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V01. 46 Hahnville, Louisiana, Saturday,
Publisher, ai Ha/inline La*
Avery Saturday
official Journal of the Parish
of St* Charles
J. C. Triche
Edit r
Terms of Subscription $3.00 a rear
Enteren at the Porto thee at Hahnville
La., as second aass matter
SATURDAY Aug. to «9 l8
.mm*- icftcion* nntUlb
K0 Une#(tR7 evening, will **» °
«reek following'»
«»-/vit communication» no»«* wr'.tten OB
ooe »Me of the paper.
BT'l'n. fell nBine «nd «Mra« *«£ ™
1 er finret «cooni|»nnye»chcommnntP»uo
no pnbilcBtlon.il«* b#b metier«
OoHiiniiiiinatlonB of neraonalcl .
«Till not he ree.ignixed.unleee chargé ot
■ Ible art!«» In such cases » cnarg
2 .fid a qUArt wlllb« marte.
M-N««« B..O interesting loca Item« are re
oeettu lysoIlciteU.
ly.it, *
___our a«
•y saw their eerdelutnispsper.
KotablittheA February 15, 1873
i-it *|te» nch . iioo.oo
«e 0ot«m" . one yesr - 60#00
Une-aaif colwnm one yesr
Vas «r«*rtercOlHmn on* year •
mal cards on*» vest - *
Adyertlse'itents and «»oscriptlons areool
l««'tBliie 1 **vnvlsli»v •** ndvsnce
Hog choierais causing so much
loss to local farmers, that a few
w rds of advice concerning tht
prevention and cure of the disease
shou d be acceptable at this time
Positively the best thing to do is
to prevent the disease, il possible.
Clean yaids and sleeping quarters
plenu of clean, fresh drinking wat
er and precautions against infec
tion from s-cil hogs will general}
give a lare measure of protection
Infection is can ied by buzzards,
«legs and on the wheels ot vehicles
and the feet of peisons ^Therefore
jl :sa necessary precaution that
you bury or burn all aead anima *
and that you also do not carry in
f.ciht» through visitiong your
neighbor's >-ch hogs and then car*
»y the infection to your o*vn herd
through cai elassness. If the disease
is on a neighboring farm, it is a
wise measure to inoculate you r
hogs so as to render them immune
for tue time being. The cost of in
oculating is so small that the sav
ing ot One hog will generally paV
for the treatment of the whole here
and the immunizati n period con
ferred by the use of serum alone,
will generally last long enough to
carry the hogs through the lot I
peri.»d of dand -r
The raising of hogs should form
a verv important part of our lot
fanning operation, especialy du -
li g war pe.iod. Hogs, p-ouer.y
handled offer a quick and substan
tial return for the money inves
and the time and labor devoted to
the cniei pi ise, A pmpei ly
led h.»g should we gh at least ao
pounds at one year of age, an '
a ugle brood sow, «uedtw.cc du
mg the year, could be reasonably
expected to raise ten P S 5 ' ta "
be readily seen that a return at
$ 300.00 from such a sow is not be
yon l teach. However, this cannot
be done in a yard or stable lot,but
demands that teed crops be plant
ed, and haiyesting by the hogs wu
uv.de iced und prop»« «« rc '" i
rrnosshould .
at the same time. The crop I
be planted so
as to provide a con - j
tinous succession and be selected
according to the needs of «l« e h°8 s
during ih i Jgrowiug and fatten
keepth« l.. K
ing seasons. (.)ur Expcime it Sta
tons have worked nut some « xcel
lent rotations vvi li this end in
view, and to the man who would
engage in this very profitable v<- -
l ute. there are offered mim ro'» s
bulletins and special papers which
would give him all the advice he
would need to successfuuy ca ry
L* the pioji-ct
The greatest trouble here is that
our farmers cannot be made to re
alize that hog raising saoul I be a
real part of their farming program
Most of our farmers have a lew
hogs, but few farmers really con
sider the hog as being of any im
, , ,, „ i
pot tance. ley are ep u - u * i
yards which generally po'«r pas
tures and no attempt is made to -
balance a ration or to piôvide the j
sanitary conditions necessary to j
thrifty condition
member.d that a single sow, well
kept, wi 1 generally be more pro
fitable than a halt a dozen sows
that are left toshilt for themselves
a healthy and !
