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Y01. 45 Eahnville, Louisiana, Saturday,
Published at HaknvinC La*
Every Situraay
Oficiac Journal of tht Paruh
of St* Cheirlci\
/. C. TticAe
Edit r
Terms of Subscription $7.00 a year
t ""' ...... e
Entered at the Postoffice at HahnviU
La ., as secona ctass matter
WOoiiim*' ications tiandaO .11 later tb* n
Ä'O'lnetday evening, will lay over until ;b
week following 1 !
OVA il communications must be written OB
one side of the paper.
KV*Tne full name and address of tne wrl
ter must accompany eacli coin uiunlcatlon or
no publication, but ara matterof «end faith
Communications of personal character
»ill not be recognized.unless from respon
sible art los In such cases a charge of
Z.9U a quart will be made.
ma~ News ana interesting luce Items ere re
neotfu lysolldtea.
mo oU It BKADSKU CAN liKf.P U6
Greatly,If, when writing to. or ouylnggoode
run ear advertiser«, they will simply ssy
• y saw theli caidsiu this paperi
ËHlHlilliilieil February 16, 1873
.pint entad verilsementsli porsquareflrst
••ulon Kmcii subsequent Insertion, fifty
•itspe- nch
B b coium" « one year ... ttoo.oo
üae-naif column one year • 40.00
Une quartercolinnii one year - • 16.00
•uul oardeoneyear ... 10.00
Advertisements am! subscriptlone at e col
lectable luvai tnbiv In advance
B-fore bedding your Sweet Po_
tato s, just step out to some public
place and look at one of the many
Posters concerning the Sweet Po
tato Weevil, These posters Itawe
been put on display for your bene
li. as well as for the benefit of the
Nation at large, as we all need
l he sweets that you are abouL to
try to raise, and the weevil will
defeat our wishes in this direction
1 1 we let him do it
About the fiist thing for you to
do is to be sure that you select the
best and cleanest petatoes as the
parent tor your vines. Even then
it will be best for you to make
sure that there are ro weevils in
y 'ur seed slock, and this can on
ly be assured by soaking the seed
in a solution of formaldehyde,
which will kill any weevil that you
may have overlooked. Then be
sure that you bed the seed in new
land, that is land where no pota
toes have bee«, grown for several
years, if possible, and save a simi
lar place in which to set your crop
In short, the sweet potato wee
v"11 present a problem which is en
t eiy different than that presented
by any other insect pest which we
have to fight. We cannot spray for
him and ge: satisfactory results,
but we must beat him bv using
good generalship The follewing
facts concerning this ,pest shou d
he remembere 1 as we must know
the habits and peculiarities of the
insect if we «re to wagé a success
ful war against him
Land which has grown infested
potatoes, will harbor the insects
tor several years, and we should
crop this land to other crops in
order to complete stare out the
weevils before've ven.ure to again
plant il in sweet potatoes. This
should be easily done as it is only
necessary to move off Jabout two
01 three acres from the old place.
The potato weevil «is not much of
traveler,and a comparatively short
distance will generally prove an
effec ive barrier to the n. As a fur
ther precaution, we should nevei
vse the volunteer vines which
come up in the infested field, and
we should be very careful about
taking vines from a neighbor, as
the commonest mode of infesting
a new field is by introdusing th e
Weevils into it by means of infest
ed vines, By usidg these precau
tions we should be able to raise
clean stock
Now a word about handling jthe
potatoes after we have produced
them. Did it ever »occur to you
that we lose too large a propostion
of our crop through careless hand
ling after harvesting? If we take
the trouble to raise clean potatoes
we should certainly not store them
in an old weevil bin or barn, and
we should also try to lessen our
usual large losses through decay,
which are mostly due to improper
storage. In this connection, I
would state that the Agricultural
Department has gone to considéra
ble trouble and expense to solve
tins problem for ut and the result
of their labors is given to us in the
Ventilated Sweet Potato Storage
House. This house has given satis
faction all over the potato section
and if you are interested in it. I
can turnish you with these bulle
tins describing the method >f con
slruction of new houses and the
remodeling of o'd sheds or build
ings to answer the purpose
Geo. VV Bohne,
County Agent
In accordance with «n or < ihm ace of
the Police Jury of the Parish of St. Char
les, acting as the governing authority of
Road District No. 2 of the Parish of St.
