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46 fiahnvilie, Louisiana, Saturday,
November, 33
Pubitshea as Hahnviue La?
Every Saturday
Officiât Journal af the Parttk
af Si* Charles
W O. Brady Editor
Terms of Subscription ft3.00 a yea
Entered at the Postoffue at Hahnvill
La.. at second ctats matter
SATURDAY Nov. 30 19*8
«»-< lemon* 11 ended .t. l«tur tha*|
Xodeesdey evening, will ley •wrnntiltl
week rollAwInf
ar*nei>miiiiini**tHi*»mMib( wr'.tta* ©■
•a* ildt of the papet.
au-Tiip hill name amt addrtM of to* wrl
tar Mioat acc<i!Mpanyeachcoiii»iHnteatlon or
no publication, lint are matter of Kcod faith
f pci
«.•.»glinted, unless from respoa;
• ibl« artles In such cases
Cmumiiiiicattoiia of personal character
ill not lierec.taunted,unless from respon
ble artles In such cases a chance Of
t.hi a quart will be wade.
STM*«* ana interesting leca items are re*
»ectfu lyeotl*rHed.
r ready,if, when writing to. or ouyle*goods
r«»n our advertiser*. they wlllstwplf say
ey saw tuelrcardsla this paper
Balnbllaliert February 15 « 187 »
"ntadrertisewentsfi persquareSral
Insertion, fifty
»/on a
«•nlot Kncit ait braquent
. It < pe> ach
•9 coiuta" t one year *
Uae-naif column one year
Vjc quartercolntan one year
teal oardsone real ... 10.08
Advertteeiaenta and subscriptions areool
'.leetaiiielnsariaMr In advance
Sunrfajr fiartc Conservation
VVtrk fmcrWotld Relief
frfs the beginning of the appli
cation of the tie*v slogan "Food
Wi,l Win The World." The world
must be w m if there are to be
stable governments with which to
conclude peace that will promise
pezmaneucy. And it must be won
before millions more liv^s are rt*
crificed through starvation or
btrite. Stiifc has been halted by
the victory of American and allied
arm* liar lias bem reolaced by
the disorders of anarchy The
Chaos it born of famine which
food alone can defeat. An ordered
word is necessaary to complete the
the ia»k the American people have
begun, so the American people
must save food to hasten and as
sure the victory. That is the mes
sage ot Conservation Week and
the duty of the new day
The District and Parish Food
ndmim*trators ot Louisiana, in
session at New Orleans last Satur
day pledged themselves to remain
at their post.« until their honorable
and to lead ia the conservation
week program and other food ac
tivities to fol ow the opening at
tack The present appeal is for the
economical and eflkstnt use of all
foods and élimination of waste of
eveiy kind. If there is an emphasis
upon any particular variety ofjfood
it is upon fats, dairy products and
meats. After M». Hoovet's survey
abroad he may oema.e spcofice.
The companioo co«s»*crotion of
the Food Administrators was to
st.ictlv enforce the rules against
nrofitering and peculation, tie
p . t-JL urging that ..O len en
goveinaaetoA ______ u ___
1 1
- I
cv be shown
violators who mu t ;
be forced to suspend business un- I
- -1 I7^ul AH mi nisi ra
tion .
tu.es we"« the address
W. F oft, who delivered the Hei
b«ft Hoover messages, and the
prtgeo i atw*°
toert Hoover messages
gjviug cups to
John M. Parker and to J. M. Wil
zin, \ssistant Food Admin.s'rator
Special features f->r Conserva
tion Week as follows
Conservation Sunday, Dec* 1
Conservation Rally Day Tuesday
Die 3
Woman's Organization Day Wed
nesday Dec. 4
Schoo! Day. Friday Dec 6
On Sunday. Mr. Hoover's mes
sage to the churches will be read
from every pulpit in 'he land. O11 '
Tuesday mass meetings will be
held in every Parish in La . under
the direction of the Parish Food
, 1
To All D : strici And Parish
The following instructions just !
rcc. v.<i from W„.n„g,o„ through I -
Mor.tce C. Parle of the Sugar Div ;
ision, now in New Orleans !
