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. ''!!, ,0 °V en years ? cun 8« if yon
g "iL Cre 8 i y '- g H" ly ^ gray hair » by
g ^_ reole Hair Dressing—Adv.
VüM States' 12 federal reserve
bants in 1916 had assets of $250 ooü
000 and held $450,000,000 in gold.' '
Not a few of us miss a great deal
by not seeing more of our neighbors
and friends.
< ' • «
rt • *
- * w*'*. •*
Yes, every mother
can help save her
children from infan
tile paralysis, sum
mer complaint,
tuberculosis, etc., if
she uses Fly-Rid.
It kills mosquitoes
and flies. Fan it in
the air. Harmless to
J'm going to
help save the
American Simm Commit
Write fpr circular and
sample prints
O Studio
Sold for 47 years. For Malaria, Chills
and Fever. Also a Flue General
Strengthening Tonic*
Tuft's Pills
stimulate the torpid liver, strengthen the
digestive organs, regulate the bowels. A rem
edy for sick headache. Unequal«! as aa
Elegantly sugar coated. Small diic. Price, 25c.
Money back without question
If HUNT'S CUBE fails in the
treatment of I TCH , ECZEMA,
Itching Bkln diseases. Price
10c at druggists, or direct from
Ll.lichartt Medicine Ca.ttsrass.Te«.
Kill All Flies! TMI oîslîsE* 0
Pud taywbsn.Dutev Pty ■lli*r sttnets sad Mis sO
fies. Mast, cissa, «easmeotsl, eeaTcniant, sad cheap.
L— ts »II— i■—. M«4«
MPZT1BÊÊÊ*!ELn R?$TjBm *f «««tai. ««n't «*ÏÏT m
nrivÜlMtNO «r
: «artAln«. Ontm«
iNtifs, Ask tm
Daisy Fly Killer
«sa aa mus avT.. sroohatn. m. x.
A stomach specialist sdrises this
Rhobarban. ■ < 1 "' X>
Aqua Pure-—fv!- %/'r
TableepooDfol after «Mals.# It makes a
whole pint; Druggist* prepare It— Try Ifc
It shoo Id be prepared for 11 .W..
a ■ ■ an nm Of all kinds bought and sold. If
I IlMKr K Jon hire any to »ell or want to
h«mubn purchaao any write, giving par
Oculars. G. BUM A Bro., Job Dept., Buffalo, N. T.
ATTEND COIAEtiE! 9 months' expenses and
tuition *110. Degrees conferred. Make war
tm possible. Location Ideal. Coliege.Berry.Aia.
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 23-1917.
pj»t Contents lBTluid Tfracta
jtih^lhgStomachs and
neither Opium.Morphlnen«
and Feverishness^
ra^îrôïiési4na^ of
xew voRj£
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Mrs. Hawkins Was So Weak
Couldn't Move in Her Bed
Without Help.
Well and Strong Again After Taking
Tanlac and Weighs More Than
She Has in Over Eighteen
"I was down In bed and couldn't
raise my head or move without help
and now I'm able to do all my house
work, even to my cooking and garden
work and I weigh more than I have in
eighteen years and have been taking
Tanlac only about four weeks," said
Mrs. Dollie Hawkins. 4906 Second ave
nue, South, Birmingham, Ala., recent
"For years," continued Mrs. Haw
kins, "I suffered with rheumatism and
acute Indigestion. The rheumatism
got me down in bod and had me bound
so hard and fast somebody had to
move me about and the pain was ter
rihle. I couldn't lift my six-months-old
baby, and had to hire someone to wait
on me and do my work. I was so
nervous the least little thing dropping
on the floor would startle me and my
heart would almost stop heating. I
couldn't eat any solid food at all and
was In such run-down condition my
baby fell off until It was Just a little
skeleton and fretted and cried all the
time. No kind of medicine did me any
good and I was getting worse all the
"If ever a medicine did wonders,
Tanlac did It for me and my little ba
by. I felt better In Just a few days
after I began taking It. I have taken
three bottles and I am not nervous in
the least now and my sleep is fine and
rests me. The awful rheumatic pains
and misery Is all gone. I can eat any
thing I want and my food not only
gives me nourishment but my baby is
as fat ns a little pig and sits for hours
at a time on a pallet and plays with
out a whimper. Tanlac has made a
well woman of me and a fat, healthy
baby out of my little sickly one, and
I'm Just so thankful for what Tanlac
has done for us I want everybody to
know about this great medicine."
