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le sun with
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Vision for a moment those far off ports
beyond the trackless seas—
From Arctic ice, to the torrid lands
beneath the Southern Cross—
From towns tucked in the mountains, to
the busy river's mouthy
WRIGIEYS is there!
There, because men find
comfort and refreshment
in its continued use.
Because of its benefits
and because
The Flavor
After every
Proverbial Wisdom.
Old Stuff.
'Who breaks, pays."
"He's always talking about his fam
'That shows you don't know any
ily tree."
ng about being broke."
"Yes, it's a chestnut."
It Cost the Average Family
Less Than 10c Per Week
for Packer's Profit in 1917.
The Meat Bill is one of the
large items in the family
less than 10 cents per week of it
goes to the packer in profits.
In converting live stock into
meat and getting it into the hands of
the retail dealer, the packer performs
a complex and essential service with
the maximum of efficiency.
The above statement is based on
Swift & Company's 1917 figures
and Federal Census data :
Swift & Company's total output -
(Me.« .ndby-product.) . 5,570,000,000 Pounds
Swift & Company's total Profit
bwm« _ K _ . $34,650,000.00
Profit per pound - $.0062
TT S Meat Consumption ■
u * _ . . 170 pounds per person per year
170 pounds at $.0062 = $1.05 per person per year
erh#» average family 4V& persons
The aver b ^ _ $4 72 per family per year
1918 year *ook of interesting and
instructive Vact9 sent on request.
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois
Swift & Company
U. s. A.
rvV, 42 ,
Subject Is Engaging the Attention of
Town Authorities in all Sections
of the Country.
In many eastern cities, where the
winters are most severe, the park
officials maintain feeding stations for
wild birds. Even as far up in "the
frozen north" as Minneapolis a num
ber of such winter feeding places are
found in every park of their extensive
system. Theodore Wirtli, the super
intendent of parks, says: "We have
a long severe winter and tind it neces
sary to feed birds regularly every day
for months if we are to hohl them in
our parks for tin* summer. We have
also built and placed a large number
of nesting boxes or bird houses which j
are well populated. We protect birds j
in^ every possible way and the local j
Audubon society is doing excellent .
work. A good many l-inds of birds :
winch were rartly soon here a few
years ago are now found in large rima- |
tiers, and many which formerly b-fr in '
the fall now stay with us over winter." j
We have, in many parks, sutti aient i
shrubbery for cover, we are not tmu- j
tiled much with cats, vet park tnen
should be required to kill all found
within the several larger parks and to j
keep none except a single cat in each i
storehouse. Encouragement should be
given in every way to the increase of
native birds and those of bright plum
age and sweet song from other hands
should tie introduced. The country,
not the city, should perform the office
of introduction of new kinds. In a
climate so mild as ours there should he
a thousand-fold as many birds as we
now have and the parks should be
filled with them.—Los Angeles Times.
National Health, as Well as Conserva
tion and Patriotism, Demand
Planting of Many This Season.
The home garden this coming season
will mean more than it did last year
or ever before. It is not only a means
of national conservation and patrio
tism; a measure of national health
lies within it. The man who can and
who fails to put in a home garden
next spring will be a slacker. T he
government stands ready to help i*
the garden, and government bulletins
on garden subjects may be obtained by
writing to the Division of Publications,
Department of Agriculture, Washing
ton, D. C., for a list of publications
available for distribution. Many of
the state agricultural colleges, too,
have garden bulletins for free distri
Sometimes, in many states of the
Union, there is a chance to plow the
garden early. When that chance
comes the garden should be manured
and plowed. Barnyard manure is a
source of weed seeding. Dut it is the
most satisfactory fertilizer usually ob
tainable. A spot four or five feet
square should be selected at the low
est, wettest spot in the garden for a
compost pile or pit, if not too much
trouble to dig a shallow pit. Into this
lilt throw all grass cuttings, leaves,
vegetable tops and pea vines and to
mato plants. They rot in a year or
two and form a valuable source of
humus for the garden soil.—Country
Public Building Architecture.
It is an unfortunate circumstance
that the concept of "architecture," to
most persons, is limited to libraries,
art galleries and other public build
ings. These they feel, are "architec
ture;" and "architecture," to fulfill the
most popular conception of it, must
have Greek columns, and be executed
in stone, on a scale more or less grand,
and at an expenditure of equally con
spicuous scale.