_ . . .... „ 1 ef
To relieve congested conditions ^
in Louisiana Cane and Beet Sugar
Producing Territoiy, tho ccn.fi
cate plan of d.stribulion to Manu
facturers and Dealers is abandon
«... 1
ed , effect, ve immediately. The zon

' r, K P* an distribution will conti
nuc effective
According, until otherwise ad
vised, this office has stopped the
issuance of Sugar Distribution
Certificates, and therefore, sugar
hereafter may be obtained by ihe ;
Wholesale Grocers. Sott Drink, j
Candy and ether Manufactures, . lb
Bakers, PuUic Ea„ng Houses, X.!
toil Grocers and others dealing & I
nandiing sugar, as heretofore, 1
0 0 '
without the presentation and sur- '
render of Sugar Distribution Cei

yt cate ! y
The above (or your info>maiioa
and guidance. Please notify your
deputies and all interestep
May we ask that request be ma e
to have the above information pub
lished by your local papers
Yours very nuly.
Food Administrer for La
, Per J. M. Wilzin
SAVE 16,000,000 BUSHELS
Fawn e r* Uryed by Food Administra.
tien. Provide Seven Extra Leaves
if Bread far Every America*.
By adopting cleaner threshing meth
ods aad by literally combing harvest
fields to gather grata formerly wast
ed, threshermea and farmers of the
Catted Statu this year saved fully
18,000,000 bushels ef wheat estimated
as equivalent to about seven on e-pound
loaves of brood for every peroon la
tho country. This result accompanied
by corresponding savings of barley,
oats, rye and other grains. Is shown by
reports from 83 grain states to tho C.
& Food Administration. Other states,
although not prepared to furnish defi
nite figures of conservation to the
grain fields, report greatly reduced
harvest tosses.
This rural food saving achievement,
accomplished to scarcely six mouths'
time, was to direct response to re*
quests by the Food Administration,
which asked farmers and thresher men
to reduce harvest losses from about
per coot.—the estimated average
la normal times—to the lowest possi
ble minimum. Country grain thresh*
lag committees carried tote every
grain growing community the official
recommendatloae for accomplishing
(he results desired.
In numerous Instances drivers af
racks with leaky bottoms were seat
fiel da to w

n wiin leaaj vmunn were on *
t the Holds to repair their equip- ! ♦
„.*»t and freqaendy bad order thresh- ♦
^ tnachtoee were stopped until the ♦
enure ef waste wa. remored. But la ♦
proportion to the number of p er sons •
1 1 engaged la gathering tho nation's grain '♦
- I crop, eases ef compulsion were core- ' ♦
t ;
^ t r wwt n of the United States am
many mltllons of deilan -la pecks*"
fanait •» Fto wwa
aavemmei* Justified tn Stimule«!**
' af Park Production—Sevenfold
Increase in American Hogs Wif
Help to Meet World Fat
Imtiim Ovar Pre
Wnr Exporta.
Through increased production and
coo serration we will be able this year,
to export Seren tliaee our pre-war'
, 1 rarere exports ef pork producta
i With the beery demanda added ta car
! lag far the million« wbe bare been
freed from German oppression, the.
I Department ef Agriculture and the.
Feed Administration are Testified to-
! day la eur every action of stlmulatldh
I - •
; tmtMt ^ pork will help to save tbls
! mtsMarn. Tho efficacy ef the policy
„ 1 ef stimulated production has built up
^ e *untry supplies which will «
able us te supply a very large part of
££?* £
largely to limited refrlgere
ehlp capacity. Alt ftoerer ■ h, P r
1 available, however, will be filled by
Aiguattou and Australia.
