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15 Bahn ville, Louisiana, Saturday,
■■ ............ » r
Published ai H ahmnut La'
Every Saturday
flciài Journal of the Parish
of SU Char lei
/. C. Triche
Edit r
Terms of Subscription L2.00 a rear
Anirren at the PustoEct at Hahnrill
La., as second cents matter
SATURDAY "Sept 15 > 9 T 7
.........in'- ICHtTOnft lisnrt<l«t ' TlL'fu'h
/Vo«inesrt*y will l»y OT *'
week (ollowlnn'
VMI cominnntcstlnns mint he wi Meti on
0 oe Klile rtt tins paper. 1
nvTne full name ftiul aOdress of * *)" ** r J
fermrtPt Hctcoinjienyeerh ronMiiiii>lrntlon or
fin pulntc.et1oti.lnit bp« matter Of (ft «»<* ** KB
mi.i iiiimu Httoni* of peraooel character
«rill nrtt!>eroo.)«iii»e<t,'H»ies8 foj "'{*J *
«IM« artlOK. In auch eases ft charge °*
4.Nil n quart will l>e iiiftrth.
+ 0 - > ««h mm I iite;(nttiu hoc« Itemsarere
•rectf«ilty solicited,
r f»^îllV.tf, »!>•"» wrltl'iK to. or iniy nK KO^*
ton out a tvetrfi"«fft, tlies will simply »7
«y saw tnelvcerdaln thlevepet__
ENlnhliHlieA F ebruary 15, 187»
.mu .n t ml t e rtue m e n t * N ip er 8 ']''" r p " r, '
• *»»*Uoo Kitcn Hitlmouu«" 1 Imtirtinii.Sliy
o it t pc* licit linn no
tt 6 uoiunr t one year - • - ,igu,uu
Oae-oftlfcolo'*"' one vent * * <0.00
line •jttftrtsrcol.no»' <>«•' y* , «f - * S#.00
SiUftl liftr.la one vein
4 rt»ertl»Miii«o tR «nil «nbeeriptloiie ftteooi
lm't«iiliilnvHiiAl>*v lu «rtvftiice
Now that we are aU busy prepa
ring for the fall crop ontvegetabtes
lei us ramem 'er '.hat a thoroughly
go id prep nation of the soi 1 means
that h « If of the work of producing
tliscr pis d' ne. Vegetables of
pll kinds should e grown as quiik
ly as possible in order to produce
the finest •'quality products." A
slowly gr »wii vegetable is always
fibrous, un ittract.ve and unpaid
l.ible, whie t ose which have no
set back in • heir growing season
are crisp and delicoos. Prep »ra
tion alone will not p'oduce these
results, bin good preparation sup
plemented bv good cultivation and
a judic ou> use of fertilizers will
generally produce crops which
will hold i hoir own on any market
A reputation for " quality ", once
established, is a lasting advertise
ment for the products of and lo
cal.iy. and this reputation can on
ly be obtained by furnishing high
products, proper- y graded and des
ignaied, with gr. de and quality
gu a ran led by a community organ
il ition Individuals are powerles*
to influence purchasi 'g c nters,
principally because tew mdiv diias
Pave enough of any one pioduct
to affect the ma.kets, bui when u
vyljole community organizes tor the
porp .se of furnishing graded pro
ducts thee is always a possibility
oi making carload shipments thio
ughout the s ason, and our pu -
chasing centers are thus enabled
•o become bu'ing points ot
|ngh c ars products. Think this
ovei caretm y and let us have some
well prgan zt d Seldng AssoC'ations
ip M. Charles Parish
litp W Bohne,
County Agent
AO 77. E
No burial'or removal of bodies
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial or removal premit
fiom the Local Registrar (Post
master) of said Distrçt in winch
the i.eaili occured as per orders
from /lie Louisiana 2>tate Board
of Health
N. /f ringue
Xenion Red Chuich Cemetery
Stute of Louisiana
a8ih Judicial District Omit
Parish of.St, Charles
No. i4 1
Mrs. VV. H. Ti. ney
Louis Branch
By viitneof a writ of seizure
and sale issue 1 out of the Honor
able the aSth Judicial Distric
Court of the Staie'of Louisiana in
and for the Parish of St. Char e<.