, . , ,
It should be re
of Iberville Parish
Candidate for United States
for the benefit of the
Holy Rosary Church
Taft. La
Saturday and Sunday
August 17 th and 18 th
Becnel's Park
(Pelican Plantatioo)
Games 'ot all kinds, including
admission Free
Music by Walker's^Band
H«w*m pb old M rtMo a* rat» p* m
com mnrtna th*t b** mwOj *«"■
ravtvad awl vmé
tn several of th* larg*r H*w Toft to>
tel*: To oak* «tara* a»4 a half énmm
totter sobstitat*« tw*»T* m*om of
«<*»« ■>">««>«*
of salt, Iwo SWIO** ®a*«M POWWV»
on* a»4 * half »**»<* **f»SB»l * 0 *
OO* aod « half famA if CaA Th*
butter and syrup *ooM b* thoroughly
" floa»
botter *nd «yn»
mt **4 with mofmml iM tokb*
Carbon Bisulphide, Properly Used,
Will Kill the Weevil and Save
the Corn.
The riee weevil, commonly called
the black weevil, doe* the greatest
damage to com. This Insect will at
th e corn j Q the Held, consequent
|y one must use measures that will re*
8Uch damage. The only method
of lessening the field ravages Is to
the seed com In order to
he sure of getting ears with tight
®huck coverings. The ends of the ear«
Bhould be especially well covered as
thl8 aUo reduc0B the datnft ^ of th .
coni ear or cotton boll warm. Field
Infested corn should be harve»ted
earlier than other com. By pulling If
with the shuck on many of the wee- j
vils may be removed. Such com dan
be fed very early or It may be placed
(after shucking) In a very tight bln
and treated with carbon bisulphide
to kin the weevlla.
Carbon blsutphli* Is a liquid which
passes into a gas very quickly after
exposure. The gas Is Inflammable, so
keep lights and fires away It Is heav
ier than air, hence If shallow dishes
containing the liquid are set upon the
corn the gas formed will pa9s down
through the com. It Is necessary that
the gas come In direct contact with
the weevils for at least 45 minutes to
kill them. This makes It necessary
to use one pound of carbon bisulphide
for every 100 cubic feet of space in a
tight bin, but If It Is slightly open the
amount to use should be two and one
half to three times as much. This
fumigating should be done on a warm,
still day, as the weevil begins to hi
bernate at a temperature slightly
below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. All
buildings so treated should be well
ventilated 24 to 48 hours after fumiga
tion. There Is no danger of Injuring
the germination of the com, provid
ed It is dry, even by using still great
er amounts than mentioned above.—
A. Ï*. Kidder, Professor of Agronomy,
Louisiana State University.
Many Raaaqna Why Thia Practica
Early hatching next spring 1» necca
•ary If tbe desired increase in produo
tlon of poultry la attained. It is also
necessary, during the winter, that
farmers save young hens and pullets,
so they will be on hand for Btock in
the spring. The stock of poultry has
been reduced considerably this fall by
a widespread sale, for market, *f
young hens and pulleti. Therefor©, It
is necessary to conserve stock now,
or else the shortage may interfere se
riously with the production program.
In view of the stock shortage, to kill
a good hen now is to reduce the po
tential egg production next year any
where from five to twelve dosen eggs.
Every hatching in the spring will
increase the number and sise of fowls
and the number of eggs produmd next
year. It will result in bigger birds,
and birds that will lay in the winter
fa on tbs,
Every farmer ts urged to start tba
hatching «aasen earlier than usual
next year, either by Incubation or
natural method*. If the hens will ßtt
The chickens first hatched In the
spring are the ones that are largest
In the summer, that mature first In
the fall, and that lay eggs in the win
ter. Furthermore, they are the ones
that •«vill want to sit early the follow
ing spring, which, In turn, will hatch
earlier chickens—and so the cyele
will continue. On the contrary, chick
ens hatched late in the spring do not
mature until so late in the fail that
they will not become winter layers.
They will not sit until late In the next
spring, and so another cycle of late
maturing, late laying fowls is estab
lished.—L. S. U. Press Bulletin.
The best possible means of increas
ing the meat supply would be to In
State of Louisiana, 2Sth. Jiuliiial nistrict
Court, Parish of St. Charles
No 819
H.T. Cottam Co. Ltd. vs Williatn Cililmv
]ty virtue of a writ of sci/Ure Und sale
issued out of the Honorable 28th Judi
cial District Court of the State of Louis
iana in and for the Parish of SI- t h.tries
in the alxne entitled and nuinl>ereil cqje
hearing the date of July Sill 1918, to me
directed I shall pro.ee«! to sell at public
auction without appraisement to the last
and highest bidder tit the front door of
the Court House cm Saturday August
.Hst 1918 at 11 o'clock A. M.. the follow
ing discrih -d property to-wit *
A certain lot ot gmnnd situated in the
village of Paradis, in the Parish of St.
