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The St. Charles herald. [volume] (Hahnville, La.) 1873-1993, November 17, 1917, Image 8

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..*/ /;
y cLl/ A.V / AV, / - ,■ a .
iUnidut-c , 4 \ .
• ''■«'•» /» .'//<• muni of It,,
$< HU-l.
•' M ANKKKO, /
1 'tor ne i At- Laie
Ck Huiiuin.Y*,. .
'•l'flitj ht > t p $OH
Charte' un;
t. / o tu l
r '-■/.• /,-/ v
i j
"»cs hr /.on-si,j .r 4' N At it) Orleans i i
-, - n j
Cm iron / - the[>,uis/ies of St. John I
1 I
(Tnuifs tu I Jefferson
Ur etna % La
Attorney A/-Law
fraction in /he K,r> i.J/es cf St. Ich n
St I harift nni Jefferson ,
CCA A A 1. /' YAi\h
Cru/ /<.ii%n"er ami Sun tor
*»oj Aaaui'jn Mag,, New (hleans La
i",ione Maru -jo/. J
//. /!. L ANDi: >
roil K.'glare> a ,i <ur re\or
f-ül A'f;:\ J
ik Pa
t. h
()ne (Lvcliiiiç lion.,«, in pence»
rQjaditioo, Miuateii at tJ.tlinvillc,
La Apply to
lJr L, iJoiiHidson
Ilalmvi'le, La
Prenlice K. Kd: ingt.iri Jr
I i 7
j :
I ■ s
Ü. O
Camp No. u m,
t tii Sunday of
m t e l s
i p m.. at Aina, La.
T. B. S o i*eis. Cierk
A monthly maga/iue devoted to
' . 1 he use of english
Josephine Truck ha^er Editor
Pcli |iul Coil!
Queries an '■ A ht... a/s
•Shall and W.M: fth.nil.l and Would
H.uv to'use iliem
p <*nr>ounclat!or.s (Ccniuri Uict
orrect Englisb'in : ,e H tk
rreci Engli^l » the S.'luml
Hial to say and what not »o' sa v
jurse in Gram"i er
p«-se it. lettc- wiiiiiijj fiiiil Eh u -
M a ion
»».le^s Engi lo; the 1 usine- s
! Aiet
ppound Words How u
fies ir FnglisI f.nç'aturt
Agents Wanted
jo a *'éhr. Send in cents i >
pte copy
rvv, s'er
« Tl
T T Ye'i-rs
S ' - ?■ f ; '■ . - ]
Lü'U^iy lût
' «> f» r
J c.'
•* *rn V :

r r ? *i
u J
>**•" <V, f>
Wci'I; ihe
t V/ike
[n Uri^rm !s Keeping Them In
: VP P. P:e Folks at Home.

h ii'*]::.'P to Yonr Boy, i
o '-w and Love—■
'T- Overseas, |
to Aid as He Co:
i «.'utCi îu.^ i
AccoüiiiUjii mis
■~i.tf .-2 \ ou * tare of the $30,000,000 Keorürcd to
s "Last Evidence Th.it Somebody Cares."
even in
the broad
.on;; Island,
inooiv ,hvision 'vus
stiondir * d
Jug ibr i-Y,
*'" r '
actuma c,
nothin, to
o.;i word aa
p'hI 1i:
_7 0 to ;
?*L.;i'.?, 'it* .. i* .mil wa.
1 t ?0
"*u with
poo's anti tr; ; m t
» he wet
«:*• n vas it v.-;*s • aui]i . .
J. with a
r--i;»-rati!K; o' ill. Lit
■mul -u-, th,- n ais v.c.- 1 ,
j fr
.in* . iit-i-r
f.U s' cher i-r a mau's
night in
ere seven Mg tor.ti'
lights, numbers and
■le the night pieasant.
,i7H« 0%
. * *y y. V?
r i-jttôftÀLm
«Kff* TC*
m#. ca
&■' 'il
.c, Games, CvOd Reading and Cor-espondence Facilities in Y.
