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Not Narcotic
Mineral, »-w . — _ _
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Anise Seed
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Constipation and Diarrhoe
and Feverishness and
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1 Facsimile Si gnature^
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children»
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For Over
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Lucky Meeting.
She—Tee-hee; it seems strange that
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He—Yes, accidents will happen.
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Charles Dickens.
Folks Call It Something
(Copyright, 1917. by tho McClure Newspa
per Syndicate.)
About midafternoon tho Bowser prem
lsos were lnvailed by three or Tour
strenge men. Two of them brought
ladders and the others cans of paint
and jugs of turpentine and oil. Mrs.
Bowser when she had recovered a lit
tle from the invasion tried to make
the men understand that they had
made a big mistake.
"Oh, no, Mrs. Bowser," replied the
leader of the gang. "I have known
Mr. Bowser for three years and I've
boon l»y tills place a thousand times.
There is no mistake here."
"But what is all this stuff for?" she
"It looks as if Mr. Bowser was go
ing to do some painting. He didn't
"Thirty People Gathered in Front of the House."
hire us to do It, hut said that he bad
his own ideas to carry out. If he
hasn't said anything to you he will
probably tell you all about it this eve
ning. He made us promise to have
everything over here before four
o'clock and everything is here. He
can get up at four o'clock in the morn
ing and go right at work."
If Mrs. Bowser had not had a sweet
temper she would have spent the rest
of the afternoon in kicking over
chairs and discharging the cook. Mr.
Bowser hadn't said a word about re
painting the house. He had preserved
the strictest secrecy about the enter
prise. The house did not need re
painting nnd the idea of having him
daubing around for n week or two was
.unbearable. She made no outright
demonstrations, however, but that eve
ning would bring the talk.
Mr. Bowser came home at the usual
time and took a look into the side
yard before entering the house. He
realized that Mrs. Bowser had seen
the outfit and must suspect his evil
design, but he entered the house with
a flourish and did a lot of talking in
the next five minutes. In fact, he did
all the talking during the dinner and
a great deal more than was neces
sary. He was putting the explana
tion off as long as possible, but it had
to come when they reached the fam
ily room.
"Now, then," said Mrs. Bowser, as
6he straightened up and set her Jaw,
"why did you have those men bring
all the things this afternoon?"
"Why, my dear," said Mr. Bowser,
in an oily voice, "I uni going to do
a little painting. Didn't I speuk about
It a week or so ago? This is glorious
weather for outside painting and I
am anxious to be at the work."
"Mr. Bowser, this house does not
need any paint on it," firmly replied
Mrs. Bowser.
"You may not think so, but thou
sands of other people do. I am al
most ashamed to turn at the gate
and look at it. Besides, I have an
other object in view. How long have
we lived in this house?"
"About fifteen years," was the reply.
"And it has been of the same color
ever since. The house is red brick
and the woodwork painted white.
That's tho way most of the houses
on the block are. There is a dread
ful monotony about it. I had ulmost
as soon walk through a cemetery as
along this block."
"Then your object is to change the
color?" queried Mrs. Bowser.
"There shall be a complete change,
my dear. You won't know the place
when I get through with it. You
know what a villa is, don't you?
Well, there is not a villa within half
a mile of us. I am going to make one
of our house."
"Are you going to get a bunch of
carpenters up here to tear this house
all to pieces?" was demanded.
"Oh, no, no. There will be no car
penters and there will he no other
painters beside myself. I shall make
a villa, of it by the way I paint it
and thousands of people will stop to
Mr. Bowser was up long before tho !
sun next morning ami getting a milk j
man to help him raise the longost lad- ■
der he mounted to the roof ami made ;
a closer inspection. While ho was do- j
ing this a painter brought a sign about !
ten feet long and hung it on the fence. ,
It read: "The Bowser Villa."
During breakfast Mrs. Bowser was
very quiet and Mr. Bowser was in ;
too much of a hurry to do any talk- j
ing. As soon as he had finished he {
began carrying ills material to the roof j
and in a little while he was ready to !
begin Ills hard work. The cap, or top J
of the chimney for u foot downward, i
was painted a dark blue. Then fol- !
lowed a strip of red and a strip of
green came next to it. Then there
was more dark blue down to the shin
gles. Mr. Bowser came down the lad
der and surveyed the house from the
sidewajk. His art work was just boss ;
no landscape painter could have i
equaled it. The sign on the fence was |
simply magnificent. The half a dozen !
people who passed and repassed Mr. j
Bowser didn't utter a word of praise. !
In fact, some of them sniggered with
contempt. This was scarcely noticed !
by the great painter, and he went hack
to his work highly elated. The stripes
on tin* opposite chimney were revrsed. j
Instead of beginning witii dark blue lie !
began with red. Just as lie had fin
! ished and was about to take another
! survey a man came along and pro
duced a piece of chalk from his pocket
and made the sign read, "The Bowser
Villain." Then he called up:
"Hello, old man. is the villain at j
"What do you mean, sir?" demanded j
Mr. Bowser.
"I want to wring his neek for him
for setting up a barber shop on this
Mr. Bowser hastened down the lad
der, but the man moved on, but an
other man replaced him, and they kept
coming und halting until thirty people
were gathered in front of the house.