Charles measuring tine humlred and
fjftv feet freut oft the vrtst end of réserva
lion No. 2, by a depth of two hundred
and twenty feet more or less, between
Fonda anil Hroadw>• Streets, saiil lot
being bounded oil tint eilst by property
of Alon/.o Pitre Sr., and on the west by
that of H. C. Snell, ac«)Uire«i by th* said
William Cadow by purchase from J. b
Funk on the 15th «lay of September 1914
Ternis Slid conditions cash on tin spot
Lent* C Vial
"Sheriti. Parish ol St Charles
Sheriff's Office, Part h of St Charles,
July 24tl> 1918
;xo. 822
Twentv-Fighth Judcial District
Parish"of ht. Charl.-s, State of Louisiana
Succession of Mrs. Marie l'< ymtiie Prii
ons, widow of Rosemond TroxW|
Whereas, Mrs. Joseph.* Troxler, wife
of Joseph Clement Tiiclie lms petitioned
this Honorable Court for letters of a«l
ministration on the estate of the late
Mrs. Marie Polymnie Priloux, widow^of
Rosemond Troxler deceased, intestate.
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
may concern to show cause within ten
davs, why the prayer of said Mrs. Jose
pha Troxler, wife of Joseph Clement
Triche petitioner, should not be granted
Bv order of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, Clerk.
Clerk's Office, Parish of St. Charles.
July 18th, 1918
No, 829
Twentv-IiiRhth Judicial District Court
Parish of St. Charles, State of Louisiana
"Succession of A. \ . Caillet
Notice is hereby given to the creditors
of this estate and" to all other persons
herein interested to show cause with in
ten «lavs from the present notification
(if any tliev have or can,) why the sup
plemental account pres, liter* bv 1*. Ar
mand Caillet, administrator shouhl not be
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in accordance therewitn
Bv order of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, Clerk
Clerk's Office, Parish of St, Charles,
July 18th, 1918
Prentice E, Ediiugtonjr
40 ? Whitney
No burial or removal of nodies
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial or removal premit
trom the Local Registrar (Post-r
master) of said District in which
the death oectyred as per orders
from 7lie Louisiana Atafe Board
of Health
N, /eriugue
Sexton Red Church Cemetery
crease the number of hogs on every
farm. For th* average small farmer
hogs and poultry offer the meet effec
tive pagans of Increasing the meat out
p*t at any time i* the near future.
In planning for Increased hog pr»
fiuctlon, it should not b* forgotten
that in order to do this profitably
there must be ample food supply to
|te&p them in good condition. It ha*
been found by frequent demonstra,
tions that the cheapest way to produc»
} pork Is by furnishing a rotation of
good pasture crops.
\ Write to the Experiment Station,
Louisiana State University, for plan*
of crop rotations for hogs that bay*
given the best results.
It was moved I y Mr. Delaune
2nd.by M-. Dufrene. that the fol
lowi- ç approximated tableau of th«
expenses of the Parish of St, Char
les for the current year endiuL
June 30th 19*8
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases $500.0°
maintaining prisoners 2,500.00
Sheriff's Snlaiy 2,500.00
Sheriff's Deputy Salary 2,000.0b
District Attorney's fees
for convictions 500.00
Coroners salary, 300.00
Injustices of the Peace 1,800,00
^Constables 1,800.00
Grand, Petit and Coron -r
jury 1,50000
Secretary Police Jury, boo 00
Official Journal 600.00
President hoard of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision 2>«<io ou
Assessor 's Clerical Expenes 500 .co
Pansli Treasurer 230.00
School Fund S.500.00
Expenses Board of
tfeallh for Infectious and
ContagiotiR diseases
Road fund,
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. Stau- Univer
Maintenance of 3 Ben ,
scholui at the State Nor
mal School
S) mlics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Salary lor oiling wind
mill R washing tank
Road Supervisors
Election expenses
Parish Auditor
Jefferson Iiust& Savings
Bank "
Parish Demoustitor
3 )O.OC
1.700. ou
600 00
500 .« »0
10*1 00
1 , 800.00
500 . no
600 .OO
S 000.00
0 30,00
$, jlooo.oo
I hereby certify that the auove
Tableau was adopted by the Police
Jury at the meeting held on the 6
day of Sept. 1 «9 17
F. Schexnaydrr
Parish of St. Charles Sept. 6 *917
Hunting, trapping and trespassing
,• .e herebv prohibited on propel
ties of Mr. and Mrs. \V m . Cadow
To Bankers:
IV rite Us for Sam fies ana
Prices on Out
bank checks
Cox Pig. and Pub. Co., lue,
727 Poydras Street, New Orleans.
"After four in ocr family had died |
of consumption i was taken w it. v . 1
a frightful cough and lung trouble, 1
but u*y lift« was saved and 1 gainée £
87 pounds throng,v using r
^\V.K Patterson. Wellington, Tex- f
»MlCt 50c ardSi.COat ALL ORIJGGI. S _ I
"Important Notice
No burial into the cemeteries of
the Ho'y Rosary's Churcji ancj des
Allemands will be allowed qnless up
companied by a burial permit from
j the local Registrar (Post Master
Hahnville & Dca Allemands) a- per
orders from the Louisiana State
Board of I leal 1 h
W. Parrot Pastor
Sexton of the said Ccraetries
The next examination for tea« h
ers'certificates will be held at the
Cour". H u use Juiv 29, 3», 31,
)white). and August 1,2. 3 (ne
J B . Martin.