M. C. A.
tea of *iu a a .cl''. i^r was strum
tt, i a pi. ro; oiVrs were readim?
d i. 'r:c>'s; hundreds were
I i 7 w • e'inv hem« Rebind the
' - o er at oi.e * r1 three or
*. a w T3 Jury passing out
j : op ; r and enve.opcs, sellir.'t
, I ■ s '' ;; : rad ' Vi-'lyhin^ parcels, which
, : m u were sending home. One of
J t s s seid to me as I stood in
t. .' to u cd chiefly by men from
. |. d ■ 'TV im - all the way here
1 fr in Le .V »lies. :**'d ",'l? were mighty
; i ( ,i,-!y. c; v, > found this Y. M. C
... ««. Tt gav c
hen we needed

• mg over the long
m their wridng» :
i J'. on 'he job, ari it's b*»en
je ' u are t'ian n rome to us.
« .-, we wants
I i. most. We'll never forget it. The
i I''vs' best friend I« the Y. M. C. A."
Fin», Clenn-Cut. Uprtrrding Fellows.
IIow close those benches were pack
ed vi Th men, be
tables absorbed
I Vv'hat an app'al to tao s;. a pathies
i these peat group? of soldié-a make!
Fine, Me r ent, upstanding fellows,
! stoic of the n ni re b >;one thinks
* immédiat** y of fhn sarriii. •: tiisy have
j --.[j'- f >r t'• -rst of v . i i-.ow pre-l
! . ous rhev are to s mi cue h ,-k home, i
I,, . , _
i .Somewhrr *. in far off aim or village
' * ' ** ' ' t;- i r arc P oento or .
• hr*v.!"*r? o- vives vh .vould give all |
' lie F p •>*,. }f.< »ci eue -so of those i
• u ■
a*.J I seejed?
before going !
throb of'
î T ; esc wer :
I \. On i h ,t Is:
i abscclti'l n wa
! hi the 1 *• f of
1 *n oaj/crtanlty
j pr v. iou- nights
•e la its ,)f
sorvin "x
*.:l way: *
to wrile
mu* after i
' * Y M C !
' '!
Aiiierica the i
the soldiers
-7 iving them
lie mp. On
hid enjoved hox
' . , , . . ■
:r ! . movies, concerts, dramatics
... £ . , . ,
u* i , s -.re p: aealth. entertainments
on i
cs y.sll as re ;g:ous tr.
] t **»« last ri- hi ho 'c . : *? w-* stron** I
, ;■ i s a ./ ,. v ' f1 B k * :
i o' t' c ep'ondid v-ort? 1 ti'c Y M r A i
! , ' , n ,.r A i
■' d * E 111 u ' >lfor;n —
keeping them In touch with heme
Magic Words, "V.'ith the Colors."
In these times there are some let
ters that mean more to us than any
we have ever read before. They are
written on eheets o. paper stamped
with the Stars and Stripes and the
red trlangl? of the. Y. M. C. A., and
they bear the magic words. "With the
they bear tue magic words. "With the
Colors." There are many more than
a million sich letters in the mtfls now
wklle yoa read LhU. Perhaps one at
* it . ; ---
It-ist is on its w..y to you. Each one
of our 1C cantonment.-..' where t:*. • new
army is t
using mora than a ml.hoi. » :s of
■ !rs paner every iu .nta. In the <A :t Î
urn, y alone that means 15,00 t.OUO a,a- !
•tents of love every month rtivhing
t 'it from the great encar. ' iu« at . i. jr
c men are being trained into tv :
ye (test ar*iy this nation lias ever
ore lined ami binding mem to Vi■> ■
i. r - at home. Multiply that by/
th?i'V.r.g of a'! the othe plr.'i s v here 1
Laeie Sam has men with the tlag—In
re ry yards, on the high seas. In ar :o
n :1s nr I ofTiecr t:a eins camps and
"Over T ere" in Franc?. In ail these
plrees men are writing heme. Those
warn- m.nr 'ittie sheet? of notepaner
gladden miiiions of
transict mere
hearts a
love from
t ne
part of the word to another than sta
:t?t!ca cun expre-s. Stef'stles ar«
pretty poor anyway when it comes t»
reckoning in terms of love and human
four-tenderness. Let's put It this way;
That the Y M. C. A. is the blyyest er
pres« company the world has over
c u. and the par;*,'la it Is handling
aie the loves and devotions of human
,,, ... _
Wcrld 8 Bcst «*oved Trademark.
