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I D. Hawkins Says His Wife
Gained Fifteen Pounds
on Three Bottles.
Wife's Improvement Has Been Won
derful—All Her Neighbors Talk
ing About How Much Bet
ter She Looks.
"I m taking a forty-mile trip to get
more Tanlne." was the remarkable
statement made by J. D. Hawkins, a
well-known and prosperous farmer, in
Jacobi's Pharmacy, Memphis, Tenu.,
"Yes, sir," he continued. "I live at
Bartlett, Tenn., and I drove eight miles
to ILaleigh this morning to catch the
trolley to Memphis, which is twelve
miles more, so when 1 get home that
will make forty miles I've traveled to
get this Tanlac, and that's proof
enough of what I think about it.
"I declare I never saw or heard of a
medicine doing as nmcli good as this
Tanlac has done my wife. She has ac
tually gained fifteen pounds on three
bottles of it and besides it has-re
lieved lier of troubles that have been
weakening her down for nearly twenty
years. She suffered with indigestion
and everything she would eat made
gas and gave lier severe pains in the
stomach. She had no appetite at all
and suffered with nervous headaches
until she couldn't sleep at night. She
was so tired all the time that she
couldn't do any of her housework at
all. I was just about to give up in
despair, for we had tried everything
we could get hold of, when I read
about Tanlac and got a bottle for her.
"Well, sir, she has taken three bot
tles so far and her improvement has
just been wonderful and that's the rea
son I am making this trip, because I
don't want her to be without Tanlac.
She can do nil her own housework now
and is relieved of the indigestion and
has a good appetite. Her nerves are
quiet and the headaches are all gone
and she can sleep well at night. She
Is gaining in health and strength all
the time and the neighbors are all
talking about how much better she
"I certainly do indorse Tanlac. for
after what it has done for my wife, I
believe it is the best medicine in the
There is a Tanlac dealer in your
* Serious Work to Do.
"Are you going to take any
boarders this summer?"
"No," replied Farmer Cobbles. "Me
and tli' hired men will be so busy rais
in' food crops that we won't be able
ter entertain 'em with our quaint rural
dialect and unsophisticated ways."
Never judge any man's worth by his
size. A silver dollar is ever larger
than a $10 gold piece.
The Effects of Opiates.
HAT INFANTS are peculiarly susceptible to opium and its various
preparations, all of which are narcotic, is well known. Even in the
_ Bmalleet doses, if continued, these opiates cause changes in the func
tions and growth of the cells which are likely to become permanent, causing
Imbecility, mental perversion, s craving for alcohol or narcotics in later life.
Nervous diseases, such as intractable nervous dyspepsia and lack of staying
powers are a result of dosing with opiates or narcotics to keep children quiet
in their infancy. The rule among physicians is that children should never
receive opiatee in the smallest doses for more than a day at a time, and
only then if unavoidable. ,
The administration of Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Sootning Syrups and
other narcotics to children by any but a physician cannot be too strongly
decried, and the druggist should not be ». party to it. Children who are ill
need the attention of a physician, and it is nothing less than a crime to
dose them willfully with narcotics.
Castoria contains no narcotics if it bears the —Sr —
signature of Chas. H. Fletcher. S^
Genuine Castoria always bears the signature of /'COiC/UM
As Age Advances the Liver Requires
occasional slight stimulation.
Smtn Pill. Small
Dose, Small
Price But
Great in
its Good
Colorless or Pale Faœs Dn to
• condition which will be greatly helped by barter 811*011 r 1113
The Elephant
Bobby, a Muncie boy of four, went
to a circus when it allowed there this
season, and in the menagerie tent re
ceived n sack of peanuts with which to
feed the elephant. His parents stood
a short distance away talking to a
group of friends. Soon Bobby came
hack with ids sack still full.
"Didn't you feed the elephant any
peanuts?" he was asked by a young
woman of the party.
«No'm," replied the lad, soberly. 'I
couldn't tell which end to feed 'em to.'
—Indianapolis News.
