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- ■ F*
48 Hahnviiie, Louisiana, Saturday,
Published at Hahnviiie La?
/every Saturday
Officiai Journal of the Parish
of St» Charles\
W O. Brady
' r fr nis of Subscription fi2.00 a yea
______ 1 — - 'e
hnttrea at the rotto due at Hahnvill
La., as second aast matter
SATURDAY Nov. a '9*8
ictnon« Handed -» l***5*$*JJ
VoTnwdny «Ill >«T everontH.il
ween tolljtring
«-ah communication# moat bn written on
oaeeldeot the paper.
/VToe mil name and eddreea o* t"«"*?
tor inn« aoconiTMmyonntioon'mniilontlonor
no put» ilea Men, lint ar.a matter of gtod faith
Oomm«mcnttOBB of personal character
«Till notbercoogolMAjOnlOBB J*»"
j.jle srttaa In eo®h ca»«8 a char«« of
/.6u a quart will be made.
•«-NawB Abu I irtoreatln* loea item* are re
rtjocfu lyijolirlteo.
«a uUU U#A.I*!*1£tt CAN HELP 08
rreTiiy.if.nlio« wrUli.g to. ucouylng goods
Ton our uilvortiier«. ther wlllaluaply «ay
oy how mnircAidala thtapaper
BalabUshert February 16, 1873
»irn» «•ntHH»arttHCnieutatl persquareOrst
«»♦tiou Kmcii iniisoqueut Inaertion, nity
•e ooiu.u- , out year - • »190.00
«ns-aatf coiuma one year - ®®-®°
Wan •fuavtai coinum own yeaè - • S®.00
mal oarna one ya»i
S-ivertUoinent* «ad aub»criptlona areool
,loetA*»ielnyavial»*v I« advance
Office Of The B*»ard Of Supeivi
sors Of Election
State of Louisiana
Parish o -f Sx. Charles
Th s is to certify that the follow
ing polling p'aces have been desig
bated and the fo lowing commis
si.ners, clerks appointed to serve
at the El-ction to be held through
out the Parish of St. Charles on
Tuesday, A 7 ovember. 5th., 1918,
First Ward
Poll at C. C. Champagne's Store
W. O Brady v Comm
.»ltieit Champagne
M.th-irin Mathern-, St
Paul J, Lo io Clerk
Second Ward
Poll at Luling School House
R. P. M adere Comm
J mes Baudouin
OiCtr Champagne
W.A. Brady. Sr , Clerk
Third Ward
Poll at Keher's School House
Be. jam to Boudreaux Comm
Fel.x Simone, ux
William Keller "
Louis Maus Clerk
Fourth Ward; First Precinct
Toi at tliemands School House
Coroert P. S ivoie Comm
W alter O hmand "
Chas. T. Schmill "
Wiiliam Graham Clerk
Fourth Ward ; Second Predigt
Poll at Paradis Scho >1 Hou=e
I. w. Carson . Comm
Felicien Ba-riSs "
Win, Cadow "
Dr, Lothar A, Youngs Clerk
Fifth Ward
Foil at Cre po School
Chas. P, Bettman Comm
R. L. Schexmydre "
Eugene H. Eder
J VV. Weaver Çlerk
■^As provided in Açt No. 13) ot
the .general Assembly of the year
ig?8, the hour» of holding the
election are from 6 o'clock in the
f •
fore *K» until 7 o'clock iu the
af.erno o
Thu» dd** and signed at the
't ■
Parish of it Chvi r '>, this an .
day of Oct »her. iq- 8
Board of Supervisors 'of Electioa.
