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YOi. 48 Hahnville, Louisiana, Saturday,
» 0 .
Pmbiûhea at Hahnviut La'
Avery Saturday
• fjieiai Journal of the Parish
oj St* Charles
/. C. Triche
Edit r
Term* of Subscription $2.GO a year
haterea at the Totottru at HahnvilU
La. % as second cta%t matter
SATURDAY Aug. 3 *9*8
**-';nmns-' icmkuis liHtidetl •"
goAnJedBV «venin*, will lay over until .b
w«ek following'*
IKT a 11 eoinmnnlention « m n«t i>e wi'.nen ob
oBettde of Ute pftper.
•wVni. fail mmc and nftdres« n. tnnwrl
to r niuot nccnm pans *■««♦> of'nt ort ?»**•»
ne publication, Vint a»a matter of *iort tawn
(loin inii uiMttton* of J*«7 0 ?J^ h ,'îîS22
Will »otl.erecjBiiiaed.iinVe«* team W>J f
»ibVa aftlM III aocli canes a char*« or
a ijnart will be made.
»♦■News and mterestin* loca items are ra
•seotfu ty«elicited.
f • **MV k" n&VwÄ *?. « o«y"*Vod 8 .
«Tvouiïcra. tile, will simply say
e, saw t nein ■.idatntttls paper.__
Bnt*i»Mwligrt ~Fc»ruary 1»' *» 73
r It 1 PC SC&
•• cotum" i on* year
Uae-«*'f coiiimi* one year - J# 0(|
tl*« uniirterealHinn one year * * 1# | M
mal carda one veai ' .
44*.rllee.»entH anC subscriptions areool
le«»ai>ieln*i'i'i*t*iV advance
Pansh Superintendents and Mem
bers of Farish Schorl ßoaids
G -all cru en :
(i oufnued fr m last issue)
This amandmen' provides that
there shall be <io overlapping
school Q's - riels, and that lor main
teu tnce purposes n ot more than
&ve ril ii:s can be voted in any
school di-trief; and that where
special maintenance taxes have al
ready beer, voted in excess of five
mills they will be ieduced to »five
mil's. This amendment has two
purposes, (..) to or.-vide additional
school fonds, an 1 (b) to raise
•Cbooi funds with the entire parish
a* the unit * f taxation «ith the
view of elimating, as frr as possi
ble, spicial district maintenance
taxes |Cni«s that are exempted
from paying parish taxes and that
«nainta : n their y>' A n schools wi'j
not pay to the parish school board
ihis tsx of'one and a half mills.
There are only two or three such
Cities in the State. On present val
«es, Hie funds 2»o he real zed from
the Byroe Bib, Orleans included,
will be approx mat ly three and a
quarter million dollars, it is impos
siWe to estimate the amount of
special maintenance taxes that
would be d'econtinued on account
of the five mill limit and for the
further reiso-n that the sprcial
maintenance taxes would not be
O-reded, but tiure-fourths of a mil
lion dollars of special maintenance-'
taxes wou d probably be discontin
lied should tli s amendment be ad
opted, Th»- importance of the
Byrne« Amendment caunol be too
g.rongij j*»njyh - is zed. If adopted,
it -via pr ice the burden «>1 school
Support on the entire parish, and
will remove .it ft am the special
districts many of which are taxed
now almost to the point of ihe cun
fiseïf.ioii of property. The bill pro-r
vide* that where a school board
will ueed.'ess than a mill and a
half, it shall entity to the police
jury that a s .naher lew w. 1 meet
the needs of the schools,£ and tnat
y such c iscs the p*lice iuriesjshail
Ipake *he levies recommended
I ti usl that you vyill explain fu'
«• ,oc '
ly these amendments to the •■chool
patrons and other founds of pub
lic education, and ask t >i their co
operation and support in h vmg
them ratified at the November elec
tions. Should these three amend
ments be adopted, ihe schools will
bt on an excellent financial found
ation, aud the school funds will be
realized from the .State and Parish
as units of taxation, and, als », the
burden of schoo' support wi'l be
much more "equitably distributed
between Slate and Parish than is
now the case
Summarizing our situation, if all
of these amemlmi nts should be ad
opted, will be about as follows:
1. The East ham Amendment wi 1
produce approximately the Same i
as we now receive, but the assess
ment will approach a hun lred per
cent of the value o! the property
2. The Hamley Amendment will
pioduee a State School fund of a
bout two and a quarter million dol
lars. Your share will be doublephe
State school funds that you now
.V The Byrne Amendment wi'l
provide a pa i?h tax of a mill and
a half (except in Orleans, where it
will be two aud three-fourths mill
' You can arrive at the amount of
funds that this will pro luce in
your parish by multiplying your
cash assessment by one and a half
milis. Knowing what you will real
ize from the State. from the Eas
tham Amendment, and from the
Byrne Amendment, you will in po
sition to determine the amount of
special taxes you will need to main
tain your schools. It would proba
bly be wise for the parish schoo
board to pass a resolution to the
effect that in case these three a
