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D ÜBLISHED EVERY' 3 AT J ^ \ f / N / R » C H
45 Bahnville, Louisiana, Saturday,
L o i.
Published at Hahnviue La
F.vcry Saturday
Officiai Journal of (he Parish
of St . Charles
J. C. Triche
Edit r
t'erms of Subscription 12.00 a rear
finie rea at the Posto Hue at Hahnvtll
La., as second ciass matte*
I*- irmion« i«»«».)«' J' J""?«tU*h
ffcirtnairtny evening. *111 1 «? over until .n
• oeK loltunlng*
Uff au communication* must be wi tten on
o*a side of tlm paper. 1
rtS-Tiu* full name nnu add tens of tnewrl
ter must uccnmpany each c 'V,'l!'t'f'.VTnd faith
no publication, but era matter of lA i
tiiHimiu Kttotis of personal «haracter
«rill «nt tin ree.iifnizeil, unless fr, 'O | ' p ° 0 f
ll^le arils« In anclt cases a charge
I,an h <i it ma will be marte.
KUO intrtfMting loca items are re
piiOttnlly solicited.
«y saw tuel t cards In tills paper
B*LnbliiThe<l I ehruary 15 , 1 »™
a»rit.,„ -------
iiupf VB «r • • * * ,qo ' ot of
• 1fOWr 1 ° n " y - -..... ««•«O
U 18 -ltftlf COllUMl» «•** y ** 1
9 I« ,,tfartei ooDkiim <•"« V* Hr * _ l0>0P
in.I 0»l'ls Pi"' vast • '
ftrtvevtlsp'pa'its und *tiu*ertpt!oi>» *' e
,n srtv unes
Moti e
public'notic* is h reby given tha
tiesspassing. fi hlpg, trapping and
moss pick in 9 on all properties be
longing to the L. Cvpress Lum
ber Co. in St. Chalks is striCtlv
p'oh'bi'ed. .nvone c mg t on said
properties w
full extent of the \-w
ij.o. Cousin
be punished to the
Important Notice
No bunai ini«» the c meteries of
thc H y y Rosarv's «'hurcli and des
Allemands wib be al'owed unless ac
comoanied bv a ial permit from
tielocl Reg.-tra. (Post Maste.
Hahnvi le & D« S Allemands) as per
orders from the Loui »ana State
buara of Heal.h
VV. Parrot. Pastor
AYxton of the said Ctmetiies
A'ter a lingering «Unesä Mrs
K sem..nd T...X er diedot «h«
i-«'.'"""';"- 1 ;* 'J\ - -
Triche, Wed-e day at 8 P. - -
Deceased was 91 years o< , one
o. the oldest and most respecteu
ladies of the par sh
Decastd i> survived by «vto
d,„. B lit=is. unumLer
*,..»<**« al , S .'"h J C
One of her grandchildren, J.
T.iche, If - ,s noW 1,1 the b ' "
Army M dxal Corps
Decex,«.! was n«er=J >«• °' ir
,. adv o( «He Rswe-V '■
Pa-her Parr.it officiating
To ,, e raa.Wee and «needs we
extends our sincere w,sl.es ol sym
Ths Police Jury and School
Board OKI Tuesday n. regular
To night at Moberly, l'a i Sia
T 8 , is o lV en f »r the bene
ti .n a grand is ü>v«
fit oi Tox'er School
Stute of Louisiana
aSth Judicial District Couit
Parish of St, Charles
No. J4*
Mrs. W. H. Turney
Louis Branch
By vii tue of a 'writ of seizure
and sale issued out of the H >n li
able the 28th Ju ocial D'^ti >
Court of the Stateful Louisian., in
and for the Paiish of St. ( har es.