Charles, the Police Jury will receive seal
ed proposals for the purchase at not less
than par and accrued interest of seventy
thousand dollars of bouds of Road Dis
trict No. 2 of the Parish of St. Charles
authorized at an election held on Mardi
27th 1917. Bids will be accompauied with
certified cheques by Louisiana Banks pay
able to the President of the Poiice Jury
for two and one-half per cent of the face
value of the bonds. The cheque of the
succesful bidder will be credited on his
purchase price or forfeited to the Road
District in the event of his failure to ful
fill the conditions of his hid. The cheque
of all unsuccessful bidders will he return
ed to them on rejection of their bids
The successful bidder will be furnish
ed a proper legal opinion as to the vali
dity of the bouds
HAD bids must be unconditional and ad
dressed to the Police Jury of the Parish
of St. Charles, Habnville, Louisiana
with a statement on the envelope that it
contains a bid for the bonds of Road
District No. 2 of the Parish of St. Char
les and the said bids will he opened at
ten o'clock A. M. in open session, on
Tuesday, April 30th 1918, at Hahuville,
Louisiana. The Police reserves the right
to reject any and all bids
For any further information concern
ing said bonds or the proceedings Lad
ing thereon apply to Graham' ami Mar
tin, 413 Hennen Bldg., New Or
leans, La.
Presidena, Police Jury
Felicien Lorio,
Frank Schexnaydre
Secretary Police Jury
parish of St. Charles.
In accordance with an ordinanc of th e
Police Jury of the Parishof St. Charles'
acting as the governing authority o*
Road District No. 2 of the Parish of St.
Charles, the Police Jury will receive
sealed proposals for the construction of
fourteen miles of gravel roads in Road
District No. 2 of the Parish of St. Char
les. The road shall he constructed of
washed gravel and bound together with
road side dirt from the ditches along
said road. The gravel to be placed on
said road shall be of a uniform thickness
of three and one-half inches by twelve
feet in width. Every hid will be accom
panied hv a certified cheque of the bid
der in an amount equal to five per cent,
of the bid, which cheque shall be forfeit
ed to the Road District should the bidder
to whom such contract is awarded fail to
enter the contract required within ten
days after notice to do so from the gov -
erning awarding the work.
All bids wall be addressed to the Police
Jury of the Parish of St. Charles, Hahn
ville, Louisiana, with a statement on the
envelope that it contains a bid for the
construction of roads in Road District
No. 2 of the Parish of St. Charles, and
the said bids will be opened on Tuesday
April 30th 1918, at ten o'clock A. M., at
Hahuville, Louisiana. The Police Jury
reserves the right to reject any and all
Specifications for said road construc
tion are on file with the Secretary of the
Police Jury
F". Lorio
President Police Jury
Parish of St. Charles.
F. Schexnaydre
Secretary Police Jury
( UI " A
.ting the
S 1)1
i:.\ 1 s
age Disruirr
N « ».
iitfiT •
1 l Alt 11
a ma.imiiy
iTS \*
it iiin
' 'it* ana
ht r
« ft.-x- (1**
• iid'i
J. !i.r
» • i *i"tl 1 Id*
Jury of i
hr 1
'..li L
"f S;
. 1 ll.ll-les.
1 ! sl
«Ha, Tu <
* a 1
*r., -n.t -
,e I'isltir-t.
the pruvt
of J
1 :;i
7 uf the 1
î 11 !-<• of 11
1 . • sr
1 laHli
-i.t: a. u ■* a HDD
«1* «I
for the y
• M'
1 DIM.
I'lide 2*1
ion «.
