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fie •■Oh Building, /Yew Oriean |
R' tii'ee* in t/ie eaürts of the Ear- i
Ones Of y/. Charles, St.
John, Ä James,
ana As tension.
Atl&rney-A t- Law
Whitney Bk, Builhi'n; N*w Orient
/'radices in / eft »r Sah
St Charte ' fit-;
St. John / ,f • !\ 'h v
Practices in the Parishes of St, fcfm |
Attar //'ey- 41-i.uw,
Si's fi en then Ruit ding, A'ew Otfean
Litnt Distance TeleJhone li'yCr
1, R, R/VAR DE,
A ttortte)
03 Canal-Louisiana Blg.iVeio Orleans
t'ractites in the parishes of Si. John
• Charles and Jejf er Son
*2 ------- i ___
Gretna, Là
Attorney At- f.aikr
St Charles and Jefferson ,
Civil EIngir'cr ana Sureyor
,f sdS Au aube n Blag,, New (hleants La
:Phone Main
Engineer à..t Sk diet Or
Car wit he. La
: FOJ REN J OR SA l. h
'One dwelling huiiit in perfect
condition, situated at HahnvrHe,
La Apply to
Dr L, Donaldson
Ilahnville, La
Pcenth:« E, Edringtoti Jr
40 ? Whitney
l K O. IF.
Ama Camp No. 40 *, meets
% verv 4 tit Sunday of each
Mon w .i aî ; p. ni,, at Atpa, La,
'f. B. Seller», CIcfW
A monthly magazine devoted to
the use of english
Truck baser Editor
P irttal Content'
Ou 'nés an ' Anb„crs
«hall rild Will : Should and Wcu!d • a«i
How tq use them
Frinjunuaiions (Cenlur) Diet
orrect Enyli^h in 1 ,c H ,fne
rrecl Engijd 'n the School
What to say and whfd not «o say
^ourse mi Qrammer
it, leite 1 - writin^ and Punc
... - ,
u«i.ie«s Engn.sn fqr thç business j ^JJ
Kompug.td VVop4s: Howto write
them /
VxoUi^ in English L)te r giure
A,gents Wanted
^a.j pa.vr.qfi. Seud \(x cents foi
ai^pje copy
^»RkaCT Eve,, ston
' a.t». ' ; .*3t-Ç/t .beputv S3, «r
'Voq.d-,'n-n Çirçlç
J B SedJerii
.. 1
A" «S. \
to ander tIK. *
few bands on
2*th. JiKflcia! DIstiDt Court
Parish Of St. Uhark-s
No. 756
Air. Grace Funk Hräcken, wife rtf
W illiam K. Bracken
Frank k. linker
By virtue of a writ of seizure aud sale j
issued out of the Honorable the JXttt. j
Judicial District Court of the State of j
j l.ouisCina in and for the Parish Of St !
diaries in the atnve entitled and mim-1
JlieredciS' Iienriug date of Max' 25th, j
j i ..i a t dir cted, I shall proceed to,
* Sel. Ut fui.ke .;uc"' i t» the Jc-t and !
! lic;!lCs. h'.ldci- at tl'.e front door Of :.u- j
I Court 1 louse Oil
SATURDAY, JULY 7th. 191V, j
at 11 o'clock A. Id., the following des- :
cribed property without ; appraisement i
to-xvit:- j
All those certain portions or tracts of j
ir und hereinafter more füllt described j
situated in the Parish of St. Charles, !
State of Louisiana, in Township Four- I
teen (14) South, Ranee Twenty (2U||
East, Southeastern land district of Louis !
iana, W est of the Mississippi River, all j
of said portions of land being more fully >
shown on a sketch by the John A. j
Kruse Engineering Company màfked !
"property of Louisiana Delta Lands Co., |
Paradis" St. Charles Parish, La., record
ed in the Clerk's Office of the Parish of
St. Charles, the said portions being des
ignated on the said map as;
Sections 28, 29 and. 38
Tans 1,2,3,4.5,6,7,8.9.10,11,12,13,14,13
16,17.18,19.20,21.22 and 23, in Division
No. 6 District or Unit No. 2 containing
about 230 acres; and a strip Of tend lying
between lot 23 of Division No. 6'aiul the
| Oneau de France tract, said strip con
taining 2?4 acres
Sections 38 and 22;
Lots 30 and 31, 111 Division No. 1 Dis
trict or Unit No. 3 containing 20 acres j
Section 27:
Lots 4* and 49 in Division No. 1, Dis- j
trict or Unit No. 3, containing 20acres 1
Section 27;
That portion of lots 1,2,3.4,5.6.7,8.9.
