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A i\'\P.J\S.
d/es ira, enure,
uild:n v, Ne w Orient.
- iv H e courts of the Far •
ot 5*/. Charles, Si,
John , St. James,
l 7 MARRERO , y* .
vf tlorney- At-Law
Whit ne« Fk, Builainç N*w Orient.*
/'radices tv !efi*rson
St Charir' tne,
St. Jo/ V / , '/.Vs,
* OBER T J r '■ «' v / .VA
Attorney- 11- v.u.t".
8t2 Henne n J-mi ding , New Or lean
Lone Distance Telephone ti'yo'
l, /<'. R/VARDE,
loa Canal- Louisiana tilg. New Or lean*
Pradices in the parishes of St. John
t Charles and Jefferson
Gretna, La
Attorney At- 1 .aw
Practices in ihe Parishes cf St, Lohn
St Charles and Jefferson,
Civil Engineer ana Sure) or
*so2 Auaubon Blag,, Niw Orleans La
Phone Mam 401,2
Civil Engineer a -a Sue nyor
1 1 at yville, La
*Ui Rtc JOR sALh
One dwelling hou.x. in perteci
condition, situated at H.thnvilje,
Da Apply to
JUr L. Donaldson
iJahuville, La
f\eiUj<x E, I'-di ingtun Jr
go r Whitney
u. o, iv.
Araa Camp No. 402, meets
<everv 4th Sunday of eacli
.«noiu.1 at 1 p. m,. at Ama, La.
T. B. Sellers, Clerk
R monthly magazine devoted to
the use oi enghsh
Josephine Truck buAer Editor
Partial Contents
Queries an ( Answers
Thailand Will: Should and Would
How to use them
Prooouncuitioiis (Century Diet*
orrect English in f .e H /tne
rrecl Englisl A the School
W1141 to say and vvliat not to say
^oursein Grammer
o»ir«e tr, lette»' writin b and Punc
u»t.iess English for ti)f business
JJompnufld Words: How to write
• s .i urties in English Literature
Agents Wanted
jjC.oo a ve^r. Send 10 cents foi
Ample copy
( 1 »Rk£CT ENGLISH Evat s'.on
f am (appointed deputy to
gsMte a Woodmen Circle
J B SrlWs
So. 15657
Horum N Mosley
mb u 1 M- ce . t.fii : >c i c ;u * 14 1
llic fi Ms, tiii> year , end this sint
Louisiana Delta Lands Co., et al.
In the l riled .States District Court fur
the Lastern District of Louisiana
If y virtue of a writ of Lieri Facias to
me directed in the above entitled suit, I
will proceed to sell to the l.igliert blddel
on Saturday the lbtli day of August,!
1917, at the main entrance to the Court j
House at Ilalmville, St. Charles i'arish, |
Louisiana, the following described prop
erty , viz:
1 » ft y four lots of ground in the I'arish
loi St. Charles, Louiliaua, designated as
j i' is . •> t -1 4, 1 , : isive, of Division 1:
1 . U,:. i L u __ 111 , il.'. . of IliviM by
j Lois : 10 .0 in, .a ot Div.sie.i 11 ;
I Lots 1 .,. 4 uicIUmw I D sion 1_. an :
luis 1 ami _ ul ■ r, ,11 by .,11 as so des
ignated on the plan of John Morrison
C. L., dated December 1. 1914. of the
Louisiana Delta Lands Company's .^di
vision ot District No. 1 of St. Charles
Municipal Drainage 1 us* riet . being f:ae
tioiuil setion 9 and portions of Sections
4 and 5, Township 15, South Rang, 20
Last; vir I, lots aggregate Ml .15 arv-s
Seized in the above : u,t.
Terms: Cash, at tile time of sau
krank M. Miller,
I'. S. Marshal.