This war has made us think hard
ind fast. Your b.y or jour nei.-h
•* h y or souie b'.y*ycu l.iiO'v a !
lovo i i uü been c ill. . io to ids ßha-ro
btf- big job of po. icing tue vvoiad tor
democracy ana human i. carry. Is if
any comfort to you to know that wher
ever his duty may call him your boy
will oiive a friend that will setvo '?.. .
in bo..y, mtnil and sual? Are you
R ai! to ^now that tnis friend will p ...a
books and mr.gaair.es At his disposal,
organise classao to teach him
ever he wants to learn, give him a
rocket testament and- invi.c him to
JMn religious meetings of the fait.,
he was brought up in? Did you
realize tnat tho association provides
athIetls e " u, i :m8nt for hla ^orlta
games, teaches him games If he knows
„„„„ ... . ,
none md bonis concsrts, lecturoo,
movies. Bible classes, dramatic enter-i
taiuments and every kind of whole-,
some amusement to keep him interest-1
Are you glad to know that tills
friend will go with him overseas, help
10 shield him from a score of difficult
I—, ---------- .-----* • * - - -
and dangerous temptations and follow
him riKl,t up to t ie !ront !!ne t re n''h
and beyond it? The last contact th 9
so!dier lias with thi3 i; fe he loves so
well is a cup of tea given him by tho
Y. M. C. A. free j..si b fore he goes
"over tho top" to a hand to h..nd strug
gle with the enemy. And arf hp conic« 1
tottering back from No Ban's Land.
wound d, hut strong enough and
woum: u, oui
, ,
plucky enough to keep on .us feet,
„„„„ . ,
flVfin h« nrp r
oven before his wounds arc dressed
the y ^ ^ A j s wa ftjng for aim with
" v *' " s "" "*■" »'*<•:' .
tea and sweet chocolate, the groat com- j
fort * ° r t! -'F man l!1 ,hw trenches. Do
>'ou wonder that the Red Triangle is I
caned * the best loved trademark ini
the world?" One si ld er In France baa 1
called it ' the last evidence that any- j
body cares." ,
If every thinking citizen could see !
with his or her own eyes something
of the actual work being don : for out 1
men by the association th, re would b* !
no question of the Y. M C. A. having I
tn «nne.it t A thp TMlhPo far r.innnn I
« • * * v • ix. uav 1 U|
to appeal to the public for ruonev .
Rather than let this essential work i
falter for an instent rich men would
.sell their motorcars, poor men would,
________ "
fore?*-) < o*.
possesion 1 or even n**
! cos it o . T.*e wer K r.n:«' sa on, be
! cl..: o the**c- i.i c, on • i.i ng that ccn
tiibiitos so much t> thr -pirR and ef
ficiency of the tro p.;. The V. M. C.
i A. is XV
rl: i
g ni;
Z t and day
th'» 7 v
win ill is war.
! pv> rv p»
* that
is g!v"n to
Î If*
• work 1 *
dir ei
t assts'ance
: health, ha; ::
in ess
an-i screngt!
1 of
j boy and
Snaps 1
*ol 3
of K
2 le ! dosccnic
lu al! 1
tL * 1
big ci
*..' ; iu Fratif
r* V\
art e
our it'f.i
•iS t'
: ugh in 1 er
zn i
in ja
I t. <• .•
| a 1-r
c. A.
r.i and a
Th r. ni*
.• V. :* c
■' < • g n - - ; ■ it
; O ] ; < • ; J t ' Î * 1
front 1*'
• 1 neues, v ' ere
he so'dler
; ran .
■ iri-,K.,. crack
rs and o
f r , : r, -i
is ..* al: h a: s.
Over 2,0:1
Q;P!1 \\ .\
h** : : r- .
d on a conn or i
: *al d's. hi! *y
ave been
ah:« 1.0
>r into th ; R.-'tish

army by r».
of flic Ilr'ti
A fl°et cf
Y. M. C. A. I
r: l l night e\:
<:ii . ? who a
str f ts wi >.o
In which i ■
rar. s are <
of pcslt'on a:
that they ne
at the bands
n'T'.Mira of 1 1 • s i •
mate,» by the k that a;
soldiers are or • : n I
week. Over h- ■ > -■
M F. A. beds rv " rig' t.
tntertainme-t on '/-•
Ti..- V. M. c. A. ba, ♦
auditorium, seatin'* • ■
the bi: draft cam .- . J i,
eus t a!.;, seauu : 5 ••> i
encampments. The m
uing a 22 week e..t rtchu
among ti e camp" and !>
com ar ies of euU r'alner
trav i ng to 30 wu.,.; p":
fore t, e men.
in ea'-ii cf the drrfr r
>1. lh 1 ■ - tu,'.
ln e iucitio: „I w. 'i
is c.v ci.:g ( . it t••at c*. **r
ear.n-t . k nn?H«h is .
