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/ A V
y A s.
■ Rl, EN DR k,
J ^ e?6 ' Onea
r:f n ^ , tourt'' of the Tar -
•/. (/,/•
ffSCJ J/i. C/iaUes,
^J1/1 St. J anteS.
/ Ascension,
Attorney- At- 1 .aw
Whit*«**- !<u it aim; New Orleans
Irr a tue- in Je(ie>son
V x/tit
At. /rt'H /'o' is/ies.
jJtEKT / n vtt KISS
Attorney- h !•
flenntn Pttihfi
Sew Out at'
Lone DistAthe Telephone fSfO
Attorney ,
ioa Cànàl- Louisiana Hig. New Orleans
Trainees in (heparishes of St. John
i Charles a ml Jefferson
Cretna, La
Attorney At-Law
Practices in the Parishes cf St, Lohn
St Charles ami Jefferson,
Civil Engineer ana Sureyor
%o2 Auaubon blag.. New Orleans I.a
Phone Mam 40 \ 1
, ''*vil Engineer a u Surveyor
Garxville, La
hQl REN 'J OR SA L h
'One dwelling hon,c m perfect
condition, situated at Hnhnville,
JLa Apply to
Ur L. Donaldson
Hahnvüle, La
Prentico E, Ediington Jr
40 7 Whitney
W m O. IV.
—- 4 -
Ama Camp Nb. 401. meets
everv 4th Sunday of each
moniu at i p. m.. at Ama, La.
T. B. Sellers, Clerk
A monthly magazine dev«.ted to
the use of english
osephine Truck BaXer Editor
Partial Contents
Queries an t Answers
Shall and Will: Should and Would
th How to use them
' B ^V«e°^ nc,atioRS (Century Diet -1
to JosT «ouarvV
worke^ rrec j English in î~e H ,ne
has dU'££ l E »g lisl fn the Sch ° o1
«Weli'he otr.vand what not »o say
the dog's a good St*, ,
tng." mon . „
So Cane ran for the oî. b a,K, ^ u,,c -
dog ran for the ferry house, it,
pier they went, dodging in tin fc us 5 ness
among trucks and motorcars. To
ry boat Chicago was just pulliid
She was only a yard or two away to write
the dog reached the end of thet
between leaping for the boat ant
sary, and the dog chose the fornHjrC
the boat drew out, leaving the dœ
Seeing the animal's plight. {»
backed up. A deckhand lassood^nts fot
noose. A crowd gathered and w«x
the ice. After desperate efforts *
pawed at it, vainly trying to olixlvp, ston
dropped between the piles ancj
Cllmblng*"with great difiir
the big dog to his should'
boat and* shore, slowly re»
The dog was taken to'-i»
.await his owner. On-his coid*
"T. N. Planter, Hotel Bristol, u
The dog was emaciated, it v j ^ jr
11 «
Stute of Louisiana
2Sth Tiuiicinl District Court
Parish of St. Charles
No. 892
Miss Anna !!. Moore
Julius Funk
By virtue of a certain order of 'sale is
sued l>v the Honorable 28th Judicial Dis
trict Court of the State of Louisiana, in
and for the Parish of St. Charles, in the.
, ..., , , , , -tv, j
uhove entitled smt. bearing date ot March i
âth A. D. 1918 and to me directed 1 !
shall proceed U. sell at public auction to j :i
the last and higb.-st bidder at Me front
door of the Court House of tics Parish
.f April A. 1).
the f -ili> ,\ invr
on Saturday
191b at Hi
described pro , ert> to-w it : -
L .t Number Nineteen ( 191 of Truck
Farm Hand Company Limited Polder
Number One fl) containing twenty acre
said Polder being a sub-d-.vision of Sec
tions SS and 39, Township 14, South
Range 20 Must, Parish of St. Charles,
State of Louisiana, as per plan <>f survey
ou fuie with the Clor* of Court for th
Parish of St. Charles, said plan made h
V S. LaClair
I An from the proceeds of said sal
pas petitioner by preferene
other claims the sum of Oil
(«tl. 0 U 0 . 0 u) dollars with interest thereon
h t the rate of Sis per cent per annum
fr.au the 1st day of March 1912 unti
paid and ten per cent on said amount Oj
principal and interest as counsel fees. N.
all costs of these proceedings to date
Terms and conditions cash on the spot
Leon C. Vial,
{»lieriff. Parish of St. Charles.
Sheriff's Office, Parish of St. Charles.