in the above entitled and num'* r
ed case, bearing date of July 20t
1913 tonie duected, I shall pro
c ed to sell at publ.c auction
without appraisement to ihe
last and highest Didder at t' e
front .door of the Court House on
Saturday October 20th 1917
All his right title and inter, st in
and to the following descr bed
real estate t*»-wit;
Two certain pieces or portions of land
known as the Coteau de France situated
on the line of the New Orleans and Ope
lousas (now the Morgan's Louisiana and
Texas R. R. & S. S. Co.) ra lroad b -
tween the Bayou Sant D'Ours and Bayou
des Allemaiis in the Parish of St. Char
les in this State as per plan of division
made by J. L- Fremaux, Surveyor on
the 6th day of February 1869, a litho
graphic copy whereof is annexed to an
act passed in this office on the 26th day
of March 1886 and p irporting to be an
act made by the present vendor to Char
les L. Hopkins. Said portions of ground
are desipnate»! by the numbers 120 and
122 on said plan and measures each one
arpent front on the North side of the
running on each side of tile N. O. and
Opelousas railroad by alxnit eight and
oue-lialf arpents more or less in depth
between parallel lines as shown on said
plan. Said pieces or portions of ground
are part of one 'hundred ami thirty five
lots of ground acquired hv purchase from
Bernard Soulie and acquired by said
Louis Branch from J. A. Latarre 011 the
9th day of April 1888 by act before Euse
l»e Bouny, Notary in the City of New Or
leans, and recorded in the Parish of St.
Charles in Book "H" folio 475 et seq
And from the proceeds of said sale to
pay the petitioner by preference over all
other claims the sum of Four hundred
($400,00) dollars .with five per cent inter
est from May 22nd 1911 until paid, to
gether with„5 per /cent Attorney's fees
on said principal and amount sued for
and all costs of these proceedings
Leon C. Vial
Sheriff, Parish of St. Charles
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St, Charles,
September 13th 1917
In accordance with the 'terms of an or
dinance adopted by the Police Jurv of
the Parish of St. Charles, the Police Ju
ry of the Parish of St. Charles will re
ceive seal proposal* for the purchase at
not less than par and accrued interest {
a certain rood bond issue of Seventy
Thousand dollars ($70,000.00) authorized
by road district No. 2 of the Parish of
St. Charles at an election held in said
district on the 27th, day of March 1917
The bid will tie accompanied by certi
fied cheque to the order of the President
of the Police Jury of the Parish of St.
Charles,certified by a Louisiana Rank,
for Twenty Five hundred doller* ($2300.
00); the cheque of the successful bidder
will credited on hi* purchase price or
forfeited to the Parish of St. Charles in
the event of his failure to fulfill the con
ditions of hi« bid- The cheques of all un
successful bidders will be returned to
them on rejection of their bid
The successful bidder will he furnish"
ed a proper legal opinion as to the validi
dity of the lioiids at the expense of the
AH bids must be unconditional and ad
dressed to the Police Pury of the Parish
of St. Charles, Hahnvi'lle, I/Ouisiana
with a »tatemeijt on the envelope that it
contains a bid for the bond issue offered
and the said bids will be opened in pub
lic session at ten o'clock A. M., on Tues
day, October 16th. 1917, at Hahnville.
