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Yonr SOS ET will BK kki-tnoid by yonr dnvg.st
without any question if thi* remedy < 1 . e* not benefit
every e;ise»»f A m» lima, HmudilH! Asthma, Hay
Fever or Illttirull 15rt atI iIiik ho matter how
Tloient the atiacHa or oLbiinaie the case
In either form (('.«.*»rette. Pine Mixture or Powder)
positively Kives INSTANT KK1JUK ;n everv case
and has permanently cured th<*<:sands who had b-en
considered in> ur ibie, afier bavin# tried every other
means of relief in vain 8ufl«T**rs a re afforded an
opl<ortumty of availing th* m**- v. s of this 1 M* ney
llacfc" guarantee offer as through purchasing from
their own regular J»ruggiM. Mey ar** sure trie r
money will he refunded by him it the remedy fails.
You will he the sole judge as *<j wiieth* r you are
benefited and will get your money back if you are
not. We do not know of any fairer proposition
wLioh we could make.
R. Schiflmann Co., Proprietors, St. Paul, Minn.
Anything to Comfort.
"I wouldn't grieve su about your boy
going to war."
''It is dreadful ; I can't bear the
''I know, but you remember that if
In' stayed home lie might ta!:- it into
his head to marry some girl you have
uo use for."
Force of Practice.
''That singer knows how to manage
her range."
"She ought to know. She used to be
a cook."
so on first symptoms use "Itenovine"
and be cured. Delay and pay the awful
penalty. "Renovine" is the heart's
remedy. Price $1.00 and 00c.—Adv.
Deliberation is a g<
broken few records.
thing that has
Laid Up In Bed, Barely Holding
Onto Life. Doan's Effected
Marvelous Recovery.
"Will 'out warning I was dragged to
the brink of the grave by malignant
kidney trouble," says Robert \\ en
gatz, 114 Cypress Ave., Bronx, X. Y.
•'My kidneys seemed to stop acting and
the pains in my back
were terrible. Big,
bloaty pulls came under
my eyes and attacks of
dizziness often blinded
me. My limbs swelled
twice normal size and I
could press big dents in
to the flesh.
"I was confined to
M. w » bed and had convulsions
Hi. Wengatz. several times a day.
Despite the best of treatment, I grew
worse and was taken to the hospital.
I didn't improve, however, and was
brought home again, barely holding
onto life.
"Toward the last of 1915, a friend
persuaded me to try Doan's Kidney
Pills and I cannot put into words
what they did for me. The first box
helped more than all the other medi
cines and treatments I had taken. I
continued and from an emaciated wreck
of a man I have taken on good, solid
flesh until I now weigh 22.5 pounds and
am in the best of health. Doan's «.lone
deserve the credit."
Sworn to before me,
JAMES T. COUGHLIN, Com. of Deeds
Get Dou'i at Aar Store, 60c a Box
DOAN'S %*Ä 5 V
Chills and Fever. Biliousness,
Constipation and ailments
requiring a TONIC treatment!
and made bq
All DrufguU I
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 38 -1917.
Net Contents lSFluidDracti
I AVegelahtelVcparatio^^
I tinétheStntnachsflMliw^B»
Cheerfulness and Rest,
/y. y y
, A hdpful Remedy for
' Constipation and Dian rj
' and Feverishness and
, Loss of Sleep
j resulti ng tt^fr oman MM* 7
fac-Siinde Si dnrtnmrf
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children,
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Harry Wilson Felt Like He
Couldn't Last Very Much
"1 Feel Like Taniac Has Made a New
Man of Me and i'm Glad to Rec
ommend It," He Declares.
"A gain of twenty pounds on two
bottles of Taniac is going some, hut
that is just what happened to me since
I began using it," said Ilarry I ». Wil
son, an employee of the Llumble Oil
Company at their Goose Creek, Texas,
plant, the other day.
"I had a spell of malarial fever
sometime ago," he continued, "and
wasn't able to get straightened out af
terwards. My system was badly run
down. I lost iny appetite and had to
live almost exclusively on a diet of
raw or very soft boiled eggs. My head
ached so I thought It would split,
rheumatism made me miserable and
my system was clogged up with ma
laria. I fell off to a hundred and
twenty-eight pounds and was in such
a had fix I believe I couldn't have last
ed much longer.