in the above entitled and nuint» r
ed erst, bearing date of Jmy 2«)t
1913. to me diiected, I stiall pro
ceed to sell at public and ion
without appraisement to the
last and highest Didder at the
fionl door of the Court House on
Saturday October aoth 1017
All his right title and intenst 01
and to the following described
real estate t '-wit
Two certain pieces or portions of land
known as the Coteau de Trance situated
On tile line of the New Orleans and Ope
lousas (now the Morgan's Louisiana and
Texas R. R. & S. S. Co.) railroad be
tween the Hayon Saut D'Ours and Bayou
des Allcniatis in the Parish of St- Char
les in this State as per plan of division
made by J. L. Fremaux, Surveyoi on
the 6th day of February 1669, a litho
graphic copy whereof is annexed to an
act passed in this office on the 26th «lay
of March 1886 and purporting to be all
act made bv the present vendor to Char
act made by the present vendor to Char
les L. Hopkins. Said portions of ground
are desipnated by the numbers 120 and
122 on said plan and measures each one
arpent front on the North side of the
running 011 each side of the N. O. ami
Opelousas railroad by about eight and (
one-lialf arpents more or less in depth I
between parallel lines as shown on said [
plan. Said pieces or portions of ground
are part of one hundred and thirty five
lots of ground acquired by purchase from
Bernard Soulie and acquired by said
Louis Branch from J. A. Latarre 011 the
9th day of April 1S88 by act before Euse
|>e Bouny, Notary in the City of New Or
leans, and recorded in the Parish of St.
Charles in Book "II" folio 475 et seq
And from the proceeds of saiil sale to
pay the petitioner by preference over all
other claims the sum of Four hundred
($400,00) dollars with five per cent inter
est from May 22nd 1911 until paid, to
gether with 5 per cent Attorney's fees
on said principal and amount sued for
and all costs of these proceedings
Leon C. Vial
Sheriff, Parish of St. Charles
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St. Charles,
September 15th 1917
In accordance with the terms of an or
dinance adopted by the Police Jurv of
the Parish of St. Charles, the Police Ju
ry of the Parish of St. Charles will re
ceive seal proposals for the purchase at
not less than par and accrued interest of
a certain road bond issue of Seventy
Thousand dollars ({70,000.00) authorized
by ro.ni district No. 2 of the Parish of
St. Charles at an election held in said
district on the 27th, day of March 1917
The bid will be accompanie.l by certi
fied theque to the order of the President
of the Police Jury of the Parish of St.
Charles,certified by a Louisiana Bank,
for Twenty Five hundred dollars ($2500.
IX») ; the cheque of the successful bidder
will credited on his purchase price or
forfeiteil to the Parish of St. Charles in
the event of his failure to fulfill the con
ditions of his bid. The cheques of all un
successful bidders will be returned to
them on rejection of their bid
The successful bidder will be furnislij
ed a proper legal opinion as to the validi
dity of the bonds at the expense of the
All b:«is must be unconditional and a«l
dressed to the Police Pury of the I'arisli
of St. Charles, Hahnville, l/ouisiana
with a statement on the envelope that it
contains a bid for the bond issue offered
» for me Dona issue onereu
aÄTsaid bids will be opened in pub
He session at ten o'clock A. M., on Tues
day, October 16th, 1917 at Hahnvdle,
iKuisiana. The Police July reserves the
right to reject any and all bids
Vor any further information concern
ing said iWls or the proceedings lead
ng thereon apply to H. L. Favrot, spec
ial counsel, 413 Hennen Bldg. New
Orleans, La.
President, Police Jury
Felicien Lorio
Frank Sch^xnaN'irt*,^
Secretary Police Jury
Parish of St. Charles
ot « lie
s-lion! B...*rd
B 1 i»b * t. Charles
L *etv 4 'b lOW
t h • w, _ r harks Parish .ichoo'
P, , .«I mei this «lay at the Court
House w tli the following membe-s
pr s nt:
Messrs M. L ( in dry. Flavin
Keber an I M.G. Becnel. Absent
îles rs 1 - J . DeJeaii and A . J.
Sc'h Xnaydre
(ju motion id Mr. Keller secon I
el l uy Mr. Beene, the mmutes
Acre ordered approved as read and
vere so approved
On motion of Mr Becnel secon
,ded by Mr. Kelle«-, the Sup. r nten
dent w.iS autor z d to take up the
matter of the school Board vs the
Bowie Lumber Co , now pending
in Cotrt, with the D strict Alto -
nev, and endeavor to have this
Case come to an end
7 'ue contract for transfer of
school children fr «m Selleis to Kel
1 er school was handed to Mi . I .
