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i Woman's Burdens
tnediclne. If her existence is made
gloomy by the chronic weaknesses, deli
d S?, a ?£ ements * and painful disorders
that afflict her sex, she will find relief and
emancipation from her troubles in l)r.
Plercos I'avorite Prescription. If she's
overworked, nervous, or " run-down," she
finds new life and strength. It's a power
'"y'^'ating tonic and nervine which
ITüoi äco » eri ^ an ^ us, 'd by an eminent
bir many years, in all cases of
•female complaints" and weaknesses. For
J»™« girls just entering womanhood :
lor women at. the critical "change of life
UJ bearing-down sensations, periodical
" lc ® ration . Inflammation, and every
y n Miment, ^ho « Favorite Prescrlp
aicnhrîf m<, dlcine put. up without
aiconoi—ingredients on wrapper.
Send Dr. V. M. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y„
10 cents for trial package of the tablets.
trnnh? 1 *' suffered from woman's
trouble, congestion, ulceration and a
catarrhal condition for three years. I
took several different medicines but nono
tL l J a, *y I have taken
e3 Ȕ l, uv , orll<) Prescription,' one
?f ?r jld ^' AI ''d irai Discovery ' arid used
the 'Lotion Tablets' and 'He '
aoodThin' a n4h they . havo doM mo more
|om thaii all the other remedies.
1^8 suffering |to And tbo rou'd^to h'eaU^"—
Mi:s. M. C. Phipps, Box 65, Route 2
Porterville, Miss.— « During mv first
expectancy ï suffered with a heavy.hear
ing-down feeling and backache .ill
O --sling and backache ali the
tlmo. Before my second liaby carno tiie
doctors said I could not live. I was in
? ,lt 1 tl . Iue ' My mother camo and
anïhe an°-'-^-- t ^ ^!l* slss| l'P | with her
tion,' C
YffîW \ n yul l l •' it.saved my life when
the doctors had given me up."— Mas.
Eva Grantham.
* u nay*; w Mississippi with her
began giving me'Favorite Prcscrin
and .n t s , a r Y e<1 my lifo. I took six
ies. The Prescription' is worth its
Not Bread Alone.
A Japanese newspaper, in emphasiz
ing the gravity of the responsibility
resting on Japan and America on ac
count of the fnct that the world ac
tivity Is shifting from the Atlantic to
the Pacific, says that these two great
nations are bound to exchange more
and more of their products and de
clares that they must come to agree on
high principles. "Man cannot live by
bread alone," quotes the editor—which
Is perfectly true; but, ash the old
darky remarked, observes an exchange.
"It keeps er man hustlin' fo' a little
piece o' meat"
She Had a Kind Face.
Agnes—No, I would never marry a
man to reform him.
Ethel—Well, I don't think myself
that harsh measures are the best.
Weak, Falnty Heart, and Hysterica
K be rectified by taking "Renovine'' a
rt and nerve tonic. Price 50 c and $ 1 . Adi.
According to a Paris physician pre
mature baldness is due to some trou
ille with the teeth.
Wisdom is more in avoiding trouble
thun In getting out of it.
Cold At Once
The eld family remedy—In tablet
form—aafe, eure, eaay to take. No
opiatea—no unpleasant after effect*.
Cure* cold* in 24 hour*—Grip in 3
day*. Money back if itfailt. Get the
genuine box with
Red Top and Mr.
Hilt'a picture on it
24 Tablets for 25c.
At Any Drug Store
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 47-1917.
»Net Contents 15Fluid Drachm
jjl ALCOHOL-3 _
I AVeéelablc PteparaflonfcrAs
I simulatingtheFood by R c £ u '-®'
findtheStomadis and Beweis of:
fc Thereby Promoting Digestion
\ Cheerfulness and ReslContaus
neither Opiam, Morphine nor
i Mineral. Not Narcotic
War* W
. AhelpfuTReraedyfrr
■ loss °r Sleep
IfCMlt Ün^therefr oro^^
Facsimile Sl^nato^ of
\ Can °* Wtmppta.