So far as this general popular esti
mate goes, it is an excellent and high
ly desirable thing. The people of
every town and city, the people even
of every village, should be keenly In
terested In the architectural merit of
every public building which is being
erected with city funds. They should
demand the highest order of archi
tectural merit and should come to
learn some intelligent discrimination
between architectural merit and fi
nancial expenditure. The library, for
example, in a neighboring town may
have cost several thousand dollars
more to build than the library in one's
own town, hut it may not he neces
sarily better architecturally.— Ex
Trees Must Have Room.
In order to insure symmetry of
growth, trees must be allowed unre
stricted area for development. At
least 40 feet should be allowed be
tween trees intended to occupy the
ground permanently. Quick-growing
temporary trees may he planted be
tween the long-lived ones to produce
immediate results, hut those should
be removed as soon as they interfere
with the development of the perman
ent plantations .
"Tommy, hound Siberia."
"Can't be done."
"Why not?"
"The geography particularly speak?
®f the boundless plains of Siberia."
l plf o
fia v# l 'il
Calomel Salivates! It Makes You Sick and You Loss a Day's Work —Dodson's
Liver Tone Acts Better Than Calomel and Is Harmless for
Men, Warnen, Children—Read Guarantee!
Every <1 rtiprpst here, vest your drr.qci-t and
everybody's druggist has noticed a g refit iaüing
off in the sale of calomel. 1 hey ah g the
same reason. Dodson s Liver lone is taking its
"Calomel is dangerous and people know it, while
Dodson's Liver Tone is safe and gives i fier n
sults," said a prominent local druggist. Dm! uL
Liver Tone is personally guaranteed by every
druggist. A large family-sized bottle bu: a
few cents and if vou find it doesn t take Lie ] '
of dangerous, salivating calomel you have only to
ask for vour money back.
«"Dodson's Liver Tone is a pleasant-tastmg, pun
!v vegetable remedy, harmless to both childn-n
and adults. Take a spoonful at night and wake tip
feeiing fine, no sick headache, biliousness, ague,
"You May Have Seen This."
The woman was so ehh-riy the pas
sengers concluded the child she carried
must be lier grandchild. Anyhow, sie*
was elderly enough that without her
burden, she should have been entitled
to a seat in the car. But the seats
were already taken, mostly by women.
It happened that the strap the old
woman elected to cling to hung di
rectly over the head of a young man in
olive drab, busily engaged in conversa- ■
tion with a young woman. Block after
block the ear ambled on, and from time
to time the old woman shifted the child j
to the other arm and clung to the j
strap with the other hand. Block after j
Mock, and still the soldier sut. "At |
tills point," says our gentlemanly in- |
formant, "we arrived at my corner, j
and then the old lady got a seat."-- j
Kansas City Star.
You naturally feel secure when you
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Fuch a medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, strength
and excellence is maintained in every
bottle of Swamp-Root.
Swamp-Root is scientifically compound
ed from vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
teaspoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
According to verified testimony it is
nature's great helper in relieving and over
coming kidney, liver and bladder trou
A sworn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
If you need a medicine, you should have
the best.
If you are already convinced that
Swamp-Root is what you need, you will
find it on 6ale at all drug stores in bottles
of two sizes, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
great preparation send ten cents^ to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Adv.
An Impossibility.
"Here's a woman wants to be di
vorced because her husband is too per
"Well, do you suppose any woman
could he happy with a husband who
never gave her a chance to find
Pimply Rashy Skins
Quickly soothed and healed by Cutl- 1
cura often when all else fails. The
Soap to cleanse and purify, the Olnt- j
ment to soothe and heal. For free i
samples address, "Cutlcura, Dept. X, ]
Boston." At druggists and by mall, j
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.
More Children In Court.
The annual report of the children's j
court of New York city shows that
14,519 children came before the court
last year, an Increase of 2,094 over the
previous year.
How's This ?
We offer $100.00 for any case of catarrh |
that cannot be cured by HALL'S ;
en internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces cf the System.
Sold by druggists for over forty yeai
Price 75c. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
When a man tells a woman that he
understands women he is at once
classified as an easy mark.
"Femenina" is the wonder worker for ail
female disorders. Price ft .oo and 50c. Adv.
He who goes in for taking things
easy will be most sure to come out
getting it pretty hard.
You never can know how »uperlor to other
preparations Dr Peery's "Dead Shot" Is un
til you have tried it once. A single dose
cleans out Worms or Tapeworm. Adv.
Judge not a ship as she iie'.h on the
Blocks—there wiL' probably be a strike.

A Hoodoo.
"I suppose you place a hot occasion
ally on the ponies?" said the spectator
who was willing to lose a few dollars
just for the fun of the thing.