"I was sure surprised to find this
Taniac getting hold of my troubles be
fore I had taken many doses. I feel
hungry all the time and am actually
ashamed to eat enough to satisfy my
appetite. My weight has increased to
a hundred and forty-eight pounds and
I feel line in every way. I have got
over that tired and drowsy feeling and
have more life and energy than I have
had in several months. I fee! like
Taniac has made a new man of me,
and I will gladly recommend it to any
There Is a Taniac dealer In your
"Wife a Good Sport."
W. S. Desmond, a carpenter of
Huntington Lake, Cal., is above the se
lective draft age limit, but he wanted
to join tiie army.
He told his wife. She objected. He
offered to match pennies with lier.
She agreed. He suggested heads, stay
at home, ttiils go to the front.
They matched and tails won. Des
mond enlisted in the field artillery.
"My wife's a good sport," he told the
recruiting officer.
While You Sleep With Cuticura Soap
and Ointment—Trial Free.
On retiring, gently smear the face
with Cuticura Ointment, wash off in
five minutes with Cuticura Soap and
hot water, and continue bathing a few
minutes with the Soap. The influence
of this treatment on the peres extends
through the night.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura. Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
A Measly Haul.
First Burglar — Hello, pard' I
haven't seen ye since you cracked dat
crib on Jenkins street. Git anyt'ing?
Second Burglar—Yes, hut I didn't
know it until about a week afterward.
I got de measles.
A Mean Hint.
Bell* 1 —I had all I could do to keep
Mr. Jims from proposing.
Nell—To some other girl?
point It is nlwji
a great
dea ! belter
to have things
dy for tit
ie silo long
before they an
• ii
reded. 1
t does not
take any more
t i:
me to se
e that tit, 1
knives of the eil
T t**
r an- -iia
rpem-d and
that the hinder
in good \
vorking or
der at one peri'
of ! lie y.
•ar titan it
does at a i lot lie
r and it m;
iy menti a
good many do
r> to ill
e ram lo r.
writes ('. W. 1
I'tlgsiey. in
Field and
Farm. No mon.
i- saved 1
•y attempt
ing to get aioli
with too
i i t tie lie! p.
Filling tie- -ilo
it 1
tlm be
: is rut her
heavy work am
1 ii
,s a rule
we do not
like that part oj
r ii
whirl, d.
•mauds the
handling ol' hen
\ y
bundles .
d corn. If
teams and men
nugii are
on hand to
eomplete the w>
in a shot
■t time and
less trouble will be experienced ill get
ting help.
Heaviest Expenses.
one of the heaviest expenses in eon
neetion with tilling is tin- eost of an
engine and an engineer, and when an
ititlit is hired the farmer -iioiild
that it i- used te full capacity. This
- -
V* i
' ' " Jw
■ ; /.%.,
,. - ?< T *
E M'"*Xe.V
can only bo done by supplying a stitfi
cienl amount of labor to keep every
thing running. Some farmers favor
a smaller cutter and letting the filling
period extend over more time. In some
instances tills Is
nomieal practice,
who uses a small
carrier—the type
least power—and
farm gasoli
dinary hel|
probably an eco
I know one man
•utter with a chain
that demands the
runs it with tits
engine. He uses the or
f the ranch with perhaps
tin additional man or two and extends
the filling of a hundred ton silo over a
period of a week. This of course lias
the disadvantage very often of allow
ing part of the corn to become too
ripe, as It is now, while that which
was put In first may be a little green.
Different Cutters.
The cutter selected will depend
somewhat upon the kind of silo and
upon the system of filling adopted. If
Among Many Other Signs or Indica
tions Legs and Toes of Young
Fowl Are Quite Smooth.
You can rarely tell the age <>f a fowl
after it is over one year old. The tip
of a young chicken's breast bone is
flexible. .-<• are the pelvic hones, but
are rigid in the old fowl, 'the legs
and toes of a young bird are much
smoother than the old. There are
fewer pin-featliers in the old bird, and
more long hairs. The plumage of the
young bird is usually brighter and
smoother, and not so faded, as In the
older Mrd. The face of the old bird
Is more wrinkled, and there is more of
n shrunken appearance around the
eyes. The hen often has a baggy,
broken down effect behind. The spurs
nre an indication of age. Tf you notice
beneath the wings of an old bird, you
will fall to see an evidence of veins,
hut in the younger birds the purple
colored veins are visible under the
wing. You will find the bottom or ball
of the foot of the mature birds harder
and much more calloused than in the
case of the younger fowl.
1. Plant n big turnip patch if you have not already done so.
2. Avoid loss by keeping the cotton picked as fast as it opens.
3. Select your cotton seed for next year's planting front the best
stalks, and then have them ginned separately.