The contribution made by the pro
ducer# ef this country to the war pro
gram aa applying particularly to ani
mal food products la Illustrated by the
• Esparto compiled by the Ü. 8. Iha
partmeat ef Agriculture Indicate an
to create la cattle ef 10 , 238,000 bead
; tt. 44 l.QOO hoge. These figures
were camelled to January 1 lut.
j j, ^ ^ , decrease
. lb sheep of 819,000 bend. The Indie*
I perto
1 **■*• ^ MUr T 1 tasietol inform*.
' 9m tsflnlM *s Increase In hogs of
' ^ ^ g p*, mt< god
tous Oma li pee cent u compered
• with eae year ago, with an Increase la
! y t average weight
Following the req ue st of the U. 5
Food Administration for an Increase
la hog prod action for marketing to the
fail ef 1918 and the spring of 1019 the
Increase may yield not toss than 1,900,*
000,900 pound* more of pork products
than wars available last year. With
out this Increase the shipping program
arranged by Mr. Hoover regarding an
tonal food products would hare bees
The dressed beg products daring tho
tores months ending September 80,
ttlf, amounted to 908,172,000 pounds,
whit* far too corresponding mouths 6 t
8918 (he teere» d hog products totaled
UTT. 8 fi9 . 0 09, aa Increase of over 874,
090,000 pomade tor the quarter.
During the same period tor 1917 tho
records of Inspected slaughter of
dressed beef showed 1,293,000,000
pounds as against 1,454,000,000 pounds
far the three month period ending
September 1. this year.
Ouriood Gospel
««t I « sues *
••rvffi lmmm
Waat« nothing
America's Pledge of Food
Gave Heart te the Allies #
1« Their Darkest Hour
Whatever Is necessary America will
■end. That was America's pledge te
the latere Hied food council. And be
cause the American food army bad
hitherto piade good they took heart
and went forward.
Farm enterprise and much soft corn
Increased pork supplies, food conser
vation Increased exporta —total ship
arents doubled.
♦ ♦
• O
4 I do not believe that drastic ♦
« fores need be applied to main- ♦
* *-------- . _ 1
! ♦ tala économie distribution and
♦ ■«»• •»PP 1 »«* *>7 th * *
♦ great majority of American peo- ♦
♦ P»*. I *«v* 1 earned a deep 8
• and abldtng faith to the latellt- ♦
'♦ genes of tho average American ♦
' ♦ business man, whose aid we an- ♦
Profit Making
Farm Equipment
It pays to buy GOOD farm
equipment — you can rely
on the Williams Lins.
Power Hay Balers
The well-known
Standard Williams*
Tuttle block leas,
self-threading Pow
er Hay Balers havs
many exclusive
- features. Most
economical to operate—strong and durable. Hun*
dreds of satisfied owners. Booklet free if you ask.
One-Horse Hay Press
The Williams Steet Princess, light, simple, sturdy.
all steel, with ample power and strength. Make
a compact, marketable bale. Suitable for small
fanners. Write for new folder, mailed on request.
Portable Engines
Williams throttling governed Engines are espe
cial'./ deji^ned and built to deliver full power on
low-price kero
sene. All sizes and
t y pes — thousands
are giving satisfac
tory service. Full
information sent
Free on request.
a m an Threshers fer Grata. Peanuts.
Rice, Pees, Beene, etc.
arc a safe and
profitable invest
ment — unusually
efficient and depend
able. Standard the
country over. Inter
eating circulais on request.
WllteS HIÜ Mfg. CO. Ark.
417 E* Broad SU Texarkana. Cl. 8 A.
Panel »fid Gran Thresher* PcUNt Blum. Hay Pram
Grist c*d Fed Sîls, Case Kilts, Single KBs, Swre.3*
Con, Sh'Gs, Silas. Fmihje Caters, Kamm Eagre*
Pea Eu!i;rs, ftti Ccfitrs, Cara SI.rwMtrs, Wm4 In*
Pomps, Waodirorluig Maduaaq mi MB Sayfiaa.
