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' ' 1917'
¥01. 45 Eahuviile, Louisiana, Saturday,
Published at HahnviUi La *
iSttry Saturday
t JOarnAl of tht Partth
of Sf. Charles
/. C. Trithe
Edit r
' r *rnt f of Sttbseriflion Si.oo rt year
hat*rta At the PastOftue at Hahnvtllt
La., at sterna r<*n •natter
SATURDAY Sept »9 « 9 *?
«•* iiniiia icacion« nandod ."istortha"
ft er«*!**, WH» la» OW«n*»l.h
• e*k lAtlAtoMK
rtf* ah coiumttntefttinn« mu»» ha «»Man on
• "Ma of the paper. I
drTni* fail nawin ami nrtdms* of *>»* " r '
tar i..nnacm»Mii<AWy«nr.hrr.Wiihwnlratlonor
an pithilvatloii.lMtk ar» n.sttwruf K« "O f» ,tn
onnni«nu ath>m> or personal «Utaraoter
«riTl >WHlK)r«tf.*irnir.ed,rtiOeW «»
• Um« «rtloe ta such case* a char#« or
!,M a qiiniv. will 0» mad«»
HT Mawa ami i«t«ra*t<WK looa Hem««« *•'
evotfniiy «eiioUad,
M ,*I)K CAN •%JCI.F ^
ra -llJv . ir ■» itAh wyHIdk lo» or ouylnjj goodi
will »Imply .a,
ay aa» tiielicardslu this paper
BalnlillHlieil F ebruary 15. 1»?»
< it pe* adl
toMT*W *
Va«-ua(f column oneyaat *
Uje<|U«rt«vcolumn on* »«.«•:- 10 ' 0(l
• uaal card» on* Min * '
*d»artl«em«n»a -ui<* -uhacripltm«* areool
l«ov*lil*ln*»ail»l<iv I" advance __
Public^ not ice is hereby given that
trrsspaVtiig. ti-.hM.g, trapping anil
muss pickinw on all properties I e
ionging to the La. C\press Lum
ber Co. in St. Charles is strictly
prohibited, .nvone caught on said
properties will be punished to the
full extent of the law
ti^o. Cousin
Important N"t ce
No butial into the cemeteries of
r e Ho' y Rosary's *'hurch and des
All< inands wil' be allowed unless ac
companied by a bu ial permit from
tue h»cal Registrar (Post Master
trill* & Des Allemands) as per
urdöfs front the Loui lana State
Jyogrd of Ueâb h
\V. Parrot, Pa«»or
Ac^tup of the said LtffljftiKS
The passional feast of the Holy SfW's
Church will be celebrated on §ppday
October 7th. The Reverend Pastor in
vites all his parishioners to attepi) the
services on this day
At 10 A. M. Solemn High Mf*??, Ser
mon on Holy Rosary. At 4 P. M. Expo
sition of the Most Blessed Sacrement,
Holy Rosary's devotions, Benediction
The rosary will be said every morning
at 7 o'clocd Mass and every Sunday of
the month, at 4 p. m., exercises pf the
Holy Rosary followed by the benediction
of the blessed Sacfement
' The Cathechisnj class for children to
be admitted to the Solemn Comtpniou
will l>egin on Saturday J 3t H °? October
at 3p.m.