Ï t iiV
S i a 1 c*
uf L<uiisii
II \ S.
nw ir
> Ilian
a miijiirily
said pru|HT<
Polio* .Inrv
pHii ion»*d the
i.t Si. fliarlos
to niquât] t U« miailors of fIn- »aid Hoard
of ilnilua^t* ("omini»jimi'i .J, ocriiiin doslg
tii!r>-<l «-iiizi'n« and |>roorrly tax payera of
eald designated area, and
WllKiiG AS. il i> deon:* d an advantage to
said section of tmr I'niBli. that it shall
■ n.ioy the privileges provided hy said Art
3! 7 "of the l.eci'-hitme of Louisiana, for
1010, ns amended, and Art. 2SI of the t'oti
.dilution of ihe Siale of Louisiana, as
amended : *
WHEBEKOIiE. on motion of Mr. Klfer.
duly seconded hy Mr. Imfrene. it is ordained
hy the 1 'olive Jury of the Parish of St.
Charles, Slate of Louisiana, that the St.
Charles Drainage District No. 2. he ami
the same is hereby created and organized,
and that ils boundaries he and they are
hereby fix'd and designated as follows .
Beginning at (lie intersection of the Mast
Bank of Grand Bayou Canal, in Section In.
T. lö S„ It. fin L..' and the North Bank of
Blaek 1'riuce Bayou; thence
Southeasterly, following the meandering*
of tin- said north hank of Black Prince
Bayou, and Hayon îles Allemands to its
intersection with the division line between
Sortions 38 and -tu, Tp. 1.» S. B. 31 E. ;
Northeasterly along said division line,
and along the western boundary line of
the Bernard Mirtgny grant. O B. 3ÜU. It.
Sc It. Xo. öd. - !, in Tps. J •"> and 14. S. It. 31
K. (forming also the western boundary line
cotiseeutlv'■ 1 v. of Sections 37 in T. lö S. It.
31 Ik, and li in T. 14 S. B. 31 K.L to
Its intersection with the north boundary
line (if Section 33. T. 14 S. It. 3! K: thence
Westerly along the said north boundary
of Section 33. the north boundary of Sec
tions 21, 2d and 10. consecutively, in T.
14 S It. 21 F... to the Bange line, and con
tinuing westerly, along tin nol'Ui line of
Sections 21 and 23, Ui X. 14 u "... 20 E. to
lis intersection w'*" north y;„'.oug8
lion of the ^a-t hank of the St. Charles
MunUtp 0 '. Drainage District No. 1. East
Bound."" C'anal, known as the Paradis
1 Lm : thence
Southerly along the said east bank of
East boundary fana! to Grand ltayon Canal,
cr.d continuing along the east Dank of
Grand Bayou Canal to the. place of 'oegin
Bing: comprising in all, 10.232.20 acres,
more or les;, art online to C.e government
pints and other data, ail in St. Charles
rarrs'i, Stau* of Louisiana, and all us
«Imvvn on lhe map attached hereto, and
made a pan hereof.
All as more fully appears or. a map of
the said Si. Charles Drainage District No.
2 filed with the Secretary of tills Police
Tfirrv. marked "St. OLarh-s Drainage DG
tritt No. 2.'- for Mentit: ation. and which
map shall be kept In the archives of this
Police Jury.
It Is farther ordained by the Police Jury
of the Parish of St. Chari s. Louisiana, that
said Drainage District, shall include all of
tim lands within the said limits, and that
lliis territory shall constitute and he a
drainage district, to he known as the St.