Don't sit down and think about what
vou would do if you could live your
iife over. Get busy and improve what
Is left of It.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
When Hubby Fooled Her.
Mrs. Scatterbrain was constantly
bemoaning lier lot. Her husband, who
was entitled to place half the letters
of the alphabet after his name, had
the most treacherous memory in the
world. He could remember nothing
his wife told him, in spite of hits of
string round hi* finger and knots in
ids handkerchief. Only once did Mr.
Scatterbrain remember to do his wife's
Said a friend to Mrs. Scatterbrain:
"I think you are getting as had as
your hubby. I got a note from you
yesterday dated a whole week ahead."
"Heavens!" gasped Mrs. Scatter
brain, trembling with the shock. "My
husband must have posted it the very
day I gave it to him !"
Sweet innocence.
Mrs. Youngbride—Our cook
those eggs you sent yesterday
quite old.
Grocer—Very sorry, ma'am,
were the best we could get. Yon see,
all the young chickens were killed off
for the holiday trade, so the old hens
are the only ones left to do the layin'.
Mrs. Youngbride—Oil, to be sure! I
hadn't thought of that.
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill T(|NIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. 50 cents.
Time to Get Rid of Them.
"Taking any high school hoys from
tire city to work on your farm, Farm
er Cornstossel?"
"Yes, I think I kin git my money'»
worth out of 'em, providin' I git Hd
of 'em before the apples begin ter git
Allen's Foot—Ease, the antiseptic powder to»be
shaken into the shoes and sprinkled in the foot
bath. It relieves painful, swollen, smarting feet
and takes the sting out of eorns and bunions.
Used by the British and French troops at the
front. Allen's Foot—-Ease Is a certain relief for
tired, aching feet. Sold everywhere—Adv.
Better Way of Putting It.
"I raise pigs for my living."
"Don't be so crude. Say you earn
your living by your pen."
Disagreeable and Dangerous Trouble
is diarrhea, but a speedy and certain
cure is found in Mississippi Diarrhea
Cordial. Price 25c and 50c.—Adv.
By not getting married some men
manage to live happily ever after.
Be economical, but not hysterical.
When You Use Cuticura—The Soap to
Purify and Ointment to Heal.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cuticura Ointment. Wash
off Ointment in five minutes with Cuti
cura Soap and hot water. Continue
this treatment for ten days and note
the change in your skin. No better
toilet preparations exist.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. I,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
A Close Shave.
Fred Creators, chief deputy United
States marshal, answered the tele
phone, and a woman's voice com
plained :
"There's a barber out here who has
a red. white and black pole."
"Weil, what about it?"
"Isn't that enough? It's German
colors."—Indianapolis News.
but like counterfeit money the imita
tion has not the worth of the original.
Insist on "La Creole" Hair Dressing—
It's the original. Darkens your hair in
the natural way, but contains no dye.
Price $1.00.—Adv.
We Still Have One, Though.
Well, the slogan has changed. L
used to he. "Buy n Bale," and now it
Is "Buy a Bond." So get busy.
Even a homely girl does not care ti
be described in plaiu language.
lf\ ZAG
■»Mjh M
New York Street Orator Rudely Interrupteo
N EW YORK.—The side streets just off Broadway, in the White Light dis
trict, are nightly occupied by speakers who air their grievances or hobbies
to passers-by from soap-box rostrums. But the worst hurst of oratory was
heard the other night in Thirty-ninth
(I ^ iLL h0T
^ -------- ^
< f'
/y/wfw tfiv
a it in on tw/$
o' mine -
street. A man who introduced himself
ns a major in the Honduras army,
mounted a soap box and began in a
quiet manner to talk about the pres
ent war. The major Informed his lis
teners over and over again that he
had found the solution of the subma
rine problem. He would not say what
it was, hut he declared that when he
learned exactly how to baffle the Ger
man submarine commanders forever
he would at once impart his secret to
the governments of the United States, England and France. He expressly
stipulated in giving the secret, however, that it was not to be used at any
time to the advantage of San Marino, since of all the allied nations the one
which lie could not tolerate or would not help was San Marino. Inasmuch
as tiie major constantly referred to "my submarine method, of which I will
tell you presently," the attendance grew and remained. It was just as a po
liceman joined the throng that the demands for the major's secret became
so emphatic tiiat lie consented to tell if the crowd would remain silent.