' The raptor invites the patents tp spnd
the children regularly. He intends to
have a large class for the beginning and
so to be able to assure the CJiritian and
moral education of the children Tl,e
parents are supposed to know the diosce
sail regulations about Holy Communion
The children who will ffave completed
their tenth year before January 1st will
be admitted to first communion provtcfetl
they shall have attended the instruction
for two years. However this yep all
the children ten years old. provided they
follow regulaly the instruction, but in
order to observe the diocesan regulation,
all the children wlip are nine years old
must start their instructions and attend
the Cathechism class. They will be ad
mitted next year to (h* Sol ?9 l Con,mu :
Stete of Louisiana
• 8 h Judicial District Couit
I'ai'sh of St, Charles
No. 441
Mrs. W. H. Tirtiey
I.ouis Branch
By viituc of a writ of seizure
and sale issued out of the Honor-*
able the 28th Jti iclal District
Court of the State*«»! Louisiana in
and for the Parish of St. Charles,
in the above entitled and numb- r
ed erse, bearing date of July i«t i
tgi,V tome diiected, I shall pro
ceed to sell at public auction
wittiout appraisement to the
löst and highest Didder at the
fiont door of the Court House on
Saturday October 20th 1917
All his t ight tit ! e and inter-si in
a<id to the following desor bed
real estate t<>-wit
Two certain pieces or portions of land
known as the Coteau de France situated
on the line of the New Orleans and Ope
loiisas (now the Moreau's Louisiana and
Texas R. R. & S. S. Co.) railroad be
tween the Bayou Saut D'Ours and Bayou
des Allemans in the Parish of St. Char
les in this State as per plan of division
made by J. h. Fremaux, Surveyor on
the 6th day of February 1869, a litho
graphic copy whereof is annexed to an
act passed in this office on the 26th day
of March 1886 and purporting to be an
act made by the present vendor to Char
les L. Hopkins. Said jxirtions of ground
are desipnated by the numbers 120 and
122 on said plan and measures each one
arpent front on the North side of the
running on each side of the N. O. and
Opelousas railroad by aliout eight and
one-half arpents more or less ,in depth
between parallel lines as shown on said
plau. Said pieces or portions of ground
are part of one ^hundred and thirty five
lots of ground acquired by purchase from
Bernard Soulie'£and acquired by said
Louis Branch from J. A. Latarre on the
9th day of April 1888 by act liefore Kuse
l»e Bouny, Notary in the City of New Or
leans, and recorded in the Parish of St.
Charles'in Book "H" folio 475 et seq
And from the proceeds of said sale to
pay the petitioner by preference over all
other claims the sum of Four hundred
($400,00) dollars'with five per cent inter
est from May 22nd 1911 until paid, to
gether withj5 per cent Attorney's fees
on said principal and amount supd for
9pd all costs of flies? proceedings
Leon Ç, ViaJ
Sheriff, J'arisl) qf v Sf, piarjps
Sheriff's Ofijpe. Parish pf f?t. Charles,
September 13 th 1917
1|) ftpcftfflfMlPP witji tj*° terni* oi au or
ditjaijcg ^flRPlpd *)V the Police Jurv of
the Paris}; of St. Carles, the Police Ju
ry of tip; pafiji)} of St. Charles will re
ceive seal gfpppsals fqf the purchase at
not les* than par qnti ^pcrijed interest Of
a certain road bond Usup pf Seventy
Thousand dollars ($70,090.00) authqrjred
by road district No. 2 of the Parish pf
St. Charles at an election held in 5;p(l
district on the 27th, day of March 1^17
The bid will be accompanied by perti:
fied cheque to the of-tjpr of the President
of the Police Jury of tpe Parish of St.
Charles, certified by a Louisiana Bapk,
for Twenty Five hundred dollars ($2500.
00); the cheque of the successful bid(l«r
will credited on his pnrcliase price or
forfeited to the Parish of St. Charles in
the event of his failure to fulfill the con
ditions of his bid. Tfye cheques of all un
successful bidders will be returned to
them pn rejection of their bid
The successful bidder will l»e furnishj
ed a proper legal opinion as to the valid«
dity of tlje bonds at the expense of the
All bids pmst be unconditional and ad
dres*ed to the Police Pury of the Parish
of St. Charles, Hahnville, Louisiana
with a statement on the envelope that it
contains a bid for the bond issue offered
and the said bijjs will be opened in pub
lic session at tan o'clock A. M :t P n T ues
dav, Of tôlier 16th. 1917, at H<t)(flville,
Louisiana. Tbf Police Jury respryes the
right tQ reject ativ and all bids
Fop uny fprthep information cogcern
ing *aid"bond* pr the proceedings lead
'--- —to II. L. Favrot, sjiec
(lennen Bldg. New
ng tinnfeoii apply to H. L. Favrot, spec
lal cpunssL % "------ Xr ""
Orleans, La.