Charles Drainage District No. 2. and that
the said Drainage District as thus organized
and constituted, he and it is hereby given
all of the powers necessary, under and hy
virtue of tie terms and conditions as get
forth In Article 2S1 of the Constitution of
the Slate of Louisiana, as amended, and
Act 317 of the Legislature of the State of
Louisiana, for the rear 1010. as amended,
and. the said Druinag- District as thus con
stituled by ordinance, is hereby given all
rf.llie powers necessary to carry into effect,
the work of drainage and reclamation of
tlie said Drainage District. Incident to its
labors, in conformity with tin* Constitu
tion and laws of tin* State of Louisiana, on
tlie sul'ieil. and that it shall possess and
enjoy all of the powers granted by said
It is further o'-dnined hv the Police Jury
of the r.M ' di of St I 'baric Louisiana, that
the St. Ch tries Drainage District No. 2. ns
thus organized and constituted, he hereby
authorized to levy taxes. Incur indehtid
ness, hold tlie necessary eleelions. contract
obligations, sue and he sued, and do and
perform ail the ai ts incident and necessary
to carry on the work of drainage and ro
claiming the land within its limits, eon
forming strictly therein, with the terms
and general laws of this State, and of
Article 2S1 of the Constitution of the State
of Louisiana, as amended.
It is further ordained hv the Police Jury
of the Parish of St. Charles. State of
I/inlsinnn. that Messrs. I!. IL Burehell.
Eraste VM-ine, anti D. A. McKinley, citi
zens of the State of Louisiana, and tax
payers of the St. Charles Drainage District
No. 2, he and tin y are hereby elected to
membership on Ihe Board of Commissioners
for tho said St. Charles Drainage District
Vo. 2, as the three commissioners that the
Police Jury of the Parish of St. Charles.
Louisiana, under the provision of Act 317
of the Legislature of the State of Louisi
ana. for 1010. as amended, is authorized
to appoint, ihe said It. II. Durcheil for a
term of four (4l years, the said Eraste Vld
rine. for a term of two '2) years, and the
said I). A. McKinlev. for n term of two
(2) years, this élection being recommended
by the property holders within the St.
Charles Drainage pi trlct No 2.
It is further ordained hy the Police Jury
of 4he Parish of St. Charles. Louisiana,
that the domicile of tlie Board of Commis
sioners for (lie St. Charles Drainage Dis
trict No. 2. he and the same 1« hereby
fixed at St. diaries Settlement, within tlie
limits of tlie said Drainage District, ns pro
vided hy law. and tint the Board of Com
mission'"s for lhe said St. Charles Drain
age 1 listr'et X". 2. shall hold its first meet
ing at this domicile oil the 20th day of
April, mis. , .
The roll was called on lhe foregoing ordi
nance as follows :
Yea*—Delnune, Pufrene, Elfer and l.orlo (4)
Absent—Mr. P.'ottln.
The ordinance was then declared to have
been adopted.
I hereby certify that the above is a true
copy of an ord'annee adopted by the Polie**
Jury f St. Charles Parish. Louisiana, at
Ltnoli regular session held Tuesday. April 2.
Ibis, at wi.ifh a cue ram was present, and
of the map aftarhi'd to the petition.
Witness ntv s ! :-*v'lmv o*f!cially at Ilahn
ville, La., this April 2. ltd*.
Secretary Police Jury, St. Charles
Parish, La.
(seat.) t
I hereby certlfv that the above and fore
going lias h* • n duly recorded in niv office
; i Morî^'ip 0 Hook No. L M .i. ï<iJio 1 « I'or
.sh ot St. Charles. La.. AÏTKiriN.
Deputy Clerk and Recorder
The Assessment lists of St.
