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Yoi, 4 8 Haîmvillo, Louisiana, Saturday,
October, 28 .
N 0 . 1 S
RmHilhea at HahnvLie La'
r.vtry Saturaay
Opiciat Journal of theParith
oj St» Cffarlii\
Ô. ßfady
Terms of Subscription $2.00 a vea r
---- : " ' t
hnttreo. at the PdstcHit at Hahnviil
La., as fiïômt cia%% matter
SATURDAY \>tt. a6 19*8
w£ÎÊ.Â*v*>ain*. «Ill lay ov.rnntU.b
wenn roUhwin«
rtf a 11 coiwHortieatton* meat M written on
o«S aMeottftiC paper.
«-Tnefnito ame and address ot tne m r *
for nsiim accmnjifiny eacnooinitittnlffttion or
fto piilntcacttin.liiit ara matter of gt«>d taltn
ooinniiiiiieBtioiis of nertfoear cnaracter
«Tin not las re\sn«iii*e<t, unie«« fr om teapon;
I ip|e artier, to auch case* a cMf«« ot
2.S« a quart will l>e iAad*s
«<"Newi« anil iirtereattnr *ot* nemiatare
vratfu lyaollvUaU.
m oUlt HtfAOStCK CAN ItJtt.P
tr«wiiy,i<»w»iA* «rillt a a to, or ««tylnK good«
sro® till' advIttlwMi Mi*V will »Imply *ay
«y «t» tft«n eaed*tt>tnla paper
Batabltulrert t'tttnnry 15, 1873
«-at advertise» sets*« pet »<|iiar«nj«t
• & *ttoa Kaea aiii»»«»«»»»» Inaertien,arty
•ttt pe> »eh
l«t»i«m" mH y**t
ti»B«-naH eelwnm o«o year
Va« ««eartsrceinwii» owe year *
ta«| oai'daone vent
< 0.00
4«t»art|retii«nt* a in! «wt>acr«ptlon» areool
.laetahielnvstlsMv In s<1»nnce
Office Of The 13 >aid Of Supervi
sor; O Ejection
fifote ot )L<wisi*na
Parish of St. f hailes
Tins is to certify that the follow
ing polling places have been desig
nated and the following commis
m. mers, -clerks appointee to serve
*t«tli<e ;£i action <4o be (held «through
out the Parish of St. Charles on
Tuesday, November. 5th.. 1918,
t o-wit
Fiist Ward
Poll at C. C. Champagne's Store
W.O Brady
..Ibe-t Champagne
Mathnrin Mathero •
Paul J. Lo-io
Second Word
Foil at Luling School H«»-«e
K . P. Maëere Comes
J-tQ3el Baudot«in
eQiCM Cluunpagiie
W. A.-Urady, Sr Cle<k
Third Ward
Poll at iCe.Wer's School House
.Be> jamiu Boudreau« Coanm
tFeli* SimoneftMt
^iiliam Keller
'Louis Maus Clerk
f ourth Ward- Fi-ret Precinct
iF-o I at tllemands School House
,Corbert P. Si voie Comm
Walter Ü hmand
Chas. T. Scfantill
-William Graham Clerk
.Fourth Wardt Seeotid Preci : Cl
(Poll at Paradis Scho «I Hnu<e
1. W. Carson Comm
f.elicien Barrios
Wm. Cadow
Dr, LutUar A. Youngs Cleik
Fifth Ward
Foil at Cre-po School
Çhas. P. Bettman Comm
R. L. Schexntydre
Eugen«* H. Eifer
] W. Weaver Clerk
As provided in Act No. 130 of
the General Assembly of the year
iq/8, the hours of holding the
election are from 6 o'clock in the
fore noon until 7 o'clock in the
afterno >n
^ . TliWsd^ie and signed at 'he
3 ,
»Parish of St Chirks, iliis an !. ,
Pday <ff October, ig'8 * !
