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M. 45 B.aimviile, Louisiana,
JULY, .......... ~~
fj ^
yj. CFA R/.h à HERALD
Publthea ai Hahnviiu LaP
Jtvery Saturday
q lit et a formal of the Parish
0 i SL Charles
f. C. hiche
Edit r
T,mis Subscription $3.00 a yea r
hnter ei
[( the Postoffice at Hahnvil f
as second ciass matter
SA W RD A Y July 3 7
lestions »Hindu»' .iilatortba"
HsTusdny evening. will Ul OTTun.H.D
«hur ijowlnn • ..
f --«coiiiinüincaUons must be wr tten on
of the piper
,«.ie mil name and address of «ne "»
(KÄVfjSSi !
Z 'Lnrtier. in *<uc)i cases a char K B
* quart will be made.
Hint Iute vatln* loci uema ar«*e
W tyiolf-ued.
*V' ult 1 V;,''ToUuK to** ou^fng'goods
; /w tuen carde in tula paper;_
jjiiiliHhetl 1 ebruary 15 187i{
.».*• -ich . . jmo.oo
,)m» î " ae v eiVlt ' «o.oo
U-naii cotnuin *»•>« year 36.00
LnH.ie:coln,..u:.neV«** _ I0i00
Ulsi-nont- Mibacriptlon*
(«.•tiKieluviul Il-ivln ad*ance
tnsh Stipeiintendents and Mem
bers ot Parish School Eoatds
.•ntlemen :
The pu lie schools are interest
'd in the following proposed Con
•titution .1 Amendments which
tv er- passe I by the Legislstu e of
. 9-8 and will be su run t'ed for rat
plication or rej etion by the voters
ot the >t it in November Contres
si anal elecoon 1 cannot lj?t these
proposed ..niendmrnis bv numbers
as the sec etaiy ot »State is not
now in post ion to assign to ih m
the numoerv bv wh ch they w-)l be
designated on the tickets
t. The Easiham Amendment.
This amendment reduces the ta e
ol taxation in the parishes by hall
The ten mills parish tax o\ei
w hich the î o'.ice Jury has control
is re luce i t • five mills, and the
c »nsitutional school tax r .of ihrve
mills is reduced to a mill and a
half. Ln/olher words, the bill pro
vides for a special -ax of three and
a half m Us tor general purposes
a..d a m II and a half tor school
purposes. It is assumed that the
a i-essinent will repiesent the cash
value of the property. Tins bill
w.ll leave the palish school finan
c s where they are now, prov ded
me ii'Ses-ment is n >w at fi tv per
cent of the value, The bi 1 pr vides
for a State tax t f tin e mills, the
schools not to share in this mill
age. Should the Ham ey Amend
ment (discussed i * the next para
gtaph) î ai> of r oiflcati n, the state
tax will be placed at four mills,
O..C mill ol which will be devoted
to v no d I u î poses ».The Eastham
t ill î educes the r».te of ab specia.
m ontenance taxes by half, and
provides m the case of bond issues
that just enough moueA shall be
collected from year to year to r.
tire maturing bonds and P'Y inte r
est. The purpose ot the amend
ment is to give die State a mo e
scientific sys em of assessment.' &
especially to represent th; State as
b»ing rich in resources and having
4 low tax ' ate. instead of die pr -
sent 'system of advertising the
State to the outside woild as po -
sessing ow values and high *ax
iate. While this amendment, if ra
lifted will probably yield the
schools but Ht t'f* more money than j
they now lereive. vet the schools!
