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The St. Charles herald. [volume] (Hahnville, La.) 1873-1993, January 12, 1918, Image 1

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A <**CH SIC/ f M •VT RiCi ORJ 5 J C;
YjL 45 Bah
Published at Hahnvita La?
Every Sa far a ay
F ciat Journal jf the Parish
•j Si . Charles
/. C. Trirhe
Tf. * ef S*hur?p't.'K a ve*r
Enters.* at 'is t'oxiO tue 0 ' Hahavitf
Lt., <ii second eta f< matter
■ r ; I'M .. ..... 1 .«»* .-' MW «»»
V ....Mi'.*-'-•am*. w'l' -f n * 1
lu». '*
........... »nnieettoa« mail *>• w. «ew o>
0*6 <l«ir «•'
^ r r tic ».«.*.# 1 K» nrt»iie«* ttjn wrl
Ï.'V^n.'J.h' '
«Ul« rt»l .v •• 1of
t % n « |M«n «iii'it «»i**.
• »t* *».in*iooa iMun«*r«
» > .v
_ . ..j... <;*>» HKLP OS
** " ,*■, I«. ■ »«lying gOOil*
/*• V - 0.-1 ■*»•' «»«p'v '*»
my «a »7 « *«n- c»rn».nta»s i»«"«»! _
Bat «»••lnliert t>'arnar? tft,
. j. m / » » i. «*'•> *" » * * , "* ,r "j!!
, ,..!»a*qn««l .»onwr.«'»
I « cni ». . v e *r - *
Une V«a*
n*.'t......J min o«« V* ** *
tjd. -i t- • •«? * * ,
..ihim'i'ilonl at«OOl
«,* « » ■> t m* * * .» "» »* *ave(ic*
• 0.00 /
We are please J -0 announce
th c"ou v can secure a 19*8 Pocket
Dia'v free of cha gt, by sending
the the p s»t*gc the cfo two ceu »
stamps, to D. Sw ft & Co., Pa
ent Lawyers, Washington. P.D
The D f y is a'-'-goldminr" of
. . j J -* !
isefu finfor"nation and in add-tion
aijuemoranda for er-ch of the 365
ia*ys of the,yea , co-tains much
t.eful information, such as
'•. » oUh hints', setting forth an
:asy way to increase or renuce
pur we.ght at;d promothe hea th
it the same time. Giv<s a synop
Ks of bus:ness laws patent laws,
parcel Post Ch >rt, etc. States the
itn *ur»t of our wonderiul crops
a sed :o « 9 * 7 » K rci,tesl eVtr
j.oûuced. Shows the amou it ol
:o,n, wheat, oats, potatoes, tobac
:u, hay and cotton produced by
:ach state. A so maps shuw.ng
re , dry, w man's suffrage, demo
:r t.icjand reuu -jlican^staies
For three cents in stamps, we
vilipend o nice 1918 " WaM La en
lur. size 10 uy n i.»clie* -end
ive one ceui.^tamps and get :he
H>cket dairy and JFuil Ca.endar
Fr >ro .he is»h day of.Decemliei
1.7, up to and 11 eluding the
th day of December » 9 * 7 . lhe
tHM-» Exemption Board has mail
1 Quesii »nnuirs to régissants
hose Order Numbers a:e ftom 1
406, bot inclusive
Ko buib' ot nmovil of iK'd es
i be tl ow.d .iule^accomp*»
, by a burial nr r< »nov«d pr.-mit
>,n tae »^ocal Rs.h'* 1 -* r ( l ° bt "
islet) of ** M »a.c«
»rea iioaacd a . cr o.»lrrs
lin 7he Roju.is.-n*. Dj " cd
v. Z - 2 je
Sçj^.oa Rea --d. cii Ceiuc-s y
i _ I
" he jit ces < Î fanning --• u'ten
w^dci.t or «he m re questlo •.