(Ach July 14, 21, Cd, August 4, 11 : IS)
Many tanners ir St. Cl ar!es Pa'
[tie act tvi 1 mean a gna T y mpr v
t-d stand ana crop iti 1418. The.
difference in the value between
held se ectimi and cr") se'ect on is
iront 3 10 5 baslieis pei acre in the
y tel 1 of tli crop, without any ad
d tional efforts n t're r t m or
cal 1 ivtion. However, the ! a 1 in c r |
a ho shows interest e ough to pne
, , ,,
to he d se ect on, ge erally tries
to give the crop trom such belter 1
attei In n P an usual with result
tuat the difference in yield is
giemer than the ah've figures.;
Ehe fact that his seed is selected
encourages i im to trv better pre
paration. earlier thinning to a
stand ai d also In* generally mnn-j
ages t< » give the • r ip one or tw ,J
cu'tivations mor-^ than is custo
mary, all of which trreans 'more
If. would be a fine tiling for .M .
Chares Parish if every farmer here
w-'uld m-ike this effmt towards
• Better Faitning,''and y' ur Conn
l> Agent w 1 ! be pleased to come
fand help se'ect seed for you when
ever uni are leauy in do so. W'rife
10 him at Ilahnvi'le, L
Geo \Y T Bohne,
County Age t
I A serious outbreak of the fall
' .1
1 wef worm Las oocu r ed in port.<>n|
of souihe.n Louisidia, the cate:-j
pill. r-. b Cuming fuil gtown about |
July ist. Injury is esp^cidily se-i
v-tc on wii-ow, gum pecan, pea , j
persimmon, mulberry and peach
trees. Atur devou ing the foliage
i f which they are especially fund
the citepiL'a'S fed upon a gre..
vuirtety ut p ant, includ ng some
litad .md gaiue.i crop'
j It is possible tli-<t the next get er
alion of caterpillars which will a'p
[»ear short'/ will also be a ve y
destructive one I11 Louisiana. Ka -
nins sh uid Wotch f ir the appe r
ance of the sm.iil, young cateipil
lars. wl ich form over '.he foliacé
upon which they feed, says T H.i
. , !
jones, entomolog c*. assistant, L. ,
6. D paitmem of Agiicuiiuré ,
"Spraying ihe cultivat'd trees I
. ' i
shrubs, vu es, and other plant up;
on which I Lev appear, with an ar»
seuical pois n vvid kill the C'ter
piilars and p.ev nt further dan r
age. I ur tins purpose ai senate ot
lead at the rate ul t nree pounds o
the powderc : t- riq or six pounds'
of the paste form to fill gallons of '
Weiter is rtc mire ded, iSp'aying
should be dong when the woim aie
smal — as soon as pos-ioie afte
tue» have ss md lr--m the eggs —
in order that ts dale vegetation as
possible i e iBsi oyeu—I,. 6. U.
f'j'ess l.y .etiq
Livestock Should Be Held and Put in
Goca Condition For the
It has been the euEtom for cuttl*»
men of Louisiana to sell out all their
steers and other stocker cattle dun ;
ing the winter and spring, and to car- )
ry but a limited lie.rd of breeding !
stock, yearlings and calves during the ;
summer. With the prices of cattle ad- i
vanning all who have cattle and suffi- 1
citri summer pasturage are advised ;
to k' fy them. Prices are not likely ;
to d- « line. Ail the cows and heifers |
of si . : able age should be bred to pure
bred oeef bulls and kept in the best
po ; : ie condition until fall. Then
1 « t ti ni run in ihe stalk fields, and
aile." rest turn them on velvet beans,
either with or without corn left in the
fi. Id. Ninety per cent of the cattle
received in New Orleans since Jan
uary ; re reported to have been fed on
velvet beans in this way, and cattle
so fa ened have wrought prices rang
ing from nine to twelve cents. There
will Le no question about profitable
markets f m the pastures and velvet
bean fields if the farmer has the cat
tle to feed them to. It will be a good
plan to keep one «teer for every acre
of beans.
Sana Should Be Seed To Farrww
Before Winter.
The best hogs have been selling re
cent y for over sixteen cent« a pound
ou t <e central markets and have net
tec T/Ouisiana shippers twelve and one
lia cents a pound weighed right out
of the feed lota. Based on present
r • 1 , it is not wise to sell for leas
1 p- tt>n CPn t H a pound any hogs that j
can be finished for market within
eijc t or ten tnoaths, or any good
bre.-img stock Urn. may be needed on
th* farms. All sows should be bred
to good bears so as to farrow before
winter, thus increasing the number of
j>ffs on the farms as far as possible.