are vitally interested 'n it on ac
count of it-' providing for a s'S
tem of assessments requiring tlie
assessment to equal approximately
the real value < f the property. The
friends of public education sh u!d
support this amendment a-, entlius
'astically as the two amendments
iisted below
2. The Hartley Antcdment.
This proposed amendment provid
es tor a State School tax of one &
a half mills'(on a hundied per
cent assessment). On present val
ues, this amendment would yield
approximated two and quarter
million dollars, which would be
would " teive ,mm
, !y
distributed to the parishes on .he
basis of the school population. You
can arrive approximately at the a
mount of money that your p irish
this arnead
m 'at by doubling the t <te school
funds which you received last ses
sion. The amendment wa^nropo
se i on the theory that the wealth
ier centers of the state should con
ti ibute materially to the education
of all the children of the suite. No
thoughful pcson wdl queuion the
soundness of this principle
The Bryne Amendment."This
proposed amendment provides lor
a parish tax of one and a half mil s
in each of the country parishes &
two and three-lourths mills in Or
leans parish, It is as>unied that
the assessment in the various par
ishes will go approximately one
bundled percent of the values
(continued to next issue) ^
Hogs are mentioned by the United j
SfSrTïa. nmd» Mt "im tt.d j
to win the war. _ 1
Fats are very essential at the P«« j
ent time, and will continue to be ab
tor the war has been brought to
rtoae, «»4 «.«• » "
more abundant producer of fats tha
the hog. Consequently it Is extreme
ÏÎ urgent that hogs be conserved and
a greatly Increased pr^uction of them
B Thif can be accomplished in great
- K, hn. raisers retaining their j
riding sows and their young pigs,
breeding . . . *1.. «r»«.
Prices for hogs are high at the pri
ent time, and there Is great tempta
tion for the farmers to dispose of them
for slaughter, irrespective of »ex.
weight, age or condition, on ^at ac
count, evidently overlooking the far
that prices will remain high, not only
during the period of the war but for
some time after peace has been de
^No^doubt there may be exceptional
instances where fanners miiy be ln
immediate need of money from the
pale of their hogs; but where such is
not the case, the Indiscriminate dis- j
posai of their stock. for v tem ^ I 7
gain only, and especially where feed
plentiful, is only lessening their
chancos for future profit by decreasing
the number of their breeding animals,
and falling to get the OU benefit from
their pigs which they would do if they
K P pt them until they had gained great
er weight, and. therefore, worth more
money on the market.
Under ordinary conditions, it wou d |
seem the better part of wisdom to get ,
rid of the old and unprofitable sows, |
while retaining the younger, vigorous ;
animals for breeding stock to increase
STherd.: but tt un.tse todl,
nose of the young stuff for slaughter
that are under 100 pounds weight at
leaBt - ». ..
By adopting some such method as
that suggested, a greatly increased
production of hogs could be secured,
and. necessarily, more hog products,
including fats, which are so urgently
needed at the present time— W. H.
Dalrymple, Department of Veterinary
Science, Louisiana State University.
Carbon Bisulphide. Properly Used,
Will Kill the V/eev!i anu Save
the Corn.
The rice weevil, commonly called
the black weevil, does the greatest
damage to corn. This insect will at
tack the corn in the field, consequent
, !y one must use measures that will re
due* ««h damage. The only method
A# n >T<nn no fl a. ! (1 VO VPlTP« 1« Î .1
of lessening the field r-n vages is to
field-select the seed corn In order *o )
be sure of getting ears with tight
shuck coverings. The ends of tb<' ears
should be especially well covered as
this also reduces the damage of the
corn ear or cotton boll worm. Field
Infested corn should be harvested
earlier than other corn. By pulling It
with the shuck on many of the wee
vils may be removed. Such corn can
be fed very early or It may be placed
(after shucking) In a very tight bin
and treated with carbon bisulphide
to kill the weevils.
Carbon bisulphide is a liquid which
passes into a gas very quickly after
exposure. The gas is inflammable, so
keep lights and fires away. It is heav
ier than air, hence if shallow dishes
containing the liquid are set upon the
corn the gas formed will pass down
through the corn. It is necessary that
the gas come in direct contact with
the weevils for at least 45 minutes to
kill them. This makes It necessary
to use one pound of carbon bisulphide
for every 100 cubic feet of space In »
tight bin, but if It Is slightly open the
amount to use should be two and one
half to three times as much. This
fumigating should be done on a warm,
still day, as the weevil begins to hi
bernate at a temperature slightly
below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. All
buildings so treated should be well
ventilated 24 to 48 hours after fumiga
tlou. There is no dagger of injuring
the germination of the corn, provid
ed It is dry, even by using still great
er amounts than mentioned above.—
A. F. Kidder, Professor of Agronomy,
Louisiana State University.
Many Raanon. W.yjhl. Prac.lc.
UOTU —......— — --- -
a widespread sale, for market, of
young hens and pulled. Therefore, It
j 9 neC f. S sary to conserve stock now,
or else the shortage may interfere se
riously with the production program.