Charles Parish are open for in
spection for a period of Twenty
days as r-quit ed by Law, from
Saturday April 13, «918
R A . Dubroca,
No burial or removal* of nodies
will be allowed unless accompan
ied l » v t burial or removal prrmit
t rom the Local Registrar (Post
master) of said District in which
the neaiii occured as per orders
from The Louisiana N'tatr Board
of Health
N. Zeringue
Sexton Red Chuich Cemetery
Public notice is hereby giveen
that bv virtue of tlie authority vest
ed ir. me by Section 20 of the Po
iice Jury ordinances l will proceed
tosell at public auction at the front
door of the Court house of this
Parislt on Saturday May t8th
191g, at tile hour of 12 o'cloch m.
to the highest ami last bidder lor a
temiuf one year fr*m the 201I1 day
of May 1918
The tight and privilege ot a fer
ry at each of the station named be
Ferry No, 1. From the lower limit
of the Parish to Davis Plantation
right bank, and Modoc Plantation
left bank the ferry station to be
from the Zerir.gtie store, right
bank, to the Rose Plantation left
Feriy No. 2.From Davis planta
tion right bank, to Ashton planta
tion right bank, the ferry station
to be at the store *of L, Cassen &
Bros, right bank to the Destrehan
plar.tction , left bank
Ferry No. 3; From Ashton planta
tion right bank, to Flaggville right
bank, the ferry station to be ai
Flaggville right bank to Ormond
plantation left bank
Ferry No. 4; „From Flaggville
right bank to Jacques Rousselle
right bank, the ferry station to be
at Hahnville right band to pros
pect plantation left bank
Ferry No. 5. From Jacques
Rouble's plantation right bank,
to Killona plantation right bank,
the ferry station to be at the Star
plantation store right bank to the
village of Belletown left bank.
Terms and conditions. Cash on
the spot, in United States Cur
rency, the purchaser to comply
with all regulations of the Police
F. Schexnaydre
Secretary Police Jury,
St Charles Parish, March 28, 1918
List of Jurors drawn to serve at the
session of the 28th., Judicial district
Court in and for tht Parish of St. Char
les. Louisiana, beginning on Monday .the
8th, day
of April 1918, to-wit:
I'etit Jury 2nd week
Monday April 8th 1918
Nicolas Wehre
Luke Troxler
Sylvestre t Vauhert
Walter R. Champagne ,
August Madere
W. A. Brady, Jr.
Frank Roux
Mims Hebert
Richard I'. Madere
Joseph La vergue
John Robert
Wiltz Fred rick
Isidor iJuffense
Achille J. Haydel
J B. Nicln ias
Rudolphe uauthreaux
J. A. Troxler
Antoine Gonzales
L. F. Gaiiinie
John Fletas
John Lauve
Cvril Troxler
Oliver Troxler
Harry Oli'.er
Philip Templet
Ludger Route Jr
A. L. Keller
P. O. Oubre
Walter Bergeron
Kdward Boudreaux
A true copy from the original.
P. \V. Baudouin,
L>v. Clerk of Court
It was moved by Mr. Delaune vV<
and.by M*\ Dufrene, that the fol
low! ng approximated tableau of the
expenses of the Parish of St, Char
les for the current year
end iug
June 30th 1918
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
maintaining prisoners
1 . 5OO. OO
Sheriff's Salary
Sheriff's Deputy Salary
District Attorney's fees
for convictions
5 00.00
Coroners salary,
3OO # 00
Justices of the Peace
i ,800.00
1 ,800.00
Grand, Petit ami Coroner
i ,500.00
Secretary Police Jury,
600 OO
Official Journal
600. OO
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision
2000 OO
Assessor's Clerical Expenes 500.00
Parish Treasurer
7 JO. OO
School Fund
8.500. OO
Expenses Board of
Health for Intentions ano
Contagious diseases
300. oc
Road fund,
1 . 700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stair Uuiver
500. 00
Maintenance of 3 Ben
scholar at tlie State Nor
mal School
600 OO
Syndics Salary
500. 00
Sergeant at arms
loo OO
Salary tor oiling wind
mill 5 : washing tank
Road Supervisors
Election expenses
Parish Auditor
600 .OO
Jefferson Tt ust & Savings
Parish Demonstitor
I hereby certify that tfie above
Tableau was adopted by the Poiice
Jury at the meeting held on the 6
day of Sept. 1917
F. Schexnaydre
Parish of St. Charles Sept. 6, 191
Hunting,^trapping and trespassing
are hereby prohibited on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Cadow
To Bankers:
