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Our Pert in Feeding the Nation
niiatlon Servlro, Unite«! States Department of Agriculture.)
FOOD for cities must be rushed.
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From the Time Cattle Are Rounded Up for Shipment Until the Roast Reaches
our Refrigerator, the Beef Has Been In a Succession of Grand Rushes.
Study of Some Things Which Af
fect Final Delivery of Food
to Consumer.
Freak Meats and Other Perishable
Products From Farms Must Be
Speeded Up at Every Stage-»
Delay Means Shrinkage.
One of the fundamental factors In
the problem of feeding towns and cit
ies Is that of transportation. Since
city dwellers are bo dependent upon
transportation for their foodstuffs, It
may be Interesting to study some of
the things which affect the final deliv
ery of food and especially meats to the
Transportation difficulties begin with
the stock raiser, whether he Is a
rancher in the West, a corn belt farm
er or other agriculturist who producos
live stock for food. In the early days,
before our railroads were In existence
or before they were the principal
factors In getting stock to market,
cattle, hogs and sheep had to be
driven or hauled long distances to
reach a selling point or a point from
which they could be shipped by boat
or rail. This was a very expensive
way of moving stock ; it not only took
S long time but the loss of animais
and the loss of flesh by these animals
was also considerable, even though the
values per pound were very little com
pared with today.
Troubles of Stock Grower.
The first trouble the stock grower
or dealer today has In getting his
stock to market Is to get to a railroad
point to ship his animals to one of
the various large stockyards to be
sold. Bad roads, adverse weather and
perhaps a long drive or haul to the
shipping point all affect the length of
time required ; then there may be a
temporary shortage of cars and stock
must be held In the railroad stock
yards and fed until cars are provided.
Once loaded Into cars, however, there
Is a special effort ij^de to get to the
market In the shortest possible time.
Qelay means abnormal shrinkage ; if
the enrs are on the road 30 hours tne ,
stock must be unloaded for feed and
water; or the market may drop sud
denly ; hence the necessity for speed.
Shipping Fresh Meats.
In order to ship fresh meats suc
cessfully they must be thoroughly
chilled before loading and then trans
ported In refrigerator cars, especially
durii^ the warmer weather, although
this practice is followed the year
round. These cars have Ice tanks at
each end, which are filled with Ice
and a percentage of salt and the car
chilled to about 35 to 38 degrees Fah
renheit. Also they are provided with
ventilating or circulating systems in
order to keep the temperature In all
parts of the car as nearly uniform as
possible. In making long shipments,
and especially during the warmer
months. It is necessary to Ice the oar
one or more times en route to keep
the temperature as low and as con
stant as possible. Even then on
account of bad weather, wrecks or
anF other condition that causes undue
delay, the meat may ndt be In first
class condition on Its arrival at the
destination and must therefore be sold
(fljickly even at some sacrifice In price.
Speed la Essential.
Speed is vital from the time the
stock leaves the producer's hands nn
tll it reaches the packer and from the
«me the product, fresh meat, leaves I
the packing b-juse u^Ul It reaches the j
ultimate consumer. So anything that
interferes with quick delivery, that
causes shipments to be delayed, quite
often means loss. The principal live
stock producing sections are a long dis
tance from the principal meat-consum
ing centers of the East, which makes
them dependent almost entirely upon
adequate transportation facilities to
keep supplied with fresh meat at any
and all times.
• — •
• The average city man has «
• probably never realized that get- •
• ting his feed to him on time is •
J one of the most troublesome •
• things with which the country •
• has to deal. •
• Ih ordinary times it was not •
• so important that the city man J
• have such a realization, but now, •
• In war time, It is an important J
• part of "Our Part In Feeding •
2 the Nation." 2
• The subjoined statement from •
• one of the experts of the bureau *
• of markets, United States de- •
• partaient of agriculture, will *
2 serve at least as an Introduction •
• to one phase of the problem. «
• •
Mobilizing Harvest Labor.
Steps for the systematic mobiliza
tion of farm labor in Kansas were tak
en at a meeting held In Kansas City,
Mny 14. This Is the first of a series of
meetings which are to be arranged by
the department of agriculture in a
number of cities to unite the efforts of
nil agencies working to secure labor to
help farmers in harvesting their crops.
At the Kansas City meeting a commit
tee was appointed to direct the work
of the various agencies in the state
n#id to see that registrations are held
In the cities where city employees
who will do farm work during their va
cations can register. It is estimated
that 80,000 helpers will he necessary
to harvest the crops In Kansas this
year, and the commercial organiza
tions In Kansas City have undertaken
to supply 10,000 of this number.
Army of Extension Workers.