In view of the stock shortage, to kill
a good hen now Is to reduce the po
tential egg production next year any
where from five to twelve dozen eggs.
Every hatching In the spring will
increase the number and size of fowls
and the number of eggs produced next
year. It will result In bigger birds,
and bi»-ds that will lay in the winter
Every farmer Is urged to start the
Early hatching next spring is necea
•ary if the desired Increase in produc
tion of poultry is attained. It is also
necessary, during the winter, that
farmers save young hens and pullets,
so they will be on hand for stock in
the spring. The stock of poultry has
been reduced considerably this fall by
hatching season earlier than usual
next year, either by incubation or
natural methods, if the hens will sit
The chickens first hatched in the
spring are the ones that are largest
in the summer, that mature first In
the fall, and that lav eggs In the win
ter. Furthermore, they are the ones
that will want to sit early the follov;
tag spring, wh.-n, ii t 1 a, a •
| earlier raickens an K '
, w ni continue -u > p nom aiq. c c •
| P ns hatched late m th> sp.mg do not
; mature until so late In the fa 1 that
they wIF not become winter layers^
| n-y will rot .It ur till««. tb. uovl
spring, an. 0 »-no ' ■ '
jnajuring^ g press bulletin PS *
1S P ' '
The best possible me; ns of increas
ing the meat supply would be to ln
yri'KTAi. \ i tVhR TIM-31 KNT
Stat of Lou.seine., 28th. Judicial r»i»trict
Lours, I'm -h of St. Cliarl.-s
XI > sis
11 Y. Lot tarn IT . Ltd. vs William Onto
Bv . irt'j'- of a vv it of sei/ttr. and safe
issued out of the Honorai)!. 28th Ju<k
dal District Court of the State of Louis
iana in and for tin I'nrish of St. Charle
, die aliovc vi't'th d and »..inhered ea-
war in g the -la*, -f July SM, 191S. to un
directed 1 sh: 11 pri wed to sell at public
.u -lion without appraisement to the last
and highest biddet at the h out door of
the Court Mouse on Saturday August
A 1st 191S at 11 oVloel, A. M , the follow
ii-v; discrVvi pr<q>ert' to-wit -
A certain lot of ground situated in th.
v il läge of P tradis in the Parish <>i >t
Charles in asering One h.umired and
f-ft\ f-et front on the east end of rewrea
No. 2. Bv a depth of tvo him 'red
aim twente feet more or less, between
Fonda and Broadway Streets, said lot (
heir g ! .oil tided < n the east by propel tv ,
of Aion/o Pitre Sr. and on the west by j
thaï of II. C. Snell acquired by the said j
William Cadow by pure ,ase from I. 1'.
1 link on the l: tli ii..y of jiteniher 1"1 1 j
Terms and conditions cash on the spot
I.toll C Vial
.sheriff, Pari -h of St Charles
Sheriff's Office, Part h of St. CharK
Julv Jsth 191S
Twc-i.ty- Eighth Ju l i.tl Huriet Court
Parish"of St. Charles State of Louisiana
Succession of Mrs. Alerte Po!ymm_ Fnl
oux widow of Rosemoud IroxlerJ
Whereas. Mrs. Joseplut Trox 1er, wife
of tosejih Clement Ttielte has petitioned
this Honorable Court for letters of ad
ministration on the estate of the late
Mrs. Marie Polymnie 1 riloux, widow of
Rosemoud Trox 1er deceased, intestate,
Xoti< ■ i hereby g:\en to all whom it
may co.ic, rn to show cause within ten
(lavs, any the prayer <>f said Airs. Jose
ph» Arc 1er. wife of Joseph Clement
Triche petitioner, should not be grant d
]> ,,.iler of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, ClerV.
Clerk's Office, I'arish of St. Charles.