Forjafajitsand Children,
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Aunt Virginia Says:
To attempt to plan your lifo for a
year, a month, a work ahead is just j
as foolish as it would ho to commence
to add up a column of Usurps without !
knowing what more than half of them
Justice to the Innocent sometimes
demands that we expose the faults of (
our neighbor, hut we ought to meet the [
occasion as an unpleasant duty, not as
a joyful opportunity.
It pays to be generous If only for
the claim It gives us on the generos
ity of others when our time of need
It ought to he made a penitentiary
offense to thrust upon the radiant hap
piness of newly married lovers the
cheap, coarse cynicism that "it won't
Some people Imagine they are disci- j
plining their children when they pun- J
'sh them brutally for doing something |
allowed to do without protest
times before.—Farm Life.
the tenth time that thev have been
Made So by Daily Use of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment—Trial Free.
The last thing at night and the first
In the morning, bathe the face fretlv
with Cuticura Soap and hot water. If
there are pimples or dandruff smear
them with Cuticura Ointment before
bathing. Nothing better than Cuticura
for daily toilet preparations.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
War Behind the Lines.
In the house of commons tlie state
ment was made some time ago that it
needs u man and a half behind the
line to keep one man in the trenches;
and that is only at the front. How
many men, women and children at
home are needed to keep going the
man with the rifle and hand grenade
we can only conjecture, but if we say
ten civilians to every fighting man
we shall not exaggerate.—Simon
Strunsky in the Yale Review.
$100 Reward, $100
Catarrh is a local disease greatly influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It
therefore requires constitutional treat
Is taken internally and acts through the
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Sys
destroys the foundation of the disease.
gives the patient strength by improving
the general health and assists nature ln
doing Its work. 1700.00 for any case of
Catarrh that HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE fails to cure.
Druggists 76c. Testimonials free.
S'. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Too Ladylike.
Mother was making Sonny a coat out
of an old plush coat belonging to one
of his older sisters. While trying it
on she told him how nice and warm it
would be to piny In, and asked him if
he didn't think It would lie a nice coat.
Bob answered, "Oh, gee, now every
time a lady comes by I'll have to duck."
should be given to sprains, swellings,
bruises, rheumatism aud neuraligia.
Keep Mansfield's Magic Arnica Lini
ment handy on the shelf. Three sizes
—25c, 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
''Heard any news from the boy m
the training camp?"
"Yes. He writes us that he's the
fastest potato peeler In his company."
Acid Stomach, Heartburn and Nauaea
quickly disappear with the uae of Wright - »
Indian Vegetable Pilla Send for trial box
to 272 Pearl SU, New York. Adv.
Trouble likes to avoid a man who
is able to keep his mouth shuL
Many a so-called self-made man
the handiwork of his wife.
London (England) post office
ploys over 40,000 women.
II mb
Grewsome Vow Made in School
!s Revealed in Death of
Last One.
-uioido pact in
is of a graduat
ed;:! state school
Aliéné. Neb.—A
which all the moral
ing class at the Xd
for the blind joined as one of the se
cret ceremonies of their graduation,
was revealed when the body of Clar
ence Gish, aged 34 years, was found
banging in bis father's home, near
here. Of the nine members of his
graduating class Gish was the last.
Fach had been faithful to his prom
ise to his class members. Gish had
Body of Clarence Gish
Found Hanging."
sought to escape the penalty of his
rash participation in the pact, for he
loved life and wanted to live. But the
memory of the passing of his class
mates obsessed him, his mind broke
sud he kept the pact to escape further
mental torture.
Intimate friends of the young man
knew of the suicide agreement, for
Gish had confided to them ids fenr
that he would not he able to keep his
faith with his comrades and had been
buoyed up by his friends' attempts to
relieve his mind. He had promised
them that he would forgot the past.
Each student in Gish's class had
learned a trade and had gone from the
school to more or less success. As
each took his life, some by shooting,
some by poison and some by the
noose, the word was sent to those who
remained. They kept in touch with
each other until only Gish survived.