There is a Tanlac dealer in your
town. Adv.
Isn't it strange that men who brag
always brag about something that
doesn't Interest you in the least?
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a Gen
eral Tonic because it contains the well
known tonic properties of QUININE and
IRON. It acts on the Liver. Drives out
Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds
np the Whole System. SO cents.
No, Gladys, you are wrong. Free
schoolbooks would not necessarily give
one a liberal education.
Spartan Women Suffered Untold Tortures
but who wants to be a Spartan? Take
"Femenina" for all female disorders.
Price 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
I ---
Though the way a self-made man
makes love may be absurd, the way he
makes money Isn't
Bore Eye«, Blood-Shot Eye«, Watery Eye«,
fitickv Eyfli, ftll b6&lcd promptly with night
ly application« of Roman Eye B a l aa m Adv.
New York In 1916 entertained 663
Hellenes' Food Good But Their
Dancing Is Monotonous.
Men, Women and Children Take Part
in the Celebration With No
Trace of Joviality.
It Is perhaps the only advantage
of being at Saloniki that you can
spend two separate Christmases there.
Thus it happened that, 13 days after
we had eaten our own plum pud
dings in the mess, we rode away ro
mantically across the mountains for a
Christmas day in a Macedonian vil
lage, says a writer in the London
The cavalcade consisted of three
Englishmen—one of them a cosmo
politan genius speaking Greek like his
mother tongue—Petros, a Greek or
derly and a leading citizen of our vil
lage. We sat on pack saddles not un
like 1 armchairs, with rt»po stirrups.
The* reins are a hollow mockery,
their only purpose being to affront »lie
pony and make him sulk. Hang them
carelessly on the saddle* and the sure
footed little beast will find his way
along the most blood-curdling paths,
where dee*p ravines full of bowlders
await the smallest slip. At the end of
a pass we emerged into a great plain
and saw our village before us umid
vineyards and tig tre*es.
We fired a salvo of revolver shots
into the air to announce our arrival
and were soon shaking hands with a
number of men in dark blue-black
braided Eton jackets and durk baggy
Petros was politely determined that
we were to lunch with him and soon
we were In his house reclining on
lovely striped rugs of red, black and
yellow and watching the sparks from
a wood fire fiy up a big chimney. Be
fore lunch, however, came a ceremony
which is inevitable on entering any
hguse. The daughter of the house
brings a tray on which are small
glasses of home-made brandy, an
equal number of glasses of water, and
a dish of sweet stuff—Turkish delight,
chocolates, or In one case, unequivoc
ally British marmalade to he eaten
with a spoon. The guest stands up
takes a glass of brandy, drinks it and
says "Cheer oh." Next he takes a
sip of water, and last a sweet.
After the cognac and the Tc-kish
coffee came lunch. Soup of tripe, rice
and vinegar, followed by a duck. The
duck had rice with It and a touch of
garlic. Of ull ducks this was the most
palpably divine ever eaten. Then fol
lowed dancing in the market place.
The market place is an irregular
open space with the invariable plane
tree. The spectators gather in the
corners, leaving the middle clear for
the dancers, who ai%e divided into two
groups. One of these groups revolves
slowly round a barrel organ decorated
with artificial flowers and grinding out
one never ending tune. First come
half a dozen young men, their hands
on each other's shoulders. Next, hand
In hand, some twenty or more women
with maroon-colored draperies round
their heads, dark blue bodices and
skirts, and large aprons of vivid scar
let crossed with bars of a darker red
and fringed with tassels of bright
color. Bound their necks are strings
of gold coins—dowries to be handed
on from mother to daughter, big, thin
Magyar coins mostly, though one
woman has a brooch of three English
sovereigns. Next to the women, come
the children, tailing away to the very
tiniest little girl, each resplendent in
her tiny red apron. The. leader per
forms a very simple step; his imme
diate neighbors imitate It, but further
down the line the step becomes a mere
shuffle, and so they go round and round
forever silently and steadily, not ap
parently bored, but with no trace of
The other group consists of older
men who dance far more elaborately
with turnings and twistings and duck
ings and snapping of fingers. Their
leader Is a fine, tall fellow with a
fierce black mustache and a red sash.