4. Select your seed corn in the field, and then carefully store to
prevent loss.
5. Start pluutlng oats, especially in the narthern half of the cot
ton belt.
6. Try a patch of Abruzzi rye for early fall and winter grazing.
7. Be sure to plant crimson clever on all cotton lands that are to
go In com next year. »
8. Try some bur clover on your Bermuda pastures ; It will give you
valuable winter and spring grazing.
9. Save an abundance of seed peas for next year.
10. Start the children to school and visit the school yourself.
11. Don't rush your cottoa on a depressed market ; arrange to hold
all you can for better prices.
12. Save all the hay and other roughage possible for winter
blower entier
of large en pirn
it y will
probably gi\>
■ !,< s; results.
If the
1 grower m tilli
ng his own silo
and de
sires to own 1.
is maeidne. a eut
ter with
knives from :
! to mi im hes. d.
lll'oli tie
rity of tile silo. '
.'.ill give
til" best rest;!
ts. If the silo i
s above
ground a blow
er entier should
he used
by til! no tilts
If if lias an
i under*
ground -ii,, |.
e 'till get along
with a
• haiii rarrior.
Vo !; i;j:;.-r the
- ! \ if of
"titter, it she
mid ! a\o a dN
This is mr.-' l
oil.!.' of
pipes fastened
w.th snaps and
rings In
a manner to
.. ak< it flexible.
It ex
tends from tl
ie end of the Id
ow er or
from the end
of the carrier ti
■ within
1 a few feet of
the bottom of ih
e si le.
Evenly Distributed.
In this manner the ensilage Is evenly
distributed nil over th" silo, which is
not 1 lie ease Wilt'll the I'll! fill'll merely
falls from the top either with a blower
or chain carrier. Tic heavier part*
if the ensilage such as kernels am
>1 eats will fail
point of distribution, while the lighter
portions, the husks and tin* stalks will
I he scattered further away. This makes
! it necessary to fork over the ensilage
I and with the greatest of care ............
* husks and stalks are not evenly dis
I trihuted. The distributor will give an
absolutely uniform distribution and
will save the labor of at least one man
in the silo; although there should al
ways be from two to three men tramp
ing Inside while the filling is going on.
In tilling it is well to keep the outer
! edges a little higher than the center
and to do most of the packing at tTic*
1 outside. The mutter of packing is very
i important. Do not attempt to save
j money on labor by cutting down the
j number of men in the silo and while
j they are there see that they keep
j moving. A man standing in one place
j all of the time does not give much
Bur Clover and Melilotus Indica, For
merly Regarded as Menacing
Weeds, Now Useful.
A score of years ago bur clover waa
considered but a weed and such a
menace to lawns, gardens and fields
that all feared to encourage it. Later
it became a famed cover crop. Like
wise Melilotus Indica, the yellow-flow- j
.•ring melilot, is now a high-grade
cover crop for dry lands. Yet for all
time it ims been a vile weed known
to all.
Much Can Be Accomplished by Keep
i ing Cows Clean and Giving At
tention to Utensils.
Cows free from manure and dirt, es
i pecinlly In the region of the udder and
j flanks; utensils that are carefully
; cleansed, scalded and dried; and care
j fnl protection of the milk from flies
j and dirt after production, will pre
vent the entrance of bacteria into
ÿcc tfiek
Sc Werk
Many Women in this Condition Re
gain Health by Taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Convincing Proof of This Fact.
Kidgway, Penn. — "I suffered from female
trouble with backache and pain in my side forever
seven months so I could not do any of my work. I
was treated by three different doctors anti was
getting discouraged when my sister-in-law tout me
how Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound had
helped her. I decided to try it, and it restored my
health, so I now do all of my housework which is
not light as I have a little boy three years oicL"
— Mrs. O. M. Ruines, Kidgway, Penn.
Mrs. Lindsey Now Keeps House For Seven.
Tennille Ga.-"I want to tell you how much I have been benefited
bv I vdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. About eight years ago I
got in such a low state of health I was unable to keep house for three m
fhc family. I had dull, tired, dizzy feelings, cold fee and hands nearly
all the time and could scarcely sleep at all. The doctor said I had a
severe case of ulceration and without an operation I would aluavs
be an invalid, but I told him I wanted to wait awhile. Our druggist
advised my husband to get Lydia E. Pinkham's \ egetable Compound
and it has entirely cured me. Now I keep house for seven and woik
in the garden some, too. I am so thankful I got this medicine. I feel
as though it saved my life and have recommended it to others and
they have been benefited''.-Mrs. W. E. Lindsey, R. R. 3, Tennille, Ga.