The eighth member of the class shot
himself two years ago.
Gish had learned piano tuning. He
lived with his father on a ranch. He
left with his friends a record of the
graduation class and its tragedies,
with the request that they be kept in
confidence until a certain length of
time after his death.
London.— William Muller is
wondering just why some peo
ple are so rude. He is doing his
wondering in the Old Bailey.
William attempted to murder a
pretty young woman clerk, but
the young woman seemed to be
obdurate—she didn't wish to be
murdered. There are many
ways to pass out. and the girl
thought she had a privilege of
being consulted in the matter.
When Mr. Millier was arraigned
he was just a little the worse
for wear. When given the op
portunity to say something, he
broke out with : "I apologize."
The young woman refused to
consider it.
Woman Tried to Take Away
Girl Was Handling—Death
Ironton. Ohio.—Mrs. Mattie Steed,
held in connection with the death of
her niece. Irene Adkins, aged fourteen,
confessed to the police that she acci
dentally killed the girl in attempting
to take a 45-caliber rifle from her.
The story was confirmed by the
girl's grandmother. Mrs. Darius Ad
kins. at whose home the accident oc
curred. Mrs. Steed was released from
custody by the coroner.
The grandmother and aunt, when
the police arrived, told different sto
ries, saying the girl had killed her
self. .
Mrs. Steel was arrested followng
disclosures by the .coroner, who said
it would have been physically impossi
ble for the girl to have killed herself
in the manner described by the wom
Six Months for Stealing Penny.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.—James Brennan,
thlrtj two yenrs old, was sentenced to
six months at the county poor farm
for stealing a penny front a boy.
Brennan declared that 1? took the
coin to sec If the boy woa-j cry. Mag
istrate Ruddy, who heard the case,
said It was no. Joke to Icä'J: a boy's
foolish," said Pinky Pig. and
iis mother was not around to
agree with him. In fact she had sent
Pinky off' for a visit with his cousins
and siie was in tier own pen. by herself
except for the new little brothers and
sisters who had just been born.
"What's bothering you':" asked
Brother Bacon, who was taking a walk.
His tail was curled in a funny little
knot and Ills snout was very muddy,
as were his feet.
"Yes, what is bothering you?" asked
Grandfather Porky Pig.*
"We'd like to know," said their cou
sin. Miss Ilam. "You are always find
ing out something queer," she added.
"This is not something I've found
out—that is—not exactly."
"You don't make yourself clear,"
grunt. d Grandfather Porky.
"We don't understand you at all,"
squealed Brother Bacon.
"You don't give me a chance. You
never do. Just because you know I am
a bright pig you never give me a
i chance to finish anything I start to say.
I And you don't give me time to explain.
It's most annoying."
"Now look here. Pinky," said Miss
j Ham, "you can't expect us to act as
J your mother dees. She spoils*you and
j tells you that you are clever. You're
j really not one scrap brighter than anv
___ Ss&j
"Cruel, Cruel
Said Brother I
other pig in the pen. You are simply
n pig and at best pigs aren't the finest
scholars In the world."
"Why should they be?" squealed
"They shouldn't," said Miss Ham.
"But you are forever pretending you
are bright and clever—that's the part
that is foolish."
"You stole my word," squealed
"What word?" asked Miss Ham. and
looked about ho; - as if she had stolen
some food and not a word and was try
ing to see what she had done with it!
"In the very first place of all I said.
'It's so foolisti.' That was when I
joined you today."
"To he sure you did. Pinky," said
Grandfather Porky. "Miss Ham is
talking too much. Tell us what is fool
ish. I love foolish things."
"I don't love this," said Pinky.
"Hurry and tell us what it is,"
squealed Brother Bacon.
Pinky gave a grunt, squealed twice
and then began : "My mother," he said,
"does not want me in the pen. She
says I am not to go home for four
weeks. I am to visit my different pig
cousins, but I am not to go home."