He waves a bottle in one hand, as
sumes poses of humorously exaggerat
ed grace, nnd has altogether ä de
bonair and swashbucklering way with
him. Having been to America he
proudly shouts, "Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year."
A Pew Complainer Answered.
Deacon Jones decided to speak his
mind to the minister who was tem
porarily filling the pulpit. "I didn't
like your prayer very much this morn
ing," said*he. "No?" answered the
minister. "And what was the matter
with it?" "Well, In the first place, it
was too long; and, aside from this, it
contained two or three expressions
which I thought were scarcely war
ranted." "I am sorry, deacon," the
good man responded, "but it might be
well to bear In mind that the prayer
wasn't addressed to you."—Liverpool
Keeping a Family.
The New York city bureau of per
sonal service says that the best an un
skilled laborer's family can hope to do
at present is to live on $980.41 a year,
as against $S84.94 for the year 1915.
The "family" with which the report
deals consists of five members, father,
mother, a girl of ten and two boys,
thirteen and six years old. Food costs
have increased $190 in a year, it is re
marked. The report is to be used as
a basis for salary increases for labor
ers in the employ of the city, and his
special reference to the stfeet-cleaniBg
department employees.
Calomel Salivates! It Makes You Sick and You Lose a Day's Work— Dodson's
Liver Tone Acts Better Than Calomel and Is Harmless for
Men, Women, Children—Read Guarantee!
Every druggist here, yes! your druggist and
everybody's druggist has noticed a great falling
off in the sale of calomel. They all give the
same reason. Dodson's Liver Tone is taking its
"Calomel is dangerous and people know it while
Dodson's Liver Tone is safe and gives better re
sults," said a prominent local druggist. Dodson s
Liver Tone is personally guaranteed by every
druggist. A large family-sized bottle costs only 50
cents and if you find it doesn't take the place of
dangerous, salivating calomel you have only to ask
for your money back.
Dodson's Liver Tone is a pleasant-tasting, pure
ly vegetable remedy, harmless to both children
and adults. Take a spoonful at night and wake up
feeling fine, no sick headache, biliousness, ague,
Eminently Practical.
"It is no use trying to get away from
the solemn fact that the woman of to
day is a most practical ami resourceful
creature," said the man who has
known a few.
"What makes you think so?" a friend
"The unsentimontl attitude of a girl
I know. I told her that she had in
spired some of my best poems. She
didn't say a word about the poems, but
she wrote to my publishers fur a per
centage on the royalties."
There is no medicine which we bandle
that gives such good results as your
Swamp-Root. Many of our customers
have informed us at different times that
they have derived great benefit from its
There was one case in particular which
attracted a great deal of attention in this
neighborhood early last Spring, as the
gentleman's life was despaired of and two
doctors treating him for liver and kidney
trouble were unable to give him any re
lief. Finally a specialist from St. Louis
was called in but failed to do him any
good. I at last induced him to try your
Swamp-Root and after taking it for three
months, he was attending to his business
as usual and is now entirely well. This
ease has been the means of creating an
increased demand for your Swamp-Root
with us.
Very truly yours,
L. A. RICHARDSON, Druggist.
May 27, 1916. Marine, Illinois.
Prove Whst Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. "You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be sure and
mention this paper. Regular fifty-cent
and one-dollar size bottles for sale at all
drug stores.—Adv.
A White U-Boat.
Slang is keeping right np with the
I was in one of those arm-chair
lunchrooms when a messenger boy hur
ried in.
"Gimme a white U-boat, quick," he
Without hesitation the clerk pushed
a vanilla eclair across the counter.
The U-boat was "sunk" in three
quick munches.—Boston Post.
