly calm and quiet, these
hostages and inhabitants will be placed
under the protection of the German
Reims, 12th September, 1914.
The persons mentioned below were
condemned by the tribunal of the
council of war and shot this same day
at the citadel, namely:
Eugene Jacquet, wholesale wine mer
Ernest Deconinck, sub-lieutenant.
Georges Maertens, tradesman.
Sylvere Verhulst, workman.
1. For having concealed the English
aviator who alighted at Wattignies on
th<> 11th of last March—-for having giv
en him shelter and facilitated his pas
sage to France, so that he was able
to return to the enemy's lines.
2. For having maintained and assist
ed members of the enemy army who,
after discarding their uniform, re
mained in Lille and its suburbs, and
having enabled them to escape into
By the proclamation of the governor,
of the 7th April, 1915, these two cases,
being considered as espionage, are
brought to tiie knowledge of the public
in order that they may serve as a
Lille, 22d September, 1915.
[Espionage is punishable with death—
that is a commonly acknowledged rule
of military law. But there are other serv
ices which the civil population of an oc
cupied territory may perform for their
allies and fellow'-countrvmen under arms,
which are absolutely distinct from espion
age. of infinitely less danger to the occu
pying power. The Germans wished to
punish these acts of service with the ex
treme penalty. They therefore "consid
ered them as espionage.'']
Tn future the inhabitants of places
situated near railways and telegraph
lines which have been destroyed will
he punished without mercy (whether
they are guilty of this destruction or
not). Fur this purpose, hostages have
been taken in all place* in tin* vicin
ity of railways in dang«*r of similar
attacks; ami at tlit* first attempt to
destroy any railway, telegraph or tele
phone lim*. th'*y will be shot immedi
ately. The governor,
Tlie tribunal of tlie imperial German
j council of war sitting in Brussels lias
ronoimecl tlie following sentences:
Condemned to death for conspiring
• _'* ! her to commit treason :
I Edirl; Gav. II. t .teller, of Brussels.
Philippe Bam*«], architect, of Brus
Je.nnm* It* Belleville of MollUgllies.
Louis Thuiliez. professor at Lille.
Louis Severin, chemist, of Brussels.
Albert Libiez, lawyer, of Mims.
For the same offense the foliowing
have been condemned to lö years' hard
Hermann Capi.au, engineer, of Was
Ada Bodart of Brussels.
Georges I>erv«*au, chemist, of I'atur
Mnrv «le Croy of B* llignies.
At the same sitting, the war conneil
condemned 17 others charged with
treason against the imperial armies
to sentences of penal servitude and
imprisonment varying from two to
eight years.
The sentences on Baneq and Edith
Cave!! have already been fully exe
The governor general of Brussels
brings these facts to the knowledge of
tlie public that they may serve us a
Tlie Governor of tlie City,
Brussels, 12th October, 1915.
[Treason means t lie* opposite of patriot
ism, but the German word "war-treason"
means loyalty to patriotism at tiie risk of
one's life. Acts of war-treason are acts
done by tiie inhabitants of an occupied
territory, on behalf of their native coun
try and their fellow-countrymen, for
which the German military code pre
i scribes the penalty of death. Edith
j Cavil and her companions had done such
j acts and well knew what awaited them if
i they were disc, vered. It was in this that
their heroism lav.]
j _
Tbc attitude of England makes thd
provisioning of the population more
and more difficult.
To reduce tlie misery, the German
authorities have recently asked for
volunteers to go and work in the coun
try. This offer has not had the suc
cess that was expected.
In consequence of this, the inhabi
tants will he deported by order and
removed into'toe country. Persons de
ported will he sent to the interior (tf
the occupied territory in Fran«', far
behind the front, where they will be
employed in agricultural labor, and not
in any military work whatever. By
this measure they will be given tlie
opportunity of providing better for
their subsistence.
In case of necessity provisions can
be obtained through the German de
pots. Every person deported will be
allowed to take with him 30 kilo
grammes of luggage (household uten
sils. clothes,.etc), which they will be
well advised to make ready at once.