President. Police Jury
Feliden Lorio
Ffank Schexnaydre 4
Secretary Police Jury
(i^rish of St. Cliarlç^
me we-ks ago we Ind an arti
cle on O^ts in ih ; s colnmn and f-re
si rit conditions seem to warrant
another article on the same lines.
We re.div need more oats, in this
State and this part cnia» locality is
prrvabl v mor- backward in this
respec, than out nv«re no-therly
parishes. Oats ts a cropot peculiar
Value Ivre as it is a winter grow
ing crop an t w 'u'd genet ally be
gr<>wn on land that would other
wise he idle. Then if Cut for hay,
in the dough stage, it would be off
the land in time to be followed bv
our usual summer crops.and would
jalsosuppya timely addition to
our feedstuffs just in the time when
our home supply of corn is about
Notwithstanding the fact that
the Coin crop of the United States
isjso la ge this year, the increase
has been made in other states and
the Louisiana crop of corn is actn
ally short. This condition is consul
etei urgent enough for the state
of Louisiana, through the Exten
sion Division, to p int and display
posters cading attention to the ne
cessity of our putting in liberal
plantings of oats to supply supple
mein the positive corn shortage
The following data is copied
from tl.e posters which have been
displayed throughout the stale
October 's the month for plant
ing - November will do if impos
sible to p'ant earlier
Variety - Louisiana Red Rust
Pro«, t is the best variety for the
Planting - Plant from 2 to 2
bu per acre, either wall a drill or
Oats & Vetch - When it is to be
made into hay, hairy vetch plant
ed with the oats will make a decid
improvement in the crop
Sods - A medium grade of land
's the most satisfactory for oats.
Very rich soil will nu ke 100 much
st'aw. Poor * >ils require fertilizers
Treatment lor smut Smut may
be prevented by treating the seed
oats with a foimalin solution, one
pint of formalin to $o gallons ot
j water, Preparation- Plow the land
well 9 or j weeks in advance <>f
planting, jf possibla and disk and
hairow to a compact well pulver
ized seed bed . fertilizers - Oats
should follow tov-peas, soy beans
lespedeza or alfalfa if possible.
Thf je legumes make the best fer
tilizers, especialy wjipu a good
tjqantjty of the vegetable matter is
plpwpd under in good condition
tieo. W. Bohne,
County Agent
On Sunday, Sept. 23 th^re wa»
a meeting of over one hund'et] per
sons at the Om-thonse j» FJalmr
vi, le. he'd for the ptuposf of com
pleting the organization cf thp Par
ish Council of Defense
The meeting was addressed by
Father Parrot, Supt. J. Ü. Maytin
Sheriff L. C. V(al an l Coupity A
geni G. W. Bohnç, f be speakers
6---- _
being introduced b,y President l\ J
Lor jo *
The comm ttee at large entered
into d-scussion ot the future wotk
of the Council and manv points of
interest were brought forwatd by
these gentlemen. Ten sqb-cpmmi
tees were appe-inted and the assem
bly decided that the next meeting
should be heldjat the Ama »School ^
on Sunday, Octobet 28, 1917. a M
3:30 p m., and tlie general public
is ii.yit d to at'end all future meet
last of Jurors drawn to serve at the
session of the 2Sth., Judicial District
Court in and for the I'aruh of St. Char
les, IxniisiaUa, be:;itimnjj on Monday tile
Stli. (lay of October, 1917, to-wit:
CVrand Jury
Nop. Names Wards
1 Richard J. Vial 2
2 Flavin Keller 3
à Louis Maus 3
4 Charles T. Srlimill 4
3 Joseph Vv'ickliffe champagne'4
6 Abe Lew 3
7 T. It. Seilers 3
8 W. W. Madere 1
9 Benjamin Boudreaux 3
10 Charles Stein 1
11 Alphonse Kuder ^
12 D, D. DasCh 4
13 Wilson Cantrello
14 Charles E. Smith
15 J. W. Weaver 5
16 J. 1). Lambert 5
17 Charles Troxler, Jr
IS * I'rsin Dube 3
19 Donatien l/»rio 1
20 William Dative -
Petit Jury 2nd week
Monday October 15th 1917
Wilson KinU-r -
Sidney Bourqeos
Eugene Bourgeois 1
Robert J. Seller
J. S. Barre 1
Syl E. Caillot
Edward Mire
K. P. IVyrcgne 4
J. A. Schexnaydre 5
Henry Rauscli 4
Myrtile Troxler
Victor Corte/.