July ISth, 191 X
Xo, 529
Twentv-Kighth Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Cliarh-s, State ol Louisiana
Succession of A. V • Caillet
Notice is hereby given to the creditors
of this estate aud io all other persons
herein interested to show „cause within
tell 1 lavs from the pres» nt notification
(if am" they have or can,) why the sup
plemental account presenten b\ t Ar
mand Caillet, administrator should not be
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in accordance therewith
Bv order of the Court
I T. Baudouin, Clerk
Clerk's Office. Parish of St, Charles,
July lxth, 1918
Prentice K. F.diingUin Jr
Bu tiding
No burial or removal ot nndies
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial or removal premit
from the Local Registrar (r'ost
master) of said District in whicu
the dea'h occured as per orders
from 7 'he Louisiana Xtate Board
of Health
N. /ftriugue
Sexton Reu Ciiuich Cemete y
'crease the number of hogs on every
j farm. r or the average small farmer
j ^ noultrv ofier the most effec
an(l of iu ,^; n? the meat out
^ anv time jn the near future
V , nln £or increased hog pro
j u ,' 0 „, d not bo for.o.Yu
. t^at in order to do this orolitably
1 therè must he \mp!e food supply to
keep them in ft >oci condition. It ha*
[ been found by frequent demonstra
lions that the c : t apest way to produce
j pork is by furnishing a rotation of
, good pasture ci .jps.
1 Write to the Experiment Station.
Louisiana Stat: University, for plans ,
I of crop rot ati- is T<r hogs that hav«
given '»he best results.
It w
iiiHivtu i y Mr. D e I p u n c
2nd i>v Mr. Dut reite, that the t\>l
lowi- gapp.ox.mated tableau »! i f
expenses of the Parish o M. ( tat j
les for the current veai -mkIimv j
I une joth t o i S
Sheriff's lees tu Criminal
$500.00 j
r. 500.00
, 5.10.0. -
.001 - .OC
5'>0,00 1
, Sco.
. Soi ).
no t
maintaining pi isouers
Sheriffs Sala 1 y
Siieriff's Deputy Salary
Distiie' AltoriM-y's lees
for »:»>ii v ud ions
Cot one. s saiai y,
j ustn es ot t 'ie Peace
^ Constables
(ira ml, Petit and Coroner j
jury ..soo.ooj
Secretary Police Jm v, o.»o 00 I
Officiai jonrn 1! boo.oo
Piesuleul Do.ii»l o. He.i i I h, joo. 00
Assessor's < ont m ' - - ,,uu ou
Assessor's Cieric.tl Expenes 500.00
Pansa Tieasuier 1 jo.os,
Scno»)l build 0.5 jo. 00
Expenses Board ot
Health 01 luteciiona anu
Contagious diseases
KOil'd tuud, 1.700.00
Maiiuenance »>i 2 t'en
Cadets at n. Sl.ue Dnivei
Mainte nance ot 3 Be a
scnolai at tin -'state Mji-
mal Sclioo'
-syndics Salary
Sergeant al ai ms
Salai y loi oiling vvtnd
tmil X wasltmg tank
Road Supervisors
Election expenses
Parish Auditoi
jelferson l > nsl »X. Savings
Pa isl. DenionsU tor
roo Oo
l 600,0c
600 00
' !
S 000 00
0 jo. 00
I heicby cei ti!\ •
i'aüieau was adopte
ÿ, j 1600.'
nat the anove
,i by tii0 foi ce
Jury at the meeting acid on U.e b
day ol sept. i>j '7
E. Schexnaydrr
Sec retary
Pai is li of St. Charles Sept, n 19* 7
Notice! *
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
are hereby pro»ibi»ed on proper
ties of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cadow
To Bankers:
11 'rite Us for Samples
" Prices on Our
bank checks
Cox P'.g. and Pun. Co , Inc.
727 Poydras Street, New Orleans.
1 "After four in our family had died t
j of consumption 1 was taken wit*" A
4 a frightful cough and lung trouble,
j hut my lift) was saved and I gained
2 87 pounds throug.t using
^Y.R Patterson. Wellington, Tex t
88 ICt A9C a-i $».00 AT ALL 0RUGGL S J
----w u m a ursTom fi
^Important Not ce
No butial into the cemeteries of
the H'j'y Rosarv's Church and des
Allemands will be allowed tinless ac
compatiied by a Initial permit fiom
the local Registrar (Post Master
Hafinvi le & Des Allemands) as per
orders from ihe l.ouistau«« State
Board of Healt h
YV. Parrot Pastor
Sexton of the ^ald Ccmetries
The next examination tor teach
» rs'certificates wilt be hci»l at rite
Cour. House July 29, 3 '> 3 1 '
jwlnte) and August i,? 3 (" e_
g ru )
I ,B."Martin,
. . . ,,
'eiun i CotieressiotiuI t'
Member <>f cJnçress H.G Hi
|-,„hi h Senatorial Dit-.u»
1 ^ L
Ud l>
I.E FI u v'
District Attorney L.P.Rivaue
Parish ol St
Kepi esentativ e
Sheriff »N Collector
duel Deputy,
Deputy Sheri ft
Clerk »S Recorder,
!)epu t v C let k
Cfficial 1
■ Des.