. o In " any of uie •
eia'! a lias a singing ui>-'
teaching the men to C.-.c
sve m.-r ial airs that da
keep up thrir spirits. ,
Of Ht V. M. A* m
.Pi\ only iIit ; ere be ng •
arms In a'l the c ps t'
of the 1. 'T C \
:..l work
Oca !e.
: ting bo
■ th!
live pa i •
b.- - 'i.::se ■;■
£ *»y :<■ ! b. :
the fameu ■
dian, now c
ir. J.e ( * 1*
fpo**« time
cistlor and
at all the .
In one of
at Comp
i*1 full sal- •
<■ majority
l* left lucra
thia Af iic comply
iv rm.il is 1: re?'l..t:bie to
' ! von. Harry Laude-, I
-afe-j smv *r and ro aie- :
hi.-' f " :•?'«' '1 con- r tour
*1 chavs. *•? givlim ad ids ■
rvbe of the asso
tg *o the so.uiers
c -cceb. ' ;
e tris tire Y. IvX. j
C. A. is su* .
. ■>, , a'hlet'cs on 120
playing )'*•*! Is
; rov'd ip g fill r,i!i!«i*'c
»■ 0 '."i>nii : 'Jt>.
■ :vi in >rs of the In tor
r * rur-nte!
es v> i ! .play (he chant
ri'h-s cf '•> cl
U I* i *!! r 'S.
one o r the gl
.... . csorvfces rendc**
cd by the ;*.-*■■.'.
-;i is the making
f \ ..
c '*>/■/£?• i
:: *oT
'• ' ^c it
v f'
/.-WH rfCCC '
1 xi. ;Vt
ff" N;
if* „>• », y .
V • •'
\ N'f*'
.. • • . . . * -
■ Ch
■ . T..'.hoy.: ;
. f
y -£f
■ N; .' *•'
' ■■
• A'«.;. •
: iU '. ' N- :
f -
Red Triargle Dugcut in the
T rcnchcn
money orders by which the men
can send their pay home to their fani
Hies. In some of the big camps the
Y. M. C. A. is providing banking facil
ities for the men as well.
Do Your Dit With a Tenner.
This month (November) the Y. M.
C. A. must raise $35,000,000 to carry
on its work among our soldiers and
their allies until next Jul> Of this
f?5.00O,O00 about $24,000,000 , jR bo
sp^nt on the work with cur own troops
or about $10 for every nnn in f acie
Barn's uniform. If everybody who has
. ------- "*'**"* •"* " ''»iwu/ wuo nas
j received letters from soldiers and sail
ors to contribute $10 tho task
I "'°uld be easy. Are your boy's health
and happiness and clean soul worth
1 HO to you? * -,
j ^ our town mayor, your pastor, your
, school superintendent will know who
! treasurer of the campaign com-i
mittee in your countv or town Othor-'
1 W!se Pf n< a c lPok or nionf '- v order to
£ ,f ' Veland H Dod?e * treasurer, 124
East Twc 'idv-elghth street, New York
^ ^ '
, ,
. l ' n!y Pa, ' rificial p,vlnp b >'million? of 1
f VerS T Î! , make r>ossible the contln-j
° f for Ara erican'
soldiers and for those of our allies.
IIoqts '
Duroc J- is-vs K existe red & Bred
(îodehaux Ce, Ltd.
ih, moud Plantation,
! ici s , I'. O . La.
i r
lotj pintf and trespass
■ •ic herein* prphihited on thl
pe. ty t,i B.st.ite Airs A. Aiassen
Layous Gassen.
.oil, i*;
\ ' 'cc is fieiei'V tf'ven tin*, the
I'inritice homniitiee of Police Jur'*
ot i In Pai ldi ol hit. ( hard s uid
m«-'. o ever. Saturday pre-vn ns
the rec-u!, meeting to approve
bills and any lolls received latter
than that day wr be laid over to
the next regular mermy
F. Sob- <n,.ydre,
Secret .rv.
Public notice i-? hereby gi*ett
that ■ respassing, huming fishing,
trapping .uid mo^s pi< khtg is strict
!y proliiLited (•! Ellington. Fried
ander <i*i<i Lone bt^r 1*1 ntutl:,*n^
unde? penalty of the m a
The i, A. Bleu in Co. Ltd.