How to loosen a tender corn j
or callus so it lifts out j
without pain. |
Let folks step on your feet hereafter ;
wear shoes a size smaller if you like,
for corns will never again send electric
sparks of pain through you, according
to this Cincinnati authority.
He says that a few drops of a drug
called freezone, applied directly upon
a tender, aching corn, instantly re
lieves soreness, and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts right out.
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn or callus without
even irritnting the surrounding skin.
A small bottle of freezone obtained
at any drug store will cost very little
but will positively remove every hard
or soft corn or callus from one's feet.
If your druggist hasn't stocked this
new drug yet, tell him to get a small
bottle of freezone for you from his
wholesale drug house.—adv.
Paradoxical Treatment.
"That is a rare cook you have."
"Yes, she's rare, but everything she
cooks is well done."
that your heart's all right. Make
sure. Take "Renovine"—a heart and
nerve tonic. Price 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
You can get a lot for your money by
patronizing a real estate dealer.
A New Use for the Flag.
A ten-year-old Muncie schoolboy a
few days ago was seen by his father,
at the noon hour, pinning a small
American flag on the seat of his trou
sers. Calling his son to task, the
elder inquired the reason for this un
usual action.
"Well, you see, papa," said the bright
youth, "some of us boys shot paper
wads In school today, and the principal
said we should all be given a lickin'
after school tills afternoon. I figured
out if I had this flag there he wouldn't
dare strike the flag of his country."—
Indianapolis News.
Dangers of Watered Coffee
- I
Watered stock, watered milk, and :
watered coffee—the United States Gov
eminent is carrying on a crusade to
eliminate all three.
Everyone knows about watered
stock. Everyone has seen "blue milk,"
the combined efforts of a cow and the
old pump. But not everyone Is on his
guard against "watered coffee."
That the United States Government
realizes the danger of watered coffee
Is shown by the specifications for the
United States Army supplies. These
specifications say plainly :
"Coffee : roasts must be 'dry'
roasts, no water being permitted
before, during or after the process
of roasting."
Water in coffee Is a piece of dlshon
estv practiced bv unscrupulous coffee j
roasters. They turn the hose on the be
coffee while It is being roasted, so
that it won't lose weight, as coffee
will, when properly roasted. In roast
ing. coffee should lose about 16% of
Its weight. If It Is watered it loses
but 4%. The difference, of course, Is
water, for which you pay coffee value.
This is adulteration and nothing
more. The water-logged coffee Is rank
and unhealthy. Of course, It Is not
honest to charge for coffee, and sell
coffee beans soaked In water
lilt**' UUUUÖ puuacta
A lot of watered coffee Is being sold
no doubt right In this town. It Is more
often met with In the lower priced
grades of hulk coffee.
As coffee Is such an Important bev
erage, pure food authorities are ad
vising housewives to use the greatest
care in selecting their coffee. The pure
food exports say that the best way to
avoid watered coffee is to buy some
reliable packaged brand, roasted by a
reputable coffee roaster as Arbuckle
Brothers of New York.—Adv.
Ore Rotundo.
The advent of a new church choir is
invariably the signal for comments,
wise and otherwise, on the initial per
formances. Last Sunday such an oc
casion brought forth from one un
learned in music the following cryptic
criticism: j
"Oh, they'll do better later on, I
guess they've been accustomed to sing- |
w in one of these long churches, and i S
they aren't used to a round one like j
ours."—New York Evening I'ost. j
Now I« the Time to Get Bid of These
Ugly Spots. j
There's no longer the slightest need or
feeling ashamed of your freckles, as the j
prescription othlne — double strength IS |
guaranteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othlne—double
strength—from your druggist, and apply ■ j
little of It night and morning and you
should soon see that even the worst freckles
hove begun to disappear, while the lighter
ones have vanished entirely. It is seldom
that more than one ounce Is needed to com
pletely clear the skin and gain a beautiful
clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for th- double strength
othlne. as this Is sold under guarantee of
money back If It falls to remove freckle«.—
A Puzzle.
Waitress—Tea or coffee?
Johnson—Don't tell nie.