mendments are ratified, no special
maintenance lax will be Collected,
or that only a certain number of
mills, which should be specified in
til. resolution, will be levied. This
will place the voters in position t, 3
know exactly what to depend up
on, and, therefore, to vole intelli
gently upon the amendments
These ameodment^will provide
no funds which can bemused next
session, as all ot these levies will
be based upoojlhe asressment Of j
1919 The State school funks foi
next session will amount 10 about
$3.20 to $3.30 per child of school
ge and you shou'djbe governed
accordingly in making your bud
get for the session of 19 iS- 1919
In cone usion. I beg to say »liât
the Legislature stood nobly by the
schools in proposing these amend
ments. ^believe that th y repre
sen s the best constructive legisla
tion within my memory. I uust
t iat all the friends ot public edu
cation will do everything in their
jower to see that the voters under
st..nd the proposed amendments
and are urged to support them
Yours since! ly
T. H Harris
G R \ N r> FAIR
lor the benefit of the
Holy Rosary Church
Taft. La
Saturday and Sunday
Aug ist 17th and i8lh
- at
Becnel's 'Park
(Pelican Plantation)
Games ;ot a't kinds, including
^Admission Free
Mqsie by VYalker's^Band
Carbon Bisulphide, Properly • Ueed,
Will KMI the Weevil end Save
the Corn.
The rice weevil, commonly callefi
the black weevil, does the greateet
damage to com. This Insect will at
tack the corn In the field, consequent
ly one muet use measures that will re
duce such damage. The only method
of lessening the ield ravages is to
Beld-select the oeed corn In order to
be sure of getting ears with tight
shuck coverings. The ends of the ears
should be especially well covered as
this also reduces the damage of the
corn ear or cotton boll worm. Field
Infested corn should be harvested
earlier than other com. By pulling it
with the shuck on many of the wee
vils may be removed. Such corn can
be fed very early or It may be placed
(after shucking) In a very tight bin
and treated with carbon bisulphide
to kill the weevils.
Carbon bisulphide is a liquid which
passes Into a gas very quickly after
exposure. The gas is inflammable, so
keep lights and fires away. It la heav
ier than air, hence if shallow dlshea
containing the liquid are set upon the
com the gas formed will pass down
through the com. It Is necessary that
the gas come In direct contact with
the weevils for at least 4S minutes to
kill them. This make* It necessary
to use one pound of carbon bisulphide
for every 100 euttfc feet ef space in a
tight bin. but If it Is slightly open the
amount to use should be two and one
half to three times as much. Tbl»
fumigating should be done on a warm,
still day, as the weevil begins to hi
bernate at a temperature slightly
below TO degrees Fahrenheit. All
buildings so treated should be well
ventilated 24 to 48 hours after fumiga
tion. There Is no danger of Injuring
the germination of the com, provid
ed It is dry. even by using still great
er amounts than mentioned above.—
A. F. Kidder, Professor of Agronomy,
Louisiana State University.
Many Rmmm Why Thla Practica
Early hatching next spring Is necaa
gary if the desired Increase In prod no
tion of ponltry la attained. It la also
necessary, daring ths winter, that
farmer« save young bans and pulleta.
so they will be on hand for stock in
the spring. The stock of poultry has
been reduced considerably this fall by
a widespread aale, for market, of
young hens and pulleta. Therefore, it
ta necessary to oonaerve stock now,
or dee the shortage may Interfere ae
rtously with tbo production program.
In view of the atock shortage, to kill
a good hen now la to reduce the po
tential egg production next year any
where from five to twelve doxen egga.
Every hatching In the spring will
increase the number and alae of fowle
and the number of eggs produced next
year. It will result In bigger blrda,
and birds that will lay In the wUUr
Every farmer la urged to atari the
hatching season earlier than usual
next year, either by Incubation or
natural methods, If the hens will alt
The ehtekena flret hatched fn the
tyring are the ones that are largest
la the summer, that mature flret In
the fnll, and that lay eggs in the win
ter, Furthermore, they yre the onea
that will Want te alt early the follow
ing «firing, which. In turn, will hatch
earlier chleteae—and so the cycle
will contint». On the contrary, chick
ana hatched late In the spring do not
mature until so late in the fall that
they will not become winter layers.
They will not alt until late In the next
•pring, and so another cycle of late
maturing, late laying fowla Is estab
lished.—-L. S. V. Preee Bulletin.