K op the hogs in fenced pastures or
or gracing crops where they can get
pi ntv of green stuff and give them
1 Jint enough gram -o ke p thorn In »
| thr.fty and growing condition so ui
»• ready to run in tno corn anti
pea fields, sov beans and sweet pota
ti , eB in the faI1> and placed on Ttlv *
1 beans, with or without the cattle, af
.ter the firFt fro3t Keep posted on the
livestock market« for the class yoj
have for sale. Before soiling or ship
ping hogs confer with the demonstriv»
tion agent as to the best markets and
t : me for shipping.
Poultry and poultry products may
bo qu .MV and economically inc vs
ed. K p all visorous pullets from
e rly hatches for egg production. Dis
pose ot all cockerels of the light, uo
t ve breeds, such as leghorns and Cre
( les, as soon as possible aft^r they
have made their most economic»!
growth, that is, when they reach the
two or two and one-half pound stage.
Caponize all vigorous cockerels from
tha medium or haavy brreds, such .vs
Plymouth Rocks, Wyundott«*«. Rb de
Island Reds. Orpingtons, eto., and 1 ri
'"or growth to the six or eight poiunï
■nage. Continue hatching chicks
hrough May and June for dev*dopipj
into table poultry. Destroy all lice,
mites, and inter final para-sites so r he
- hickens will get full benefit of tha
! .eed.
Keep eJl male birds away from the
! laying hens after the breeding season
! is over, thus producing infertile eggà,
! which will not spoil as readily as fer
j tile eggs.— G. E. Nesom, Live Stock
I Extension Service, Louisiana State
May Ee Grown For Money Crop, Foi'
age, and ©oil lir.crover—Will
Follow Oat Crop.
! cr uruallv prevails. Difficulty ts f
, quently exp „ionced m obtaining gr >1
, seed for planting, and a poor Btand of
I beans is common. To guard
i against this, the genninativ® quality
of rhe sped should ^ teÊted before
planting and the planting «hould be
The soy bean in a very valuable
crop to grow at any time. It may be
idilized as a "money crop" where th«
seed are harvested and sold to th«
oil mills. It thus contribute« to th«
food supply. Twenty bushels of »ned
per acre Is a reasonably good y.thd,
nd at the present price this yield
could bring a fair profit when the low
.tost at which the crop may be grown
ts considered.
Probably the greatest value of th«
soy bean, on tie- whole, however. Is as
a forage crop. When grown for this
purpose It should be planted thick In
the row and cut for hay. It makes a
feed almost equal in value to alfalfa
hay. The harvesting period .is usual
tv the latter port of August or th«
first of September, when fs.ir weath
done with care. Failure will result if
the land for soy beans is poorly pro
pared. The land should be well plow
ed und pulverized, and the seed plant
ed no; ,.:ore than one inch to one and
one-1 alf inches deep. T' e planting
ma y be done up to the middle of July,
' and on this account it is one of the
best crops to follow the oat crop. On
poor land the rows should be from
two to two and one-half feet wide, ar,d
on fertile soil from three to »hrec and
on^-half feet. Piar.Dne should be done
with a corn or pea planter and about
one-half bushel cf seed used per acre.
It properly planted no hoeing should
be required by this crop and It will
need only two or three cultivations.—
W. R. Perkins, Extension Diviaion,
Louis.ana Stfte University.
(i ■, r .Aiin'i' c 1, Lastern
Dial! is ■ of 1 .* tils elle, ss.
In the United States District Com t
in and for said District
New (Wans Division
In tiie matter of Geo ge E Lhve
i t ,nd. Bankrupt
No. 215g In Bankruptcy
Edition for Disch. rge
Order oi notice vhereon
Eastern District of Louisiana, Par
s >1 Orleans, ss :
On r>ns 25 th day ot June A. D.,
j 17, on rtndvig the foregoing [ie
'tion it i.- Orvleied by the court
that a hearing be had upon the
- one on tne 2; It day of July A J).
,917. before the said court, at New
O lea'*s, La. , said District, at 10
>c ,n ihe forenoon; and that
..... .. mere 1 oe published in the
-i c. h rlea Herakl, a newspaper
primed in said ctistiict and that al!