March 14tii 1918
over all
, ». • i --h t -
Answering the National cad Ir>*|
increased production, the farmers j
of this Parish have done very wc'l j (']
in increased a> reage, devoted to ali :
crons common to this section. The
largest percentage of increase is in
the potato orop, an-i in order fo*
us to tur-ke a success of this crop.
it is absolutely necessary '.hat we
wage a vigorous war on the Colo
rado potato beetle, which is
ready making its appearance in ;
nearly every potato field here ! U
The remedy lies tn
1 -
Use two pounds Carooa Dry, two,
pounds lime and two pounds .
soap to fiity galions ot water. and, a
apply this solution to the potato j ^
plants with a good spray pump. ! ß
Use an angle nozz«; so that y iJU I ;
can get under the leaves. & s ray
as soon as the beetles make their
appearance. Rerrenv er that plants j
of any ki- d thut Imve iheir leave!
stripptd off, cannot thrive or make, \]
fruit until the leaves are ^eproduc j
ed. as the leaves are the digestive!
organs of the plants an 1 are vitai
rowth and de
uninitiated. Really :t is no ha
ly necessary lor Us
velopment. Therefore, do not de
lay, out at the first sign of dange
get the sprayers working and keep
aovvn the d .mage as much as pot
I find many farmers hete who
a e avetse to spraying It is s.m
thing new to this section, a id !. o
new thi g>, it looks haid to t e
r r
than any other iarmiug opeiati ■,
aed just as vve give our crops an
extea hoeing during a long we
spell, vve should gel the habit ot
gtv ng these crops a goo«l >p r . y
ing when the insects pests begin to
cause damage. Be.-ides spraying is
not the complicated business dial
many novices tuink it is We u-e a
contact poison for all suckmg in
sects: a sionach poison for all leaf
enteis, and a disinfecting solufon
for fungous diseases, about half a
doz>n different foimulas in ai and
most ot the m aterials that we have
to use can be bought n convet ieni
forms, already mixed, ieady foi
use, all we have to do ts to add
^ tue necessary water to bring .hem
' to the rtqnired strength
! Now a Wa rd tegardmg sprayers
(When you buy. ger a good m
j chine, Remember that the * ho e
I value of any machinge you boy is
j in the JH>, fo r ' oc ' s nül a at ' er l
i how large erTtf^boraue ihe muThire
*' '' ' iu,
> how lafge or çl^bora^ h
i - • 'v*. - * y* \
is 1 1 the pun p is we. k the j
chine is not ot much use I have j
seen very lew knapsack sprayersj
which were • jt of much value s !
the pressure is t ■<> luw. I supjv sc |
I hat there aie some good one', hut i
v«*u cant Luy tliein tor '
Julien you go to I uy a sjuayei ,
uake up v oui mind to pay from
at.out 5 , 12.00 up, according to the
size of machine you need and then
oi the dealer to make a pract c
j demonstratian with some watei
! the mach ne deiivtrs the watci i
j :i fine, foggy, mist, you cm I»
^ ^ llU( . j,,. putnp is a good OH
d )
mi that lot m cnine will do good
Aui k
lu conclu i n, remember th a
the success of modern trucking t
front v eu; to yiui. becoming more
ai.d more dtpend.mt on tbe sjuuy
muci.nie. U e may m nage t
ge the issue l'»r another year
nr two atiti slid manage to make .■
Iivii g, but il we want our share ol
, prosperity, we w 11 have to begin
going a:ter quality of products. N
ii' s ect damaged ttuck products
will do very li t e m the way ot eu
laigt'-g cur bank accounts
Gro W Bohne,
County Agent
No. 800
Tveiitv-Eighth Judicial District Coutt.
j " ' Parish of St. Charles
State ol Louisiana
I Su -cession of Mrs. Frank christen. Tr
V\ hereas. Frank Christen, Jr., has r.e
tit,.- va d this lion >rahle Court for let.er
of li.corsliip on the estate of the late
M-s. Frank Christen, Jr., deceased, n
; N >tite i« fcerebv given to n 11 w;u>.'n it
mav concern to show cause within ten
■davs. whv the prayer of said I rani.