Keller to have same signed by Mr
D. Keller
On motion of Mr. Becnel secon
deu by Mr. Keiler th^ Bo >rd ad
journed to i*s next legulat meet
ing October 2 , 191 7
J. L. Maitin
The Reverend Pastor addresses
his heart' y thanks to his devoted
flock for the success of the fail' giv
en for the benefit of Our Church.
Despite of a very brtd weather the]
result has been splendi 1 and it is
the most eloquent proof of the
union which exists between the
Pastor and his ffock
The Recto- expre ses also his
comp etc satis'actiun for the pros
perity of o ir spiritual societie 9
the league of the Sacret He.iri,
the archconfraternity <*f Our Lady
of Prompt Succor newly establish
ed, the Alter Lad'es .Society, the
Alter Boy'* Society and he prays
God to reward ano bles- ad promo
ters and members as they deserved
Don't forget your boys at ihe
fiont, my dear friends Don t for
ger the impressive ceremony we
nave had tor u eir departure on
on Sunday September 15th P«ay
for them while they are g me as a
constant teminder of our brave
men wiio are fighting for uur conn
rv We will post in the rear of our
Ctun cli a placard on which will be
|is.ed the names of our y< u g men
___ ________
who have been called to tlie colo. s !
. . » I
and so we Will let them know c
will do everything'll) our power to
help them through this st uggle
Whereas, by Act of Congress af
Council of Natioi al Defense h <s
iieen esta!)lished in the inHres ot
national security and welfare; and
Whereas, this Ctiuncil deems '.t
. ,
wise and essential to secure a c -
SUS ot the Woman power ot the na * j
tion— which Census sh ill serve to
ntorm the government
.......... j,----- .
, (1) as to the present state of prepared
! ness of women along industrial lines; ,
j as to t i ie training that is desired
1 • equip themselves
( b> those wis..ing 11 .
- - ■•• -i-;D«'tl,ro,„e or social rcr
as to actual, \umtncu v»» -
^ _______ _ i„.
l)\ lilOhL AloDD'.s i I i
for industrial, philanthropic or social rer
_.. .
(3) as to those s'.io are liome-makers,
and by registering, automatically place
themselves in a position to be reached by
the Council of National Denfense when
• tc program dsmands their cooperation;
(4) as to actual, volunteer or for re.
uiuuera„ion, that may or may not be
List of Jurors «lrawti to serve at the
session of the 2Stli.. Judicial District
Court in and for the I'ari-li of St. Char
les, Louisiana, beginning on Monday the
5th. day of October, 19L, t<>-\v;t:
Oraml Jury
Names Wirds
1 Richard J. Vial -
' Flavin Keller ■'
i Louis Mans
4 Charles T. Sehmill ^9
5 foseph Wickliff • Champagne .4
6 Abe Levy '
7 T. B. Sellers -
S W. \V. Maden*
9 Benjamin Boudreaux ■'
10 Charles Stein 1
11 Alphonse K nier -
15 1>. I). Dascli
13 Wilson Cantrelle -j
I » Charles lv. Smith
15 j. W. Weaver '
16 J. O. Lambert ■'
17 Charles Trosier, Jr
IS Ursiti Dube '
19 Donatien Lorio '
50 William Lauve
petit Jury 5n«l week
Mond iv October 15th 1917
1 Wilson Kin 1er
5 Sidney Rourgeos -
3 Fugene Bourgeois
4 Robert J. Seller -
5 J. S. Barre
6 S 1 H. Caillet ;
7 Edward Mire
8 K. P. Peyregne
9 J. A. Schexnayilre
K) Henry Raus h '
II Myrtile Troxler ;
15 Victor Cottez
13 Arthur Dejean
14 Waltee Bestoso
15 Frederick Petit
16 Louis Brailv
17 William Brown
IS Alexander A. Bourgeois
19 Wilson Dufrenay
50 Felix Bel soi ne
51 Joseph Baudouin
55 Albert Champagne
55 J. L. Donnaud
54 W. A. Brady, Sr.
55 Wilfred Keller
56 Alfred J. Weber
57 Alcide Ramagosse
28 Edmond Thompson
59 II. I. Dugas
50 Paul VicKiiair
A true Copy
Dy. Clerk of Court.