Th® best possible means of IncreM
lng the meat supply would be to In
State of Louisiana, 28th. Judicial District
Court, Parish of St. Charles
No Si9
H.T. Cottam Co. Ltd. vs William Catlow
Bv virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
issued out of the Honorable 28th Judi
cial District Court of the State of Louis
iana in and for th. Parish of St. Charles
in the alxive entitled and miniliered case
tearing the date 01 July Sth 191K, to un
directed I shall pn ceed to sell at public
auction without appraisement to the last
and highest bidder at the front door of
the Court House on Saturday August
31st 1918, at 11 o'clock A. M., the follow
ing discrited property to-wit.
A certain lot ot ground situated in the
village of Paradis, in the Parish of Si
Charles measuring One hundred and
fifty feet front on the east end of réserva
tion No. 2, by a depth of two hundred
and twenty feet more or less, between
Fonda ami Broadway Streets, said lot
being Ixmnded on the east by projierty
of Alonzo Pitre Sr., and on tbf west by
that of II. C. Snell, acquired by the said
William Cadow by purchase from J. F.
Funk on the 15th day of September 1914
Terms and conditions cash 011 the sjiot
Leon C Vial
JjSheriff, Parish ol St. Charles
Sheriff's Office. Pari h of St. Charles,
July 24th 1918
'No. 822
Twentv-Eighth Judcial District Court
Parish of St. Charles, State of Ixuiisiaua
Succession of Airs. Mari-* Polymnie 1-ril
iux, widow of Roseim-ud Iroxlt-ri
Whereas. Mrs. Josepha Troxler, wife
of Joseph Clement Tiicne has petitioned
this Honorable Court fir letters of ad
ministration 011 the es' -te of tile late
Mrs. Marie Polymnie ! doux, widow of
Rosemond Troxler d ceased, intestate
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
may concern to show cause within ten
days, why the praver of said Mrs. Jo.se
ph'a Troxler, wife of Joseph Clement
Triche petitioner, sliou'd not be granted
Bv order of the Court
I t. Baudouin, Clerk.
Clerk's Office, Parish of St. Charh
July 18th, 1918
No, 629
Twentv-Eighth Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles, State o i Louisiana
'Succession of A. V. Cablet
Notice is herebv give., to the creditors
of this estate and to nil other persons
herein interested t. show cause w ltlnn
ten da vs from the present notification
(if any they have or can ) why the sup
plemental account presenten by 1 . Ar
mand Cnillet, administrator should not be
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in acc r. lance therewith
Bv order of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, Llerk
Clerk's Office, Partsn of St, Charles,
July 18th. 1918
Prentirc K. Ediinglon Jr
Whitney Building
No burial or removal of nodies
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial or removal premit
from the Local Registrar (Post
master) of said District in whicn
the «lea'h occuied as per orders
from 7 'he Louisiana Atatr Board
of Health
N. /erb'gue
Sexton Red Church Cemctcy
crease the number oJ hogs on every
farm. For the averare small farmer
hogs and poultry offer the most effec
tive means of increasing the meat out
pqt at any time in the near future.
In planning for increased hog pro
duction, it should not be forgotten
that In order to do this profitably
there must be ample food supply to
keep them in good condition. It has
been found by freqrcnt demonstra
tions that the cheapes. way to produce
pork is by furnishing a rotation of
good pasture crops.
Write to the Experiment Station,
I Louisiana State University, for plans
[ of crop rotations for hogs that hav®
given the best results.
1. 500.00
2.000 .OO
1. S00.00
It was moved by Mr. I »chm ne
2nd. by M r . Du Irene, that the fol
lowi g approximated tableau ol th
expenses of the Parish of St. Char
les for the current tear ending
une 30th 1918
Sheriff's fees in Crimina
maintaining prisoners
Sheriff's Salary
Sheriff's Deputy Salary
District Attorney s fees
for convictions
Corone;s salary,
Injustices of the Peace
Grand, Petit and Coroner
jii.-y 1 ,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Official Journal 600.00
President Board of Healtn.yoo.oo
Assessor's Commision z*»oo ou
Assessor's Clerical Lxpenes 500.0.»
Parish Treasurer ?jo.ou
Scnool Fund 8.500.00
Expenses Hoard of
Health for Infections ano
Contagious diseases
Road fund,
Maintenance of 2 Hen
Cadets at L. Sla.e Untvei
Maintenance of 3 Hen
scholar at the àtate Nor
mal Schoo 1 .
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Salary lor oiling wind
mill & washing tank
Koail Supervisors
Election expenses
Parish Auditor
Jefferson Tiust& Savings
Parish Deuionsutor
600 00
100 00
I, 800, no
600 00
S 000 00
I hereby ceiti'v that the a.mvt
Tableau was adopted by the 1'oiu.t;
Jury at the meeting held on the 0
day of sept. 1917
F\ Schexnaydrr
Parish of St. Charles Sept, b » y 1 7
Not ice
Hunting, trapping and trespass^g
are hereby prohibited on prope -
ties of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cadovv
To Bankers:"
IT rite Us for Samples ana\
* Prices on n ut ~ *
Cox Pig. and Pub. Co., Inc,
727 Poydtas Street, New Orleans.
"After four in our family had died
of consumption I was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved and I gained !