Christen Jr., petitioner, should not »
- granted
Ir>*| By order of the Court
j 1 i vptu-.' ch rV 1 '
j ('] lT v, office. Parish of St. Chari
: March 19 tli, 1918
The Champ'gne School at Am -
last Tuesday c;edii.ib!y mi v ted
ce! - em onies of a F ag R using
p r p )r * 0 ihe n-w banner going
U p t, )e old one was burned the
- ,
ashcs p oxe( j ;, n cl then buried, then j
lhe new was unfurled, the oath of j
allegiance repeated by the pupils, '
a s j lori talk delivered by Mr, Gm
tlie singing of tlie Star Spmig-ed
^ r y t | ie President of the School
ß oar q an d Supt. Martin, appro
; )rid t«-rtcitaiions by the pupils &
\] essrs
Vens wllo arc in OUJ ser vice
y, e<leac heis. Misses Rose M
Banned - lust below tbe National
eo!o.s was hoisted, A service flag
with three S'a-s representing.
lezun attd L, A- Landry, deserved
due Lomtnendations tor ti e man
ner in which lhe ceremonies were
St. John Church j*i Edgar 1 ov
ot the oldest in Louisiana tota'P'
b rued down Iasi Tuesday. -t*fs
have already be~n taken to rebuild
a m tgiiifi :ent edifice
■soc'jhs;;' *mo n.srr,sj, o.
til , 'l .t* »
■»oc a
. i m-;- .rji'u.c«
. ct, 1 .
*ne\ a hJ rftefi tru
-atert tni >étrr*
-nt Practice t.vckshrly
KtvUi l>.r„ -, ,T 5 . Cult*l Ati-iw t.u
!<V r 'N.
l4a '
Do too en eaoueh of
Th* great benefit in health and
Strength that always is enjoyed by
regular eaten of good oatmeal ta
.known the world over. Every year
there are more and more eaten of
Quaker-Scotch Oats, which is recog
nized in this country and tn Europe
as the one perfect oatmeal. Quakte»
firat.-h Oats packed in tins keeps
fresh and sweet fa way ctim s t a ttf
OlSVai «U • t<
ta i 5
Mr. Simpkins gazed at the portrait
on the wall tlli bis eyes tilled with
t*ars. It was a portrait <>t his father,
t 'oloiiel Simpkins, who had four times
been promoted for valor during the
Civil War und had died bravely on the
field of action. Mr. Simpkins' throat
itched now for two reasons: First, he
reverenced and adored the memory of
his luiher ; secondly, his nge and ins
eyes and his game leg wouldn't let him
go to war himself. And as he observed
the martial bearing and uncompromis
ing gaze of Colonel Simpkins he saw.
in Imagination, the khak! clad la-ls of .
n Imagination, the khak! clad la-'s or -
he new generation marching forth ana
crossing three thousand miles of sea to
tight, maybe die. for liberty.
Mr. Simpkins peered around to make fyg
sure that neither Bess nor John (who
were at the teasing ages of sixteen
and seventeen) were where they could
see him then he straightened and
threw his right arm up for n suluta
But h!s gouty shoulder twinged, and be
groaned. lie couldn't even salute.
"D-imn!" said Mr Simpkins, and
v ith his other hand fiercely twirled his
| 8
white mustachlos
FJe turned and limped Into the 11
brary and sat down crvakily before the
mahogany desk on which were lying
the blanks for hts Income tax state
meut, blanks which he had rather
grumplly got from the Internal Heve
nue officer only that day after lunch
eon on his way home from the club j
iÄ ÄÄt
hoen ßnappy oa ,h.
the greater the percentage of It he 1
„„vs in t« m He eenld think »I «V- i
I«l W» himself, were m.r
rled and had two children, and yet,
although their Incomes were nanrly
although their lncnmea were nearly
half of bis. they would pay only a
small fraetion of the amount he paid. |
* * . . 4 L. i
' As Mr. Simpkins' income was $15.000
he had to figure out the amounts pay
able on eaffii of the successive smaller !
classes of Incomes In order to arrive ,
at the total due from himself. He ;
passed over the first class who must
pay taxes that Is, single men making i
Ä HI, cnlculatlnn ff>r mar- !
ried men then showed up as follows: ;
First. they pay '2 per cent (under '
the 1916 law) on all Income over
$4 000, deducting $200 for each of their j
children under eighteen rears. In Mr. I
Simpkins' case this was $212, which he
put down in the "pavable" column. !
He saw next that, under the 1917 1
law, married men pay an additional 2
rer cent, on all over $2.000—with the 1
same allowance for children. This j
added $252 to his "payable" column.
He then observed that for every ;
ji- a,ia t
$2,r»00 Jump In his Inr-ome over $.»,000
SJAHAf JUliip ID 111» Hl'Uiut* u>rr *.i,Krw
he had to pay a Surtax, the percentage '
, growing larger with each Jump. This ,
j was 5050 mor e added to his burden. ,
j And
I rOniS lUX UI O vrui. tm an
occupation" Income over $0,000. muk- ,
, nK $720 more
The total, then, he must pay was four- |
The total, then, he must pay was four- |
teen hundred and thirty-four dollars. 1
"Whew !" exclaimed Mr Simpkins j
angrtlv "There's young Henry Wil- I
kins who married Jake Johnson's girl, j
, he makes $2.000 ami he doesn't pay a
ppnt. 0 f taxes. I guess this Is his war j
. f „
k " "J vounî? Henry Wilkins, '
., e ^„„.uihered that Mrs. Wilkins went j
LÄTÄir i
"Well." he admitted to himself, ;
"that mokes a difference.'' !