Hcr» Hi.-sii
I, T. Baudouin
e'erk of c »uri Ex < fficio Regis
Harry D. Wilson, Sec-eriirv of
A g 1 icu'tuie and Immigration o'
Louisiana, will be one of the lead
'ng figures at the Farme- s' Nation
at congress when it meets in Jack
sonville December ^3-6 inclusive
Mr. Wiison wiil address the cou- i
grass on "Immigration and Farm
Jacksonville is mak-ng exten
sive préparations to entertain the
thousands ot delegates and other
visitors who will attend the ses
sions , and it is desired because of
its unp nance that every farming
section especially in the south be
repiesented. special raies on rail
roads have been secured, and
thousands of the Nation's most
progressive agriculturists are ex
pected to be present
Distinguished features will mark
the occasion and the Honda btatr
Fair will open in Jacksonville at
same time Among the tree side
trips 10 visit bt Aufiustine, the
c.ty in the United States, Jacksou
vilie has 135,000 inhabitants, a sol
dier's Cantonment with 27,000 sol
diers, four Government ship-bui'd
mg plants, and other great indus
trie^ Many of the country's most
distinguished men will actively
pariicitate in the deliberations 01
the congres»
A negro soldier, Gus May, from
Rnstor, w.ote back to his fa,her
fiomCamp Pike;
"It you are still helping the
Hed Ciossand the Y M. C. A.,
just continue. They are the two
greatest organizations, standing
behind the boys. They aie to me
nd others what you and mamma
are at nome/'
Tiie path to success is paved with
good intentions that were carried
Whiskey drowns a lot of trouble
and floats a lot more
The iron will of the average
mm s nothing but pig iron
\n artist's wife never admires
his work so much as when he is
drawing a check for her
There are thirteen letters in
Unconditional. The kaiser never
will have any more luck
Do yoo cm enougn of this F
Th-- great benefit in health and
strength that always is enjoyed' by
regular eaters of good oatmeal is
known the world over. Every year
there are more and more eaters of
Quaker-Scotch Oats, which is recog
nized in this country and in Europe
as the one perfect oatmeal. Quaker*
Scotch Oats packed in tins keeps
fresh and sweat in Bay dimate tar
tagr length offcast
Sheriff and Mrs. Leon Charle«
Vialb'e being congratulated upo"
the arrival of a b e b;>v
1-». 1 O 7
Atlanta, Qa.—Th* Treasury Depart
«nont of the United States Is depend
Ing upon the farmer to put the fourtt
Liberty Loan triumphantly over tht
top in the South, Just as he did if
the Third Loan, when the percentagi
of subscriptions from the rural di»
tricts was very high, the farmer subr
scribing to by far the greater share or
the issue.
The card system to be used in thli
campaign will enable the committeei
and the government to keep careful
check on the subscriptions made bj
every man in the country, and by ev
ery occupation. The government 1»
anxious that every citizen own at
least a few Liberty bonds, and thos<
who are shown on the record not tc
have Invested at ail will he especially
Reports from the county chairmen
of Liberty Loan committees to W. C
Ward law,, district executive chairman,
and St Elmo Massengale, director oi
publicity, indicate absolute optimism
for the Fourth loan, despite the high
er quotas assigned every territory.
"Our people have given their tom
and brothers to this war," they say
"Do to* think they are not going tc
back np the boys with their dollars ?"
"Our Southern farmers, too, have
been -taught the value of bonds as an
Investment, too. The other campaigns
were campaigns of education, but thin
Isn't so necessary now. Bvery man
'who has a bond or two tucked away
lq. his strong bos or In the beak Is
anxious to put a few ot the Fourth
Issue beside them."
The campaign for the Fourth loan
will continue only three weeks, from
September 48 to October 19, inclusive.
Within that time each county and
state must raise its quota. It will take
hard work on the part of the commit
teee, and this will be made much eas
ier by every man's making up hla
mind what he can lnveet in bonds and
meeting the committee half way.
The Fourth liberty Loan campaign,
to give every American an opportunity
to lend to Ms own government money
to win the war and drive the Hub
back over the Rhine is now at hand,
(n every county in the state there is a
Liberty Loan committee, composed of
] loyal, energetic citizens, who are sub
scribing liberally themselves and en
eouraglng others to subscribe.
It is believed that the teak of ob
taining subscriptions will be far eas
ier In this loan than In the past, de
spite the greatly increased quotas
given every rone and county. For,
sorely the American people have
learned by thia time what a Liberty
Loan means, whet it will do for the
country and what It will do for the
man, whether be be farmer or mer
chant or laborer, who saves his mon
ey and lends. It, with Interest, to
Uncle Sam. There Is really no rea
son why one loyal American should
have to chase another loyal American
all over a ten-tare Add to ask him
to do Ms duty.
It is believed that In this campaign
G much greater proportion of citizens
will go voluntarily to the hanks or to
the committee and make their sub
scription directly, obtaining a Liberty
Loan button and thus declaring they
have done their duty to their country.
A great many of our citizens have
registered for (be new draft, but they
realise that there is but slight oppor
tunity of their services being actually
required In the war. It would be an
«scellent thing If these men whose
names are now on the roll and who
feel sure of exemption because of age
or family dependents or disabilities
would consider themselves, even now,
"in the service" and devote whatever
part of their income they can spare
to lending to their government.
The war Is ooeting the United
States sixty-seven million dollars a
day. It is our war, our war bill, and
it Is up «0 us to pay It
lllffiCD IINp n> all 1
IlmlLlt UIlL liLnll ]
" \
Atlant «, flfe—I «»»* A- McÇorfi,
Profit Making
Farm Equipment
It pays to buy GOOD farm
equipment — you can rely
on the Williams Line.