They took Mr. Bowser for a house
painter, and he had to listen to such
remarks as:
"Why, the man must be a fool !"
"What donkey lives here, any
"Is it going to be a barber shop
or a Coney Island pop-corn foun
dry ?"
"Villa! Villa! Why. it looks more
like a chicken coop! There ought to
"Mr. Bow&er Was Up Long Before the
be a committee formed to give the
idiot notice that we can't put up with
such a thing on this street. It will re
duce the price of real estate 25 per
Mr. Bowser went up the ladder and
began on the third chimney, but his
heart was not In his work. After the
four stones, thrown by unseen hands,
had landed on the roof near him, he
carried his material down to tho
ground and entered the house, and,
without a word to Mrs. Bowser, who
sat weeping, he changed into his busi
ness suit and left the house. An hour
later three painters were at work wip
ing the first paint off the chimneys and
repainting them the original color.
Two hoys took away the sign hanging
on the fence and nailed it over a stable
door, and the incident was closed—all
but the damage to Mr. Bowser's feel
ings. He had set out to beautify the
street, and the people wouldn't have
it. He wanted a villa, but the public
wouldn't stand for it. He wnntod to
do some art work that should live after
him. and he had been abused as if he
had stolen a whole flock of sheep.
Peruna Relieved
My Cough
Mrs. Gertie Ebhardt, 219 East First
St., Kewanee, Illinois, writes:
"I have taken sir bottles of your
Peruna for a cough, and I am ail
well. I went over to see a neigh
bor one day and I had a terrible
cough and my eyes were sore. She
pave me half a bottlo of Peruna last
November, and It did me so much
pood that I bought a bottle, and then
when I had finished that I got an
other, and so on until I have taken
almost sir bottles and I fool like a
now woman. I am fifty-nine years
I Feel as
I Did
Years Ago.
Old, and Since I have taken the Pe
runo. I fed ns I did twenty years
ago I will alwaya keep Peruna in
my house." ____ _
Those who object to liquid medi
cines can secure Peruna tablets.
ft is always a terror to old people and a menace at some time or" n ° , u( j er j ng
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stood the test of time — easy and safe to
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Leading cattlemen use it exclusively and
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Virgin of Fate.
"When I began business," said the
plutocrat wearily, "I made a solemn
vow that when I had made an even
million I would quit."
"But you've made that many times
over," said the other man, "and still
you are accumulating."
"That's the curse of it. Whenever 1
think I've made an even million I find
on figuring it up it's either a little
mon* or a little less, and I've got to
renew* the heartrending struggle."
And the unfortunate man sighed heav
Kentucky Lady Says Two Bottles
of Cardui Surprised Her by
Acting So Quickly.
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this place, writes: "I can't praise Car
dui too much, for It is a wonderful
medicine for women.
Eight years ago, I began to feel not
quite so well ns usual ... I was
not able to do anything. It seemed
like I was dwindling away, and kept
getting more puny every day. I was
weak nnd pale and could not stand on
my feet long ... I had no doctor
but I knew by my feelings that I bad
womanly weakness. , ;
After I decided to try Cardui, I
bought one bottle. It seemed us If the
very first few doses began to help me. I
was surprised that anything could be
gin to act so quickly. But it helped
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After I finished thut first bottle, I
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Now I am as well and as strong and
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Try Cardui todnv.—Adv. '
Protested Proverb.
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people who mind their own business.—
Boston Transcript.
but like counterfeit money the imita
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land's waterfalls.
"Blue" and Worried!
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bles. Often it is merely faulty kidney
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ed proofs that the kidneys need help.
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A Mississippi Case
Mrs. Annie Henley, "btrj Ptetare Tells i Ststy"
1339 8. Gallatin St., '
Jackson, Miss., says:
"I had awful pains
in my back and loins
when I did ray iron
ing and I could hard
ly stand up wtien
tney came on. I felt
sore all over and It
hurt me every time
I moved. My kid
neys. I knew were
disordered by the
way they acted. A
neighbor told ms
about Doan's Kidney
Pills. I used them
and In a short time
my kidneys were all right. I have told
many people about my cure."
Gat Doan'« at Any Ster». Mo a Boa
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talnad lijr the uta of an? <*lh»r in«t»ar«Mmi.
Waadarful Rttulti fr< Ml ft left ft|>,ill. .Hull.
Akeelately harmU»«, mala ul |uu. ,.,„t.i,i.
ells. Kftdorud ky kunSretla (aau t.iy inn.
do«« much.
Substitut« "" M
■t y»ur
If your drossln «111 u..i •*« ••«.!, ru.
you. «aid Ulniri to uiftaiifftulu*« ft.i. .«— ..».i
kUaiskla, I .au
A lulU* t«« ••*»« ktl.H a t
f'ov ksst-^isi« i -L. .mi 4
DMulr»«('jl«» a.. F.J.JU.U
a—4 at I«»
I breath. Narar tiaa.it ../ Ik ■...f*,, J. ...
y Try Ik Trial ti.atu..ftt a.l rkiak L. —.11
'WrtutoD*. THOMAS a i.riin
km* ms#.. Baa SO. WMi.whb.m. a,
W. N. U., MEMPtilb, NU 10 Ituo

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