No, 629
Twenty-Eighth Judicial District Court
l'arish ot fit. Charles, State of Louisiana
Miccession of A. V. Caillet
Notice is hereby given to the creditors
of thib estate and to ail other persons
herein interested to how cause within
ten days, from the present notification
(if any they have 01 cm ,, 1 why the sup
plémenta. account presenten by 1*. Ar
mand Caillet, administra'or should not Ire
homologated and approved, and the
funds disributed in accordance therewith
By order of the Conn
I. T. Baudouin, Clerk
Clerk's Office, Parish of St, Charles,
July 18th, 1918
Preiiù'e Ù. hdiingu»?! Jr
40 a Whitney
No hurici or i-moval of undies
will b.* allowed unless accompan
ied bv a burial or temova* premit
from the Local Registrar (Post
master) of said District in white
the death oocured as per ord-.rs
from Th-. Louisiana Mate Board
of Heaith
N. Zeringue
Sexton Red Church Cemetery
In the meatless menu there Is a fer
tile field for developing new and nour
ishing dishes, according to E. HL Nile*
writing in the Hotel Gasette, who ho
lleres that the present shortage oi
meat and fats will not sod with the
coming of peace, but may grow m.>ie
acute and continue for five or six
years, thus making H worth while to
develop menus of grata, vegetables
and fish on a more or less permanent
basis Heat can be replaced by cereals
and other protein food* or may be
served In very small portions as a fla
voring for othsr food In making up
meatless menus this author finds eur
Ameri' an Creole and southern cuisina
a brottd field for investigation»
It wo.s moved i y Mr. De'aune
2nd.by .VI"*. Dutiene, that the fol
iowi g approximated tableau ol th
-X peu.-«es o! the Parish of St, Char
ies for the current year ending
June 30th 1018
Sheriff's fees in Criminal
cases $500.00
maintaining prisoners 2,500.00
sheriffs Salary «
Sheriff's 1 ) puty Salary 2,000.00
District Attorney's fees
for convictions 500.0c
Coroners salary, 300.0c
L*Justices of the Peace 1,800,01.
^Constables 1,800.0«.
Cxraiid, Petit and Coroner
ju.-y 1,500.00
Secretary Police Jury, 600 00
Officiai journal 600. ou
President Board of Health,300.00
Assessor's Commision 2.*00 00
Asses.or's Clerical Lxpenes 500.00
Parish Treasurer 700.00
Scuool Fund &.500.00
Expenses Board of
Health for Infection:» a»o
Contagious diseases 300.0c
Road fund, * 1.700.00
Maintenance of 2 Ben
Cadets al L. Sla«e Univer
sity, 500.00
Mam:enauce of 3 Beu ,
scholiii at the Male Nor
mal School 600 00
Syndics Salary 500,00
Sergeant at arms 100 00
Samry lot oilmu wiud
•nii; & washing lank bo.uo
Road Supervisors 1,800.00
Eltction expenses 500.00
t'ai ish Aiiifiioi' 600.00
j« ffeisou T. ust & Savings
1 » k 8 000.00
Parish Demcnsti tor 000,00
ÿ, j 1800,00
I hereby cermy that the abovt
l ahieau >.va^ aoapt iO by the Polie« |
Jury at Die meeting neiu on Lhe 6
oay o f oepu 1917
F. Schexnaydrr
Parisli of St. Chai les Sept. h. 1917
No 1 iv.e
Hunting, trappt g :o-.d trespassing
are hereby proiobi'ed on proper
ties ot Mr. and Mrs. Wtn.Cadow
To Bankers:
O'rite Us for Samples ana
Prices on Our
Cox Pfg. and Pub. Co., Iuc,
727 Poydtas Sneer, New Orleans.
j" After four in oar family had died
j of consumption 1 was taken wit''
! a frightful cough and lung trouble.