Known creditors and tha* all other
persons in interest may appear at
the sod nme and place and show
cause, it anv they have, why the
irayei 1 tie sod petitioner—
sbou d not be granted
And :t is further ordered by the
Conn that the cierk send by mail
to known creditors, copies t-1
'aid petition and ibis older, ad
■ eased to them at their places of
residence as staled
Woness ihe Honorable Rufus E
Koster, Judge of the said Court
and me sem therci f. at New (J/
ie ii', La., in s«,id distr ct on the
;5ih day of June A.D. 1917
(s.gr.rd) H J. Cai ter. clei k
A true copy
H. J Carter, clerk
i Some Fact« About th* U«s and Abuse
1 of Hog Chciera Serum—Sanitary J
Measure« Are Neceasary.
The cry of the nation, and of til«
world, today, Is for food and yet more
food; and anyone who can, in any
way, conserve and Increase the food
supply of the people at this time 1 « a
true patriot.
To euggest that we ahould save our
hogs, at any time, but more especially
In the country's present crisis, may
seem quite uncalled for, or even ri
diculous. However, there are one or
two points in thin connection which
may be overlooked, and will bear
The first 1« with reference to tho
use and abuse of serum. Serum, as
every hog owner knows. Is a valuable
protective agent against hog cholera,
the demand for which seems to be on
the Increase; and from all accounts,
the State «eruiu plant Is having all
it can do to meet the requeats for ie
rum that come to it.
The intelligent and judicious use of
aerum is all right, and is to be com
mended. But may there not be some
hog owners who order serum when
not really needed, or order quantitien
far In excess of what they actually re
quire at the time? If so, and we think
It not Improbable, it means a waste
of gemm, and is probably depriving
others of It* use on account of a tem
po-ary shortage of the supply thereby
In Intelligently conserving the ««
run supply, therefore. It means con
•errlrf and Increasing the people's
food supply fa hegs.
On the other hand, the one who,
through the wasteful use, or abuse, of
serum, deprives some one else of its
use In trying to «ave hl« hogs. Is not
only not aiding conservation, but the
very opposite.
The second point 1«. the adoption of
strict sanitary measures In connec
tion with hog cholera. The man who
does not effectually destroy his chol
ersrlnfeo*' carcasses, but permits
them to ue around exposed to be the
means of spreading infection to his
own still healthy hog3, and to his
neighbor's herds, is surely not using
Vs best efforts to conserve and in
crease the hog supply, and, therefore,
the food supply of the people In hogs
and hog products.
And the same may be said with re
gard to thorough disinfection of chol
era-infected premises, etc., in order to
destroy Infection and keep It from
spreading and killing more hogs with
In other words, the man who uses
every eendeavor to «ave the lives o?
his own hogs, and those of his neigh
bors, is a patriot in the truest sense,
of the term, as ho is showing that he
Is trying his best to conserve and In
crease the nation!« food supply in
There are many ways in which w«
~an display our patriotism; and thts
:s a most important one which should
not be overlooked by cur hog owners
at this time of the country's stress.—
W. H. Dalrymple, Louisiana State
Hogs 1
Duroc Jeis a ys Registered N Bred
Dtiroc Jerseys Graded
L. Godchatix Co. Ltd.
Diamond Plantation,
htllei s , V. O . I -a.
Hunting, trapping and trespass,
ng are hereby prohibited mi the
property of Estate Mrs. A. Gassen
Layous Gassen,
Notice is hereby given that the
Finance Cummittet of Police Jurv
of ihe Parish ot 5 t. ( har'es wb*
meet on every Saturday previous
the regular meeting to approve
bills and any bills received latter
than that d..v win be laid over to
the next regular meeting
F . Sein xna yd re,
Secret rv.
Public n uire is hereby çt*eu
that trespassing, huuiing fishinv,
Da ping jmt inn's pickuig is si mu
! y prohit iteJ oi Ellington. Fried
ander a '»ci Lotte Stai Plantation'
unde' penalty >»f the law
The L A. Him n Co. Ltd.
Pubic n.dice is liereby given
th .t hunting, trespassing an moss
[licking is piohibited on the ioi
iowing proper 'V
Tiie property of Louisiana Delta
Lands Company 01 on prupeny ot
W D Muoie
Louisiana Delta Lands Co.