Power Hay Balers
, The well-known
Standard Williams
Tuttle blockless.
8eif-threadingP >w
er Hay Baler, have
many exclusive
features. Most
economical to operate—strong and durable. Hun
dreds of satisfied owner», booklet free if you ask.
One-Horse Hay Press
The Williams Steel Princes., light, simple, sturdy,
all ateel, with ample power and strength. Make
a compact, marketable bale. Suitable for small
farmers. Write for new folder, mailed uo request.
Portable Engines
Wüh'ams throttling governed Engines are espe
cially designed and buiit to deliver full power on
low-price kero
sene. All sizes and
t y pcs — thousands
are giving satisfac
1 tory service. Full
information seat
Free on request.
Small Threshers for Grain, Peanuts,
Rica, Peaa, Beans, etc,
Sre a safe and
profitable invest
ment — unusually
M efficient and depend
able. Standard the
country over. Inter
eating circulars on request.
Williams W\ Mfg. Go.
417 E. Broad St., Texarkana. U. S. A.
Prient «mi Crrn Threthers, Priant Brçjtrs, Har Presses,
Grid sad Feed Mitts, Cue Kilts, Sfegle MSs, SavrmHU,
Cm Shelters, S?«, Easilafe Cefic-rs, Kernene Eaghes,
tm Hutters, Feed Cutters, Cora Shredders, Wood Saws,
hapi, Woodasrbu» Htckacrj and MdI SapjiSa.
No, 629
Twenty-Eighth Judicial District Court
Parish ot St. Charles, State of Louisiana
Succession of A. V. Caillet
Notice is hereby given to the creditors
of this estate and to all other persons
herein interested to show cause within
ten days from the present notification
(if any they have or can,) why the sup
plemental account presenten by P. Ar
mand Caillet, administrator should not be
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in accordance therewith
By order of the Court
I. T. Baudouin, Clerk
Clerk's Office, Parish of St, Charles,
July 18th, 1918
Prentice E, Edrington Jr
407 Whitney
No burial or removal of oodles
will be allowed unless accompan
ied by a burial nr removal premit
from the Local Registrar (Post
master) of »aid District in whicu
the neaih occured as per
from 71 ie Louisiana Mate
of Health
N. Zeringue
Sexton Red Chuich Cemetery
ord ?rs
governor of tK» Federal Reserve Bank
of the Sixth District, haa been ap
pointed general, chairman of both Lib
erty Loan and War Savings Stamps
committees for the district. The ob
Ject is to bring about more thorough
cooperation and co ordination of the
two big government revenue-produc
ing movements.
The two organizations will keep
their separate individuality, and the
campaigns will be conducted separate
ly, as in the past, and the present of
fl eers and chairmen will retain their
It w:ts moved 1 y Mr. De'aune
and.by M*\ Dufrene, that the fo!
lowi' g approximated tableau ot th»
expenses of the Parish of St, Char
les for the current year enciint
June 30th iqi 8
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases $500.00
maintaining prisoners 500.00
.•■I enff's Salary 2.500.00
Sheriff's Deputy Salary 3,000.00
District Attorney's fees
for convictions
Coroners salary,
1 'Justices of the Peace
(jraiid, Petit and Coroner
ju.'V 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Official Journa! 600.00
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision 2<»oo 00
Assessor's Clerical Expeues 500.00
Parish Treasurer 730.00
Scnool Fund 8.500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for lutections auu
Contagious diseases 300.00
Road fund, 1.700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets at L. State Univer-'
Maintenance of
scholar at the Slate Nor
mal School
Syndics Salary
Sergeant at arms
Salary ter oiiiug. wind
mill Ct washing tank
Ruau Supervisors
Election expenses
I'c-nsii Auditor
600 00
100 00
j.ffciso.r T Ust& Savings
11 k
Pansh Demonsli tor
1,800. ou
600 00
8 uoo 00
o oo.00
6 1
l hereby cemty that tue •
Tableau was adopieu by me i*oi»cv j
Jury at the meeting held ou w-e
way ol Sept. 1917
F. Scbexuaydr*'
Parish of Sî. Charles Sept, n « y «
Hunting, trapping it'd trespassing
are hereby pnù'ibi'ed on 1 r-.p 1
ties 01 Mr. and Mrs Wm.Ca-hw
To Bankers:
O'rite Us for Samples ana
Prices on Our
Cox Pig. and Pub. Co,, Inc,
727 Poydras|Street, New Orleans.
j "After four in o.-.r family had died 1
of consuriptlon 1 was taken wit* !