"Gentlemen," he said, "like all innovations of influence in the world's work,
my secret is ns simple as it is great. There is hut one way of halting the
ruthless warfare of the Iltin, and that is—poison the Atlantic ocean." Ev
eryone in tiie throng placed a tender hand across his own headache, and the
cop coughed once behind his hand. He asked the major if he had a permit to
speak, and when it was not forthcoming lie questioned him further. When
the major told him frankly that hades is a myth and that in 20 years the czar
will be president of Mexico, the officer excused himself and called an ambu
Wealthy Youth Finally Gains Heart's Desire
S ANTA ANA, CAL.—Slipping secretly away from Los Angeles in his racing
car so as to avoid any opposition that might be'raised by his mother, Robert
M. Bandini, youthful heir to $:>JO.D00 of the $7.000,000 Baker estate, sped with
Miss Mary B. Harris, daughter of a
Santa Rosa preacher, to where the
couple were married.
Filing of the marriage license dis
closed tho elopement, however, and
last night Mr. and Mrs. Bandini, who
had returned to this city and gone to
an apartment in Stanford street, wilier
had been the home of Miss Harris,
were surprised to learn that their wed
ding had been discovered.
"We had not intended to let any
one know at present that we were
married," said the young bridegroom when found by a reporter.
"Did you fear your mother would prevent the wedding?" was asked.
"Yes; but now that we are man and wife, I expect mother will make the
best of it," returned young Bandini.
That even friends of the eloping pair did not know of the runaway mar
riage was evidenced by the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Bandini had managed to
gain the shelter of the apartment she has been occupying without anyone
knowing they were there.
Efforts had been made by the mother of Bandini to prevent his marry
ing Miss Harris for more than a year. His mother, Mrs. Ruth McMahon, who
was appointed to act as the boy's guardian, together with the Title Insurance
company, three times caused the young people to he separated, saying lier
son was too young to think of marriage. He will not he twenty-one until No
Robert Bandini is a grandson of Alfredo Bandini, a half-brother of Mrs.
Arcadia Bandini Baker, over w hose $7,000,000 estate litigation waged for many
years. The heirs had almost reached a settlement when the boy's claim was
advanced and the proceedings were halted. Claimants in the estate disputed
the lad's right to a share, hut attorneys proved that he was entitled to some
Society Girl Determined to "Do Her Bit"
D ETROIT.—Service to humanity has been the inspiration which has caused
Miss Ella Farr, daughter of Merton E. Farr, president of the Detroit
Shipbuilding company, 40 Putnam avenue, to forego social duties for thre«
weeks. She will train in hospital
work, which probably will cause her
to leave for "somewhere in France"
as a member of Harper base hospital
unit. Miss Farr said that while she
had made no definite decision, it was
not unlikely she would accompany the
unit, which is expected to leâve
July 1.
Feeling that she should do her
share in the battle against Prussian
ism, Miss Farr, at the solicitation of
Dr. Angus McLean, head of the unit,
decided to train for a nurse's aide. She entered a class at Newberry bous
with strangers, rather than some of the other Red Cross classes, which man
of her friends had entered, so that there would he nothing to distract her mini
from lier work.
The romance of the life of a war nurse in fiction had no part in the thoughts
of Miss Farr, she said. When her brother Rothe enlisted for the officers' re
serve camp, at Fort Sheridan, and her younger brother Everett announced
his intention to take the summer training course at Williams' college, where
he is a student, Miss Farr said she decided she, too, should do her part.
Before enlisting for the two-year service, Miss Farr said she first desired to
learn the exact duties of a hospital aid, so that she would know if she were
qualified for the work.