. larme wt. ;no..ev to
o;ie 'y .L&aace hL toe , : «*',s 1
.•ways:::« belter 4 m i. <»;• t inn
o::c who »'.as o v:o.k vv th. ct :•
j.Ojr rools c-i'.d !inplc:.i- and
teams Short money w . o»>^n
m ke it itnpusuib'e .0 s>p*_- ly
wot:, u cro; eve.: if the pro; e: out
Cxi i- at hand. In fact, the farmer
has lc do something of a ca »i.alis*
and a ti nan ter, .lu- d<-gre-: depend
h g on the aiae of le» f. rm
In the ^st, the farmer ha ; al
v ys had a hatd time .0 get the
' pro, e: credit necessary to fnu n e
h • ventures, pract rally :he on y
/ .
way In w in he could accumphsh
t is end Aa to mur gage his fa;m
and par r li gh rate of inte.est fur
.ii* arcom«idalion, r.>(i .hen be
continua i> in dread of Ir.ving his
!. a 1 ».a'U-d at a t me who- he did
not f: d himfe'f able to ;»:<y off
Uu->r the T ederal Farm Land
Rank Act, he :s w*w ».b'e to bor
row at a reasonable täte of >nteies^
ard he also ha r . the je.teul of the
imo tizatio.- p an, whereby his
debt is cancelled after he has paid
a specified number of tvual, year
ly installments Ins*ead of p-v lug
S per cent 01 more o- his mort
gage, and then aving l*> pay the
face ot .he mortgage i 1 a lumo
* -m in order to liquidate his in
de'Aedne-S, ne ca- bo; row from
tl ie Î ederal La».d Bank, through a
assoc atio of farmers, ai
p Cr cent. Oi> such . loan he is call
ed on to pay f> 1 /* per cent yearly,
the ext * i per cent going towards
pa>ing of off his mortgage, and in
36 years his mortg ge is paid in
full, notwithstanding the fact that
has uaii less tuun the old 8 per
c nt ra ! e of ir.te*est
We nave organized the St. Char
!es National Farm L >an Associa
tion, which wiil operate under a
charter from the United States
•dovernm nt. and do business
through the Federal Land B >nk
of New Orleans. La. The farm
land owners of this Parish are all
eligible for membersh p and ihcy
shou'd ava:l ihtmselves of this op
portunicy of boi rowing money so
as to get their m ir: gages at a low
ri'e of interest and be able to pay
ihe'r '.debted::es» on the install
ment pian
Money can be borrowed only
fo; t rm us--. This money can oniy
s^;d f> r pu ch rsing land, t- ols or
teoflis. pav off existing mort
gages, or (o: making .mprovement
such as putting up buildings,
dLch'Ug ft ncing, clearing L.tid &
:t.. The purchase of ferl.lizer is
also loO e.i on as a legitimate use
^o this money, ar.d lhe present
high prices which farm products
are br.ng ' g would justify a large
expend turc in th s direction
Any farmer deciring to avail hm
self ot this opportunity is invited
;o come in to the iocji association
Your County A^;-nt win giadiy
give you tuil parucu'oJs
Geo. vV. Uobie,
County Agent
Ge.mary "103 ; h^t ar. i.rmts*.ic
i., as eTccuu! a. a v ctory in put
ti .g Ü • s'; o it of bus'ness in a
m : Ury way
• -.mrn nm» .
/VJ rcJt
Des*, ehr. , ' a. Dec c. 19.7
By vi tue of a «e o!vi 0« o - ' t-ic
'•curd of urci» Ward ; • a ti ed
î g of the tn mbers <»f the Roman
; thoi.c lion-1 c ;itl on o' St. cih r
les wil- be held 0:1 Thars ' y ,Ja :•
a> v 1J th, 1910 at 10 o'c ock A.j>'
i 1 the Red Church, Pa:: h of S'.
Charles, for the p :| :p >se o consid
er ng an acting u on proposed
amendments to the'Ch 'i ter of said
Congr gatun. a typewritten copy
of which said prop >sed amend
ments is posted on the front door
of the Red Church
Numa ZeTague.