87 pounds throug.i uring
*, 11.11 Fatterson. Wellington, Tex ?
"Important Not'ce
No buna! into the cemeteries of
tiie Ho'y Rosary's Church and des
Allemands will be allowed unless ac
companied by a burial permit from
the local Registrar (Pu^t Master
Hahnville & Des Allemands) a» per
orders from the Louisiana State
Board of Heal ï h
W. Parrot Past or
Sexton «>f tiie said C< metrics
Not ce
Tiie !i p xt examination tor leaf !i
ers* certificates vviil lie field at lue
j Cour - . House July 29, 3», 31,
i Jwiiite)^ and August 1.2. 3 (ue~
H. Martin,
* Su pi
L'r V,
M m.
ri Co,
CLJ ILJaL 77 / J ( "I ; '
Second Congressional Vi !!•
Member of Congress H.G '
Eighth Senaioiial D : st- • 1
State Senator,
Judges J.E F' nrv
District Atl«*rney L.R.Ri' e
Parish of St Char
Representative j T ' • »
Sheriff & Collect«^ L.*
Chief Dépit t v, H f ■' 1
Deputy Sheriff R v
Clerk \ Recorder, 1 ,T 1 : «•
Deputy Cleik
Kegist 1 a r
Officia I Join a a
Justices 0» 1 ;.e P
Kiist Ward W. I
Second Ward A
Third Ward
Fou 11I1 Ward
Fifth Ward F
First Ward
Second W*»ro I, ]
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
Police |nry,
Sergeant at Ann*
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
huurth Waid
Fitih Waul
eh' 1 ' 1 : •
uss n
u cut
tV t_;n ï
P Band
t ! it , ;
r y.
F . I '»
K \\ « ,
m 11
F L« n.
c,«.l.«:xna\ •' o
l. In.. •
1 . i .
J L Fli»n n
I*'. 1 b'»i u 1 e
W Dut it
,, W.A.Iut,
Meets I St Tuesday «d ci « 1 \ .m m ,
School Hoard
M L Gu : dt>>
'Firsi Wan'.
MG Bectiei.'
h>< \\ jM
L. (j 11 Id 1 y
Third Want.
' 1'. Keilet
Funrih vVan'i
L. J. iJejeam
i' if th Warf'
A.f .Schexnay'dVe 4
J. B». Mal fll, s,,;
T.afourche Basin l, e v, ;e f>,'.
I lesident h.d sù
.-serretarv - v. r 1 .
V M« Cri..ne
M«uiln--- S
A. Champagne. EdgMr-f. y
Letnann, Do-ials«>t '.vii; c
< M iJ.— . •*
Marlin lr
Ker ^ Jesuits
■ I
1 .•>' 10, Mobe. : \ ; R. (
Albemarle; K. r (
Bend;E.G. Nu-uit Burton; T. V
n.aggard, Medo.ioghvLi»- • c
Viei iug, Gretna ; I. y iv:.,ï- .
bovv.e The State Board of ,
neers compose the eng,„ et n „'
partment ami the State '
is treasuier of the B<i»ard
Régulai ineetjiij^
I 1 easu*', i

T*l 1 j • 5 ('i off*»
Thursdays ol .Linn.ij y » . -, .
and October. Finance il ' . n ^
... -- . .. . c tommittcf.
meets first Monday ol
at New Orleans office.
Terms of l v.„
In *.ne Parisli
Jury Sessions
•ch oiMit
•T Jeher son—
Mono 1 ,. i
Jury Sessions. llu t Monday
Mav. .no .donday i„ Novembe.
*st Monday y
Monday m
civil Sessions.
February 2nd
'oomiay m ; h 1 v
Parish ot St. John U, c BaonJ, 1
Jury Sessions. ,st Monday * %
June 2 nd Monday •„ Dc.emb,,
tiv.l Session* ,s: Manila y
»laicii 3rd Monday in July
The best of the good ones.
Ail the expérimenta of the O >\'J
Blent foed «perts and the athlc
trainers of Yale I Diversity
that c«rt«l eaters are the strut
and healthiest. Quaker-Srotch
8fnn<ls at the hend of the list ol
foods ij * not only the beyj
but it'« the cheapest food oj
Packed in tins it will k. ep s\
fn~h anywl t -j® intiehoitely.
St. Ohaxles IIvj
euiiusiD.o ai
v NiI/«*-*» 4# y.
OFrïCîA!, JO,
PARISH Or ht. ( îl j
*HH2S ou <;l:

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