"Why not?" they all squealed in sur
"Because I have some new brothers
and sisters and my mother thinks so
much of them now that she can't pay
any attention to me. It's absurd, too,
because I wouldn't hurt them.
"She happens to think a great deal
of them herself though she might have
eat en them up. Mother pigs will often
do that."
"True," said Miss Ilam, "I can easily
understand it. I might even be tempted
myself. It shows how much we appre
elate our own families when we are
willing to eat them up. You don't
show good taste. Pinky."
"Cruel, cruel pigs," said Brother Ba
con. Why I wouldn't think of doing
such a thing, and to think that the
mother pigs will eat up tiieir own
young. It's a horrible thought."
"Not at all." said Miss Ham once
more - "It simply shows we think
highly of pigs—even of our own, and
even in the form of a meal. It is (he
true spirit of a pig, and a mother who
will eat her young is a mother after mv
own pig heart."
"We are more tender-hearted," said
Pinky, "but I am thankful to say that
my mother didn't eat up her children, j
She simply asked me to slay away as i
she couldn't be bothered with me these I
"It's all right either way," grunted I
Miss Pig. "If the mother wants to eat
her joung, it shows her good taste,
and if she doesn't, it still shows her
good taste."
Smart Beys.
The schoolmaster was giving the
boys a lecture on thrift for the win
ter. Then he asked for an illustra
tion of thrift in animals, end one boy
cried out :
"A dog!"
"A dog! In what way does a dog
practice economy?"
"Please, sir, when he runs after Ma
tail he makes both ends meet."
Another boy said:
"A bear."
"Well, what does the bear do?"
"He makes one coat last him a life
A trinity of evils, closely allied, that afflict
most people, and which follow one on the
other, in the order named, until the last one
is spread through the system, leading to
many evils. But their course can be checked.
It is of great value when used promptly for a cold.usu
allv checking it and overcoming it in a few days.
Arnold evidence has proved that it is even of more value in over
coming'chronic catarrh, dispelling the inflammatory conditions, enabling
the d.feased mernbranes to *>rform their natural functions, and toning
up ^endresystem. ^ thougandg |g a safe guide to what it may be ex
pected to do for ta y b 0 1 "^_ both tested by the public and approved.
Liquid or
Teaching Youth Courtesy.
It Is true that the one-time honored
"ma'am" has gone to voyage. Yet
wait—what takes its place? Sometimes
nothing. 1'oor modern child!
Little Willie, you see. Is taught that
"ma'am" is decidedly bail form, don't
you know, a mode of address only to
be used by servants, indeed, and so
his youthship comes out with an
abrupt "No" or a brief "Yes," to old
ladies and playmates alike, an ex
change observes.
The really correct thing for Willie
to he taught is that the name or rela
tionship of the person addressed must
be given In place of that socially os
traeized "ma'am." He must say "Yes,
mother," or "no, father" (if he has
been taught net to use "sir), or "No,
Mr. Smith or Miss Jones," as the case
may be.
The mentioning of a person's name
when speaking to him or her is always
a pleasant little mark of courtesy,
even from one older person to another,
and is charming to hear from a child's
has been a household panacea all over
the civilized world for more than half
a century for constipation, intestinal
troubles, torpid liver and the generally
depressed feeling that accompanies
such disorders. It is a most valuable
remedy for indigestion or nervous dys
pepsia and liver trouble, bringing on
headache, coming of up food, palpita
tion of heart and many other symp
toms. A few doses of August Flower
will immediately relieve you. It Is a
gentle laxative. Ask your drugglsL
Sold in civilized countries.—Adv.
The Retort Cruel.
Marie—That's a beautiful gown you
have on.
Molly—Do you know that lace is
forty years old?
Marie—-That so? Make it yourself?
Dr. B. F. Jackson, Celebrated Physician,
handed down to posterity his famous
prescription for female troubles. Now
sold under the name of "Femenina."
Price 5Üe and $1.00.—Adv.
Nothing gives the average woman
more pleasure than to have the street
car conductor miss her.
St. Paul has an oak tree which 100
years ago was used ns a gibbet.