I order, therefore, that no one may,
until further order, change his place
of residence. No one may absent
himself from his legally declared resi
dence from 9.0 p. m. to 6.0 a. m (Ger
man time), unless he is in possession
of a permit in due form.
Inasmuch as this is an irrevocable
I measure, it is in the interest of the
population itself to remain calm and
Lille, April, 1916.
[This proclamation was followed up by
the deportation of 25.000 French civilians
from the towns of Boubaix, Tureoitig and
Lille. There were girls as young as six
teen among the victims, and men as old as
fifty-five. Families were ruthlessly broken
All the inhabitants of the house,
with the exception of children under
fourteen, and their mothers, and also
of old people, must prepare themselves
for transportation in an hour-and-a
half's time.
An officer will definitely decide
which persons will be taken to the
concentration camps. For this pur
pose all tho inhabitants of the house
must assemble in front of it. In case
of bad weather, they may remain in
the passage. The door of the house
must remain open. All appeals will be
useless. No inmate of the house, even
those who will not be transported, may
leave the house before 8.0 a. m. (Gor
man time).
Each person will have a right to 30
kilogrammes of luggage; if anyone's
luggage exceeds that weight, it will
In* rejected without further consider
ation. Packages must be separately
made up for each person and must
boar an address legibly written and
firmly fixed on. This address must in
clude the surname and the Christina
name, and the number of the identity
It Is absolutely necessary thnt peo
ple should provide themselves in their
own interest with eating and drinking
utensils, as well us with a woollen
blanket, strong shoes and linen. Ev
eryone must carry his identity card on
iiis person. Anyone attempting to
evade transportation will be punished
without mercy.
[In this proi lamation the German trans
port officer at Lilt** puts the command
ant's decree into effect. "It was terrible,''
writes a witness. "Tiie officer went round,
pointing out the m< n and women whom
he ••hose and giving them, to make t'.^ir
preparations, a period varying from ui,
hour to ten minutes."]
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Conjurer Who "Found" Coins or»
Street Car Floor Forced by Con
ductor to Turn Over Money.
A conjurer performing at a lo<*n!
theater got on a street car with two
members of his company, and after a
while, moved by some sudden impulse,
he pretended to find sundry quarters,
stooping her and there, and producing
them from under the seats, on the
floor anywhere, to the amazement of
the passengers, says the Toronto Mail.
His two friends laughed heartily at
the joke. Not so, however, the conduc
tor. who came forward and sternly de
manded the twelve 25-«*nt pieces he
had "picked up," In order that he
might hand them over in accordance
with tlie regulations governing lost
property found in the cars.
In vain did the "tinder" protest that
it was only a conjuring trick. The
conductor obviously did not believe
him. And in the end. in order t<>
avoid a compulsory visit to the polie»?
station, lie had to give up the coins.
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Obstructing Navigation.
"They tell me that Smith was ar
rested today because he drowned his
dog in the river," said Jones.
"How could they arrest him for
drowning a dog in the river?" demand
ed Brown.
"Why. they claimed that a sunken
hark obstructed navigation."
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I Government Issues
Against Fly Poisons
U Following is an extract from "The
If Transmission of Disease by Flies,"
H Supplement No. 29 to the Public
H Health Reports, April, 1916.
H "Of other fly poisons mentioned,
fj mention should be made, merely for
g a purpose of condemnation, of those
gl composed of arsenic. Fatal cases of
j] poisoning of children through tlie
g use of such compounds are far too
§j frequent, and owing to the resem
f§ blance of arsenical poisoning to
g summer diarrhea and cholera In
p fnntum, it is believed that the cases
|f reported do not, by any means, com
p prise the total. Arsenical fly-de
Bf stroying deviees must be rated as
g extremely dangerous, and should
never be used, even if other meas
ures are not at hand."
106 fly poisoning cases have been re
ported by the press within the last
three years. As stated above this num
ber is but a fraction of the real number.
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