Louisiana. The Police Jury reserves the
right to reject any and all bids
For any further information concern
ing sai»i iionds or the proceedings lead
ng thereon apply to H. L. Favrot, spec
ial counsel, 413 Hennen Bldg. New
Orleans, Ln.J
President, Police Jury
Felicien Lorio,
Frank Schexnaydre,_
Secretary Police Jury
1 Parish of St. Charles
|«t< Corn Should Be Selected In th«
Field—Height ot Ear, Length of
•hank, and Shuck Covering
Among Pointa te Bo
Th- production of good yield« cf
corn require« fertile soil, groper prep
aration and tillage of the land, and
food seed. The rainfall 1 b also Im
portant. hut since w« have to accept
the seasons as they cotne, we may
disregard this factor In discussing the
question of better com. After every
thing possible has been done for the
next crop in the way of improving the
fertility of the soil and putting it In
Arat-ctaas condition to plant, the very
best teed that It 1 b possible to obtain
Should be planted. If one ha» a good
variety of corn on h!s place we do not
hesitate to say that the beet seed pos
sible for him to plant can be obtained
from his own field It Is a law of na
ture In both plant and animal life that
"like produces like." If one of two
•talks of corn grown under the same
conditions of soil and seasonal Influ
ences and with a like area of ground
produces twelve ounces of grain and
the other only tea ounces, the
chances are that the grain from the
high producing stalk will yield a like
Increased amount of grain. That this
does not always hold true Is because
of the tendency of com to be thor
oughly mixed in the field by pollen
from all sorts of stalks reaching the
allks and fertlliiing the grain; but If
one la careful to select only the best,
the tendency will be to improve the
yielding quality of the corn from year
to year.
Belast Seed Com In the Field.
la the early fall go Into the field
and select seed corn from stalks that
have yielded the most com. making
sore that the stalk has not been fa
vored by better soil and that there is
not a skip In the stand on either side
of It. Not* should also be take^ of
tha height of the ear from the
ground. The ear should he lesn rhan
half way from the ground to the top
of the stalk. The ahank should be of
moderate length, so that the point of
the ear will tip downward when ma
ture, and the eor should also he well
covered, with the shuck tightly closed
over the tip. This Is one of the most
effective safeguards against weevils.
If the com Is not gathered at the
time of seed selection the stnlks
chosen may be bent down below the
ear so that no trouble will be had In
finding them later.
Protaet Against Weevil.
After the selected ears have been
gathered they should be stored In some
place Inaccessible to weevils, or pro
vision should he made for treating
j the corn with "high life" In case wee
vil* should appear. Some time before
planting all of the selected ears
should be shucked and the crop from
the beat ears should he chosen for
that purpose. The "show" ear may
not produce a greater amount of com
per acre than the rough ear. but on
account of Its high percentage of
grain U will give more actual feed
ing value than the other.
It is desirable also for the com to
be uniform In type and color, espe
cially so If It Is ever to be sold for
seed.— W. R. Perkins, State Agent.
Extension Division, Louisiana 8tate
Mutton and lamb are among the
moat nutritious of our foods, and
wool la one of our necessary staples.
A large Increase In these Important
products la much needed at the pres
ent time, and will he more needed In
the Immediate future.
Louisiana has extensive areas that
could be successfully and profitably
uttllxed for sheep production, thereby
adding Immensely to the general food
and wool supplies: and the Intelli
gent stocking of such areas with
sheep would be one of the best means
of conserving the feed which these
lands produce.
The number of sheep In Louisiana
at the present time Is negligible as
compared to what she could support.
Every farm In the state should
carry a small of sheep; and or»
cut-over lands and other extensire
grazing areas should have considerable
numbers of sheep on them. For not
only will mutton and wool be requir
ed In Increased amounts, for both food
and clothing, hut the Industry. If
properly conducted, should he found
profitable— W. H. Dalrvmple. Depart
ment of Veterinary Science, Louisiana
State University.

j tv
List of Jurors drawn t*> serve at the
session of tliv 28th., Judicial District
Court iu and for the Parish of St. Char
les, Louisiana, beginning on Monda' the
8th. due of October, 1917, tu-wit -
Grand Jury
Richard J. Vial
Flavin Keller
Louis Maus
Cliarlc-s T. Sclimill
Joseph Wickliffe Cliampagm* 4
Ahe LeVv
T. B. Sellers
W. W M adere
Benjainiii Boudreaux
Charles Stein
Alphonse Kuller
I), 1). Dascli
Wilson Cantrelle
Charles hi. Smith
J. W. Weaver
• s
J. (). Lambert
Charles Troxler, Jr
Ursin Duhe
Donatien Lorio
William Lalive
Petit Jury 2n«l week
Monday October l.Stli 1917
Wilson Kitiler
Sidney B< urgeos
Eugene 1 ourgeois
Robert J. Seller
I. S. Barr
Syl K. Caillot
Edward Mire
E. 1*. IVyiegne
J. A. Sehexliaydre
Henry Rausch
Myrtile Troxler
Victor Cortez
Arthur Dejean
Waltee Bestoso
Frederick Petit
Louis Brady
William Brown
Alexander A. Bourgeois
Wilson Dufrenay
1 elix Belsonie
Tosepli Baudouin
Àltiert Champagne
J. L. Donuaud
w . A. Brady, Sr.