10 11 and 12. Division No. 2, District or
j Unit No. 3, lying north of the southjline
of Section 27, containing about .58 acres 1
Section 27; 1
Lots 5,6.7,8,9,10,11 and 12 Division
No. 3. District or Unit No. 3 containing
about 80 acres
Section 2/ ;
Lots 1 , 2 , 3.4,5.6,7.8,9,10.11 and 12 Dix
is>on No. 4, District or Unit No. 3 con- j
tabling about 120 acres j
w 'ction 27 ;
Lots 1,2,3.4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 Div
is'oh No. 5 District or Unit No*. 3 con
taining 120 acres
Sections 27 and 22:
Lots 3,4,5,6 and 7 Division No. 6 Dis- 1
trict or Unit No. 3 con tain in ' about 50 :
Section 22 ;
I/Ots 1,2.3,4,5,6,, 7,8,9,10,11 and 12, 1
Division No. 7 Districit or Unit No. 3,
containing aliout 12 ) acres ,
Section 22:
Lots 1,2,3, 4, 5. 6, 7 and 8 of Dix-ision
No. 8 District or Unit No. 3 containing j
about 80 acres
Section 22;
South half of lots 1 and 2, Division No
9. District or Unit No. 3, containing a- 1
bout 10 acres
Sect o 1 22;
Lots 5,6,7, 8 9, 10, 11 and 12 Division
No. 9 District or Unit No. 3 containing
aliout 80 acres
Sections 15 and 22;
Lots 9, 10, 11 and 12 Division No. 10, j
1 District or Unit No. 3, containing about
40 acres
Section 15;
Lots 9, 10, 11 and 12, Division No. 11 !
District or Unit No. 3, containing al xmt j
40 acres
Section 34;
That portion of lots 1, 2, 3,4,5,6.7.8,9, t
10,11 and 12, Division No. 2, District or;
Unit No. 3, which extends south of thej
division line between sections 27 and 34;
and which lies north of the lateral canal
known as the South Boundary Canal, &
past of the Canal known as the Elucas i
Canal, containing about 62 acres
The al/ove descrilied tracts and por- '
tions of land herein sold *nd transfern d
embracing a total acreage of eleven hull
dred and tbirtv-four (1134) acres, more
or less and all of said tracts or [/onions
except that last above described, lying
and being in Sub-drainage District No. I
of the St. Charles Municipal Drainage
District of the Parish of St. Charles,
State of Louisiana, the said last above
described tract being in Sub-drainage
No. 3 of the St, Charles Municipal Drain
age District
Being a part of the same property
which Mrs. Grace Funk Bracken acquir
ed from the Paradis Farms Company, by
• a«i act of sale passed before Theo. H.l
Dauer Notary Public, in and for thej
County of Lake. State of Indiana, on the ,
15th day of July A- D. 1915, registered)
pi the Iftçyorders Office in the Parish of j
St. Charles in Conveyance Book "S" fo-1
lio 278, and in Mortgage Book No. 28 i
folio 258 et seq.
And ftom the proceeds of said sale to ■
pay petitioner by reference oxer all oth- !
er claims the sum of Three thousand.
Five hundred and Sixty five 30-100 Dol
lars, ( ^3565.301 together with five per j
ççnt on sauf principal sum of Fifty nine
thousand Four hundred ami Txventv-Om |
and 60-100 dollars a» attorney's fees and
j ^JJ coj.tg 0 f these proceçing»
Leon C. VJal,
She'll Parish of (>t. Charles,
Sheriffs ; 'dice, Parish of St; Charles,
May 29, 191/..
PhSHc noli,* iv he>/*hv gi*e;i
that »respossiag huiv'og fishing
trai ping mrt ino*s pjck>ng is strict
!y prohibited <«f KHirgton. Fried
ander ond Lone Star Plantation
glide penalty *>f the law
The L A. Blwuin Co. Ltd "

txU » — Ä •
another, vrout
of j
of j
The 'ollowinjf plan of procedure for increasing 1 the production
of feed r id foodstuffs in Louisiana ir suggested by the Slate Food
Prepared less Commission, of whi h W. R. Dodson, Dean
Director, Louisiana State University, is secretary. Every Louisi
ana farmer is urged to adopt and carry out, as far as possible,
such par . of this program as are suited to his conditions.