! J
No burial or removal of »todies
viill be allowed unless accompan
ed by a burial or removal premit
from the L .cal Registrar (Post
master) of said District in which
the death occured as per orders
from 7 'he Louisiana Mate Board
of Health
N. Meringue
Sexton^Red Church Cemetcy
counted upon in time of emergency; and
Wliereas, on account of tlie fact tliat
this information will l>e of great value,to
the government, tlie Council of National
Defense has asked that the aforement 10 "
ed census be taken state by state, and,
wben . a , f the legi „ lature of the State
of Louisiana has empowered the State
Council of Defense to require such a reg
istration; and
Whereas, the State Council of Defense
has decreed and required that such a cm
sus lje taken unde
of the Governor of
Now, Therefore, I, Ruffin G. l'leasan^
Governor of the State of Louisiana, do
hereby proclaim
Wednesday, October Seventeenth,
Nineteen Seventeen, As Regitration
■r personal supervision
A Louisiana
j,, the state of Louisiana, and «lo herein
^ ^ ^ ^ atK)ve appoill
j te(l dav _ every woman in Louisiana of
a geof sixteen complete or more.shall
, u r
. appear at the registration . ootli m n«_r .
political precint to register turii informa
, lion as the Suite Council o Defense re
qu jres
in Testimony Whereof, I ereunto set
i ofucui \ vi i
\ l
i - - .
my hand & caused to lie affix... t.ie great
j seal of the State of Louisiana, at the Cap
, itol, in the City of Baton Rouge, on this
■ ti, e fourteenth day of Septembere, 1917
, (Seal) (Sign - d) R. G. Pleasant,
1 Rv t ; le Governor:
; (Signed) James J. Bailey,
, Secretary of State
^ i ) 0 . oc
p K ).<)0
1 . 800.00
It was moved I y Mr. Dehitine Si
2nd.by Me Dufiene. that the fol
lowi- g approximated tableau «il 'be
expenses of the Parish <>t St, diar
ies for the current year emlinv
une 30th 1917
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
maintaining prisonei s
District Attorney's fees
tor convictions
Coroners salary,
Justices of the Peace
(iiand, Petit and Coronei
U.-V 1 , 6 <i°- 00
Secretary Police Jury, 000 00
Offici.il Journal 600.00
President Board of Healt »1,300. 00
Assessor's Commision »'»"* ou
Parish T'casiuer j>oo.ui>
Clerk of Court »^ 5 °- u0
School Fuml 8.500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for Infections anil
Contagions diseases 5)0.0«
Road fund, i.jcoo'O
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stair Univer
Maintenance of 3 Ben ,
sciiulai at the State \ >i —
mal Sctioo'.
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Tax Cobectoi Commis
sion 1 • 4 °° " Q
Salary lor oiling wind
mill \ washing tank 60,00
Road Supervisors 1,800.00
Election expenses 500.00
I hereby certify that Hie above
Tableau was adopted by the Police
Jury at the meeting held «ju the 3
day of Aug. 1916
F. Scliexnaydre
Parish of St. Cfiarles Aug. } 1916
^ « IO. 1
6'm*. 00
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are liereby prohibited on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Ca«lc\v
To B inkers: y
Il rite Us for Samples arm)
' Prices on Cur
Cox Pig. and p uo. Co. , Inc.
727 Poydras Street, New Orleans.
Ktpgwpu-n-'rtgr ■ TJvJF
i « After fmu in o.:r family bad died r
Î of consumption I was taken wit' *
I a frightful cough and inng trouble, s
but my life was saved and I gained p
87 pounds throng.'1 using |
1« u ml
{\\. If Patterson. Wellington, Tex
°RICt '/0c ao«!f'i.9C ft »I» . PBTCUi y.S.