An army «f 5,651 extension workers
is aiding in the department of agricul
ture's food production and conserva
tion campaign. This is an increase of
3,405 over the number doing similar
work on July 1 of last year. Of this
total 3,040 are In county-agent work,
serving 2,450 counties; 1,090 are In
home-demonstration work, serving in
1>675 counties . an(1 912 are in boys'
^ g , c]ub work In the 15 g outh .
ern stntes 2,624 workers are busy car
rying out the plans of the food cam
paign, and In the 33 Northern and
Western states 3,027 are employed.
On July 1 of last year 1,640 were em
ployed In the Southern states, and 606
In the Northern and Western states,
In the Southern states there are 130
negro county agents apd 160 negro
home-demonstration agents.
Protecting Fighters.
Sixty-seven Inspectors of the bureau
of animal Industry. United States de
partment of agriculture, are now with
the army inspecting the meat and meat
products supplied for fhe soldiers and
30 others are similarly engaged wHt,
the navy. Operations are under fed
eral supervision froç the time the live
animals are driven into the slaughter
ing houses until fhe finished product
is delivered In good condition to the
mess cooks.
8urvey of Food Stocks.
An inventory of commercial stocke
of grain, flour, meal and other food
products Is being taken each month by
the burenu of markets. United States
department of agriculture, and the re
sults published In a new monthly pub
lication called Food Surveys. tw<
numbers of which have already been
issued. These monthly surveys began
April 1. 1918.
How Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Is Prepared For
Woman's Use.
A visit to the laboratory where this
successful remedy is made impresses
even the casual looker-on with tne reli
ability,' accuracy, skill and cleanliness
which attends the making of this great
medicine for woman's ills.
Over 350,000 pounds of various herbs
are used anually and all have to be
gathered at the season of the year when
their natural juices and medicinal sub
stances are at their best.
The most successful solvents are used
to extract the medicinal properties from
these herbs.
Every utensil and tank that comes in
contact with the medicine is sterilized
and as a final precaution in cleanliness
the medicine is pasteurized and sealed
in sterile bottles.
It is the wonderful combination of
roots and herbs, together with the
skill and care used in its preparation
which has made this famous medicine
so successful in the treatment of
female ills.
The letters from women who have
been restored to health by the use of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
Î iound which we are continually pub
ishing attest to its virtue.
Words Often Seem Meaningless Jum
ble; Melody Always Within Com
pass of Home Voices.
Almost all popular cradle songs are
very old, some of them so old that,
were they not familiar, they might be
considered the veriest curiosities of
literature. Through all the changes
«*f language they have held their own |
upon the lips and in the hearts of the j
people. From mouth to mouth they |
have come down through the years j
with an irresistible swing of rhythm :
and patter and jingle of words till
they seem to have been rather a nat
ural growth than a human invention.
In all the melodies, observes a wri
ter, there is a certain likeness of
rhythm with a national. I might say. a
temperamental difference of movement
and a meter from the slow assured
major of the Germans to the wild plain
tive minor of the Scotch, characterized
by the short accented notes or the
weirdness of the Hungarian with Its
sudden changes.
That these old songs should have
embodied and retained the character
istics of the people among whom they
originated gives them an importance
which their crude words and the ele
mentary character of their melodies
scarcely seem to warrant. The words
often seem a mere meaningless^ jum
ble, the melody is always within the
easy compass of home voices. No
doubt both express, in some supernally
wise way, the one unalterable senti
ment of maternal love.
Cuticura Complexion».
Nothing better than Cuticura Soap
daily and Ointment as needed to make
the complexion clear, scalp clean and
hands soft and white. For free sam
ples address "Cuticura, Dept. X, Bos
ton." Sold by druggists and by mall.
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.
Wooden Motor Tires.
Motorcycles are being shipped
abroad with wooden tires instead of
those of rubber. The former answers
all purposes In some localities, but no
rubber is allowed to go abroad now ex
cept for war purposes.
Natural Idea.
"Pop, is an abyss anything that's
"Of course not, child. What put
that into your head?"
"Well, people always talk about It
as yawning."
An effective system for treating gout
with electricity has been developed by
a German physician.
The occasional ns«- of Homan Eye Balsam
at night upon retiring will prevent and re
lieve tired, watery eyes, and eye strain. Adv.
The Galician oil fields are especially
rich In paraffin.
This valuable and harmless Baby Medicine is composed of the following:
Bismuth is healing to the mucous membrane of the stomach; the Lime neutralizes the acid where there is a sour
stomach; the Pepsin digests any indigestible food that may be in the stomach, and the Catechu acts as a mild astringent
to control the bowels where there is a disposition to Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Flux or Sick Stomach.
GROVE'S BABY BOWEL MEDICINE is not a patent medicine. We give the ingredients and tell the effect of
each ingredient so that you can judge for yourself.
SPECIAL NOTICE.—This preparation does not contain Morphine or Opium in any form and we don't advocate
the giving of Opiates unless it is absolutely necessary.