President Boatd of Chu ch War
Public notice is h reby' given that
tiesspas^ing, tiihing, trapp>ngjand
moss picking on alt properties'1 t
jonging to the La, Cypress Lum
brrCo. in^St. Charles is striem
proh'tii ed. inyone caug t on Said
properties w:U be punished to th<
full extent of the law
tieo. Cousin
Important Nnt'ce
No bunal into the cemetenes*of
tue Ho'y Ros. ry's Church and des
Ai.emands wip be'allo ved un ess ac
compani'.d bv a '»u 1 i I permit from
t :e local Reg uar (Po^t Mastei
H-.rcvi le & D s Allem' n 's) as per
< rder> fiom die Louisiana State
board of He 1 h
W. Parrot Pas or
.Sex.on of toe ^«ld 1 tmetiies
Col. Rooseve t is st il I be-n
heard f:om ''so:n where in Amc -
It may vet occur to W J Br>-.m
t-> reurgmizt tiie prohibition p.ir.y
and run again
Dr. Wiley piocla'm that he car
live on 15 cents a dav. Oh no!
Doc, yo mean the other fellow can
Look p'easint and feel warm!
Coal is a ton in Denmuik
Wlut Kaiser Wilhelm desires is
uot a peace, but a vacation that
will fortify him foi neaewed effort
What most arouses the ire of the
underpaid Governm -nt c!erk is the
assumption oy some of the fo ks
out home that he is a pampered
child of political favot
Ruth Law has no sympathy
with the old-time ga laniry that
leferred to women as 'angels'*.
M:ss Law wants th m to fly w
rea ity
(occasionally a public official
h .s to saer fice a great dea! of val
uaole time in being investigated
A number of plans have been
suggested for 'ignoring" Co!.
Roosevelt, i'oey have aii failed
Thireer. states can block prohi
bition. That niimper 13 is going to
be unlucky une way or a.iot er
Pmr In Spite et Ute
Hl§* Mn»
Tho reiem «Matea Mn ter mtthem
hops at Um fnuat ttaw iter • an
tMapUtisa to »eU, ten tenu
•teck, tM ta karg te rr>rtitei>. Ai
rte If we five a Uttla tkcutl» te tte
tetaite aua'a better ftepMal voted
mUlBlr tn||Mt tte rotenttaa te •
■«ffteloat number of Un fmaaae tm
mate mkuüi to matetala tbi iqplr
Ml mote tki Aeaaai ter kte rte*
al teste, tf aot ter loapeft.
Tko writer la Ite te iwki tkte n*
fMUoa from tatenuattea nteiil
ttet irai aoabore ot «attl« ami kam
aro Mai aaat ont te tka atatw lu»
apoettv« te mi, du* m 4mM U tko
irofltaMo priera that can at prraral
bo bad ter tken. Tkora la aa tel
aaptaf tkat Ibmw eoaata;* bte ter
Uap te U polap te "aaate* V ara
afnfcmra dUpora te tkatr temalo
fndateoa aad aftarrarda Cad mt
ten tea lata tkte Ibap haro daprtrad
tbrataolvra te tko nacrarary frailra
to brood from aad are abort te «toet
to nil aaetbar rear when priera tell
ba%at aa hifb. if not Ultra?
V tkia praetlc« te praottead la M la
potef to reanlt ta n abattage te ment
animal# teraa tkey nur ba naadad
aven mara than te tka prenant ttma
la other mardi, H la net padap te corn
aarra tka mate a u ppl p aar la • nltl
matter patnp te ba tka mate pdk
abta te aar itod votas a.
R may ba aU it|U te pat r!4 te a
maoutti tomber te tka aid and an
profltabla fasnala ittf, bte t k ara
aboold ba a rtpli llna drawn te tka
rtuapra franala atoek H va hepa t#
maintain and Increase tka anpptf and
maat tka fatm-e demanda for raaad
animais vhle? aaama aol aalr tka
somma« aanae propoalUon, but a pa
trtstla aad profitable on*.—W. ■.