*Bohrd of Supervisor* » ä of Electioa.
Henry Hi.sh
f, T. Baudouin
clerk of c am Ex Officio Regis
Sergent Frank Edwards, a Loui
siana boy with the American lorces
in France, sends banck a m >st a
musing piece of news, pledging
himself that it is s'.rictlv true A
mong his trophies is a rather un
usual one -a Monkey's skin, which
he is going to send home. He says
the monkey had been taught by
Germans to slip up close to the
American tueuches ai.d hurl gre
nades, Sergeant Edwards writesjto
his sister Mrs. H M, Edwards, of
Baton Rouge, that the little beast
woald Craw! up to the trenches,
thiow a grenade and lie flat. Atter
several men in h s platoon had
been wounded, Edwards under
took to "gel" the grenadier. He
of the
School Board
Parish St. Charles
Oct ist i<<*/£
The St. charles Parish School
Board met this .day at the court
House will» the following mem
bers present.; -> ess:s M. L, Guidry j
F. Keller, A. .J. Ähexnaydre. L
J. Jj>eJean and M. G. Becnel
On motion duly seconded the
.reading of .minute;, was dispensed with
and they/ugre.ardered approved except
ing tJie.lufUug school proposition
Mr. Layous Gassen addressed the
Board and .asked that the old school
huildinjg hte sold to him for fifty dollais,
stating Ibnt he was aware of the ^fnct
that hif offer did not come up to what
Mr, Lussan offered, hut then the school
bad enjoyed thé present lot free of
charge lor the past twenty years and lie
flet that it would l*e bnt just courtesy of
3he Board undér these conditions to
grant his request. He further promised,
-should his request be granted, to move
outhouses, cistern, desks and all other
school parapherinalia to the new build
ing free of costs to this Board
On motion of Mr. Becnel seconded by
Mr. Keller, Mr. Gassen's reques was
On motion of Mr. Becnel seconded by
Mr. Keller, the offer of sale of a build
ing and lot for the uses of a public
school at Luling was accepted on the
following terms
Five hundred hollar cash,
One thousand ^dollars, due January 15,
Five hundred dollars due February 15,
All of which fully appears in act of sale.
By the same motion the President was
authorized to sign all necessary docu
ments to successfully complete above
The vote on the aljove motion was un
Mr, Dejeau turn over to the Supt
Treas, the sum of Five dollras sale of
second hand closet from Paradis school
The Red Church school proposion was
left entirely in the hands of Mr, Schex
On motion duly seconded thy Board
adjaurnyd to its next regular meeting
J. t. Mai l 11
Sheriff L C Via! and P lice Ju
for W. E Dufrene were visitors
to New Orleans. Tuesday
Dy. Sheriff R„ Madere was a
3 , v s tor to N. w Oriears, Thtrsday
V % - V . -, . a.
Atlanta, Oa.—The Treasury Depart !
mont of the United States 1» dopend
in» upon the farmer to put the fourtl
Liberty Ix>an triumphantly over tiw 1
top in the South, Just an he did l* ;
the Third Loan, when the percentag*
of subscriptions from the rural dis
trlcts was very high, the fanner sub j
scribing to by far the greater »hars of
the issue.
The card system fo be used in thü
campaign will enable the committee«
and the government to keep oarefii
check on the subscriptions made bj
every man In the country, and by ev.
ery occupation. The government li
anxious that every cltlten own at
least a few Liberty bonds, and tkoat
who are shown on the record net tc
have invested at all will be especially
Reports from the oounty chairmes
of Liberty loan committees to W. C
Wardlaw, district executive chairman
and St. Qmo Massen gale, director of
publicity. Indicate absolute optimism
for the Fourth loan, despite the high
er quotas assigned every territory.
"Our peoplç hfrve given their sOm
ând brothers to thl# war," tJ^ey.js?,
"Do yog yilnk fli'ey 'are net going fi
t>a£F up the boys with their dollars?"