1 Third:
Increase the acreage of'—
(a) Corn, for meal, grits, hominy, roasting-ears, canned corn, stock feed,
gi Tu for horses, mules, hogs, poultry, dairy cattle, and sliago lor
fe 'ding beef cattle and dairy cattle.
B:s : dard corn to be planted in early May; June corn in Juno.
('<) V "t henna as feed for live stock of nil kind», and as a cash crop
• sq'l to feed dealers, etc. Velvet beans njso enrich the land fc>
u re crops.
(c) So teans, as a cash crop, for making oil and bread; the stems and
1 < es for forage; the whole plant as a silage crop to be m;>.ed
xx h corn; the whole crop to be grazed by hoga, as a faM~n. 11 /
cn . Soy beana also enrich the soli.
(d) Peat, cts, in sandy lands, as a money crop to be used for makirv o
arc peanut meal to be mixed with flour for bread-making, or
*to. k feed; as a money-crop for manufacture into penmP E
am. foods, as a forage crop for livestock, patticularly foi
They, too, make the 9 oil more produotlve.
<0 F tv act pots'oes as a summer crop following oat*, Irish potatoes, rur:
ing ear corn, or on land previously unoccupied, for home use a
marketing, drying, canning. Te be {.razed by hogs or stored an
fed to livestock.
(f) Cow j eas for hay, and th* Black Eye, Crowder, etc, for human food.
green, dried and canned. Also for enriching the soil.
(g) Punit . 1 rs. cUshawa, etc., for human food, fresh, dried, canned, dried
and ground into flour as a composent of bread, and te bo used as
sUV t feed.
(h) Sorg sn for molasses and for soiling; and aa feed for horses, mules
ar dairy cattle.
(i) Counter and city gardens to be devoted to staple vegetables, such
Second ;
Increase o e acreage production —
(a) By »' judicious use of fertilizers.
(b) By (I - utilization of more lmr rove< l Implements and botter cultiva
tîfcr. no that labor ezpended may be mere efficient.
ens, tomatoes, egg-plant*, garden aquaah. sweet peppers, etc
Utilize tlv, wild fruit*, such aa dswber.-:«», blackberrlea, huckleberries,
nut*, muacadinea, etc.
Fourth :
Increase r* cat and animal food»— j
(a) By producing more pork and pork producta (bacon, ham, salt mpiA
l:.rd, e.c.), more beef and dairy producta (milk, cream, butter, crear-i
cheese, etc.)
(b) ] 3 y raising more poultry and poultry' products, more sheep and goats. ,
This can he clone— j
(1) By increasing the number of animals, particularly of hogs and poul
try. Save thp desirable breeding animals; they quickly multiply.
Give better care to mothers; import the surplus calvea from other
states. j
(2) Kv increasing the value or the efficiency of each animal. This means
to stop slaughtering small calvea, pigB. Dmbs and kid 3 . Have them f
graze our grasses, conserve our forage that would otherwise be 1
largely wasted, consume the feed crops, and then slaughter them .
as mere mature animals. It means, also, eradicating the cattle ;
tick, that the cows may give more milk, the beef cattle put on tat j
more vapidly, the calvea grow faster, and the cœt of wintering ;
stock cattle reduced.
(3) By better feeding of all kinds of livestock, bo aa to give balanced
rations and eliminating unnecessary waste.
Increase the efficiency of food supplies and cars for the surpluc produc
(a) By canning, preserving, drying, or otherwise storing what may not be
requir . î for use at the harvest time, or at the period of most boun
tiful s poly, through tome canning, and the establishment of con
tràl ot ring plants at schools or in connection with municipal;
plants .ri'h steam supply, etc.
(b) By elimt:.. ting waste, as far as possible, in the homes, the hotels i
and rest urants, and the utilization of the trimmings, scraps and i
"left--ove s'* for feeding hogs and poultry.
(c) By giving more than usual attention to the bom« supply of fruits,
fertilizing *he trees, thinning to Insure good quality, etc.
It as possible to further increase the efficency of foods by better selec
tion of our articles of diet, substituting ns far a; possible home
raiaed food« for imported articles that are no better, such as extend- 1
ing the use of rice, corn products, cane and sorghum molasses soy !
tea» and cettorseed meal mixtur «3 with flour and meal, making our j
own breakfast fond*, etc.