Wilfred Keller
Alfred J. Weber
Alcide Kama gosse
Edmond Thompson
H. I. Dugas
Paul Yicanair
A true Copy
r D'. Clerk of Court.
The State of Louisiana
Delinquent Tax Debtors
Parish of St. Charles
By virtue of the athority vested in me
by the Constitution and laws of the State
of Louisiana, I will sell at public auction
at the principal froi t door of the Court
House, in which the Givil District Court
of said Parish is held, within the legal
hours for Judicial sales, beginning at 11
o'clock A. M., on Saturday the 15th day
of September, 1917, and continuing on
each encceeding day until said sales are
completed, all inimovabl property « n
which taxes are now due, the State of
Louisiana, the Parish of St. Charges to
enforce the collection of taxes, assess
ment in the year 1916, together with in
terest hereon from the 31 >-t. day
of December 1916, at the rate of 10 per
cent per annum until paid and and costs.
The names of said delinquent tax pay
ers, the amount of taxes due by each on
the assessment of said year, afld the im
movable property assessed to he offered
for sale as follows, to-wit:
J. F. Funk
Parish, State, Confederate Veteran,Good
, Road, Acreage. Levee District, Good
* Roads No. 1 & Drainage No. 4 $492.50
Lots 27,,37,41,81,83,91,93.95,
97,101,103,105,107,109, 111. 113, 115 and
117 of Coteau de France, 226.00 acres
On said day of sale I will sell such i>or
tion of said property that any debtor will
point out and in case the debtor w ill not
j point out sufficient property, will at
• once without delay sell the least quanti
j tv of said property of auv debtor which
any bidder will buy forth- amount of the
taxes,interest and costs due by said deb
I tor, the sale will be without appraise
I nient, for cash in legal tender money of
1 the United State, and the property shall
I Ik* redeemable at any tini* for the space
! of one year by paying tin price given
j including costs and two ty per cent
J Leon C. Vis.l,
Sheriff and Tax Odlîector,
Parish of St. Charles
Sheriff's Ofl.ce. parish of St. Charles,
August 9th. 1917
• s
It was moved I v Mr. Ile'aune &
and.bv M r . Duftene, that the fol
low! g approximated tableau ot the
expenses of the I'arish of St. Char
les for the current year ending
lune 30th 1917
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases £500,00
maintaining prisoners 2.500.00
I listrict Attorney's fees
for convictions 500.00
Coroners salary, 300.00
lust ices of the Peace i,800.00
Constables 1,800.00
Grand, Pent and Coronet
jury 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, boo 00
Official Journal ,600.00
President Board ot Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision 1000 ou
Parish Treasurer 120.00
Cierk of Court 2 c 5 °-°°
School Fund 8.500.00
Expenses Board of
lieaitli lor Infections ana
Contagious diseases 300.00
Koatl fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stair Umver*
siiy, 500.00
Maintenance of 3 Ben ,
scholar at the State Nor
mal School 600.00
Syndics Salary 500.00
Sergeant at arms 100 00
Tax Collector Commis
sion 1,400.00
Salary for oiling wnui
nill it washing tank 60,00
Road Supervisors 1,800.00
Election expenses 500.00
$, 28310.00
I hereby certify that the above
Tableau was adopted by the Police
Jury at the meeting held on the 3
day of Aug. 1916
F. Schexnayd'V* ,
Paristi of St, Charles Aug. 3 1916
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
t : es of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Caduw
To B inkers: y
Write Us for Samples ancl'
J Prices on Our
Cox Pig. and Pud. Co., Inc.