"Our Southern farmers, too, hav»
been taught the value of bonds as an
Investment, too. The other campaigns
were campaigns of education, but thii
Isn't so necessary now. Bvery man
who has a bond or two tucked away
1^. his strong bog or In the bank Is
anxious to put a few at the Fourth
Issue beside them."
The campaign for the Fourth U»B
will continue only three weeks, fron»
September kg to October 19, Inclusive,
Within that tfeve each county and
state must raise Its quota It wll! take
hard work on the part of the commit,
toes, and this will be made much eas
j 1er by every m*n'» makti^ up his
Bind whet he een lnreet fa bonds ud
meeting the committee half way.
The Fourth Liberty Loam campaign,
to give every American an opportunity
to lend to his own government money
to win the war and drive the Hun
hack over the Rhine la now at hand.
In ©very county in the state there is a
Liberty Loan committee, composed of
|oyai, energetic citizens, who are sub
scribing liberally themselves and en
couraging others to subscribe,
It is believed. that the task of ob
taining subscriptions will be far eas
ier in this loan than in the past, de
aplte the greatly increased quotas
gifen every «one and county. For,
purely the American people have
learned by this time what a Liberty
Loan means, whet it will do for the
country and what it will do for the
•tan, whether be be fanner or mer
chant of laborer, who saves bis mon
ey and lends it, with Interest, to
Uncle Sam. There la really n# rea
son why one loyal American should
have to chase another loyal American
all over a ten-acre Meld to ask him
to do his dnty.
It la believed that In this campaign
a much greater proportion of citizens
will go voluntarily to the banks or to
the committee and make their sub- j
ftcription directly, obtaining a Liberty
Loan button and thus declaring they
have donq their duty to their country,
A great many of our citizens have (
registered for the new draft, but they
realize that there la but alight oppor.
tunlty of their servloea being actually
required in the war. It would be an
«scellent thing If these men whose
name« are now 00 the roll and who
feel sure of exemption because of age
or fa&tily dependents or disabilities
would consider themselves, even now,
•In the service" and devote whatever
part of their income they can spare
to lending to their government.
The , war is sorting the United
States sixty-seven million dollars a
day. It is our w«r, our war bill, and
ft la up te us to pay U.
_ Atlan ta, Qa.—Joseph A.
Profit Making
Farm Equipment
It pays to buy GOOD farm
equipment you can rely
on the Williams Line«
Power Hay Balers
The wetl-knowa
standard Wuliajns
Tutt I e bloekless,
•elf-thre adin « Pow*
er Hay Balsrr, have
tM TV-y many exclusive
features. Mmt
economical to operate—stronRiud durable. Hun
dred« ol sautüed owners, booklet Ire* u you ask.
One-Hc~se Hay Press
The Williams Stee! Princes#», lifcht. simple, sturdy,
all steel, with ;tmple power and strength. Make
a compact, marketable bale. Suitable lor small
farmers. Write for new folder, mailed on request.
Puttabîe Engines
Williams throttling governed Engines are espe
cially designed and built to delivar lull power on
low-price kero
•—-liînvw __ sene. AH siaes and
'* "* t y pel — thousands
are gMng satisfac
tory service. Full
information sent
Free on request.
f mall Thrasher* for Orale. Peanuts.
Ole*. Pom, Boom etc.
•re a safe and
profitable invest
ment — unusually
efficient and depend
able. Standard the
country over. Inter
etting circulars on request.
Williams Mill Mfg. Co.
417 E. Broad St. Texarkana. U.S, A.
Peawt aad Craia Ttrahen, Peaod Knen. lay Prewet,
GridMf FcH 8MU. Cim Hk. SM* ■*»- S»«*.
Cara SbeBen. Slat, Mb* Cdkn, luma* Info
fa Malen, feed CaBen, Can SkrMen, Waal Saaa,
fsg, VasdsatW ëtàmn aal U S«w*o.