Arthur Dejean 4
Waltee Bestoso 1
Frederick Petit -
lajuis Brady
William Brown
Alexander A. Bourgeois
Wilson Dnfrenay 4
Felix Belsome -
Joseph Baudouin
Albert Champagne 1
J. L. Dounaud 3
W. A. Brady, Sr. I
Wilfred Keller 3
Alfred J. Weber i
Alcide Ramagosse 1
Kdmond Thompson 2
H. I. Dugas
Paul Vicxnair 3
A true Copv
Dv. Clerk of Court.
No burial or removal of|bod;es
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial or removal premit
from the Coca! Registrar (Post
master) of said District in which
the death occured as per orders
from 7 'he l.ouisiana »Mate Board
of Health
N. /Certngue
Sexton Red Church Cemetery
tings as the success of the work of
the Council lies in the hand of the
people .hemselves
This parish Council is in effect
,a branch of ^the National Council
I of Defense and is organized in ob
(edienceto command issued thru
i r Sttt ^ Council of defense, and
yye are expected to do all that can
be done in our parish to further
t^e interests ot our people in order
to make it possible for pis to more
fnPy cooperate with, the National
government in the important work
of prgapi$mg the full strength of
tl;e Nation far the purpose qf suc
cessfully carrying on the great war
in which we are engaged
There ai e Jmany details to the
work whiçh we can accomplish.
_ ............
l\ J those which stand prominently
* for vard ate, Increased production
üt f 00 d a nd feedstuffs; A
of survey qf all foods and feeds
new in private hands ; Registration
of all women oyer Jt(x veiTS of age
A labor survey for the purpose of
economically utilizing qll the avail
)qhle labor force at our command,
^ m >st impoi tant ot a,»l -1 1 be
a M Awakening of a proper spirit ol
| p a ^ n «.itism ar.d ci i/mship.
It was moved hv Mr. De'aune .St
and.by M r . Dufiene, that ilte fol
lowi' g approximated tableau ol the
expenses of the Parish of St. Char
les for the current year ending
June 30th 1917
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases $500.00
maintaining prisoners a.500.00
District Attorney's fees
for convictions
Coroners salary.
Justices of the Peace
Grand, Petit and Coroner
jury « ,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Official Journal '600.00
President Board o. r Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision moo 00
Parish Treasurer 700.00
Clerk of Court «250.00
School Fund 8,500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for Inlections ano
Contagious diseases 300.00
Road fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stair Univer
Maintenance of 3 Ben
scholar at the State Nor
mal School
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Tax Collector Commis
Salary for oiling wind
mill at washing tank 60.00
Road Supervisors 1,800.00
Election expenses 500.00
100 00
1,400 .00
* $,38310.00
I hereby certify that the above
Tableau was adopted by tlie Police
Jury at the meeting held on the 3
day of Aug. 1916
F. Schexnaydre
Parish of St. Charles Aug. 3 1916
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
t ies of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cadow
To B inkers : y
ll'rile Us for Samples </««J
J Prices on Our
Cox Pig. and Pud. Co., Inc,
727 Poydtas Street, New Orleans.
I Gt consunpiiuu x ,
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but mv life wa3 savbd and I gfMOeu
87 pounds throng,\ using
Patterson, Weffi n Sf° n > Tei
RICE 50c and Si.00 AT *LL 0 HU06U
Indlcaflisns are that the mpply of
•«ed oats for planflni this fall will be
y, ,y »hört, and l/rululuis farmers
who have mltcÄ oats of xood quality
ar» urged to aava them for seed rath
er than to fr-ed them. In many parts
of the South the oat crop winter kllb
etf and the farmers will hnre to pur
chase all their seed from other locali
ties. and those favored sections where
a partial or full crop waa produced
should save every available taahol m
punt this demand
More milk In the diet of the aver
age family wo Id help cut down the
high cost of living In the city aa well
In the country. Milk is ono ,of
obnapoat of animal foods, .