Weeds as Table Aid Recommended by Expert
C HICAGO.—As a remedy for the soaring prices of foodstuffs Mrs. W. K.
Jacques, weed expert, urges housewives to use weeds on their table. She
has made a study of each weed's utility and beauty. But most of all, site
values them for food. "There are ten
weeds that can be used for food," she
said. "These are the dock, nettle,
sorrel, purslane, milkweed, larnb's
quarter, pigweed, marsh marigold,
brake fern and dandelion. They make j
excellent greens and are nourishing. j
"City housewives, however, will j
find only three out of the ten avail«- j
hie for their use—dock, dandelion and j
lamb's-quarter. The other seven grow !
in country places.
* "The dandelion is universal ; every
me knows it everywhere. The dock is seen on vacant lots and lumb's-quarter
may he known by its dull green leaf with silvery lining,
"As greens they give the minerals for the body, and when cooked with
tien slices of fat, a nourishing food. All weeds should he cooked alike.
"Purslane, commonly called 'pussley' is edible,; Chinese are fond cf it,
and it is found in well-cultivated gardens. Purslanjfe will not grow anywhere
« Ise, and it can't stand competition. These aggressive plants decorating the
•acant lots of tiie city make a good wartime food. Improvement associations
make the mistake cf attacking weeds just because they are weeds."
; Straighten Up! Don't Lose a Day's Work! Clean Your Sluggish
Liver and Bowels With "Dodson's Liver Tone."
Ugh! Calomel makes you sick. Take
a dose of the vile, dangerous drug to
night and tomorrow you may lose a
day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile crashes into it, break
ing it up. This is when you feel that
awful nausea and cramping. If you
fet -1 sluggish and "all knocked out," if
your liver is torpid and bowels consti
pated or you have headache, dizziness,
coated tongue, if breath is bad or
stomach sour, just try a spoonful of
, harmless Dodson's Liver Tone,
j Here's my guarantee—Go to any
: drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
i bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone. Take
a spoonful tonight and if it doesn't
Ideal Alarm Clock.
I A customer hud overhauled a large
j number of clocks of all shapes, sizes
I and descriptions, hut nothing seemed
I exactly to suit his tastes. At length
I the jeweler, in despair, fetched out a
; massive timepiece of complicated <le
I sign.
"Here. sjr. is a clock which will, I
think, suit your esthetic taste. At
] precisely ten o'clock every morning
! the tiny hells chime and a bird Imps
j out and sings a carol."
j "I will take that if you will make a
j few changes in it."
"With pleasure." the jeweler said.
I "I have a daughter," went ori the
j customer, "and I want the clock for
the room where '-he entertains her
j company. Make it so that at eleven
o'clock at night a milkman's hell will
ring and a newsboy will skip out and
shout '.Morning papers.'"
f No humbug! Apply few drops
t then just lift them away
i with fingers.
This new drug is an ether compound
discovered by a Cincinnati chemist. It
is called freezone. and can
now he obtained in tiny
bottles as here shown at
very little cost from any
drug store. Just ask for
freezone. Apply a drop or
two directly upon a tender
corn or callus and instant
ly the soreness disappears.
Shortly you will find the
corn or callus so loose that
you can lift it off, root
and all, with the fingers.
Not a twinge of pain,
soreness or irritation; not
even the slightest smart
ing. either when applying
freezone or afterwards.
This drug doesn't eat up
the corn or callus, but
shrivels them so they loos
en and come right out. It
is no humbug! It works
like a charm. For a few
cents you can get rid of ev
ery hard corn, soft corn or
corn between the toes, as well as pain
ful calluses on bottom of your feet. It
never disappoints and never burns,
bites or inflames. If your druggist
hasn't any freezone yet, tell him to
get a little bottle for you from his
wholesale house.—adv.
Father's Fault.
Two girls were discussing the re- ;
cent marriage of a mutual friend.
"Everything went off splendidly,
didn't it?" said Dora, enthusiastically.