No, 629
Twentv-Figfath Judicial District Court
Parish'of St. Charles, State.of Louisiana
Succession of A. V. Caillet
Notice is hesebv given to the creditors
of this estate and'to all other persons
herein interested to show cause within
ten days from the present notification
(if any they have or can,) why the sup
plemental account presenten by P. Ar
mand Caillet, administrator should not be
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in accordance therewith
By order of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, Clerk
Clerk's Office, Parish of St, Charles,
July ISth, 1918
Prentice E. Ediinglynjr
40» Whitney
No burial or removal of oodies
will be allowed unless accompany
ied by 3 burial or removal prêtait
from the Local Registrar (post
master) of said District which
the death occured as pe^ orf^'rfc,
from 7'he Louisiana' Male Board
of Health ' !
N. Zeringue
Sexton Red Churqh H Cemetery
•" v ' '--'vvfo
fnvërnor of tbe Fédère 1 Re*«rve Bwnfc
©f the Slxttr District, baa . hpeti Ap
pointed ge«if»rml, ebairmnn of both Lib
Ifty Loon ui4 Wif SlYiflIfB Stantps
oomniitfeee tar the district. The ot»
j*ct 1« to brine about »ore thorough
•cooperation and co-ordination of the
two big government revenve-produo
two organizations will keeo
The two <w»i«tibM
tbeir separate indlvldn^llty, and the J
©rtupaige« will be conducted separate- j
the past, and the present of
aed chairmen will retain tbeijt
ll was moved I y Mr. Deiaune
and.by M r . Dufiene. that lhe fol
lowing approximated tableau ot itn
expenses of the Parish of St, Cliai
les for the current year ending
lune 30th 1918
Sheriff's lees in Criminal
z. 500.00
maintaining prisoners
Sheriff's SjIa'V
; henff's Deputy Salary
District Attorney's fees
for convictions
Coroners salary,
^/Justices ot the Peace
Grand, Petit and Coroner
jury 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, boo 00
Official Journal éoo.oo
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision j«>uo 00
Assessor's Clerical Lxpenes 500.00
Parish Treasurer 730.00
bcnool Fund 8,500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for Infections auo
Contagious diseases 300.00
Road fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance of a Ben
Cadets al L. Slate Univer
Maintenance of 3 Ben ,
scholar at the blate N01
mal School
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Salary lor oiling wind
mill & washing tank.
Road Supervisors
Election expenses
Parish Auditor
Jefferson T. ust & Savings
Parish Denionstuor
600 00
5 00.06
600 00
I hereby certuy that the above
Tableau was adopted by tbe l olicé
Jury at tbe meetiug belt* uu the 6>
«Jay ot sept. 19*7
F. Schexnaydre
Pan^of Si, Charles Sept, h >9' 7
Hunthrgritrapping and trespassing,
are hfretoy prohibited on projrr,
tieldt Mr*, and Mrs. Wro. C^low.
To Bankers:
ft ritf Us for Samples ana
Trices on Out
Cox Pig. and Pub. Co., Inc,
727 Poydras Street, Nevy,.Qri«ans.
I "After four in oar family had died
of consumption 1 was taken wit*'
I a frightful cough and lung trouble, t
but my life was saved and I gained
187 pounds througa naing
DR. KtN&'S
, R. Patterson«* We
I v
Important Notice
No burial into, the cemeteries of
the Hb'y Rosary's Chyrch andi des
Allemands willig allowed unless ac
èompanied by aJiurial perrnit from
the lpcal Registrar (Posj Master
Hahnviffe & Des Allemands) as per
order?,s from' the Louisiana Stale
Board of Heab h
W. Parrot Pastor
Sexton of the said Ctmetries
• v
The next examinai ion for teach
ers' certificates will be held at the
Cour*. Hbuse'July 29, 30, 31
jwh.teV and August « . 2. 3 Vne
J *» . , 6 - <A > r v
j groj v -
Second Congressional Dlsiiie'*''
Member of Congress H.G Dup rfc
Eighth Senainrial l'istncl
State Senator.