Sixth: j
Increase the amount and efficiency ef laber. j
Increasing food and feed crops, meat and animal products means In
creased lebor devoted to these enterprises. It is proposed to help '
solve this uroblem by enlisting the services of the previously un
productiv* labor, snch os Bchool boys and girl*. t«acheru In vacation. !
more days if labor for thou* who hava waatad & portion of thefx
time, the li Tor of woman, particularly of negro women, and of local
By more supervise« of Inefficient labor.
By presenting the nitration to the negro laborers and encouraging their
co-operatio . and help.
Cause Loss of at Least 25 Per cent of Milk and Beef Supply—
Dipping Cattle a Patriotic Duty.
I If all the tiekr milk cattle In the Southern territory ertill under quarantine
were free from ticks at the prenant time they \*ou!d be yielding at lea*» 25 per
cent more milk on »he same feed, and in regard to the be«f cattle, they would be : as
producing 25 per cent cv more beef under »tmilar condltiono. This ou id
mean millions of gaJlons of milk and million* of pounds of beef, oxer and 1
above the present supply of these two valuable food product«, which form
an important part of the dally food supply of our people. Owing to the pr?»
ent crtBls In th* country's history, the demand Is not only for an increase
in the food supply of our people, »nd t» render aid to the other countries
fighting in the same cause, but also for Increase and conservation of the
feeding material* xvhich are consumed by the animal* to make food for th*
people. If, therefore, on the seine amount of feed It it possible, through
totally eradicating the Helm at this time, to increase the milk and beef pro
duction by 25 per cent, in each product, it i* a saving of a large amount of

There can be no ques on at this time that the cattle-owner who will use '
his best effort to increase his product, whether milk or beef, 25 per cent, is
just a* much a patriot s.nd defender of his country as the private in the
trenches or the bluejacket w ho serves the big guu on the quarter-deck of the
Millions of gallons of m ; lk and millions of pounds of beef, over tut, , u
ent supply, can be produced in the South under tick-free conditions, ar.il r
there ever was an opportunity for the cattle-owner to do his "bit" fo-- h s
country at this time, it Is L- getting rid of the ticks, now, all over the .South,
in order to increase the fo<-. supply on the people and prevent tie unfortunate
II OgS.,
.toe Jc:s"\s Registered & Breil
Du roc Je 1 sc. y s Graded
L. Godf.haux Co. Ltd.
Di.mond Plantation,
belie; s , P. O . La,
I< 'F.
i : •• - rg ai d trespass
rcf'V p' hiDitrd on tlip
i Est. Ae 'drs. A. Gassen
Layuu* Gassen,
Puhl c nouer is hereby given
«h t bunting. Dtspass.ng, no moss
poking is ptolubited oil the 1 t*i—
j .uxx h g pp pei y
j Tlie property ol Louisiana Delt •
' Lan. s onip.tny <*' on property «»f
W 1 ) M. o e
Lo isi.O'ct D .ta La 1 ds Co.
W . U. Mo re
i ». , . u.-.( ut tue £Ot>u ones.
\ti ;v ■ '■'mentr. J 'he G 'ver
-:er.t too*. X-'usrLs aud the athletic
tirTneis ot Vale University prove
*,h .1 ' vi eater» are the stundest
,-u«' •. Gust Quaker-Scotch G. ts
; n<:', at tb<*. Lead of the list of cereal
i x.r!-. « ii'n only the bofct food,
but if- .!.e cheapest food on e«r 'h.
Packed ;n ii.s it will keep sweet aod
anywiiere tnoeiiiiiUily

No; i*.
is lierei y g ven th 1 '. the
Ftnui.ce -at ,.ire* of Po i,e Jury
ui D. nh i, ,t (.'hares will
nicet O' every Saturday previous
rie r 'uijr meeting to approve
am, any hills r ce ved latter
nan that il.;y will be laid over to
lit next recula, meeio g
c K. rciuxiiaydre,
Mcret ry.