* Supt
t 1 J-JCJ A L
Second Congreixiona! D'?' !,t
Member of Cotigre-.s H.G Di:t ,T '
Eighth Setiatut ial Distnct
State Senator,
Jutige' J. E Fieu y
District AttortiSV L.R.Uivarde
Parish ol St C
Sheriff & Collector
Chiei Deputy,
I'Cputy Shet-iff
C .erk Sr Recor<ler.
Deputy Clerk
Co! one 1 Dr
Treasurer \\
Regist ra r I. T .Ban !< .1 • "
Ctficial Journal, St. CL. ric 1 1 ■
Justices of the Peace.
First Ward W. J. o.,i .
Second Ward A. L. 1,1
T 1 ,:;«.! Y ard U. jvuglcr
Fourth Ward M. Tniutb
S;frli Ward F. (>. Weuve
Cousiabies. t
F,rst War ! " p Baudot.:h
Second 'Vara L L. Cliami rtnc
Tlurd Ward R. jl'ont Z
Fourth Ward p i u. np
Fdtl. Ward R. "\\eavrr
Police jury.
J C. F err. ck
' E.C V ; :« !
tl. D. Kell -
R Madrrc
I T. P. U ! * i"
Y, I ehvatu
li. « US5
R.A t ui i ' r
Secret (try
Sergeant at
First Waul
Second Ward
Tliini Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
Meet« ist 1
F, i.orrc
A r U) ;
J I, E'oi. 1
F »ILL u: r,
U'. Dutr* * 3
W.A . 1 lit «
uesdav ot ev c-r 1 niuiiu:
School Board
President M L Gu;dry
'First Ward
M-G Becnel,;
Se<'o*i(| W ard,'
SM L. Guiiiry
Thir.,1 Ward.
' 1'. Keller
Fou 1 ih Ward.
1 . f . 1'eiean
! iltii War«?
A. I .Schexnaydre Î
J. B. M. rt«,,; s„' ,
Lafou 1 < ne Basin Levee i ',1
l res 1 • I «• 1 * 1 ^ '
Secretary \V «
A. Champ urne. Edgar J •
Lem a 1111, D«nia!s«*nvil, , e ■
Lorio. Mol.ei ly ; R, (
Albemane; R. R
F. M.
; (.
* i 11 * », 11,
'k'neeriiu, dg
1 1 * asuiei
Ma rfin : r ,* i
Bend; K. (, S VV; .rty n" ' JlM
Thaggaul. Mcdoiioghvilir •
Vieriug, Gretna; J. [' '
Bowie Tue State B«.ur t | ,,f
neers compose the cny
partment and the State
is treasurer of the Board *
Régulai meeting . .
Thursdays of January, y. r ], ' ; ün . fl
and October. Finance ?
meets first Monday of eJ" ni'-lT
at New Orleans office, ' *'
Terms of Court
In "nr Parish of Jefferson-,
Jury bcssions ,
April. ««"I Monday ki O,') J'
Civil Se»i„„,. J JS'J
May. ,ud Monday
«n «lie Pâiisii of .Si ^
Jnry Sn s s ia „ s . ^
« .....
I ausli 01 St. John the BaDlisiJ
-ry Sessions. , s( M Uiui
June ami Monday
c *" He« enibaf'
oessions R« m . ,
M-ch 3rd Monday inj^.f
The best of the good oto.
All thp axperirpepts of tha&R,*
meet food experts and th*»nj^
trainer* ot Y*l e UnivgrsitlpS
that cmsl eaters ve the
snd h-abluest. gMaker-Sc<N|*
etnrds at thp head of the list^f,
foods i* h not only the
but it'i the cheapest food ##*,-*,
Packed j» tins »t will keep
Cbrih xaywben* indefinitely ?
j i. Oil ci > 1 j ;? l -fci iijjff
PttdLlsi: i.l« aT
hahnville, la
& J€t y .Vu f «**•»/ If ff.
•7 y
TkHV&H Of sr. UlAKLtt.
mWEKPwrr or KiifTKusr
$9909 OH cuotm •

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