TndlcnMons are that the supply of |
seed oats for platrTnR this fait will be j
vpry short, and Louisiana farmers J
who have raised oats of good quality i
are urged t.o save them for seed rath- J
er than to feed them. In many parts ,
of the South the oat crop winter kill
ed and the farmers will have to pur
meet this demand.
chase all their seed from other locall
. an d those favored sections whero
& partja , or ful , crop was produced
phould pav0 every available bushel t*
More milk in We diet of the aver
age family would help cut down the
b.gh cost of living in the city as well
as in the country. Milk : s one of the
cheapest of animal footh.
i' ? f • « C
OEE'C. t
Second Cor- s n.> ■
Member of Coror.-s« H *
Eighth Senat«/! ia : 1 »
State senator,
» udg^s L t '
Distri' t Attorney L. K '• '
Paris»! ot Si ' •
Representa 11 v *
Sberit! A; Collector
Chief I>eputv, 1 -
Deputv Slietiff
Clerk 8« Rec«>r«»er
Deputy Clerk «
Corot.« 1 » »: .
Treasuiet 1
Assessor ■ J, /
Registrar i !
C fficial Jon 1 1 a I. c t. C ha«
Justices oi tlie r• a
First Ward W P.
Second Ward . !..
Tliird Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Wan I F. <
First Waid l 1
S/'iotid Warn lx, L. C.
"1 bird Wai d
i ourtb Ward
Filth Waid K
Pol ice I 11 1 y .
Secretary c >
Sei gean t a t A rut s
Tust Waid
Second Wai«i J.
Third Ward '
Foiirl li Wat d V
Fifth Wnui ^
Meets ist I 11 e s <1 a v o * e v
School Board.
President yp B. Guidiy.
T i • s 1 Ward*
M.G. Bec ne U*
S «:*«*» -<I Ward,
M. L. Guidi y
I turn Wa• <}.
I '. K e 1 i t. r
Fourth Ward,
I-. I. Dejean*
Tilth Wan*
A. f A < hextiay dre
J. i>. Al.it t il, Nu j ».
T.afouruiie Basin !.ev»*e B ..tu.,
I resident E.G Swan?
Secretary W. J. M y,,,
M e m I ■ e •• s
A. Champagne, E-'g.irf; F. B'.
Leman n, Donalson vilie ; ( 7 ro-ye
Lorio, Moherly ; R. .Martin >r
Albemarle; R. Rere/. fe^uit
Bend; E. G. Swarty, Tmt u ; T. V
Thaggard. Mcdonoghvi I. ; (, i
Viering, Gretna; J. F, Wiggin*/«n,
Bowie The State Boa>*d <,: i«,ngj
neers compose the engineering d<
partment and tlie State Tltasum
is treasurer of the Board
Régulai meeting op si-cone
Thursdays of January, A, id, luly
aiul October. Finance committee
meets first Monday of each nnmir
at New Orleans office.
Terms of Court
lu 'ne Parish of Jefferson_
Jury Sessions ist Monday u
April. 2nd Monday in October
Civil Sessions, jml Monday D
May. 2nd Monday in Novemh
In the Parish of St. Charies—
Jnry Sessions. 2nd Monday
Mav. /'mi .«ionday in Novembe.
K civd Sessions. ist Monday
Tebt u.ry 2nd Monday, in 'nly
Parish 01 'St. John tue i laut ist.—
Jury Scs- ions. ist Monday n
June -v.d .Monday in December
jcivi! Sessions ist Monday in
March 3rd Monday in July
(ILLMN and Ct
415 W, FoUl îJî St
-:J()S. KAN TZ
1328 Atiuuncuiuor Nt
New 'frlcans Rei/icscr* itiv*
HAH'U'ILlL. la
P*r»„iVrt tG -M I'MUtl.W.
V llt/HflH'.f'l ('i*
«)«< «

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