Lubi e n< tice i r , hereby given
'ii t l.ii' tmg, n>spessingan>î moss
flicking is (»inhibited on the lo!
ou i ug pr* >ner : v
'1 lie property of Louisiana Delta
Lands Company oi o" property o!
W 1> M..oic
Louisiana i) ta La> ds Co.
W. 1* Mo.in
Do voo car enough of rhtsF
The great benefit in health ao4
•trength that always is enjoyed by
regular eaters of good oatmeal ia
.known the world over. Every year
there are more and more eaters of
Quaker-Scotch Oats, which ia recog«
nized in this country and in Europe
as the one perfect oatmeal. Quaker«
Scotch Oats packed in tins keep*
fresh and sweet in aay climat* iff
any length af that.
vor /ce
o' Stute Affairs
1 he B
sit <is Board < Equalization and to
eonsidei the abstract and assess
iii* nt ol this Paiish on Fiiday Ipl^
2 * III .'o i ;
The best of me ßood pne*.
all th<3 e.xe r'inenti of the Gov**»«
'lit iooi xr .eru and the athleti^
l. u v Yale University prove
♦ h ! î: 'N caters are the strongest
am! hva.tL-'crt. Quaker-Scotch Oat*
stand;: ,i *u t head 0 f the list of cereal
fo<«i T * - is not only the best food,
but it's the cheapest food on earth.
P i :l.ei! in tins it will keep sweet au4
Lusu auywht'ie indefinitely.
'A HTi
»jrlit* ol»t«in».*(i ».r r.
or v.M'to$ and tî'- m, 1
? tuîir'i3 m ..I
.ni I,.- I -'I ..........- - k i
.1 . riVPV; «ntl repoit î^ (
:û il.i!»ry. P-.-* newness. t
r. ^ -K ru :.r> fortunes f or ;
» . kf ■■
A liitt fc» il»' t i.i
fi pat'- :*■ L/.*VYt:R:;. N
Public Notice is hereby given
that bunting, trespassing and mo«
picking is prohibited on the follow
ing property
The property of Nick .Laque
better.known as Fred Ludpigicr,
on Magnolia Ridge
W. !.. Laque
sm< tly piohil-ited on ik e |:,».<ls «
(his Company. Trespassers will be
prosecuted to the (nil extent of the
Louisiana Meadows Company
Public notice is hereby given
tie*pa-sing. hunting. Ilsll „ lif
! r " p,,!,,g ,U ' d ,,lü *s Peking is strici
'V I^'^Hrd on prupcr . y
»ehe, under pe;ljll
Estate t '. J
ot the lu.^
J ■ Ö/elltff
N »'io C ,(«. ,,,
""'■'■K a.i'l lits,,assrii tt i s ,„, si
J ; .......... .......I" penalty
"el..* on I lie piifpertie, ol
Mir. Jus Lafaille.
Trespassing, hu n Ä -nd trap
l-'jra-ch..«!.* pulib,rd onal
P'operties owned a., fj? cd by
Wm. i. t ..... „
Tiespnss'ng, h.miing dll( | WOO (J
vniiing on nu juemises, is strictly
piolnbiied Any yiolaiions will b e
pnnislieil iiccoi.ling to | a w
Mis W, H
Hunting, tialin.g, trappjng and
ttespuss.ng die strictly prohibit«^
on inc pioperiies ot me estate ot
H . L. youi.^i.'
H. L. Youngs
F.. ..' 3 fcRlt'* , ' F
fWWP roe.n?'-
■ *a .
\rtw O'ift *>••• •
/••Kly a**
•Mltinu M III
' till t u'Ht V.: if r*
'* JA'?'*.
« vï*»*tî3 Vv J äfllvs Uk:.,
f.MiGS' iu f*.v .?! »îfirH'O'l v-»-»kir. 1 '* u
tr i. »*. « h*j*■ ' ;rtt|»p i*ir *■»•*! *i f.'. y
u Lui- tl. y»if nowitrlfrlor*.
»'til'll & $vjy y gyI
! Made A Wcw f£an Cf Hin.
"I was cujlei iii^j f rom pain in uyl
" u *■ ......iHJ
stomach, head and back," writes
1. Alston. Ru itth.N C^"and nrvj
liver and kidney i d ; i not work rfffhi*
but four bottles >f Electric Bitter* h
I made me feel like a new man.* 3

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