IV rite Us for Samples ana
' Prices on Our
Cox Ptg. and Pub. Co., Inc,
727 Poydras > Street, New Orleans.
"After four in our family had died
of consumption I was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved and I gainod
87 pounds throng.« itbing
Iw.R Patterson, Wellington, Tex
"Important Notice
No burial into the cemeteries of
the Ho'y Rosary's Church and des
Allemands will be allowed unless ac
companied by a burial permit from
the local Registrar (Post Master
Hahuville & Des Allemands) as per
orders from the Louisiana Stale
Board of Heal;h
W. Parrot Pastor
Vextoti of the said Ccmetries
The next examination for teach
ers* certificates will be ^held at the
Court House April 15, 16, 17,
jwhite) B aud April 18, 19. 20 (ne
J. B. Martin,
CI / ICI A I. ,
Second Congrus*.
Member of Cone*
Eighth Sen; •
State Senator.
District Attorney L. < .
Parish ot St Char
Representative ! ■
Sheriff & Collector L
Chief Deputy, JL
Deputy Sheriff i
Clerk & Recorder, T.T.
Deputy Clerk C.
Coroner j), y
Treasure! \\ m
Assessor \
Registrar j 4 j
Official Journal,jSt. Charit
Justices of the Peac
First Ward \y. 1'. p,
Second Ward A. L
Third Ward ( t
Fourth Ward ,\,
/•ifth Ward p- (>
Con s tables.
r irst Ward
Second Wara
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
•Sei géant at Arms
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth U'atd
P'iftii Watd
Meets , bL t,
L. L.
i* iV
tarn | •;
R Moi
E.. 1 < 2.
:i 1
R. U ci- v
F I.t
School Board.
, .. M. L. Guidj.y>
.First Ware
M-G. Becnel
Second Ward"
M- L. Guidry.
Tfiird Ward.
1 F. Keller
Fourth Wardt
F. J. Dejean*
l'ifth Ward
A.J .SchexitaydVe *
J* a Mart',.', Su '
Lafourche Basin Levee *1
l resident p »
S " r "'"
A. Champagne, Jidgarnl r
Lemann, Donalson vd.> ■ , '
Lorio, Moberly; R. t j(j
A lbemarle; R, lierez *"
Bend; E. G. Swart v . M !" '
Thaggard. Mcdonoghvi/L •
V.eting, Gretna.-J. p P' , . '
Bowie The State Board * Ô * * , '
neers compose the engin»- , , .
partment and the State
is treasurer of the Board *
Regular meeting un
Thursdays of January, / *
and October. Finance ,
Terms of Court
In :ne Parish of Jefferson -
Jury Sessions ,st M, J1I( ,
C vil ' S,r Mundi, >' October
May! •*
Da onu
r,l \ /ul
and ____... itj
In ,1 3n y M ? n(Ja y in Novell be
the Parish of St. Charles
M° ry Seb " ,ons - Monday
ciTI Novembe.
civd Sessions. , st Monday
hebruary an d Monday
Parish or St. John the Ltd ,si !
Jury Sessions. , 5t Monday *
rdvd c n<1 Mo,,t,ay in Ueeernb,
c.v.l Sessions , si Monday
laich jid Monday in July
The best of the food 01
All the experiment* of the
■sent food asports and the «
trainers at Yfcle University,
that cwmI Mtera are the su
sad healthlost. Quaker-Scott»
stands at the head of the list o* ct-r.
foods. It is not only the beet fu*
but it'« the cheapest food on eau
Packed In tins it will kc*|) eweo*
ftseh anjnvbere k*uefieilejf.
St. Charles
it*try Z>u!H'Xt*y
or Tf,*
parish or st tuttaLÄi.
lV»BPBKOC2rr of rîM - u ' : - • '
•ma ou

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