Judges I.E Flemy
District Attorney L.R.Rivarue
Parish of St Charles.
Representative J C.RemicSt
Sheriff & Collector L.C Vial
Chief Deputy, H. D. Keller
Deputy Sheriff R. Matin'*-*
Clerk & Recorder, I,T. Baudon :ih.#
Deputy Clerk
Coronet Dr V, Lehman«« -
Treasure! Win. Liresan
Assessor K.A |:»Arao«î<
Registrar !.T .B. udouii-oa»
Ctticia! Joui .ia I,' St. Charles 11 era In
justices of the Peace.
First Ward W. V. Pattern ir
Second Ward A. !.. Mongmv
Third Ward (). Kugl«?
E'oiii 1I1 Ward M. Tnaiath*
Fifth Ward F. (). Weave
Constables. k
First Ward P Baudouin
Second Waro L L. Champagne
Third Ward R. Mm 12
Fourth Ward F.. Polina
Fifth Ward R. Weavn
Police jury.
President F, LuriC
Secretary F. çcl-exnavdi e
Sergeant at Amis
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward .
E'011 rth Waid
Fifth VVfaid
F. Friloux
I*. 1 01 o
J L. hh»u n
E'.»l)«:!aui C
W, Dulrtae
W.A. Kite«
Meets ist Tuesday of ...........
Scliuol Board.
President ^ M L.. Guidry
"First Ward
M.G. Heguek*
Second VVq.iiij»'
IW- 6 will li*
"i h i i;d Wj*»«J,
Fou rili W
L. J. Deje^a
Filtlj Ward
Av>,SdiyxnH } d r ^i
:h B. %t,«i, siljn,
Lafourghe, tta>in # Leve P Boat«;
t, resident
ISwr^tai'y, J, KfcCi
Ghatt»|vigne, ^gjird; F,
Lpmann. I »biialsohvilïe; (Î,
Loffô, Mot.eily; R. (', Martin.
Albemarle;" !<,. 'Rerez.' '|V
fiend^E'G. Swam Dniton;
ï hagard., ' M Clio 1 nigh via I«-; I
I v feriwig <£ry 1 ; j. F , W i K y j
Bowie. TJ)e.'Sljjtc;ii(,„p ,
aeefrs caniiùjr 1 -^.nigi née rin
partiheftt-aiuliUie Tm
iji L reai tirer 0/ ,t
Ke Rm»» «WMflg op t,
TliursAÿyi of January, A tl ri
and October, l'inan^e ■ sccix}
meets.; fir^'o( .eac|
a,t N.e^ Qi Jea(ifrotöce, '
î , Terms of Çojin.
' Pài i^U^pf Jcffef so
Jbry, Sé^i<ii|e f . is< .'^90
Ap.ri^ i.nij M-ojiday in '
Çivjl Sessions. 2nd M<
May* apd Monday In N
'if I {be,Parish of St. (Jli
J»,ty. Sessions. 2ud M
May« f Od .»Jonday in N
c,i-V(l Sessions. . ist M
F.eJwary. and ; Monda
; .Rarisljk.a4.Sc Jolia.ftie
Jufy Se^ion^. ï*i~M
ilm t,: Jtn d Mynjay î.ij
NQjib rs}
mw b " , °' ,he j
All Ui« pwperiments
«bent food experts a«dj
.trniasr* of .Taie Unkv/
that uagmal are
end heqathtast.,'' ^ua
■tends ( at the head of
foods It is not ool
but it'a the cheapest
ftùjted in tin* it «rill
fresh anywhere ka défis
•-V * •"■ V- h, '
St Chartes
Mww !*

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