___ _______ --s-— -4.
F, Lorio
t-xiinvd 1C
!• riloux
F. Loi 0
J. 1
L Blount
^D» J. ui.e
.A. Euer
of cvc
1 \ moiilftr
Second Congressional Ditf'Ct
Member of Congress H.G hrvt
Eighth Senatorial Distnci
State Senator,
Judges I.E Fleuiv
District Attorney L.R.Riarde
Parish of St Cha-les.
Representative J.L. Rem'Ck.
Sheriff Ä Collector L ('. Vtalf
Chief Deputy, H.D. Keller
Deputy Sheriff R. Madere
Clerk & Recorder, I.T-Baod 11 n
Deputy Clerk C A < aitiet
Coroner Di. V, Lehmann
Treastirei Wm. Lussan
Assessor K ( A.Dubroca
Registrar I.T. Baudouin
Cfficial Journal, St. Charles Hctui''
Justices of the Peace.
First Ward W. T. Patters« n
Second Ward A. L. Mongtui
Third War«l O. Kugb r
Fourth Ward M. Trauth
Fifth Ward F. O. Ueavej
First Ward I* Baudouin
Second Warn L. L. Cftampagi e
Third Ward R Muntz
Fourth Ward F.. Polina
Uh Ward R. Wtaur
Police fury.
Secreta 1 y
Set géant at Anns
First Waul
Second Waul
Third Ward
Fourth Waid
Pit ill Waul
Meets i ht Tueso
School Board
Pre*ide„i M. L. Guidty
First Ware:»
M.G. Bevnelj*
Second Wanf,
M. L. G 11 idt y
Third Ward.
F. Keller
Font 1I1 Ward;
L. J. Dejean
Fifth Ward
A. J.Schexnaydre
J. B. Mait 11, Sri f t.
Lafourche Basin Levee Ro c ,i C|
I resident E.G.Swart*
Secretary W. J . M ( ('nv»e
A. Champagne, Edgard; F. R.
Lemann, I »oualsonvtlle ; ftrorge .
Lotto, Moberly ; R, C, Martin, fr,
Albemarle; R. Rerez, Jesuits
Bend; E. G. Swarty. Burton; T. V
Thaggard. Mcdonoghville; i.
Viering, Gretna; J. F, Wigginton*
Bowie The State Board of Engi
neers compose the engineering de
partment ami the State Tieasure*.
is treasurer of the Board
Regular meeting on secono
Thursdays of January, April, July
and October. Finance committee
meets first Monday of each mom
at New Orleans office.
Terms of Court
In *.ne Parish of Jefferson_
Jury Sessions ist Monday | t
April. 2nd Monday in Octobc
Civil Sessions. 2nd Monday i«
May. 3ltd Monday in November
In the Parish of St. Charles—
Jnry Sessions, snd Monday
Mav. ?nd .•lomlay in Novemhe,
jCivil Sessions, ist Monday
February 2nd Monday 111 July
Parish 01 St. John the Baptist.—
Jury Sessions, ist Monday *
June and Monday in December
|c i v 11 Session* ist Monday m
March 3rd Monday in July
416 W, Fourth St
Cincinnati, ti
i 1 JO&. KANT Ä\ . h t
3338 AnnuuQtcUmr St '
New Orleans Kepreser* itiv*
. .
I ,
21U Uiiai le? iioicCi»*
■m geese 3ax=x===t^=== w
VN/MDCrr or roAtTici^M^
é nwi rude»'

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