Let me
Constipation generally lndloat-s disordered
stomach liver and bowels. Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills restores regularity without
griping. Adv.
Boasting of one's ancestry gets them
in bad with one's bored acquaintances.
sour stomach or clogged bowels. DodsonV Idvcr
Tone doesn't gripe or cause inconvenience all next
day like calomel.
Take a dose of calomel tonight and tomorrow#
you will fed sick, weak and nauseated. Don't Ic:->»
a day's work!
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver medicine.
You'll know it next morning because you will
wake up with your head clear, your liver active,
bowels clean, breath sweet anti stomach regulated.
You will feel cheerful and full of vigor and ready
for a hard day's work.
You can eat anything afterwards without risk
of salivating yourself or your children.
Get a -bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone and try Ü
on my guarantee. You'll never again put a dos»
of nasty, dangerous calomel into your stomach. Ad».
husband is always
in the*
a dreamer or an aerrsmutT*
by keeping Mississippi Diarrhea
dial handy for all stomach complaint«.
Price 25c and 50c.—Adv.
New Language in Making.
A new language is in the making ta
France, where the French and Engtlsto.
troops have developed a peculiar lan-
guage, known only to tlx* msetveffL
which answers all fla ir common need«.
The words nonplus the official tistey-
preters, but an English soldier wftl*
no French at all can ask a French soV-
«lier with no English tit all lor rli*
tually anything he wants—and gets 1L
•M* 4* ❖ ❖❖ * 4* * 4- 4* *> *2* 4-4* 4* *>•!• »H
At the cost of a small jar of ordinary
cold cream one can prepare a foil QTaaf--
ter pint of the most wonderfal Ivmoa
skin softener and complexion beautifier^
by squeezing the juice of two fresh-
lemons Into a bottle containing tbre®
ounces of orchard white, L are sbouSC.
be taken to strain the juice throng* *
fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets nv
then this lotion will keep fresh fcC
months. Every woman knows that lem
on juice is used to bleach and remer»®'
such blemishes as freckles, sallowrnes®
and tan and is the ideal skia softem»*,
smoothener and beautifier.
Just try it! Get three ounce« «C
orchard white at any pharmacy no*
two lemons from the grocer and rack®
up a quarter pint of this sweetly frag
rant lemon lotion and massage it daQtf
"----- _ _ _ —^
Into the face, neck, arms and banda. XE
should naturally help to whiten, soft**,
freshen and bring out the roses ud
beauty of any skin. It is truly marvel*
ous to smoothen rough, red handle
That fellow's job is a
feet snap.
Snack—Impossible !
Snicker—Not at all ;
he's a pha
We Want a Young Man.
Of good standing and business ohQ*
Ity to represent us iu this section, «1
ganizing the producers for the pnrpca®
of selling direct to consumers. Liberal
compensation to the right num. Writ®
Farm to Table Association, Inc. 171.
Madison Avenue, New York.—Adv»
j " 7T 0 . .
Another Rehash,
| 1 ir - Bt Gardener—(. nions iKrin «my
i S 00 ' 1 y et? „ , ,
j Second Ditt^-Yep; cornin' stmn*
j no ' % - ___
"Plantation" Chill Tonic is gnxritxjtee»/
to drive away Chills and Fewr at yoar
money refunded Price 50 c.—Adv.
She Annexed Them.
"What possessed Edith so* »uzury
thut old codger?"
"His possessions."
When you have decided that tbe Worn»
or Tapeworm which live in your sya&tsnu
must he exterminated, get "Dead tabot't—
I)r. Peery's Vermifuge, and you will fmdl
that one dose will expel them. Adv.
The bluebird Is a member of til»
thrush or silver-tongued family.
0 -___Granulated Ejelitfs»
Eyes inflamed by exj*»
sure to Sun, Dasl xsri Witdt
SZ W g /x quickly relieved by Xsria*
1 V «5^» Eye Remedy. NoSuoneag,
4r just Eye Comfort. MUX
Druggist» or by mail 50c per Botrleu Karmm
Eye Salve in Tubes 25c. For uotk tl tbe f/y®
FREE a-k Murine Eye Remedy C»., Ota««

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