:j but my life was saved ana I gained j
Î) 87 pounds through neing |
] DR. KING'S j
AW. K Patterson, Wellington, Tex- *
SO0 «rd <1.00 AT AU. 0RUG6U 8_ l
, Important Notice
No burial into the cemeteries of
the Ho y Rosary's Church and des
Allemands will be allowed tin'ess ac
companied by a burial permit from
toe focal Registrar (Post Master
Habi ville & Des Allemands) as per
orders f om the Louisiana btale
Board of Health
VV. Parrot Pastor
Sexton of .he said Ccmetrics
The u**xt examination for leach
ers' certificates will be held at the
Cour*. House Dec a, 3, & 4,
)whiteL au< * Dee 5. 67 (ue
L IF Jt i A L Dit
•Second Congressioini
Member of Congress H
Eighth SenaloriaV
State Senator,
Judges LE E'
District Attorney L.R.Riva
Parish of St Clonies
• I'lM! .« '
G r»rr»^
D ' -1 1 : t 1
II' v
Sheriff 8t Collector
Chief Deniitv,
Deputy Sheriff
Clerk & Recorder.
Deputy Cleik
T re.suiei
Ashcss« 2 i
Regisl 1 ar
! ('.Rem
' L.C Vo
ll. P Un ' '
R. Made^r
IT. b. Edonito'
C tticinl Joui.ial, Si. Co
Justices of the
Dr V, Lehman«
\\ m. Lus»»»
,n . i . . . m ca
ï.'f .B udou.n
W. I.
». !.. t
First W a ,d
Second Ward
Third Warn
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
First Ward
Second Warn
Third Waul
Fourth Waul
Fifth Ward
Police 1111 \
Sergeant at A
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fowrih Waitf
Fillh Ward
Meels i sl J
Trau 1 h
F. o Wea\r
I' Hand
1 01 a
F, b-.n«
t'. c,ci.eXi:av-, c
b t : X
J L b t ■ u n
F.- Delkun«
W. llutreiig.
W, A . E e 1
ev r Hiut..n
nesdav ol
Scl.(;^Ȕ Ho .
Hl ML GuicteF
»'i st Warn
*M.G Beene.
Se« otul Ward
M- L. Guidry
I In ni Ward.
F. Keller
Fou rili Ward
f*. J. l>ejean
Fifth Ward
Ml. ; Sll
f.»tartre ue Basin I'ievee H'
I resirtenl l| - Jd,c
•Sc» returv . # jy
A. Charm pa g ne, Edgar
Lenaaim, Donals<»iiin; e
Lot 10, Hit» 1 erly; R (' 4 \j
Albemarle ; K. k e rê*.
Bearf; E G. Swa-tv Pu rl( ,„. T y
Tnujçgarrf. Mcdo.i..g| lv j,/ r . t
V.«.,-« Gr««.;.l F. Wi K i, m . m
B»».e I lie Stair «.wnl O
neers compos« »he eng, Ile< rin J
par invent amt lie Mate *J'
is ueasurer ol the Board
Regular meet 1 ug
^-G Swariar
F. H.
hriirj if.
Tiuiïsdays of .101111^1 y, /" ,
»»ci October. F, I,a,ice '
m X' VS ............... ......
ai New Orleans office.
Terms ot C'(»urt
I» nr Parish ol Jefferson—
Jury Sessions ,s t Monday
Ac»,cl. ,„d Mu.utay
C Vil Sessions. 2nd Monday in
May. and Monday u , Novemb/
» ih-e Parish 0/ St. Charles!
J,My ^ri-ksions, ,„,1 Monday *
jOd .Holiday in N«v e »be
oessions. ist
c eur »ary 2I1(J Monday'"^ulm
Pur.sh o. St. J on 11 the B*,ot,a'i.JT
SCSS ;r- * Sl »
and Monday *n Decembe»
Sessions , s L Monday
3rd Monda* in J u |y
I he best of tue good ones.
Atl the experiments of the Oow
ment food Aperts and the athle
trainers of Yale University pnj
'.hit cer*vJ esters ure the etrjtq;,
snd healthiest. Quaker-Scotch G :
»lends at the head of the list ofern
<oodi ft » not on }y t |, e {(>
bul i*'a th«* cbeaj»est food on can
; acted in tins it will keep sweet aj
ureh anywhere mdefioitely.
St Charles IWü».;
•» VMS
or PuuTNfUto
0 « cuqcu

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