"Oh, yes," replied the taun who was
wearing a purple vest.
"How about this horse, Isabel, en
tered in the second race?"
"I wouldn't bet on that horse if she
were a hundred-to-one shot. I'm pay
ing alimony to a woman whose first
name is Isabel."—Birmingham Age*
Why use ordinary cough remedies,
when Boschee's German Syrup has
been used so successfully for fifty-one
years in all parts of the United
States for coughs, bronchitis, colds
settled in the throat, especially lung
troubles. It gives the patient a good
night's rest, free from coughing, with
easy expectoration in the morning,
gives nature a chance to soothe the
inflamed parts, throw off the disease,
helping the patient to regain his
health. Made in America and sold for
more than half a century.—Adv.
"Jack seems very melancholy lat<
ly. Has he loved and lost?"
"No. I understand he loved and
so on first symptoms use "Renovine"
and be cured. Delay and pay the awful
penalty. "Renovine" Is the heart's
remedy. Price $1.00 and 50c.—Adv.
"Can you tell me on what lines
trains of thought run?"
"Certainly ; on head lines."
Franklin Blackleg Vaccine
Made by Dr. O. M. Franklin, the Originator
This seal is onr word of honor and your
protection. If It Is not on the label of
every bottle don't use It. Only the orlgl
nal carries this signature.
Holds the record of immunising more than»
Half Million Calve» against Blackleg
— only one handling of each calf —has
stood the test of time — easy and safe to
use — cannot give the disease to calves or
spread it in pastures.
Leading cattlemen use it exclusively and
recommend it to their friends — asi; any
of them or write to the nearest office for
references and free Booklet on Blaekle".
Stop it or you never can keep well. If you wake with a bad taate in the
mouth, coated tongue, perhaps headache, your liver ia torpid. A torpid liver
derange» the whole cystem, produces dyspepsia, coativenes» and pile*. There
ia no better remedy for the»e disorders than DR. TUTUS LIVER P il l c
Try them ju»t once and be eternally convinced. For sale by all druggist*.
Dr. tuti's Liver Pills
ING TONIC. Sold by All Drug Stores.
Vinrc mm
Puts ? ..
Stop to all
And prevents others having the disease no matt*
exposed. 50 cents and «1 a bottle. #5 and «10 a dome«
bottlea. All good druggists and turf goods houses.
Spohn Medical Co., Manufacturers, Goshen, Ind,,U.S.A.
sour stomach or c! g
Tone doesn t gripe or
dav like calomel.
Take a dose of c
you will feel sick,
lose a day's work !
Dodson's Liver 1
You'll know it
wake tip with your he . !
bowels clean, breath sw
You will feel cheerful ai: :
for a hard day's work.
You can eat anything
of salivating yourself or y<
Get a bottle of Dodson'
•c! mv guarantee. You 11 tu
na ty, dangerous calomel in
D id
Soap Savers.
Soap Savers.
More use Annual i. r r a.n mtifc
water when prn.-urah: • and nurd wa
ter may he s<.ft«-ne-i i, y boiling it and
tt.111 leaving it exp«», -1 to the air out
of doors for a \%hlie. The «-ffeet of
these precautions will he good for th»
skin and thrifty in soap usage.
By the simple practice of drying
soap before using it a large saving
will he effected. The bars or tablets
may be placed In an airing cupboard
for a few days, or anywhere in mod
erate heat, piled not one bar on an
other, but with space between.
Now 1« the Tic* te Get Rid of Thete Ugly Spot*
Thori's no longer the slightest need of
feeling ashamed your freckles as thr pro
scription othlne—double strength :s guar
ant.-d to remove th-se homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of oth-.c -doubl*
strength—fr- m your druggist, und apply a.
little of it night and morning and you should
sot-n see that even the worst fr-ekl-s hav*
begun to disappear, while the lighter one»
have vanished entirely. It Is seldom that
more than one ounce Is needed to i-c ipletely
clear the skin and gain a beautiful clear
complexion. *
Be sure- to ask for the double str- ng!h eth
lne, as this is sold under guarantee o! mar.«»
back if it falls to remove freckhs—Adv.
Next Question.
"I have just completed my farewell
' And did you fare well?"
Better All.
Jm.e—So that is his better half?
June—Yes, and 40 per celt of the
T,- G j d . he ?'L h depends upon good dgestloa.
Wrights Indian Vegetable Pills e«tguard
V - r digestion and your health. Talc a»
w.il as purgative. Adv.
He who knows nothing
reads all the war news.

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