He thought next of Judge Wlllough
by"whnse inciïrne was about $3.000 }
"Ho only pays $20," commented Mr. .
Simpkins, not quite so angrf.y this
time and then a thought struck him j
and he sat up rigidly tn his chair. 1
Judge Willoughby s son had been !
drowned on the Tuscanln when It was i
submarined with the loss of two hun- !
d red* so idler ^
"Judge Willoughh gave his son to i
America " muttered Mr Simpkins. !
He leaned forward suddenly and put
fils fnce in his hands. ,
Fo; a long time Mr. Simpkins sat |
ven Mill In that position. There was
no sound In the library except the |
tlcklng of the tail clock and an occa
sional trill of laughter from the chil
dren skylarking upstairs The square \
ot lighi on the rarpet gradually with- I
drew Itself through the window, and
first twilight and than darkness settled
in about the quiet, white halre«!, some- j
times Irascible old man. '
Mr. Simpkins was thinking thlnirs
which he would nev'r afterward speak
of he whs thinking things that were
too sacred ever to he put into words,
But some Inkling of his thoughts may
t,e found in his rejoinder to Mrs.
Stmpklns when that placid lady came
in and turned or the lights, and asked j
him whether he was ready for dinner,
"Judge Willoughby's only son was
worth as much ab fonrte«;n hundred
and thirty-four dollars, wasn't he?"
Mr. Simpkins demanded of her.
As his wife, who was not unused to
his superficial irritations, watched hit,,
in mild astonishment. Mr Simpkins
limited oat to the bal ami look tils
old felt hat Rnd silver-heaths! «une
from the hat ra«k Letting himself out
into the foggy evening he tapped Ids
way down to the corner and mailed ids
income tax statement and check with
his own Minus
••Now Ood no thanked." said Mr.
Slmpktns as the lid murk d shut ovyr
his missive,-''l can do this much for
Biy :ouatry, wnyhew." . _
-- ---- - - - net
wife (or husband) am
The Requirements Boiled Dc.vn
for Busy Folks.
Returns must be filed on or before
April 1, 1918.
Tax due may be paid now or on or
before June 15. 1918.
If you are single and your net n
eome for 1017 was $1,000 or more you
must file a return.
usi me a reiu-u.
If you were married and living wt , t|
I tr,*. Kti.KaiwiT Rnd had a ln
u,r ^ for löl 7 you I
come of $2,000 or more |
must file a return.
Husband's and wife's income must
fyg considered Jointly, plus Income of |
minor children.
Income of a minor or Incompetent, ! «•»
derived from a separate
be retried by bits legal representa
Severe penalties are provided for
those who neglect or evade the law.
For false or fraudulent return there
| 8 a penalty not exceeding $2,000 due
imprisonment, or both, plus
* v
^Sn make return on or
r f from $20
.JusVtr cent, of tax due.
*J; < J^ || P mtl8t be med with the Col
i n - C rnal Revenue of district
<>t,or ° r ln ' e ^ nu '
j ' agent'"moT ^flle return for a per
« -o is Hk aUt f-tbe country
« — «—
1 , . -,
i ,
«TÄ5 'TS'llT.» «.
* husband) iTaUowed $2,000 exemp- j
^ denendent ...
...... «oöo tnr M .rh denendent I ;
»Ion plus $200 for each dependent j iy
| cb J d "" d er ef '\ m „ *„*,«. t. |
i supporting one or more relatives.
Returns must show the enrire !
«mount of earnings, gains and profit
! received dut ng t îe y . j
, Officials and employees «reno .ra- ,
; ^ ** claries or wag s received
rity or town tn
i tie United States. .
! Inl-rpt «.
; *™< 1s Issued within the Ü. S. s ex
' ™pt tmm federal income tax and
should be omitted.
j Interest on In te . a -es pn\
I ™ent bonds is also ^Çrnpt except on
Individual hobhngs of Liberty Jours in
! <* c o RS of & 000 P ar ,
1 Dividends ntv no. subject to norma ,
tax, hut must be reported and included j
1 In net income I
j Gifts and legacies are not nromo (
«°d ■*«>"»<* " ot ^ included on the re- ,
; turn of the benefie ary.
t I * 1rs înanrnnr*** r*H*Pi
1 1
' or ns premiums paid back at
, maturity or surrender of poilcy Is not
, Income. t nf ipr
soLTpra^rtT^old Is ndtTn^ome. but
— n—** ♦Kgxw^n 1«
li AI KJA HIV ./vhxuv.« w . j
Life Insurance received os a bene- , I
* . .