If vou want special advice write to Lydia E. Pinkliam Medi
ci,,.- Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter w ill be opened,
read and answere d by a wom an and field in strict confidence.
S ur e. I
Husband—The agent said that this |
car was easy.
Wife—lie must have got you and th,
car mixed.
There Is No Art in Taking Medicine.
Just follow directions on every bot
tle of "Plantation" Chill Tonic and
see how quickiy those dreadful chills
will leave you. It leaves the liver in
healthy condition and yet contains no
Calomel. Price 50c.—Adv.
Soldiers and Officers.
The lieutenant was testing the squad
in visional power.
"Tell me, No. 1," he said, "how many
men nre in the trench digging party
over there?"
"Thirty men and one officer," was
the reply.
"Quite right. But how do you know
one was an officer at this distance?"
"Cos he's the only one not working!"
—Scottish American.
How to loosen a tender corn
or callus so It lifts out
without pain.
Let folks step on your feet hereafter;
wear shoes a size smaller if you like,
for corns will never again send electric
sparks of pain through you, according
to this Cincinnati authority.
He says that a few drops of a drug
called freezone, appliei^dlrectly upon
a tender, aching corn, instantly re
lieves soreness, and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts right out.
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn or callus without
even Irritating the surrounding skin.
A small bottle of freezone obtained
at any drug store will cost very little
but will positively remove every hard
or soft corn or callus from one's feet.
If your druggist hasn't stocked this
new drug yet, tell him to get a small
bottle of freezone for you from his
wholesale drug house.—adv.
On Writing Letters.
"I was told by Capt. Harry Light the
other dny," writes a Canadian major,
"that there is a new style in trench
letters. The censor's duties have
been reduced by runny per cent. The
soldier now has the sense of the situ
ation engrained in his thinking. He
sees through the need of keeping quiet
even on matters that call for some
criticism. There Is more humor and
matter-of-fact ness about his letters.
One of my men who can't write very
well, was telling me the other dny that
one letter a week Is all that he can
summon up his courage to write, and
ho gave tilts ns a reason : The people
at homo don't, can't understand life
here. We have got to go through It.
Why tense them with anxieties—they
have enough to put up with In paci
fists and political grumblers.' And I
think he is right. Don't you?"
Chronic Indigestion.
Ton can't eat your cake and hava
"I have the consciousness of It long
er thnn suits me," growled the dyspep
A new stump hurnlng apparatus has
a wind vane which Insures Its always
having a good draft. _
Dipping in a strong so ution of alum
will give new life to old hair brushes,
If your eyes smart or feel frea!ded, Ro
an Eye Balsam applied upon going to beé
1* Ju*t the thing to rtileve them. Adv.
An apparatus operated by com
pressed air, recently invented, literally
blows Ice cream from molds.
The ancient party who dubbed wom
en the "gentle sex" evidently never
witnessed a bargain-counter rush.
For Instant relief and speedy curt*
use "Mississippi" Diarrhea CordiaL
Price 50c and 25c.—Adv.
The Limit.
Belle—Is Jack's wife so critical?
June—Dreadful! She'll pick flaws
In â perfectly good lie. Jack says?
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. 6o cents.
Women Drive War Automobiles.
Between 150 and 200 women soon
will be driving military motor cars be
hind the French front.
Women have tried since the begin
ning of the war to enlist in the auto
mobile service. The Club Feminin
Automobile was the center of this
group, and it had secured the signa
tures of several hundred of the thou
sand women in Paris who hold licenses
to drive motor cars. The passive re
sistance of the different war bureaus
held them hack until now.
The women are obliged to enlist for
three months and to agree to submit
scrupulously to military rules and dis
cipline. They will in the beginning
replace motor ambulance drivers in the
foreign sanitary sections who are
transferred to other services. Later
on they may replace men In other au
tomobile sections.
Love In a Cottage.
Be—Their engagement is broken "ff.
I understand.
She—Oh, yes.
He—What was the reason?
She—Why, both were satisfied that
they could live on love In a cottage,
but when they got to details they .list
covered that each of them contem
plated supplying nothing but the love.
The Point.
"I am afraid our bulldog has a twist
In his pedigree/"
"Don't worrv. It Is only his screw
Too many things we wait for are n
worth the delay.
WhOiWfintf bread and
butterjwhen a feller
can have?
\ CORN /,

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