"And didn't dear Rose look perfectly
"Yes, she did," agreed Nora. "She ,
told me after the ceremony that there
was only one drawback."
"What was that?" asked Dora in
"Well, she felt that her father
looked too cheerful when he gave her
use "Renovine" and tie cured. Do not
wait until the heart organ is beyond
repair. "Renovine" is the heart and
nerve tonic. Price 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
He Was the Target.
"He looks like a fashion plate."
"Yes, Ins wife throws that at hitn
alAng with the platter."
Felt That Way.
"Do you shave up or down?"
"It feels like down."
Prejudice causes a great many of
the troubles that come to the individ
ual and to government.
Dr. Peery's "Dead Phot'* not only expel*
Worpis or Tapeworm but clean* out the
mucus in which they br* ed and ton. s up
the digestion- One dose sufficient. Adv
United States prohibits
Seid for 47 years. Für
g J Pîs'iria.ChiJis&Ferer.
Also a Fine General
Strengthening Tonic.
60c and »1.00 at «U
Drus Star««.
straighten you right up and make yon
feel fine and vigorous by morning I
want you to go back to the store and
get your money. Dodson's Liver Tone
is destroying the sale of calomel be
cause it is real liver medicine; entire
ly vegetable, therefore it cannot sali
vate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your slug
gish liver to work and clean your bow
els of that sour bile and constipated
waste which is clogging your system
and making you feel miserable. 1 guar
antee that a bottle of Dodson's Liver
Tone will keep your entire family feel
ing tine for months.... Give it to your
children. It is harmless; doesn't gripe
and they like its pleasant taste.—Adw
Old Saw Verified.
"A short out often proves the long
est way around," said the hromidic
'I agree with you." answered Mr.
Duhwaitc. "I took a short cut to town
this morning and fell in with a pacifist
who detained me in an argument that
lasted an hour."
Myrt--Some noisy hut Mabel ha
this morning!
Stell —Yes. isn't it a scream?
Roman Eye Balsam is an antiseptic oint
ment, applied externally and not a "wash."
Its healing properties penetrate the in
flamed surfaces, providing prompt relief.
"Daughter's voice has been a great
expense to me."
"And can't anything he done for it?"
Don't suffer torture when all femals
troubles will vanish in thin air after using
"Femenina." Price 50 c and Ç 1 . 00 —Adv.
Don't he too sure of the man who
boasts of being sure of himself.
Erie railroad has discontinued $2
Nerves All On Edge ?
Just as nerve wear is a case of kidney
weakness, so is kidney trouble a cause
of nervousness. Anyone who has back
ache. nervousness, "blues," headaches,
dizzy spells, urinary ills and a tired,
worn feeling, would do well to try
Doan's Kidney Pills. This safe, relia
ble remedy i< recommended by thou
sands who have had relief from just
such troubles.
A Mississippi Case
[wry Picture
Jrtb »Story ~
Mrs X V. Fruett,
!■>.< Madison Si.,
Natchez, Miss.,
says : "I had at
tacks of kidney
trouble and suf
fered intensely
from backaehe.
Mornings, I felt
tired and worn out
and at night, I
couldn't rest com
fortably. In a short
time after I began
sing Doan's Kid
ev Fills, I w a s
cured I am glad to give this medi
cine the praise it deserves."
Get Doan*« at Any Store, 60c a Bos
Rafsand Mice Carry Biseas»
KILL THEM by using
Stearns' Electric Paste
Full directions in 15 languages
Sold everywhere-—25c and $1.C0
A toilet préparât ion of merit.
Helpp to ernlicAt« dandruff.
For Restoring Color and
J Beauty toGray or Fadod ricJr.
60c. and $1.00 at I*ru^gist«.
A Stomach specialist advises tins •*
JKhiiharhc&n, -—-^
Au i Pur»
Tablespoonful n
eals V It make
-j le
■ It. sbo
nt; Iiru^vtst
d be prepared
e it —Try iu
l uG.
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