W . I >. Mo ire
Do you eat eaougfc of fhttF
The great benefit in health «ad
•trength that always is enjoyed by
regular eater« of good oatmeal il
Jtnown the world over. Every year
there are more and more eaters of
Quaker-Scotch Oats, which is recog
nized in this country and in Europ«
as the one perfect oatmeal. Quaker
Scotch Oats packed in tins keep«
tuesh and sweet in nay climat* fut
•ny length «f tf,
The liinrd of Stde Affiirs umII
sit us Board of Equalization and to
consii er the abstract an I assess
m*nt of this Parish on F 1 id ay July
2 du .'91 7
The best of me good ones.
All the experiments of the Cover
ment food experts and the athletie
trail,ere of YaD University prove
that cevtiil enters are the strongest
and healthiest. Quaker-Scotch Oat«
stnrds at the head of, the list of cereal
fcv.ds Vt » not only the best fo»id,
but it'« the cheapest food on eai th.
Packed in tins it will Veep sweet aui
iietsh anywhere ii-iehnitely.
tft C 'O - o ,.. I
7 \ d!.<. \ tpFn I
r,A ÿ ü -•> ,. t V i>j -
- '«df'- !• ■ yv h
i Ü<s
J-ihLu-Jnnt" 'SD.
rt.r.t ?:.apcm su.i .
'stt* (i; w il
c- i
1. > 'V| ♦» .• I-Hiuy.
3 30 ". «• vr as si. V'a-i.in n t;.r.. n. C. U
p nblic Notice is hereby given
that hunting. 1 respassint; and moss
[licking is prohibited on the follow
ing property
The propei tv of Nick Lncjiie
Detter known as Fred Ludinyirr,
on Magnolia Ridge
'V. L. Laque
m 11 c 1 1 y piohil.iied on u lt lands n
this Company. Trespassers will oe
prosecuted to 1 lie lull extent of the
ci W
Louisiana Meadows Company
Public notice is hereby given
lli.it tie pa suig, hu ilinq, ti-tini •
trapping a. d moss picking bt; . j
" proiubito on pr, .petty t
h-Ma e P.J. oeoe, under penal.
>d tile IaW
R • J . Del It-rs
hereby vbven
" ,l! J '«passing „ p ,, sl
I, v, ' l - v P'ohib/ied un.lei pr ualt> of
II, c lc,vv 0:1 ' ,l! -' P'opmiea ot M.
d 1 r. Jos Lafaiiie.
b bt
' ,,c b' l= ' bit* . limit 1 .q- and tr
•v prohibited
ptt.pert.es own'd ; ,„d ,,. nIe(1 ()
Y* ni . Lass.in
NO 7 / CE
I resp.iss.| lfit hunting ,md woo
cm ting on my premises i s st.ictl
P'otubited A..y violations will b
ptin:sl.eu aocoulmg i„ J uvv
Mit, VV, H. linney
Hunting, hs'iing, trapping and
tresp,.S'ing are snicny piutiibited
on ttic properties ot u.e estain ot
H , L. k oui.^s
£- k -, H.L.Y ÜUIIJ4S
60 ■YFÄU3»
F .r-tw'F
Sctcniii'-r iîjaîï*:as.
Pr,:iC«p t.p.v f 1 t- «•*; •*
« an«- »Urin *• i rt\.] r i iv |,; L
Hi-* * *ri f i«» vt - v» «*•*>) >mi li, i>
IÇSüff %
B**" 3 >i s
ifc-M R t O i V fe J v
Laaw y v-> ta i ri W
. hhK,, g c.?
I felû C? £) h '. qw T£&. t O t : «, :t ■
J 4 *I uT.n i ri:.gfrc:n pair, ir .. *
rfcrr ach, 1 i i nu Lu. k, ' v. r: a •
t| T. A Lton. '. tlêigb. N 0 „ .
Jjli r . ; a*idL- 'up -soiù i. • kr
g bnc tour bv tle t c? Eiec'rfc G *
0taado »no reel a m- \ i •
jfWt.'CF. 50 C ' •. e.I A.' C-XC £ » îf .♦ s.
- ** -m ■—■ j;:<jh.jcjcs+c

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