! -n t . ! ; * ih ' Pol'Ce Jury
t La c- ar.sh for a pe;mit
r. a l\ tai ' li in trie 3rd ward
am; wne fur the colored
5 cii< I à Lh
j . J. Uopp >neaiix
Not c«*
We a-e appiy.ng _tr> the IV ce
uiyof M. Uliarlfs Parish for a
permit to operate a sal on in Ihe
3 rd ward 10 l eer and wir.e for the
colored r. ce at Momz, l a
as much stuck fred as possible
Weber Si Vicknair
A c mrnit ee on Food and Food
piepar dilcss his been appointed
toi ihe puroose of eiuourage
mg the p-oduction and < onse; v.i
t , n of as mush foodstuff as posi—
b e in St. C-haile-, ha-ish. Friman
ly, they will advocate the pioduc
tiou of as many *Wcei potat >es it
which wnl be followed in the ful
;;iatu,ng season by cabbage and
iurr.'.p crops in particular with full
,/otatoes ttieiewilh bu.ky food
er- ps wi" be m great demand dur |
• iig th- cmii-g and it xx i l h..rd to ,
ave oo great a supply «>n ban I as '
j, r will undoubtedly be a short j
g e of tne es aples and the p ices |
«viii b*- cCc >*dingt> hig i. It is the
Id lion , t lie Committee t>> c
- s '»retii'g- ,ii the several *vaid
hi [i,o i- h to pui
r i ut et ,re tlie
ro. r *.* pubi c
. p v i i c * » - attend
L ne c mmittee» appointed *vi.l
Sin..... ...... ------.* .t
*tmm 1 or r»«> »*'$
u»ton ixti (to §f *
I *«nii report v-l
■•JNf -8 'or ^
i tr to tu' ft»' r
1 t..»x!.*i :;ir''.a ••»»»•I co l .vii^;it'* oUnii
[. .• s,.»»! m«H»i 1 -Krfclu* or fino
; c,for rase st^^cH
4 on linnk rt*<
* HATi. 4TS h-JIl O POPVUNES 'or
.j you. Ourfi -I [.■>.,Klo:.< t. II how. w! it to ill'
•1 niHlaari yoii - n.-v x> rite to,i»y.
p.,v: r L'
v,T *h
Uulilic Notice is hereby given
that hunting. 1 respassmg and moss
picking is prohibited c*i ihe follow
ing property
The properly of Nick Laqne
Dette* known as Fred Ludinyi. r,
on Magnolia Ridge
W. L. Laque
HUNTING and TR A l*f >1 >. (, j s
Miii tlv piohihtltd on 1 t.e !ai.d s 0
ibis Company. Tresfiassers will i, r
prosecnietl to the full extern of ih e
a xv
Louisiana Meadows Company
Er . 1 t
I« I'D
of the
111: notice
nor In- uiven
i ,rf s g, hu n„ gi |„, ljniî
»•ss inckm^ is si nc !
proper: v u .
g ;i, d 1
i< J Di t « d
/ .1 . •
ri.vi umiti
i xx
* eilt r>
Nonce is I,defy uivrr rf»«|
Hnn* 1 ny « n| Tiespiissing is si
Dvcly P'o!nl»i|,-,j nn.| L .| penal t y ,.f
'*•- law on , he pi *,p.-i i,e> ol M,,&
dir. Jus I.a fa 11 le.
vor ice
Trespassing_ 1 1 ti■ 1 1. i
g a-ivd trap
pirg a-e h ,e!,\* prolipnted
pioperties owi <«( and
on al|
ruled by
W ni. Lussnii
lespass'ng, fi.,ntmg d „,| Wf ,^
cuittng on nix premises Is skm-tly
piohibi e«l Ai.« v.olaiious will be
pnu.siico rttemding p, law
V'» W, H, J inney
Hwotmy», liMuiig, trapping and
lic-sp sïing <iie strictly piohib.ivd
on (he pio^vemcs oi me es(ai ol
H.L. Vonl.j.o
Lie«, H.L.Younys
6Tj YE*.#?»'
E. .Pfcftlfcv *■ F
% V :;^
-II,'u ft
-J_ ■
r*.n» ( Rit
#«»ll J*»j*
^ X •» r . r. fr«'
*>xy • vti«*p
•■-O»' l 7 *RC 20 t .
iH-V '*. X'>. «rin »•_'
:»tFv>«"h y %,mi ,v c
îd*^ «.;»> ice ir tn*'
r.ftr.f.BGmDljr .Î , » !îrii»#f| \r .-k'v. 4 -rurw
■ ,lfut n #i. ' i . . . H f : i * . *» > •**.
•sax*. '«•'*" M. '»y tîl »»f*w>*!♦."•••?>.
îîliNH & ü 0 . 3 fc,s '^* a '-iV;'A*ÏÇ^
BlALfh f MW» ^ V«'H^hU)gb,l|. û U
Wade K Mov;
was eufl riu«: iroto
s %
in hx r "
m*de tr.o feei like a m;t7 latD '

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