, »he profit realized thereon Is Income
#or > eftr of sale '
| Amounts received n payment o
1 ««tes or mortgages is r. 9 Incomev but
j tbe Interest on such notes or mort
I gages Is taxable Income,
j F>om the entire gross Income eer
tain allowances are made in arriving
j at the net Income.
Neccssarv expenses actually paid In
' tbe conduct of business, trade or pro
j fesslon may be claimed.
; materials and small tools tor Imm.edl
! ate ,!Se -
The amount of rent paid for a farm
} -) also he claimed as a tenant farm
. er s expense.
Payments for live stock a/e a "own
j bie If bought for resale. But if bought
1 for breeding purposes cattle are an In
! vestment, not an expense, and cannot
i be altowe«!
! A storekeeper can claim amounts ,
P«^ for advertising, clerk hire, tele- i
i Pbone, water, light and fuel, also dray- j
! «** ™d freist Mils and cost of op- |
«rating and repairing wagons ami
, trucks.
| A physician can claim cost ot his
professional supplies, rent, office help,
| telephone, expense of team or autouio
bile used lu making professional calls
and expenses attending medical eon
\ Tentions.
I A dentist c#n claim similar Items,
except team or auto expense, which
are not necessary In his profession,
j Expenses that are personal or con
' nected ln any way with the support or
well being of a person or fnmlly aro
not allowable.
The costs of machines. Instruments,
vehicles or Implements that are more
or less permanent In character are not (
allowable as an expense. They are 1n
j Interest paid on a mortgage or other
persoual Indebtedness Is allowable on |
a perswmnl retnm.
All taxes paid within the year can
be tsken out on a federal return, ex- ,
fept federal Income taxes, Inhcrituneo j
to taxes and assessments for local In,- |
losses »»stained In business or
through fire, storm «>r shipwreck or by
theft, except when compeusuted by In
surance or otherwise.
Wear and tear of rented buildings or
machinery used In business um y bo
You can also etalm th« amount pntcl
to the Ri'il t'rofw and to oilier charita
ble, religious or cdurntloniil organiza
tion to tbe extent of 35 per cent, of
lour net lneoino.
i -I .-1
I rt*
5 si A'ï cu
O^TIJ.VrB cr ^1
V I.fti ; ■ lu- '
\ ' . .....• vr >j!
& 00s *4
Fj ÏÙ 4 C * J •; 11 » «• ^ U , <
• r b St . V'.' -'»'potoii. n. c.
Fublic Notice ts hereby
t| ^ hni)tj| , fe
picking is prohibited on the follow
mg property
The property
of Nick Tuque
neuer known as Fred Ludinyier
«•» Magnolia Ktrlge
'«V. L. Laque
I- *•"«
strictly j-i oiul-ucd or- the Jamjj, 0
this Company, Trespassers will p c
prosecuted to Hie full extern of i h e
a w
Louisiana Meadows Company
Public notice
is hereby
j trappi ng
... . -
te L
K . J . -
- fish i uy
I ; ~ , . ^ riluSs Peking i s strict
j iy pneubtud on proper v
| Estate P. J . Seher „ ^ "*
a,i '-^ '8 hereby
i Lujiing m, j i
1 1 Vely pu, ipp
'csp.issiuj, it, pi>sj
IU ' U "fUer penally o'
[ * "' W un !|,e P" •pomes of
V< ' : - J,i = Edfa-lie.
Mi 4
Trespnssing. fi
•n g aie h
n n ! i h g and n
'V pr.iliibitrd
j OH I]
, I r °P f ' r tiei- «nvt ed and icuted by
Win. Lussan
T icspass«ng, lj,ii)ti n
outing un my premises is strict
piohiburd Any violations will be
punished atcur.lii 1J4 lu l aw
N1| s VV. H. Tin,,
g and wood
N «D 1 i c. L.
Hunting, an 1
I'Cbp.iSMu^ a I c bil icily piol.lUllC.J
on me piopcuicb ol u.v. csta.c oi
Il . 1-. i UUl,,j
f- » -, il , L. You
6*i vo»as*
ftwip w <!■
11». A tv t• _ . ?
,] Mu* c • • i
:ini!2t 'in s.
. "O' --- --------

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