Overalls that last
that's the kind made of
Standard for L/ war moody-fit* yean ,j j-. -
For Men and
Miss Stifel Indigo
Kid Glove Finish Cloth
For Women
Remember, It's the CLOTH in your overalls
that gives the wear—Stifel Indigo has a 75
year reputation as the longest wear, fast color garment cloth. Miss Stifel
Indigo 13 of the same quality as her big brother—the best woman's overall
Look for the BOOT trade mark—it's your guarantee of the genuine.
Indigo Dyers and Printers
doth made.
New York... 260-262 Chorch St.
Fhiladelpbia...l033 Chestnut St.
Boston............. 31 Bedford St.
Chlcieo...223 W. Jackson Bird.
Baltimore.......„Coca-Cola Bld&,
San Francisco
Postal Telerrapb Bldf.
&L Joaeph. kio.
Saxton Bank Bldf,
8L Lonia.. M9M V2S Victoria Bldf.
p »ol........ 25» ecdkmt Bids.
Torc,nto_..14 Manche«« Bid*.
Winnipe*...40U Hammood Bid*.
Montreal...Room 5U8 Read Bid*.
Vaocourer_5o6 Mercantile Bid*.
Carter's Little Liver Pills
You Cannot be A Remedy That
Constipated Makes Life
Worth Living
lenulne boars signature
and Happy
Small Pill
Small Dose
Small Price
A BSENCE of Iron in the
11 Blood is the reason 4 —
many colorless faces
but will greatly help most pale-faced people
Do You Blame Her?
"Great gracious, man!" exclaimed
Boggs' friend. "Do I find you reduced
to playing a cornet at the street cor
ner to make a living? '
"I'm not doing this to make a liv
ing. My wife won't let me practice In
the house," Boggs replied.
A company has been formed In Nor
way for making fuel from p»-at.
annoy* other* and hurts yon. Relieve throat
Irritation and tickling, aud »et rid of coucha,
cold* aud hoarseueaa by taking at ones
Boom in African Trade.
"The wrist watch has done much
for our trade."
"Where is your trade?"
"It is mainly in Africa. Formerly
we couldn't sell a native a watch be
cause he wore no pockets to carry
It in."
Life wouldn't be worth the living It
it were a continuous succession at
pudding ami ice cream.
The membership of the United Mine
Workers exceeds 350,000.
We charge no
commission: BUY
straight from you at
highest market price;
make spot-cash returns. We
EXPRESS if not more
'than 10% of value of shipment.
FREE shipping tags and price
lists. We sell Victor TRAPS at
lowest prices.
Sold for 47 years. For Malaria,Chills
and Fever. Also a Fine General
Strengthening Tonic«
Early Jersey and Charleston Wakefield Succes
sion and Flat Dutch. Satisfaction Guaranteed
By express; 600, *1.00; 1,000, $1.50; 6,000, at $1.25|
10,000 up at *1.00. F. O. B. HERE. Delivered
F. Ö. B. HERE.
. . 1, *1.76.
up at *1.00.
Parcel Post 100,55c; 1,000, *1.75.
Every Woman Want
Dissolved In water for douchas stops
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co, for ten years.
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
sore throat and sore eyes. EconomicaL
H« «Etraofdinuy deaoàns *nd eennicid.l peww.
SampleFr««. 50c. »II JruggEu. or ^
naiL_The t monjoilgt Ganpany, Poatoo, M *» a
Machine Men.
Major \V ho will take charge of our
machine gun?
Private Smith — Corporal Higgins
was one of the best machine men In
our ward; let him do 1L—Puck.
What They Say.
A bachelor's exclamation la,
lass !" A malnden's exclamation "Ah
men !" '
Granulate j Eyelids,
relieved by Murtner^Try ui*
il I nCvt C your Eyes ^ ln Bab/* Eye*.
UR LltjNeSnurtmg.JsrtEyeCeJwi
■tarin* Eye Remedy _ or . to
Ask Marine Eye Remedy Co.. Chlcwï

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