Dalrrmple, Department te Veterinary
lat aaa w Iraolatana State Pnlv iiak/ .
n« aOs offer« tka bate means te
eonaerrlnp tba farm feed supply. N
enable* the fanner to save tka trad
atnffa for the fatras ass te bis term
animals In much tka earns manner
that tka aanninp machina enable* the
housewife to save the repetablra aad
fruita for tka futur# nee of the faay
llr- Tka present and prospaetlva klpk
priera and the growing demand ter
farm producta of all klnda make lt at
oaea to the profit and tka dutr te
tennera to lacreaaa In every war tko
efficiency of their operation!. T© tka
dairy farmer, at laeat, tko alto la es
sential to efficiency. It# ad van tapes
are too numerous to telly enumerate
hero. Suffice tt to my that oxpate
manta have proved that Map# vlK
greatly reduce the coat te feed for
dairy cows and Increase tka Bilk pro
duction. It te a palatable feed, traps
tka stock tn a thrifty tradition, and
tka young stock growing all vtatar.
K te mars eenvenleaUy fad them hay
or corn tedder. Silage en a bles one ta
keep a larger number of live atoefc on
a fives area of lead than »ay ba
key# aa terepe crops ant ter hay. R
furnishes eooeuleat trad durtag the
sommer whan drouths frequently oo
eur. R prevents tba vast# of ooro
coha, stalks aad ocetttpe tedder that
would teharwlaa nod be eaten Ip tka
If you aontarap l ato butMtng a effet
wvtta to tka tar t e ast ern Dtvlteea te tka
Laulateaa Stale University, Satan
Soupe, ter e ai p la t a Infonnaüan.
which win bo furnished tens te
Ite wrttra I# a hurra of fka Pate
terw a vra. tkara are Pop# nnd Pop«
aaP tka grratrat drawback to naoara
M akaey kwbanPry te Irautelaaa, fep
k raping tka majority of aw terra mu
team ralstnp akaep anP wool ta tea
Mtlm aaP wratelw» Pop. Tkrateara,
tka Important q a ration at thta Qaa ta
«an wu alterp to praraR tko worlklara
Png to ttaal ta tka way of ora ta»
orraatep tea matton ani woof supply
te oar people, which ta u «4 wfli «ai
tiaue to ba. #0 vpaolfy na a Po Pt
Futtkra, a lte te Praia« Ppg
aruunP eoaatry ptaara aupautally, ar«
•te only StaMa to gte tka ah»#! >11»
tap babK. hot they havo to ha teP. nl
mul of tha teoP they oonanraa te In
tha natura te human Plat whleP telpkt
ha uaaP ter tkat pirpoaa. ta ted, H
ha* baas ratlmatac that tka Pop# ol
thla country eonamn* adoapk tooP te
OP# eheradra tkat waalP teoP a*
army te prana fliaa tw# amuiep man.
A !
It w «s'.rovtô 1 y M • *D
and.by M-, Du'.etie, 1 -t • io.
lowi g ppr »x:rr •' ,H e .ooMi e
ex pen »e« of tie iTrisb o m, f. i ar
les for toe ciinent yc.ir *m!»«y
June 30th iqi 3
Sheriff's ieci in CT in, .px!
cases $500.00
mai''tain'ng prisorers 2.500.00
Sheriff's S.,'a' v 2.500.o<>
.':'ne. ff- Deputy Sa' i.v 1,000.00
Distric' A'to. ury 's fees
for con viel 10 -s
Corone:s M<iarj - .