For Dyspeptics who are AIDS
Troubled with Sour Stomach DIGESTION
It Relieves Stomach and Bowel Trouble and is Just as Good for Adults as for Children
We have numerous letters on file from parties claiming that this preparation relieved their babies of Chrome
Dysentery, where everything else had failed and where they had been troubled in this way for several years. Children
like to take it
For sale by all Dealers in Drugs.
Made and recommended to the public by PARIS MEDICINE CO, Manufacturers of LAXATIVE BROMO
Collapse of Russia Piaces the Burden
of Eliminating the Hun on Shoul
ders of the Yanks.
Daily it grows motv certain that tin
world war is to be fought til! one side
or the otlmr is prostrate. The war
would have been over months ago if
Russia had not collapsed; hut with
treason in tin* czar's cabinet and lun
acy and stupidity pervading the Rus
sian proletariat, that mighty empire of
tlie north became an inert and impo
tent mass at the mercy of Germany.'
And as for Russia, her fate will be
determined by the world congress that
will write the peace when the war is
over. It will be about the mightiest
Job human statecraft ever undertook
and an impossible job unless (Jonéaiiy
or the entente is then as helpless as
Russia is now.
With the western front reinforced
by the millions of veterans Germany
had in Russia, tin- German people have
become as confident ,,f victory as tlrey ,
were when the first KUI , was fired. At
this moment Germany, rulers and peo
ple alike, feel assured as to the out
come. There is a determination to j
annex all of Belgium, all of France j
now held by the German armies and
all of the possessions of Belgium and
France in Africa. Discussion is now
going on in the German press as to j
the amount of the money indemnity
the enemy shall pay. Already Russia
is carved by the German sword. And !
if Germany shall succeed in lier pres- j
ent intentions she will be as complete 1
mistress of the world as it now Is 1
known its the Rome of Julius < 'aesur
was mistress of the world as it was ;
known on the eve of tin- Christian era. ^
Celluloid That Won't Burn.
The soy bean, whose merits have
been widely proclaimed, may rid eel- ;
lulnld of its serious drawback, high In
flammability. A celluloid substitute
which will not burn has been made
from this useful vegetable, according
to advices from Japan. It is called
"Satolite." being the invention of I'rof.
K. Sato, and is produced by coagulat
ing the glueine of soy beans with for
maline. A company lias been formed
and will build a factory in Tokio,
from which production will begin next
Higher Still.
"He's a king among men."
"That's nothing. My daughter
knows an American aviator who is an
' *■
Net Contents 15 Fluid Dracbn
Children Cry For
I Avertable Preparation for As
',[> similatin^tlicFood try Regular
ling the Stonaciis and Dowels«.
J Thereby Promoting Digestion
J: Cheerfulness and RestContams
I« neither Opium, Morphine n n r
L Mineral, not Narcotic
mrn Sad
J gdnjjan / brrr
A helpful Remedy fbr
Constipation and Diarrhoe»
and Feverishness and
fCStrtlin i thercfr oni' 111 ] ^ *
Facsimile Stfnatnrcof
Jjxt CevtavrCohp.coe.
tvesv yorN.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drop#
and Soothing SyTups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for th®
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating th®
Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—The
Mother's Friend.
I Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper*
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Tonight! Take Dodson's Liver Tone!
Better Than Calomel For Liver
Calomel sickens! If bilious, constipated and head
achy read my guarantee.
Listen to me! Take no more sicken
ing, salivating c.-domcl when bilious *r
constipated. Don't lose a day's work!
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which causes necrosis ,,f xii «* bones.
Calomel, when il «■nnn-s into contact
with sour bile, crashes into it, fin sit
ing it up. This is when you feel that
awful nausea and cramping. If you
are sluggish and "all knurl. od out." if
your liver is torpid and lmwels consti
pated or you have heads« lie. dizziness,
coated tongue, if breath is !.a 1 or
stotnach'sour, just take a spoonful of
harmless Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee—Go to any !
drug store and get a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone for a few cents. Take a
spoonful tonight, und if it dun»n't
straighten you right up and make you
feel tim- and vigorous by morning, I
want you to go hack to the store and
get yetir money. Dodson's Liver Ton ft
is destroying the sale of calomel bft*
cause it is real liver medicine; entiro»
ly w; «-table, ttuTcfore it can not sail«
vute or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dods..u's j . r Tone will put you*
sltmgi'fi lie «t to work ami clean your
bowels of that sour bib* and constl*
patid waste which is clogging your
systi-m and making you feel ml sera bl«.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson'»
Liver Tom- will keep y««nr entire fana»
ily feeling line for months. Give it to
your children. It is harmless; doesn't
grip.- and they like its pleasant tustft,
without question if Hunt's Salve
fails in the treatment of Eczema,
Tetter, Ringworm, Itch, etc. Don't
become discouraged because other
treatments failed« Hunt's Salvo
has relieved hundreds of such cases.
You can't lose on our Money
Bock Guarantee. Try it at our risfe
TODAY. Price 75c, at drug stores.
A. B. Richards Co., Sherman, Texas

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