727 Poydras Street, New Orleans.
"After four in our family had died
of consumption 1 vu taken with
a frightful cough and Inn« trouble,
but my life was saved and I gained
87 pouudi througa using
AV . R Patterson, Wellington, Tex
?mck to*! and $ 1.00 AT Hl 0 BUG 6 D.S.
Indlcatl«ma are that the supply of
seed oats for plnnfing thD fall will be
very short, and Louisiana farmers
who have raised oats of good quality
are urxed to rave them for seed rath
er than to feed them. In many parts
of the 8011th the oat crop winter kill
ed and the farmers will have to pur
chase all their seed from other locali
ties. and those favored sections where
a partial or full crop was produced 1
should save every available btuhei t* I
meet this demand.
More milk in the diet of the aver- {
age family would help cut down the 1
high cost of living in tlie city as well I
as In the country. Milk is one of Uj®.t
cheapest of animal foods. ■
Second Congressional lUsi ,
Member of Congies 4 - H G f>ei".
Eighth Senatoiial Dtst'. ici
State Senator,
Judges I. E I 'em y
District Attorney L.R.Riarue
Parish of St Charles.
Representative J C. Rem ck
Sheriff & Collector L C. V ml
Chief Deputy, U.D. K>-!lc
Deputy Sheriff R.Mridce
Clerk ÎV Recorder, I.T.Brud u t>
Deputy Clerk C A 1 aii el
Coronet Di. V, Lehmann
Treasurer Wm. Lussan
Assessor R.A.Dubroea
Registrar I. T.Baudouin
Official Jotir.iai, St. Charles Heiai^
Justices of the Peace. P
hirst Ward W. T. Pattersci
Second Ward A. L. Mongihc
Third Ward (). kngiie
Fourth Ward M. Tiauth
Fifth Ward F. ( ). Weave,
hirst Waid P Baudot! n
Second Warn L. L. C lianipagi e
Third Waid K. Mo. u
I'ourth Ward F.. 1 olina
»'il th Ward R. \Veav*r
Police Jury.
President F, Lorio
Secret ary F. c,c I exnavd .«
Sergeant at Anns " t. in.* .
First Ward 1*. 1 «,■
Second Ward J. L bleu n
Third Ward K-Ddcu. e
Fou rili Waid VV. Dutiet.e
Fifth IV«. 1 d W.A.L'ltr
Meets ist Tuestlav of evet t ti.oiii 6
School Board.
Presiden» M. p, Guidiy
bin Wan!
M.G. Becnel?
Second U aid'
M- !.. <juidry
Third U aid.
I'. K eil« »
Foui I It Ward,
L, J. lie jean*
Fifth Wat
J. B. Mart'll, *, L
Lafourche Basin Lev«*«* p, c
I'.G.Su» 1 ,,*
secretary W. J. M,- (
A. Champagne, Edgard; F\ M
Lem a mi, Donalsonvilic; Geor«e
Lon«», Moberly; R. c. Martin Y r
Albemarle; R. Rerez. jeniits'
Bend; K. G. Swarty Burton, T.V
Tiiaggard, Mcdonoghvide; ' c
Vieiing, Gretna; J. F, Wiggini«.,,
Bowie The State Board of Engi
neers compose the engineering de
partment and the State Treasui. 1
is treasurer of the Board
Regula» meeting on SC ro»,o
Thursdays of January, /.f ri» |„| v
and October. Finance committee
meets first Monday of each mom
at New Orleans office.
Terms of Court
In 'ne Parish of Jefferson—
Jury Sessions rst Monday | t
April. 2nd Monday
Civil Sessions. 2nd Monday i
May. 2nd Monday in Noverr.be
In the Parish of St. Charles
Jury Sessions. 2nd Monday
May. rod .Monday in Novembe.
^civd Sessions, ist Monday
February 2nd Monday in July
Parish 01 St. John the Baptist. J,
Jury Sessions, ist Monday n
June 2nd Monday mi December
|civ.| Sessions ist Monday , n
March 31«! Monday in July
416 to. Fourth St
Cincinnati, *
232 Ç Aunouciuuu' Si
New Orleans Represer' itiv

•V Ti,e
amox «M« aivtiit.

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