Justices of t?ie Pence
Grand, Pent and Coroner
jury 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 6 u o 00
Officiai Journal 600.00
President Hoard of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision jnuo 00
Assessor's Clerical Expen s 500.00
Parish T rcasurei ioo.o<>
Sctiool Fund 8.500.00
Expenses Lff.ard of
Health foi Iulec»i'»iis ana
Contagious diseases 3 >0.01
Road fund, 1., j. .»>(.•
Maintenance of a Ben
Cadets at L. Stair Un in
sity, 500.00
Maintenance of 3 Bu- ,
scholar at the c.i:.»r. \ j -
mal Schoo! 6< »•. oc
Syndics i.diit. V ; o',io
Serge,:i<i eu « uns 100 oc
Salary lot u; : wiad
mill & wash:.1 s. 1.:.)s Co.<o
Road Supervi-ori r.r..».i r o
Election cxp«.n:es 00.00
Parish Auditor 000 .00
Jefferson T. uat it Savings
Paush Demonstitor
S, 000.00
«. HI OO
j : 8 u 3 . < o
I hereby certify tiiai « lie n .uvc
Tableau was adopted b) toe Po it
Jury at tiie meeung ncid on u.e 6
day of Sept. 1917
F. Scliexnaydrg
Parish of St. Charles Sept, ft, 1917
Hunting./rapping and trespassing
are hereby pro»»ibi f ed on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Cadcw
To^B nkers: y
Il rite Us for Samples ana
Prices on Our
Cox Tig. and Pub. Co., Inc,
727 Poydras .Street, New Orleans.
j "After four .* o:: 1
*of coasur^r'. I v
Î a f righrfn-'i*:/.- .•* &n J
but my li/*j r, ..w : <.
87 noouds iff*
dr. mm,
iw. it. ratteraou, Wf 1
■aLWT'Hl rtr-,-!)!*? .c
*-m. vg.r.r-'Wii!-.— -
inPleattoB# are that tko nrpply of
e—i oats ter planting this tail tell ho
▼ary short, aad Loutataca fartera»
who hara ratsaP oats of good -ju/iUtv
ars urged to save thorn for seerl rath
a* than to food thorn. In many parts
El tko South th# ost crop winter kill
ed and tbs farmers will h£v* to pur
chase all their seed from other loci!!
tha, and those favored secl.'oo* wli*r*
a rawttal or full ere» wee prxfic^i
ätouM save every avaUable biui^el to
JI, the unders'.g- -j. c-.-v c:ti n I
Act 43 of tc-p at N«*v l • "Tl ; |
Court 17:5 am d, «. j
panile I
(Signed) E. D Ma.rsuvn^ ^
C/ 1 JC.
Second C ■ ■ ■ ■ \■
Mem tier of ( < • • <
KighfiibMi • «
State Sn mo: .
District A ! t "r '
Re or - • ■
S . ■ :
Clerk w ..
Deputy Cd -,
T reasu rei
Regis! 1 ar
Cfticiai Journal, S*. «.
Justices of »f r
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
F'irst Ward
Second W« ic,
Third VT>'..'
. ou rl iv W m (ï
1 on. r
Secrtiai j
bei ge .»ai «,i A t n, 4
First VV «. > cj
Second Ward
1 hire Ward
Fun-in Ward
Fifth VV't a
Mceis (s , -j ,
J. L. BI01
F.« DeJat
W. ioufre
in 1 of ci( î n 01
President M L. Gu di>*
•'j (» I ec«ei
\\ t ,.,>
I • f r.Millf
'H. ... ÜMi|.
I . I •• ff
Fou; if* i\ ard
L, J. Dejean
Fifth Wan, 1 -
A.J. Schex nay d re •
J» il- M»!« t tl, S<!l;*
Lafourche Basin » . |r
I resident n r * *
a<*cretarv \V.
A. Champagne,
Lemann, Don^',
Lono, MoUe- j,
Bend ; <
T Haggard. ,
Vieiin,/, Oi• •
Bowie lit-'
COD' :
ent «lud '•
IS 1 1 (.a
; \
•* U • C. 1 :
1 iiuri
and 0
«.t Net
V •
•le F «!
jn,i «VI». j-..
Sessions, j.-.
and Momiû)
Li flie Parish uf
Jnry Sessions
M a v. f- ii i >,
Civil Sess.jin.
Febiuary i;v:
Parisfi o \.
J or) Se ' „ ■.
June 2.id »,
en'ii Sessions
Marti* r,-,j .,v
* d u

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