J ( I'rtnick:
L.C Ytfll
' j D. !<». -
R V'udr r
.T.P« dm n
l A • at. <
\ . I Ills- T -
' Y m . ' u- s . n
>; ,\ ! t t t-t .
'1 p.
L c.
OUI .ta I, St C ha I , ! it
Justices of t ne Pe; »
First Wat u W. r. P. u -
Second Ward A. B. Mon
Third Ward (; |<.
Foui tli Ward m it
Fifth Ward } < > \\ .
C o n sia t)ies.,
First Wat <1 jj 1, :
Se> rod ItTm
Tltir.l Wan:
Fourtli Ward
Filth U'ai d
Po 11 ce 111 > y .
President p' j ^
Secretary P. s c< ex'mv
Sergeant at Aitrts
F i ! S t W a ! cl
Second Ward
Third Ward
b ou 1 1 li Waid
Fifth W.,id
Meels i st j
g I- t
i\. I
R. V.
•testla v
l . t - 1
1. ;
j L. ;
I .-De
U in
W.-V . !
> ( Clot .11
School Board.
' M L. Ou
*Fi-st Wai.!,
M.G. Becnel.J
Ne» oimI W an
M- !.. G nidi y
'I ftirtf U ai d.
'I . Keilt 1
F'ui 11 fi
B. J. I Je je; in
I'illh Ward
A I. Srliexn.iy ( j" r ,. ;
• , i; . Muifn, s,,',
1 c ite / fits 1 n I
li ' sif
LafoiiM-iie iiasiu Levee j
t resident /. J
Secret; "" YV. J. Al, (Tu 1 f
i*l »-lit lie
ÇIM-. JBg.ri; F. !
I 'o'lafsnnvil e
: '<• < * Martin I »
K l<W.
. ^vv;'
A. Champa
Lotito, NL.
AI Ire ma rif ;
Bend; E G. î>w«ru Hu,t„n-fv
Thaggard. Mcdo.u, K |,viii; • ' (
Vieuns j. K.
Bowie lue State Board „t , npi .
neers compose the enumecrm„ de
partment and .the State TieJ.su,'
is treasurer ol the Board £
Reguia, meeting „„ #e , Q
Th.i.sdays of Jannary, Ap ,|, ( llIv
and October h,nance (onM„i (l / c
meets first Monday of end, n: »„n
at New Orleans office.
Terms of Court
lu 'ne Parish of JelTeisr.i»—
Jury Sessions t.» iMoml«, v t,
April. 2nd Monday m (>, ( ' n , e
Civil Sessions. 2nd Monday j,
May. 2nd Monday Novemr,
'n the Parish of St. Charles
Jury Sessions. 2nd M,
May. rod .»iouday in
civil Sessions. i S t Monday
February 2nd AJonday
Parish 01 St John the Baoli-, ( . .
Jury Sessions, ist Mim-L»- -,
June 2nd »Monday mi De-» ( -
civil Sessions 1J1 Mood*-,
Maicli 3rd Monday in July
N o v e ni b e
The best of the pood one«:.
Ail the experiments of t.he G'-ve—
ment food :Äp*rts and the athletic
trainers «4 Yale Universi .y pnw e
that cseMkJ saters are the strong-,t
and healthiest Quaker-S^ '- t» ! <-.u
sfan<ls at the head of the list of cereal
foods li * not only the Le. food,
but it's the cheajwest food on e,o;b.
Packed in tins it will kcep^watt anj
fresh anywhere indehuiteiy.
St. Chaiî«? iici i*
f'U.tUKMt'.li At
HA«fl^V"LL£. LA.
• r »hr
PAfUKH ol rnr. rMiiD k.-»..
i.VSBv-KKOKKi r»k *»ot.i r it;U

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