a frightful cough and lung trouble, j
but my life was saved and I gained
87 pounds through using
VW.R Patterson, Wellington, Tex
aiCt 50c ard $1.00 AT AU. OruSGIo -S
Important Notice
No burial into the cemeteries of
the Ho'y Rosary's Church and des
Allemand» will be allowed unless ac
companied by a burial permit from
the local Registrar (Post Master
Hahnviiie & Des Allemands) as per
orders from the Louisiana State
board of Healih
W. Parrot Pastor
Sexton of the said Ctmetries
The next examination for teach
nets' certificates wiil be held at the
Cour*. House July 29, 30, 31
Jwhite),, and August 1,2. 3 (ne
K r <>)
J.. B -LMartin.
• Supt
LJ BJCJAL L'JRJ < 'I • ? 2
Second Congressional Pisu*^'
Member of Congress H.G Di-p' f
Eighth Senatorial Distuci
State Senator,
Judges J,E Fleury
District Attorney L.R.Rivap e
Parish o*f- St Charles.
Representative J C.Prnv? 1
Sheriff & Collector L.t V
Chief Depntv, H. P V
Deputy Sheriff K. Madr- '
Clerk & Recorder, J,T l ; ado-on
Deputy Clerk
Coronei Dr V, 1 »htnai -
i reasurei Wm. Lussar.
Assessor K.A l-ubroca
Reg istrar I.T.E udoum
Official Journal, St. Cbai lit-« ''
Justices of the Peace.
First Ward W. T. Parierst -
Second Wart! A. L. Mongiu-.
Third Ward O. K-.'gl 1
Fourth Ward M. Trauih ,
fifth Ward F. O. Wea\e
First Ward p Baudot--n
Second Waro L L. Chanipagi t
Third Waid R. Mot tz
Fourth Ward F.. Poluiu
Fifth Ward R. Wei-v*/
Police liny.
President p, Loric
Secretary F. gcl-exnavu e.
Sergeant at Arms F. brih-i x
First Ward I . i ,
Second Ward j L r .ou n
Third Ward Frilr'ii.«
Fourth Waid
Fifth Ward
W. Dut it: e
W.A. ht«et
Meets i St Tuesday ot eve
School Board.
President M l Guidty
First Ward
M.G. Becnel/
Secoud Ward',
.M. L. Guidry .
Third Waruft^
' K. Kelle/,
Fourth Ward'.
L, J. Dejean ,
* 1 ' iftb Ward
A. LSeftexnaydrejL
r J. B. Maltin, j-upi
Lafourche Basin Levee Boa, t
Y .«-Mdeiu fc.G Stva'rlJ
[oe.-irtaw W. J . MoCn J
\. Cham pan ne, Eiigard ; F p/ ^
Lean -mr, Donalsonvilfe; (Îeo-Pl 1
I-'»** '» Mw' erly; K. c t Martin *»if 2 /
Albemar'c; - R. Rerex. Jt-uif !
S-nd; 1*. G. Swauv Burton; T.f »
Ti-aggaid, Mcdo.i;oghvide; J 4
V c"*.« Gr-tna;J. K, IVigginiol /
Bowie Ti e Sun»- Board of |. n(
neer-. compose 1 lie engineering
parlment a»d the State T-«-a S -
is treasurer of the Board
Regular meeting M . #
Thursdays of Jannary, A rii
and October.Finance commj
meets first Monday of each
at New Orleans office.
Terms of Court,
In '.ne Parish of Jeffersor
Jury Sessions ist Mofldi
April. 2nd Monday q c
C ivil Sessions. 2nd Mont
May. 2nd Monday in Not
\n the Parish of St. Chart
Jnry Sessions. 2nd Monj
Mav. rod .uoiulay iu Nos
civil Sessions, ist Mo«
February 2nd Monday]
Parish 01 St. John the
Jury Sessions. i S t Mt
June 2nd Monday in
civil Sessions ist Mi
March 3rd Monda» ini
The best of the
Ail th« experiments
«nent too«i experts andi
trainer« rA Yale Ui ;ivj
that oattui eaters are
and healthiest. Quake J f- ' t *
stands at the head of t
fouds. ja not only#
bet it's the f^papertA e * r '^'
: m
■ t -'2
Packed in it wiU
trecli anywhere i
- aaj
St. Charlei

. 'PARISH or

>, wÊÈ
; fULttlUlU% t

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